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					History of Ear Gauging in Tribal Civilizations
by Mark Z Wilson
A study of the history of ear gauging indicates the practice to be as old
as recorded human history. For males, this form of ear piercing has been
a symbol of status, while for women, in addition to being used as means
of bodily decoration, it has also been employed to signify the attainment
of womanhood.
Why Are Stretched Earlobes So Popular?
by Mark Z Wilson
According to archaeological findings, earlobe stretching has been popular
for many millennia, so why has it been such an enduring means of ear
decoration? Or have earlobes always been stretched just for decoration,
or have there been other more occult reasons for this practice.
How To Know If Your Piercing Is Infected
by Peter Flynt
You decided on a body piercing, found a reputable piercer, and survived
your appointment. Now your piercing is doing something unexpected, and
you're worried that it might be infected. Are these the normal signs of
healing, or are you and your piercing headed for trouble?
Is Your Piercing Infected?
by Peter Flynt
Piercing is all the rage. People will pierce just about any part of their
body and won't think twice about it. There is a danger of infection from
getting body parts pierced though.
Which Labret Piercing Will Suit You?
by Peter Grets Simmons
In ancient traditions, labret piercings were worn to emphasise a person's
high status within their society. Nowadays, it is more commonly worn as a
statement of one's personality. With the variety of piercings available
nowadays, a labret stud is arguably the most comfortable of them all.
Disadvantages Of Cheap Belly Button Rings
by Garry J
Piercing of different body parts with various rings and studs has a long
history. In different cultures and at different times men as well as
women wore metal rings for various reasons. Some tried to show off their
beauty and sex appeal, while others demonstrated their power or high
social position. Sometimes the rings in the body even symbolized
religious and solemn rites.
Navel Piercing Care
by Garry J
The main problem of the wound infection is a "playing" with a body
jewelry and dirty hands. Do not touch a body jewelry. In order to look at
it do not move it but rather use a mirror.
Under Your Skin
by John Throop
As civilization marches forward, people will always be finding new ways
to express themselves. While body modification has been around for
centuries, the flux in the type and degree to which body modification is
acceptable has been on the rise in recent years.
Treatment of the Belly Button Piercing
by Garry J
Belly button perforation is usually done above the navel, although
sometimes it is also done under it. It is important to know that you can
not have two perforations done simultaneously, because body tissues
shrink during the healing process and channels interfere with each other
to form freely. However, it is possible to have a perforation done above
and under the belly button at the same time
How To Take Care Of Body Piercings and Side Effect Warnings
by Jayna Davis
There are a lot of different ways for people to express themselves. Of
course, not everybody has the time and resources to create a giant marble
statue or write a series of novels. For most people, self-expression can
be a matter as simple as putting on a particular kind of shirt, or
wearing an interesting hat.
Belly Button Piercing
by Garry J
Belly button piercing has become one of the most trendy directions in the
body art. It is less traumatic than the rest of the perforations on the
body and face - like nose, lips, breast and genitals perforations.
Navel Piercing Types
by Garry J
Centuries ago, Egyptians used to adorn themselves with different forms of
body piercings. As for navel piercing, only members of the royal family
were allowed to do that. Anyone else who attempted to pierce one's navel
could be sentenced to death.
Lip Piercing - The Most Popular Types
by Garry J
Presently, there are various means of self-expression. Someone tries to
wear an eccentric outfit. Someone else goes for a less usual haircut.
Eyebrow Piercing - The Most Popular Types
by Garry J
Our eyes are among the most significant areas on the human body. Of
course, an excellent means to underline the eyes is through various kinds
of piercings. Whereas other types of face piercings are getting more
accepted, eyebrow piercing is already a leader and still originating new
styles in body piercing According to the position it has got, eyebrow
piercing can be classified into several types.
The History and Culture of Stretched Ears
by Mark Z Wilson
People have been decorating and making changes to the appearance of their
bodies since recorded history began. This has taken many forms through
the ages, such as tattooing, piercing, stretching, scarring, branding,
muscle sculpture, hair styling and many more, and for almost as many
different reasons.
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Cartilage Piercing Is a Popular Form of Ear Piercing
by Mark Z Wilson
Normal ear lobe piercing has been popular for many decades in various
civilizations, if not for centuries. Using pierced earlobes to hold
decorations such as earrings and danglers is the most common form of body
jewellery after finger rings, although it has lately become fashionable
to use other parts of the ear, or even of the body, in order to be
different. The tragus was the obvious candidate for this, and tragus
piercings have risen in popularity over the past several years.
Safety Precautions To Take When Getting A Nose Piercing
by Darren W Chow
Getting a nose piercing can be an exciting time for self expression. If
you are considering having this work done, then you should pay
particularly close attention to safety precautions. The last thing you
want to have to deal with is a nose piercing bump or nose piercing scar.
Understanding The Pain of Body Piercing
by Mark Z Wilson
Body piercing has been carried out worldwide ever since people had the
tools to carry it out, its roots often lying in ritual and early
religion. However, it has also been a seen as a beautifying process, and
even today piercing is carried out in modern society both for personal
adornment and as a form of ritual. Although it has always been
commonplace, particular with respect to ear piercing in civilized
society, piercing the body has recent become even more popular in modern
civilizations. One of the issues with body piercing is the level of pain
to expect, and how this varies between the different types of piercing.
Body Piercings and Regret
by Kyle E Johnson
Body piercing is when a hole is made in your skin or through a part of
your body so you can add a piece of jewelry for decoration. Body
piercings have developed into an art form, and they are popular among
many different cultures and societies today. Some of the most common
piercings today are the navel, eyebrows, ears, and tongue.
Gauging Ears With Stretched Piercings
by Mark Z Wilson
Gauging ears is a skill that you can carry out yourself, but the initial
piercing should be done by a professional at 16g, knowing your ultimate
goal. There is a great deal of fabulously cool ear jewelry for stretch
piercings including studs, barbells, plugs and flesh tunnels, and they
are available in all types of material including glass and amber.
Tips on Stretching Piercings and Gauging Earlobes
by Mark Z Wilson
When stretching piercings and gauging earlobes it is essential that you
take your time and do it correctly. These tips should enable you to avoid
the more common problems that people experience when they try to cut
corners and forget that cleanliness is paramount.
Earlobe Stretching - Earlobe Gauging The Safe Way
by Mark Z Wilson
Earlobe stretching is in fashion, but it takes time to gradually stretch
a piercing to accommodate large items of ear jewelry or flesh tunnels.
Cleanliness is essential and there is a procedure that must be followed
if you are stretch your earlobes successfully.
Arabic Mehndi Designs for Wedding
by Fareeha Arif
Globally mehndi or Henna is used for weddings and traditional functions
in South East Asia to temporary Henna tattoos everywhere. The henna
tattoos are much smaller tattoo designs such as a heart or a bird on the
arm or shoulders, but the traditional Arabic mehndi designs are usually
adopted by women on weddings and traditional holidays such as Eids. In
South East Asia there is a separate wedding function called mehndi where
there are dances, songs and the bride gets imprinted with mehndi designs.
Nose Screws - One Option To Consider At The Piercing Shop
by Christine Crotts
The nose screw is very small jewelery which is normally made out of bent
metal and can be placed through an already pierced hole which may be on
either side of the nose. It is generally worn by woman of all ages.
Some Tips on Stretching Earlobes
by Mark Z Wilson
Stretching ear lobes is becoming increasingly more popular, but it must
be done correctly. Here are some tips on gauging your ears that will
enable you to do a good job safely and without pain.
How to Carry Out Ear Lobe Stretching
by Mark Z Wilson
It is important that ear stretching or gauging be carried out correctly,
because if not it could not only harm your ears but also cause you a
great deal of pain. Use the correct ear stretching tools, and maintain a
high degree of cleanliness to avoid infection, and you will soon be able
to wear those beautiful flesh tunnels you admire so much.
Tongue Piercing Aftercare - 13 Tips To Prevent Infection
by Christine Crotts
Tongue piercing has become extremely popular nowadays for quite a number
of reasons which include pleasure enhancement, shock value and social
appearances. If you desire to get your tongue pierced it is worth noting
that you must do your research before doing so.
13 Tips To Prevent Infections Of Your Snake Bite Piercing
by Christine Crotts
A vertical labret piercing, which is often a called snakebite piercing,
involves two horizontal piercings on the opposite sides of the mouth
which makes it looks like a snake bite. It is extremely important to keep
your lips clean with a snakebite piercing as it helps to prevent
infections in the pierced area. Here are thirteen killer tips that may
help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
5 Reasons Why Reverse Belly Button Rings Are Popular
by Christine Crotts
People who choose to wear rings in their belly button often forget that
there is the option of wearing reverse belly button rings. The name comes
from that fact that the ring is structured in such a way that it fits
into the bottom of the belly piercing and hangs from the top. Apart from
being fashionable the ring also has a lot of advantages which is apparent
to its users once they wear it.
Belly Piercing Jewelry - The Sexiest Piercing of All
by Mike Kliem
The navel is one of the most sensual and erogenous parts of your body and
what better sight than glittering belly piercing jewelry teasing one from
a well toned slender stomach. There was no sign of navel rings until
1994, when super model Christy Turlinton not only introduced but also
immortalized the fashion of body piercing. She walked the ramp at a
fashion show in London flaunting her bare midriff with a ring in the
middle of her navel.

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