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					                                   Table Tennis
                                   “Ping- Pong”

To be the first team to score 21 points.


Played in singles or doubles


Toss the ball vertically from a flat open palm without putting a spin on it.

Ball must be hit from BEHIND the server’s end line.

Ball must hit the server’s court FIRST.

Serve until 5 points are scored.

“Let” serve occurs when the ball:
            Touches the net and passes over.
            Is delivered and the receiver is not ready.
            Cannot be returned because of interference.

When serving in singles play, the ball may be served anywhere.

When serving in doubles play:
           Service is made to the diagonal court from the right side of the table.
           All serves must touch the receiver’s right half court. Liners are good.
           The team serving the ball first, decides which partner is to serve and the
              opponents decide which is to receive.
           At the end of each 5 points, the one who has been receiving becomes the
              server and the partner of the previous server becomes the receiver.
           Partners must alternate hitting the ball until a point is awarded.


A game consists of 21 points and must be won by 2.

A point is awarded each serve.

A player loses a point is he/she:
            Fails to make a good serve except in the case of a “let”
              Touches the table with the free hand during play
              Moves the playing surface.
              Hits the ball before it touches his/her side.
              Hits the ball twice consecutively.
              Fails to hit the ball to the other side.

Winning the Game:

Either team can win the game by reaching a score of 21 first. The winning team must
win by at least 2 points. If one team scores 21, but is not at least 2 points ahead of the
other team, play resumes until one team wins by 2.

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