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What is really KILLING Muncie City and DelawareAM EDT                5627 5/8/2008
Calling SirRobertPeel                          PM EDT
                               7/4/2009 2:49 Lindalee1952               19 6/10/2008
NEW DOG TAX                                    fact101
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Replying to a couple column responses...       LarryRiley               15 5/23/2008
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The Lowdown on LOIT: Contrived Complexity JimArnold                  1876 3/14/2009
Mythconceptions about LOIT. 7/17/2009 5:11 PM EDT                    1876 3/14/2009
                               7/13/2009 9:48 PM EDT
                                               JimArnold             1876 3/14/2009
Straight Ticket Tommy and Partisan Polly with a special guest appearance by Maximus Taximus and Clark Co
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Councilman to host tax forum tonight: June 29,2009 EDT                 184 5/28/2009
Interview with CDCPTR-                         bikerbabe
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Dog tax/ordinance - INDIANA Rabies Law 4:09 PM EDT                      32 6/20/2009
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A Possibly Stupid Question About Taxes         drucifer666             109 5/27/2009
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The Wheels ( and Taxes )On The5/27/2009 1:25 PMCome Round And Round - Again!
                               June 23 9:00AMAmberCorduan
Dog Tax to be voted on Tuesday 6/20/2009 2:57 PM EDT                    32 6/20/2009
                               7/14/2009       JimArnold
HB1001 / Property Tax Mythconceptions 11:07 PM EDT                   1876 3/14/2009
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WHAT IS REALLY KILLING DELAWARE COUNTY PM EDT  Muncie                   40 5/28/2008
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From The Desk ( At Home ) Of Mr. Arnold 6:12 PM EDT                  2446 4/4/2009
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Open forum about SP front page!!!              Highfiver               109 1/11/2009
1/4/2012Check the front page of the newspaper if you want to see what is really killing our county. Over 11%
12/23/2009Mr.Henderson, you had me confused for quite awhile. I knew you had to work in the prosecutor's
10/25/2011How do you feel about it? you know once the county council passes it they no longer have contro
2/8/2010I've put this reply here on the Forums rather than add it to article replies. ClarkJKent and NanaCee q
4/20/2011Contrived Complexity. I recently attended the presentation on taxes by Larry DeBoer of the Purdu
4/20/2011Mythconceptions about LOIT. There seems to be a lot of misinformation or “mythconceptions” bei
4/20/2011Straight Ticket Tommy and Partisan Polly with a special guest appearance by Maximus Taximus a
10/28/2011Councilman to host tax forum tonight. THE STAR PRESS • June 29, 2009MUNCIE — Muncie City C
1/4/2012Received this in an email: http://www.kevinsmithreports.com/index.htmlWould all you forum pos
5/9/2010I just received this e-mail. Other people are looking out for us as well! PERMISSION TO CROSS-POS
11/16/2009 I feel a bit like a Johnny-come-lately and I'm guessing that the CDCPTR or someone has already b
1/16/2011Muncie Politics BlogNews you can use. (maybe!) The Wheel Tax, Again. Consider paying $25.00 a y
4/20/2011HB1001 / Property Tax Mythconceptions. There seems to be a lot of misinformation or “mythconc
10/23/2009You want to know whats really killing Deleware County? This tax group, the mayor and their sign
1/16/2011The Best Kept Secret. Psst, can you keep a secret? Did you know that Center Township Spends $93
7/10/2010Since they didnt allow the article to be commented on, I believe there should be a place to hear wh
 killing our county. Over 11% unemployment rate and now President Donati wants to raise taxes even higher. We are no
d to work in the prosecutor's office because of all the things you knew about my son. Now I know who you are. The "speci
 t they no longer have control of any of it. This is been talked about for months and starpress knew it but did not report .T
es. ClarkJKent and NanaCee questioned my math at the end of the column: " . . . ...multiply line 5A's amount by 124 percen
 y Larry DeBoer of the Purdue University Department of Agricultural Economics at Muncie Central. Mr. DeBoer did an exc
on or “mythconceptions” being disseminated concerning The Local Option Income Tax (LOIT), so I thought it would be a g
 ance by Maximus Taximus and Clark Content in “LOIT: Monument to Failure” By J.R.R. Token. Maximus Taximus, the ha
009MUNCIE — Muncie City Councilman Brad Polk wants to talk about taxes with members of the public this evening at a
 tmlWould all you forum posters please promote the link to 1240AM and inform the reading public that the 2 hours show
PERMISSION TO CROSS-POST. The Muncie Delaware Humane Society (Indiana) has submitted a proposal to the County C
TR or someone has already been all over this, but: Someone suggested that the LOIT, wheel, dog and other taxes would en
n. Consider paying $25.00 a year to maintain our roads. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, until you begin to put everything to
misinformation or “mythconceptions” being disseminated concerning HB1001, so I thought it would be a good idea to deb
oup, the mayor and their signs.Think of it, your a business looking to relocate, you drive into Muncie. First thing you find i
Center Township Spends $930,000 per year for fire protection? It seems like the Mayor is under a lot of pressure to “com
 should be a place to hear what people think about this reeking article. My first comment would be on how hard it is to be
 axes even higher. We are now looking at 1.8%. (Sorry, it is really confusing. Scroll down to the other posts for a detailed
 now who you are. The "special" treatment, you alledge my son received, was no different than any other plea agreement.
 knew it but did not report .Take a look at the county council meetings on youtube the ones chris has been doing. Come on
e 5A's amount by 124 percent. That's your new local income tax payment." and did find an error. I had the one-quarter pe
entral. Mr. DeBoer did an excellent job explaining a very complex topic, but even so I left the presentation scratching my h
 ), so I thought it would be a good idea to debunk some of the most common “mythconceptions” Mythconception: LOIT (P
  n. Maximus Taximus, the harbinger of higher taxes, had flown into Muncie on a foul wind. Maximus was chiseling away
 f the public this evening at an informational meeting. The meeting will be 7 p.m. at the new Concannon’s Bakery on the no
public that the 2 hours show this morning will be archived for listening. (Not sure when, check the website often for arch
ed a proposal to the County Council and Commissioners which would include imposing a tax on dogs as well as changing t
dog and other taxes would end up equaling the savings from the reduced property tax. Another person said that the not-fo
ou begin to put everything together. Retirees on fixed incomes. 54% of our children on reduced or free lunch. 10% unemp
R EACH OF YOUR PETS? The Delaware County Council will meet Tuesday June 23rd at 9:00AM at the County Office Buildi
  would be a good idea to debunk some of the most common “mythconceptions” Mythconception: HB1001 did not help re
Muncie. First thing you find is the mayor stuck to the butt of this tax group. Next, you see how your business will get gove
 der a lot of pressure to “compromise” with Center Township Trustee Kay Walker on the consolidation of Fire Safety servi
uld be on how hard it is to be a Rep. Mayor in a Dem. town??? Cannon seemed to do it, not only once, or twice...but 3 term
 he other posts for a detailed description.) Nevertheless, this is the wrong time to raise taxes. Now, ask yourself, exactly h
 n any other plea agreement. He cooperated fully with the police department and the prosecutor's office. He was represen
hris has been doing. Come on people if were going to have a new tax let it be a wheel tax theres onley one way they can sp
 ror. I had the one-quarter percent public safety hike on my mind when I should have had the full two-quarter (or one-ha
 presentation scratching my head at the discombobulated array of taxes that are levied at the local level. I am no stranger
ns” Mythconception: LOIT (Part B) is a dollar for dollar reduction in property taxes. Fact: LOIT is much more complicate
Maximus was chiseling away at a block of stone with a gleam in his eye and a smile on his evil lips. Chisel chisel klink klin
 oncannon’s Bakery on the northwest side of Muncie. Polk, a Republican, represents District 4. Polk hopes to discuss the p
ck the website often for archives in July.) Cary, Chris and Scott did an EXCELLENT job this morning. I hope you all got to t
 on dogs as well as changing the county's current 3 year rabies immunization protocol to one requiring a yearly rabies boo
 er person said that the not-for-profits were pushing the wheel tax because they're immune. Another suggested that the b
 ed or free lunch. 10% unemployment rate. Foreclosures and tax sales up. Business with 10, 20, 30 vehicles. Additional tax
M at the County Office Building to vote to re-instate the local dog option tax. This is a $5 maximum tax on dogs only. BUT
 ion: HB1001 did not help renters since they do not pay property taxes.Fact: HB1001 provided immediate additional "re
w your business will get government trash pick up, but not fire protection. Yeah, we are not getting any new business unti
 olidation of Fire Safety services for Muncie and Center Township. Ironically, the best kept secret in Muncie and Center To
 ly once, or twice...but 3 terms. OMG how did he manage?
   Now, ask yourself, exactly how well has any tax money been handled? I am so sick of hearing Donati and Quirk, Quirk an
utor's office. He was represented by an attorney during the plea bargain. He was 16 years old at the time too. He wasn't gi
 es onley one way they can spend it and thats on roads not payroll. and it would cost less and benifits better roads means m
   full two-quarter (or one-half) percent hike for both public safety and Part B LOIT. Yes, you should multiply the amount o
  local level. I am no stranger to complex mathematical formulae or complex abstract concepts, but I was amazed at the u
OIT is much more complicated than this statement would have you believe. The Part B LOIT can be used to recapture or r
 lips. Chisel chisel klink klink, Chisel chisel klink went the Chisel, as Maximus tortured a tune about taxes. You take the H
4. Polk hopes to discuss the possibility of a local option income tax that could help offset losses from property tax caps an
  rning. I hope you all got to take it in. Topics covered: CDCPTR History, PT Repeal and Caps, CCW wage hearings, Voter Fr
 requiring a yearly rabies booster for all dogs and cats in order to obtain a license. Below is a copy of my letter to the coun
Another suggested that the businesses are pushing the LOIT because they wouldn't have to pay it. So here's my question:
 0, 30 vehicles. Additional taxes, LOIT and COIT (Income based). Increased health care premiums and costs. Increased hom
 imum tax on dogs only. BUT WAIT!!! If the local dog option tax is re-instated, The Muncie Delaware County Humane Soc
 ed immediate additional "renter deductions" to renters. Mythconception: Rental property and commercial property own
etting any new business until you tell both the tax group and the mayor to move down the road. The tax group and the ma
 cret in Muncie and Center Township is the fact that Center Township has as much or more to gain than Muncie in the con
g Donati and Quirk, Quirk and Donati. That is one team that will drag our city and county down even further. Why doesn'
 at the time too. He wasn't given anymore special treatment than anyone else who cooperates with the authorities and yo
benifits better roads means more bisness. sorry for grammer in ahurry
should multiply the amount on line 5A by 148 percent to find your new total LOIT, EDIT, CEDIT and new LOIT income tax
ts, but I was amazed at the unnecessarily convoluted complexity that our legislators have imparted upon our local taxes.
 an be used to recapture or recover property tax revenue, OR it can be used to fund additional property tax reductions pe
e about taxes. You take the High road and I’ll take the LOIT road, And I’ll see bankruptcy before ya,You thought the Tax Ca
es from property tax caps and supplement the police and fire department budgets. Polk has said he does not support the l
CCW wage hearings, Voter Fraud and ABV's, Whether we are welcomed by elected officials at meetings. Modernization. Lo
 copy of my letter to the county officials on behalf of The Rabies Challenge Fund opposing the proposed revision to the ra
ay it. So here's my question: Has anyone looked in to who benefits from each of these changes and then looked to see if th
ums and costs. Increased home and car insurance. Increased driver’s license. Increase in Sales Tax (from utilities to purch
elaware County Humane Society will then be allowed to collect a yearly license fee for both dogs and cats. The maximum p
nd commercial property owners benefit more from the tax caps than average homeowners. Fact: Owner occupied “home
ad. The tax group and the mayor are not in it to make Mucie better! They just want the greedy personal gains or to fulfill v
  gain than Muncie in the consolidation of fire safety. CT currently budgets $500,000 for fire protection, but is robbing Pe
wn even further. Why doesn't somebody examine all the suspicious tax exempt properties in the county? Heck, they wen
s with the authorities and you know that is the truth!

 IT and new LOIT income tax. My bad (I hate that phrase). Wizare56 posted: "Larry; The E.D.I.T. was formed in the early 9
parted upon our local taxes. Planned Obsolescence pertains to products built to wear out or become obsolete in short ord
 l property tax reductions per a formula provided by the state. Finally, it could be used for a combination of both so it is p
re ya,You thought the Tax Caps would bring your taxes down,But I’ll raise your taxes even more, yea……….. Korny Kenny a
 aid he does not support the local option income tax. He also will update the public on the work of the finance committee a
 meetings. Modernization. Loit. Taxation without representation. 4 Corners Updates. www.propertytaxrepeal.comTown C
e proposed revision to the rabies protocol. What You Can Do. Contact the Delaware County Council and Commissioners (c
s and then looked to see if they have any undue influence on the City Council or other government entities? It just seems t
 s Tax (from utilities to purchases). Increase in water and sewer rates. (Royerton almost $70/month). Increase in heating
ogs and cats. The maximum proposed charge is $25 per unspayed animal. A yearly rabies vaccination will be required to o
 act: Owner occupied “homesteads” are capped at a lower percentage of their assessed value than rental properties and c
y personal gains or to fulfill vendettas. They got tax caps already so what is there to yell about taxes? I WANT MY PUBLIC
protection, but is robbing Peter to pay Paul to fund their fire Safety Services. The actual cost for CT fire protection is close
the county? Heck, they went after McShurley and Murphy for homestead credits. Why doesn't somebody take a good har

I.T. was formed in the early 90's and the Genisis of the Tax was the expansion of Horizon Convention Center. I predicted t
become obsolete in short order so that consumers will continually purchase new iterations of products ad infinitum. I pro
 ombination of both so it is patently dishonest to claim that LOIT (Part B) is a dollar for dollar reduction in property taxes
ore, yea……….. Korny Kenny appeared from nowhere in a flash. Jeepers Mr., what are you pounding on there? It’s a “Monu
rk of the finance committee and the budget. A question-and-answer period will follow if time allows. Polk hosts public me
ropertytaxrepeal.comTown Crier. TIF $ and where it should go. Comparing tax rates with other counties.IT WAS WONDER
ouncil and Commissioners (contact information below) and ask them to reject the portion of the Humane Society's propo
 ment entities? It just seems that if the taxation will remain the at the same level over-all that someone must be trying to p
/month). Increase in heating costs (gas & electric). Increase in food prices. Increase in gasoline prices (currently $2.65/ga
 cination will be required to obtain the “license”. That will add an additional fee of taking your pet to the veterinarian, and
  than rental properties and commercial properties. 2007 pay 2008: Homeowners saw increased homestead exemptions
 t taxes? I WANT MY PUBLIC SAFETY!!! I did not elect this tax group!! They are self appointed. They are self serving. The
 for CT fire protection is closer to one million dollars per year. Ironically, the CDCPTR plan would have staffed the current
n't somebody take a good hard look at 214 N. Walnut and see why they are exempt...then bill them for all the past propert

 vention Center. I predicted this Tax would be born in letters to the editors of both the Star and the Evening Press. Russ Sl
f products ad infinitum. I propose a new term called “Contrived Complexity” to define the unnecessary complexity built i
r reduction in property taxes. If the LOIT (Part B) IS used to recapture or recover Property Tax revenue lost due to the pr
unding on there? It’s a “Monument to Failure” to honor your esteemed City Council and the new Local Option Income tax t
  allows. Polk hosts public meetings every quarter as a forum for his constituents to talk about their concerns.
 er counties.IT WAS WONDERFUL......all the boys came off intelligent, well spoken and informed!!!! Spread the word.
 the Humane Society's proposal which would change the current 3 year rabies ordinance. County Commissioners Telepho
  someone must be trying to profit from these changes and may not have our best interests in mind. If not, then why all the
  e prices (currently $2.65/gal up .30). This list isn’t even exhaustive and only covers the basic needs. Just roughly estimat
 r pet to the veterinarian, and the cost of a rabies vaccine. The state of Indiana does not require yearly vaccinations. Studi
  sed homestead exemptions for 2007 pay 2008 that promised to lower their tax burdens by up to 38%. Owners of rental/
ed. They are self serving. They do not represent me or my wishes!! Our mayor has killed two plants from coming and brin
ould have staffed the current CT stations with full time fire fighters for $450,000 per year, but Kay didn’t jump for joy whe
them for all the past property taxes not paid. Or somebody look into why the old welfare building on Madison is still tax

nd the Evening Press. Russ Sloan former Chamber President was the Architect of this and you may recall there was a fame
nnecessary complexity built into everything that the government lays its hands on, to make it exceedingly difficult for ave
ax revenue lost due to the property tax caps (this is what I believe will happen), then taxpayers are effectively paying add
ew Local Option Income tax that they plan on foisting upon the beleaguered taxpayers of Muncie and Delaware County. F
 t their concerns.
ed!!!! Spread the word.
 nty Commissioners Telephone Number: (765) 747-7730 Fax: (765) 747-7899, Don Dunnuck ddunnuck@co.delaware.in.
 mind. If not, then why all the push to change things? So has anyone tried to “follow the money”?
c needs. Just roughly estimating my additional increases is about $120.00 per month or $1,440 per year with the wheel ta
 re yearly vaccinations. Studies conducted by Purdue University have confirmed that over vaccinating dogs and cats can b
 p to 38%. Owners of rental/commercial property saw NO reductions in 2007 pay 2008. 2008 pay 2009: The residential
plants from coming and bringing jobs to Muncie. This last one cost us 3000 jobs building batteries for hybrid cars. Guess w
t Kay didn’t jump for joy when she heard the plan. Perhaps her priorities are a little confused. Yes Muncie stands to gain s
lding on Madison is still tax exempt. Muncie and Delaware county has the money...it is just buried.

 may recall there was a famed local court case that stopped the original E.D.I.T. and the E.D.I.T. Board bec
 exceedingly difficult for average citizen to comprehend and consequently address should they seek to change the sys
ers are effectively paying additional Income taxes to fund property tax reductions that already would have occur
ncie and Delaware County. For 18 months they have ignored warnings of the looming budget crises for 2009, and beyond

k ddunnuck@co.delaware.in.us, Todd Donati tdonati@co.delaware.in.usLarry W. Bledsoe, Jr. lbledsoe@co.delaware.in.us,

40 per year with the wheel tax is added in and excluding LOIT & COIT. With each increase, something else has t
ccinating dogs and cats can be detrimental to their health. Additionally, as outlined in their proposed ordinance, the Huma
 8 pay 2009: The residential caps will be set at 1.5% in 2008 pay 2009. The rental property caps will be set at 2.5% for 20
 eries for hybrid cars. Guess what killed the deal? Fire protection!! Isn't it interesting, the plant will
d. Yes Muncie stands to gain some newer fire trucks with the consolidation, plus an extra $450,000 per
T. Board bec
ey seek to change the sys
y would have occur
 crises for 2009, and beyond,

lbledsoe@co.delaware.in.us, County Council Fa

 mething else has t
 oposed ordinance, the Humane Society can collec
aps will be set at 2.5% for 2008 pay 2009. The commercial prop

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