Who Jesus Is - Lesson 3

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            Who Jesus Is
             Lesson 3
   Just a quick simple recap: In the past two lessons we learned that
God created the earth, which is the planet we live on. With the
creation of Adam, the “world” came into existence ON earth. You
and I live IN the world ON earth. (I know some of this may seem
rather simplistic to some of you, but if you'll kindly bear with me...)

   For roughly 4000 years, the world of mankind existed alone on
earth. Then, along came Jesus. As we know, he was crucified, and
just as God breathed the breath of life into Adam, He breathed the
breath of life into the lifeless body of Jesus. The first breath the
resurrected Jesus took was the first breath of a new “world” on
earth...the kingdom of God. Now we have two worlds on earth. That
of Adam, and that of the kingdom of God.

  If you would kindly tuck that thought away for awhile, we'll come
back to it, but for now, let's take a look at some interesting points
between Adam and Jesus...and between the creation of the two
worlds...the world of Adam, and the kingdom of God.

  First of all, Adam was created a perfect being. Jesus was born a
perfect being. Adam was the only person ever created by God. Jesus
was the only person born of God.

  When I say that, it goes without saying that God “created” each of
us as individuals as we were being formed in our mother's womb
(Job 31:15, Is. 49:5, Jer. 1:5). But with the exception of Adam, every
person who has ever lived, Jesus included, was born by the process
of childbirth.

   With Adam being the only man created by God, and Jesus being
the only man born of God, those two men, in a sense are the only
two men in the entire history of mankind that can legitimately be
called the sons of God. Adam and Jesus.

   Adam was created without sin. He was tempted by the devil and
failed. Jesus was born without sin, was tempted by the devil and, as
we know, withstood the temptations.

  So, here we have the two sons of God. Both came into the world as
perfect beings, though Adam would later fall. It should be noted, that
all of us are given life in the world of Adam. It's impossible for one
to enter the world of the kingdom of God without first having life in
the fallen world of Adam, simply because without having life in
Adam's world, you don't exist! The issue is whether or not we
remain in Adam's world...

  As Adam and Jesus are the only two sons of God, every single one
of us is the offspring of either one or the other. We are each born into
this world as fallen Adams. Jesus, himself, was born into this fallen
world before the second “world”, the kingdom of God, was
established. Each of us is either a child of Adam, and are in a fallen
world, or we are a child of Jesus and have access to the kingdom of
God. There is no in between.

   Those of us who are a child of Jesus are in the difficult position of
living in both worlds at the same time. While we have access to the
kingdom of God, we may not necessarily be living in the kingdom of
God. Or, we may hop and skip from living in one world at times, to
living in the other at other times...because the world of the kingdom
of God was established within the world of Adam.

  At times they can be very difficult for us to separate. There are no
physical barriers to separate them. Had the kingdom of God been
established BESIDE the world of Adam, things might be different.
But it wasn't. It was established WITHIN the world of Adam.

  Everyone who has ever lived has lived in the world of Adam. But
not all citizens of Adam's world will live in the kingdom of God.
Still, one must be a son of Adam before one can become a son of

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