New Castle ATRC Moves to duPont Hospital for Children

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					                       Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative (DATI) • Volume 14, No. 1 • Winter 2006

New Castle ATRC Moves to duPont Hospital for Children
     he New Castle County Assistive Technology                  Services

T    Resource Center (ATRC) has moved to the
     Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in
Wilmington. With its new office space in North
                                                                offered at the
                                                                site include
Wilmington, the ATRC will continue to serve as the              equipment
comprehensive AT resource center in New Castle                  demonstra-
County.                                                         tion, assis-
                                                                tance in help-
                                                                ing to identify
                                                                options for a
                                                                given need,
                                                                and consulta-
                                                                tion relative The new ATRC provides more space for
                                                                                 housing AT items available for demonstra-
                                                                to funding       tion and loan.
                                                                options. Most
                                                                of the equipment at the site is available for a two-
The New Castle County ATRC recently moved to the second
floor of the Administration & Research Building of the Alfred   week loan period, enabling users to "try before they
I. duPont Hospital for Children.                                buy." Drop-in visitors are always welcome, but to
                                                                ensure personalized attention, it is recommended
As in Kent and Sussex Counties, the New Castle                  that you call in advance to make an appointment.
ATRC is barrier-free, open to the public, and con-              There is no charge for the services offered by
tains examples of all types of AT. Eden Melmed,                 DATI’s ATRCs.
the Assistive Technology Specialist; Beth Mineo
Mollica, the DATI Director; and Kia Bergman, the                The New Castle ATRC contact information is as
Information and Outreach Coordinator, are avail-                follows:
able to assist visitors Monday through Friday 8:00                                     DATI
a.m.-4:30 p.m.                                                              New Castle County ATRC
                                                                      Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
                                                                                1600 Rockland Rd.
                                                                                   P.O. Box 269
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                                   203 Administration & Research Building
Handheld Devices in the Classroom . . . . . . . 2                         Wilmington, DE 19899-0269
The AT Bargain Basement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3                            (800) 870-DATI
                                                                                  (302) 651-6790
DLP Activities Outlined in AT Act . . . . . . . . . 4
                                                                               (302) 651-6793 (fax)
Purchasing a New Van . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6                       (302) 651-6794 (TDD)
Tobin Partners with DATI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7            Serves as Model . . . . . . . . . . .8
Delaware AT Exchange. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
Handheld Devices Making Their Way into the Classroom
Dan Fendler, AT Specialist
Sussex County ATRC
         fter presenting a session on assistive tech-   PDAs made their biggest initial impact in the cor-

A        nology to a group of teachers studying for
         their master’s degrees, it became very clear
to me that many of them really understood the
                                                        porate world. The devices were used primarily as
                                                        schedulers because the calendar could easily be
                                                        shared with others. One of the key tools of the cal-
importance of technology in the classroom. The          endar function of a PDA is that it includes a notifi-
teachers recognized how important technology can        cation system that reminds the user of a pending
be to all students, and particularly those with spe-    appointment. While not the inventor of the PDA,
cial needs. However, many were frustrated with          (Apple Computer, Inc. coined the term PDA for
their school’s slow acceptance of some technologi-      one of the earliest versions—the Newton) Palm,
cal advances.                                           Inc. is commonly recognized as the company that
                                                        brought the PDA into the mainstream.
Technology is becoming integral to many profes-
sions. This is particularly true in education.          Some of the features that make PDAs useful in a
Arguably, the potential impact of technology in the     business environment work effectively in a class-
classroom is enormous. There are many promising         room setting as well. Some examples are:
examples, not the least of which is the increasing
availability of digital textbooks. Because of the         • The schedule function can be very useful to stu-
potential importance of technology related to edu-          dents struggling with time management skills.
cation, it is more important than ever to get com-        • The use of a calendar function with alarms can
fortable with these tools.                                  help students with their organization skills.
                                                          • Timers can be used to keep a student on task.
In my experience as an Assistive Technology Spe-          • Devices can be used as note takers, either with
cialist, I have seen the reluctance of many educa-          or without an external keyboard.
tors to use technology in the classroom. I under-         • Most devices have some sort of handwriting
stand this reluctance. Many times, technology can           recognition program available (Grafitti in Palm
be fickle and uncooperative. Wrestling with some            OS, Notes in Pocket PC).
device that doesn’t work is one of the last things        • Curricular content in digital format can be
that an educator wants to deal with when teaching.          processed and converted to an MP3 format,
But for those of you who are receptive enough to            then downloaded to the PDA so the student can
consider that there may be tools available that can         listen to the material. This is helpful for those
truly help your students, I would like to give you a        students with reading difficulties.
better understanding of some of the potential class-      • eBooks can be downloaded and read on PDAs.
room uses of some small handheld devices.                 • Built in calculators and hundreds of software
                                                            applications are available, many at no cost.
Handheld computers, also known as PDAs, or per-
sonal digital assistants, are commonly available in     PDAs are not for everyone. Due to the small size
either Palm OS or Pocket PC formats. These are          of the screen, students with a visual impairment
the two predominant operating systems. Currently,       may not be able to effectively use a PDA; however,
there is a bit of controversy regarding which plat-     newer PDAs may have a version of DECtalk
form is best. Personally, I have no opinion about       speech capability, allowing content on the screen to
which platform is better, but I find myself more        be read to the user. Also, the small controls may be
familiar with the Pocket PC format, because of its      difficult to manipulate for students with fine motor
similarity to Microsoft Windows. My advice to           limitations.
anyone considering either platform is to figure out
what you want to accomplish with the device, and        As always, if you have any questions, please do not
then see what software is available to meet your        hesitate to contact your local ATRC.
specific needs.
The AT Bargain Basement
Marvin Williams, AT Specialist
Kent County ATRC
         ello true believers, and welcome to the win-    different tones so that you can have auditory and

H        ter installment of the AT Bargain Basement.
         I am Marvin Williams, and I will be your
guide through a wonderland of bargains! For those
                                                         visual cues. The nice thing about this unit is that it
                                                         also includes a phone attachment so that you can
                                                         plug your phone into a receiver and it will make
of you who are new to the Bargain Basement, I’ll         the lights flash when the phone rings as well. The
explain the rules of the game… I find the best AT        door chime is available for around $50 at your
deals I can for $100 or less. For this installment, I    local Lowe’s.®
have decided to take a look at the bargains avail-
able for loan and/or demonstration at your local         Next up is the Clear Sounds 40XLC Amplified
ATRC. Each ATRC has recently received numerous           Phone with a large backlit Caller ID display. The
additions to its inventory and quite a few of those      hearing aid compatible 40XLC is nice because it
happen to be great bargains! That means everything       combines all of the functions of a good amplified
you read about in this column is available for loan      telephone with large, easy-to-see buttons, and a
from an ATRC near you. So, without further adieu,        large print Caller ID display. There is even a speak-
let’s get to the bargains!                               er phone included. For those of you needing a more
                                                         tactile telephone ring, there is a pillow shaker
Our first items are the Door Knocker 300 from            attachment included with this phone. With this
CompuTTY and the Flashing Door Chime from                device next to your bed, you may never sleep
Lamson Home Products. The Door Knocker is a              through the phone ringing again. The ringer is
signaler that flashes when someone knocks at the         adjustable to 95dB, which is nothing to sneeze at,
door. Just plug it into an outlet near the door, and     and the amplifier goes up to 50dB. It sells for
you’re all set. When someone knocks, the signal on       $86.43 from Ambient Weather,
the unit flashes and gives a visual alert that some-
one is at the door. Since it plugs into a wall outlet,
you can take this device with you on vacation or         Another bargain that is available for loan at your
move it to other doors in your home. The Door            local ATRC is the Oversized Universal Remote.
Knocker is available for $24.95 through                  This item is a marvel to behold. The large, easy-to-
CompuTTY’s website, or by               use buttons light up when you press them. Also,
placing a phone order at (800) 366-9950.                 since it’s a universal remote, you can program in
                                                         up to four devices and control them all from the
The Flashing Door                                        same remote. Maxi-Aids sells the Oversized Uni-
Chime works along                                        versal Remote for $38.95 through their website,
similar lines, but is                          , or by calling (800) 522-6294.
for use with doorbells
and phones. To use                                       Next we have the Wide-View Fresnel Stand Mag-
this unit, simply                                        nifier, which is available for $87.95 from LS & S,
mount the doorbell                                       LLC at or by calling (800)
chime button where                                       468-4789. This is a large magnifier that can be
you would have a reg-                                    handy for reading books, magazines, or newspa-
ular wired doorbell                                      pers. The stand allows hands-free use, and the
button. The receiver is       Flashing Door Chime        gooseneck holding arm lets you position the mag-
plugged into the wall                                    nifier in a way that works best for you. As with all
and a lamp is plugged into it. When the button is        magnifiers, it is a good idea to try it out before you
pressed, the light plugged into the receiver will        make a purchase to be sure it will provide enough
flash, giving a visual cue that the doorbell has been    magnification for you.
pressed. It also has a chime on it with a few
                                                                                              continued on page 4

                                                                                              WINTER 2006 • 3
The AT Bargain Basement                                 (continued)
That brings us to the Timex Weekly Medication            weekly rack and used independently with the timer.
Manager. The Timex system is great because it            So if you have medications you take four times a
has four different medica-                               day every day, you can set them up on the rack and
tion compartments at each                                then take them and the timer with you when you’re
level and seven levels,                                  on the go. When you get home, put the empty rack
thus giving you enough                                   back and take the full rack for the next day. The
compartments for four dif-                               Timex full week unit sells for $25.95 and a single
ferent sets of medications                               four compartment unit sells for $16.95 from Safe
every day for seven days.                                Home Products at or
The system also has                                      (877) 358-0900.
alarms on it so you can
get friendly reminders of                                For more information on any of the products men-
when you need to take                                    tioned in this article, or to inquire about a demon-
your medications. The                                    stration or loan of the equipment, please contact
alarm can be a beep, a                                   your local ATRC.
voice, or a flashing
reminder. Each compart-                                  And that will bring to a close another installment of
                              Timex Weekly Medication
ment can have its own                Manager             the AT Bargain Basement. As usual, if you know of
reminder. The box can                                    any bargains, please feel free to drop me a line. I’ll
also have two additional timers set. The system has      be sure to mention it here and to properly credit
a history tracker so that you can see when the           you for your wonderful ideas. So until next time,
alarms were stopped and when pills were missed.          remember—just because it’s a bargain doesn’t
One very big bonus of this unit is that each individ-    mean it’s cheap!
ual four-compartment tray can be taken off of the

Disabilities Law Program Activities Outlined in AT Act
Dan Atkins, Legal Advocacy Director
Disabilities Law Program
       obin is fourteen years old, born with Cere-       firm representing poor, disabled, or elderly

R      bral Palsy, and relies on a wheelchair for
       mobility. A treating orthopedist prescribes a
therapeutic exercise device which will improve cir-
                                                         Delawareans free of charge. The DLP is a special
                                                         project of CLASI, advocating for people with dis-
                                                         abilities (mental or physical) in a number of differ-
culation, bone strength, and cardiovascular fitness.     ent spheres. There are no income requirements or
Citing the device’s cost of $10,000, Robin’s Man-        fees for DLP services. The DLP has projects focus-
aged Care Organization contends that the service is      ing on the rights of people with mental illness,
not a covered benefit, is not cost effective, and is     developmental disabilities, and traumatic brain
essentially a home exercise device—and therefore         injury, in addition to several projects which cut
not medically necessary.                                 across disabilities by focusing on individual rights,
                                                         voting rights, removing barriers to work for recipi-
The Disabilities Law Program                             ents of social security benefits, and assistive tech-
Unfortunately, Robin’s case is not hypothetical.         nology.
Robin (a pseudonym to protect her confidentiality)
is a client of the Disabilities Law Program (DLP).       The AT Act
Through its Assistive Technology grant, the DLP          Through the reauthorization of the Assistive Tech-
represented her in a Medicaid hearing. Community         nology Act of 1998, the DLP receives federal fund-
Legal Aid Society, Inc. (CLASI) is a non-profit law
                                                                                             continued on page 5
DLP Activities Outlined in AT Act                                           (continued)
ing to provide advocacy services to promote the          devices and services more widely available for con-
acquisition, utilization, and maintenance of assis-      sumers.
tive technology (AT) devices and services by indi-
viduals with disabilities. Individuals with disabili-    In addition to the area of Medicaid advocacy, the
ties are defined in the Act as those who have a dis-     DLP also represents children eligible for special
ability and who would be enabled by an AT device         education services who are seeking technology to
or service to minimize deterioration in functioning,     improve their ability to benefit from their curricu-
to maintain a level of functioning, or to achieve a      lum. For instance, electronic versions of instruc-
greater level of functioning in any major life activi-   tional materials are crucial to students with visual
ty. The familiar Americans with Disabilities Act         impairments. The DLP represents a number of chil-
definition of disability will determine what a dis-      dren in their efforts to seek payment from Medic-
ability is—the disability must substantially limit a     aid, or school districts, for devices or services
major life activity. Major life activities have been     which they could not otherwise afford. Children
construed by the courts to include walking, talking,     with autism, mental retardation, or cerebral palsy
breathing, working, procreating, and thinking. Dis-      may have limited ability to speak. Small handheld
abilities which can be remediated by medication or       computers may be able to give a voice to a child
a device may not be considered substantially limit-      who otherwise would need to rely on a rudimentary
ing. For instance, someone with vision problems          point at the picture book to communicate. The AT
whose sight can be corrected with eyeglasses, or         device strengthens vocabulary, enhances communi-
someone with hypertension which can be con-              cation, and promotes the child’s independence.
trolled by medication, may not have a substantially
limiting impairment. However, someone who                On a systemic level, the DLP collaborates with the
exclusively relies on a wheelchair for mobility          Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative (DATI)
most certainly would qualify, since the person may       and state councils to promote legislative, regulato-
be mobile with the wheelchair, but the major life        ry, and policy standards which facilitate access to
activity of walking is still impaired.                   appropriate AT devices and services. The DLP sees
                                                         the emergence of Charter Schools in Delaware as
DLP Priorities under the AT Grant                        an opportunity to improve the availability of assis-
In a non-profit organization, demand typically out-      tive technology to students with disabilities by
strips resources. As a result, the DLP solicits input    ensuring that these schools properly implement the
from the community and then develops priorities to       mandates of the Individuals with Disabilities Edu-
reduce subjectivity in case selection, and to lever-     cation Act.
age our limited resources to meet client needs and
address systemic issues. The DLP employs a multi-        A third DLP AT priority area is assisting AT con-
faceted advocacy approach when confronting AT            sumers in maintaining their independence and help-
problems. The DLP handles cases both on the indi-        ing employees, who rely on AT to work, receive
vidual level (directly representing consumers in         vocational rehabilitation. In the coming year,
administrative and court hearings) and on the sys-       important priorities for the DLP will include: 1)
temic level (advocating through committees and           ensuring that AT (e.g., a wheelchair) has adequate
public policy forums). For instance, in the area of      warranties through enforcement of the AT Lemon
Medicaid litigation, the DLP, in addition to repre-      Law, which was drafted by the DLP; and 2) advo-
senting individual clients like Robin, is advocating     cating for employers to provide AT as reasonable
through multi-disciplinary councils for the state to     accommodations.
adopt a Medicaid Buy-In Program, which would
significantly expand the number of clients eligible      Conclusion
for Medicaid services, and as a result make AT           Robin awaits a decision from the Medicaid Hearing

                                                                                            continued on page 6
                                                                                            WINTER 2006 • 5
DLP Activities Outlined in AT Act                                       (continued)
Officer on whether she will be able to receive an         provided. Nevertheless, please consider calling the
AT device that remains beyond her family’s finan-         DLP in any of its three offices in Delaware should
cial means. The DLP argued that AT, while expen-          a person with a disability have any concerns about
sive up front, is cost effective in the long run.         the provision, acquisition, or maintenance of an AT
Robin’s doctor pointed out that without the device,       service or device. Contact information for the DLP
it is certainly possible that Robin’s condition could     is as follows:
deteriorate, she could suffer broken bones, and she
could need in-patient care, or worse, institutional-      New Castle County
ization in the near future. Paying $10,000 now to         100 W. 10th St., Suite 801
keep a child with her parents, rather than paying         Wilmington, DE 19801
tens of thousands of dollars later to institutionalize    (302) 575-0690
her, seems so obvious. However, victory is any-
thing but guaranteed.                                     Kent County
                                                          840 Walker Rd.
Robin’s case is an example of the work the DLP is         Dover, DE 19904
doing on behalf of individuals with disabilities in       (302) 674-8145
their effort to acquire AT. This article has highlight-
ed just a few of the major areas of the law within        Sussex County
which the DLP fulfills its responsibilities under the     144 E. Market St.
AT Act. The full DLP priorities are published on          Georgetown, DE 19947
the CLASI website at In some             (302) 856-6133
cases, technical assistance or a referral only may be

Purchasing a New Adapted Van
Carol E. Barnett
          y brother Steve and I were in the market        leave it there for repairs. Also, we were left without

M         for a new accessible minivan in 2004.
          Steve is an adult who uses a power
wheelchair to get around and we found the adapted
                                                          the use of the van for all those weeks as none of
                                                          the repair shops have vans to rent while you wait.

minivan to be perfect for us. We had purchased a          Since we had experienced all that heartache with
minivan with a Ricon electronic ramp with a               our first, fully-equipped minivan, we decided to go
remote control and a lowered floor in 1996 and had        slightly more low-tech with our second van. I actu-
our share of problems with the electronics that           ally purchased the van on the telephone and found
often failed with no warning. There were several          my car loan on the Internet, so it made for a very
times when the lift would not slide out from under        interesting and unique experience. I worked with
the van and my brother was either trapped in the          Mobility Independent Transportation Systems
van or he was outside the van and unable to enter.        (M.I.T.S.), Inc. in York, PA and we ordered a
There is no company in Delaware that can repair           maroon Chevy Venture minivan with a Braun
this type of minivan, so we were forced to go to          Entervan System.
either Pennsylvania or New Jersey to find reputable
mechanics. Also, the van could never be fixed in          This new van requires me to manually open the
just a day or two. Any repair took weeks, at best.        sliding door on the passenger side and pull down a
Often, parts had to be ordered from the manufac-          lightweight ramp that is mounted and hinged to fit
turer in California or actually made by a local           against the door when it is not in use. After Steve
machine shop since they were sometimes unavail-           enters the van, he moves to the front passenger seat
able. I had to arrange for many a friend to follow        area, as the seat has been removed. His wheelchair
me for 30-40 miles so I could drop off the van and        is secured in an EZ Lock system. A V-shaped
                                                                                              continued on page 7
Purchasing a New Adapted Van (continued)
device is placed on the underside of his wheelchair     hour ride through beautiful horse farm country) and
and that device fits into the EZ Lock system            drove home about two hours later with the new
mounted on the floor of the van. He can lock him-       van. They made an appointment so they could fit
self in, and off we go. The EZ Lock system has its      the EZ Lock system that was ordered to my broth-
own alarm that will sound if the chair comes loose      er’s specific model chair. M.I.T.S. was willing to
from the device. That has never happened in over        take our old van and sell it on consignment. Within
nine years of use. One of the other good decisions I    two weeks, the van was sold and a check was on
made was to forego the carpeting and just have a        the way. That made one part of this complex trans-
rubber material installed on the floor of the van. In   action very easy indeed! I did have to register the
the rain and snow, it simply gets a little wet and      van at the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicle and
then dries, without any residue left behind. The        had to pay the taxes and other costs (almost $800)
cost of a new van is about $43,000. We were lucky       that local car dealers usually handle. I was glad I
enough to have received about $5,000 in rebates so      had my checkbook with me that day as I did not
the final cost was about $38,000. Hopefully this        realize that these fees had not been paid already.
van will not require very specialized repair work,
and the usual maintenance can be done by a Chevy        All in all, this was a pleasant experience and we
dealer or a local mechanic.                             are very pleased, so far, with our new van, which is
                                                        now one-year-old. I would highly recommend the
I went to the AAA website,, to look         dealer we used and would certainly check out the
into a car loan. The website links to Capital One       Chevy Venture minivan.
Auto Loans and I filled out the papers online and
was approved for a loan within a day or two. Then       Contact information:
the company mailed me some forms to complete            Mobility Independent Transportation Systems, Inc.
and sent me a check for the amount of the loan. We      (M.I.T.S. Corporation)
were able to secure a six-year loan at 4.79 percent     11448 North Main St. Extended
interest, which was a lower rate than the car dealer    Glen Rock, PA 17327
could offer. Of course, now we have 72 car pay-         (888) VANS-4-YOU
ments to make, but just in case we win the lottery
along the way, I made sure that the loan could be       DATI was so impressed with Carol and Steve’s
paid back early with no pre-payment penalty.            management of a complex van purchase and modi-
                                                        fication that we asked Carol to share their experi-
We drove the old van to York, PA (about a two           ence with our readers. Thanks, Carol and Steve!

Tobin Foundation Partners with DATI
        he Tobin Foundation for the Visually            to add to its inventory of aids for those with visual

T       Impaired, a nonprofit organization headquar-
        tered in Wilmington, has made a donation of
$10,000 to the Delaware Assistive Technology Ini-
                                                        impairments in each of its three ATRCs. The inven-
                                                        tory items will be available for demonstration and
                                                        loan. AT Specialists at each ATRC will also be
tiative (DATI) to be used to assist Delawareans         available to discuss the new AT and to help identify
with visual impairments.                                low vision aid options based on an individual’s per-
                                                        sonal needs.
This grant will help the Tobin Foundation to broad-
en their reach, and will help the DATI to continue      With this grant money the DATI will also be able
to offer the most up-to-date assistive technology       to provide Delawareans with visual disabilities
options to those with visual impairments through-       with low-cost AT devices that may assist them.
out the state of Delaware.                              Details of this new program will appear in the
                                                        Spring issue of The AT Messenger.
With the Tobin Foundation grant, the DATI plans
                                                                                            WINTER 2006 • 7
DATI’s Website Serves as a Model for Other Programs
           hen Beth Mineo Mollica, DATI Director,            terms of the new Assistive Technology Act, which

W          provided a demonstration of DATI’s new
           website to representatives from AT Act
Programs across the country in November 2004,
                                                             require all State AT Programs to operate an equip-
                                                             ment exchange or equipment recycling program. In
                                                             the interest of efficiency and economy, a national
she could not have predicted what happened next.             meeting of all those interested in adopting the
“I mentioned that the site had been developed with           DATI’s AT Exchange model has been scheduled for
funding from the Real Choice Systems Change                  February 27 and 28 in Philadelphia. DATI staff,
Grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid             and representatives of AgoraNet, the company con-
Services,” Mineo Mollica recounts. “I thought it             tracted to construct the site, will showcase the sys-
only fair to offer the source code at no cost to other       tem and its capabilities, and work with other inter-
federally-funded programs that could benefit from            ested states to identify additional features and data
it.” Since that time, more than a dozen states have          collection functions to be built into the next genera-
begun the process of adopting one or more of the             tion of the system.
website’s modules for their own use.
                                                             This type of cooperation is very typical among the
The module garnering the most attention to date              State AT Programs. “We have relatively little feder-
has been the AT Exchange, which enables con-                 al funding but a very large mandate,” says Mineo
stituents to interact via the Internet to buy, sell, or      Mollica. “We have to maximize our resources, and
give away used AT using a “want ads” type of                 sharing new materials and tools across programs
approach ( This             has proven to be one very effective way for us to
interest has been stoked, at least in part, by the           ‘do more with less.’”

                            Delaware Assistive Technology Exchange
                            If you are interested in an item, please call the number listed next to the item. For
                            the most up-to-date listings, or if you would like to add or remove an item from the
                            list, please visit the AT Exchange on the Web at
                            or call the DATI Georgetown office at (302) 856-1081. All prices are negotiable and
                            all area codes are 302 unless otherwise noted.

Devices Available                                            Gait trainer, Rifton, 19", blue w/handhold bars,
Ambulation/Positioning                                           communication tray, seat, very good cond, $100
Cane, adj stainless steel, $10, Carolyn, 369-9372                or BO, Jone, 376-5637
Cane, 3 prong, metal, BO, Kathryn, 453-8047                  Gait trainer, Rifton, small, excel cond, free, Blaze,
Cane, 4 feet, excel cond, $10, Carl, 875-7839                    449-1600
Canes, walkers, commodes, etc, loaned or given,              Pediatric Rifton chair, arms, seat depth 10-3/4",
   free, Cindy, 854-9555                                         seat width 11", adj angle seat back, adj
Ceiling lift, barrier free, battery operated w/track             height/angle footrest w/straps, removable pom-
   and sling, excel cond, $500, Lois, 945-1278                   mel and tray, $100, Leanna, 836-0866
Crutches, adult, $5, Tim, 697-8404                           Pony gait trainer, sz 1, padded seat and chest sup-
                                                                 port, tray attachment, very good cond, $800 or
Crutches, aluminum, excel cond, free, Eden, 651-
                                                                 BO, Janet, 698-5451
                                                             Pony gait trainer, sz 0, padded seat, chest support,
Cushion, 3-1/2x3/4", free, Eden, 651-6790
                                                                 push handle, excel cond, $800 or BO, Janet,
Cushion, right slant, free, Eden, 651-6790                       698-5451
Gait trainer, Rifton, medium, free, leave message,           Rifton chair, small, very good cond, free, Blaze,
   Joan, 378-8380                                                449-1600

Stander, Giraffe by SnugSeat, prone, supine or         Say It All II Plus, 47 messages per level plus key-
   upright, activity and support tray, excel cond,        board, free, Eden, 651-6790
   $300 or BO, Jone, 376-5637                          SideKick, digitized speech, free, Eden, 651-6790
Stander, prone, barely used, free, Blaze, 449-1600     Speak Easy, free, Eden, 651-6790
Walker, adj, excel cond, $25 or BO, Joseph, 645-       Speech aid, Cooper Rand, tone generator, plastic
   4915                                                   tube, free, Eden, 651-6790
Walker, excel cond, free, Joan, 475-2312               Voice amplifier, Cooper Rand, pocket size, volume
Walker, Invacare, 2-wheel, wheels can be removed          & tone controls, free, Eden, 651-6790
   and replaced w/leg attachments (included), free,    Voicette, free, Eden, 651-6790
   Kathryn, 453-8047
Walker, Invacare, free, Kathryn, 453-8047              Computers/Software
Walker, front wheels, basket, $20, Carl, 875-7839      Bake-N-Taste (IBM), 3.5 and 5.25" disks, free,
Walker, Rifton, blue, 4-wheel, small seating area,         Alma, 739-6885
   sz small can be adj, excel cond, free, Diane,       Cause and Effect (PC, MS-DOS), Ver 2.0, 3.5"
   283-1390                                                disk, free, Alma, 739-6885
Walker, front push, red/silver, needs new rubber       Co:Writer (Mac), Ver 1.1 and 2.0, 3.5" disks, free,
   caps on 2 sides, free, Janet, 947-0586                  Alma, 739-6885
Walker w/rear brakes, Aurora, brake attachment,        Comparison Shopping (MS-DOS), Ver 2.0, Life
   never used, free, Eden, 651-6790                        Skills Series, 3.5" disk, free, Alma, 739-6885
Walker w/seat, Dolomite, large seat and wheels,        Fact or Opinion (IBM, MS-DOS), Ver 2.0, 3.5"
   never used, $50, Regina, 436-4865                       disk, free, Alma, 739-6885
                                                       HandiCODE, Ver 2.09, 3.5 and 5.25" disks, free,
Communication                                              Alma, 739-6885
Alpha Talker, 4-, 8-, up to 16-square keyboard         HandiKEY (MS-DOS), Ver 2.17, 3.5 and 5.25"
   location operating kit, carrying case, manual,          disks, free, Alma, 739-6885
   videotape, needs battery, has 2 battery chargers,   HandiSHIFT (Win), 3.5 and 5.25" disks, free,
   free, Jenny, 563-8126                                   Alma, 739-6885
Alpha Talker II, carrying case, free, Eden, 651-       IntelliFAX, Brother, copier/phone/fax, instruction
   6790                                                    book, very good cond, $50, Carl, 875-7839
Book Maid, aluminum, w/clear holder, free, Eden,       Island of Dr. Brain (IBM, MS-DOS), Ver 1.0, 3.5"
   651-6790                                                disks, free, Alma, 739-6885
Delta Talker, carrying case, free, Eden, 651-6790      KidTime PC (IBM, PC), 3.5 and 5.25" disks, free,
Digivox, strap, connector, carrying case, free,            Alma, 739-6885
   Eden, 651-6790                                      MACnificent 7 Education & Games (Mac), CD,
DynaVox 2c desk mount kit, black w/silver mount-           free, Alma, 739-6885
   ing plate, free, Alma, 739-6885                     McGee (IBM), 3.5 and 5.25" disks, free, Alma,
Dynovox 2C, free, Eden, 651-6790                           739-6885
Easy Talk, free, Eden, 651-6790                        Mickey's ABCs/A Day at the Fair (Win, MS-DOS),
Easy Talk 8 carry case, black, soft padded, shoulder       5.25" disks, free, Alma, 739-6885
   strap, free, Alma, 739-6885                         Muppet Learning Key Keyboard (Win), never used,, color overlays w/8- or 32-keys, free,           free, Alma, 739-6885
   Eden, 651-6790                                      Mutanoid Math Challenge (IBM), Ver 2.1, 3.5"
Keyguards, Vanguard 45-Loc Keyguard, AlphaTalk             disk, free, Alma, 739-6885
   4- and 8-loc operating kits, DeltaTalker 32-loc     Pepper's Adventures in Time (MS-DOS, Win), Ver
   operating kit, free, Eden, 651-6790                     1.0, 3.5" disks, free, Alma, 739-6885
Message Mate 40, adapter, free, Eden, 651-6790         Printer, Umax, Astra 2000 U/P w/cables, manuals,
Optical headpointer, use w/Liberator, DeltaTalker,         free, Cindy, 945-6195
   AlphaTalker, AlphaTalker II, Light Talker,          Screen Reader, Window Eyes, 5.0 Ver, excel cond,
   IntroTalker, never used, free, Eden, 651-6790           $400, Mark, 655-9108
Personal communicating system, Abovo, remote           TASH WinMini Keyboard, frequency of use layout,
   display, battery charger, free, Eden, 651-6790          PS/2 cable, free, Eden, 651-6790

                                                                                          WINTER 2006 • 9
Talking Once Upon A Time Series Vol. 3 (IBM,              Residential elevator, Minivator, services 2 story
    MS-DOS), Ver 1.4, 3.5" disk, free, Alma, 739-             home, opening between floors is concealed and
    6885                                                      can be walked on, excel cond, $8,500 or BO,
Touch window, Edmark, use w/15" IBM compati-                  Al, 994-8902
    ble computer monitor, excel cond, $100 or BO,         Stair lift, leather, for 6 step stairway, $800 or BO,
    Leanna, 836-0866                                          Edward, 738-1863
Ultimate Reader 32 Bit (Win), CAST, Ver 1.0, 3.5"         Stair lift, StairChair, brown seat, rated for 240 lbs,
    disks, free, Alma, 739-6885                               $500 or BO, Jeanie, 658-4238
Using Credit (MS-DOS), Ver 2.0, Life Skills               Stair lift, Stannah 300, remote for downstairs and
    Series, 3.5” disk, free, Alma, 739-6885                   upstairs rail, swivels, seat belt, pink/beige, very
Using a Calendar (IBM for MS-DOS), 3.5" disks,                good cond, $2,000, Anne, 235-2209
    free, Alma, 739-6885                                  Stair lift, hydraulic, must pay to remove, free,
Yearn 2 Learn Peanuts (Mac), 3.5" disks, free,                Vanessa, 655-9840
    Alma, 739-6885                                        Stair lift, 20 yrs old, free, Ed, 475-7822
                                                          Transfer belt, large, $10, Robert, 539-9407
Hearing                                                   Wheelchair lift, ascends 5’, no gate at bottom of
Alert System, Sonic, strobe light, bed shaker, door-          lift, free, Joseph, 653-7280
   bell signaler, free, Eden, 651-6790
Audiometer, Marco, requires calibration, free,            Other
   Kathy, 324-4444                                        Portable cassette recorder, Panasonic, free, Eden,
Hearing aid, Miracle Ear, right ear, can be tuned by         651-6790
   a hearing aid specialist, excel cond, $800,
   Pamela, 764-1989                                       Personal Care
Micro Loop, portable, microphone, ac adapter, free,       2 shower chairs, 1 w/and 1 w/o a back, backless
   Elaine, 651-6790                                           chair used twice, BO, Terri, 570-588-0262
                                                          Adj bed, Beauty Rest, full sz mattress, electric
Home Management/Accessibility                                 w/remote control, excel cond, $1,200 or BO,
Chair lifts (2), 1 inside (10 yrs old), 1 outside (1          Norma, 995-9150
    mos old), $2,000, Charles, 764-0407                   Bath chair, extended seat, chair back support, excel
Electric power lift chair, recliner, blue cloth, stored       cond, $50, Carl, 875-7839
    in Georgetown, $300 or BO, Jim, 541-0788              Bath/shower chair, no backrest, adj height, excel
Geriatric chair, lays flat or reclines, includes feed-        cond, free, Eden, 651-6790
    ing tray, excel cond, $800 or BO, Nelson, 349-        Bed table, $50, Richard, 239-4243
    5714                                                  Bedside commode, free, Maureen, 855-5855
Lift chair, yellow-brown, goes from seated to             Bedside commode, adj legs, free, Regina, 436-4865
    standing, must pick up, free, Emelia, 633-6644        Beside commode, excel cond, free, Joan, 475-2312
Lift chair, evergreen, goes from reclined to stand-       Bone stimulator system, EBI, $1,000, Esther, 454-
    ing, will deliver w/in 60 miles of Wilm, excel            7866
    cond, $1,000 or BO, George, 610-388-7914              Commode chair, portable, $20, Vanessa, 655-9840
Lift chair, beige, $50 or BO, Joanne, 832-9382            Commode/shower PVC chair, very good cond,
Lift chair, dusty rose, recliner, very good cond,             $450, Anita, 284-3681
    $75, Marcia, 368-9608                                 Craftmatic adj bed, twin, w/motor and remote,
Lift chair, Pride Mobility, 3 positions, fully                excel cond, $1,500 or BO, Carl, 875-7839
    reclines, rated for 300 lbs, never used, $300 or      Crib, for child w/disabilities, leave msg, free, Joan,
    BO, Kirseston, 717-260-9431                               378-8380
Power recliner, La-Z-Boy Luxury Lift, 4 mos old,          Gel mattress, larger than twin but not full sz, very
    dark green, excel cond, $700 or BO, Shifrah,              good cond, free, Pat, 875-7910
    477-1914                                              Handicapped shower, white w/fold down benches,
Ramp landing, Prairie View Ind., 48x48", alu-                 36" deep, 39" wide, 6' tall, wheelchair accessi-
    minum, w/railing, height 15", partially assem-            ble, excel cond, $1,000 or BO, Sara, 629-7357
    bled, never used, $600 or BO, Karen, 537-5996

Hospital bed, motorized, x-long mattress, 4 yrs old,     Scooter, Lark, 3-wheel, needs batteries, has battery
    free, Anne, 478-8583                                    charger, $600, Shelley, 645-8306
Hospital bed, power, remote control, trapeze, free,      Scooter, Pride Celebrity XL, 4-wheel, front/rear
    Marlyn, 698-9026                                        baskets, new batteries, excel cond, $2,000, Rita,
Hospital bed, standard, head board slightly dam-            737-4386
    aged, free, Debra, 221-2235                          Scooter, Pride Celebrity, 3-wheel, head/tail lights,
Hospital bed, Invacare, electric, $300, Richard,            turn signals, built-in battery charger, $1,300,
    239-4243                                                Steven, 292-0508
Electric hospital bed, safety rails, will consider       Scooter, Shoprider, Curb Skipper, 2 yrs old, $1,000
    delivering, very good cond, $575 or BO, Kire-           or BO, Larry, 224-3662
    ston, 717-260-9431                                   Scooter, Pride Sidekick, 3-wheel, swivel seat, rated
Hoyer lift, large netted sling, use in shower and           for 250 lbs, battery and charger, $1,200 or BO,
    transferring, never used, $100 or BO, Jamie,            Carol, 378-0758
    678-4807                                             Scooter, Pride Jet 7, 4-wheel, easy to disassemble,
Lift, Chiltern Ceiling Mounted Patient Lift, remote         brand new, $1,500 or BO, Moreen, 378-8388
    control, extra seats, will include manual wheel-     Scooter, Pride Sidekick, 3-wheel, w/crutch/cane
    chair for free, BO, Nenette, 328-0817                   holder, excel cond, $1,000, Rita, 737-4386
Nebulizer, excel cond, $75, Tom, 429-0502                Scooter, Invacare, fully charged battery, very good
Outdoor patio chair w/wheels, seat/back are nylon           cond, BO, Richard, 652-5489
    mesh, $25, Tim, 697-8404                             Scooter, Jet III Ultra, 4-wheel, used 6 wks, $1,995
Pediatric track bed sys w/adj foam pieces for posi-         or BO, Joseph R., 645-4915
    tioning, very good cond, free, Katie, 856-7364       Scooter, Rascal R235, 3-wheel, contact between
Pediatric potty chair, Rifton, w/arms, adj floor to         9am-1pm, very good cond, $2,100, Donna,
    seat bottom height (8-1/4 to 12-1/2") adj seat          475-3549
    back depth, foot rest/straps, drop-in front splash   Scooter, CelebrityPride 3-wheel, front/rear baskets,
    guard, lateral support pads, tray, excel cond,          excel cond, $1,300, Dolores, 633-6739
    $100 or BO, Leanna, 836-0866                         Scooter, Merits, 1 yr old, used twice, $2,500 or
Potty chair, $50, Carl, 875-7839                            BO, Carolyn, 652-3514
Raised toilet seat, never used, $20, Carl, 875-7839      Scooter, Jazzy 1121, 1 yr old, used twice, will
Right shoes, Reebok/Dexter/Cabin Creek, sz 8,               deliver w/in reasonable distance, $3,500 or BO,
    assorted dress shoes sz 8, never used, free,            Marlene, 947-0265
    Dorothy, 730-1794                                    Scooter, MVP Ortho Connetic, power, 3-wheel, 6
Shower chair, adj legs, free, Regina, 436-4865              yrs old, 24 volts w/5 amp charger, hardly used,
Shower seat, excel cond, free, Joan, 475-2312               has been sitting, free, Robert, 410-437-4374
Tub/shower chair, Slider, back, arms, wheels, 3          Scooter, Jazzy, red, excel condition, $3,000 or BO,
    pieces, no transferring necessary, white PVC            Carl, 875-7839
    pipe, blue mesh seat/back, excel cond, $450 or       Scooter, Bruno, large, 4-wheel, relatively new bat-
    BO, Sheila, 697-8404                                    teries, something is wrong w/brake or motor,
                                                            free, Helen, 301-728-0959
3-wheel bike, Rifton Ranger, rated for 160 lbs,          Vehicles/Accessories
   guide bar, BO, Sharon, 239-0971                       2002 Dodge Grand Caravan, 46K miles, automatic
                                                            side ramp, $24,599 or BO, Marion, 947-0584
Scooters                                                 Accessible van, 2004 Windstar, garage kept, 38K
Electric scooter, Rascal, $850, Al, 945-4743                miles, IMS remote ramp, hydraulics, very good
3-wheel scooter w/carrier/hitch, Victory Pride, 6           cond, $26,000, Bonnie, 836-5892
   mos old, rated for 350 lbs, never used, $2,500        Accessible van, Astro, 1995, 127K miles, raised
   or BO, John , 539-7179                                   roof conversion w/full amenities, rear bench
Electric scooter, REVO, 3-wheel, standard sz, bat-          removed (avail) for electric wheelchair lift,
   tery, charger, $2,000, Doris, 652-3995                   chair can be secured in rear or behind driver,
                                                            $5,000 or BO, Mark, 410-653-3104

                                                                                           WINTER 2006 • 11
Adapted van, 2002 Chevy Express, blue, 35K               Van, Dodge Grand Caravan, 73K miles, tagged 2
    miles, power lift, tie downs, $14,000, John,            yrs, auto lift, tie downs, $3,500 or BO, Susie,
    653-9344                                                633-0234
Conversion van, 1985 Ford Econoline, white/blue,         Van, Ford Windstar, 1996, gray w/red pin stripe,
    less than 90K miles, 5 yr old auto lift, driver         power ramp w/kneel, tie downs, removable dri-
    seat adapted for chair, $3,500 or BO, Cathy,            ver seat, turning passenger seat, very good
    658-1591                                                cond, $10,000 or BO, Kate, 644-0781
Conversion van, Chevrolet, 1997, maroon, 60K             Van with lift, Chevy G-20 Conversion, 1994, 60K
    miles, driver accessible, side lift, very good          miles, lift through side doors, bench seat in
    cond, $11,000 or BO, Joyce , 239-1703                   back, a/c, power locks and windows, cruise
Curbside scooter lift, Bruno, VSL600, rated for 200         control, AM/FM cassette, green w/gray stripe,
    lbs very good cond, $650, Joann, 422-7418               $5,325, Jeff, 691-6838
Lift, hitches to back of car, $300, Lee, 234-7519
Lift, Ricon S1132, side lift for van, excel cond,        Vision
    $2,500 or BO, Nelson, 349-5714                       CCTV, See-More, 25" monitor, color and b/w,
Lift, Braun Model 401 U, for conversion van,                 $1,300, Joanne, 678-3453
    installs at back door, like new, $750 or BO,         Power braille displays (2), BO, Terry, 994-7984
    Jim, 994-1458                                        Telesensory 20" monitor, Panasonic VM600,
Lift, Bruno, for van, $900 or BO, Regina, 436-               $1,000, Andrea, 610-459-4349
Minivan, Ford Windstar, passenger accessible,            Wheelchairs/Accessories
    2001, used for 4 mos, very low mileage, excel        Elevating legrests, free, Eden, 651-6790
    cond, $22,000 or BO, Sharon, 697-1038                Kid's manual wheelchair, Invacare Comet,
Minivan, Dodge Grand Caravan Sport, 2001, 34K               blue/black, w/tray, Dynaform vest standard x-
    miles, champagne color, Braun hydraulic side            small, 1.5" push button center pull pelvic posi-
    entry, removable passenger seat, new hand con-          tioning strap, headrest, retractable footplate, std
    trols, 3 zone temp, CD, excel cond, $18,500,            config frame type, 13" seat width, 9-16" frame,
    Lois, 945-1278                                          adj frame depth, 20" fixed-height back, seat-to-
Scooter/wheelchair lift, Bruno, rated for 300 lbs,          floor height 14.5", 20" composite wheels, very
    may need new motor brushes, very good cond,             good cond, free, Mark, 426-1230
    $500 or BO, Leanna, 836-0866                         Manual wheelchair, Invacare, x-large, only used
Van, 1994 Dodge Caravan SE, auto Ricon ramp                 twice, $200, Regina , 436-4865
    removable driver seat, 38K miles, new paint          Manual wheelchair, Tracer, adult, standard, not
    and tune up in ‘03, new air bags to raise and           lightweight, $200, Carolyn, 369-9372
    lower van and ramp in ‘04, tagged in DE              Manual wheelchair, Invacare Action, adult, tilts,
    through 12/04, excel cond, $15,000 or BO,               ventilator tray, head rest, cushions, never used,
    Julie, 475-3615                                         $300, Angela, 834-9374
Van, Ford Econoline, 1992, raised top, 2 yrs old         Manual wheelchair, Invacare XT9000, 18", black,
    Braun lift/tie-downs, 113K miles, $8,500,               lightweight, w/leg extensions, very good cond,
    Joanne, 376-9032                                        $300, Cindy, 475-2904
Van, 1995, 4 captains chairs, 7 seats, wheelchair        Manual wheelchair, Zippie, black seat, green
    access, fully equipped, new inspection, tv, vcr,        frame, communication tray, $200 or BO, Jone,
    $7,400, Michael, 610-678-0802                           376-5637
Van, Ford Econoline E150, blue, 1987, automatic,         Power wheelchair, Invacare, Ranger X, custom, 4
    58K miles, auto lift needs work, $1,400 or BO,          speed, tilt, recline, high back, battery and spare,
    Norma, 995-9150                                         very good cond, $2,500 or BO, Tim, 697-8404
Van, Ford Econoline Club Wagon, 1996, 93K                Power wheelchair w/lift, 2004 Heartway Allure,
    miles, rear loading lift, left hand controls,           HP-6 model, rated for 400 lbs, will include ele-
    bench seats available for reinstall, free, Evalyn,      vating leg rests, battery charger, Hide and Ride
    629-9002                                                Ultra lift w/wiring harness and 2 bases, excel
                                                            cond, $4,000 or BO, Tom, 322-5488

Power wheelchair, Jay, adult, 6 yrs old, right hand      Power wheelchair, Jazzy, adj seat, $600 or BO,
   joystick control, 2 gel cell batteries, $1,000 or        Joyce, 239-1703
   BO, Deb, 934-9801                                     Power wheelchair, Hoveround, rated for 350-450
Power wheelchair, Jazzy 1116, free, Beth, 225-              lbs, hand control is off track, goes 25 miles on
   1451                                                     charge, free, Sharon, 875-9313
Power wheelchair, Quickie, adult, extra battery and      Power wheelchair, Jazzy 1122, x-wide, excel cond,
   supportive cushion, $1,200, Genevieve, 999-              $5,000 or BO, Nelson, 349-5714
   9563                                                  Power wheelchair, Invacare, 5 yrs old, needs new
Power wheelchair, Ranger II, adult, never used,             batteries and clean up, armrest, front small
   needs batteries, $700, Don, 410-723-5272                 tires, deliver to New Castle County only, free,
Power wheelchair, Pronto M71, adult, blue bottom,           Carol, 994-6908
   joystick on left (can switch to right), $3,000,       Power wheelchair, Invacare M-71, oversize tall,
   Christopher, 284-9393 (let phone ring)                   toggle switch, grey seat, black base, excel cond,
Power wheelchair, Action Ranger 9000, adult, stan-          $2,000 or BO, Jeanie, 658-4238
   dard, right hand controls, 4 yrs old, air cushion,    Power wheelchair, Pride, 2004 Jet III Ultra, red,
   chest strap, seat belt, back tires have air w/inner      wide seat, fold up foot plate, center drive
   tubes, extra tubes, new batteries, $1,500,               wheels, never used, $1,900 or BO, Christine,
   Robert, 266-0994 or 438-1032                             674-2681
Power wheelchair, Jet, adult, solid wheels, for          Power wheelchair, Jet 3 Ultra, never used, $3,000
   indoor use, turns on a dime, 2 yrs old, excel            or BO, Paul, 654-0950
   cond, $1,650, Lee, 234-7519                           Power wheelchair, Jazzy, x-large, $1,000 or BO,
Power wheelchair, Pronto M71, delivered new on              Mara, 227-5848
   12/19/03, excel cond, $5,000, Fred, 410-334-          Power wheelchair, Invacare, 3 yrs old, needs bat-
   3777                                                     tery, excel cond, $1,000 or BO, Edward, 738-
Power wheelchair, Jazzy 1143, brand new, black              1863
   chair w/black base, controller, batteries,            Power wheelchair, Hoveround, MPV-4, power
   onboard charger, chair, foot pad, will deliver in        pack, used minimal number of times, will con-
   DE and other nearby places, excel cond, $3,000           sider delivering to buyer, $2,000 or BO, Kirses-
   or BO, James, 831-8615                                   ton, 717-260-9431
Power wheelchair, Jazzy 1133, $2,500 or BO, Beth,        Power wheelchair, Invacare, junior adult size, 5-6
   225-1451                                                 yrs old, black seat, needs new tires, left foot
Power wheelchair, Jet III, used once, fully                 rest is off, free, Michael, 537-0650
   equipped, $3,000 or BO, Earline, 777-                 Power wheelchair, Quickie P320, tilt, excel cond,
   3201/leave message                                       $900, Adam, 653-9735
Power wheelchair, Bruno, tan cloth seat, black           Torque SP Rwd, Invacare, battery charger, rated for
   vinyl armrests, includes 10-12’ track, power-            250 lbs, seat depth 17-18", $3,000, Regina,
   back battery charger, excel cond, BO, Jonathan,          436-4865
   395-9976                                              Wheelchair, $50 or BO, Carl, 875-7839
Power wheelchair, 1 yr old, used less than 100           Wheelchair carrier, Braun, L700X, chair topper,
   hours, $1,500, Frank, 652-8748                           excel cond, free, John, 674-3576
Power wheelchair, Jet III, never used, $2,800 or
   BO, Millicent, 836-4666                               Items being Sought
Power wheelchair, may need battery, $1,200 or BO,        Adult transfer belt, large w/loops, Brian, 628-7833
   Irene, 292-2571                                       AlphaSmart, Karin, 653-1433
Power wheelchair, Jet 1, Pride Mobility, joystick,       Big Mac Communicator or similar AAC device,
   small turning radius, rated for 350 lbs, never           Cathy, 593-4243
   used, $2,400 or BO, John, 539-7179                    Cane, w/fold down seat, Frank, 856-2838
Power wheelchair, Challenger 1500, never used,           Computer, Miltrez, 328-6240
   $2,500, Sonja, 856-1081
                                                         Dynabeam, for use w/series 3100 Dynamyte,
Power wheelchair, Invacare Ranger X, head array,            Karen, 672-7028
   auto tilt, memory board, attendant controls,
   very good cond, free, Bonnie, 836-5892
                                                                                           WINTER 2006 • 13
Gait trainer, Rifton, pediatric, small 17.25-26",       Stroller, pediatric, for 5 yr old, Trisha, 723-1279
    Amy, 424-1770                                       Swivels for Kaye walker, Garland, 293-1100
Hospital table, Sonja, 856-1081                         TTD w/answering machine built in, Brenda, 529-
Hospital table, Ruth, 422-5294                              5858
Hospital table, Linda, 994-3788                         Toilet seat, elevated, Samantha, 349-5018
Knee immobilizer, pediatric, Stephanie, 654-5244        Tricycle, for 11 yr old, Rifton Rustler or equiva-
Lift, Easy Pivot, Sally or Julie, 855-9815                  lent, Carl, 477-1709
Lift chair, wide, Ronald or Wilma, 698-1233             Vail bed, Karen, 996-0750
Lift chair, Patricia, 366-8658                          Van, lift and hand controls on right side, free,
Lightwriter or Linkplus, Pat, 732-841-1811                  Mary, 424-7557
Minivan, Chevy or Ford Windstar, Paulette, 328-         Van w/lift, raised roof and doors to accommodate
    2011                                                    bigger power chair, extremely limited budget,
Pediatric gurney, for shower use, reasonable price,         Lucy, 610-384-9502
    Suzanne, 633-0234                                   Vehicle lift, fits on recessed lift, need to haul scoot-
Perkins Braille writer, reasonable price, Joanne,           er and power chair, Darlene, 492-0479
    678-3453                                            Walker, reciprocal walker, reasonable price, Dora,
Portable ramp, 2-4 steps, Patricia, 366-8658                798-1650
Recliner, assists to standing position, Miltrez, 328-   Walker, w/seat, Mamie, 322-8112
    6240                                                Wheelchair, under 20 lbs, folding transport wheel-
Scooter, power, Jennifer, 610-259-2395                      chair, Raymond, 475-6559
Scooter, Fortress Scientific, 2000FS Series, 3-         Wheelchair, manual, Dottie, 324-4444
    wheel, Patricia, 366-8658                           Wheelchair, manual, Myla, 326-1674
Scale, talking scale for weighing person, reason-       Wheelchair, Jazzy or electric, Anne, 740-6062
    able price, Verita, 674-5949                        Wheelchair, tilt or reclining manual wheelchair
Shower chair, w/back and wheels, Jennifer, 367-             w/headrest, 18-20" wide and 16" deep seat, ele-
    5690                                                    vating footrest, Lucy, 610-384-9502
Stroller, umbrella-style for use w/14 yr old,           Wheelchair lift, for back of car, John, 684-2642
    Heather, 420-9980                                   Wheelchair lift, for van, Leonard, 933-0122
Stroller, rated for 150 lbs, Bonnie, 644-7235
                                                        Note: If you are looking for items not on the list,
                                                           contact the DATI's Georgetown office at (302)
                                                           856-1081. New items are added regularly. If
 To Contact DATI’s Central Site                            there has been no activity or interaction with
 office or the ATRC closest to                             the contributor to the list within six months,
 you, call 1-800-870-DATI                                  items are automatically removed from the list.

 Press                                                  Note on liability: The DATI assumes no responsi-
 #1 for English or                                         bility for the condition of any products
 #2 for Spanish,                                           exchanged through this information service. It
                                                           is the responsibility of the owner to provide
 then press                                                accurate information about product specifica-
 #3 for the Central Site office                            tions and condition. Additionally, terms or
 #4 for the New Castle County ATRC                         arrangements made for any product exchanges
 #5 for the Kent County ATRC                               are the sole responsibility of the exchanging
 #6 for the Sussex County ATRC                             parties.

 TDD callers: Do not press #1 or #2 and
 your call will be answered on a TDD line at
 the Central Site office.

 DATI Equipment Loan Policy
 DATI has a wide variety of equipment at the Assistive Technology Resource Centers for the primary purpose
 of demonstration and short-term loan. The policy for the loan of the equipment is as follows:
 The standard loan period is two weeks, defined as the day borrowed (e.g., Monday the 10th) to the same day
 two weeks later (e.g., Monday the 24th). Loans may be extended providing there are no names on the wait-
 ing list and/or that an extension will not interfere with an existing reservation. The maximum loan period is
 four weeks.
 A maximum of four devices may be borrowed during any single loan period. However, combinations of
 devices may be treated as a single device if the components are interdependent—either operationally, or
 because one component is required for the user to access another. Equipment loans across state lines are not
 permitted. Equipment must also remain in Delaware throughout the loan period.

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Kent County ATRC                                                                    DATI is funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administra-
Easter Seals Kent County Center                                                     tion (RSA) of the U.S. Department of Education, Grant
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Cheer Community Center                                                              tus or disability in conformity with applicable laws.
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