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                             Dr. Ranjana Bhatia

Designation                  Prof. & Principal, Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi

Educational Qualifications            ♦ Ph.D. in Education
                                    1988 University of Bombay                        Bombay

                                      ♦ Diploma in Administrative Management
                                      ♦ 1982-83 University of Bombay
                                 Jamna Lal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
                             Master of Education (M.Ed)
                                      ♦ 1980-82       University of Bombay
                                 I Division - 2nd rank in the University
                             Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
                             1978-79          University of Bombay                  Bombay
                                 I Division - 2nd rank in the University
                             Master of Science in Chemistry (M.Sc)
                             1972-74         University of Agra                      Agra
                             Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)
                             1970-72          University of Agra                     Agra
                             Course on Effective Personal Productivity organized by Leadership
                             Management Incorporated (LMI), Texas in 1997.
                             Diploma in TRAITS (Training the Trainer to Enhance Skills)
                             2005              University of Twente      The Netherlands
                             Certificate in EP (Training the Trainers in Executive Education)
                             2009         Maastricht School of Management The Netherlands

                         RESEARCH RELATED EXPERIENCE

      ♦ Recognised Supervisor for Ph.D. in Education of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha
        University, Delhi. Two students are perusing Ph.D under my supervision and the
        following three have been awarded Ph.D degree:
      ♦ Ms. Navita Taneja - Topic for Ph.D. registration - “An investigation into the
        relationship between personal values, teaching attitude & socio-economic cultural
        status of teachers”. (Ph.D awarded)
      ♦ Ms Reva Raina - Topic for Ph.D. registration- “A study on teachers’ perception on sex
        education”. (Ph.D awarded)
      ♦ Ms. Kiran Gupta - Topic for Ph.D. registration - “An investigation into the
        relationship between mental health and teaching competencies of teacher trainees”.
        (Ph.D awarded)

Supervisor for M.Phil. & MA programme

      ♦ Ms. Varshita Mahajan for M.Phil. in Education from Alagappa University, Karaikuddi
        Tamil Nadu.
      ♦ Ms. Mamta Sharma registered for M.Phil. in Education from Alagappa University,
        Karaikuddi Tamil Nadu.
      ♦ Approved Dissertation Guide for MA in Education of IGNOU.

External Examiner for Dissertation
      ♦ External examiner of Ph.D for Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi
      ♦ External examiner of M.A (Education) for Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
      ♦ External examiner of M.Ed for Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

                                   PUBLISHED WORK

Articles Published

      ♦ Article on “The importance of Inclusive Education” published in Quarterly Journal,
        Vol.7, Issue 1, Jan-Mar 2012
      ♦   Article on “Collaborative Learning : An Emerging Pedagogical Tool for Effective
          Teaching –Learning Process in Higher Education” published in International Journal
          of Education and Research Vol-43, No – 3, July- September, 2011
      ♦   Article on “Enhancing Teaching: Learning with Technology”, published in University
          News, Vol. 49, No. 31, August 01-07, 2011, pp 13-15
      ♦   Article on “Aggression in children reasons and remedies” accepted for publication
          Journal of Indian Education, NCERT , Feb 2011
      ♦   .Article on “Inclusive Education – Need of the Hour”published in Eduquest Journal of
          Research and Exploration in Teacher Edu., Vol. 3, Issue 1, Nov 2010.
      ♦   Article on “Pedagogy for Tribal Children in Indian”published in Vetri Education,
          Vol. 5(3), July-Sept.2010.
      ♦   Article on “The blackboard for Pedagogic Excellence – To student with love”
          published in Maadhyam, Online Journal, Published by Teacher SITY, Sept 2010.

♦ Article on “Emotional Intelligence in Teacher Training Programme” published in
   University News, Vol. 48, No.15, April 12-18, 2010.
♦ Article on “Effect of Age on Morality in Children” published in Vetri Education,
  Vol. 4 (3), July. - Sep. 2009.
♦ Article on “Emotional Intelligence in Teacher Training” published in the souvenir
  released on the occasion of national seminar on ‘Challenges & Demands Posed on
  Teachers of Next Generation’ organized by Chet Ram Sharma College of Education,
  Noida April 2008.
♦ Article on “Elimination of Corporal Punishment in Schools : Bane or Boon”
  published in the Journal of Indian Education, NCERT in the issue of May 2008.
♦ Article on “Blending traditional learning with online learning in teacher education”
  published in University News, Vol. 46, No.04, Jan-Feb. 2008.
♦ Article on “Elimination of corporal punishment: Bane or boon in the garb of human
  rights” published in Teacher’s Net, Vol. II, Issue VII, Dec. 2007.
♦ Article on “Teacher education aims to produce worthy teachers : Role of NGOs”
  published in Miracle of Teaching, Vol. VII, Oct. – Dec. 2007.
♦ Article on “Teacher as a motivator and facilitator” published in Vetri Education, Vol
  2(4), Oct. - Dec. 2007.
♦ Article on “Women Empowerment in Educational Management and Developing
  Leadership Qualities in Women” published in the Edutracks, March 2007.
♦ Abstract of paper titled “e-Learning in Teacher Education” pub.in souvenir released
  during Inter. Conference organized by CIE, Univ. of Delhi, Feb, 2007.
♦ Article on “Teacher who teaches with heart” published in The Primary Teacher,
  NCERT, Vol.XXXII, No.1, 2, 3 & 4, Jan. – Oct. 2007.
♦ Article on “Value Education in Teacher Education: Issue of Concern” published in
  the University News, Dec.18-24, 2006.
♦ Article on “Fostering Creativity in Children” published in The Primary Teacher
  Journal, NCERT in the issue of July & October 2006.
♦ Article on “ICT Enabled Teacher Education” published in the University News,
  May - June, 2005.
♦ Review of book “Case Studies in Classrooms: An Insight into Issues & Concerns” by
  G. Balasubramanian pub.in the Journal of Indian Edu., NCERT May 2005.
♦ Article on “Challenges faced by adolescents in today’s environment” published in the
  Souvenir of Amity Institute of Education – April 2005.
♦ Article on “Emerging Trends in Holistic Education” pub.in Edutracks , Oct. 2004.
♦ Article on “A Study on Quality Appraisal of an Effective Teacher” published in
  Recent Researches in Education & Psychology in Vol.12, Nos.III-IV.
♦ Article titled “Adolescents are a generation under pressure” published in the Journal
  of Indian Education, NCERT - August 2004.
♦ Article titled “Stress Management for Students” published in Journal of Indian
  Education, NCERT - August 2001.
♦ Article titled “A Tribute to a Girl Child” publication of Rotary, New Delhi – Feb.


♦ Paper titled ‘Quality Concerns in Teacher Education’ was accepted to be included in
  the proceedings of the national seminar on ‘Redesigning Teacher Education in

  Changing Scenario’ organized by Khalsa College of Education, Amritsar in March
♦ Paper titled ‘e-Learning in Teacher Education’ presented in the International
  Conference organized by Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi in
  February, 2007.
♦ Paper titled ‘Globalization & Changes in Teacher Education’ was accepted &
  published in the proceedings of the National Seminar on ‘Globalization, Opportunities
  & Challenges to Education’ organized by Dr. Zakir Hussain Teachers’ Training
  College in Sept.’06.
♦ Paper accepted on the topic “Professionalism & Curriculum Framework in Teacher
  Education” for the conference of Indian Association of Teacher Educators held at
  Allahabad in Feb.’2006.

♦ Paper on the theme “Value Education & the Context of National Resurgence, National
  Identify, Cultural Alienation & Education” sub-theme ‘Value Education & National
  Resurgence’ was accepted for presentation at National Seminar being organized by
  HNB Garhwal Univ, Srinagar.
♦ Paper sent for the XXXV conference of IATE National Seminar at Mysore on the sub-
  theme “Value Education based on Teacher Training Programme in reference to
  curriculum framework on school education” accepted for presentation.
♦ Paper sent for National Seminar on “Teacher Education & Challenges of Change” at
  St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai on Jan. 2003 on the topic ‘Quality
  Management in Teacher Education’ was accepted and the excerpts published in the
  proceedings of seminar.
♦ Paper was presented at a National Seminar organized by IATE at Moradabad on the
  topic “Developing Leadership Qualities in Women” on January 2003. The excerpts
  were published in the proceedings of the seminar.
♦ Paper sent for National Conference on “Teacher Education: Vision of the Road
  Ahead” on Feb., 2003 at Lady Irwin College, New Delhi on the topic “Future of
  Teacher Education: Ideological Shift” was accepted. The excerpts published in the
  proceedings of the conference.
♦ Paper sent on the theme “Information Communication Technology & Teacher
  Education” and sub-theme ‘Integration of ICT into Teacher Education System’ for the
  37th annual conference of Indian Association of Teacher Educators at Dept. of Edu.
  Osmania Univ. Hyderabad was accepted.
♦ Article on “Stress Management for Students” published in Journal of Indian
  Education of NCERT in August 2001.
♦ Article on “Education of Girl Child” published in the yearly Journal of Rotary in


♦ Book published on ‘Essentials of Education Psychology’ in 2008.

♦ Book published on ‘Vocationalization of Education’ for B.Ed students of Univ of

       ♦ Edited a book titled ‘Challenges in Teacher Education’ which was published by
         Amity Institute of Education in January 2002. This book was based on the proceedings
         of the conference held in September 2001 by AIE.


♦ Zonal Coordinator GGS IP University for Common Wealth Games, 2010

       ♦ Member of State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) Committee of UGC.

       ♦ Member, Academic Council of GGS IP University for year 2003 & 2005-08.

       ♦ Member of Core Team of Students’ welfare activities, GGSIP Univ. for the year 2003-

       ♦ Coordinator of all B.Ed. colleges affiliated to GGS IP University in 2001, 2006, 2008,

                              INTERNATIONAL TRAINING

       ♦ Organised a training programme on “Basic Skills in Managing Human Resource” for
         the participants from Bhutan. in August 2010.

       ♦ Organised a training programme on “Basic Skills in Managing Human Resource” for
         the participants from Bhutan. in July 2009.

       ♦ Organised as well as participated in a Refresher Course for twenty participants from
         Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia & India. The title of the Refresher Course of two
         weeks duration was – “Training the Trainers in Executive Education”, in
         collaboration with Maastricht School of Management, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
         The Refresher Course was funded by NUFFIC, a funding agency of The Netherlands
         under The Netherlands Fellowship Programme.

       ♦ Headed a ten member team for a training titled ‘TRAITS - Training the trainers for
         enhancing skills’ in the University of Twente, The Netherlands. This training was
         fully funded by NUFFIC, a funding agency of the Netherlands.


♦   A Project by NEUPA for organizing a national seminar “On the theme Education for Cultural
    Sustainability”, Sept 2010.

♦   Training teachers for promoting sustainable development through education – A project
    granted by Ministry of Human Resource Development under the scheme of UNESCO related
    activities. February 2010.

♦   A project for training 500 teachers working for underprivileged children granted by Royal
    Netherlands Embassy, New Delhi September 2006 – 2007.

♦   Training for Administrators of the schools run by Western Air Command in June 2006.
       ♦ Round Table Meet on “ Role of Teachers in Preserving and Sustaining Culture
           through Education” (In collaboration with UNESCO, New Delhi) October, 2011
       ♦ Workshop on “ Teaching in 21st Century can be Fun” (In collaboration with
           University of Malta through the High Commission of Malta, New Delhi) September,
       ♦ Workshop on “ Best Practices in Teacher Education Across Continents” April 2011
       ♦ National Seminar on – “ Education for Cultural Sustainability” – 30th March 2011,
           A project sponsored by National University for Educational Planning and
       ♦ National Seminar on – “Strength of Indian Education System vis-à-vis Western
           Education System” – April 2010
       ♦ Inter college debate competition on – “Adolescents: The Preservers and Promoters of
           Our Values” – December 2009.
       ♦ National Seminar on “Nurturing Responsible Adolescents”- April 2009.
       ♦ Educationist round table meet on – “ Approaches to Reconstructing Human Values
           through School Experience – Role of Schools and Teachers”- March 2009

       ♦ National Seminar on “Effect of Present Environment on Adolescents: “What to do?” -
         February 2008.
       ♦ Round table conference of school Principals of NCR on “Elimination of Corporal
         Punishment: Bane or boon in the garb of Human Rights” - November 2007.
       ♦ National Seminar on “Revisioning Teacher Education” - September 2007.
       ♦ National Seminar on “The Role of Teachers and Challenges in the Changing Social
         Environment” - April 2007.
       ♦ Paper presentation on “Teacher Education: A futuristic view” – December 2006.
       ♦ Round table conference of school Principals of NCR on “Should we introduce
         corporate culture in schools?” – October 2006.
       ♦ Weeklong workshop for the Principals and Administrative Staff of Air Force Schools
         of Western Air Command – June 2006.
       ♦ National Seminar on “Teacher Education: The Challenges Ahead” – February 2006.
       ♦ National Seminar on “Challenges faced by adolescents in today’s environment” -
       ♦ Workshop on “Present B.Ed. Curriculum: Issues & Concerns” – December 2004.
       ♦ Symposium on “Traditional Values of India: Losing Roots to Modern Culture” -
         September 2004.
       ♦ National Seminar on “Internationalization of Education - Role of Indian Teacher” -
         January 2004.
       ♦ Seminar on “Career Counselling – A Gateway to Opportunities” – September 2003.
       ♦ National Seminar on “Techno-Savvy Child : Opportunities & Threats” – January
       ♦ National Seminar on “Teaching Learning : A Paradigm Shift” – January 2002
       ♦ National Conference on “Challenges Before Teacher Education” – January 2001.



♦ Attended Valedictory Function of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan on “15th World
  Sanskrit Conference” at Vigyan Bhawan on 10th January, 2012
♦ IETE Apex Forum on “E-Education Paradigms-Indian Scenario and challenges”
  attended at Delton Hall, IETE, Loadhi Road, New Delhi on 23rd December, 2011.
♦ Lecture on “Women & Education” by Shree Salman Khursheed Ji.
♦ Conference on “ICT in Education” organised by Bloomberg UTV on 15th September,
♦ Attended workshop on “Jeevan Ka Lakshya” held at Amity University Noida on
  2nd September, 2011.
♦ Attended workshop on “Liveraging Technology for B.Ed” at GGSIP University on
  19th July, 2011
♦ Attended a Roundtable meet on “Standard based approaches to teacher training” at
  USAID/INDIA on 25th Jan 2011.
♦ Attended UGC workshop on Capacity building for women manager in Hr. Ed.
♦ Lecture by Nobel Laureate Prof. Harold Kroto.
♦ Lecture on Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan by Prof. Promila Menon, NIEPA.
♦ Seminar on Politician, Bureaucrats Interface at Amity Business School, Noida.
♦ Lecture on Role and Structure of Governance in India by Shri Jagmohan.
♦ Seminar on School Education: Concerns & Challenges organized by Kalka Institute of
  Research & Advanced Studies.
♦ National workshop on Quality Improvement in Sec. Ed. organized by NCTE at
♦ Workshop to discuss various dimensions of B.Ed. curriculum organized by NCTE at
  its headquarter in New Delhi.

♦ Meet on Governance of Sec Sch. Education-Issues Experiments & Reforms organized
  by NUEPA.
♦ Seminar on Philosophy of value oriented education organized by Indian Council of
  Philosophical Research.
♦ Conference on curriculum framework organized by GGSIP University.
♦ International workshop on Information & Communication Tech. for Professional
  Development of Primary Education Personnel organized by Distance Educ.
  Programme of IGNOU.
♦ Seminar on Approaches Towards Professionalization of Teacher Education at CES
  College of Education Research & Training.
♦ Conference on Teacher education – an agenda for change organized by DPS-Inst. of
  Higher Education.
♦ National seminar of award winning teachers on Innovations in School Education at
♦ Workshop on Effectiveness through Self-Awareness organized by IIM, Lucknow.
♦ Workshop on Vocationalization of Education organized by NCERT.

                                           RESOURCE PERSON

         ♦ Conducted two day workshop for school trs in Jammu on ‘How to prepare a question
         ♦ Conducted a workshop for school teachers in Noida on “Preparation of Achievement
         ♦ Conducted a workshop on “Action Research” for school teachers.
         ♦ Conducted a two day workshop for school teachers in Jammu on “Techniques of
           teaching, innovation and creativity in teaching”.
         ♦ Invited to give a lecture under Thursday Lecture Series of NCERT on “Teen
           Commandments: Adolescent Concerns”.
         ♦ Conducted a workshop on “Problems of Adolescents & How to Deal with Them” for
           school teachers in Noida.
         ♦ Member of selection committee for the interview of PGT teachers and a counselor.
         ♦ Guest speaker at the annual Conference organized by Delhi Sikh Public Schools on the
           theme “Emerging Trends in Holistic Education”.
         ♦ Resource person for the orientation programme of TGTs/PGTs in District Institute of
           Educational Training (DIET), New Delhi.
         ♦ Member of selection committee for B.Ed. programme of CIE, University of Delhi.
         ♦ Resource person for a training workshop on “Effective strategies for practice teaching
           component of pre-service teacher education” for the DIET faculty organized by Dept.
           of Teacher Education & Extension, NCERT.
         ♦ Member of expert group meeting on “Teacher educators on peace education” at Dept.
           of Teacher Education, NCERT.

                                            COURSES FOR DGR

Organised courses on Administrative Management, Finance and Security of One month and three
months duration. for Directorate General of Resettlement, Directorate of Training, Ministry of
Defence. (DGR). The courses were organised for the Officers as well as PBORs.


Name of Institute                 Designation           Yrs.     Nature of Job
• Amity Institute of Education,   Founder Principal     11 yrs       Administration & total coordination
  New Delhi                       (from 99 till date)                Teaching Educational Psy. for B.Ed.
                                                                     Teaching Educ. Admn. & Mgt. for B.Ed.
• IGNOU Study Centre-0757         Coordinator           8 yrs        Administration & total coordination
                                  (from 2002 till                    Teaching Management programme
                                  date)                              Teaching B.Ed programme
                                                                     Teaching PG Diploma in Higher Education
                                                                     Teaching and Research guidance in M.A (Edu)
• St. Xavier’s Institute of       Lecturer in           3 yrs+       Teaching Educational Statistics & Science

  Education, Bombay                Education                     method
                                                                Teaching Vocational Education (Elective Paper)
• City Montessori Inst, Lkw.       Vice Principal       3 yrs   Teaching Educational Psychology
• R.D. Nat. College, Bombay        Lecturer             1 yr    Teaching Chemistry in Junior College
• Sadhu Vaswani Int. School,       Principal            6 yrs   Administration & total coordination
  New Delhi                                                     Teaching Chemistry in class X
• St. Paul’s School, New Delhi     Acting Principal     1 yr    Administration & total coordination
• Marie Stopes International,      Manager of Project   1 yr    Administration & coordination
  New Delhi                                                     Coordination of the project in UP & HP funded
                                                                 by UNFPA
                                                                Conducting workshops & seminars on adolescent
                                                                 related problems

* Six years of teaching experience in schools

813, Sector A, Pocket B/C
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi – 110070
Ph.: (R) 011-26897437
Mob.      9953159516
E mail : ranjubhatia@gmail.com

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