Advance rulings for tariff classification and national customs rulings by DugMartin


									Ottawa, October 24, 2006                                        CUSTOMS NOTICE 657
         Advance Rulings for                                     3. The Tariff is currently available on the CBSA’s Internet
                                                                 site at
  Tariff Classification and National                             Concordance tables may also be found on the Web site to
    Customs Rulings Affected by                                  assist you in the conversion from 2006
Amendments to the 2007 Customs Tariff                            to 2007.

                                                                 4.   For further information, please contact:
1. The recently published 2007 version of the
Departmental Consolidation of the Customs Tariff contains             Deborah Mosher
a number of amendments designed to bring into effect                  Senior Program Officer
changes to the text of the internationally recognized                 Tariff Policy Division
Harmonized System (HS) that forms the basis for Canada’s              Trade Programs Directorate
Tariff and those of most of the world’s trading nations.              Canada Border Services Agency

2. As a result, you may find that the classification                  Telephone: 613-954-7000
numbers shown on Advance Rulings for Tariff                           Email:
Classification and National Customs Rulings (NCRs) issued
to you in the past are no longer valid. To determine whether
the classification numbers remain valid, you will need to
review the 2007 Customs Tariff. If the number is no longer
in effect, please contact the CBSA office, which issued the
ruling, and officials there will replace your ruling with one
with classification numbers valid for 2007.

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