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					                         Pursuing Educational Excellence in a Caring, Positive Environment

                         Helix Charter High School PTSA

                      Helix Hi-Lites
Volume LVI, Issue 7                      Foothills Secondary Council, Ninth District, Inc., CCPTS                        April 2007
Principal: Douglas D. Smith                     PTSA President: Suzanne Koppman-Gue                     Editor: Lynn Reid Krewitsky

PTSA President’s Message                                                            HIGHLANDER CAMP
Welcome back to the last quarter of the 2006-2007 school year! As we start to       Highlander Camp applications are NOW
wind down our year there are plenty of activities coming up. The incoming class     available in the front office from Doris
of 2011 has their first introduction to Helix at the Spring Fling on May 16th.      Whiteing or Judy Kirk. They need to be
                                                                                    picked up and filled out prior to the May
Please tell any friends and neighbors that have incoming 9th graders about Spring   16th due date. There will be a mandatory
Fling. It’s a great way to get to know the campus and meet with departments or      parent meeting in the Gym at 6:30 pm on
sports teams in which your child might be interested.                               May 16th. This is the date of our Spring
                                                                                    Fling night, which is an event for our incom-
The graduating senior class of 2007 has plenty of work and fun ahead of them.       ing freshmen. Highlander Camp is for stu-
As we wind down the year, PTSA is busy planning their Grad Night party. If you      dents coming to Helix prior to their 9th grade
are interested in helping with Grad Night, please call the office 644-1940 ext. 0   year, no other students can apply. There is
and leave your name and number. Or e-mail us at helixptsa@helixcharter.net .        no cost and students can earn 5 credits
Helping the senior class can be a great way to find out what to expect when your    towards graduation. We have spaces for
student is a senior!                                                                280 students and it is on a first-come, first-
                                                                                    serve basis. We will run four camps and the
Suzanne Koppman-Gue                                                                 dates are listed below. If you have any
PTSA President                                                                      questions, please call Judy Kirk at 644-1940

                                                                                    July 2nd - July 13th (meeting on the 4th of
                                                                                    July 3rd - July 14th (meeting on the 4th of
Scottie Tots                                                                                     July)
Once again the Child Development classes at Helix will be running a                 July 16th - July 27th
three-week pre-school from April 30th to May 18th from 8:00 am until                July 17th - July 28th
10:45 am (excluding Wednesdays) for toddlers to 4-year-olds. This is a
great opportunity for our students to get hands on experience, for the tots                          Calendar
to socialize, and for parents to have a few hours to themselves. The cost           April 2-6 ............Spring Break
is $2.00 per day to cover snack and supplies.To register, or for more                                       NO SCHOOL
information, contact Beth Leighton at 644-1940, ext. 390 or email                   April 9.................First Day of Quarter 4
bleight@helixcharter.net.                                                           May 7.................Progress Report Grades
                                                                                                            Due--Quarter 4
Cheer Practice                                                                      May 16...............Spring Fling
Cheer Practice for next year’s junior varsity and varsity cheer squads will         May 22, 23.........Senior Boards--
begin on May 7th for 2 weeks at 3:15 pm in the dance room with the try-                                      Minimum Days
out on Saturday morning May 19th from 9-11 am. No prior experience is               May 28...............Memorial Day Holiday--
necessary - we are looking for spirited, energetic, dedicated students who                                   NO SCHOOL
want to represent Helix and support our student athletes. There will be a           May 30..............Senior Awards
mandatory parent meeting on Thursday, May 17th for anyone trying out -              June 7, 8............Final Exam Schedule--
please save the date. Helix cheer focuses on sports and not on competi-                                       Quarter 4
tion cheering for at least 6 sports (boys and girls) from August until March.       June 8................Graduation--6 pm
This is a great way to get involved in school and make friends. For more            June 12..............Summer School Begins/
info, contact cheer advisor Beth Leighton at bleight@helixcharter.net. Go                                     Summer Registration
Big Green!                                                                                                    Begins

   7323 University Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91941 - 619-644-1940 - Attendance ext. 231 or 232 - HOTLINE Ext. 911
              Helix Charter High School                                          Technology Corner

    SAT-I Workshop                                                         Computers on Campus:
                                                                           Before, during, and after school, there are sever-
                                                                           al places on campus where students can use
      The AVID Parents Organization and Helix PTSA                         The Library has 50 student computers, and is
                                                                           open from 7:15 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday
       NEED TO TAKE YOUR                                                   through Thursday. On Fridays, the Library clos-
                                                                           es at 4:00 p.m.
              SAT’S?                                                       The Computer Lab has 20 student computers,
                                                                           and is open from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday
       Prepare for the SAT-I                                               through Friday.
                     Monday evenings
                      6:30 to 8:45 pm                                      The EXL building has 38 student computers
                                                                           (and 6 Macs for Tech students) and is open dur-
                    April 23 & 30, 2007                                    ing Wednesday Tutorials.
                       Test-taking skills
           Effective SAT-I shortcuts and strategies                        Responsible Computer Use:
                                                                           Students are responsible for the appropriate use
                How to prepare for the SAT-I
                                                                           of school technology. Sending inappropriate
                     Registration: $35.00                                  emails or viewing inappropriate web sites
                  (SAT-I Workbook included)                                (including My Space) can result in loss of com-
                                                                           puter privileges and / or suspension from school.
This is an excellent opportunity to work with two outstanding
                                                                           Top Technology Goals:
 teachers who can guide you to maximize your test scoring
                                                                           Helix’s Technology Task Force (a group of staff
potential! All students will meet for the first class on April 23,         members interested in school-wide technology
 2007 in room 1605. Please register with Mrs. Cech in the                  issues) has identified the school’s top five tech-
  Career Center. Walk-in’s are welcome on the first day of                 nology goals. These goals are:
    instruction although class size may be limited. Email
                                                                           *To provide 100% Technology Help Desk
  reminders will be sent prior to class date. Remember to
                                                                                   coverage for staff.
                    bring pencils and paper!                               *To maintain a reliable campus-wide Internet
                                                                                   connection at all times.
                                                                           *To improve student access to technology.
                                                                           *To provide reliable at-home access to students’
               Helix SAT-I Prep Workshop                                           documents and teachers’ grade books.
           NO REFUNDS AFTER CLASS BEGINS                                   *To make the school’s Student Information
                                                                                   System accessible school-wide.

               ID Number_____________
Email Address_____________________________________
                                                                              Next Newslet er Deadline:
(Note: The REGISTRATION FEE of $35.00 is to be paid at
 or before the beginning of the first session. Please make
      checks payable to: HELIX PTSA). Thank you!
                                                                               Wednesday, April 11th!
                           Please visit these parent-friendly and informative web sites:
                 Helix Charter High School: www.helixcharter.net      http://www.foothillscouncil.org
Clear Fines Now!
Summer Registration appointments will be canceled if fines are not
                                                                                    Report Card for Adults
cleared before the appointment time. We appreciate your cooperation in              Report cards don’t really end when school does.
getting the fines cleared ASAP. Fine lists will also be posted at Station           In the financial school of life, everyone receives
#1.                                                                                 a report card, called a credit report. And in the
Thank you,                                                                          same way that good grades on a report card
Helix Administration                                                                opens the door to better colleges and careers, a
                                                                                    good credit score can lead to lower rates on
                                                                                    mortgages, auto loans and credit cards.

                                                                                    The three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and
                                                                                    TransUnion, use a closely guarded mathematical
                                                                                    formula and data from your credit report to cal-
                                                                                    culate your credit score, a number between 300
                                                                                    and 900. A variety of factors go into calculating
                                                                                    your score, and the higher, the better.
TO: Parents, Students and Community Members:                                        Thirty-five percent of your score is based on
ROP Computer Applications and Computer Repair courses are offered at Helix          your credit history, and whether or not you pay
Charter High School for parents, community members, and students who are 16         your bills on time. This is usually the first factor
or over. These two courses are articulated to Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges.      people consider, but it’s not the only one.
High school and adult students who earn an “A” or “B” will get college credits.     Another 30 percent of your score depends on
                                                                                    how much you owe, mostly your credit cards.
ROP Computer Applications Class!                                                    Keeping a high balance in relation to the credit
Students will:                                                                      card limit will lower your score.
         *Learn basic operating Systems, Word Processing,
          Electronic Spreadsheets, Internet use and Research Skills, Desktop        The length of credit history makes up another
          Publishing, Job Seeking/Job Keeping skills, and Networking                15 percent of your score. This is why you
         *Be ready to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification      should not close old credit card accounts, which
          Tests and more...                                                         shortens the length of the credit profile.

                                                                                    The number of inquiries you have counts
                                                                                    toward 10 percent, and can drag your score
                                                                                    down. An inquiry occurs when you apply for a
                                                                                    loan or credit card, and a financial institution
                                                                                    pulls your credit score.

ROP Computer Repair/A+ Certification Course!                                        Several other factors make up the remaining 10
This course will teach students real world computer skills. Students will be able   percent, such as the type of credit you have.
to:                                                                                 Fixed loans are more favorable than credit card
        *Build a personal computer                                                  debt.
        *Repair & upgrade a PC
        *Be ready to take the A+ Core Hardware & Operating Systems                  You can get a free credit report from each of the
         Certification Tests.                                                       three credit bureaus. For more information, go
                                                                                    to www.freecreditreport.com.
Questions? Talk to Mr. Yang/Room 240 or 644-1940, ext. 503

                                                                                    For more information about credit reports or
                                                                                    the free Balance program for help with manag-
                                                                                    ing your finances, please visit
                                                                                    www.calcoastcu.org, call toll-free at (877) 495-
                                                                                    1600 or visit the La Mesa branch at 8131
                                                                                    Allison Avenue. California Coast Credit is
                                                                                    proud to be a partner in education with Helix
                                                                                    Charter High School.

 Helix Hi-Lites is published monthly from September to June by the Helix Charter High School PTSA and Helix Charter
                             High School, 7323 University Avenue, La Mesa, Ca 91941-6055.
Junior Parents:                                                                        Class of 2007
It’s time to get serious about college choices. There are 3 events coming up to
                                                                                       During California Standards testing, Tuesday
help you learn more about the college application process and get information
                                                                                       April 24 – Thursday April 26, seniors will be
about colleges.
                                                                                       doing their Senior Project Defense. Each sen-
                                                                                       ior will be assigned a date and a time to defend
National College Fair – April 18th at the San Diego Convention Center from             what they have done for their Senior Project.
9am to Noon and 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Admission is FREE but there is a parking             Portfolios are due the week prior on April 18th.
charge. There is also a Padres game at Petco Park, so they are recommending you        Practice senior boards will be Wednesday, May
take the trolley! Representatives from colleges from all over the nation will be       16th, with actual Boards taking place May 22nd
there as well as informational workshops.                                              and 23rd. Seniors do not participate in the test-
                                                                                       ing but must be involved in an activity each day.
Junior Parent College Night- Monday, April 23rd at 6pm in the Helix Library.           On Tuesday, April 24th, Grossmont and
Get information about college searches and visits. Find out about admission stan-      Cuyamaca Colleges will be at Helix to help stu-
dards and testing. Local college representatives will be available to answer your      dents register for these colleges. On Thursday
questions.                                                                             April 26th, Grossmont College will also be
                                                                                       offering students the opportunity to take their
College Expo 07 – Free event on Saturday, April 28th from 8am to Noon at Point         placement testing. Students must take a place-
Loma Nazarene University. Get practical tips on how to support your student and        ment test before they can register for any Math
expert advice from local college representatives. Register at www.collegexpo.org.      or English classes at either Grossmont or
                                                                                       Cuyamaca College. Grossmont will provide a
All juniors should be signed up to take college admissions tests. Deadlines for the    bus to take students to Grossmont College and
last tests of the year are coming up. See www.collegeboard.com for SAT tests and       have students take the placement test. They will
www.act.org for ACT tests.                                                             also provide them lunch and a tour of the
                                                                                       school. The bus will leave at 8:30 am and return
Kris Irving                                                                            to Helix at 2:00 pm. Opportunities to get help
College Counselor                                                                      with your senior paper, review for AP tests, and
                                                                                       other workshops will also be available.
                                                                                       Kris Irving
    VOLUNTEERS!                                                                        College Counselor

Student Support
Student Support is looking for parent volunteers. We especially need volunteers
willing to help us make summer conferencing appointments for incoming ninth
grade students. Bilingual volunteers are particularly needed. Most calling will be
done from school during the school day, but some evening or weekend calls will
also be made. If you are available to help, contact Kris Irving at kirving@helix-
charter.net or at 644-1940 ext. 147.

Senior Project Judges
We are currently looking for volunteers to judge this year’s senior projects. We
particularly need to add judges with expertise in automotive, construction/remod-
eling, or landscaping, as many projects fall into these areas.
The schedule for this year’s judging areas are as follows:

* Senior Defense requires students to defend their Senior Project in front of two
people -- a community member and a staff member -- and takes place April 24, 25
and 26, 2007. Senior Defenses take place in the morning, from 8:30 am to 1 pm.

* Senior Boards requires students to give an 8-10 minute presentation in front of a
seven to eight person panel, consisting of community and staff members and
occurs on May 22 and 23, 2007, from 12 noon to 4 pm.

If you are interested in judging, please contact Jennifer Osborn at either (619)644-
1940, ext. 450, or josborn@helixcharter.net. Please provide your name, address,
phone number and email address.

           Daily Bulletin Online: Visit the Helix website and “click” on daily bulletin. Check the Parent & Student Sections.

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