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food _ wine 2009


									food & wine 2009
THIS YEAR, discover BIG TASTE as Blackberry Farm hosts another impressive roster of today’s most exciting chefs
and vintners for an unforgettable array of Food & Wine events in 2009. We invite you to savor field-fresh flavors and one-on-one
interactions with distinguished guests from the culinary and wine world.
                  Experience the Home of Food & Wine
                                         AT B l Ac k B E R RY fA R m

         2009 marks the second full year Blackberry Farm has showcased its world-class culinary
program and Food & Wine events in The Barn. Be part of our biggest year of Food & Wine yet — and part
   of truly groundbreaking gastronomy inside the inspirational centerpiece of our vibrant FarmStead.

                                       food & wine 2009
January 8-11
Southern Foodways Alliance & Fellowship of
Southern Farmers, Artisans, and Chefs
Celebration and Gala

Chef Donald Link

Chef Hilary White

Chef Barry Maiden
HUNGRY m OTHER, cA m B R I D G E , m A

Chef Mike Davis

Mac McDonald

Join Blackberry Farm and Southern Foodways Alliance as we kick off another year of Food & Wine with a big “Taste of the
South.” The 5th annual event will celebrate the dynamic spirit and tradition of Southern food culture as special culinary and
wine guests share their knowledge and talents.

Guests will experience the true field-to-table lifestyle as they enjoy cooking demonstrations, tastings and teachings from some
of the South’s most celebrated farmers, artisans and chefs. Guest chefs include Donald Link, Hilary White, Barry Maiden and
Mike Davis. The guest winemaker is Mac McDonald. The son of a Texas moonshiner, Mac owns and operates Vision Cellars,
one of the country’s great Pinot Noir producers. Also joining this talented group are guest speaker Bill Niman, known for
Niman Ranch and BN Ranch, and events sponsor Julie Van Winkle of Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery.

This year, we will also induct the newest Fellow into the Fellowship of Southern Farmers, Artisans and Chefs (FSFAC), which
recognizes outstanding cuisine in the South. The Fellowship, now in its third year, draws together vital figures of Southern
food culture for enriching experiences. This event provides recognition for their contributions, establishes links between
culinary experts and craftspeople and preserves and strengthens the foundations of Southern culture. All of these Fellows,
including Chefs Frank Stitt, Ben and Karen Barker, Scott Peacock, and Louis Osteen, will be on hand to share their knowledge
and a taste of what they do so well. In addition to the Gala honoring chefs and artisans, Taste of the South will showcase the
Southern Foodways Alliance’s signature blend of edification and celebration with participating guests.
March 12-15
Women in food, wine, song and spirit

Ashley Judd                                                              Experience a weekend of passionate spirit as we savor three days of unparalleled entertainment
A c T R E S S, A c T I V I S T & P S I B O A R D m E m B E R             and creative treasures while honoring some of the world’s most inspiring women. Be among
Klara Glowczewska                                                        the first to reserve your place for this unforgettable event at Blackberry Farm this Spring.
c O N D É N A S T T R AV E l E R E D I T O R - I N - c H I E f
                                                                         Join actress, activist and Population Services International board member Ashley Judd, along
Chef Michelle Bernstein                                                  with Condé Nast Traveler Editor-in-Chief Klara Glowczewska, as we enjoy the very best in food,
m I c H Y ’ S R E S TA U R A N T, m I A m I , f l                        wine, song and spirit while raising awareness about the needs of children around the world.
Gaia Gaja                                                                Savor delicious meals prepared by James Beard Award winner Chef Michelle Bernstein, and
G A J A W I N E RY, P I E D m O N T, I TA lY                             indulge in the sweet decadence of Katrina Markoff’s gourmet chocolate — and don’t miss
                                                                         your opportunity to raise a glass to good times and a great cause with Gaja Winery and
Katrina Markoff                                                          Dom Perignon.
O W N E R / c H O c O l AT I E R , V O S G E S H A U T- c H O c O l AT

Dom Perignon                                                             Join us as we gather to support PSI’s child support program, Five & Alive.
                                                                         Visit to learn more about the organization’s mission worldwide.
                                                          March 29-April 1
                                                          Chef Patrick O’Connell                                                  It became America’s first 5 Star country house
                                                          T H E I N N AT l I T T l E WA S H I N G T O N, WA S H I N G T O N, VA   hotel and the first in Mobil Travel Guide history
                                                                                                                                  to ever receive two 5 Star Awards — one for its
                                                          Patrick O’Connell, a native of Washington, D.C.,                        restaurant, the other for its accommodations. In
                                                          is a self-taught chef who pioneered a refined,                          2008, The Inn celebrated its 30th anniversary by
                                                          regional American cuisine in the Virginia                               commissioning a film documenting the evolution
                                                          countryside. He has been referred to as “the Pope                       of American cuisine over the last three decades
                                                          of American Cuisine”. Selecting The Inn at Little                       and honoring 30 American culinary pioneers
                                                          Washington as one of the top ten restaurants                            who helped make this transformation possible.
                                                          in the world, Patricia Wells of The International
                                                          Herald Tribune hailed O’Connell as “a rare chef
                                                          with a sense of near-perfect taste, like a musician
                                                          with perfect pitch.”                                                    Please visit our website to learn more about the
                                                          The Inn at Little Washington was created by                             guest vintner scheduled to appear for this event.
                                                          Patrick O’Connell and his partner in 1978.

April 26-29                                                               Nora established an organic internship program
                                                                          and continues to receive interns each year at
Chef Nora Pouillon                                                        Restaurant Nora. She is the author of Cooking
R E S TA U R A N T N O R A , WA S H I N G T O N, D. c .                   with Nora, a seasonal menu cookbook and a
Alexis Pouillon                                                           finalist for the Julia Child Cookbook Award.
D O m A I N E P O U I l l O N, lY l E , WA                                Nora’s son, Alexis, is co-owner and winemaker
Mary & Russ Raney                                                         of Domaine Pouillon, located in the scenic
E V E S H A m W O O D V I N E YA R D, S A l E m , O R                     Columbia River Gorge AVA. In addition
                                                                          to sustainably farming its own grapes,
                                                                          Domaine Pouillon also purchases grapes from
Nora Pouillon is a pioneer and champion of
                                                                          other farmers in the area. Alexis and his wife,
organic, environmentally conscious cuisine. Born
                                                                          Juliet, practice artisanal winemaking techniques
in Austria, Nora promotes and embodies healthy,
                                                                          that translate into elegant, complex wines.
sustainable living. Nora opened Restaurant Nora
in 1979 and was immediately recognized for                                Mary and Russ Raney of Evesham Wood have
her ability to create not only healthy but also                           resided at their Oregon vineyard since its planting,
delicious organic dishes. In 1999, it became the                          but it wasn’t until 1991 that their present winery
nation’s first certified organic restaurant. On                           was located there, situated on a knoll overlooking
the board of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs,                               an idyllic Willamette River landscape.
May 10-13
Jacques & Fiona Thienpont                             but Jacques’ winemaking has remained relatively
c H âT E A U l E P I N, P O m E R O l , f R A N c E
                                                      unchanged and his feet still remain firmly on the
Blackberry Farm is delighted to host one of           In 1997, he met Fiona Morrison, an American-born
the most renowned wine estates in Bordeaux,           Master of Wine who was working in Bordeaux as
Château Le Pin. Jacques and Fiona Thienpont are a     the international spokesperson for the Wines of
Belgian-British couple who both spend their lives     Bordeaux. Since their marriage, Fiona has gone on
immersed in everything wine. In 1979, Jacques was     to become an internationally known wine writer
working with his uncle Gérard in the family wine      and lecturer as well as a consultant for Christie’s.
business in Belgium when he heard about a tiny        During the harvest, Jacques continues to make his
parcel of vineyard next to Vieux Château Certan.      wine himself while Fiona is in the vineyard. They
When the family deemed that it was too expensive      have two boys and divide their time between
to add to Certan, Jacques realized that it was an     Etikhove in Belgium and Pomerol in France.
opportunity to make his own wine and Le Pin’s
tiny size was manageable for him alone. Almost 30     Please visit our website to learn more about the
years later, Le Pin’s status has become legendary,    guest chef scheduled to appear for this event.

                                                                           May 17-20
                                                                           John Coykendall
                                                                           m A S T E R G A R D E N E R , B l A c k B E R RY fA R m

                                                                           Join us for a Smoky Mountain bounty unlike any other hosted
                                                                           by Blackberry Farm Master Gardener John Coykendall. Guests
                                                                           will enjoy farm-to-table cuisine paired with favorites from
                                                                           our own cellar. John is always happiest with his hands in the
                                                                           soil. Walking among stalks of corn and rows of pumpkins,
                                                                           Coykendall explored the world of gardening at an early age with
                                                                           his grandfather. Coykendall always knew he wanted to create
                                                                           and care for some of the finest produce in the world. Traveling
                                                                           through Europe and across the United States, John has collected
                                                                           not only great secrets but also the seeds from the most
                                                                           successful gardens. He brings the knowledge of decades
                                                                           in the garden, along with centuries-old heirloom seeds that
                                                                           he has collected from the region and all over the world.
May 31-June 3
Kent Torrey                                                                    The Cheese Shop in Carmel in 1986. Featured on
T H E c H E E S E S H O P, c A R m E l , c A                                   the Travel Channel as a “must-see” destination
Victor Gallegos                                                                and recognized by Food Network for its famous
S E A S m O k E , S A N TA B A R B A R A , c A                                 pesto, The Cheese Shop offers 300 varieties from
                                                                               20 countries, and is known as a mecca for tourists
Kristian Holbrook                                                              and local gourmet food and wine lovers.
c H E E S E m A k E R , B l A c k B E R RY fA R m
                                                                               On the same spectacular Pacific coast of
                                                                               California, Sea Smoke produces Pinot Noir
Cheese, glorious cheese! If you love the intricate                             that reflects the unique microclimate, soils
tastes of the many cheeses of the world, this                                  and exposure of the nearby Santa Ynez River
is the event for you. Discover the behind-the-                                 canyon and its maritime fog known as “sea
scenes passion that Blackberry Farm dedicates to                               smoke” to locals. As Sea Smoke’s vice president
its cheese program.                                                            and general manager, Victor Gallegos does
In addition to Blackberry’s cheese offerings,                                  everything from managing finances to stirring
we are excited to welcome world-renowned                                       biodynamic preparations to tasting blends with
cheese expert Kent Torrey. Kent first came to                                  the winemaker.

                                June 28-July 1
                                Chef Craig Stoll                                                            the kitchen of Da Delfina, a ristorante in the heart of
                                D E l f I N A , S A N f R A N c I S c O, c A
                                                                                                            Tuscany changed his life and helped him to define
                                Marilisa Allegrini & Leonardo LoCascio                                      his cooking style. Delfina is named in honor of this
                                AllEGRINI, POGGIO Al TESORO & SAN POlO                                      special place.
                                V E N E T O & T U S c A N Y, I TA lY
                                                                                                            In 2002, Marilisa Allegrini founded Poggio al Tesoro,
                                                                                                            a winery on the Tuscan Coast, in partnership with
                                James Beard Award winner Chef Craig Stoll is the                            Leonardo LoCascio. In February 2007, Marilisa and
                                proprietor of Delfina, a nationally acclaimed Italian                       Leonardo decided to strengthen their presence in
                                restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District. Delfina’s                   Tuscany by acquiring San Polo, a top-class estate
                                food is truly Italian in spirit — elemental, seasonal cooking               in Montalcino.
                                whose simple appearance belies its depth of flavor.
                                                                                                            Named one of the most influential wine personalities
                                Born into a food-obsessed family, Craig was exposed to a                    of the last 20 years by Robert Parker, LoCascio is often
                                variety of restaurants, ingredients and cuisines early on.                  considered America’s foremost authority on Italian
                                A few years after graduating from the Culinary Institute                    wines. As president and CEO of Winebow, Inc., a
                                of America in Hyde Park, New York, the pivotal point                        leading importer of premium Italian wines in America,
                                of Stoll’s career came in 1992 when he was awarded a                        LoCascio’s masterful knowledge of the wines of Italy
                                scholarship to attend the nascent ICIF cooking school                       is unsurpassed.
                                in Torino, Italy. His subsequent externship, working in
GET clOSE TO THE EARTH and the world’s premier chefs and vintners. Blackberry Farm’s sustainable field-to-table
cycle and classic American farm ethic make this the perfect gathering place for the world’s top epicurean talents and connoisseurs.
June 30-July 4
August 2-5
Helen DeFrance

Nothing is more fun than a kitchen full of kids! Bring your children to Blackberry Farm to join author Helen DeFrance in
the kitchen to learn basic skills and tasty ideas. This year we are giving families two options to join Helen in the kitchen for
tons of fun! Helen Puckett DeFrance was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. The fourth child in a family of six children,
she learned cooking from her grandmother, Helen Todd. A graduate of the Master’s program at Pepperdine University with
a specialty in Montessori training (a hands-on, experiential teaching method), she combined her two loves, teaching and
cooking, and developed a curriculum for kids called Thyme to Cook! She will teach this hands-on cooking class to students
at Blackberry Farm during these two summer events.
Helen lives with her son, Martin, in Jackson along with her three dogs Henri, Eddie and Lucky. She is the author of the
new book, At Home Café: Gatherings for Family and Friends. She has been teaching children’s cooking classes through her
business Thyme to Cook! for 10 years and discovering and encouraging mini chefs in the making.

                                                      July 12-15
                                                      Chef Holly Smith                                               to Seattle and began her Seattle culinary career
                                                      c A f É J U A N I TA , k I R k l A N D, WA
                                                                                                                     at Place Pigalle in the Pike Place Market. Holly
                                                      Franco Massolino                                               launched Café Juanita in April of 2000.
                                                      m A S S O l I N O, S E R R A l U N G A D ’ A l B A , I TA lY
                                                                                                                     Having grown up in Serralunga d’Alba, Franco
                                                                                                                     Massolino is known for his gracious personality,
                                                      James Beard Award winner Chef Holly Smith                      his genuine respect for the traditions and
                                                      grew up in Monkton, Maryland in a food-loving                  territory of Barolo, and his beautiful wines
                                                      family. In 1990, Holly enrolled in the Baltimore               marked by great structure, depth and restraint.
                                                      International Culinary College. Holly completed                For more than a century, the Massolino family
                                                      an externship in Ireland with Master Chef                      has farmed the elite Vigna Rionda. Since 1982
                                                      Peter Timmons as one of her final courses at                   they have produced a single-vineyard Barolo
                                                      BICC before working for two years as a line                    from the site that expresses the full potential
                                                      cook for the Milton Inn, in Sparks, Maryland.                  of depth, longevity, and richness afforded by
                                                      It was a terrific learning experience and during               its ideal position and exposure. Over the years,
                                                      her tenure, wine guru Robert Parker marked                     Massolino has become synonymous with robust
                                                      the restaurant as one of his “Most Memorable                   and well-structured Barolo.
                                                      Meals” in 1991 and 1992. In 1993, Holly moved
July 19-22
Gale Gand
T R U & c E N I TA R E R E S TA U R A N T S, c H I c A G O, I l

Gale Gand, executive pastry chef and partner of the Five Diamond restaurant TRU in Chicago, was
named Pastry Chef of the Year by the James Beard Foundation and Bon Appétit magazine in 2001. Host
of Food Network’s “Sweet Dreams,” Gand has appeared on “Iron Chef America”, “Martha Stewart” and
judged Bravo’s “Top Chef”. Gand is also an accomplished cookbook author with six titles to her credit
including Butter Sugar Flour Eggs and Chocolate and Vanilla. She also has her own root beer company
producing Gale’s Root Beer. She has a BFA from RIT and attended culinary school at La Varenne in Paris.
Gale is married to an environmentalist, and has a 12-year-old named Gio and twin girls, Ella and Ruby.
Join Gale as she invites the entire family (parents and kids!) to gather together in the kitchen, preparing
special recipes and enjoying close company.

                                                        July 26-29
                                                        Chef John Besh                                                   In America’s oldest fine dining city, this boy
                                                        R E S TA U R A N T A U G U S T, N E W O R l E A N S, l A         from the bayou has built a thriving restaurant
                                                                                                                         group. Each venture reflects his broad-ranging
                                                        Countess Noemi Marone Cinzano                                    culinary passions, benefits from his dedication to
                                                        & Hans Vinding-Diers                                             local products and celebrates the multi-faceted
                                                        A R G I A N O, T U S c A N Y, I TA lY
                                                        B O D E G A N O E m I A D E PATA G O N I A , A R G E N T I N A   cuisine of his beloved southern Louisiana.
                                                                                                                         Born in South Africa, Hans Vinding-Diers
                                                        James Beard Award winner Chef John Besh grew                     was raised in Bordeaux and learned about
                                                        up hunting and fishing in Southern Louisiana,                    winemaking from an early age. Today, he co-
                                                        learning at an early age the essentials of                       owns Bodega Noemia de Patagonia in Argentina
                                                        Louisiana’s rich culinary traditions. “With all the              with Countess Noemi Marone Cinzano. Their
                                                        cultural influences in Louisiana,” he says, “it’s an             estate in Tuscany, Solengo, is indisputably one
                                                        exciting place to learn about food.” Besh has set                of the great wines of Italy. Robert Parker said in
                                                        the benchmark for fine dining in New Orleans,                    2000 that “there is no doubting the phenomenal
                                                        one of the world’s most esteemed restaurant                      quality of Solengo.”
                                                        cities — and he is still learning, growing and
                                                        refining his work at the forefront of his industry.
August 9-12
Chef Bill Telepan                                                           restaurant Telepan on the Upper West Side. The
T E l E PA N, N E W Y O R k , N Y                                           public responded and, amongst many accolades,
Boots Brounstein                                                            Telepan was voted “Best Newcomer” by Zagat
D I A m O N D c R E E k V I N E YA R D S, c A l I S T O G A , c A           for 2007 and then #27 in New York’s “50 Most
                                                                            Popular Restaurants” for 2008.
                                                                            Founded in 1968, Diamond Creek is California’s
After graduating from the Culinary Institute of                             first exclusively Cabernet Sauvignon Estate
America, Chef Bill Telepan furthered his formal                             Vineyard. Visionary pioneer Al Brounstein defied
education in some of the world’s top kitchens.                              modern conventions and planted Bordeaux
In 1990, he apprenticed with Alain Chapel at his                            varietals on secluded Diamond Mountain. The
eponymous Lyons restaurant. During his tenure                               three vineyards produce a small amount of long-
there, Telepan honed his skills and acquired an old-                        lived wines that are elegant with great depth and
world respect for rigorous discipline and the integrity                     richness. All three Diamond Creek Cabernets are
of fresh ingredients. Returning to New York, Telepan                        exceptional wines, a legacy Brounstein left to his
trained at Le Cirque and Le Bernardin.                                      wife, Boots.
In December of 2005, he opened his eponymous

                                                                    August 30-September 2
                                                                    Chef Wylie Dufresne                                          with a state-of-the-art kitchen, in 2003, on
                                                                    WD~50, N E W YOR k , N Y                                     Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Wylie’s menu
                                                                    Charles Smith                                                utilizes ingredients and equipment that have
                                                                    k V I N T N E R S A N D c H A R l E S S m I T H W I N E S,   created a menu noted for its innovation as well
                                                                    WA l l A WA l l A , WA                                       as flavor.
                                                                                                                                 Charles grew up just outside of Sacramento in
                                                                    Chef Wylie Dufresne was born in Rhode Island,                the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
                                                                    the son of a designer and a restaurateur. In 1992,           In 2001, Charles Smith made Walla Walla his
                                                                    he completed a B.A. at Colby College in Maine.               full-time home and released 330 cases of his
                                                                    After college, Wylie enrolled at the French                  first wine, the 1999 K Syrah Walla Walla Valley.
                                                                    Culinary Institute in New York. After graduation             Having never taken a winemaking class or made
                                                                    he was employed at Jo Jo’s from 1994 to 1997.                wine for someone else, Charles is a true artisan.
                                                                    Wylie was then hired to work on the opening of               Robert Parker said that “above all, the man is a
                                                                    Jean Georges, eventually becoming the sous chef.             brilliant winemaker who knows where all the
                                                                    He opened wd~50 (named for the chef’s initials               great fruit is hidden.” 97, 98 and 99 points for
                                                                    and the street address), a 70-seat restaurant                his most recent wines says something, too!
                                                 September 13-16
                                                 Chef Sara Foster                                            and opened Foster’s Market in 1990, introducing
                                                 f O S T E R ’ S m A R k E T, D U R H A m , N c
                                                                                                             great seasonal prepared foods to eat in or take
                                                 Pam Starr                                                   out, specialty grocery items, locally roasted coffee
                                                 c R O c k E R & S TA R R , S T. H E l E N A , c A           and select wines.
                                                                                                             Pam Starr has worked in the home of great wines,
                                                 Growing up in rural Tennessee, Sara Foster                  Napa Valley, since the mid-1980s. She made her
                                                 developed a deep connection to food, family and             mark in the 1990s at Spottswoode, where the
                                                 community from the home-cooked meals by her                 1996 Cabernet was heralded by Robert Parker for
                                                 mother, father, aunts and grandparents.                     its “Chateau Margaux-like elegance.”
                                                 After graduating from New York Restaurant                   Pam struck out on her own in 1997 and founded
                                                 School in 1981, Sara was asked to work alongside            a partnership with Charlie Crocker to resurrect
                                                 Martha Stewart as a chef for her catering                   an 1870s winery in the small town of St. Helena.
                                                 company. After several years of success with                Their commitment to sustainable and organic
                                                 her catering business, Sara desired to pursue a             farming techniques guided by expert hands have
                                                 lifelong dream of opening a gourmet food market             combined the best of both old-world philosophy
                                                 café. She moved to Durham, North Carolina,                  and new-world fruit.

September 27-30
Chef Nancy Oakes                                         a row and the San Francisco Chronicle reader’s
B O U l E VA R D, S A N f R A N c I S c O, c A
                                                         poll. Her peers have spoken also, and in 2001
                                                         Chef Nancy Oakes garnered a tremendous and
Chef Nancy Oakes has reached and sustained a             much-deserved James Beard Foundation Award
level of awareness and culinary excellence held          for Best Chef in California.
by few chefs in America today. She strongly              As a self-taught chef, Oakes enhanced her
believes that her diners need to be comforted by         philosophy with the knowledge she gained from
her food as well as the surroundings and service.        great teachers, like Girard Boyer, Taillevent and
She feels that the room and food presentation            Guy Savoy, under whom she served informally.
should flatter guests in a way that make each one        Oakes cherishes all aspects of food from
know he or she is personally cared for.                  searching for the freshest ingredients to
Clearly, her customers have felt cared for and           perfect service.
they have spoken. Virtually every reader’s poll
of San Francisco Bay Area publications names
                                                         Please visit our website to learn more about the
Nancy Oakes as the most popular chef, and
                                                         guest vintner scheduled to appear for this event.
Boulevard as the favorite restaurant in
San Francisco, including Zagat for seven years in
November 15-18
Patricia Wells                                                                restaurant critic for a major French publication
c O O k B O O k A U T H O R & c U l I N A RY I N S T R U c T O R
                                                                              Patricia brings a special vintage from her
Rare Wines from                                                               vineyard, Clos Chanteduc, to share with guests
Eric Solomon Selections                                                       of this unique Food & Wine event, in addition to
                                                                              rare selections provided by Eric Solomon.
Patricia Wells is an American journalist and
author who has lived in France for nearly 30                                  Recently named Importer of the Year by Food
years. Critic for the International Herald Tribune                            and Wine, Solomon has built a reputation among
from 1980 until 2007, she is the author of eleven                             clients and colleagues for hand-selecting wines
books, including her latest entitled We’ve Always                             rich in quality, breadth and depth. Renowned
Had Paris...and Provence, which was published in                              critic Robert Parker recently heralded Solomon’s
2008. In the mid-1970s, Patricia was a food writer                            experience and knowledge, saying that “the
and editor for The New York Times. She is also the                            name of Eric Solomon on a bottle of wine is
only foreigner and the only woman ever to be a                                synonymous with high quality.”

                                  December 6-9

                                                                                                                                                          bon appéti t
                                  Chef Christopher Kostow
                                  m E A D O W O O D, S T. H E l E N A , c A

                                  Stéphane Ogier
                                  D O m A I N E m I c H E l & S T É P H A N E O G I E R , A m P U I S, f R A N c E

                                  A Michelin-starred chef before the age of 30, Chef Christopher Kostow takes a thoughtful approach to food that
                                  belies his age. Masterfully blending contemporary French cuisine with the farm-to-table tradition, Christopher
                                  creates a transcendent experience for diners every night at Meadowood. Choosing to forge his own educational
                                  path, Christopher credits the support and teaching of such renowned chefs as Trey Foshee and Daniel Humm with
                                  giving him the freedom and opportunity to hone his craft.
                                  Across the Atlantic, Stéphane Ogier has been immersed (literally) in French wine since the time he was a young boy
                                  in the late 1970s — his father says “he fell into a wine tank as soon as he was born!” At 15, Stéphane went north to
                                  Burgundy to study viticulture and oenology. After traveling as far as South Africa, Stéphane returned to work with
                                  his father on the family vineyard, now called Domaine Michel & Stéphane Ogier. Having received perfect 100-point
                                  ratings from Robert Parker, Ogier’s Cuvée Belle Helene was hailed by the wine critic as a “seamless, majestic classic
                                  with the kind of concentration found only in Guigal’s top cuvees. It is not only a tour de force in winemaking, but a
                                  huge Côte Rôtie Syrah fruit bomb with massive glycerin, layers of extract, and plenty of toasty new oak.”
December 13-16
Andy Chabot
S O m m E l I E R , B l A c k B E R RY fA R m

Blackberry Farm Sommelier Andy Chabot has always        program has become a hallmark of Blackberry Farm and
had an interest in how things taste. Chabot followed    earned the property the coveted Grand Award from
his palate to the Culinary Institute of America where   Wine Spectator.
he developed his knowledge of the culinary arts and     Andy, who has passed the second tier of the Court of
restaurant management more fully. Once he graduated     Master Sommeliers Exam and received the Michael
from the CIA, he moved to Walland in 2002 to begin      Biccorsani Scholarship, is now responsible for all aspects
his career with Blackberry Farm. Once here he became    of Blackberry’s wine program. Join him for a weekend
involved in the young wine program, and he’s been a     as educational as it is inspiring. Learn more about how
superstar ever since.                                   the world’s finest wines are made, and of course how
With Proprietor Sam Beall’s passion, Chabot’s talent    they taste — all in an environment Chabot makes
for thoughtful pairings and an extensive collection     comfortable for oenophile novices and experts alike.
now numbering more than 180,000 bottles, the wine

                                                                                                           Blackberry Farm’s Food & Wine
                                                                                                           experiences connect guests to the
                                                                                                           most talked about chefs and vintners
                                                                                                           in the world. The series continues
                                                                                                           a strong tradition of celebrating
                                                                                                           culinary craftsmanship and masterful
                                                                                                           winemaking — all in an extraordinarily
                                                                                                           intimate environment. Participation in
                                                                                                           these events is intentionally limited, so
                                                                                                           we recommend making reservations
                                                                                                           well in advance.
 Select fOOD & WINE EVENTS are guaranteed to fill. Events are limited to only 40 guests and generally include an opening dinner,
demonstrations, wine tasting and final dinner. Visit our website or call for more information, or to reserve your space now. 800. 9 9 3 . 7 8 4 9
                                 1 4 7 1 W E S T m I l l E R S c O V E R O A D WA l l A N D, T N 3 7 8 8 6   W W W. B l A c k B E R RY fA R m . c O m

                                          Special thanks to Lexus, our premier sponsor for Blackberry Farm Food & Wine events.
  January 8-11                  March 12-15                 March 29-April 1                    April 26-29       May 10-13                      May 17-20
TA S T E O f T H E S O U T H    APPETITE fOR lIfE           WA S H I N G T O N I N S I D E R   THE ORGANIc lIfE    c’EST lE PIN           S m O k Y m O U N TA I N TA B l E

 May 31-June 3                 June 28-July 1                June 30-July 4                      July 12-15       July 19-22                     July 26-29
 GlORIOUS cHEESE                     c A l I TA l I A       kITcHEN fUll Of kIDS                 BON GIORNO       SWEET DREAmS                   THE BIG EASY

   August 2-5                   August 9-12                  Aug. 30-Sept. 2                   September 13-16
kITcHEN fUll Of kIDS           A N A m E R I c A N TA l E      Off THE ROckER                   cOmING HOmE

                                                                                                                      lexus is the preferred vehicle of
September 27-30                November 15-18                 December 6-9                     December 13-16           blackberry farm’s epicurean
cAlIfORNIA clASSIcS             cRITIc’S cHOIcE                   BON APPÉTIT                    WINE GEEk 101       experiences and cooking schools

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