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Tonopah Historic
Mining Park

 Volume 7-2                                                                              Fall 2009

  Introducing our
                                        Room was dedicated to the history,
 Fellowship Curator                     stories, and ephemera related to
                                                                                 new displays for the Park.
                                                                                         My goal for the duration of
                                        Humboldt                                 my Fellowship Curator position at
        Hi my name is, Susanne                  County. I also did an under      the Park is to facilitate my
Dunkerley. I am a recent graduate       - graduate internship at Fort            entering graduate school for dou-
from Humboldt State University          Humboldt in Eureka, California,          ble masters in museum/archival
in Arcata California. I received my     compiling the history of mules and       sciences and medieval history.
Bachelor of Arts in World History       their uses at Fort Humboldt. I           My dream job is to become a
in December of 2008. I am now           helped to design, set up, and main-      museum director, archivist, or
serving in the position of Fellow-      tain three art gallery shows at the      historic preservation project man-
ship Curator of the Tonopah             Reese Bullion Gallery on the HSU         ager. In return, I hope my work
Historic Mining Park. The Fellow-       campus.                                  here at the Park will help to share
ship position is designed to allow              I am currently working on        its mining history and the
for a recent graduate of college or a   projects to improve the park             history of Tonopah with a larger
person with an undergraduate            grounds. Recently completed pro-         group of people.
degree in the areas of business,        jects include a kids play area, a
history, geology, or other related      guest survey, a book survey, intro-
field, who wishes to further their      duction of a THMP Facebook page
education, to hold the position of      (look up Tonopah Historic Mining
curator at the Park for a period of     Park), and I have established an
one to two years.                       animal and plant list of the region.
        I have previous experience in   Projects still in progress include the
museum, archival, and gallery           organization of the archival/
work. During college I worked in a      library room for public use, a
specialty archival room at the          research paper on the history of
University library, known as the        mines and water in the Tonopah
Humboldt Room. The Humboldt             area. I am constantly working on

                                         Silver bars
                                   donated to Mining Park
  Nancy Stehle of Oxnard, California, donated three silver bars to the mining park in memory of
  her late husband, Carl Stehle, Jr. Per Nancy, “My husband flew up to San Francisco with a fist
       full of silver certificates (mainly $1 bills) and purchased these bars shortly before the
   government ended the program. Carl was a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a
   double major in Petroleum Engineering and Mining Geology. He worked in both subjects his
      whole career in Mexico (silver mines), Park City, Colorado (silver), Trinity mountains of
        California (gold), Wyoming (oil production) and Oxnard, California (oil production). ”

        Tailings Volume 7-2                         Page 1                                      Fall 2009
 Events Held at The Park              grader’s field trip
                                      to the park on
    This Year to Date                 May 28th. Thirty-
                                      nine     students
                                      along with their
                                      teachers and a
                                      few parents came
                                      for a day of his-
                                      tory, tours, and
                                      gold    panning.
                                      Every     student
                                      went home with a
        As always, The Nevada
State Mining Championships were
held at the park during Jim Butler
days on Memorial Day weekend.
People poured in to see competitors                                                after cocktails for the Ramada
work up a sweat as they raced on                                                   Inn for a large banquet put on
the mucking, single jack, double                                                   by the Elks Club.
jack and arm wrestling competi-
tions. Our new blacksmith shop                                                              The following week
was operational thanks to our vol-                                                  we had the riders from Jour-
unteers, Mike and John Barth. The                                                   ney of Hope grace our door-
park buzzed with people and the                                                     ways. Journey of Hope is a
thrill of a mostly sunny day. Even    vial full of gold and a head full of    4,000 mile bike ride across Amer-
the crash of thunder and the sparks   history.      Once more volunteers      ica to raise awareness and funds for
of lightning did not deter either     came to the rescue-Dunk, David          people with disabilities. Each one
visitor or competitor. Three lovely   Ranseen, and Stretch Baker.             of the hundred college aged men
volun-                                                                        had to first raise $5000 before do-
teers                                               We had the Classic        ing the bike ride across America.
worked                                       Car Club of America come to      All men are part of the Pi Kappa
to teach                                     the Park on June 16th. Forty-    Phi fraternity in varying universi-
g o l d                                      eight antique cars and their
p a n -                                      owners used the grounds for
ning to                                      display and the car show as
all that                                     well as enjoying a meet and
wished                                       greet cocktail hour.      The
to try.                                      owners were treated to a his-
A big                                        tory of Tonopah and ob-
thank                                        served a demonstration on
y o u                                        how muckers and jackman
goes out to Michael “Dunk”                   worked in the early mines.
Dunkerley, David Ranseen, and         The day was just gorgeous. It was
Mr. Weaton for all their help on      exciting to see those old, drivable
that hectic but fun day. Foundation   beauties sparkling in the sun after a
volunteers, Joni Eastley and Mimi     day of rain. Most of the cars were
Rodden, along with Bob Perchetti      from out of the area and we had a
helped make the day a great suc-      1920’s Chevy turned racer and an
cess.                                 old fire engine from the Town Of
                                      Tonopah. The cars were driven in a
There wasn’t much of a break be-      parade down Main Street before
tween Butler Days and the second      they proceeded to the park. All left

        Tailings Volume 7-2                      Page 2                                       Fall 2009
                                                       less enjoyable the       69 Reunion. DAR had their meet
                                                       Mason’s dedicated a      and greet cocktail party and a
                                                       cornerstone with         sumptuous miner’s evening meal
                                                       time capsule at the      prepared by local Boy Scout Troop
                                                       park on August first.    17. The fine dinner served in the
                                                       A large stone was        Mizpah Hoist House hosted a menu
                                                       drilled and prepared     of tri-tip roast, fresh vegetables,
                                                       to house the time        salad and rolls, beverages and cul-
                                                       capsule until such       minating with four deep Dutch
                                                       time that it will be     oven fresh berry cobblers. October
                                                       opened in the next       will end once more with Spook-
                                                       hundred        years.    tackular hosted by the Park and put
                                                       Some of the items        on by 4-R-Kids. Projects will be
                                                       that went into the       completed, events will be held, im-
                                                       capsule were a copy      provement will be made, and, as
ties across the United States.          of the Tonopah-Bonanza and a            always, guests will be treated to the
Thirty-five of the men came to get      copy of the Tailings newsletter.        history of the Tonopah Historic
a brief history lesson and tour of      One wonders how the few small           Mining Park.
the Park before they bedded down        tokens that are placed in the cap-
for the night at the high school        sule will be viewed by those in the
gym.                                    future. Will they see them as
        On July 16th the Clampers       treasures, curiosities, or items left
came out in force to add a wonder-      from an antiquated time?
ful new monument to our grounds.
Clampers are a camping, fraternal               On August 6th around 45
group, who dedicate markers to          Boomtown guests had lunch and a
places of significant historic inter-   tour of the Park. We were just one
est. Over a hundred and sixty           of many stops for those attending
Clampers dressed in their red shirts,   the Boomtown series. Participants
listened to speeches and toured the     learned more about
park grounds. Once more volun-          the history of mining
teers came to our aid, Dunk on the      and the queen of the
Polaris and David Ranseen up at         silver camps. About
the Silver Top. The Clampers are a      forty-five Daughters
colorful and fun filled bunch of        of the American
men. In preparation for this event a    Revolution (DAR)
new display area was built outside      members graced us
the patio and a number of new rock      with their presence on
walls were completed by the Con-        August 15th along
servation Camp. This provides a         with the Tonopah
viewing platform                        High School Class of
overlooking most of
the park with mean-
ingful markers. The
platform itself will be
a point of departure
for the tour of the
      On a more
somber note but no
        Tailings Volume 7-2                       Page 3                                      Fall 2009
                      Meet Your Foundation Board Members
                                       Mountain Town Board and was          different underground and surface
                                       appointed to the Nye County          blasting methods as well as
                                       Board of Equalization. Joni cur-     welding. He became a co-owner
                                       rently serves on the Nye County      of B&B Mining, a contracting
                                       Board of Commissioners as chair-     company that mined gold and
                                       man. She is active in the Rotary     then later mined barite. Working
                                       Club of Tonopah, the Nevada          for Chan Mining first as a Mill
                                       Association of Counties; a           Wright and then as an Operations
                                       member of No To (domestic)           Production Manager, he ran
                                       Abuse; the Nevada Airport Man-       tailings from the Weepah Mine.
                                       agers Association; the Central       As the sole proprietor of Stamina
John Livermore, one of the             Nevada Regional Water Author-        Mining he contracted his
early Foundation members is a          ity and the Tonopah Development      services.    Stretch worked as a
world known geologist. He is           Corporation. Appointed by the        mechanic in Eureka for Target
based in Reno, Nevada and oper-        Secretary of the Interior she        Construction and then transferred
ates as a consultant to various        serves on the Bureau of Land         to Silver Peak where he worked
mining interests around the globe.     Management‟s (BLM) Mohave-           for the Lost Dutchman Mining as
One of John‟s proudest moments         Southern Resource Advisory           a diesel mechanic.        He has
was his research that led to the       Council and leads a                  worked as a Mill Wright for both
discovery of the Carlin Gold           multi-organizational partnership     Sunshine Mining and Cyprus
Mine. He used a time tested and        for the BLM‟s Tonopah Field          Mining where he later became a
some said old fashioned way of         Station dedicated to the preserva-   Tailings Supervisor. Presently
prospecting and predicting the         tion of the historic      Rhyolite   Stretch is the Road Supervisor for
availability of a rich mineral load.   Township. Joni serves on Pre-        Nye County Road Department
He has remained active in              serve Nevada, devoted to             when he‟s not giving countless
geology, mineral exploration, and      Nevada‟s cultural resources. She     hours of volunteer service to the
public service. John endowed a         is one of the founding members       mining park. Stretch‟s son, Con-
chair in Geophysics at the             of the Tonopah Historic Mining       rad received his Eagle Scout
Mackay School of Mines, and            Park.                                Award for setting up an        op-
supports major programs at                                                  erational blacksmith shop at the
Stanford University and the            David F. Myrick, Emeritus, is        mining park.
University of Nevada, Reno,                                                 Stretch says, “I have a passion to
                                       the author of several books about
usually anonymously.
                                       western history and western rail-    preserve our history in mining
                                       roads, including Railroads of Ne-    and exploration. Mining has been
                                       vada and Eastern California,         a big part of our country‟s
                                       Volumes I, II and III. He was an
                                                                            history, many hard working
                                       early member of the Tonopah
                                       Historic Mining Park Foundation      individuals and in my own life. I
                                       and is semi-retired and living in
                                       Santa Barbara, California.

                                       Douglas “Stretch” Baker,
Joni Eastley, Secretary                Chairman, began his mining
 Joni Eastley worked in various        experience in working for Nevada
human resources positions at           Barite & Mineral Corporation in
Round Mountain Gold Corpora-           Mina, Nevada. While working
tion. She served on the Round          for JM Mining he studied
        Tailings Volume 7-2                       Page 4                                   Fall 2009
                     Meet Your Foundation Board Members
would like to preserve this impor-     Resource Associates, donated the      covers hundreds of ghost town
tant part of history so that many      Heizer Mineral Collection which       sites, plus locations for gem stone
others may enjoy this pleasure for     had been started by Corolynn‟s        hunting, gold hunting, caves, hot
years to come.”                                                              springs, the 49er emigrant trails,
                                       grandfather, Ott F Heizer over
                                                                             route of the Pony Express, etc.
                                       one hundred years ago.          Ott
                                       Heizer graduated from Mackay                 Stan stopped publishing
                                       School of Mines in 1904 and was       new books five years ago, an
                                       the superintendent and general        attempt toward semi-retirement,
                                       manager of the largest tungsten       but admits, “I have not done a
                                       mining operation in Nevada,           very good job of it. I still
                                                                             distribute about 150 book titles
                                       Nevada Massachusetts Company
                                                                             throughout Nevada and eastern
                                       in Pershing County.             He    California, and still do a lot of
                                       introduced open pit mining on         desert hiking, jeeping and
Corolynn Heizer Vogt is a
                                       lower grade ores. While still un-     camping. I own three jeeps.”
native Nevadan. Her father, John
                                       der his managership, control of              He has had a lifetime of
M Heizer was a mine owner / op-                                              interest in mining, so an interest
                                       the company was obtained by the
erator shipping iron ore from the                                            in the Mining Park was a natural.
                                       Segerstrom family of Sonora,
Lovelock area to Japan. Mr.                                                  Stan has been a director for about
                                       California from the                   4 years, managing in part the gift
Heizer, upon graduating from
                                       Massachusetts banking interests.      shop and assisting in other areas
Stanford University, returned to
                                              Although Corolynn has no       such as publicity, signage on the
Nevada and started prospecting
                                       mining experience, she has an         approaches to Tonopah and
with the newly developed black-                                              encouraging others to make
                                       avid interest in preserving the
l i g ht i ns t ru me n t . A f t er                                         contributions to the Park, as he
                                       mining history and artifacts for
Corolynn‟s graduation from Reno                                              himself has done and will do in
                                       which two generations of her
high school she graduated from                                               the future. He has worked to
                                       family played a very active part.     make the gift shop profitable.
Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo,
                                       “I believe that the Tonopah His-             Stan says, “The Park is
California mid „60s. She married
                                       toric Mining Park has all of the      fairly well known throughout
and was in the horse business of
                                       components necessary to con-          Nevada. Publicity must be gener-
showing, training, breeding and                                              ated so that the Park can gain ad-
                                       tinue to make it an important and
sales. In 1982 she moved to Los                                              ditional regional notice and
                                       worthwhile attraction. There is
Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mex-                                             finally nationally. I plan to re-
                                       something of interest for anyone
ico where she still resides 7                                                main on the board until I have
                                       from researchers, historians, tour-   outlived my usefulness.”
months of the year.‟ After her fa-
                                       ists and children all in one loca-
ther‟s death in 1997, Mimi
Rodden approached the Heizer
family about donating mining           Stan Paher started his writing
memorabilia to the Tonopah His-        career in 1970 by completing
toric Mining Park. The Heizer          NEVADA GHOST TOWNS &
family, in cooperation with John       MINING CAMPS. By 1992 he
Livermore, long time family            saw the need for a statewide atlas
                                       to accompany his book. The NE-
friend and his foundation, Public
                                       VADA GHOST TOWN ATLAS
      Tailings Volume 7-2                       Page 5                                    Fall 2009
                                                                       means of a fellowship at Cornell
Blacksmithing                      clude a Tailgate exchange.
                                   For more information go to          University of the mineral light
   Classes:                        our    Faceb ook    p ag e,
                                   Tonopah Historic Mining
                                                                       violet ray or black light instru-
                                                                       ment, through which scheelite
                                   Park or check out our web-          may be detected in the dark.
      In preparation for the                                           The light has become useful in
upcoming classes to be             site      at     http://
                                   www.tonopahhistoricmining           the detection of other ores in-
held at the Tonopah His-                                               cluding some forms of uranium
toric Mining Park please 
                                                                       and zinc. With war premiums
note:                                                                  paid on tungsten, Ott Heizer in-
      California Blacksmith                                            troduced open pit mining on
Association Spring Confer-                                             lower grade ores.
ence,                                                                          Ott Heizer 1881-1968
April 28 – May 2, 2010 in                                              was born in Virginia. In 1898 he
Ferndale, California.     For      HEIZER FAMILY AND
                                                                       came to Carson City as an assis-
more information contact           NEVADA MINING                       tant US Weather Bureau ob-
Joe Koches, Chairman by                                                server. He entered Mackay
e m a i l ,      b l a c k -              Ott F. Heizer was the
                                   manager of the Nevada Massa-        School of Mines and graduated, or phone,                                             in 1904. He was fortunate in
                                   chusetts Mine at Tungsten from
707/786-4216 or go to their                                            becoming employed at Nevada
                                   1924 -1940’s. He became well
w e b s i t e :                                                        Massachusetts where the ore
                                   known in mining circles because                                                      never reached bottom while set-
                                   of research and development in
      The mining park will                                             ting a world production record.
                                   tungsten mining and milling.
be hosting blacksmithing                                               During his management, control
                                   Among these: Roasting tungsten
classes in the near future.        gravity concentrates containing     of the company was obtained by
The park has a fully opera-        sulpher-iron to rid it of sulpher   the Segestrom family of Sonora,
tional blacksmithing shop          and then picking the iron out of    California. Ott Heizer converted
living exhibit and is pres-        the concentrate with magnets.       an old arsenic mill at Toulon, 10
ently adding additional fire-      Flotation of molybdenum from        miles west of Lovelock, into a
pots in order to accommo-          the concentrate. Flotation of       tungsten concentration plant.
date a larger number of par-       scheelite Ca Wo4. Invention by      Numerous properties were
ticipants. This event will in-                                         opened up in the Humboldt,
                                                                       Ragged Top and Nightingale
                                                                       mountains from which ore was
                                                                       mined for processing at Toulon.
          Conservation Camp to Remain Open                             The remnants of this mill can
                                                                       still be seen on the east side of
    A big THANK YOU to all of you who lobbied the Nevada Legis-        Interstate 80. Mr and Mrs
      lature for the retention of the conservation camp. Due to        Heizer reared their family in
     your efforts the camp will remain open and the crews avail-       Lovelock, daughter Nancy
       able for all types of service work in Central Nevada. The       Heizer Cushing, son Robert
     work crews have been invaluable to the mining park as well        Heizer, Anthropology Professor
    as the Tonopah Region. Park work has included stone walls,         UC Berkely, and John Heizer,
      hiking and bicycle paths, general cleanup and many other         Mining Engineer. Ott Heizer’s
     projects too numerous to mention. A big THANK YOU to all
                                                                       granddaughter, Corolynn Heizer
     of the workers from the conservation camp as well as their
                                                                       Vogt, (daughter of John Heizer)
                                                                       serves on the Tonopah Historic
                                                                       Mining Park Foundation.

      Tailings Volume 7-2                     Page 6                                 Fall 2009
                                       Nevada Ghost Town and Desert Atlas
                                              Tonopah Historic Mining Park Foundation member Stan Paher has
                                     written a new book which has to be the last word on exploring Nevada and
                                     its many recreational possibilities. Nevada Ghost Town & Desert Atlas, is a com-
 Congratulations to our              panion to his 1970’s book on Nevada ghost towns. The new book has 204
Foundation member, Bill              large pages and is complete with desert travel and driving hints.
Goodhart of Round Mountain                    Paher offers the reader-adventurer more than 2200 places to visit and
 Gold Corporation upon his           explore in Nevada and the adjacent Death Valley and Mono Lake areas, all
 election as Chairman of the         embodied in 71 up-to-date full color maps. Included are hundreds of natural
                                     features to aid the desert explorer in reaching various destination points. In
  Board of Directors for the         all, this atlas contains the locations of 780 ghost towns, stage station sites,
Nevada Mining Association.           and smaller gold and silver mining camps.
                                              Additionally, the maps identify 165 gemstone hunting areas, 110
                                     placer gold mining districts, routes of the California and Applegate emi-
    In Memoriam:                     grant trails, the Pony Express and Old Spanish trails, caves, hot springs, and
                                     significant historic places and recreational areas. Several dozen camp-
Anne Fenton Wyman, A pio-            grounds and state parks are noted. Each user-friendly map logically groups
neer in the area of women in min-    the places to visit, using modern communities as base points for travel and
ing, Anne was a graduate of Uni-
                                              A special bonus within the atlas is a collection of 530 vintage photo-
versity of Michigan, Ann Arbor       graphs, many of which are the work of mid 20th century ghost town chroni-
with a master’s degree in Geol-      cler Nell Murbarger.
ogy. She taught geology and ge-               A well-known magazine writer who explored Nevada before ghost-
ography at Nevada Southern Uni-      towning became a popular pastime, Murbarger photographed emigrant trail
versity, (now UNLV.) Anne was        ruts and inscriptions, unusual desert features, cemeteries, old wagons and
the first woman faculty member       stagecoaches, pioneer tombstones, miners cabins and many rare artifacts
in the College of Sciences and the   from early-day mining camps. Her photographs include blacksmith bellows,
first member of the Geology De-      wooden barrels with steel rims, ore wagons, mail pouches and head frames
partment. In her capacity as a       at mine shafts.
                                              “It’s a real honor to have Nell’s best Nevada photographs to illustrate
college faculty member, she es-
                                     the atlas and its ghost towns, mining camps, historic and recreational areas,”
tablished the first geology degree   said Paher, who acquired the photographs from the Murbarger estate.
curriculum, and took the program              A native Nevadan, Paher started his original ghost town and mining
through the regents. Anne taught     camp volume on Nevada in 1965. It took him five years to produce his award
at UNLV for 28 years. She is sur-    winning book, Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps. It has been called by book
vived by her husband of 61 years,    reviewers as “by far the best researched volume yet on Nevada.”
Dr. Richard V. Wyman of Boul-                 His new Illustrated Atlas is available in four formats:
der City, Nevada, also a noted ge-                 Volume One: Northern Nevada covering Reno, Austin, Ely and
ologist.                                                points north for $16.95.
                                                   Volume Two: Southern Nevada covering Death Valley and the
Dave Hamilton, a long time sup-                         Mojave Desert for $16.95.
                                                   Combined volumes one and two in paperback for $32.50. The
porter, previous mining park vol-
                                                        hardback edition with full color dust jacket is $39.95.
unteer and member of the                      Here is Nevada's first recreational atlas, specially designed for adven-
Tonopah Historic Mining Park         turers who love back country exploring and ghost towning. This volume will
Advisory Board, Dave was in-         surely be enjoyed by all who love Nevada's informality and its Old West his-
volved in the park’s beginning.      torical setting.
He will be long remembered for                This new publication is available at the Tonopah Historic Mining
his support of a variety of civic    Park bookstore. Check out other books and gifts for all occasions. Your
and Masonic projects.                park membership entitled you to a ten percent discount on all purchases.

    Tailings Volume 7-2                      Page 7                                         Fall 2009
Tonopah Historic
Mining Park
520 McCullough
P.O. Box 965
Tonopah, NV 89049

                          Addresses for mailings

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