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                                                                                             November 1-30, 2005
                                                                                             Volume X Issue No. 11

                                        Eleven Years and Counting
                                                                                     Gears Up
                                                                                     for Fiesta
                                                                                    Bowl Block
                                                                                    Party 2005
                                                                                    Inside this issue:

                                                                                    Birthdays, Anniversaries and     2
                                                                                    Event Schedules.

                                                                                    Classified Ads and Personals     3

                                                                                    FIELD CARDS. Notes from the 4

Get paid $20.00 per Hour                                                            Staff

                                                                                    New Years Incentives             5

                                                                                    POST ORDERS. News from           6
                                                     with T.E.A.M. for 100
   WANTED!                                           hours.
                                                                                    the Office. Mike

                                                                                    POST ORDERS. News from           7,8
Hard working, fun loving slightly crazy       If you have a fairly large family,    the Office. Taz
people (like you) that would like to work     (Joey Perez) you could be making
the Tostitos New Year’s Eve Block             $17 to $20 per hour with a couple     POST ORDERS. News from           9
Party. It is the largest block party in the   hundred dollars bonus to boot.        the Office. Deann, Ray, Jeff
state of Arizona. All T.E.A.M. employ-        Even if you are brand new to the
ees will be paid time and a half on New       area, a regular staff members could   POST ORDERS. News from           10
Years Eve and New Years Day. In ad-           easily make $2 to $4 per hour ex-     the Office. Robert, Lane,
ditional to the extra pay, please check       tra.
out these additional incentives:              Let’s see. On a 12 hour shift a new   POST ORDERS. News from           10
    •   $1.00 an hour extra for               security guard with guard card, two   the Office. Marlies, Campbell
        each person that you                  friends and one parent could make
                                              over $170.00 IN ONE NIGHT!!!!         STO. Mick                        11
        bring that works their
        complete assigned shift. That’s a 1/2 month rent, or 6
                                              months of car insurance or 2 tanks
    •   $25.00 per person bonus               of gas.
        if your recruits stay                        (continued on page 5)

                                11/01/05             11/17/05                           12/01/05—12/04/05
      November                  America West Arena   AVA Tucson                         Downtown Tempe
     Anniversaries              SUNS                 Staind w/ POD                      Tempe Festival of the
Deann Barker           1 year   11/03/05             11/18/05                           BLACKOUT
Robert Bartels         1 year   America West Arena   America West Arena
                                ROAD RUNNERS         SUNS
Lynda Benson           1 year
Brandy Brimer          1 year                        11/19/05
Danne Dutcher          1 year                        Dodge Theatre                       67 RECRUITING
                                AZ State Fair
Mike Hammerand         1 year   ZZ Top               Australian Pink Floyd                 DAYS TILL
Kimberlee Hitt         1 year   AVA Tucson           America West Arena                   FIESTA BOWL
Jeremy Jelle           1 year   Rob Thomas           Marco Antonio Solis
                                                                                         BLOCK PARTY
Kelly McQuillian       1 year
Mike Salinel           1 year   11/05/05             11/20/05
Jaclyn Smith           1 year   Dodge Theatre        AVA Tucson
Sean Thompson          1 year   Vince Gill           Dave Chappelle                         WINTER
                                AZ State Fair                                               UNIFORM
                                Rob Thomas           11/21/05
Russ Lieneman          2 year                                                             DRESS CODE:
                                America West Arena   America West Arena
                                ROAD RUNNERS         ROAD RUNNERS
Juanita Flores         3 year                                             Effective Octo-
Cynthia Vayda          3 year   11/06/05             11/22/05             ber 31, 2005, the
                                America West Arena   America West Arena   winter       dress
Michael Diehl          5 year   SUNS                 SUNS
                                                                          code is in effect.
                                AVA Tucson
    November Birthdays          BB King              11/24/05             This      means
                                                     THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY shorts will not be
Francisco Chavez       11/02    11/10/05             OFFICE CLOSED        allowed as part
Lester Satterthwaite   11/02    America West Arena                        of the T.E.A.M.
                                SUNS                 11/25/05
Jonathon Lee           11/03                                              uniform through-
                                                     America West Arena
Zach Connolly          11/05    11/11/05             SUNS                 out cooler winter
Ralph Foster           11/09    America West Arena                        months.      Black
Eliallyn Jimmy         11/09    ROAD RUNNERS         11/26/05             Pants must be
Jimmy Kaleta           11/12                         America West Arena   worn.      If you
Jerry Deines           11/13    11/12/05             ROAD RUNNERS
                                                                          need to be is-
Dan Waisner            11/15    America West Arena
                                SUNS                 11/29/05             sued a jacket,
Dan Cox                11/17                                              please stop by
                                AVA Tucson           America West Arena
Roger Coulter          11/18
                                Wayne Newton         ROAD RUNNERS         my office.
David Dons             11/19
Robert Erdmann         11/19                                              Mike Williams
                                11/16/05             11/30/05
Scott Knight           11/21                                              HR Manager
                                America West Arena   America West Arena
Dan Guaderrama         11/24    SUNS                 SUNS
Frank Herbert          11/26
Gary Crakow            11/27
Nicole Durr            11/28
Richard Jones          11/28                                                                    T.E.A.M. Cents
                                                                                      encourages all staff and
                                 ALL EMPLOYEES                  employees to submit an article about your work
                                                                experience, suggestions and ideas. E-mail your
                                       ARE                                                            letters to:
                                  REQUIRED TO                                

                                                                                                     Or FAX to:
                                 WORK ONE SHIFT                                                  (480) 736-8252

                                  ON BLACKOUT                     Management has the right to review and approve all
                                                               written material. Any article deemed inappropriate will
                                      DAYS!!                                                        not be published.
Page 3                       CLASSIFIED AND PERSONALS

      T.E.A.Mates                           Don’t call my cell phone, I’m WAY over my
                                            minutes. Leave a note in the bathroom. Or
                                            the outhouse.
Women looking for Men

File Number: 8427
I’m such a perfect HITt, but no one
                                            File Number: 8517
takes me seriously. Looking for hon-
                                            I’ll take any man that will take me away
est, patient man that doesn’t think I’m
                                            from my daughter!!! Please, I know I can
high maintenance. (Yeah, well, just a
                                            change, not be afraid of snakes and stop
little). Leave name, number and gross
                                            beatin up on other rednecks.
annual income on voicemail.

                                            Men Looking For Women
File Number: 8417
Not just any AIRhead will do. Looking
                                            File Number: 5 years
for a Navy Squid so I don’t feel like I
                                            I’m looking for a long term relationship
need to run away and join the Sea Sick
                                            with anyone that does NOT work at
Squad. Meet me at Applebees and ask
                                            Hi - Liter. “Wild Bill” Selby

File Number: 1234                                      CLASSIFIED ADS
My needs are rather complicated……...
No mechanics, No skateboarders, pre-        WANTED:
fer lottery winner that loves 70’s music,   Roommate for 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. Lo-
Elvis and treats ladies like “PIXI’S”       cation: Tempe, Mesa Border. Share rent and
Leave name and picture of your finger-      utilities. Interested party, please call Brandon
nails with front desk.                      Elliot. 480-228-9704

                                            MMI SPECIAL
File Number: 5678                           4 bedroom, 2 Bathroom house for rent on
Let me MASSAGE my way into your             31st. Ave and Deer Valley. This house has a
life. No hairy guys, yuck. Must have        2 car garage, pool, new paint, carpet, tile, etc,
red sports car that can be shrink           etc. As a TEAM employee, you will receive
wrapped. Leave message at nearest           preferential treatment. Please contact Jeff
massage parlour.                            @ (480) 235-9115

                                            FOR SALE
File Number: 8523                           1999 Toyota Corolla, blue ext/gray cloth int.,
I like ‘em tall, short, skinny, broke and   pw, pdl, cruise, tilt, A/C, AM/FM/Cassette,
trailer trashy. (Makes me feel at home)     95000 miles. Runs great, battery only 3
Gotta have ‘nuff muny to pay my cell        months old. Body is in good condition, a few
fone bill, get me sum singin lessins and    minor scratches and dents. Bought another
beer.                                       vehicle and no longer need this one. $4500
                                            O.B.O. Call Deann at 623-930-0044
      Page 4                    FIELD CARDS. NOTES FROM THE STAFF

Joe DeLorenzo                         really great. great group of people
                                                                               Apache Junction Barbie:
                                      to work with.. I have learned alot
                                      from everyone. I'm hoping with my             This recently paroled Barbie
Hey there all, my name is Joe         background and my experience             comes with a 9mm handgun,
DeLorenzo. I just moved to Az         that it will come handy for all. I had   bowie knife, a '78 El Camino with
appx. 3 1/2 months ago from           notice its a big Difference from Jer-    dark tinted windows, and a meth-
New Jersey. Yes The East              sey to AZ.. I just want to thank all     lab kit. This model is only avail-
Coast. Back in NJ I used to be        the TEAM members for a job well          able after dark and can only be
K9 for the NJSP (New Jersey           done. Lets keep up the great work        bought with cash, preferably
State Police). Been a State           all.. Thank you all for haven me on      small bills, unless you are a cop,
Trooper for 8 yrs. I also belong to   TEAM.. peace and god bless..             then we don't know what you are
local fire co where i was there for   JD                                       talking about.
14yrs. Yes i like to play with Dan-
ger. What brought me out here is                                               Ahwatukee Barbie:
family. I had made up my mind         Kelly McQuillian
                                                                                      This yuppie Barbie comes
back in Jan to come out here. I
                                      (Although Kelly is a regular con-        with your choice of BMW con-
was getting tried looking at snow
                                      tributor to TEAM Cents, her opin-        vertible or HummerH2. Included
and the 4 seasons. When I came
                                      ions and views do not reflect the        are her own Starbucks cup,
out here it was perfect weather. I
                                      views of the publisher or edi-           credit card set, and Country Club
like the 2 seasons Hot N Very
                                      tor…...much)                             membership. Also available are
Hot. when I got out here I was
                                                                               Shallow Ken and Private School
looking to get back into the PD.
                                      ARIZONA BARBIE                           Skipper. Ahwatukee Barbie has-
So I got hired with the K9 group
                                                                               n't been affordable since the
with the State of Az. worked with     Mattel recently announced the re-        early 80's.
them for a few months then I just     lease of Limited-Edition Barbie
left them to head over to the         dolls for the Arizona market             Sedona Barbie:
Sheriff Dept for K9.. I found
TEAM though the PD. so I filled       Scottsdale Barbie:                           This collagen injected, rhino-
out the App. on the website and                                                plastic (nose job) Barbie wears
before I had a chance the phone          This princess Barbie is only sold     leopard print spandex, and
was ringing, I meet alot of great     at Scottsdale Fashion Center. She        drinks cosmopolitans to new age
people at T.E.A.M. The first peo-     comes with an assortment of Kate         music with friends at the
ple I spoke to was Lane Honda.        Spade handbags, a Lexus SUV, a           lodge.She's into crystals. Comes
Lane was happy to see me that         long-haired foreign lapdog named         with Percocet prescription and
day that I came in for the inter-     Honey, and a semi-custom dream           two alimony checks.
view. before I knew it that day       house with a Saguaro Cactus in
after class I was put to work. I      front. Available with or without Flagstaff Barbie:
meet more great guys at the           tummy tuck and facelift. Worka-
Hard Rock. Great guys to work         holic ex-husband Ken comes with            This doll is made of actual
with. Then I Meet ROB.. we got        squeeze-me Skipper and a Ferrari. tofu. She has long straight brown
to know each other good.. Rob is                                           hair, archless feet, hairy armpits,
                                      Chandler Barbie:                     no makeup, and Birkenstocks
a great person to work with. we
have great times working with                                              with white socks. She prefers
                                           This modern-day homemaker that you call her "Willow." She
each other. I meet Taz at a class.    Barbie is available with Ford Wind- does not want orneed a Ken doll,
I cant say much but a good per-       star minivan and matching gym but if you purchase two Flagstaff
son to talk to if u need some-        suit. She gets lost easily and has Barbies and the optional Subaru
thing. I meet Ray, great guy to       no full-time occupation or secon- wagon, you get a rainbow flag
work with also.. though out the       dary education. Traffic-jamming sticker for free.
weeks that I’ve been with TEAM.       cell phone sold separately. Avail-
the group of people that I worked     able at Target.                      More to follow next month…..
with been
   Page 5              NEW YEARS EVE BONUS PROGRAM

 T.E.A.M. Security offers this once a year opportunity to bring in a
                   large bonus to your income.
                 TIME AND A HALF FOR YOUR SHIFT.
(Everyone must attend orientation and pass a background check. Deadline,
                          December 22, 2005)
Is your church, school or youth organization looking for a fund raising
opportunity? Please have them contact Lane Honda at the T.E.A.M. Se-
 curity office. This is a wonderful way to get new uniforms, travel ex-
               penses and fund raising done in one night.
             (18 years of age and older!! Sorry, no children)
            (480)-829-8326    email:
      Page 6                   POST ORDERS. NEWS FROM THE OFFICE
                                      that were only three inches long        in the winter of 2000 for surgery. I
MIKE WILLIAMS                         to having inmates freely moving         fell in love with the area and cli-
                                      about with axes and chainsaws!          mate at that time. I was down
Hi all! My name is Mike Williams.     This facility was only about 20         here again for surgery in the
I’m your new Human Resource           miles from the Hoh Rain Forest in       summer of 2004. Although it was
Manager. Although I’ve had the        Olympic National Park. The aver-        quite hot at that time, it was a dry
pleasure of acquainting myself        age rainfall here ranges from 150       heat and very tolerable. It was
with some of you already, I would     to 220 inches a year, and we            then I really started dreaming of
like to tell you a little about my-   were fortunate to see the sun           moving down here. I love the
self.                                 about 90 to 100 days a year!            weather in Phoenix, as it is per-
                                                                              fect for hiking, golf, and tennis
I grew up in the Orange County        In 1991, I transferred to Clallam       almost year round. I moved to
area of Southern California. As a     Bay Corrections Center in the           Phoenix in April and was initially
teen I enjoyed playing baseball,      northwest tip of Washington             considering going to work for the
tennis, and golf. I spent a lot of    State. This area is the saltwater       Maricopa County Jail. If I did so, I
my free time hanging out at New-      sport fishing capital of the state.     would have to start at the bottom
port Beach surfing and body surf-     After doing a considerable              again and work my way up the
ing. I also really enjoyed riding     amount of O.T., I bought a 22           ranks. When this job was offered
roller coasters at Magic Moun-        Foot Bayrunner Center Console           me I jumped on it, as it provides a
tain, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Dis-    fishing boat. My weekend fishing        level of responsibility that is simi-
neyland.                              exploits gained me the moniker          lar to the last years of my career
                                      “Mariner Mike”! We caught Pacific       with D.O.C. in Washington State.
As a young adult, I moved to          Halibut to 110 lbs., Lingcod to 35      It also gives me the new perspec-
Washington State. I worked with       lbs., Yelloweye Rockfish to 25          tive of working in the security field
the Washington State Depart-          lbs., among others. Feel free to        in the private sector, as opposed
ment of Corrections for 17 years.     come by my office and check out         to state government. All manage-
I started as a Correctional Officer   my fishing pics. I could also tell      ment staff here at T.E.A.M. have
at the Washington State Peniten-      you some almost true stories            been so helpful and supportive in
tiary in 1985. I worked there five    about the big ones that got away        training me for this position.
years, three of which I was as-       ☺! In fact, I did so much fishing       Since I am coming from the out-
signed to the Intensive Manage-       on my weekends it seemed like I         side, there is a substantial learn-
ment Unit. This is where our          was running a charter service. At       ing curve for me in getting up to
most violent inmates in the state     one point, I had reservations           speed with the new organiza-
were housed in complete isola-        scheduled for co-workers pro-           tional structure and procedures.
tion from the general population.     jected out for 8 weeks. After three     The entire management team
They included death row, admin-       years of this, my pastime became        has been a great encouragement
istrative segregation, and all        like work so I sold my boat and         to me throughout this familiariza-
maximum-security inmates.             just went on an occasional char-        tion process. I am proud to be
                                      ter. I promoted to Sergeant in          working with such a professional
In 1990, I transferred to Olympic     1992, Lieutenant in 1995, and           organization! I’m looking forward
Corrections Center on the west        Captain in 1997. I was directly         to serving as your Human Re-
coast near Olympic National           involved with the command, su-          source Manager, and assisting in
Park. This was a minimum-             pervision, and training of our          any way possible to see all
security work camp housing in-        prison S/ERT teams. I was a cer-        T.E.A.M. Staff achieve their full
mates who worked for the Forest       tified instructor in low-lethal muni-   potential, and attain their career
Service or Department Of Natural      tions, cell extractions, and super-     goals.
Resources, cutting/thinning trees,    vising use of force. The part of
fighting forest fires, etc. Moving    my job I enjoyed the most was
from max/close security to mini-      training and staff development.
mum security was a real transi-
tion for me! I went from ensuring     My first exposure to the Phoenix
inmates had writing implements        area was due to a trip to the area
      Page 7                  POST ORDERS. NEWS FROM THE OFFICE
                                     impossible. It’s all about TEAM-         There's nothing to confess," re-
RICHARD ZAHN                         WORK, about dividing the task            plied the weeping Becky,
                                     and doubling the results.                "Everything's all right, go to
TAZ TOOLBOX                          Everyone will not be on board with
                                     this concept. Will you! It will be       "No, no. I must die in peace,
Great Day! I hope to find all of     lots of work and some fun along          Becky. I... I slept with your sister,
you well. It’s been crazy around     the way. Relationships built on          your best friend, her best friend,
here the last couple of months       both sides. Likes and dislikes,          and your even mother!"
and the work is flowing in. We       good and bad. In the end though,
rely on all of you very much and I   through all of the trials and tribula-   "I know, sweetheart;" whispered
appreciate those that continue to    tions we will prevail!                   Becky, "now be still, and let the
perform at the level of excellence                                            poison work."
and get no recognition.              I was talking to a millionaire one
THANK YOU! “The squeaky              day. Something he said seemed            Here’s another one.
wheel gets the oil” all the others   so simple that I did not even get
are fine. No not really. If you do   what he meant until later down the       A minister was completing a tem-
not take preventive measures to      road. His quote,: “I’d rather aim for    perance sermon. With great em-
prevent the squeak, soon all you     the stars and miss then aim for the      phasis he said, "If I had all the
will have is a bunch of non-         ditch and hit it”.                       beer in the world, I'd take it and
working squeaky problems.                                                     pour it into the river."
And so it is, wheels are like peo-   If you keep your head up and             With even greater emphasis he
ple. Each and every one of them      positively train your mind, you          said, "And if I had all the wine in
is very important to do the job      WILL be successful in everything         the world, I'd take it and pour it
well. If one goes down so does       you do. You will fail more than you      into the river."
the efficiency and use of the oth-   succeed, just don’t stop working.
ers. It makes it much more diffi-                                             And then finally, shaking his fist
cult to provide the same service     Life is hard,…get used to it. Enjoy      in the air, he said, "And if I had all
with only some contribution.         the struggles and hardships. Then        the whiskey in the world, I'd take
100% of one is still only 100%,      you will truly enjoy the triumphs!       it and pour it into the river."
however 1% of 100 times 1%           Be safe out there…..TAZ
creates so much more potential                                                Sermon complete, he sat down.
for the rest of the wheels (and      TAZBOX
people).                                                                      The song leader stood very cau-
                                     So, each day as it is you last     tiously and announced with a
John Paul Getty once said “I’d       and some day you’ll be right!            smile, nearly laughing, "For our
rather have 1% of 100 people                                                  closing song, let us sing Hymn
than 100% of myself”.                Jake was dying. His wife, Becky,         #365, "Shall We Gather at the
                                     was maintaining a candlelight vigil      River."
100% of 1 is 100%…100% of            by his side. She held his fragile
100 is 10,000%. From my point        hand, tears running down her             Remember….TAZ
of view, I’d rather have everyone    face. Her praying roused him from
join together for a cause, a mis-    his slumber; He looked up and his
sion, a purpose and work to-         pale lips began to move slightly.
gether side by side to accomplish
Greatness.                           "Becky my darling" he whispered.
                                     "Hush my love," she said. "Rest,
To achieve Greatness we must         don't talk."
first start by doing what’s neces-   He was insistent. "Becky," he said
sary, then do what’s possible,       in his tired voice,
and suddenly we are doing the        "I have something that I must con-
        Page 8                     POST ORDERS. NEWS FROM THE OFFICE
                                        "It is essential that husbands and         30,000 to a man's 15,000. The
From a women’s point of view…… wives know each other's likes and                   wife replied, "The reason has to
from which we all came from!            dislikes." He addressed the man,           be because we have to repeat
Enjoy…..                                "Can you name your wife's favor-           everything to men? The husband
                                        ite flower?" Tom leaned over,              then turned to his wife and asked,
Women's Perfect Breakfast               touched his wife's arm gently and          "What?"
She's sitting at the table with her "It's Pillsbury, isn't it?                     CREATION
gourmet coffee.
Her son is on the cover of the                                                     A man said to his wife one day,
Wheaties box.                           CIGARETTES AND TAMPONS                     "I don't know how you can be so
Her daughter is on the cover of                                                    stupid and so beautiful all at the
Business Week.                          A man walks into a pharmacy and            same time.        " The wife re-
Her boyfriend is on the cover of wanders up and down the                           sponded, "Allow me to explain.
Playgirl.                               aisles.The sales girl notices him          God made me beautiful so you
And her husband is on the back of and asks him if she can help him.                would be attracted to me; God
the milk carton.                        He answers that he is looking for a        made me stupid so I would be
                                        box of tampons for his wife. She           attracted to you!
WOMEN'S REVENGE                         directs him down the correct aisle.
                                        A few minutes later, he deposits a         WHO DOES WHAT
"Cash, check or charge?" I asked, huge bag of cotton balls and a ball
after folding items the woman of string on the counter. She                        A man and his wife were having
wished to purchase. As she fum- says, confused, "Sir, I thought you                an argument about who should
bled for her wallet I noticed a re- were looking for some tampons for              brew the coffee each morning.
mote control for a television set in your wife? He answers, " You                  The wife said, "You should do it,
her purse. "So, do you always see, it's like this, yesterday, I sent               because you get up first, and
carry your TV remote?" I asked. my wife to the store to get me a                   then we don't have to wait as
"No," she replied, " but my hus- carton of cigarettes, and she came                long to get our coffee." The hus-
band refused to come shopping back with a tin of tobacco and                       band said, "You are in charge of
with me, and I figured this was the some rolling papers; cause it's                cooking around here and you
most evil thing I could do to him sooo-ooo--oo-ooo much cheaper.                   should do it, because that is your
legally."                               So, I figure if I have to roll my          job, and I can just wait for my cof-
                                        own .......... So does she.                fee."     Wife replies, "No, you
UNDERSTANDING WOMEN                                                                should do it, and besides, it is in
                                        WIFE VS. HUSBAND                           the Bible that the man should do
(A MAN'S PERSPECTIVE)                                                              the coffee." Husband replies, "I
I know I'm not going to understand A couple drove down a country                   can't believe that, show me." So
women.                                  road for several miles, not saying         she fetched the Bible, and
I'll never understand how you can a word. An earlier discussion had                opened the New Testament and
take boiling hot wax, pour it onto led to an argument and neither of               showed him at the top of several
your upper thigh, rip the hair out by them wanted to concede their po-             pages, that it indeed he
the root, and still be afraid of a spi- sition. As they passed a barnyard          says.........."HEBREWS"
der.                                    of mules, goats, and pigs, the hus-
                                        b a n d a sk e d s ar ca s t i ca l l y,   The Silent Treatment
MARRIAGE SEMINAR                        "Relatives of yours?" "Yep," the
                                        wife replied, "in-laws."                   A man and his wife were having
While attending a Marriage Semi-                                                   some problems at home and
nar dealing with communication,         WORDS                                      were giving each other the silent
Tom and his wife Grace listened to                                                 treatment. Suddenly, the man
the instructor,                         A husband read an article to his           realized that the next day, he
                                        wife about how many words                  would need his wife to wake him
                                        women use a day?                           at 5:00 AM for an early morning
      Page 9                     POST ORDERS. NEWS FROM THE OFFICE
on a piece of paper, "Please            you. Whether it was rides to and       scheduling from our end. To-
wake me at 5:00 AM." He left it         from work, a kind word, a hug or       gether, I know we can all make it
where he knew she would find it.        pat on the back. It means a lot to     even better.
The next morning, the man woke          know you're there when the chips
up, only to discover it was 9:00        are down.                              The remainder of this month will
AM and he had missed his flight.                                               see the need for our services go
Furious, he was about to go and         I am thankful for my health and        full throttle, so make sure you
see why his wife hadn't wakened         the health of those I care about. I    leave time to talk to me, Robert
him, when he noticed a piece of         am thankful I have food, shel-         Russell, or anyone else who calls
paper by the bed. The paper             ter,clothing and transportation. I     you for scheduling each week.
said, "It is 5:00 AM. Wake up."         am thankful that I can provide
Men are not equipped for these          what is needed for my child; not       Remember, if you have your guard
kinds of contests.                      necessarily what he WANTS. I am        card, you must call in on Mondays.
                                        thankful I have a job; one that I      If you don’t have your guard card,
God may have created man be-            really enjoy 99% of the time.          call in on Tuesdays. We will return
fore woman, but there is always a                                              your call as promptly as possible.
rough draft before the master-          I am thankful for all you lugnuts in   If you come in on payday and
piece.                                  TEAMland. The majority of you          want to schedule then, we can see
                                        are pretty cool and make my job        you one at a time. Please respect
Some may laugh, some may cry.           fun.                                   that clusters of people in my office
We are all in this together…                                                   creates chaos, slowing down the
remember TAZ                            Have a safe November. Talk to ya       process.
                                        Deann                                  Thank you again, and we’ll be talk-
DEANN BARKER                                                                   ing!

Hey to all in TEAMland. How's it                                               Ray Garcia
going? It's been a bit crazy for        RAY GARCIA                             Scheduling Manager
me lately. November means
Thanksgiving, turkey, football,
etc.. I was originally going to write   Dear T.E.A.M. mates,
about what I am thankful for;                                                  JEFF SWANSON
then, for awhile, decided against       It’s been a great first month and a
it. However, after really thinking      half for me in getting to know you.
about it, I realized that, no matter    There are still a few that I haven’t   I would like to remind all of you to
what is happening, I DO have a          had the pleasure to talk to or meet    start asking your friends and fam-
lot to be thankful for.                 face to face yet, but we’ll get        ily about working with you on New
                                        there. I want to thank you for all     Years Eve. Working New Years
I am thankful for the 3 most im-        your hard work and dedication to       Eve is a great way to get caught
portant men in my life; BJ, Dusty       making our company as great as it      up on the bills after Christmas!!
and JW. I love you.                     is. It gives me great pride in know-   TEAM has a lot of great incentive
                                        ing that we are all out there pitch-   programs for you to bring people
I am thankful for my mom. She           ing in to get the job done, and        in. If you are interested in bump-
drives me nuts half the time (as        making sure we are meeting our         ing your pay up for New Years,
only moms can do) - even from           clients’ needs.                        call into the office and talk to a
1400 miles away, but she's my                                                  manager.
mom and I love her.                     At this time, I want to take an op-
                                        portunity to thank Kyle Ariss for      For those of you who don’t know
I am thankful for the friends I         his caring and fortitude in the        me, I’m the one that usually drives
have. You were there for me this        Scheduling department. All the         a white Suburban pulling a trailer
past month when I really needed         managers and Kyle are working          through the events. I don’t work in
                                        toward maximum efficiency with         the field a lot any more, so often I
      Page 10                  POST ORDERS. NEWS FROM THE OFFICE
am not recognized by many of                                                Steve Ortega at Mesa Marriott,
you. This has given me the           MARLIES MEINHOLD                       Robin Graham and Ralph Foster
unique opportunity to see how                                               at the Red Cross, John Cook and
you react to the general public. I                                          Roger Coulter at AZ Orthopaedic
have to say that over the last       Wow. We are celebrating 12 years       Hospital, Eric Horseman and Bob
month I have been very im-           as the Top Security Company in         Morici at Camelback Executive
pressed. This is a fun company       the Special Events field. I’m very     Plaza and the Camelback Towers,
to work for, but it is a job. For    proud and happy to be a part of        Arambula and Marianne keeping
those of you that have had the       this professional organization. I      people sane at IHOP.
“pleasure” of dealing with me        have to keep this letter short and
pushing my way through your          sweet so I hope to see all of you      There are so many people that
gate, keep up the good work!         out at the company picnic. Bring       have done a special job that
                                     your smiles and laughter. It will be   should have more recognition. I
HELP WANTED! The logistics fun.                                             hope to be able to stop by at all
dept. is looking for a part and full                                        your locations and work a shift
time person willing to make a Marlies                                       with you.
long-term commitment. Hours of
operation vary depending on the                                             Thanks to the POWERPUFF
event schedule. Ideal candidate                                             GIRLS. Bubbles, Blossom and
will have a clean MVR, be 18 or                                             Buttercup. Thanks for helping with
over, willing to learn, able to lift LANE HONDA                             the T-shirts.
50lbs, be trustworthy, able to
work long shifts and be able to                                             To all the guards that lay in the
“go with the flow”. If you and or                                           foam pit, alcohol lines and
                                     I get a very rare opportunity to       bouncer patrol, thanks. You guys
you know someone who might be
                                     work with so many people and I         actually get your own story next
interested, contact Jeff Swanson
                                     have been remiss in not making         month.
in the office.
                                     public some very important recog-
                                     nition of these people and their       I still want to get a kazoo band for
ROBERT RUSSELL                       hard work. Sooo.                       the Phoenix Christmas Parade so
                                     I want to thank Sabrina Hernandez      if you’re game, let me know. Oth-
                                     for her great work as a parking Su-    erwise, have a happy Halloween
                                     pervisor, Danny Waisner as one of      and a great Thanksgiving.
Another short and sweet note to our new Patrol Supervisors, Ted
thank all the people that filled
                                     Landry for his tireless work at Bank
their shifts, turned out to work One Town Center, Mike Cook for
their assigned posts and traveled being Mr. Timex. “Takes a Licking         RICHARD CAMPBELL
to Tucson again and again. A
                                     and Keeps On Ticking”, Brenda
special thanks to Ray for all the Bunch, Cynthia Vayda, Bill Stout,
hard work in scheduling and to                                              Almost Thanksgiving then comes
                                     Rogelio Sauceda, Robert Hart,
Kyle for jumping on board and Paula Mclean, Gary Crakow and                 Christmas, and not toO long from
learning the scheduling job. I’m Wendy Clark for doing such a               them is New Years. It seems like
very proud to work with you.                                                yesterday we where sitting back
                                     great job at The Brickyard.
Also, for everyone that’s coming To Ron Vogel and Jerry Deines for          doing the recap on the New Years
to the picnic, let’s put on the beer                                        events and we are in full swing for
                                     doing a superb job at Belfore Nurs-
googles and get ‘er done!!           ing home, Ken Acosta who lives at      the next one. Please everyone
Robert                               Maryvale Stadium, Nicole Durr,         look to your calendars and to the
                                     Mike Salinel, Lynda Benson,            incentive program that we are of-
                                     Brandy Brimer, Tracy Freeland,         fering for this night and tell me
                                     Anthony Greffoz, Guillermo Villa,      how great it will be because you
                                     Kiev Darrington, James Russo for       are making an extra few dollars an
                                     their work at Park and Swap,           hour because you brought in
      Page 11                               STO. PERMANENT ORDERS
some Friends and Family. If you       that we can have a wonderful eve-      Each and every person that
have any questions about the          ning with all of our colleagues.       works for us is part of who we
program please get them an-           Thank you to Kathy Rice for all the    are, and helps us towards our
swered before hand so that there      help at the Fair along with Alan       continued success. In an ideal
are no mistakes about how it          Long, Jon Tucker, Jimmy K., and        world, we would not need a
works. I will try here to help with   everyone who has been part or          Human Resource manager,
that in Redneck ee’s in the next      going to be part of the Fair experi-   because in an ideal world, no-
few lines.                            ence. Until next month I will see
                                                                             body would ever show up late,
                                      you out at the Events. Please look
This is just case scenario.           at your Calendars for the Glendale     not show up at all, or do any-
                                      Balloon Classic and Air Show; it       thing wrong. In that same ideal
Employee earns $6.00 per hour.        will be a great time.                  world, I        would have won
Employee New Years time and a                                                the Powerball recently, and I
half. $9.00 per hour                                                         would be writing this from a
Employee brings in 5 New Em-          MICK HIRKO                             warm, sandy beach, sur-
ployees that go thru orienta-                                                rounded by several new, very
tion, work New Years Eve.                                                    attractive new assistants.
(FULL SHIFT)                                                                 (Which makes me day dream. I
Employee makes $14.00 per             To say that this time of year is       realized just now one of the big
hour for there hours on New           kind of busy for us, is like say-
Years Eve.                                                                   difference between Campbell
                                      ing that Robert Russell is a little    and me. When I think about a
                                      bit of a redneck. In other words       beautiful creature in a bikini,
Bring in 20 New Employees and
they meet the same criteria and       - a gross understatement. It just      there is no fur or hooves in-
you make $29.00 per hour on           keeps on going into the new            volved) In this same ideal
New Years Eve. Please make            year. Ah, speaking of New              world, a lot of other things
sure that you keep track of the       Year’s; I hope that all of you         would happen to make our
new Employees that you bring in       have heard of our new incentive        lives easier, from everybody
and it is up to you to make sure      program for New Year’s eve.            leaving every event with a
that you do, not Marlies, then you    Essentially the way it works is        smile on their face, we would
can gauge it. The new Employ-         like this - You get paid time and      nicely ask every person to do
ees must go thru orientation prior    a half for working New Years
to the date set in Lane’s front-
                                                                             something, and they would
                                      eve, and an additional dollar an       thank us kindly, and never use
page article.
                                      hour more for every person you         an angry word against us. No
I hope by the time you actually       bring in. It is real easy to end up    one would drink too much,
read this article that you have       making $20 or more this way,           fight, or hurt others.
enjoyed my favorite T.E.A.M.          plus you get to ring in the New        Well, we don’t live in that ideal
Event, the Company Picnic, I          Year with your friends and fam-        world, but I am constantly
know that Mick would have             ily. It is a neat new idea, and we     amazed at the incredible dedi-
jumped in and said something          hope that you all will take ad-        cation, hard work, great atti-
about the petting zoo at the Fair,    vantage of it.                         tudes and wonderful smiles
but he is unable to say that since
                                                                             that I see at our events (Ok, so
he has said within the last 48        On another note - 12 years!
hours this isn’t my first rodeo re-
                                                                             the smiles could use a little bit
                                      What a ride it has been, and           more work). It is each and
peatedly to me about running the
                                      continues to be. Many people           every one of you who makes it
Jazz Fest at Cricket. I hope he
did not loose the stage. If you are   have come and gone. So have            happen each and every day.
reading it prior to the picnic        many events. Be assured that           We work 24 hours a day, 365
please act and drink responsibly      there will be lots of new events       years a day. A lot of man hours
and lets really have a great time     as time goes on, and plenty of         are worked every day,
with all the games Jeff put his       new faces over time.
      Page 12                           STO. PERMANENT ORDERS

and the numbers become             and that good things happen to        I see everybody working as a
quite staggering over the          good people. The other thought        team, coming together as a
course of a year, and over-        that crossed my mind, with a bit      well functioning unit, and I see
whelming after 12 years. This      of panic, was: “Where do we go        a sea of white uniforms mak-
is still the most amazing ride I   now? What are our new goals           ing it happen. I get cold chills
have ever been one, and still      for three years from now?” It         down my spine, and a swell-
offers a lot of challenges for     took me a little bit of time to re-   ing of my heart from pride,
all of us. The players may         alize that I did not need to set      and I live for that. It makes it
have changed, but the game         new facilities or events or new       all worthwhile, and I want to
remains the same. Not every        markets as a goal. I decided          thank you all for giving me
one of those hours worked          that our goal needed to be that       those moments. Thank you.
made me proud, not every ex-       three years down the road, we         Keep the peace, and I’ll see
perience was positive, but in      still had those clients, and they     you out there.
the overwhelming sense, it         were happy with the service we
has been amazing, and not          provided. Well, the three year
because of me, or another          goal mark has rolled over sev-        We recently became aware of
one person, but because of         eral times since those days, and      a new program sponsored by
each and every person that         every one of those clients still      Hensley - Anheiser Busch. It
has worked for us. The rea-        are our client. A very smart little   is the neatest thing I have
son we get to work that many       red-head once told me that:           seen in a long time. It is called
hours every year is because        “You will never become the best       Desi the Designated Driver.
of the good job we do, and         by wanting to be the biggest,         What it is, if you have had too
people want us to do that          but you can become the biggest        much to drink, you call 480-
same great job for them. We        by wanting to be the best”            586-6586. They send a flat
are privileged and honored by      I do not think that I realized        bed truck out to your location.
our success, and I am often        back then how true that was.          They load your car on the
amazed by how far we have          Looking back, I realized the pro-     back of the flat bed, and load
gotten. I remember not that        foundness of those words, and         you in the cab of the truck,
many years ago - We had            realize how damn proud I am of        and take you both home. No
hired a retired police lieuten-    all the hard work done by so          more having to figure how to
ant to come in, and evaluate       many, every hour of the day,          get your car the
our business. One of the           every day of the year, to not         next day, or leaving it over-
things he had us do was take       only have gotten us to where we       night. This program costs
big pieces of paper, and on        are today, but to keep us where       $25.00 to drive you and your
them write all the places we       we are and moving forward. I          car anywhere in the valley.
wanted to be working at in 3       once read that when you reach         That is an incredible deal!!!
years, and all the events we       the top of the mountain, the only     Problem solved, no excuses.
wanted to be involved with as      way to go is back down. I do not      Not that there ever is a reason
well. It was less than a year      believe that.                         to drive drunk, but we really
later, and we suddenly had all     I think that if you see through       want everybody to be aware
of them. I sat there, kind of      the clouds, you will see an even      of this program. Write the
baffled by what had hap-           higher mountain to conquer.           number down, keep it in your
pened, and how we suddenly         There are many more moun-             wallet, in your cell phone,
had everything we ever             tains for us to climb together,       somewhere, that when you
wanted. It think it was right      and many more moments of              are working an event at a bar
then that I became convinced       pride. I live for those moments       or where they serve alcohol,
that doing things the right way    where I am at an event, and           and you see somebody that
had it’s rewards,                                                        really should not be driving -
     Page 13                      STO. PERMANENT ORDERS

Tell them about this program,
and help them call for a ride.
You have heard this a million
times, but you might save a
life that night. One family not
torn apart by such a sense-
less and preventable cause. It
could be your family, or some-
one you know. Please re-
member the number - 480-
586-6586, and use it when
ever you need it.


                                  This is what happens when you upset the

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