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					December 2005
                  The Hampton News
                              From the Neighborhoods of Hampton Township, PA                                         Vol. 1 No. 4
      Hartwood                           Network of Hope to Host
 Celebration of Lights                      Christmas Stores                              Protect Your Identity

           he        Hartwood      This holiday season the Network of Hope is                 This Holiday
           Celebration        of   once again promoting a creative alternative     Last year, 635,000 consumers filed
           Lights       is     a   to traditional giveaways. The initiative is
 breathtaking 3 mile stretch
                                                                                   identity theft claims at a total of $547
                                   called Give-A-Gift, and it provides the         million in losses.      “Identity theft is
 of light displays leading up      opportunity for some to give, and some to
 to the mansion. Over two                                                          difficult to prevent, but there are several
                                   receive, by means of unique Christmas           ways to protect your good name.” said
 million lights are used to        Stores, operating throughout the area.
 illuminate     the     holiday-                                                   Hampton insurance agent David Petett.
 themed displays standing 3                                                          Sign the back of your credit card and
 to 40-feet tall. This event is                                                        write in “ask for ID”.
 sponsored by Eckerd Drugs                                                           Keep a record of your account numbers.
 and Allegheny County.                                                               Check your statement against receipts.
 Enjoy the display and                                                               Avoid letting others borrow your credit
 holiday music from the            The Give-A-Gift Christmas Stores will
                                   feature toys and gift items for children and        card.
 warmth and comfort of your
                                   teens, which parents of low income families       Avoid giving your account number on
 car for a $10 donation or a
                                   can select and purchase at minimal cost             the phone or internet.
 $35 passport. Now in its
 thirteenth       year,      the   (usually only 10% of the retail price). The       Cancel unused cards.
 Hartwood Celebration of           stores give parents an opportunity to select      Consider purchasing identity theft and
 Lights helps raise money for      5 to 7 gifts which they know their child will       restoration insurance. The peace-of-
 The      Salvation      Army's    enjoy, and to have the satisfaction of              mind coverage costs just pennies a day.
 Project Bundle-Up, The            knowing they participated in the process.
                                                                                   The David Petett Agency located at
 Children's Miracle Network,       This is the third year for the Give-A-Gift      4790 Route 8 in Allison Park offers a
 St. Joseph's House of             Outreach, and this year, four stores will be    full line of insurance and financial
 Hospitality and local non-        operating in various locations on specific      services. Call him at 724-449-3993.
 profit organizations. Come                                                                                                Advertorial
                                   dates in the northern Pittsburgh region:
 and enjoy this beautiful          Allison Park (Dec. 12 & 13), Sharpsburg
 Holiday display November          (Dec. 15 & 16) and North Side (Dec.                             Blood Drive
 18th through January 16th         17). “These stores offer many families a
 beginning each evening at                                                         A blood donation is the best gift of all this
                                   wonderful Christmas who would otherwise
 6:00 p.m. and running until                                                       holiday season! The Central Blood Bank
                                   be dreading it,” says Kate Callahan,
 10:00 p.m. Sunday through                                                         is in desperate need of all blood types and
                                   Network of Hope Executive Director.
 Thursday and until 11:00                                                          this is your chance to help save a life! A
 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.                                                       blood drive is being held at The Manor,
                                   If you would like to participate in the
                                                                                   4842 Rt. 8, Allison Park, 15101 on
   COVENTRY SQUARE                 program, please pre-register by calling
                                                                                   December 15th from 1- 5:00 p.m. For
          presents:                Network of Hope at 412-492-4030. The
                                                                                   more information please contact Matt
      LIGHT-UP NIGHT               Hampton Township Christmas Store is
                                                                                   Tack 724-443-6644 x4274.
   Thurs., December 1 at           located at Allison Park Church on Duncan
           7:00 p.m.               Avenue. There will be two sessions each
 You and your family are           day: 5 p.m.-6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
 invited to enjoy an evening       And because “’tis better to give than to                        What’s Inside
 of festivities with Santa, his    receive”, the project provides the vehicle       Notes from Editors/Sports ----------------- 2
 elves, and Rudolph! Sing                                                           Kids Question--------------------------------- 3
                                   for volunteers to generously give of their
 your favorite Christmas                                                            Dr. Rosenthal --------------------------------- 4
                                   time, and financial resources. Cash              We Are In Your Backyard ----------------- 5
 songs as the Pine Creek           donations and/or new toy items are greatly       Entertainment/Chef’s Corner ------------- 6
 Community Band rings in           needed and appreciated, in addition to           Upcoming Events ---------------------------- 7
 the Holiday Season with a         hands-on helpers with the events in each         Library Corner------------------------------- 8
 choral     performance     by     location.                                        Religious Fellowship------------------------- 9
 Marlaina’s Magical Stars.                                  Continued on page 2     Police Log ------------------------------------10
                                                                                    Classified/Birth Announcement----------11
         Notes from the Editors                                            Sports
Well, it is finally official! The votes have been          Hampton’s In-Line all girl team
counted and the name of the newsletter remains                  participates in the
“The Hampton News”. The fifty dollar gift                     Iron Man Tournament
certificate to The Hartwood Room (since The                                              by Tracy Burns
Hampton Inn Restaurant and Pub is temporarily
                                                         Hampton’s In-Line ALL GIRL team, ages
closed) has been presented to Joni Rothlein.
                                                         10 and under, will be competing in the
Thanks to all who participated in the “Name                                                                 Allison Park/Gibsonia
your Newsletter” contest as well as to all who
                                                         Holiday Iron Man tournament at
                                                                                                             4960 William Flynn
have been sharing with us positive feedback.             Bladerunners in Harmarville. The                          Highway
                                                         tournament runs from December 26th
Do you have news you would like to share or a            through December 31st with different age             724-449-5700
story idea you would like to see covered in our
                                                         groups playing on their scheduled days.
publication? Send us your ideas! All submissions                                                                New Store Hours:
                                                         The All-girl team is in the 10-U division
will be considered for coverage and
publication. Please continue to patronize our
                                                         and will play December 31st from 9:00                     Mon – Thurs:
                                                         a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The team, named The                10:30 AM-11:00 PM
advertisers who make “The Hampton News”                                                                             Fri. & Sat.:
possible and be sure to reap the benefits by             Nutcrackers, is comprised of Hampton
                                                                                                             10:30 AM to Midnight
taking advantage of the coupons this month.              and Shaler students. The roster tentatively       Sun.: 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM
                                                         includes Hampton students: Lindsey Carr,
We would like to wish all of you a very                  Alex Hetzel, Erin Harper, Taylor Bajus               1 Medium Pizza
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and                     and Brianna Dobson.                                  up to 3 toppings
healthy, Happy New Year!                                 An Iron Man tournament is especially
           Laurie Rizzo and Tracy Burns                  challenging because the teams are entered                 $7.77
Send story suggestions or comments to:                   with only four players and one goalie. The       add on each additional 3
The Hampton News                                         Iron "men" that play in this tournament           topping Medium Pizza
P.O. Box 243
Wildwood, PA 15091-0243
                                                         are out on the rink for the entire                    for $5.00 each
Phone: 412-818-6491 FAX: 724-449-6068                    game. There are no substitutions and no             at Papa John’s Allison Park
Email:                          overtime (sudden death shoot-outs                  delivery or carry out
Publisher: Desktop Publishing                            only). There is only one face-off per               Expires: 1/28/06
Chief Editor: Tracy Burns                                game, otherwise the clock keeps ticking!
Design & Production: Laurie Rizzo
The Hampton News is published 12 times a year. The
                                                         Stamina is definitely a factor. This sport is     FREE Sweet Treat
                                                         for     those      with       drive     and
newsletter is FREE and available at over 50 Hampton                                                         Dessert Pie: Apple
                                                         determination. Come and enjoy the action
businesses. Subscriptions mailed to your home or
                                                         while you support our team!                       Twist, Very Berry or
business are available for $.90 a month.
                                                                                                           Cinnamon Swirl with
                                                                                                            the purchase of any
Network of Hope (continued from Page 1)               contact either organization at                       Large Pizza at menu
.                                            or                                     price
Individuals and businesses have contributed  Information by              at Papa John’s Allison Park
most generously for the previous campaigns.           phone is also available at 412.492.4030 or           Not valid with any other offer
To donate goods, money, or services, please           412.487.2215.                                             Expires: 1/28/06

       FANTASTIC JANUARY HOSTESS BENEFITS                                                                       Kids Question
                                                                                                               (Continued from page 3)
                                BOOK YOUR SHOW TODAY                                                      Six Geese a-Laying, the six
                                                                                                          days of creation; Five
                                                                                                          Golden Rings, the first five
                       THE PAMPERED CHEF                                                                  books of the old testament
                                                                                                          known as the Torah; Four
                                                                                                          Calling Birds, the four
    cindy sample                                                            412-486-2323                  gospels; Three French Hens,
    independent sales consultant                                                  the three theological virtues
                                                                                                          (faith, hope and love); Two
    The Pampered Chef                                                                                     Turtle Doves, the old and
                                                                                                          new testaments; A Partridge
           For your last minute holiday shopping needs visit:                                             in a Pear Tree, Jesus the
                                                           Christ, the son of God.

                                    instructional song dated to the 16th
      Kid’s Question                century in England to teach children
       What are                     the basics of Faith. To these, each
  “The Twelve Days of               day of Christmas sung about in the
                                    song holds the following meaning:
                                    Twelve      Drummers        Drumming
The origin of the Twelve            represent the twelve points of
Days of Christmas is related        doctrine in the Apostle’s Creed;
to differences in calendars,        Eleven Pipers Piping, the eleven
church traditions and ways to       faithful apostles; Ten Lords a-
observe the holy day in             leaping, the ten commandments;
various cultures.         It is     Nine Ladies Dancing, the nine fruit
complicated. But I can tell         of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace,
you that in the Western             patience,     kindness,     generosity,
church, the twelve days begin       faithfulness,     gentleness,     self-
on Christmas and run until the      control), Eight Maids a-Milking, the
beginning of Epiphany, which        eight beatitudes (blessed are the
is January 6th. Epiphany is         poor in spirit, those who mourn, the
traditionally celebrated as the     meek, those who hunger and thirst
time that the Three Wise Men        for righteousness, the merciful, the
arrived with their gifts to give    pure in heart, the peacemakers, those
to baby Jesus. The twelve           who       are      persecuted      for
days of Christmas then, run         righteousness’ sake); Seven Swans
from December 25th through          a-Swimming, the seven gifts of the
January 6th. The song, The          Holy Spirit (prophecy, ministry,
twelve Days of Christmas, is        teaching,      exhortation,    giving,
thought by some to be an            leading, compassion);
instructional song dated to the                     (Continued on Page 2)
16th century in England to

         North Pittsburgh Telephone Company will
       Again Provide Recycled Telephone Directories
              as Material in New Ceiling Tiles
North Pittsburgh Telephone Co. and Lancaster, PA based Armstrong
World Industries, Inc. have once again partnered for a joint telephone
directory recycling campaign that will use the telephone directories
collected this year as material for the creation of new Armstrong Ceiling
Tiles. From Nov. 28, 2005 through Feb. 10, 2006, North Pittsburgh
Telephone Company will collect old telephone directories at Giant
Eagle, Route 8, Northtowne Square in Gibsonia (other locations
available by calling 724-449-SAVE). Each filled dumpster will then be
transported to Armstrong’s ceiling tile plant in Beaver Falls, PA to be
used in creating new ceiling tile. Directories from any company will be
accepted, but they cannot accept cardboard, newspaper, glass, cans or
any other material.
Now in its third year, this program was at the time a first for the ceiling
industry, and is being duplicated in other areas throughout the state.
Armstrong World Industries, Inc. has a long history of diverting post-
consumer waste from landfills. North Pittsburgh is proud to be a part of
this innovative process and would like to thank Armstrong World
Industries, Inc. and Vogel Disposal Service, Inc. for their participation in
this year’s campaign.

          Support your local Boy Scout Troop while
              Getting in the Christmas Spirit
Please support Boy Scouts of America Troop #195 as they sell Christmas
Trees in the parking lot of Wagner’s Market on Middle Road. Sales will
take place on weekends beginning December 2nd and running through
                                                                               * CALL FOR DETAILS
December 18th while supplies last.

          How to Cure                         In other words, the first few times are
          Your Fear                           the worst.
          of Public Speaking                  One of the best techniques to ameliorate
                                              the dread is to practice your speech at
           Dr. Howard Rosenthal
                                              home. Give the speech to your dog,
                                              your kids, your pet parrot, your
Dear Dr. Rosenthal,
                                              neighbor, your ex-stock broker or
I just landed a new job and was informed      anyone else who will listen. Presenting
that I must do public speaking. Help! I am    in front of a mirror is also helpful.
literally scared to death. Any suggestions?   Next, purchase a cassette or digital
– Debbie                                      recorder and listen to yourself giving the
                                              speech again and again. Re-record the
Dear Debbie,
                                              presentation when you notice any weak
Your comment that you are “scared to          points. The better the recorded lecture
death” is not that unusual or inaccurate.     gets the more confidence you will
Some studies actually indicate that public    muster up and confidence is the sworn
speaking is the number one fear people        enemy of anxiety. Moreover, keep
harbor.     In fact, some studies actually    reminding yourself that you know more
indicate that a fear of public speaking is    than anybody in the room.
indeed right up there with the fear of death. A neat little trick some public speakers
The good news is that repeated bouts of       employ is that they don’t really look at
public speaking can help to reduce the fear.  the audience. Instead, these speakers
                                                   look slightly over their heads. Some
                                                   speakers claim that it is the eye-to-
                                                   eye contact that is the most difficult
                                                   part of public speaking and this
                                                   strategy eliminates that possibility.       Gift
                                                   Also, don’t foolishly tank up on
                                                   caffeine or diet pills before the        Certificates
                                                   lecture that might make you jittery.
                                                   Permit me to share an inspiring little
                                                   story. A lecturer once came to my
                                                   college class to speak. After the        4156 Kenneth
                                                   speech she confided in me that she           Drive
                                                   was terrified the entire time and        Gibsonia, PA
                                                   certain the class picked up on this.
                                                   The next day a number of students           15044
                                                   told me the speaker was a great role
                                                   model.      The students said she
                                                   appeared calm, confident and sure
                                                   of herself.
                                                   Some psychodynamic practitioners
                                                   actually believe that your fear stems
                                                   from the unconscious desire to have
                                                   all the attention from the crowd, but
                                                   you are unable to consciously accept
      Shopper’s Plaza Location                     this fact.
 4960 Route 8 * Allison Park, PA 15101             Finally, if all of the aforementioned
                  724-443-5520                     strategies fail then a counselor can
                                                   employ some advanced relaxation
                                                   techniques and related interventions.
     $8.99 ADULT HAIRCUT
   GOOD AT SHOPPER’S                                    Dr. Howard Rosenthal has lectured
   PLAZA LOCATION ONLY.          NOT VALID WITH OTHER   to over 100,000 people and is a
                                 LIMIT ONE COUPON PER
                                                        multi-book author. His website is
                                 Expires 1-02-06

                                                      We Are In Your Backyard:

There are just a few weeks left and then…. It’s      from 10 a.m.–8 p.m., come and peruse over           can do that too. Gift baskets are personal, can
here. Christmas is just around the corner. Are       60,000 Christmas items. Everyone that buys          be made to suit any price range and can please
you ready? Wildwood Merchantile is the               anything in the store during the Open House         the hard-to-get for person on your list. We also
perfect place to do your Christmas shopping.         will receive a free gift for themselves, as well    have Christmas novelty foods, cookies and
We have what you need to be able to knock a          as a 10% discount on everything                     candies, stocking stuffers, and a variety of gifts
whole lot of people off that list. If you were       purchased. Need ideas? You may want to              big and small that are beautifully displayed to
not able to come to our Open House in                consider a gift basket. Gift baskets can be         give you many gift ideas. While shopping you
November (and even if you were) you have             personalized to suit anyone on your list. They      will be able to enjoy new tastes as you sample
another chance. Come join the excitement on          are also a perfect way to show clients your         our novelty food items. Don’t miss the fun,
December 2nd, 3rd and 4th when we have our           appreciation. We accommodate in-state or out-       excitement, delicious tastes and savings. We
last Open House before Christmas. Friday             of-state deliveries. If you have a bottle of wine   hope to see you!
from 4pm–9 pm, and Saturday and Sunday               or a special item you would like to include, we
                                                  5061 Route 8 Gibsonia         Phone: 724-444-1448

     The table below represents the average percent of
     students (by grade level) that have met and
     exceeded PA. math expectations from 2001 – 2005.

     District                3rd        5th          8th        11th
     FOX CHAPEL             95%         79%         80%         68%
     HAMPTON                95%         81%         80%         80%                        Attorney Hal English
     N. ALLEGHENY           95%         78%         85%         78%
     N. HILLS               96%         83%         74%         70%                                          Thanks to the Volunteer
     PINE RICHLAND           92%        76%         81%         78%                                  Firemen that helped to save
     SHALER                 88%         62%         61%         57%                                  the   Mt.    Royal/Duncan    Ave.
    * Source: PA. Dept. Of Ed., District Performance Level Results                                   Office.
                                                                                                             I’m still meeting clients
                                                                                                     at my other office located at
                                                                                                     3111 Babcock Blvd. for Elder
     JUST MATH, (5047 Route 8, Gibsonia, PA) can help.                                               Law & Estate Planning.
     We are the only non-contractual learning center!
     We aim to “cure” rather than “retain” clients.                                                            412-486-1923
     (724) 449 – MATH    EMAIL:

     Your areas FIRST traveling build your own stuffed animals workshop.
                 I WILL COME TO YOU – ANYWHERE!                                                RUBY’S DRY
                                          Ask about our FREE items                            CLEANERS INC.
       box kits.                                       BIRTHDAY PARTIES                   Professional Dry Cleaners & Shirt Laundry
    GREAT gift idea.
                                                       DAY CARES
                                                                                        4990 Middle Road, Gibsonia, PA * 724-443-5370
                                                       SCHOOL ACTIVITIES                  4855 Rt. 8, Allison Park, PA * 724-443-5380
                                                       CHURCH EVENTS
                                                       FUND RAISERS
                                                                                       $5.00 OFF a $25.00 Dry Cleaning Order
    Darla Lindner #834                         Angel Legros #1010                         Must present coupon with incoming order.
      724-443-7652                               412-849-4505                                EXP. 12/31/2005              Ruby’s Dry Cleaners

                 Entertainment                                                   Chef’s Corner
       Winter Family Movie Series                      An Italian Christmas Eve;
The Hampton Community Center is offering a             a Feast for any Seafood Lover                        by John Rizzo

winter family movie series free of charge for all to
enjoy. You may bring your own snacks and                         was too young to remember when the anticipation of the
beverages or these may be purchased at the                      Christmas Eve dinner overcame the anticipation of
concession stand. The movies begin at 7:30 p.m.                 Christmas gifts; this meal is truly a favorite in our family.
with the doors opening at 7:00 p.m. and will be        Although I am only a fraction Italian, I’m grateful that our family
shown in the Great Room. The                           continued the tradition of the Christmas Eve feast.
schedule is as follows:                                          The history is a little unclear; there are numerous
December 16                                            explanations of the origin as well as the number of fish served.
The Polar Express                                      Depending upon whom you ask, seven may represent the number of
                                                       sacraments of the Catholic Church, the number of days for God to
January 20 – Antz
                                                       create the world, the seven days it took Mary and Joseph to reach
February 17 - Hoosiers                                 Bethlehem or some may tell you it represents the seven hills of
March 17                                               Rome. Some Italians will serve nine fish on Christmas Eve; the
The Incredibles                                        trinity times three. Others serve twelve for the apostles and some
                                                       even thirteen; the twelve apostles plus Jesus. Regardless of how
            Hampton “Spirits”                          many fish are served; there is nothing like getting together with the
        Arise on Halloween Again                       family and celebrating Christmas with a magnificent feast of
Although we are on our way to Christmas, we felt       seafood and pasta.
the need to acknowledge a group of Hampton             Maryland Crab Cakes                     Yield: (8) 4 oz cakes
Township school students who gave of their time
to raise money for a charity benefiting local flood    Lump Crabmeat (Backfin)      1 lb.        Horseradish           1 tsp
victims over Halloween weekend. The students           Fresh white bread (slices)   10           Worcestershire        1TBL
worked hard sacrificing their evenings and             Mayonnaise                   ¼ cup        Tabasco               dash
weekends to set up the Second Annual Haunted
                                                       Milk or ½ and ½              ¼ cup        Dry Mustard           1 tsp
House on Haberlein Road. Students Eddie Lee
and Erin Harper, Jake, Jenna and Ali McKelvey,         Egg, Whipped                 1            Parsley               2 TBL
Ben and Tom Vey, Nathan Lish, Joe Meinert, Jake        Onion, Minced                4 TBL        Flour                 ¾ Cup
Stoy, Lindsey Carr, Rebecca and Richard Smith,         Roasted red pepper, Diced    1/8 cup      Oil for Cooking       ½ Cup
Pamela and Erin Wisniewski, A.J. Usner, Dylan          Butter                       1 TBL
Szramowski and Alissa D’Amico always elicit
some genuine screams as they bring to life this        Sauté the diced onion in butter; let cool. Remove the crust from the
five-room haunted tour which begins by making          bread and cut into ½ inch cubes.
your way through red mist as you “enter the portal     In a large mixing bowl, whip the egg and then add the sautéed
to the darkside.” These students would also like to    onions, bread cubes, mayonnaise, red peppers and milk. Mix well
thank their neighbors, families, and classmates for    until the bread cubes begin to dissolve. Add the Worcestershire,
their contributions. Be sure to check out this         Tabasco sauce, mustard, horseradish and parsley; mix well.
annual event next year. Donations (amount of           Drain the crabmeat well and pick through it for shells. Gently fold
your choice) are requested at the door to benefit      in the crabmeat to the bread mixture.
local charities.
                                    by Tracy Burns     Pour the flour onto a clean counter top. Portion the crab mixture
                                                       with a half cup measure and form patties by rolling each portion of
                                                       crabmeat into the flour and shaping with a small pie spatula.
                                                       Heat the oil until just below the smoking point and add the crab
                                                       cakes; brown on both sides and place in a casserole dish.
             “The life you choose”
                                                       Bake the crab cakes at 350° F until the internal temperature reaches
                                                       180° F. (approximately 20 minutes)

                                                       Serve with cocktail or tarter sauce and lemon.

                                                       These can be prepared one day early. After browning the crab
                                                       cakes in the oil; immediately put them in the refrigerator until
  Call to arrange a complimentary lunch and tour.      needed. When ready to serve, bake them in the oven. It may require
     4480 Mt. Royal Blvd. * Allison Park, PA 15101     a few additional minutes if the mixture is ice cold.

              Apples for Students
                     Hampton School is once again                5. Shop at Giant Eagle with your advantage card.
                     participating in the Apples for Students   If you do not have Internet access you can complete the
Program. This program allows the school to accumulate           following:
points when the community members use their advantage
card while shopping at Giant Eagle. The school can use the        1. Call 1-800-474-4777
points to redeem free teaching tools. The program runs from       2. Tell the phone operator that you would like to
October 30th through March 18th, 2006. Each year your             register your advantage card to a school
registration will automatically be renewed unless you call to     3. They will ask for the school code.
change your information. To help the school of your choice        4. Shop at Giant Eagle with your advantage card.
you must register your advantage card through the following     As a bonus, for every advantage card registered to HMS the
steps:                                                          School gets 10 Box Tops for Education. The Box Tops are
 1. Go to the website                        used to support our Leadership Teams at both HMS and
 2. Scroll to the bottom and click the "Apples for              HHS.
 Students" hot button.
 3. Follow the directions given by the website.                                     Upcoming Events
 4. When prompted please fill in the School Code:
    Poff 0849              Middle 0416                                        MARK YOUR CALENDAR
    Central 0170           Wyland 1378                                    Hampton Athletic Association
                                                                 2006 Season Baseball & Softball Sign-Up at
                                                                           Hampton Community Center!
                                                                        Wednesday, January 4,
                                                                        6:00 pm to 9 pm
                                                                        Tuesday, January 10,
                                                                        6:00 pm to 9 pm
                                                                        Saturday, January 14,
                                                                        9 am to Noon
                                                                    Boys & Girls ages 5-18
                                                                    Boys must be 5 by May 1, 2006
                                                                    Girls must be 5 by January 1, 2006
                                                                        Hampton Residents Only
                                                                        1st time registrants MUST bring birth certificate
                                                                        Players must be present for
                                                                        uniform fitting
                                                                        Late registrations are not guaranteed to be available.

                                                                      St. Catherine's Pre-school News
                                                         We offer programs for 3, 4, 5 year olds and Pre-K Children. We
                                                         are located in the lower level of our new church off Wildwood
                                                         Rd. The fall, 2006, registration begins January 9th. On Sunday,
                                                         January 15th after the morning masses, you are invited to join us
                                                         to view the classrooms and meet the teachers. For more
                                                         information call Connie at the preschool 412-486-6001.

                                                                                      DEAL WITH LOCAL PEOPLE
                                                                                      YOU KNOW AND CAN TRUST

         Buy one get one free
          half pound Burger
                   at Whispers Pub

                Tuesday: Dinner Only
              Sunday: Lunch and Dinner
                 Expires: 12/31/2005                            “WE BELIEVE IN COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT”

        Library Corner                                                                                       Holiday Gift Idea
                                        Hampton Library                                        The “Friends Group” of the Hampton
   Hampton Library has                  Hosts Local                                            Community Library is selling tote bags
   expanded the hours!                  Author                                                 as a fund raiser to continue to make our

Beginning December 1st, the                            ampton                                  library an enjoyable visit! For only
library will be open 45 hours per                    Community                                 $15.00 you can purchase a “Margate”
week!                                               Library will                               Boat Tote bag of high quality, 100%
                                                    host a book signing benefit,               canvas.
   Sunday & Monday: Closed              featuring local author Gerry K. Smith at               This is a
   Tuesday: 9am-8pm                     1 p.m. on Saturday, December 10. The                   great gift
   Wednesday: 10am-8pm                  program will be held in the library’s new              for
   Thursday: 10am-8pm                   space in the Hampton Community                         yourself
   Friday: 10am-5pm                     Center, which opened this year.                        and every
   Saturday: 9am-4pm                    Ms. Smith, a freelance writer and long-                person on
                                        time resident of Hampton, will discuss                 your
Holiday Library Hours                   her recent book “Rome to Beirut.” It                   shopping
   December 24-26: Closed               depicts a family’s search for roots                    list. Stop
   December 31: 9am-11:30am             following the canonization of their 19th
                                                                                               in      and
   January 1 & 2: Closed                century great-uncle in Rome last year by
                                                                                               check out
   January 3: 9am-8pm                   the late Pope John Paul II.
                                        “A true story,” one reviewer noted,
                                                                                               more books and videos to fill your bag
                                        “amidst all the current fictional intrigues            while supporting our community
       Book Drop is In!                                                                        library!
The book drop was installed in          surrounding the Vatican and its Popes,”
November! It is inside the first set    ranging from murder at the Vatican (in
of doors to the Community Center.       the first chapter) to a kidnapping of the                       MORE GOOD NEWS
The book drop is accessible during      author and her two daughters in the
                                                                                               Hampton Community Library received
the Community Center hours listed       remote mountains of Lebanon.
                                                                                               a grant for $2,500 from PPG to buy
below:                                  Signed books will be available for
                                                                                               children’s books!
    Mon–Fri: 8:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m.      purchase, with proceeds benefiting
    Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.     Hampton Library.
    Sunday: Noon – 6:00 p.m.            “As a long-time resident of Hampton
                                        Township, I’ve watched the growth and
         Book Review                    struggling of Hampton Library,” the

A          re you looking for a         author notes, “and I look forward to
           good book to sit and         helping it through the proceeds of my
           share with your child,       book signing.” Light refreshments will
age 4 to 10 and beyond? I have          be provided by the Friends of the
                                        Library.             Reservations       are
one from an author you may not
                                        recommended. For more information,
suspect. I’ll bet you think that
                                        contact Hampton Community Library at
Dean Koontz is a writer only of
suspense thrillers. Not so! He
has ventured into the field of                                                                                  Story Time Schedule
                                                         Personalized Books                                       Holiday Story time:
amusing poetry. Every Day’s a
                                         Where your child is the star of the story!
Holiday….Amusing Rhymes for                  More than 35 titles available. Quality hard-cover.                      December 7th
Happy Times is filled with poems       Stories include: Child’s name, age, friends’ names, hometown                11:30-12:00 noon
for every holiday including some         Plus a personalized dedication and full-color illustrations.
he has created. Learn about the                                Also Available                                      December 14th
“Lost Tooth Holiday”, “Gravity                                                                                    Holiday Craft Day
Day” and “Praise the Chicken                                                                                      11:30-12:00 noon
Day”.     This is a fun book
guaranteed to make you and your                   A letter from Santa                                         Both dates are for ages 2-6
children chuckle. It combines                    Request your catalog today!                                  and registration is required
humor      with    some     subtle                       412-487-0333                                         for both story times.
educational tidbits and is a great                                                                            Please call 412-684-1098.
holiday gift!                          We do Give-A-Book programs for schools, scouts, birthdays and more!

    A Community Outreach by Tracy Burns                                            Religious Fellowship
Bill Leja, a contractor who runs his business from Etna
on Kittanning Street, was called by the Martinez family                       Christmas Eve at Hampton
to provide an estimate regarding the building of a deck                          Presbyterian Church
onto the back of their home. When Bill got home and                   2942 East Hardies Road * Gibsonia, PA 15044
discussed this with his son, his son told his dad “Dad,                       Events Open to the Community
you can’t charge them!”         After discovering the
family’s recent experience with Justin, Bill decided to        5:00 p.m. – Family Candlelight service. Children’s choirs,
contact the Hampton Rotary Club and see what they              instrumentalists, and carols sung. A special gift will be given to
could do to help this family with, not only their deck,        all children who attend.
but other major jobs that needed to be performed on            6:30 p.m. – Contemporary Candlelight Service. Turning Point
the home. As a result, Bill Leja Remodeling, Max C.            Praise band, carols, candle-lighting
Smith Roofing, H.P. Starr Lumber, Traco Windows                8:00 p.m. – Traditional Candlelight service. – Chancel Choir,
and Modern Builders came together and donated time             Brass, Bell ringers, carols and readings
and volunteers as well as materials at exceptional             11:00 p.m. – Traditional Candlelight service. Communion
prices in order to perform the work needed on the              served. Choirs, bells, carols, readings.
Martinez’ home. Six front windows, the front half of                              For information, please call
the roof (the back half had already been replaced) and                                   724-443-3201.
a deck were installed. Donations were also given by
St.Vincent DePaul and the Shaler Rotary Club. The                        “The Legend of the Christmas Rose”
work began on Friday November 18th and was
completed that same weekend.                                   St Catherines of Sweden Catholic Church presents this
                                                               Christmas performance, on Sunday, December 11th after the
                                                               11:00 a.m. mass. This group of kindergarten through 5th grade
              Window of Contentment                            students have worked hard under the supervision and direction
      Material gifts                                           of Theresa Hune, a local actress and parishioner of St.
                                                               Catherine’s Church. So mark your calendar for this free play.
      fill the room,
      But gifts of love and
       kindness fill the heart.



   In 1999 PA adopted academic standards for MATH.
   These standards identify what a student should know
   and be able to do at each grade level. However, school
   districts possess the freedom to design and implement
   their own curriculum and instruction (which may or may
   not be working for your son/daughter).

   JUST MATH (located at 5047 Route 8, Gibsonia, PA)
   will address this issue in a free, informational session!
   Reserve your seat today! Phone: (724) 449 - MATH                     If You Think Advertising Doesn’t Work –
   Email: Fax: 412-486-0177
                                                                                     IT JUST DID!
                                                                            Call 412-818-6491 to place an ad

                                                          Police Log
FRAUD                                          and the shipment address have been           Motorcycle was stolen from the garage of
    Victim’s debit card was discovered        obtained.                                     a residence on E. Elfinwild Road.
missing from his glove box of his car.
                                                       FIRES                                     An employee at Home Depot
His card had been used in ATM machines
                                                   Police responded to a call reporting a   admitted to using a customer’s credit card
in Etna. Surveillance video will be
                                              fire on Rihn Strasse at approximately         numbers to make gift card purchases in
                                              11:30 pm on 11/14. Caller gave the            the amount of $400 at the store which he
     Victim’s visa/debit card was used in     address he was calling from and stated he     subsequently sold to another customer.
Texas; however her card has never been        could see flames coming from his              The employee also permitted the same
lost or stolen.                               neighbor’s house and that there were          customer who purchased the gift cards to
                                              people inside the home. Upon arrival, it      pass through his register line without
    Victim reported someone withdrew          was discovered the call was false in          paying for merchandise. The employee
money from her savings account using a        nature, the address given as the location     was terminated from Home Depot and
bank machine at the Sheetz on Rt8. Her        of the calling party did not exist and the    arrested. Charges will be filed.
card is not stolen. Review of the video       phone number given by the calling party
led them to the person involved who           belonged to Super Cuts in Northtown                   BURGLARY
admitted to the crime by taking the card      Square. Further investigation into the 911        Responding to a hang up 911 call
from the victim’s purse and later returning   information led to the discovery of two       from Hal English’s, Attorney office on
it.                                           perpetrators calling from Braddock both       Mount Royal Blvd on 10-31 at 3:19 am,
                                              of which have extensive criminal              the front glass door was found smashed
    Victim’s bank card number was used                                                      out and smoke was coming from the
to make a purchase in a retail store, E-      histories. One of the perpetrators dates a
                                              girl who lives on Rihn Strasse. The girl      building. Investigation of burglary and
Spirit, possibly in Germany.                                                                possible arson is undergoing.
                                              also works at Super Cuts. Additional
    Victim reported three fictitious          investigation is pending.                             DRUG VIOLATIONS
checks recorded on his bank statement.
                                                       THEFT                                    Giant Eagle reported a bad
This is being investigated further.
                                                  Victim’s I-Pod was stolen from under      prescription. CVS on Wildwood Road
     Victim on Cramlington Court paid a       the driver’s seat of a Ford Explorer which    Extension, reported two incidents where a
construction company $3,900 to install        was parked in the rear lot of the High        white male in his 20’s passed two bad
new windows, enclose a porch and              School. The doors were not locked.            prescriptions for Oxycontin.
remodel a bathroom. The victim has not
heard from the construction company               Victim living on South Villa Drive                ASSAULTS
                                              had cash stolen from his safe box totaling         Victim reports being assaulted by her
since being paid. 84 Lumber advised the
                                              between $65,000 and $85,000. A hidden         boyfriend. She had obvious injuries to
victim that his windows were never
                                              key to his safe was also missing. In          her face, neck and arms. She agreed to go
ordered.      Victim’s daughter states
                                              addition, 4-5 rounds of ammunition were       to Passavant for evaluation and follow up
perpetrator changed the payee on one of
                                              missing from his shotgun and 4 rounds         with Crisis North.
the checks made out to the construction
company. Investigation is ongoing.            were missing from his handgun. A                 An assault took place at Hampton
                                              woman working for the victim later
    Victim living on West Hardies Road                                                      High School involving juveniles
                                              admitted to the theft.
paid the same construction company
                                                  Victim’s license plate was stolen and             VANDALISM
$5,700 to install new windows, doors and
remodel a kitchen and bedrooms. No            placed on perpetrator’s car. After running        A school van parked in the front
work has been done and attempts to reach      the plate number and checking with the        lot of Winchester Thurston School
the construction company have been            rightful owner, perpetrator has been          had both right side tires cut in the
unsuccessful.       Victim states the         arrested.                                     sidewalls.
perpetrator signed one of her checks over
                                                  Victim’s apartment in Devlin’s Point              SUSPISCIOUS ACTIVITY
to another person.       Investigation is
                                              was entered and her cookie jar containing          Victim reported her window had
                                              $90 in coins and notes was stolen.            been possibly forced open.        The
   Victim paid another construction                                                         window is over 10 feet off the ground.
                                                  Victim’s wallet was likely stolen
company a deposit of $800 to complete                                                       There is a ladder stored outside the
                                              from his vehicle while he went inside
work in her home. Work was never
                                              Sheetz on E. Hardies to pay for gas at        residence, which looked to be moved.
begun and attempts to reach the contractor
                                              11:45 am. Video will be reviewed.             Victim states some of her Lorazepam
have been unsuccessful. Investigation is
ongoing.                                          Victim’s tree stand was stolen from       may be missing.
                                              his property on Rosanna Drive in Allison              CHILD ENDANGERMENT
     Victim reported two charges on her
                                              Park. The stand consisted of a 20 foot             Three child endangerment cases
Visa statement to an electronics type store
                                              aluminum ladder, plywood and brackets         are currently under investigation.
in Orlando, Fl which were made via the
                                              and had been chained and locked to a tree.
internet. The perpetrator’s email address

            Classified                  Christmastime is the perfect time                Birth Announcement
                                        to reach out to those who are in
                                        need. If you are willing to give of       Bob and Nancy Zegar announce the birth
Shults Ford Allison Park                your time to better the lives of          of their son, Matthew James on Monday,
                                        others,   please    consider    the       October 3, 2005, at West Penn Hospital.
     412-487-3600                       following volunteer opportunities:        He weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce, and was
                                                                                  21 inches long. Matthew was welcomed
                                        North Hills Community Outreach is         home by siblings, Allison, 11 and
2003 F150 $18,988
                                        a service unit of the Salvation Army      Thomas, 8. Congrats to the Zegar
2005 Taurus $11,588
                                        and receives 90 percent of what they      Family!
2005 Explorer XLT $19,988
                                        collect in their kettles.
2002 Monte Carlo $9,588
2002 Grand Am $13,988
                                        Bellringers are needed from now
2005 Escapes $18,988
                                        through December 23 at Shoppers’
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
                                        Choice in Duncan Manor. Call
     Laredo $19,588
                                        Ginny at 412-487-6316.
2004 Dakota Crew Cab $19,588
2002 Chevy Venture $10,588
                                        Gift wrappers are needed from now
2003 Neon SXT $10,988
                                        through Christmas Eve for the
2003 Infiniti G35 $23,988
                                        annual gift wrap fundraiser at
2005 Impala $14,588
                                        Northway Mall, organized by North
2005 Focus SE $12,988
                                        Hills     Community      Outreach.
                                        Proceeds support ten local food
        Townhouse for Sale!             pantries. Call Ruth Graham at 412-
Allison Park, 3 floor End Unit! 2BR     486-5001.
(large), 1.5Bath, LR, DR, K, Large                                                   If you are planning a garage
fully finished game room w/sep          NHCO Faith in Action volunteer               sale, selling a car, looking
Laundry room, Patio, Storage Shed       caregivers are urgently needed to            for help, or make an
and too many closets to count!          help frail elderly seniors remain safe       announcement place an ad
                                                                                     with us! Mail/Email/Fax
Brand      new     roof,   windows,     and independent in their homes.              information before Friday,
appliances, hardwood, ceramic and       Volunteers provide non-medical               December 16th to:
carpet flooring throughout! Brinx       services including: transportation to
security system and swimming            physical therapy and other medical           The Hampton News
pool/basketball court access. Parking   appointments, light chores and               P.O. Box 243
for 6 (2x3)! 130K Call (412) 874-       errands, home safety checks, and             Wildwood, PA 15091-0243
4076      to    view.     Immediate     friendly visiting to alleviate feelings      Email:
availability. Must see, won't last                                                   phone: 412-818-6491
                                        of isolation. Training is provided.
long.                                                                                fax: 724-449-6068
                                        Call Cathy at 412-307-0069.
Do you have in-line hockey
equipment sitting around that you
have outgrown? If so, we have got
the perfect idea for its future. How
about passing on your used
equipment to future In-Line Hockey
players ages elementary through
high school to help them get their
start?     Clean out those attics,
bedrooms and hockey bags and take
your donations to your Hampton In-
Line practice to give them to your
coach or call JoLene at 724-443-
2935. Thank you for supporting
these players.

 Uhl Construction Co. of Allison Park marks its 85th
anniversary this year. As a general contractor, building a
reputation for quality and value takes time. Uhl’s
commitment to excellence is based upon the belief that our
customers deserve the best in design, management, and
construction services.
     Uhl Construction has extensive experience in
commercial, industrial, educational, and institutional
buildings. “Building lasting value” is the goal that is set
prior to launching every new project. Uhl can provide a
comprehensive range of services to meet the most
demanding needs. We offer a broad range of general
construction services, including complete design
assistance, for both conventional and pre-engineered
buildings.    Uhl    offers    cost-effective  pre-design,
construction, and renovation services for any building or
construction need.
Some of Uhl’s completed projects in the Hampton and
surrounding areas, are as follows:
PNC Bank (Hampton office)
Harley Davidson showroom (Shaler)
Nicklas Supply (Glenshaw, Murrysville, and Cranberry)
Hance, Wyland, & Wexford Elementary Schools
Mt. Royal Intermediate School
PPG Industries (Research & Dev. complex, Hampton)
Treesdale Farms (storage facility)
Harmarville Rehabilitation Center (Institutional)
Shaler Skateland (recreational)
St. Mary’s of the Assumption (site improvements), in
Glenshaw, (religious)
Eat-N-Park, in Hampton, (restaurant)
Tuesday Morning (store fitout), in Hampton, (retail)

    At Uhl Construction, we pride ourselves on our
reputation that we’ve established for integrity, quality,
experience, teamwork, and value. These are just a few of
the positive aspects that continues to distinguish Uhl for
over 85 years.
          P.O Box 8 * Allison Park, PA * 15101
         Phone: 724-443-0600 Fax: 724-443-7966

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