The Challenging Journey to Quitting Smoking

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					The Challenging Journey to Quitting
                             Everyone knows that smoking is dangerous to health. That's why
                             this warning is placed on every pack of cigarette to remind people
                             that too much smoking could be bad for them. Smoking can cause
                             several diseases like cancer, heart disease and other respiratory
                             problems that could lead to death. It could also cause bad breath and
                             teeth discoloration. With the health risks involved in smoking, why
                             are there still several people who are doing this?

Some people are occasional smokers while some are addicted to it. There are various reasons
why people smoke. Some of them smoke to relieve stress, depression and to get through with a
tough situation. Nicotine, that is an active substance on cigarettes, gives temporary euphoria.
This makes smokers feel good, forgetting about their bad feelings for the moment. This is an
addictive substance that would make you want for more. When this substance enters your
system, it would be difficult to stop the cravings and before you know it, you're already a regular Others develop the habit of smoking when drinking
or after eating their meals. Smokers do not only put their health in danger but especially the
health of the people around them. The second hand smoke that other people inhale is more

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                             Like any other vices, smoking could be stopped. However, this is
                             not an easy journey especially to those who have been addicted to it.
                             But as they say, if there's a will, there's a way. It could be hard, but
                             it's not impossible. The decision to
                    shouldn't come from other people.
                             It should come from the smoker himself. The people around him
                             could persuade him to stop smoking but in the end, it would still boil
                             down to the person's decision. He should be willing to do this and
                             set his mind on achieving his goal.

This is the first step to the process of quitting smoking. The support of family, friends and
colleagues is also very important as it could be difficult for the person to do this on his own. He
would need guidance and constant reminder that he could it. Since this is a difficult journey, the
person who would like to stop this vice needs to understand what could happen along the way.
This would help him plan ahead on what to do to deal with the withdrawal process. The first
three months is the most crucial time as this is when the cravings for smoking would be intense.
Finding other things that would busy the person to forget about the cravings would help in
getting through to this challenging stage. Quitting smoking may not be an easy thing to do but
it's possible and it would give a lot of health benefits.