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					 CATEGORY       SUB-CATEGORY                           AUCTION ITEM

"STAY"-CATION    BEAUTY AND    Mango Salon Gift Certificates: One certificate for a haircut
                   FITNESS     by Karen Mills, Master Artisan and one certificate for a Protect
                               Manicure and Pedicure at Mango Salon (Libbie Avenue
                               location). Visit Mango Salon and let the stress of the outside
                               world fade into an atmosphere of tranquility. Arrive early and
                               enjoy the comfort of their plush leather chairs and enjoy a
                               complimentary beverage brewed just for you.
                               Mango Salon ( , donor.

"STAY"-CATION    BEAUTY AND    Zacharias Ganey Gift Certificate: Gift Certificate may be
                   FITNESS     applied towards any ZG merchandise or membership to ZG's
                               weight management program OR ZG's regular membership.
                               Donated by at Zacharias Ganey Health Institute

"STAY"-CATION    BEAUTY AND    La Luna Massage. Gift certificate for a 60 minute (1 hour)
                   FITNESS     holistic or therapeutic massage. Reward yourself or someone
                               you love with a massage. Donated by La Luna Massage,
                               located on Grove Avenue ( ).

"STAY"-CATION    BEAUTY AND    Professional Custom Teeth Whitening: Includes office
                   FITNESS     consultation to make impressions, 1 set of custom made upper
                               and lower bleaching trays to fit your teeth, and 4 tubes of
                               Perfect Bravo Whitening Gel. James F. Londrey, DDS, donor

"STAY"-CATION    CHILDREN'S    Art Class -- Voucher for one child to attend six sessions (1
                 ACTIVITIES    hour each) on Wednesdays, 4-5 pm or during the summer
                               (date to be decided). Must be used by December 2012. Art
                               instruction donated and provided by Susannah Raine-Haddad.

"STAY"-CATION    CHILDREN'S    Camp chauffeur: Drive your children one-way -- to or from --
                 ACTIVITIES    Shrine Mont anytime during 2011 camp season. Donated by
                               Kate Parthemos

"STAY"-CATION    CHILDREN'S    Collegiate Sports Camp: Certificate for one week at
                 ACTIVITIES    Collegiate School's 2011 All Sport Camp. Includes two hours
                               per day for the younger kids, and three hours per day for the
                               older kids. Donated by Coaches Rives Fleming and Robby

"STAY"-CATION    CHILDREN'S    St. Thomas’ Day School Summer Camp: Certificate to
                 ACTIVITIES    attend 1 week at St. Thomas’ Day School summer camp for
                               ages 3-5 (must be potty trained). This year’s theme is “The
                               Great Outdoors” and includes camping, fishing, boating,
                               catching fireflies, and picnics. Laura and Jessica Harbison,
"STAY"-CATION    CHILDREN'S    Rainy Day Basket donated by the St. Thomas’ Youth Groups.
   "STAY-        CHILDREN"S    James River/Belle Isle Letterboxing Hike -- Your child will
  CATIONS"       ACTIVITIES    have fun searching for hidden caches (
                               using hiking clues. Hike to be scheduled before August 2011.
                               Participants must be able to hike/scramble at least 1 mile.
                               Donated by Steve Cummings.

“STAY”-CATION      LOCAL       REI Rental Package. Includes a two-day gear rental that will
                ATTRACTIONS    accommodate a family/group of four with a tent, packs, and a
                               stove for a weekend camping trip. Let REI's staff of friendly
                               experts help you get ready for your next outdoor adventure!
                               REI Richmond Short Pump (,

"STAY"-CATION      LOCAL       Parking Spot for the Pool during the entire summer season
                ATTRACTIONS    when attending the LGRA pool in 2011. John and Susannah
                               Haddad, donors

"STAY"-CATION      LOCAL       English Sporting Clays: English Sporting Clays for 1 to 2
                ATTRACTIONS    people (total of 150 clays and 150 shells). Targets are thrown
                               in a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations and
                               distances. Led by renowned sporting clay instructor and safari
                               leader, Henry Baskerville.

"STAY"-CATION   PERFORMANCES   Two Richmond Symphony Vouchers -- Two tickets to any
                               three concerts ( in the 2011-
                               2012 Season excluding Evelyn Glennie. Seating only valid in
                               Side Orchestra or Rear First Dress. Subject to availability. Not
                               valid with other coupons or offers. Joe Murillo, President of
                               Richmond Symphony Board of Directors, donor

"STAY"-CATION   PERFORMANCES   Four tickets to VCU Opera’s "Hansel and Gretel" --
                               presented in conjunction with The Greater Richmond Children's
                               Choir and the VCU Symphony. Choose your night to attend --
                               either Saturday, April 30th or Sunday, May 1 at 7 pm.
                               Experience this immensely popular and beloved classic based
                               on the Grimm Brothers fairytale. A FUN and RICH CULTURAL
                               ADVENTURE for the ENTIRE FAMILY!!! Melanie Kohn Day,

"STAY"-CATION   PERFORMANCES   Evening at the Symphony Package: Includes a $100 gift
                               certificate to Lemaire restaurant and two tickets to the May
                               21st 8 pm Richmond Symphony's Masterworks
                               ( performance of Beethoven's
                               "Missa Solemnis" (mezzanine seating; includes 7 pm pre-
                               concert talk). Shannon and Michael Spangler, donors

"STAY"-CATION   PERFORMANCES   Two balcony tickets to the Richmond Forum – featuring Dr.
                               George Church (
                               Church.aspx) on Saturday, March 19, 2011. Dr. Church will
                               discuss his Personal Genome Project (PGP) and address the
                               value and implications of the personal genomics revolution.
                               Anna and Jacob Kerkhoff, donors

   "STAY-       PERFORMANCES   Comedy Six Pack! Enjoy a night of improv comedy at the
  CATIONS"                     NEW ComedySportz Improv Theatre! Take your family AND
                               your friends to this all-ages show, where performers play
                               games and create scenes based on audience suggestions.
                               Includes 6 admission tickets to any show. Located in Gold's
                               Gym Plaza at West Tower -- Grand Opening by end of March.
                               ComedySportz Improv ( , donor

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Photography: Three (3) High School Senior portrait
                  SERVICES     packages, each including the session fee and one 5 x 7 portrait.
                               Each package sold at a fixed bid amount of $45. Cliff Bruce
                               Studios (, donor.

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Photography: Ten (10) Family and Children’s portrait
                  SERVICES     packages, each including the session fee and one 8 x 10
                               portrait. Each package sold at a fixed bid amount of $95.     Cliff
                               Bruce Studios (, donor.

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Photography: Five (5) Newborn portrait packages, each
                  SERVICES     including the session fee and one 5 x 7 portrait. Each package
                               sold at a fixed bid amount of $65. Cliff Bruce Studios
                               (, donor.

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Romantic Dinner for Two!! Includes limousine service and
                  SERVICES     dinner for two at Amour Wine Bistro! Enjoy a bottle of chilled
                               bubbly on the way to dinner, experience the ultimate in
                               gastronomic service, and leave the cooking and the driving to
                               the professionals. Dinner voucher not redeemable on Fridays
                               and Saturdays. Limousine service limited to Richmond metro
                               area and subject to availability. Both gift certificates must be
                               used by January 31, 2012.
                               Amour Wine Bistro ( and A Black
                               Tie Affair Limousine (,

“STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Massage and Scalp Octo Massager: includes 60 minute (1
                  SERVICES     hour) massage by Libby Sykes, professional masseuse. Also
                               includes an Octopus shaped head massager with 100% copper
                               wire legs. When applied to your scalp, this product stimulates
                               up to 14 points of pressure at the same time -- relaxing and
                               entertaining! Libby Sykes, donor.

“STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Weeding -- Up to three hours (or two beds) of weeding or
                  SERVICES     your choice of hand gardening, except on really hot days.
                               Donated and provided by Caddy Wood.

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Piano Lessons -- Four 30 minute introductory classes (Suzuki
                  SERVICES     method) in Spring, Summer or Fall of 2011; materials supplied.
                               With their parent, children as young as 4 can learn how to play
                               by ear. Instruction donated and provided by Sharon Kronstedt.

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Decorators’ Package: Includes two hours of decorating
                  SERVICES     consultation by Stacy Hull of Parker House Interiors, a Williams
                               and Sherrill $200 gift certificate towards any "in-stock" item(s),
                               and a Dover Interiors $200 gift certificate towards reupholstery
                               service (including drop-off and pick-up). Parker House
                               Interiors ( ), Williams & Sherrill
                               ( ), Dover Interiors, donors

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Harpsichord for Hire: One hour of harpsichord at your house
                  SERVICES     or your venue of choice performed by David McCormick, donor

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Babysitting voucher. Danielle Lundy, donor
"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Christmas Decorating Package: Master holiday designer
                  SERVICES     and donor Ann Fuqua will prepare a wreath and decorate your
                               mantle with loaned decorations for the 2011 holiday season.

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Individual Federal and State Tax Preparation: Preparation
                  SERVICES     of 2011 Federal and State individual income tax returns by
                               W.S. Logan, Inc. CPA, donor

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Experience the Ultimate in Housekeeping!! Up to four
                  SERVICES     hours of spring cleaning to be scheduled on a Thursday or
                               weekend day. Includes scrubbing, vacuuming -- the works!!
                               Margaret Woody, donor

"STAY"-CATION   PROFESSIONAL   Reading Evaluation by Certified Reading Specialist adjunct
                  SERVICES     professor in VCU's Teaching and Learning Department. Emma
                               McFarlane, donor.

 CREATIONS          ART        Icon of Archangels. Donated by The Church Mouse, 5103
                               Lakeside Avenue.

 CREATIONS          ART        Zou Zou’s Basement Painting: Acrylic on canvas painting by
                               artist Susannah Raine-Haddad. Zou Zou's Basement, donor

 CREATIONS          ART        Handcrafted Note Cards: (two packs) prepared by artist
                               Susannah Raine-Haddad. Zou Zou's Basement, donor

 CREATIONS          ART        Journal with handcrafted cover prepared by artist Susannah
                               Raine-Haddad. Zou Zou's Basement, donor

 CREATIONS          ART        Collage Kit prepared by artist Susannah Raine-Haddad. Zou
                               Zou's Basement, donor (
CREATIONS      ART        Framed Photograph of Yankee Players. Authenticated
                          1961 photo of Roger Maris, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle;
                          Virginia and Philip Eckert, donors

CREATIONS      ART        Photography: Original, signed photographs of Shrine Mont,
                          by Anne Chamberlain, donor.

CREATIONS      ART        Picasso Prints from the Modern Classics Series. Number 90
                          "The Bullfighter"; Numbers 91, 92 and 93 "Toros and Toreros";
                          Tony and Mildred Bell, donors.

CREATIONS      ART        Ella Fitzgerald Stamp Collection -- First date of issue and
                          framed; Viola Baskerville, donor.

CREATIONS      ART        Pink $100 Gift Card. Check out the latest women's designer
                          fashions in this chic and stylish Carytown shop. Expires March
                          2012. Pink (, donor.

CREATIONS      ART        Elliott Lauren Leather Coat. Women's designer green zip
                          front 100% leather jacket -- size medium. Kerry and Matt
                          Grey, donors.

CREATIONS    CLOTHING     Patagonia Fleece Jacket

CREATIONS    CLOTHING     Gorilla Costume donated by Premiere Costumes, located in
                          Carytown. For coupons and more information, go to

CREATIONS    CLOTHING     "Josephine de Beauharnais” Costume donated by Premiere
                          Costumes, located in Carytown. For coupons and more
                          information, go to

CREATIONS    CLOTHING     Pashmina Shawl from India

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Whiskapalian Basket (basket not included). St. Thomas'
                          Choir, donors.

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   2300 Club Membership: Certificate for1-year membership
                          for an individual or couple in this established club in historic
                          Church Hill. Certificate waives membership initiation fee, but
                          does not include the $35/month food & beverage minimum.
                          2300 Club (, donor

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Sweet Tooth Basket. Includes gift certificates donated by
                          Jean Jacques Bakery & Café ( and
                          Gearharts' Fine Chocolates (

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Blackfinn Gift Certificate -- Whether you’re looking for a
                          casual bite or a more serious dining experience, the Finn is sure
                          to please. Visit for a listing of menu
                          items or for more information. Blackfinn Restaurant & Saloon,

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Dot’s Back Inn Gift Certificates -- Featured on Food
                          Network's "Diners Drive-Inns, and Dives." Visit
                 or a listing of menu items and
                          more information. Dot's Back Inn, donor.

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   The Grill at Patterson & Libbie $25 Gift Certificates. Does
                          not include tax or gratuity. Donated by the Grill at Patterson &
                          Libbie, 5724 Patterson Avenue

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   The Wine Tasting Party Kit. Everything You Need to Host a
                          Fun & Easy Wine Tasting Party at Home. Made by Chronicle
                          Books, this kit includes: 6 reusable linen wine bottle covers;
                          tasting score pads; a cheat sheet; glass markers; and a 64
                          page entertaining book that introduces you to the ins and outs
                          of tasting wine.

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Christmas Cookies: A dozen dozen (12 each/12 kinds)
                          homemade cookies delivered in December. Kate Parthemos,

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Gourmet dinner prepared by John Haddad, wine provided by
                          Charlie Knight of Country Vintner --

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Dinner with the Rector: Elizabethan High Dining experience
                          for eight. Donated and prepared by Sue and Lindon Eaves.

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Easter Luncheon for 10:      Kerry and Matt Grey, donors

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   One year membership in Fall Line Farms online farmers
                          market. Fall Line Farm is an online farm-to-family Co-op
                          program designed to connect family-owned and operated farms
                          in central Virginia with customers in search of local food year
                          around. For more information, go to
                 Molly Harris, Fall Line Farms and
                          Lulu’s Local Food, donors

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Wine Basket -- Includes one bottle of Washington State wine,
                          one bottle of Oregon Williamette Valley wine, cheese and
                          crackers. Jennie and Phil Eckert, donors

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Breakfast Basket -- Includes one quart of Vermont maple
                          syrup, Maine pancake mix, blueberry jelly, Stir Crazy coffee,
                          spatula, and kitchen towel. Jennie and Phil Eckert, donors

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Cocktail Food for 25 People      Cateraide, donor
CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Brunch for two at Northside Grille (alcohol and gratuity not
                          included). Northside Grille, donor (

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Gift Certificate to Basilis Greek Restaurant in Carytown.
                          Dine in or carry out. Limited to food and non-alcoholic
                          beverages. For menu and more information, go to
                 Basilis Greek Restaurant, donor

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Fête Des Crêpes! Sign up to attend a crêpe-making party
                          hosted by Susan Daughtry. Sip some fabulous French wines
                          while sampling crepes with an assortment of sauces and
                          fillings. You'll leave with all you'll need to make your very own
                          classy French desserts. No cooking expertise or French
                          speaking ability required. Susan Daughtry, donor

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Summer Flavors in Winter Time! Basket of homemade
                          bread and canned offerings from our garden, including
                          homemade tomato sauce, butter pickles, and whole tomatoes
                          picked from our garden and shared this past summer at
                          Vacation Bible School. Dana and Diane Wilcox, donors

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Gift Certificate to J. Emerson Fine Wine & Cheese -
                          Richmond's longest established fine wine retailer, serving the
                          community since 1985, J. Emerson specializes in collectible,
                          rare and hard to find wines. For more information, go to
                 J. Emerson, Inc., donor

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Can Can Brasserie gift card valued at $50. Card is
                          redeemable for food, beverage and merchandise. Donated by
                          Can Can Brasserie --

CREATIONS   FOOD & WINE   Sushi Dinner: A Culinary Night in Japan. Ten (10) available
                          spaces priced at $60 per person. Donated by June, David and
                          Jake Hardy-Dorsey.

CREATIONS    FURNITURE    Children’s Rocking Chairs -- Customize a rocking chair for
                          that special child in your life! Chairs can be ordered to feature
                          child's name and a personalized inscription. Available in small,
                          medium and large sizes.

CREATIONS    FURNITURE    Solid Cherry Queen Anne Porringer Tea Table -- Beautiful
                          table (26”H x 33”Wx21” D) handcrafted by Master Craftsman
                          Floyd Hedberg , donor

CREATIONS    FURNITURE    Oak Chifferobe/Armoire, donated by Eliza Askin

CREATIONS    FURNITURE    Brass Beds, donated by Kate Parthemos
CREATIONS     FURNITURE     Mahogany Tilt Table -- Made in the 1940s, this table
                            measures 26"H x 26"W x 13 3/4"D. Jennie and Phil Eckert,

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   Little Honey Brown Bear Toy. Build-A-Bear Workshop
                            (, donor.

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   Picture Frame (2" x 3") donated by The Refinery --

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   Prada Bag -- A designer classic! Black nylon bag with leather
                            trim and silver hardware. Perfect "MINT" condition!! Beth
                            Dominey, donor.

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   19" Necklace and Matching Earrings. Made of multi-
                            colored Swarovski crystals, polished Czechoslovakian glass
                            beads, and silver. Donated by Joe and Nancy Durrett.

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   Chanel Sunglasses (Model 5144). Protect your eyes and look
                            like a million bucks while wearing these designer sunglasses!
                            Donated by Tom Kirkland Optician - 24 N 8th Street in
                            downtown Richmond.

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   Blue and white Chinese ceramic bookends. Donated by
                            Betsy Scott.

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   Handcrafted Quilt from India

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   Two Silver Candlesticks donated by Victorian Fireplace Shop

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   Antique Dinnerware. White gold-trimmed 39 pieces of
                            antique plates, bowls, serving pieces from Limoges and O E G
                            Royal Austria. Set a beautiful table! Jennie and Phil Eckert,

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   Romance Package: Set the mood with a CD of groovin'
                            tunes, bottle of champagne, a gift certificate for flowers,
                            homemade white truffles, a voucher for one evening of
                            babysitting, and a gift certificate to Tastebuds American Bistro
                            ( St. Thomas’ Supper
                            Club #2, donor

CREATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS   Choice of Sermon Topic: Selection of a sermon topic by
                            Lindon Eaves
 CREATIONS     MISCELLANEOUS   Grey Swan Flag, donated by Jennie and Phil Eckert

 CREATIONS     MISCELLANEOUS   Signed Royal Albert Old Country Roses Gazebo Cookie Jar --
                               (7388/7500); Maggie Mayo, donor.

 CREATIONS     MISCELLANEOUS   Gracie Doll Reproduction (71/500). In wood resin, hand-
                               painted. Limited doll from Arnett's Country Store
                               (; Viola Baskerville, donor.

 CREATIONS     MISCELLANEOUS   Russian and Ludmilla. First plate in the Russian Legends
                               collection, a limited edition porcelain plate created in Russia.
                               The plates were produced with 16-17 layers of ceramic
                               pigments and in 18kt gold on hard fired porcelain at the historic
                               Vinogradoff Porcelain Factory; Viola Baskerville, donor

 CREATIONS     MISCELLANEOUS   Brighton Handbag. Black leather with alligator trim and
                               silver decoration; Viola Baskerville, donor.

 CREATIONS     MISCELLANEOUS   Slavic Dolls. Pair of dolls (1 male; 1 female) in traditional
                               attire; St Thomas’ Yard Sale Committee, donor

 CREATIONS     MISCELLANEOUS   Donald Pliner Purse: Designer cow skin shoulder bag; St.
                               Thomas’ Yard Sale Committee, donor

 CREATIONS     MISCELLANEOUS   Three sets of Children’s Eyeglass Frames, donated by Dr.
                               Peter Nardone, Paterson Eye Clinic
                                  (1) Satin Blue "Smarties" (120 mm) eyeglass frames
                                  (2) Black "Op" (125 mm) memory bridge eyeglass frames
                                  (3) Purple "New Globe" (135mm) eyeglass frames

 CREATIONS     MISCELLANEOUS   Timmy Woods Handbag -- Designer tasselled natural wood
                               purse (5.5" x 8" x 3.5"). What a gem -- take this collectable
                               home! Donated by Viola Baskerville

DESTINATIONS     DAY TRIPS     Kayaking on the Mobjack / Chesapeake Bay:
                               Kayaking/canoe trip for up to eight people, in Mathews County
                               VA (, approximately 1.5 hrs
                               from Richmond. Equipment, food and guides provided. The trip
                               will be a "most of the day" event (with lunch & snacks on a
                               remote beach...literally at the corner of the Chesapeake &
                               Mobjack Bay in Bavon, VA); kid and adult friendly. You can
                               actually stand up in the 1-3 feet of water, where we will be
                               primarily traveling, but you could be more adventurous, going
                               from the lunch/beach destination out to a historic lighthouse
                               commissioned by Thomas Jefferson...only 10 minutes each way
                                or farther around the general area with creeks & rivers very
                                close to explore. The beach is accessible only by boat, on
                                which you will find a whole host of adventures! Sighting
                                possibilities include; heron, loons, eagle, duck, turtles, paddling
                                w/ dolphins & much more. Nathan Beck, donor

DESTINATIONS    HOTEL STAYS     Starwood Vacation of your Choice! Spend 5 nights at the
                                Westin Key West (currently booked for May 25 - 30, 2011;
                       ) or let us redeem up to
                                48,000 Starpoints so that you can book your Starwood hotel
                                stay at a location and date of your choosing (Subject to hotel
                                availability; must be booked by December 31, 2011).

DESTINATIONS    HOTEL STAYS     The Westin Richmond Hotel. Gift certificate for a one (1)
                                night stay plus tax in a standard guest room. A perfect
                                solution when you need an additional room for overnight
                                guests! Valid thru December 30, 2011. The Westin Richmond
                                (, donor.

DESTINATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS    James Limousine Airport Transportation. Two (2)
                                vouchers for roundtrip sedan service to Richmond International
                                Airport for up to three (3) people. If you need transportation
                                for a larger group or to an alternate location, face value of your
                                voucher may be applied toward balance of any James
                                Limousine service. James Limousine Service
                                (, donor.

DESTINATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS    Travel Gift Basket: Enjoy a wide assortment of luxury
                                toiletries and items selected to pamper the sophisticated
                                traveler in you!!

DESTINATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS    Embroidered Rolling Travel Bag; Nancy and Joe Durrett,

DESTINATIONS   MISCELLANEOUS    Vera Bradley Garment Bag. Donated by Saxon Shoes

DESTINATIONS   VACATION HOMES   Charlottesville Retreat: "Dancing Creek" Mountain Cabin,
                                south of Charlottesville, 220 acres - sleeps six comfortably
                                (more if you have children who can sleep in sleeping bags).
                                Donated by Philip and Paige Goodpasture.

DESTINATIONS   VACATION HOMES   Homestead Ownership Property: Enjoy a relaxing three
                                night stay (Sunday - Wednesday, July 24-27) in this fantastic
                                three bedroom, three bath home located at the exclusive
                                Homestead resort. Features include large living room with
                                fireplace, dining room, laundry room, attached garage, private
                                deck with BBQ grill and hot tub, resort shuttle services, and
                                concierge services. For pictures and more information, go to
                                Hoadley, donor
DESTINATIONS   VACATION HOMES   Kill Devil Hills Cottage: Two nights at Kill Devil Hills
                                ( cottage. Not available during the
                                season from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Ron and Nancy
                                Rechenbach, donors

DESTINATIONS   VACATION HOMES   Lake Gaston Getaway: One week at waterfront cottage on a
                                wooded acre on Lake Gaston (
                                Features four (4) bedrooms, two (2) baths, wrap around deck,
                                fireplace, boat ramp, canoe, paddle boat, and excellent fishing.
                                Mary Whittle, donor

DESTINATIONS   VACATION HOMES   Oceanfront on Amelia Island: Escape the cold weather for
                                a stay in this fantastic two bedroom, one bath, oceanfront
                                Coral Sands condo on Amelia Island, Florida. For pictures and
                                more information, go to
                                Kamran and Nammi Khan, donors

DESTINATIONS   VACATION HOMES   Wintergreen Condo: Three night stay at Wintergreen late
                                March - mid-November; 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. For pictures
                                and more information, go to Jill and
                                Andrew Salp, donors

DESTINATIONS   VACATION HOMES   Salty Paws Cottage for Two at the Outer Banks!! Enjoy a
                                romantic getaway in one of the few remaining 1960's "cottage
                                courts" in the Outer Banks ( Spend a
                                long weekend (3 nights) at this adorable vintage one bedroom
                                cottage with ocean views, just across the street from the beach
                                at Kitty Hawk. Includes use of bicycles and beach chairs.
                                Cottage has outdoor grill and outdoor shower (in addition to
                                indoor shower!). Maximum capacity is 2; available at a
                                mutually convenient time between May and October 2011. Eric
                                and MacKay Boyer, donors

DESTINATIONS   VACATION HOMES   Frosty Paws Cottage at Wintergreen!! Enjoy a long
                                weekend (3 nights) at this well-appointed one bedroom condo
                                in Wintergreen ( Located within
                                walking distance of the market, restaurants, shops, and the ski
                                slopes, Frosty Paws is a cozy little piece of heaven. Features
                                include big fireplace, kitchen, pull-out sofa, patio, and a pool
                                right down the hill. Maximum capacity is 4; available at a
                                mutually convenient time before February 26, 2012. Eric and
                                MacKay Boyer, donors

DESTINATIONS   VACATION HOMES   Rehoboth Beach Condo -- Enjoy a two night, Friday -
                                Sunday, weekend stay in this professionally decorated, one
                                bedroom 1st floor condo. Amenities include newly-renovated
                                kitchen and bath, private patio, den, Wi-fi, cable tv, community
                                pool, Master bedroom with queen-sized bed. Comfortable for 2
                                adults. Walk to the beach, shopping, restaurants, and
                                Rehoboth Beach nightlife (
                                Must be used by June 12, 2011. Not available Easter weekend

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