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					                                  LIST OF FIGURES

FIGURE                                                                                   PAGE
  No.                             TITLE OF FIGURE                                         No.
   1     (a) Conventional drug delivery system, (b) GRDDS                                  3
   2      Anatomy of stomach                                                               5
   3     Pictorial representation of typical motility patterns in fasting state            8
   4     Mechanism of floating system                                                     15
   5     Intragastric residence positions of floating and non-floating units              15
   6     Working principle of hydro dynamically balanced system                           16
   7     Formulation of floating microspheres                                             18
   8     Schematic presentation of working of a triple-layer system                       20
   9     A multi-unit oral floating dosage system                                         21
  10     Pictorial presentation of working of effervescent floating drug                  22
         delivery system based on ion exchange resin
  11     Intra gastric floating gastrointestinal drug delivery device                     22
  12     Inflatable gastrointestinal delivery system                                      23
  13     Intragastric osmotically controlled drug delivery system                         24
  14     Schematic illustration of the barrier formed by a raft-forming                   26
  15     Microballoons (a) and foam-particles (b)                                         26
  16     Low density systems
  17     Different geometric forms of unfoldable systems                                  27
  18     Swellable systems developed by Mamajek and Moyer                                 28
  19     On the left, superporous hydrogel in its dry (a) and water-swollen (b) state.    29
         On the right, schematic illustration of the transit of superporous hydrogel
  20     High density systems
  21     Standard graph of Venlafaxine Hcl                                                63
  22     In-vitro buoyancy study of Venlafaxine Hcl floating tablet.                      67
  23     Cumulative% drug release of HPMC K4M                                             69
  24     Cumulative % drug release of HPMC K15M                                           70
  25     Cumulative % drug release of HPMC K100M                                          71
  26     Cumulative % drug release of Xantum gum                                          72

  27     The FTIR spectra. a) Venlafaxine Hcl pure drug b) physical mixture               75
         of optimized formulation c) placebo

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