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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for being here.

2 years ago my sister was diagnosed with muscle cancer. This disease is
confirmed by a doctor and the chances of getting one is like one in a million.
And for our family it's like a nightmare that we could not imagine.
We never imagined that our family will be tested in such a way. More so for
the one who is diagnosed with the disease. From a cheerful, humorous and
jovial person, she changed into someone grumpy, shy and anti social just
because of her illness.

We know that she is very depressed. What can we do except that we can
only persuade and give words of encouragement. No matter how much we
tried, but all our efforts were in vain. From modern treatment to traditional
treatment, both treatments are futile. We know that we are just human and
we can't give up and we hated this feeling come in our heart. God knows

Previously, the doctors had tried to remove the tumor but were not
successful. In fact the situation is getting worse. The effect of surgery made
a hole in the stomach and produces very foul pus. We had to use a stomach
pack to store the pus. Up until now there are two holes that exist.

The doctors said it was temporary, but after almost a year the condition
remains the same. This is the risk that we have to bear. Sometimes we had to
use 4-5 pieces stomach pack in one day and the cost of a stomach pack is
about $3-$4 for normal quality, not including other essentials such as
pampers (leg swollen and cannot walk) medicines and so on. It's very hard
for us to find money to cover the daily expenses.

Recently, we are proposed by doctors to use drugs from abroad. This
medicine will be injected to the patient's body several times a week. These
drugs are very difficult to obtain in the market. But what annoys us is
because the cost of treatment is too expensive which is about $15k ++. It is
truly beyond our capability. But this is the best way we have, after many
ways we have been through.
I beg my friends here so that can help alleviate some of my family's burden
so that my Sister can recover and continue her studies in the medical field.
Just to let you know, Her dream is to become a nurse :).

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And may smile again like before.

All For One
One For All
Be The Best
Of The Best

Thanks for reading.

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     friends on FB or Twitter. Thank you once again.

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