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									HoDs’ Forum Mailing List 2011-12

           Members                                                                          E-mail

 Brian Cantor                   Vice-Chancellor                                 vc@york.ac.uk
 Jane Grenville                 Deputy Vice-Chancellor & PVC (Students)         jane.grenville@york.ac.uk
 Elizabeth Heaps                PVC (Estates)                                   elizabeth.heaps@york.ac.uk
 Colin Mellors                  PVC (Business and Community)                    colin.mellors@york.ac.uk
 John Local                     PVC (Research)                                  john.local@york.ac.uk
 John Robinson                  PVC (Teaching and Learning)                     jar11@ohm.york.ac.uk

 Mark Ormrod                    Academic Coordinator (Arts & Humanities)        mark.ormrod@york.ac.uk
 Brian Fulton                   Academic Co-ordinator (Sciences)                brian.fulton@york.ac.uk
 Andrew Webster                 Academic Coordinator (Soc Sci)                  andrew.webster@york.ac.uk

 Julian Richards                Archaeology (until 30 September 2012)           julian.richards@york.ac.uk
 John Schofield                 Archaeology (from 1 October 2012)               john.schofield@york.ac.uk
 Debbie Smith                   Biology                                         biohod@york.ac.uk
 Richard Taylor                 Chemistry                                       chem-hod@york.ac.uk
 John McDermid                  Computer Science (until 30 September 2012)      hod@cs.york.ac.uk
 Jim Woodcock                   Computer Science (from 1 October 2012)          jim@cs.york.ac.uk
 Andrew Jones                   Economics                                       econ-hod@york.ac.uk
 Judith Bennett                 Education                                       educ-hod@york.ac.uk
 David Howard                   Electronics                                     elec505@ohm.york.ac.uk
 Helen Fulton                   English & Related Literature                    helen.fulton@york.ac.uk
 Colin Brown                    Environment                                     cdb501@york.ac.uk
 Hilary Graham                  Health Sciences                                 hilary.graham@york.ac.uk
 Stuart Carroll                 History                                         stuart.carroll@york.ac.uk
 Mark Hallett                   History of Art (until 30 August 2012)           mark.hallett@york.ac.uk
 Elizabeth Prettejohn           History of Art (from 1 September 2012)          liz.prettejohn@york.ac.uk
 Tony Kendrick                  HYMS Dean                                       tony.kendrick@hyms.ac.uk
 Peter Sells                    Language & Linguistic Science                   peter.sells@york.ac.uk
 Ed Corrigan                    Mathematics                                     edward.corrigan@york.ac.uk
 Jo Wainwright                  Music                                           jo.wainwright@york.ac.uk
 Tom Stoneham                   Philosophy                                      tom.stoneham@york.ac.uk
 Sarah Thompson                 Physics                                         sarah.thompson@york.ac.uk
 Matthew Festenstein            Politics                                        matthew.festenstein@york.ac.uk
 Quentin Summerfield            Psychology                                      hod@psych.york.ac.uk
 Mary Maynard                   Social Policy & Social Work                     mary.maynard@york.ac.uk
 Mike Savage                    Sociology (until 30 April 2012)                 mike.savage@york.ac.uk
 Robin Wooffitt                 Sociology (from 1 May 2012)                     robin.wooffitt@york.ac.uk
 Andrew Higson                  Theatre, Film & Television                      andrew.higson@york.ac.uk
 Steve Toms                     The York Management School (until 31 May        steve.toms@york.ac.uk
 Jill Schofield                 The York Management School (from 1 June 2012)
 Stuart Bell                    The York Law School                             stuart.bell@york.ac.uk

 Maria Goddard                  Centre for Health Economics                     maria.goddard@york.ac.uk
 Lesley Stewart                 Centre for Reviews & Dissemination              lesley.stewart@york.ac.uk
 Bette Chambers                 Institute for Effective Education               bette.chambers@york.ac.uk

 List maintained by Sara Bailey, Registrar & Secretary’s Office (ext 2131)               Last updated 30 March 2012

David Duncan               Registrar & Secretary                                  david.duncan@york.ac.uk
  Tom Fleming              Director, Health & Safety                              tom.fleming@york.ac.uk
  Lois Gregory             Senior Adviser, Equality & Diversity                   equality@york.ac.uk
David Muckersie            Director of Corporate Planning                         david.muckersie@york.ac.uk

Joan Concannon             Director of External Relations                         joan.concannon@york.ac.uk
   Hilary Layton           Deputy Director (International Relations)              hilary.layton@york.ac.uk
   Simon Willis            Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions           simon.willis@york.ac.uk
   Mary Haworth            Development & Alumni Relations                         mary.haworth@york.ac.uk
   Lesley Booth            Head, Centre for Lifelong Learning                     lesley.booth@york.ac.uk

Mark Mortimer              Director of Research and Enterprise                    mark.mortimer@york.ac.uk

Pat Lofthouse              Director of Human Resources                            pat.lofthouse@york.ac.uk
  Paula Tunbridge          Deputy Director, Human Resources                       paula.tunbridge@york.ac.uk
  Kate O’Sullivan          Director of Professional & Organisational              kate.osullivan@york.ac.uk
                           Development (POD)

Graham Gilbert             Director of Finance                                    graham.gilbert@york.ac.uk
  Rod Peet                 Deputy Director, Finance                               rod.peet@york.ac.uk
  Tim Bird                 Manager, Supplies Office                               tim.bird@york.ac.uk

Kate Dodd                  Academic Registrar                                     kate.dodd@york.ac.uk
  Nigel Dandy              Head, Academic Support Office                          nigel.dandy@york.ac.uk
  Liz Smith                Director, Careers Service                              liz.smith@york.ac.uk
  Rosemary Royds           Manager, Registry Services                             rosemary.royds@york.ac.uk
  Steve Page               Manager, Student Support Services                      steve.page@york.ac.uk

Jon Meacock                Director of Estates & Campus Services                  jon.meacock@york.ac.uk
   Sue Johnston            Manager, Campus Services                               sue.johnston@york.ac.uk
                           Director of Estates Development
  Kevin Whelan             Director of Estates Operations                         kevin.whelan@york.ac.uk

Jon Greenwood              Director, Commercial Services                          jon.greenwood@york.ac.uk

Stephen Town               Director of Information                                stephen.town@york.ac.uk
   Heidi Fraser-Krauss     Deputy Director of Information & Head of IT Services   Heidi.fraser-krauss@york.ac.uk
   Liz Waller              Library                                                liz.waller@york.ac.uk

Giles Davidson             HYMS Director of Administration                        giles.davidson@hyms.ac.uk

David Efird                Provost, Vanbrugh                                      david.efird@york.ac.uk
Tony Ward                  Provost, Alcuin                                        tony.ward@york.ac.uk
Rob Aitken                 Provost, Derwent                                       rob.aitken@york.ac.uk
Jane Clarbour              Provost, Goodricke                                     jane.clarbour@york.ac.uk
Neil Lunt                  Provost, James                                         neil.lunt@york.ac.uk
Katy Mann Benn             Provost, Halifax                                       katy.mannbenn@york.ac.uk
John Issitt                Provost, Langwith                                      john.issittt@york.ac.uk
Russell Yates              Provost, Wentworth                                     russell.yates@york.ac.uk

List maintained by Sara Bailey, Registrar & Secretary’s Office (ext 2131)            Last updated 30 March 2012

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