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					HoDs’ Forum Mailing List 2011-12

           Members                                                                          E-mail

 Brian Cantor                   Vice-Chancellor                       
 Jane Grenville                 Deputy Vice-Chancellor & PVC (Students)
 Elizabeth Heaps                PVC (Estates)                         
 Colin Mellors                  PVC (Business and Community)          
 John Local                     PVC (Research)                        
 John Robinson                  PVC (Teaching and Learning)           

 Mark Ormrod                    Academic Coordinator (Arts & Humanities)
 Brian Fulton                   Academic Co-ordinator (Sciences)      
 Andrew Webster                 Academic Coordinator (Soc Sci)        

 Julian Richards                Archaeology (until 30 September 2012) 
 John Schofield                 Archaeology (from 1 October 2012)     
 Debbie Smith                   Biology                               
 Richard Taylor                 Chemistry                             
 John McDermid                  Computer Science (until 30 September 2012)
 Jim Woodcock                   Computer Science (from 1 October 2012)
 Andrew Jones                   Economics                             
 Judith Bennett                 Education                             
 David Howard                   Electronics                           
 Helen Fulton                   English & Related Literature          
 Colin Brown                    Environment                           
 Hilary Graham                  Health Sciences                       
 Stuart Carroll                 History                               
 Mark Hallett                   History of Art (until 30 August 2012) 
 Elizabeth Prettejohn           History of Art (from 1 September 2012)
 Tony Kendrick                  HYMS Dean                             
 Peter Sells                    Language & Linguistic Science         
 Ed Corrigan                    Mathematics                           
 Jo Wainwright                  Music                                 
 Tom Stoneham                   Philosophy                            
 Sarah Thompson                 Physics                               
 Matthew Festenstein            Politics                              
 Quentin Summerfield            Psychology                            
 Mary Maynard                   Social Policy & Social Work           
 Mike Savage                    Sociology (until 30 April 2012)       
 Robin Wooffitt                 Sociology (from 1 May 2012)           
 Andrew Higson                  Theatre, Film & Television            
 Steve Toms                     The York Management School (until 31 May
 Jill Schofield                 The York Management School (from 1 June 2012)
 Stuart Bell                    The York Law School                   

 Maria Goddard                  Centre for Health Economics           
 Lesley Stewart                 Centre for Reviews & Dissemination    
 Bette Chambers                 Institute for Effective Education     

 List maintained by Sara Bailey, Registrar & Secretary’s Office (ext 2131)               Last updated 30 March 2012

David Duncan               Registrar & Secretary                        
  Tom Fleming              Director, Health & Safety                    
  Lois Gregory             Senior Adviser, Equality & Diversity         
David Muckersie            Director of Corporate Planning               

Joan Concannon             Director of External Relations               
   Hilary Layton           Deputy Director (International Relations)    
   Simon Willis            Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions 
   Mary Haworth            Development & Alumni Relations               
   Lesley Booth            Head, Centre for Lifelong Learning           

Mark Mortimer              Director of Research and Enterprise          

Pat Lofthouse              Director of Human Resources                  
  Paula Tunbridge          Deputy Director, Human Resources             
  Kate O’Sullivan          Director of Professional & Organisational    
                           Development (POD)

Graham Gilbert             Director of Finance                          
  Rod Peet                 Deputy Director, Finance                     
  Tim Bird                 Manager, Supplies Office                     

Kate Dodd                  Academic Registrar                           
  Nigel Dandy              Head, Academic Support Office                
  Liz Smith                Director, Careers Service                    
  Rosemary Royds           Manager, Registry Services                   
  Steve Page               Manager, Student Support Services            

Jon Meacock                Director of Estates & Campus Services        
   Sue Johnston            Manager, Campus Services                     
                           Director of Estates Development
  Kevin Whelan             Director of Estates Operations               

Jon Greenwood              Director, Commercial Services                

Stephen Town               Director of Information                      
   Heidi Fraser-Krauss     Deputy Director of Information & Head of IT Services
   Liz Waller              Library                                      

Giles Davidson             HYMS Director of Administration              

David Efird                Provost, Vanbrugh                            
Tony Ward                  Provost, Alcuin                              
Rob Aitken                 Provost, Derwent                             
Jane Clarbour              Provost, Goodricke                           
Neil Lunt                  Provost, James                               
Katy Mann Benn             Provost, Halifax                             
John Issitt                Provost, Langwith                            
Russell Yates              Provost, Wentworth                           

List maintained by Sara Bailey, Registrar & Secretary’s Office (ext 2131)            Last updated 30 March 2012

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