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             Winter 2012

      Expo IssuE
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               MIN N ESOTA

     In This Issue

 4   Masthead                        20   37th Annual World Hunting Expo
 5   president’s Message             24   African Gladiator
     By Peter Hunt                        By Randy Luth

 6   Members                         26   safari snapshots
 7   our Missions and Ethics         30   Federal and state Issues
 8   Calendar of Events
 9   Now You’re Cooking With . . .                        CoVER pHoTo
10   Board spotlight
                                                          Whitetail deer in the Minnesota River
                                                          Valley after a December snowfall. photo
                                                          taken by Robert utne.
12   Christmas party in Review                            Capture a Wild Animal on Film
                                                          Minnesota Adventuring is looking for
16   Down But Not out . . .                               this year’s cover photos. You are invited
                                                          to submit your animal photos that reflect
     By Brian Smith                                       the season of the issue. Cover photos

18   The Miracle of Matching Funds
                                                          need to be portrait or vertical orientation.
                                                          Email your photos with descriptions to:
     By Mark LaBarbera                                    mnavarrette@minnesotasci.com.

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           Editor                                                      Peter Hunt, president
            Monique Navarrette
            mnavarrette@minnesotasci.com                               Brent nelson, secretary
           printing                                                    brent.nelson@cnaengineers.com
            Warren Kapsner                                             tim Halstead, Treasurer
            Rapid Graphics & Mailing                                   H: 651-778-1702 W: 651-481-6389
            763-781-6931                                               thalstead@minnesotasci.com
            rgm4016warren@comcast.net                                  monique navarrette, Chapter Liaison
           Graphic Design                                              mnavarrette@minnesotasci.com
            Robin pursely
            Clearwater Communications
            701-355-4458                                               Directors
            h2odesign@btinet.net                                         ryan Burt
           Advertising rAtes Ad                                          satveer CHaudHary
           to Advertise in Minnesota Adventuring                         612-207-5745
             Pease contact Monique navarrette                            senatorchaudhary@aol.com
                         952-693-1461                                    Kevin eriCKson
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MINNEsoTA ADVENTuRING welcomes advertisements, hunt
                                                                         donald lynCH
reports, letters, and photos from Members of the Minnesota sCI.          612-868-3306
submissions should include Member’s name, address, and daytime           dlynch88@comcast.net
phone number and be sent by mail to Minnesota sCI, p.o. Box 1303,
Burnsville, MN 55337 or email to mnavarrette@minnesotasci.com.
submissions may be edited for length and clarity.                      Board Members Wanted
submission deadline:                                                   Minnesota sCI is seeking new board members
Winter Issue: December 15                                              to join the Board and continue our Missions.
spring Issue: March 15                                                 If you are interested in knowing more about
summer Issue: June 15                                                  the Board or have questions about your
Fall Issue: August 15                                                  involvement, please contact peter Hunt at
No attempt is made to verify the accuracy of hunt reports.             952-994-9982 or president@minnesotasci.com.
Advertisements in the Minnesota Adventuring are not to be considered
endorsements by the Minnesota SCI.

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      president’s Message
    It’s that time of the year again! our 37th Annual World
Hunting Expo is just around the corner. We have quite a few
changes this year that I think will make this the biggest show
we’ve had in years. Your Expo Chairman, pat Foley, along
with the rest of the Board, have been hard at work the past few
months getting ready for this event.
    First and foremost, we’re moving to a new location, the
Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington. While the Northland Inn has
served us well for many years, their current construction plans
gave us the push we needed to move the show to a larger, more
centrally located space. For those of you coming in from out of
town, you’ll appreciate the proximity of the new location to the
airport, shopping, and many great restaurants. We have a block
of rooms available with prices starting at $79/night. please
contact Monique (952) 693-1461 for more details.
    We have some great hunts, artwork, jewelry, and other
merchandise for the auction this year, everything from pheasants
to elephants. Check out our website, (www.minnesotasci.com)
for up-to-date auction listings. We’ll have expanded raffles
again, and Tim and Bonnie Halstead have put together a great
silent auction.
    The Expo will open at 2:00 pM on Friday, February 24. All
day Friday is open to public, including the auction at 7:00 pM.
This is a great time to bring the kids or introduce non-members
to Minnesota sCI. our Hunters sidewalk Café will be held           with the cash from the 50/50 raffle. This event just gets better
poolside starting at 10:00 pM.                                     every year! A special thanks goes out to Don McMillan for
    We will open on saturday, February 25 at 10:00 AM.             planning the event and to all of our members who donated meat
Cocktail hour starts 4:00 pM with the banquet starting at 7:00     and items to the silent auction.
pM. seating is limited, and dinner tickets are going fast, so         For those of you who would like to get more involved with
reserve yours now.                                                 the Chapter, we can always use extra arms and legs at the Expo.
    our Wild Game Dinner and Christmas party was a great           please contact pat Foley, Expo Chair, at (507) 326-5350 if you
success with over 130 people attending. Chef Chris Dwyer of        can spare an hour or two to help out.
Mendakota Country Club put on a fabulous meal, paul stannard          I look forward to seeing everyone at the Expo!
and Ted shogren gave some great hunt reports. Mark Nelson
won a new Browning shotgun and Jimmy Brand walked away                                      peter Hunt, president

                                                                                       Pat Foley, Ryan Burt,
                                                                                       Satveer Chaudhary, Peter Hunt,
                                                                                       Tom Hoelderle, Tim Halstead,
                                                                                       Brent Nelson (left to right)

minnesotasci.com                                                         WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring                     5
     Minnesota Chapter of safari Club International
Chapter Life Members by Year
David sandstrom           1998   Anthony Acitelli        2009        Lois Treb                   2009
Craig Wilcox              1998   Mary Brachman           2009        Darci Broich                2010
Gregory pappenfus         1998   Joseph Broich           2009        Randy schneewind            2010
Jack Leeds                1998   Alan Gaston             2009        sam Fejes                   2011
steven Wilcox             1999   Michael Halleron        2009
Edward Evans              1999
steven Johnson            1999
Terry Mick                2000    New Chapter Members
Armand Brachman           2000
                                  JANUARY                Ronald Machtan        JUNE
Lee (Andy) Anderson Jr.   2001
                                    Josh Britton         shane McFadden         Jeff Grote
steve slack               2001
                                                         Kevin Melstrom         Jed A. simi
Mike Ziegler              2001
                                  FEBRUARY               Ryan Miner
Lynn Van Allen Flygare    2001
                                    David Johnson        pierre Moolman        JULY
Tom Hoelderle             2002
                                    Joseph Leuman        peter Nelson           Robert parrack
Bruce ogle                2002
                                                         Jeffrey olson          Kirk schnitker
Andy Anderson             2002    MARCH                  Greg peters
paul stannard             2003     Dean Ackerson         Duane Rasmasson       SEPtEMBER
Jay Link                  2004     Brad Anderson         David Ristau            John Barclay
James schueller           2004     Tammie Berghuis       Chris stall
Robert J. Lange           2004     Michael Buesing       Jessica Vanden Berg   NovEMBER
Gerald Boettcher          2005     Ted Carlson                                   Robert Brownlee
Thomas Turner             2005     Greg Dzieweczvnski   APRIL                    Ben Fisher
Rob Commers               2005     Mike Egan             Anne L. Beihoffer       Jonathan Fisher
Char Englund              2005     Clay Hager            Jason Holmstrom         Roger Lucy
Charles Van Heel          2006     Dennis Harper         Jeff W. Will            steve Mealman
David Zabel               2006     Cynthia Heimen
Walter Broich III         2006     Betty Heller         MAY                    DECEMBER
Gregory smith             2006     Gary Hughes           John Boogren            Tom Dolan
Bruce Taher               2006     Mary Knop             Trapper R. Goltz        James Kensy
David strand              2006     Doug Kurkowski        Todd Kanieski
Hayden Walter Broich      2007     Joubert Leon          scott King-Ellison
John smythe               2007     Clark Linn
Roger Austin              2007
shad Ketcher              2007
Bob Lange                 2007
Kevin Erickson            2008
Tom Lane
Todd Malecha
                          2008    Minnesota SCI Needs Your Help!
Rick scott                2008
Monte Hansen              2008      Merchandise donations, cash contributions and/or
Chris Knutson             2008      time, hard work and talent are needed at the Expo!
paul Langenfeld           2008
Thomas Roles              2008      Please contact Pat Foley, Expo Chair, to volunteer:
Theodore shogren          2008
Gene Grazzini             2008       (612) 244 -1745 or pjfoley@frontiernet.net.
Brian smith               2008

6   minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                        minnesotasci.com
     past presidents
     Jack Leeds                           1974 – 1976
     Lee Mitchell (deceased)              1976 – 1977
     Marv Gaston                          1977 – 1979
     Jack Hurley                          1979 – 1980    Mission of the Minnesota sCI
     Don McMillan                         1980 – 1982    Through legislative advocacy and the support of hunting
                                                         as a sustainable conservation practice, Minnesota sCI is
     Lowell “pete” peterzen (deceased)    1982 – 1984
                                                         dedicated to perpetuating and protecting your hunting
     paul Robey                           1984 – 1985    heritage and the rights of ALL hunters.
     sharon Robey                         1985 – 1987
     John Horan                           1987 – 1990    Hunters’ Code of Ethics
     Alan Notvik (deceased)               1990 – 1992    Recognizing my responsibilities to wildlife, habitat and
     Bill Liljemark                       1992 – 1994    future generations, I pledge:
     David Angell                         1994 – 1996    To conduct myself in the field so as to make a positive
     Dan Treb (deceased)                  1996 – 1999    contribution to wildlife and ecosystems.
     Doug Evans                           1999 – 2000    To improve my skills as a woodsman and marksman to
     sven Lindquist                       2000 – 2003    ensure humane harvesting of wildlife.
     Armand Brachman                      2003 – 2005    To comply with all game laws, in the spirit of fair chase, and
     Willard “Bill” pankonin              2005 – 2008    to influence my companions accordingly.
     Rick scott                           2008 – 2010    To accept my responsibility to provide all possible
                                                         assistance to game law enforcement officers.
                                                         To waste no opportunity to teach young people the full
                                                         meaning of this code of ethics.
                                                         To reflect in word and behavior only credit upon the
                                                         fraternity of sportsmen, and to demonstrate abiding respect
                                                         for game, habitat and property where I am privileged to

                                                         Mission of sCI
                                                         sCI is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in
                                                         promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.
                                                         sCI provides value to members by shaping policies
                                                         and legislation that protect the freedom to hunt locally,
                                                         nationally and internationally.
                                                         sCI is committed to keeping members informed regarding
                                                         issues that impact hunting while educating and entertaining
                                                         members with engaging articles about the rich heritage of
                                                         hunting in all forms of media.
                                                         sCI is committed to providing a community for hunters
Past Presidents                                          worldwide where camaraderie is enjoyed and expert
                                                         information is exchanged, and where members are able
Bill Liljemark, Rick Scott, Bill Pankonin, Paul Robey,
                                                         to participate in a market for quality hunting goods and
Sharon Robey, Don McMillan, Doug Evans                   services.
(Left to Right)
                                                         sCI is committed to promoting a positive image of hunters
                                                         and portraying them as responsible citizens who fund
                                                         wildlife conservation, education and other programs which
                                                         benefit the community.

minnesotasci.com                                            WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring                      7
     Calendar of Events
upcoming member events
National SCI Convention
 February 1 – 4, 2012
 Mandalay Bay Resort
 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard south
 Las Vegas, NV 89119
37th Annual World Hunting Expo
 February 24 & 25, 2012
 DoubleTree Hotel
 7800 Normandale Boulevard
 Bloomington, Minnesota 55439
Annual Member Meeting
 Monday, May 14 • 6:00 – 9:00pm
 Jax’s Café
 1928 university Ave NE
 Minneapolis, MN 55418
Christmas Party & Wild Game Dinner
 Monday, December 10
 Mendakota Country Club
 2075 Mendakota Drive
 Mendota Heights, MN 55120

     Board Meetings
       2012 minnesota sCi
      Board meeting schedule
                Meetings held at 6pm
              Monday, February 6
              Monday, March 5
              Monday, April 2
              Monday, May 7
              Monday, June 4
              Monday, July 2
              Monday, August 6
              Monday, september 10
              Monday, october 1
              Monday, November 5
              Monday, December 3

8   minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012   minnesotasci.com
      Now You’re Cooking With . . . peter and Don!
Wild Alaska Silver Salmon Asparagus
Bundle with Lemon Dill Sauce
By president peter Hunt and
past president Don McMillan

small Bundle of Asparagus
1/2 pound Alaska silver salmon
1/2 cup plain Greek Yogurt
1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
1 1/2 tablespoon fresh Dill
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
1 tablespoon freshly grated parmesan Cheese
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 clove Garlic, crushed
Freshly Ground Black pepper

1. preheat broiler.
2. prepare asparagus by removing the “stems” and
   keeping the tips. steam the tips over boiling water for 3
   minutes. Rinse immediately under cold water.
3. using one slice of salmon add asparagus and drizzle
   olive oil, parmesan cheese, garlic, salt and pepper over
   the asparagus.
4. Wrap salmon slice around asparagus spears.                  This dish goes well with Chardonnay.
5. Repeat the drizzling and wrapping process with the
   remaining asparagus spears and salmon slices.
                                                               This is just one of the delicious
6. Arrange the salmon/asparagus bundles seam side down
                                                               dishes that will be served at the
   on a greased ovenproof baking tray.
                                                               Gourmet Multi-Course Game Dinner for 8 people with
7. place baking tray under broiler, and broil the bundles      Appetizers / Wine pairings being auctioned at the 37th
   for 3 minutes or until salmon is just cooked through on     Annual Minnesota sCI Expo. Chefs peter Hunt and
   the bottom side.                                            Don McMillan will prepare and serve a multi-course
8. Remove baking tray and let bundles cool.                    game dinner in your home for 8 people. This event will
                                                               include all wines and many selections of game and other
9. In a small bowl, mix together the lemon juice, yogurt,
                                                               accompaniments for your enjoyment. Minnesota sCI
   and mustard. spread over the salmon, covering all the
                                                               thanks Don McMillan and peter Hunt for their 100%
   edges, then top with fresh dill.
10. serve chilled.

minnesotasci.com                                                    WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring                 9
     Board spotlight
                 One person can make a difference! Rather it’s a large task or small duty,
        everyone’s contribution to the Board helps make us successful as an organization.

                               Peter Hunt, a member since 2009.      peter became president the following year
                               and the 2011 Expo was one of the most successful Expos in Minnesota sCI history.

                               Brent Nelson, a member since 2006, is currently serving his second term as our
                               secretary. As secretary, Brent has many duties which keeps him busy throughout the
                               year as well as being our go-to guy for selling 50/50 raffle tickets.

                               Tim Halstead, a member since 1999, is currently serving his second term as
                               our Treasurer and silent Auction Chairman. Tim’s duties as Treasurer keeps him very
                               busy throughout the year. Five years ago, Tim added a Friday night silent auction to
                               his list of Expo duties.

                               Tom Hoelderle, a life member since 2002, started his first term on the
                               Board that same year. Tom has been purchasing our firearms for the Expo since he
                               returned to the Board a couple of years ago and formerly was in charge of Marketing.

                               Kevin Erickson, a member since 2002, became a life member in 2008. Kevin
                               organizes the annual April Rifle Tournament, works on securing the taxidermists for
                               the Expo, and manages the set-up of backboards at the Convention.

10   minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                                   minnesotasci.com
    Board spotlight

                   Betty Gaston, a member since 2007, is currently serving her second term.
                   Betty puts in long hours writing live auction descriptions for the auction program.

                   Pat Foley, a member since 2008, is currently serving his second term. This year
                   pat will serve as the 2012 Expo Chair.

                   Don Lynch, a member since 2009, totally embraced the new Raffle Area at the
                   2011 Expo. He will continue as Raffle Chairman again this year.

                   Ryan Burt, a member since 2009, Ryan coordinates between Minnesota sCI and
                   Minnesota outdoor Heritage Alliance and leads our Marketing efforts.

                   Satveer Chaudhary, a member since 2011, satveer keeps us abreast of
                   current legislative issues that affect Minnesota sCI and works on the Marketing/
                   Membership Committee.

minnesotasci.com                              WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring                       11
   Thank You to Everyone who attended the
Annual Christmas Party and Wild Game Dinner!
     Exhibitors                                      d

Robert utne,
Wild Images
in Motion                                                   Linda Moss and Ken singleton,
                                                            singleton-Moss Custom Goldsmith and
                                                            Jewelry Design

                                                               Thanks to Bill and Diane Gilbertson,
               Chris Knutson, The Art Barbarian’s Art and
               Custom Framing

12   minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                                     minnesotasci.com

Thank you to everyone who donated to Toys for Tots
Monique Navarrette, scott King-Ellison, Bonnie Halstead

                                                               Ted shogren
           Meat Donors
Bill Liljemark                                   Silent Auction Donors
Bruce Taher                                 Art Barbarians
Dave sandstrom                              Clare Heuer
Don McMillan                                Grazzini Brothers & Company
Glen Bean                                   Greg Grazzini
Mark LaBarbera                              paul & Barbetta stannard
paul Robey
                                            singleton-Moss Custom Goldsmith
peter Hunt                                    and Jewelry Design
Tom snyder
                                            Wild Images in Motion
Walt Broich
                                            Wings North Hunting Club
Chef Chris Dwyer
                                                                                    paul stannard

minnesotasci.com                                                WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring   13
Irene and Ron schmidt

                                                                           Congratulations to Mark Nelson
                                                                           on winning the Browning silver
                                                                           Hunter Barrel shotgun

                              Donna and Russ Lilienthal

                                                             Todd Maki and Brent Nelson

     Char and Ricky Englund

                                                     Brent Nelson and Doug Brown

14    minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                                minnesotasci.com
  Darleen Cassidy, peter Hunt, Jim Cassidy

                                             The Hunt Family: peter, Allen, paul, Myrna and Kai

    Caroline and peter Larson

                                                Carol and pat Foley

                                                Bill Gilbertson and Robert utne

    Bonnie and Tim Halstead

minnesotasci.com                               WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring               15
Down But Not Out . . .
By Brian smith                                                     could and hike into goat country from there. The next morning
                                                                   the generator started, and it was lights on in the cabin. I
    November 2009 I found myself feeling like I was going          couldn’t wait to get started. As Mike and I left base camp on
to die in British Columbia in waist deep snow, wondering           the quad, we rode about 90 minutes until the trail became too
if a long-haired winter Billy was ever going to happen. As         steep. As we secured the quad and began to survey the rocky
the snow began to pile up day after day, it was on Day 6 of        cliffs, I felt a bit of rain, which quickly turned to snow. I
my 10 day hunt that Mike Christensen, owner and guide of           couldn’t help but say to Mike, “Not this again.” As we began
Findlay Creek outfitters, decided the conditions had gotten too    our two hour climb to a high mountain peak where we would
dangerous to continue goat hunting. As we sat there discussing     spend the day scouting for goats, the snow quit. The sun came
what could have been, I could not help but feel beaten down        out, and it quickly melted the snow, which turned out to be
by the mountain. Mike and I developed a plan for me to come        just enough moisture to create sporadic patches of fog. out
back in 2011 and finish what we started. I could only hope for     of the fog and the low clouds the wind had brought in, Mike
better conditions. I planned on coming a bit earlier in the year   finally spotted a goat. It was a big Billy on the other side of
as well to hopefully avoid the brutally deep snow.                 the mountain farther down the ridge about two miles. The big
    Fast forward now to october 2011, the weather looked           Billy was sitting on a large rock overhang. We watched him
fabulous for the first 3 days of my 9 day hunt with a slight       for several hours and decided we couldn’t get to him there.
chance of rain later on. As I arrived into British Columbia        We planned on getting him right away the next morning. We
on october 1 and got settled in, I couldn’t wait for the next      decided to have lunch and relax a bit before we began our
morning. Mike and I discussed a plan over dinner. We were          climb down.
going to take the quad as far up the old logging trail as we           It wasn’t until we were on our way back to the quad when

16    minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                                                minnesotasci.com
something told Mike and me to turn around and take one last        an hour, but it was actually only about two minutes, once he
look. “He’s up and feeding this way,” Mike said. I could tell by   walked back out, Mike said he was 467. After two more quick
Mike’s voice he was torn between coming back in the morning        shots, my goat was down. I couldn’t believe it. Not only did I
and making a run at the goat. We contemplated for about 15         have a goat down on day one, but I had also just successfully
minutes when we decided if we don’t go we would never know         made my longest shot to date. It was truly amazing to have my
what could have been. We figured it would take us about two        mountain goat down and in the backpack for the long climb
or three hours to get into shooting position. There was a nice     back out to the quad. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to a
rock out cropping we could tuck behind and have a shot of 200      two year goat hunt: 9 1/4 inches long with 5 3/8 inch bases.
or less. With my adrenaline pumping and the sweat pouring
down my back, it was go time. Because it was the first day and
both ours legs and backs were fresh, we covered some of the
steepest, nastiest terrain I have ever been across in about two
hours. It wasn’t until we got over to the rock out cropping that
we realized there was an old avalanche chute between us and
the goat. It was solid rock and very steep. With the goat still
feeding at about 8,000 feet, Mike pulled out the range finder
and said, “He’s 390. We can’t get any closer.” The goat was
also walking the wrong way. Now I felt sick to my stomach
to be this close and possibly not get a shot. As we watched the
goat continue to work his way out of the rocks onto a small
grassy patch, feeding and walking, he finally turned broadside
at 416 yards. I felt a weird calm come over me. I squeezed
the trigger on my 300 WsM, and with Mike lying behind
me, he said, “You hit ‘em good.” I couldn’t believe my eyes;
he was still standing there. As he turned and walked away,
I shot again and missed. As I tried to get calm, I hit him on
the 3rd shot as he tucked behind some rocks and out of sight.
Thoughts raced through my head. Is he down? Do we have
him? He stayed tucked behind the rocks for what seemed like

minnesotasci.com                                                       WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring                      17
The Miracle of Matching Funds
By Mark LaBarbera
   Minnesota sCI relies on Members’ generosity and                                       =
participation to generate revenue for the sCI mission. You
don’t have to sell too many raffle tickets before you realize
the value of every dollar raised, as well as the importance of
everyone pitching in for the cause.
   When I was Director of Marketing for sCI Headquarters            adaptations and the fundamental differences between animals.
in Tucson, I noticed that the world’s best sCI chapters             Through discussion and games, they learn first-hand about
consistently used the power of matching funds to stretch those      the different reactions of prey as they are being hunted, the
dollars raised at the local level. Minnesota sCI is one of those    variables that can change the outcome of a hunt, and the
chapters.                                                           challenges of survival.
   It has a history of leveraging its hard-earned money, in both       New Chapter members who are learning about this
good and bad economic times, to have the greatest impact            relationship for the first time can share in the ongoing success
on the future of hunting and conservation. some chapters            that our Chapter created in partnership with oHEC. The
find partners who will match 25 or 50 cents on the dollar.          equipment and educational tools given to Voyageur about a
Minnesota sCI consistently finds dollar-for-dollar matching. In     decade ago are still helping kids connect with nature. Keith
effect, it usually doubles its money.                               Henslin, Branch Director of the Mound facility, said,
   sometimes, the matching is anonymous. sometimes, it’s               “I know oHEC and Minnesota sCI have been involved
supported with TV coverage and press releases that show the         with Voyageur in the past and I am so excited that you might
great education, humanitarian, legislative or conservation work     be willing to extend that involvement again. I just can’t find
being done by the Chapter, which also helps the image of all        the words to show my appreciation for all that you have done
hunters, whether or not they belong to Minnesota sCI. our           for us and all that you are willing to do for us now. The word
best work survives long after the TV lights are turned off and      ‘Thanks’ just doesn’t seem to be enough. You are awesome,
the newspaper stories fade. The Minnesota sCI’s work with           and thanks for taking the time to get back in touch with us,
the outdoor Heritage Education Center (oHEC) Boys & Girls           and your willingness to assist is absolutely wondrous!! Your
Clubs of the Twin Cities and Voyageur is a good example.            long-standing support for Voyageur has been and still is a
   Voyageur is a year-round Environmental Education Center          crucial part of what we do. We are constantly searching for
located in Mound, Minnesota. It is situated on 110 acres of         new ways to serve the community at large in providing a
forested, rolling hills overlooking Little Long Lake, only 25       quality environmental/outdoor education experience. Recently
miles west of the Twin Cities. In addition to Little Long Lake,     we have worked with operation Military Kids to provide such
Voyageur features a beaver pond, a pine forest, a floating sedge    an experience and it has been nothing short of amazing. We
mat, an archery range, a sports field, sleeping cabins, and miles   are also now starting to work with the Minnesota National
of nature trails for hiking. The oHEC Boys & Girls Clubs of         Guard to provide a summer camp program for children whose
the Twin Cities owns and operates Voyageur. Voyageur runs           parents are actively serving our great country. These two new
a residential summer camp                                                                             collaborations are so exciting
for Club members. Camp                                                                                for us and we believe strongly
Voyageur runs June through                                                                            in supporting our military
August. Club members also                                                                             families in any way that we
visit Voyageur on weekends                                                                            can.”
as well as school release days.                                                                           Henslin also came up
Minnesota sCI members can                                                                             with a wish list. oHEC has
see that, working with oHEC,                                                                          agreed to continue to provide
they can support lessons like                                                                         coordination and matching
the one called “predator vs.                                                                          funds if any Chapter members
prey.” The predator and prey                                                                          want to donate taxidermy,
lesson seems like a game                                                                              equipment, or financial support
that engages the students                                                                             for the thousands of kids
and encompasses concepts                                                                              reached through this local
such as survival of the fittest,                                                                      effort.

18    minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                                                  minnesotasci.com
                                                                  Where Your Dollars Go
                                                                 Donor name                            Amount
                                                                 Capable Partners                       $2,500
                                                                 John Glenn Cadet Archery Program       $1,500
                                                                 Lakers Trap Shooting Club              $1,000
                                                                 Minnesota DNR                            $500
                                                                 Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance    $5,000
                                                                 Outdoor Heritage Education Center      $1,723
                                                                 Salvation Army                        $10,000
                                                                 SCI-PAC                                  $500
                                                                 Sportsmen for Change                   $2,000
                                                                 St. Croix Preparatory Academy            $400

    The Chapter agreed to an initial 2011 donation of $723.
The Board of Directors approved an additional $1,000 that
oHEC will double and send to the Boys & Girls Club camp
contact. It will buy equipment and supplies that help the camp
promote archery and other outdoor activities consistent with
the sCI mission. Member donations are still needed, and are
usually eligible for matching funds through oHEC with no
strings attached or forms.
    Chapter donations, in recent years, have helped Minnesota
sCI and oHEC buy hunter education supplies, training
equipment, and more, including gear for school archery
programs. Members will be pleased to know that our combined
efforts, along with the North Country Bowhunters Chapter,
produced the state’s first promotional DVD for Minnesota’s
National Archery in the schools program.
    The Board this year also approved funds for the salvation
Army outdoors program being piloted in Minnesota. Funds
are not just sent without conditions. Instead, they are being
dedicated to the purchase of guns, targets, or other equipment
that promotes hunting and the shooting sports. We are all
optimistic that partnerships like these will provide critical
funding at crucial times for non-profit groups that have the
infrastructure to reach thousands of future voters who may not
otherwise have had the opportunity to learn about hunting,
shooting, and conservation.
    Without Minnesota sCI, these young people and their
parents may never know the role of hunters in restoring North
America’s wildlife, habitat and hunting opportunities.

minnesotasci.com                                                   WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring      19
     37th Annual World Hunting Expo

                          Plan to join fellow Minnesota SCI Members for the
                            Ultimate Hunters’ Event of the Year!
                         Visit with exhibitors from around the world. Share your hunting
                         experiences with fellow hunters. Bid on an amazing variety of outstanding
                         live and silent auctions items! Our Expo offers a rare opportunity to find
                         that hunt of a lifetime at the price of a lifetime. There is no better place to
                         book your next trophy hunt than Minnesota SCI World Hunting Expo. Plus
                         there are also great opportunities to bid on items such as taxidermy gift
                         certificates, fishing trips, furs, artwork, and jewelry. Participate in raffles
                         and games. View the many wildlife taxidermy displays throughout the
                         event. Enjoy visiting with fellow Members and Exhibitors at the Friday
                         Night’s Hunters Sidewalk Café or the Saturday Night’s Hospitality Suite.
                         The World Hunting Expo is not to be missed!

On-Line Registration Now Open!
Advanced Reservations Required for Saturday’s Banquet, Raffles and Auctions. Tickets purchased
BEFORE February 11 are $75 per person. Tickets purchased AFTER February 11 are $85 per person.
For purchasing a table of 10, you will be entered into a
drawing for a raffle package valued at $500.

20   minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                            minnesotasci.com
     schedule of Events                                               Minnesota Safari Club International
                                                                           ExHIbItor LISt
Friday, February 24                                                            As of January 15, 2012
  Public Hours: 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm                            African Game Hunters          onduri Hunting safaris
  This is a FREE event!                                       Africa Maximum safaris        pRp Wine International
  Public Auction to be held at 7:00 p.m.                      Art Barbarian’s               Ribnick Furs
  Games, Silent Auction, Raffles, and more.                   Bass utopia                   Richie outfitters
                                                              Ditholo safaris               Rynold steenkamp
  Hunters’ Sidewalk Café – 10:00 pm – 12:00 am                Double D outfitters           singleton – Moss Custom
  Enjoy food, and camaraderie with Members                                                    Jewelry
                                                              First Flight Finishers
  and Exhibitors.                                                                           sporting Trader - Worldwide
                                                              Gangler’s Canada sub-Arctic
Saturday, February 25                                           Hunting                       safaris
                                                              Gajogo safaris                sportsman’s Taxidermy
  Public Hours: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm                            Heavy Horn outfitters         sun Africa safaris
  This is a FREE event!                                       Indianhead Ranch              TLB Firearms
  Plan to come early to take part in the exciting afternoon   J&R outfitters                Tom’s Taxidermy
  activities.                                                 Joubert pro Hunt              Two Feathers Native
  Games, Silent Auction, Raffles, and more.                   Kansas unlimited                American Art
                                                              Kuvhima safaris               Two Rivers Taxidermy
  Formal Event: 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
                                                              Leopard’s Valley safaris      Wild Images in Motion
  $75 per person
                                                              Little Texas Ranch            Wilderness Quest New
  Cocktail Party, Formal Banquet, Evening Auctions and
                                                              Magnum Research                 Zealand
  Raffle Drawings
                                                              Marupa safaris                Wings and Things Taxidermy
  Hospitality Suite Party 10:00 pm – 2:00 am                  Minnesota DNR K-9 unit        Wollaston Lake Lodge
  The last event of the Expo!                                 Minnesota sCI                 xomaqua safaris
                                                              Numzaan safaris               Zeekopan safaris

minnesotasci.com                                                  WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring               21
Just a few items on the                                      Live Auction!
For an up-to-date live auction list, visit the expo page on-line.
Jacques senekal of AFRICAN MAxIMUM SAFARIS
donated a 10 Day Elephant hunt in Zimbabwe and includes the            Andre stewart of KUvHIMA SAFARIS is offering you this
trophy fee for one Trophy Elephant Bull for two hunters. This          donation in the Limpopo province of south Africa for two
hunt must be completed between April 1, 2012 and November              hunters for seven hunt days plus the arrival and departure
30, 2012. The 10 hunting days will be on concessions of                days, plus trophy fees of $3000 to be shared between the two
Africa Maximum safaris/ sifiso safaris in the Matetsi area in          hunters. This trophy credit can be used for any animals of your
Zimbabwe. Consult with outfitter on availability of quota on           choice. Daily rates and trophy fees additional to those donated
any upgrades. Non-trophy Elephant can be added at $ 4800               will be as per the current price list. Non-Hunters are welcome
trophy fee. The hunt may be upgraded, extra days booked either         to be added at $200 per day. This is an all-inclusive package
on hunting or touring, as client wishes to tailor the package. If      and includes pick-up and drop-off at Johannesburg Airport,
trophies are taken early, client will not be required to suspend the   all meals, drinks in moderation, field preparation of trophies,
duration of days donated for hunting. Included in the donation         laundry service, accommodations in our lodge, and the services
are all meals, beverages, airport pick-up and drop off (Victoria       of an experienced professional Hunter and tracker. The hunt
Falls), field transportation, and field preparation of trophies.       may be scheduled for 2012 or 2013. Trophy credits cannot be
Not included are dipping and shipping of trophies or taxidermy.        transferred between the two hunters. Hunters are encouraged
This donation excludes the arrival and departure days. Arrival         to bring family, as there is much to do and see in the region.
and departure days are charged at us $ 250 per person per day.         schedule hunt with outfitter in 2012 or 2013. Visit Andre in his
Weapons to be used: Rifle only - 416 caliber and bigger. The           booth for more details. Minnesota sCI thanks Andre stewart for
limitation on the ammunition is 200 rounds per gun. Alternative        this 100% donation.
weapon to bring is a shotgun for bird shooting. An export                                                     Donation Value: $9,400
permit from the united states is required to bring any weapons
in to south Africa. At south African Customs the gun owner
will supply necessary import permit on which a temporary
firearm license will be issued. Visit Jacques in his booth for
more information on this great hunt!
                                     Donation Value: $36,500

donated this Canadian Moose hunt for one hunter (guided
2x1) for eight days. Wolf and Black Bear may be taken at no
additional charge and fishing is also included. This exclusive,
pristine, fly-in only area measures over 5,000,000 acres and is
home to moose averaging 54” and reaching up to 66” in width.
The terrain consists of a vast region with over 12 rivers and a
hundred lakes. Throw in the various forest fires which have run
through the area and you have the ideal habitat for big moose.
The outfitter uses a variety of camps, ranging from plush outpost
camps to well-appointed tent camps. Included in this hunt are
all meals, the services of a licensed guide, flights from Winnipeg
to camp, field transportation and field preparation of trophies.
Not included are license fees (moose - $360, bear - $103, fishing
- $35), taxes, alcoholic beverages, transportation to and from
Winnipeg, taxidermy and shipping and processing of meat. This
hunt may be upgraded to a 1x1 hunt for an additional $800 and
additional hunters may be added for $8195. Available dates in
2012. please see Ken in his booth for more information on this
                                     Donation Value: $8,195

22    minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                                                    minnesotasci.com
Mike Richie of RICHIE oUtFIttERS has donated a                       Buck schaaf of tWo RIvERS tAxIDERMY has donated
one mountain lion and wolf (subject to season closures) for          $1,000 taxidermy gift certificate. Join the pride and let Two
one hunter in the selway Bitterroot wilderness. This is their        Rivers create for you a masterpiece to be proud of. They are
specialty! Hunting with hounds from December through March,          located in Hinckley, Minnesota. please visit Buck at his booth
this hunt is available dates are December 2012 to March 2013.        for more information. Minnesota sCI thanks Buck for this
Included are accommodations (heated tent), food and beverage,        100% donation.
field transport, skinning, and all guide fees. Not included are                                          Donation Value: $1,000
Idaho Non-Resident Hunting License ($154.75) Mountain Lion
Tag ($186.25), Wolf Tag ($186.25), air charter ($500) or airport     Robert utne of WILD IMAGES IN MotIoN located
pickup (Missoula, MT). Non-hunting guests may be added               in savage, Minnesota has donated a $1,000 taxidermy gift
for $150/day. Visit Mike at his booth for more details on this       certificate. Robert brings over 30 years of experience in the
fantastic trip!                                                      areas of art, graphic design, and taxidermy. Visit Robert in
                                      Donation Value $5,000          his booth for more information on all his areas of expertise.
                                                                     Minnesota sCI thanks Robert for this 100% donation.
Ken singleton and Linda Moss of SINGLEtoN-MoSS                                                            Donation Value: $1,000
proud to be donating a new original custom jewelry piece that
will be done especially for Minnesota sCI. For the sixteenth
straight year this is again a 100% donation. Linda and Ken are
longtime Minnesota sCI Members. The jewelry piece will be
on display at their booth. Minnesota sCI thanks Linda and Ken
for this 100% donation.
                                    Donation Value: $4,000

 pierre Moolman of SUN AFRICA SAFARIS has donated 7
day hunt in south Africa for two hunters. This donation includes
trophy fees for one White springbok, one Black springbok,
two common springbok, one steenbok, and one duiker to be
shared between the hunters. Also included is: Meals, beverages,
lodging, skinning and field prep and airport pick up and return.
please visit pierre at his booth for more information. Minnesota                                               Gangler’s
                                                                        Canada’s Premier Grand-Slam Fishing.
sCI thanks pierre for this 100% donation.
                                      Donation Value $6,400
                                                                                                               N O RT H E R N   M A N I TO BA

Ted shogren of tHE SPoRtING tRADER has donated a 5
day Water Buffalo hunt at Caza Y safaris in Argentina for one
hunter. This hunt will take place in santiago del Estero and
includes the trophy fee for one buffalo, regardless of medal
size. The hunter can choose method of take. small game such
as Hares, Vizcachas and Fox may be taken at no extra charge.
Hunters will stay in colonial époque lodges placed within the
hunting area. Hunters will enjoy personal attention and delicious
Argentinean meals and beverages. The lodge has comfortable
rooms with private bathrooms. Complimentary rifles with
excellent scopes are provided to those hunters not willing to
travel with their own. The hunter will only pay for ammo used.
The hunter would be able to upgrade the hunt to include other                                          Non-stop
big game animals per current price list. This hunt is valid for
two years. Included in this hunt are: Reception at airport, ground                                  Heart Pounding,
transportation, lodging, pH, meals & beverages. Not included                                         Jaw Dropping
are: Hotel accommodations, hunting license $250, and firearm
permit $100.                                                                                           Angling.
                                      Donation Value $5,500
                                                                                                               (866) 51-LODGE

minnesotasci.com                                                         WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring                                   23
Gun Raffles
               Beretta Xtrema2 KO Camo AP Shotgun,
                           12 gauge, 26”
                Browning A-Bolt Composite Stalker Rifle,
                             270 Win, 22”
                Browning A-Bolt Composite Stalker, 30-06
                                                              7800 Normandale Boulevard, Bloomington, Minnesota 55439
                Browning “Father & Son” Combo Package
                          with Case, .308/.22                                       952-835-7800
              Browning BLR Lightweight Takedown Rife, 30-06   The DoubleTree has a rate of $79 per standard room. Please
                                                              call the DoubleTree directly to reserve your room or go to the
                  Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker, .338     Exhibitor Page on www.minnesotasci.com to get the URL room
               Cimarron 1874 Creedmoor US Shooting Team       reservation code. This rate is good Friday, February 24 thru
                         Sharps with Case, 45-70              Sunday, February 26, 2012. The special standard room rate
                                                              will be available until February 3.
                              FNH FNAR, .308
                          Kimber 1911 Pistol, .45              Be close to the fun with a pool side Cabana Room for just
                                                               $99 per night! Please email Monique to reserve a Cabana
                 Ruger M77 Hawkeye Alaskan, .416 Ruger         Room for the weekend. There are limited Cabana Rooms,
                     Savage 93 with Scope, .17HMR              so book yours today! For just $20 more per night, you will
                                                               have a patio with a view of the indoor pool area, be close
                       Sig Sauer 1911 Pistol, .22              to the convention floor, hospitality suite, and the Friday
                      Smith & Wesson 29 Revolver               Sidewalk Café. This rate is good Friday, February 24 and
                      with Presentation Case, .44              Saturday, February 25 only!

             Smith & Wesson Elite Silver Prince of Whales
                          O/U, 12 gauge
          Thompson/Center Encore Stainless Pistol, .308

          Winchester Model 70 Safari Express, 375 H&H
     Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow with Scope, 300 WSM


                                                                  The finest caribou hunting
                                                                Huge Canadian moose up to 66”
                                                                 Huge color phase black bear
                                                                      Phenomenal fishing

                                                                    CANSUBARC.COM / (352) 861-3174 / REMOTE FLY-IN

24     minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                                         minnesotasci.com
  2012 World Hunting Expo Preliminary Auction List*
12 Day South Africa Surf and Turf Safari for One Hunter. Includes Trophy Fees for Cape Kudu, Impala, Springbok and Steenbok, 1 Day
Fishing and 1 Day Birding.
  Leopard’s Valley Safaris ~ Donation Value: $9,550
10 Day South Africa Hunt for One Hunter. Includes Trophy Fees for Springbok, Fallow Deer, Impala and Ostrich.
  Southern cross Safaris ~ Donation Value: $8,952
10 Day South Africa Trip for Four Hunters. Includes $1,000 in Trophy Fee Credit per Hunter.
  Ubathi Game & Hunt ~ Donation Value: $28,000
6 Day South Africa Hunt for Two Youth Hunters and Two Observers. Includes $2,000 Credit towards Trophy Fees.
  Jannie Otto Safaris ~ Donation Value: $13,700
5 Day Namibia Hunt for One Hunter and One Non-Hunter. Includes Trophy Fees for Trophy Kudu, Gemsbok and Warthog, as well as two
non-trophy (cull) Gemsbok or Kudu.
  Onduri Hunting Safaris ~ Donation Value: $5,400
5 Day South Africa Hunt for Two Hunters. Includes Trophy Fees for 2 Impalas, 2 Blesboks, 2 Warthogs and One Day of Bird Shooting.
  Joubert Pro Hunt ~ Donation Value: $8,800
5 Day South Africa Hunt for Two Hunters. Includes Trophy Fee for One Blue Wildebeest OR 1 Zebra and $1,000 Trophy Fee Credit Towards
  Zeekopan Safaris ~ Donation Value: $5,500
5 Day South Africa Hunt for Two Hunters. Includes $1,000 Trophy Fee Credit Per Hunter.
  Numzaan Safaris ~ Donation Value: $8,000
5 Day South Africa Hunt for One Hunter. Includes Trophy Fees for Blesbok, Impala, Warthog and Duiker
  Ditholo Safaris ~ Donation Value: $5,000
3 Day Namibia Hunt for One Hunter and One Non-Hunter. Includes Trophy Fees for Two Gemsbok Cows, Two Blue Wildebeest Cows and
Two Eland Cows.
  Holstein Safaris ~ Donation Value: $5,000

NOrtH AmericA                                                                 NON-HUNt itemS
5 Day Montana Mule Deer or Whitetail Hunt for One Hunter.                     Painting
  Double D Outfitters ~ Donation Value $3,150                                   Art Barbarian’s Wildlife Art and framing
5 Day Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunt for One Hunter (Archery OR Rifle).           Canvas Framed Print entitled “The Overlord”
  Kansas Unlimited ~ Donation Value: $3,950                                     Jarvi Studios ~ Donation Value: $1,500
4 Day/5 Night Luxury Canada Fishing Package for Two Anglers.                  Wild Game Dinner Cooked in your Home
  Wollaston Lake Lodge ~ Donation Value: $9,200                                Peter Hunt and Don mcmillan
3 Day Wisconsin Fallow Deer Hunt for One Hunter.                              Knit Mink Cape
  Heavy Horn Outfitters ~ Donation Value: $1,500                                ribnick furs ~ Donation Value: $2,995
2 Day Arkansas Duck Hunt for Two Hunter.                                      Original Oil Painting entitled: “Buffalo Brothers”
  Delta Duck Hunters ~ Donation Value: $2,000                                  rynold Steenkamp ~ Donation Value: $3,150
1 Day Minnesota Fully Guided Luxury Boat Hunt for Two Hunters.                Taxidermy Certificate
  first flight finishers ~ Donation Value: $500                                 Tom’s taxidermy ~ Donation Value: $1,000
                                                                              Taxidermy Certificate
                                                                                Wings and things taxidermy ~ Donation Value: $1,000
7 Day Macedonia Hunt for Two Hunters and Two Non-Hunters.                     Reproduction Elephant Ear Painting
  Hunt in europe ~ Donation Value: $15,400                                     Wild images in motion ~ Donation Value: $4,000
3 Day Spain Hunt for One Hunter. Includes Trophy Fee for Red Stag.
  fernanda Saiz Spain ~ Donation Value: $7,275

SOUtH AmericA
10 Day Argentina Hunt for Two Hunters. Includes Trophy Fees for Two Goats and Two Boars.
  Anuritay ranch ~ Donation Value: $13,000
5 Day All-Inclusive Costa Rica Fishing Trip for Two Anglers.
  crocodile Bay resort ~ Donation Value: $7,990
5 Day Argentina Hunt for One Hunter. Includes Trophy Fee for One Red Stag.
  mG Hunting ~ Donation Value: $7,000
3 Day Argentina Dove Hunt for Four Hunters.
  David Denies Wingshooting ~ Donation Value: $9,960
                                 *All Items Subject to Change Pending Publication of Final Auction Program

minnesotasci.com                                                            WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring                     25
     safari snapshots

     Kevin Melstrom       Double D Outfitters                    Scott King-Ellison
                                                      The Sporting Trader - Worldwide Safaris

                                  Willy Holst   Heavy Horn Outfitters

     Paul Langenfeld      Double D Outfitters      Peter Hunt and his guide      Bass Utopia
26   minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                     minnesotasci.com
      Kevin Melstrom            African Maximum Safaris
                                                                   Paul and Barbetta Stannard
                                                                    African Maximum Safaris

      Darleen and Jim Cassidy         Kuvhima Safaris

                                                                Rick Scott and Mary Knop
                                                           Gangler’s Canada Sub-Arctic Hunting

       Peter Nelson with Dave Davenport
            Leopard’s Valley Safaris
minnesotasci.com                                          WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring   27
African Gladiator
By Randy Luth                                                     of the roar, we figured he was less than a mile away. We
                                                                  immediately set up a make shift blind. our lion quickly sorted
   As the numbers go, it was my second attempt, on my sixth       things out. He left the area for real live food or the elusive
safari, on the eighth day for my first lion. My Zimbabwe          female lioness. so for eight days we played “cat and mouse”
pH. and family friend, Roy Ludic, had suggested Brook             with this lion, which caused extreme anxiety, tension, patience,
land’s safaris as the outfit to help complete my attempt for      and finally elation through success.
the “African Gladiator.” Brookland’s safari at the save               We named the elusive cat on the second day after reviewing
Conservancy in south East Zimbabwe turned out to be the           our trail camera. The camera revealed an older large bodied
winning number.                                                   cat that was covered with a thick tawny, black mane. His new
   My hunt got off to a good start on the first afternoon as we   name was “Bin Laden”, thanks to the black bearded mane. The
ventured out to check our lion baits. We bumped into a bush       hunt was on. No reward necessary.
pig in the middle of the afternoon as we passed by a water            “Bin Laden” spent his last week following no real
hole. After a short stalk and a quick shot within the first 20    systematic plan. The nights we’d leave our tree blind at
minutes, I had my first bush pig. one hour later, we realized     3:00am, he showed up at 4:30am. other nights, we could hear
that one of the baits had been hit by a big male lion that had    “Bin Laden” roaring a couple miles away with his new but
ripped into a chunk of giraffe meat. our prescribed section of    temporary girlfriend. Although our high value target was in
the save Conservancy was approximately 100,000 acres in the       reach, the lioness messed up a preliminary pattern of hitting
northeast quadrant of the one million acres that determines the   our bait and than returning two days later. on the evenings that
save. We were fortunate to have the save River on our eastern     “Bin Laden” was out of sight, we were treated to a rhinoceros
boundary.                                                         stopping by and the ever pestering civet cats and honey badgers
   At sunset, we began calling our “bait raider” who quickly      stealing a long snack on zebra and giraffe bait. our tree blind
responded. Although it was difficult to estimate the distance     became our second home on many cold nights during the late

28    minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                                               minnesotasci.com
June winter in the southern hemisphere. We had bats clipping        shot at previously by another hunter who was using a white
past our face so close you could feel the breeze, as well as, a     spot light because when we prepared to take him he was gone
goofy bird that landed on my rifle rest, six feet from my head      before my scope could aim. Hence, the improvised red parking
during virtual darkness.                                            light. unfortunately, the parking light was not very bright with
    The sounds of an Africa night are filled with silence and       my scope, but enough to pick up the outline of a huge bodied
excitement. The jackals yelping, birds calling at dusk, Impala’s    feline creature in front of a black African night.
blowing, or the rhino grunting, all followed or proceeded               As “Bin Laden” continued to crunch, we knew that there
by complete silence, until the sounds of the most terrifying        was no rush. He was preoccupied with his free meal. For
creature on the planet lets loose with a deep, guttural roar that   some reason I was unusually calm. I slowly aligned my
immediately causes all your senses to stand attention. A lion!      illuminated Leupold reticle on the quartering shoulder of “Bin
    on the eighth night at about 9:00pm, we could hear a            Laden” and carefully let the shot go on my Dakota Model
muffled roar a mile or two from the north. Donza, the 6’7”          76. unfortunately, the recoil didn’t allow me to witness the
p.H. whom I had met a few times over the years at the sCI           actual shot, but it was quite obvious that the shot was placed
Conventions, heard the roar. At about 9:40pm Dona said “get         accurately as this lion spun and twisted in mid air only to
ready he’s coming in.” By 10:00pm, I was laying prone on            collapse less than 15 yards from the bait. Although the mission
the log floor of our make shift tree house when I heard the         was accomplished, it did not come easy. After 18 unsuccessful
crunching of ribs and meat. The lion was feasting on chunks         days of hunting lion in 2009 and 8 days on this adventure, my
of zebra we had chained to the base of a tree about 70 yards        lion hunt was finally complete.
away.                                                                   on the drive back to camp, I reflected on the beauty of this
    In preparation for the shot, we had to engineer a red light     lion, all the hard work, and the luck it takes to succeed on a
to the bait area by using an old car parking light, 80 yards of     lion hunt. We arrived in camp about midnight to a celebration
wire and a car battery, to illuminate the cat during complete       with staff and our Canadian friends staying in camp. Let’s
darkness. Most lion hunts are satisfied by using a spot light       just say that the banter and stories continued well into the next
from the blind. However, on evening three, “Bin Laden” had          sunrise. A true celebration for my first African Gladiator.
shown up at the bait site around midnight. He must have been

minnesotasci.com                                                        WINTER 2012 // minnesota adventuring                     29
      Federal and state Issues
By Don McMillan, president Minnesota outdoor                        since any of these fees have been increased so an exception
Heritage Alliance, past president sCI                               should probably be made. If you have an opportunity, you
                                                                    may wish to discuss this issue with your elected representative
Federal Issues                                                      House Member or senator. We continue to direct a significant
    This is the year of another new “Farm Bill” for the             amount of resources available through the sales tax increase
Congress. There are some changes on the horizon that                dedicated by our constitution to improving habitat for our
will have a negative impact on our activities as well as            outdoor activities. This will be the third year of this program
conservation, in general. one example is the successful “walk       and the money continues to go toward the projects that
in” program that we just began this past year in Minnesota          sportsmen and women in Minnesota had in mind when this
with federal matching funds. some 10,000 acres of private           amendment was passed in 2008. However, this has not been
farm land was enrolled in Minnesota which provided a place          automatic by any means. It takes a constant presence at the
to hunt and fish for many Minnesota hunters and fishermen.          Capitol to make sure that our elected officials do not divert
Congress has recently removed these matching dollars from the       this money to other causes no matter how noble they may
appropriations process to help reduce the deficit. This is false    be. This is being accomplished by the groups who belong to
economy due to the fact that more hunters in the field equates      the Minnesota outdoor Heritage Alliance (MoHA) including
to more revenues for both the federal and state government.         the Minnesota Chapter of sCI. We continue to educate the
At this point, this program is in jeopardy here in Minnesota        legislature and the public to make sure that all of the funds
because our state budget is an issue also so it is unlikely that    collected go toward projects that enhance and grow habitat
there will be money available here. This has been a great           for hunting, fishing and trapping in Minnesota. Don’t forget
program that provides much needed access for those of us who        to thank your legislative representatives for helping make this
hunt and fish in Minnesota. As this is an election year and         happen, and if they don’t believe in this program, set them
Congress is in a gridlock so don’t expect much in the line of       straight.
significant legislation to come out of the Congress in 2012.
This year is all about the November presidential Election and
the changes that will occur due to redistricting coming out
in the middle of February. one issue that may be resolved
by the Congress is the wolf issue in Minnesota. Because of
the way the Endangered species Act is written it is relatively
easy for anti-hunting groups like Hsus and to an extent,
sierra Club, to stop turning over management of wolves to
the Minnesota DNR and wolf hunting in this state. These
organizations have the ability to keep this issue in the federal
courts forever. our Minnesota Congressional Delegation, with
a couple of exceptions, are doing their best to pass a bill in
the Congress that would end this stalemate and take the issue
out of the courts. That is the only way that this population of
wolves can be managed from a scientific standpoint in this
country. Encourage your Congressman and our two Minnesota
senators, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, to help with this

state Issues
   The Minnesota Legislature has a shorter session this
year and does not meet until later in January of 2012. There
continues to be many challenges due to a shortage of money
in all areas. The Department of Natural Resources, which
regulates most of our hunting and fishing activities, is not
exempt from budget cuts which will have to happen to help
eliminate large deficits. Many of us have been asking the
Minnesota Legislature to make some modest increases in our
hunting and fishing license fees for both residents and non-
residents, but the Minnesota Legislature is reluctant to increase
any fees in a bad economy. However, it has been over 11 years

30    minnesota adventuring // WINTER 2012                                                                 minnesotasci.com

     PO Box 1303
 Burnsville, MN 55337

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