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									      Faculty : Institute for Sufficiency Economy Research and

Level :           Doctoral Degree

Program : Sufficiency Economy
Type / Plan : Type 2.1            Full-time

Number of Student : 15
Qualification of Applicant especially program :                      An applicant must
graduate with Master’s degree with class in Economics or related fields. With proficiency in
English (TOEFL 500 or IELTS 5.5 or equivalent).

Application Procedure :
    1. Letters of Recommendation from former academic advisor or career supervisors
    2. Research Outline

Details of Examination :
            Subjects                       Date/time                        Place
1. Writing Examination                         None
                                          26th Sept, 2008            Dean Meeting Room
2. Interview (Everyone)                   9.00 – 12.00 am.           Faculty of Economics

Announce the candidates for Interview Examination :                           at Faculty of

For more information, Please contact : Prof.Dr.Arree                   Wiboonphong Tel : 66-
53-920272 Fax : 66-53-920272

E-mail : lavanchawee@hotmail.com , juthamato_iserp@hotmail.com ,

Homepage : http://iserp.cmu.ac.th
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Sufficiency Economy (International Program)
Responsible Units : Institute for Sufficiency Economy Research and Promotion, Faculty of Economics,
                              Faculty of Agriculture and the Graduate School, Chiang Mai University
Philosophy and Purpose of the Program :
1. Philosophy
           The Institute for Sufficiency Economy Research and Promotion (ISERP) aims at human resource
development in Thailand and international societies so as to develop more deeply and be able to apply SEP in
each profession and lead the way towards a happy and peaceful global society. To achieve the goals, the ISERP’s
program to expand and promote the body of empirical knowledge is multidisciplinary.
           The sufficiency economy post-graduate (international) curriculum in the field of sustainable economic
development is a program that strives to develop human resources to serve as leaders in sufficiency economics.
Graduates of this program also to demonstrate academic leadership, cresting new bodies of knowledge in
sufficiency economics that are universally acknowledged. They must be able to attain insights into new knowledge
and explain it in a comprehensive manner, demonstrate expertise in their research area/discipline, and integrate
that discipline with other disciplines in a harmonious way. In light of this, the curriculum at this level emphasizes
self-motivated learning, encouraging the maximization of the candidate’s potential by using modern
communications technology, maximizing the use of existing resources, building academic networks with
international academic institutions, enjoying global recognition in academic, within the learning-enhancing
environment of ISERP.

2. Objectives
        (1) To produce post-graduates who ethics possess comprehensive knowledge on sufficiency
economics, both in terms of academic and research.
        (2) Systematically applying such knowledge and research in practice to contribute to human resource
development of Thailand and other countries.
        (3) Develop new bodies of knowledge in tune with the changing conditions of the global economy.

          This program requires students who have completed the core course requirements (19 credits) to select
1 elective course (3 credits) from non-economic disciplines, and other elective courses (including selected topic in
Sufficiency Economy) (14 credits) in economics, or areas of their interest, from the following:
          Natural resources and environment
          -    Agriculture
          -    Environmental science
          -    Sociology
          -    Public health
          Private sector business
          -    Business administration
          -    Engineering
          -    Public policy / law / political science
          -    Education
          General populace
          -    Anthropology
          -    Psychology

Applicant Qualifications
1. The applicant must possess qualifications in accordance with the Chiang Mai University Announcement on
Admission in each academic year.
2. The applicant must have a Master’s Degree in Economics or related fields.
3. TOEFL score of 500 and above, or IELTS score of 5.5 and above.
4. The applicant can be Thai or foreigner who will be able to study in the Program that uses English.
Type 2.1: for student with Master’s Degree
Degree Requirement
Total credit                  a minimum of        60 credits
Course work                   a minimum of        24 credits
Thesis                                            36 credits

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