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					                         RAVENSHEAD PARISH COUNCIL

Minutes of a meeting of the above mentioned Parish Council held in the Council Office,
Ravenshead Leisure Centre, Longdale Lane, Ravenshead on Monday 21st April 2008
commencing at 7.30pm.

Present       Councillors Lonergan (Chairman), Bell, Crowe, Powell, Barnfather, P
              Andrews, B Andrews and Dunn.

   1. Apologies – Apologies were accepted from Councillors Croome, Evans and

       PC Andy Vale.

   2. Declaration of Interest – Councillor Bell declared an interest in Planning
      Application Ravens Lodge, Main Road, Ravenshead and Councillor Crowe
      declared an interest in Planning Application Abbey Gates Village Hall, Vernon
      Crescent, Ravenshead.

   3. Minutes of the Council of the 17th March 2008.

       The following amendments were made to the minutes of the Council of the 17th
       March – Page 3 d. line 5 insert ‘grant-aid’ after £50. Page 7 item 132 line 5 insert
       ‘recreation expenditure’ after £587.50.

       Resolved       That after these amendments the minutes of the 17th March
                      Council meeting be accepted as a true record and signed by
                      Councillor Lonergan.

   4. Minutes of the Planning Meeting of the 7th April 2008.

       The following amendment was made to the minutes of the 7th April Planning
       Meeting – page 9 after item 1 insert Present – Councillors P Andrews (Chairman),
       B Andrews, Lonergan and Evans.

       Resolved       That after this amendment the minutes of the 7th April 2008
                      Planning Meeting be accepted as a true record and signed by
                      Councillor Andrews.

5.   Matters Arising.

     a) Parish Paths.

     Annual Walk – An invite has been sent to the Ramblers and the Sherwood
     Ranger has been booked on the 18th May for approx. 20 people.

     Correspondence received from NCC Parish Paths re Annual Survey.

     Councillor Lonergan read out an email sent to the definite map team regarding

     Resolved i) Councillors to confirm if they wish to attend walk and lunch on
              the 18th May.

                ii)Councillor Crowe to study Parish Paths information.

                iii)To await a reply from the Definite Map Team re footpaths.

     b) Environmental Issues.

     i)     Complaint received from Mrs Evans confirming that Newstead Abbey
            does not allow entry 1 ½ hours prior to closure.

     Resolved To write to NCC with concerns regarding closing times.

     ii)    Councillor Lonergan has written to the Parishioner concerned about
            the speeding traffic on Longdale Lane. Councillor Barnfather
            confirmed that Abbey Gates School has written to NCC asking for a
            review of the 40mph speed limit in light of the new Cornwater

     Resolved To send a copy of Councillor Lonergans letter to the police.

     iii)   The Clerk has written to Caroline McKenzie GBC re Dog bins on
            Swinton Rise and Vernon Crescent end of Gorse Hill. The dog bin at
            the end of Chapel Lane will be moved near the footpath and the side of
            the Little John.

     Resolved To await a reply from Caroline McKenzie GBC.

     iv)    Plant Centre – A60.

Councillor Powell updated the meeting on the present situation with the Plant

Other ongoing items reported to GBC are:-
1) The car repair business on Sheepwalk Lane.
2) The internet business on Church Drive.
3) The car sales at Kighill Garage.

Resolved To note information.

v)      Flooding Problem – Haddon Road.

     Councillor Lonergan confirmed that he had received confirmation from
     NCC that a soakaway will be installed in the next financial year. Mr &
     Mrs Dams have been informed.

Resolved To note information.

c) Three Tier Surgeries.

     A surgery was held on Saturday 19th April. Councillor Lonergan
     forwarded information regarding queries received prior to the meeting.

     Resolved      To note information.

d) Ravenshead Action Plan Group.

     Councillor Bell reported that a meeting was held on the 15th April and
     minutes will be distributed shortly. A meeting has been arranged with Jo
     Crowther from Gedling CVS to discuss youth issues.
     Councillor Andrews confirmed that insurance is being obtained before the
     planting of shrubs at the precinct.

     Resolved      To await minutes from the 15th April meeting.

e) Website.

     Councillor Dunn reported that website was going well.

     Resolved      To put information from surgeries onto the website.

f) Memorial Seat – Jean Carver.

     Townscape Products has now delivered the bench – John Cook is to install
     on the grass verge on Chapel Lane near the Chestnut Avenue entrance.

g) GBC – Liaison.

   Representatives from Gedling Partnership held a presentation on 7 April
   on the State of the Borough. Information is available for Councillors who
   did not attending this meeting. Further information more specific to
   Ravenshead has been received.

   A further meeting has been arranged with GBC re Planning Issues for the
   2nd June.

   Resolved      i)To write to GBC confirming that 2nd June meeting is not
                 necessary and not what Parish Councils asked for.
                 ii)To ask for central meeting with all representatives from
                 all Parish Councils present.

h) Annual Parish Meeting.- The Turton Room is now booked for Thursday
   22nd May at 7.30pm.

   Resolved      To note date and that all Councillors to attend if possible.

i) AGM – Neighbourhood Watch – Councillor Lonergan confirmed that he
   was unable to attended this meeting. Councillor Dunn attended and
   reported to RPC.

   Resolved      To thank Councillor Dunn for his report from the AGM.

   Councillor Lonergan read out an email sent to Chief Superintendent
   Busuttil regarding Ravenshead Beat Officer.

   Resolved      To note that Ravenshead Beat Officer is now back at work.

j) Information for Ravenshead Newsletter.

   Councillor Lonergan produced an update for the next addition of the
   Ravenshead Newsletter.

   Councillor Lonergan confirmed he has also received a request from Geoff
   Sheard, regarding colour printing costs.

   Resolved      i)To forward the update to the Ravenshead Newsletter after
                 alterations as agreed.

                 ii) To confirm with Geoff Sheard that RPC does not wish to
                 contribute to colour printing costs.

        Public Session Time

        The meeting was adjourned at 8.30pm to allow a member of the public to
        speak. The meeting reconvened at 8.40pm.

6.   Planning Applications.

     2008/0217 Robin Hood Scout Camp, Ricket Lane – Proposed New Scout
               facilities to replace existing.

     Comment No objections.

     2008/0246 Old Hall Nurseries, Land North of Forestry Bungalows – Erection
               of poly-houses.

     Comment This application is in Green Belt. It is obtrusive in the landscape
             and adjacent to a mature landscape area. It adjoins a single track
             access lane. Poly tunnels would be adjacent to a very well used
             bridle path and they would be overlooked by near neighbours’

     2008/0250 Land Previously 7 & 9 Chapel Lane – Erect 17 dwellings
               (Resubmission 2007/0263).

     Comment No objections.

     2008/0254 Longdale Lane Nursery School, Longdale Lane, Ravenshead –
               Erect covered walkway.

     Comment No objections.

     2008/0255 6 Litton Close, Ravenshead – Erect conservatory.

     Comment No objections.

     2008/0277 5 Beech Avenue, Ravenshead – Raise ridge of roof, insert dormer
               windows, erect 2 storey rear extension, new porch and replacement

     Comment No objections.

     2008/0281 7 Regina Crescent, Ravenshead – Detached garage with vehicle

      Comment No objections subject to any concerns by near neighbours.

      2008/0263 39 Longdale Lane, Ravenshead – Erect double garage in front
                garden. Convert existing integral garage to utility room and
                enlarged kitchen.

      Comment Ravenshead Parish Council object to this application as it is
              obtrusive on the street scene.

      2008/0278 Abbey Gates Village Hall, Vernon Crescent, Ravenshead – Garden
                Feature at the entrance to the car park of the village hall.

      Comment No objections.

      2008/0312 Ravens Lodge Main Road, Ravenshead – Variation of Condition 3
                Application Ref. 2001/1132.

      Comment No objections.

      Richard Marshall, Enforcement Officer has confirmed that he is investigating
      the Car Sales at Kighill Garage, the Stables near the Little John Public House
      and the Business sign on Main Road.

      Resolved To note information.

7. Ravenshead Leisure Centre.

   The Clerk reported the following:-

      DH Electrical has yet to fit sensors in toilets. Repairs are also being carried
      out to Emergency lights in the Large Sports Hall.

      No further news has been received from Zurich Municipal on Insurance

      C Cullen will start decorating work in the LC within the next two weeks. Mr
      Cullen has been asked not to paint the Turton Room until after Playscheme.

Mr Cook and B Needham are carrying out work required after the Internal
Health & Safety check. The old Computer and scrubber dryer machine still
need disposal.

Barry Saunders GBC Health & Safety Officer has been contacted regarding
Legionnaires Training.

The plumber is to forward costings for a water filter.

Councillor Lonergan has contacted Councillor Powell re a suggested letter to
Zurich Insurance (Distributed prior to the meeting).

Revised charges have been received from GBC for waste collection.

Ravenshead Day Centre has confirmed that subject to Planning Permission
they will end their booking at RLC on Friday 20th July. (Letter distributed
prior to the meeting). Councillor Lonergan has drafted a reply.

Ravenshead Tennis Club has booked three courts for 2 hours Saturday
morning for Junior Tennis.

The Bowls rink is in a poor condition and requires a power wash. Greengauge
has quoted £2500 for this work. A quote from Bonsers is expected.

There was a break-in to the changing rooms and all clothing and bags and car
keys were stolen. Two cars were then stolen from the car park.The police have
been informed.

Councillor Powell has considered the application for grant-aid from
Ravenshead Summer Playscheme.

Resolved i) To advertise the scrubber dryer on ebay.

           ii)To dispose of the computer.

           iii)To arrange a training session with all RLC staff and Barry
           Saunders early June or late July.

           iv)To forward letter re insurance to Zurich Municipal.

           v)To note letter from Ravenshead Day Centre and forward reply.

           vi)To confirm with RLTC that two courts only may be booked on
           Saturday morning for two hours for Junior Tennis. Normal charges

                 v)To grant RLTC £220 grant-aid towards costs for Junior
                 Coaching.(Recreational Expenditure).

                 vi) To accept quotation from Bonsers for the power washing of the
                 Bowls rink if total cost is no more than £1000.(Recreational

                 vii)To grant Ravenshead Summer Playscheme £500.(Recreational

8. Play Areas.

      Councillors Dunn and Andrews reported that the playgrounds were in good

      Ulyett Landscapes has now inspected the large weeping willow at the Haddon
      Road Play area and confirmed in good condition.

      Mr Kerry, Caretaker Abbey Gates has confirmed that he is opening & closing
      gate at required time but has confirmed the gate is banging. Mr Cook has

      Mrs Codd, bordering neighbour at Haddon Road has asked who is responsible
      for fencing along side of play park.

      Resolved To check Haddon Road deeds for ownership of fencing.

9. Ground Maintenance.

      Ulyett Landscapes has been asked to replace any missing holly bushes at the
      rear of the building.

      The football season will end the 30th April and all goal posts will be taken
      down at that time apart from ones on the Summer Pitch.

      Worth Draining has forwarded their quotation to Vertidrain the football
      pitches at a cost of £1148 + vat.

      Resolved i)To write to all football teams confirming that they must lock grill
               when leaving their equipment in the changing rooms.

                 ii)To accept Worth Drainings quotation to Vertidrain the football
                 fields at a cost of £1148 + vat (Recreational Expenditure).

   10. Development Plans.

           Councillor Barnfather reported that there was insufficient time to discuss this

           Resolved To arrange a meeting for Thursday 8th May and 1pm to look at
                    plans. All Councillors to attend if possible.

   11. Correspondence.

           i)        Ravenshead Neighbourhood Watch – minutes from 20th March
                     meeting. (Distributed prior to the meeting).

           ii)       GBC – Scrutiny Review of Seasonal (Christmas) Light.

           iii)      NCC – Building Better Communities – Annual Event 17th June.
                     (Distributed prior to the meeting).

           Resolved To note receipt.

           iv)       GBC – Culture & Sport Improvement Tool – Partner, Stakeholder and
                     Peer Questionnaire.

           Resolved Councillor Lonergan to study.

           v)        NCC – Review of Residential Care Homes for Older
                     People.(Distributed prior to the meeting).

           vi)       Emda newsletter.

           vii)      Notts Fire & Rescue Service – Response Newsletter.

           viii)     Audit Commission – Corporate Assessment of Stakeholder Survey.

           Resolved To note receipt.

           ix)       NCC – Civic Service 2008 – Sunday 13 July Southwell Minster.

           Resolved Councillors B & P Andrews to attend this event.

Standing Orders

Resolved          To suspend Standing Order No. one to allow sufficient time to complete
                  the remaining business on the agenda.

12. Accounts.

The Account Summary and March Accounts were distributed during the meeting. The
monthly income analysis will be available at the May Council meeting.

Correspondence received from the Audit Commission confirming the appointment of
the external auditor Clement Keys and the date of the Audit 4th August 2008.

DCK Beavers Ltd has forwarded questionnaire required for end of year closedown
(14th May 2008).

Barrie Woodcock (Internal Auditor) has confirmed the 24 June for the Audit.

Zurich Municipal has confirmed that they have increased figures for money held at

Nat West Bank has forwarded details on Autopay and Automatic Transfer of Funds
between accounts.

Correspondence received from Zurich re Corporate Homicide and Corporate
Manslaughter Act 2007. (Distributed prior to the meeting).

Resolved i)To approve expenditure for March of £22168.73.

          ii)To note the confirmation from the Audit Commission confirming that
          Clement Keys will be the external Auditor.

          iii)To note that the external audit will take place on the 4th August.

          iv)To complete the questionnaire for the end of year closedown.

          v)To note date of internal audit – 24 June 2008.

          viTo study details from Nat West for autopay and transfer of funds.

          vii)To note information from Zurich Municipal.

13. Closure – the meeting closed at 10.30pm.


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