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					                  University of Southern Maine School of Social Work
             Agency Profile for Undergraduate/Graduate Student Placements

Name of agency:      Spurwink Services – Cummings Day and Residential Program

Date:                12.15.10 – Interns for the 2011 Academic Year

Agency address:      Spurwink Services
                     Cummings Day and Residential Program
                     587 Ocean Avenue, Portland, Maine 04103

Agency telephone phone number: 207.871.1582

In arranging for field placements, whom should student contact?
Christina Carr – Human Resources Recruiter (207.871.1211 X2130)

Name of Field Instructor:

Field Instructor telephone number:

Field Instructor email address:

Name of agency director and/or key administrative personnel:
            Name                                             Position

              Eric Bendetson                                    Program Director

Agency is able to handle:   BSW student____       MSW foundation year student___1__
                                                  MSW concentration year student ___

How many students can your agency accommodate?           One MSW Student @ Cummings

Briefly describe the basic services/programs of the agency, client population served, and
the size of your staff.

When (day and time) are agency staff and other important meetings held?
What characteristics or qualities would be helpful for a student to have to best utilize the
placement as a learning opportunity?

List the learning opportunities available for the student in your setting:

Is there adequate physical space for the student(s)?

Does the student need a car?             Is mileage reimbursable?

Can your agency provide an opportunity for students to fulfill part of their required
placement hours on evenings or weekends?

Does your agency require any formal training for interns?

If yes, how many training hours are required?

When is the training offered?

Can the training be completed online?

Is the agency handicapped accessible?

Agency Requirements:

Background check (SBI)         Yes___        No_X__

Physical Exam                  Yes___        No__X_

Immunizations              Yes_X*__      No___             *Records from school
(If yes, please name immunizations required)

Other pertinent information:
We do require that interns complete our Intern Hire Packet once they have been accepted into a
program. The packet includes…

                   i.   Student Cover Letter and Résumé (Online Application)
                  ii.   Application with References Checked (Online Application)
                 iii.   Child Protective Services Release
                 iv.    School Physical with PPD Results
   v.   Rights & Abuse/ Sexual Harassment Sign-Off
  vi.   Driving History
 vii.   Policies Sign-Offs (within 30 days of hire)
viii.   Electronic Communications/Social Networking Policy Sign-Off
  ix.   Initial Fingerprinting Application
   x.   Asbestos Sign-Off
  xi.   Emergency Contact Info

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