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 DAY 2011
                          J cAsH // KEEM KOnG  +
                          UncLE LUKE // JAGGED EDGE
                          GUYAnA // BRIscO // MAYDAY
               ItIOn**    BALLGREEZY // AcE HOOD
   **spEcIAL ED           FAMOUs KID BRIcK // sUpA
                          MIKE BLEss & MORE
                       WELCOMETO MIAMI

 DAY 2011


    J CASH

                          KEEM KOnG // DJ KHALED +
                          UncLE LUKE // JAGGED EDGE
                          GUYAnA // BRIscO // MAYDAY
                          BALLGREEZY // AcE HOOD
                          FAMOUs KID BRIcK // sUpA
                          MIKE BLEss & MORE
                               WELCOMETO MIAMI

 DAY 2011


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    tHURsDAY, MAY 26tH
                                                         -		YC	Racks	On	Racks	Vixens	Affair	@		B.E.D	(929	
                                                         Washington	Ave)
                                                         -	Trey Songz Memorial	Day	Weekend	Takeover	
                                                         @	Club	Play	(1045	Fifth	St)
    -	Slip-N-Slide’s	South	Beach	Takeover:	Trina	        -	Jeezy	Hosts	Memorial	Day	Weekend	At	KOD	@		
    Meet	&	Greet	&	Celebrity	Fashion	Show;	12PM	         King	Of	Diamonds	(17800	N.E.	5th	Ave)
    @	Macy’s	Downtown	(22	E	Flagler	St.)
                                                         -	Keri Hilson	“Pretty	Girl	Rock”	@	SOBE	Live	
    -	DJ Khaled & Ace Hood	Host	Memorial	Week-           (1203	Washington	Ave)
    end	@	Cameo	(1445	Washington	Ave)
                                                         -	Memorial	Weekend	3rd	Annual	All	White	Party	
    -	Travis Porter Live		&	Direct		@	SOBE	Live	(1203	   @	Aizia	Restaurant	&	Nightclub	(3660	S	Ocean	
    Washington	Ave)                                      Dr.)
    -	Waka Flocka Hosts	@	Dream	Nightclub	(1532	         - Keri Hilson	Live	@	Living	Room	Night	Club	
    Washington	Ave)                                      (671	Washington	Ave)
                                                         -	NBA	&	NFL	Takeover	Hosted	by	Saiga	@	Dolce	
    FRIDAY MAY 27tH                                      Ultra	Lounge	(1501	Ocean	Dr)
    -	DJ Prostyle, DJ Envy, DJ Entice, DJ Norie Da
    Governor, DJ Johnny DJ Spider	Host	Miami	
                                                         sUnDAY MAY 29tH
    Madness	2011;	1PM	@	MIA	Bella	Roma	(1238	
                                                         -	Juelz Santana	Memorial	Day	Pool	Party	;	
    Ocean	Dr)
                                                         12PM	@	The	Carlton	Pool	&	Lobby	Bar	(1443	
    -	Slip-N-Slide		&	The	Source	Magazine	Presents	:	    Collins	Ave)
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                                                         -	Slip-N-Slide’s	South	Beach	Takeover:	Comedy	
    NoWhere	Lounge	(653	Washington	Ave)
                                                         Show;	8PM	@	James	L	Knight	Center	(400	
    -	Lil Wayne & Drake	Host	@	King	Of	Diamonds	         Southeast	2nd	Ave	#3)
    (17800	N.E.	5th	Ave)
                                                         -	Ying Yang Twins	Live	@	Dolce	Ultra	Lounge	
    -	Lil Wayne & Drake	Host	@		LIV	Nightclub		          (1501	Ocean	Dr.)
    (4441	Collins	Ave)
                                                         -	DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, Trina, Vybz Kartel	Live	
    -	DJ Khaled & Ace Hood	4th	Annual	Mardi	Gras	        At	Best	of	the	Best	Concert;	3PM	@	Bicentennial	
    Memorial	Day	Weekend		@	B.E.D	(929	Washing-          Park	(1075	Biscayne	Blvd)
    ton	Ave)
                                                         -	Travis Daniels, Reshad Jones & Roscoe Par-
    -	Plies	Live	Memorial	Weekend	2011	@	SOBE	           rish Host	Memorial	Day	Weekend	Million	Dollar	
    Live	(1203	Washington	Ave)                           Tip	Off		@	King	Of	Diamonds	(17800	N.E.	5th	
    -	Jeezy	Memorial	Day	Weekend	@	Dream	Night-          Ave)
    club	(1532	Washington	Ave)                           -	Trey Songz	Hosts	Sunday	Dream	@	Dream	
    -	Wale	Live	@	Nocturnal	Nightclub		(50	NE	11th	      Nightclub	(1532	Washington	Ave)
    St)                                                  -	NYC	Invades	MIA: Jim Jones & Juelz Santana
    -	Rick Ross	Performing	Live	@	Club	Space	(34	        Host	@	SOBE	Live	(1203	Washington	Ave)
    Northeast	11th	St)
    -	Adult	Film	Stars Ayrana Starr, Candace Von,        MOnDAY MAY 30tH
    Roxy Reynolds & Beuty Dior	@	Living	Room	
    Night	Club	(671	Washington	Ave)                      -		Miami	Industry	Brunch	&	The	Next	Big	R&B	
                                                         Star	Showcase;	11AM	@	Crescendo	Jazz	&	Blues	
    sAtURDAY MAY 28tH                                    Lounge
                                                         -	Wale & Uncle Luke	Host	Memorial	Day	Finale	
    -	Keri Hilson, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Chris Brown	     @	SOBE	Live	(1203	Washington	Ave)
    &	More	Live	At	Spring	Fest	Miami;	5PM	@		            -	Juelz Santana	Live	In	Concert	@	Dolce	Ultra	
    Bicentennial	Park	(1075	Biscayne	Blvd)               Lounge	(1501	Ocean	Dr.)

     MIAMI OG AND POE BOY/CASH MONEY                        him.	Now	that	I’m	seeing	all	the	things	he’s	do-
     SIGNEE BRISCO PLANS TO TAKE YOU TO 21                  ing,	he’s	still	one	of	my	idols.	I’m	still	one	of	his	
     JUMP STREET THIS MEMORIAL DAY.                         protégés	so	I’m	trying	to	do	what	he	does.	My	
                                                            label	is	called	Goon	Music	Group.	
     You’ve been at this for a long time and are
     still waiting for that one big record to blow          Is there a release date for Street Medicine?
     you up nationally. What motivates you to               Still	no,	but	it	better	come	out	this	year!
     keep going and prevents you from getting               	
     discouraged?                                           Who makes the final call on when that comes
     I	do	shows.	I’ve	been	doing	shows	since	               out?
     “Bitch	I’m	Me”	and	“Just	Know	That”	and	“Black	        Slim,	Wayne,	Birdman,	E-Class,	DJ	Khaled,	the	
     Shades”	and	all	the	records	I’ve	put	out.	I’ve	        list	goes	on.	That’s	why	I	say	we	gotta	have	that	
     been	doing	shows	every	weekend	for	the	past	           sit-down	and	solidify	the	greatness	of	ya	boy.	
     three	and	a	half	years.	That’s	what	keeps	me	
     motivated,	just	doing	these	shows.	People	are	         With all the big names on the Young Money/
     telling	me,	“Brisco,	you’re	hot.	You’re	doing	         Cash Money roster, it’s gotta be a challenge
     a	good	job.	Keep	doing	what	you’re	doing.	             to make your album a priority.
     When’s	Street Medicine	coming	out?”	That’s	            Of	course.	I’m	technically	Cash	Money.	It’s	me,	
     what	keeps	me	going.	                                  Bow	Wow,	Wayne,	Drake,	Nicki.	But	you	know,	
                                                            once	you’re	Cash	Money,	you’re	Young	Money.	
     You’re dropping a mixtape during Memorial              It’s	one	big	family.	I	mean,	I	really	can’t	say	that	
     Day weekend?                                           for	myself	because	I’m	considered	one	of	the	
     Yeah,	it’s	called	21 Jump Street.	It’s	going	to	be	    vets.	When	I	come	in	the	room	cats	stand	up	
     the	album	before	the	album	Street Medicine.	           and	give	me	their	seat.	So	no,	not	for	me.	I	just	
     21	Jump	Street	is	the	infamous	street	I	grew	          think	it’s	on	me	to	get	out	and	do	more	virals	
     up	on	in	Opa	Locka.	I’m	pouring	my	heart	out	          and	get	out	to	the	masses.	I’ve	been	stuck	in	
     on	this	mixtape.	It’s	going	to	be	a	lot	of	slow	       the	studio	developing	my	niche	and	study-
     tracks,	a	lot	of	good	music.	I’m	taking	it	back	to	    ing	this	craft	so	much	that	I	haven’t	gotten	a	
     that	Rick	Ross	“Here	I	Am,”	feel	me?	It’s	all	origi-   chance	to	do	the	virals.	I	think	that’s	what	the	
     nal	tracks,	nobody	else’s	tracks.	There’s	a	lot	of	    game	is	coming	to,	the	virals,	the	blogs,	more	
     producers	on	there	where	I	don’t	know	who	             visuals.	A	lot	of	people	have	been	rocking	with	
     did	the	tracks.	I	know	when	it	drops	they’re	go-       Brisco	for	years	but	they	don’t	know	what	the	
     ing	to	be	yelling	at	me	like,	“Brisco,	you	put	my	     hell	I	look	like.	I	think	I	need	to	fix	that.
     shit	on	your	mixtape!?”	You	should	be	honored	
     to	have	me	on	one	of	your	beats.                       What songs do you plan to shoot videos for
                                                            on 21 Jump Street?
     Where will people be able to find 21 Jump              We’re	going	to	as	many	songs	as	possible,	from	
     Street?                                                the	intro	on	out.	The	first	song	is	called	“21	
     You	can	purchase	it,	you	can	download	it	for	          Jump	St,”	where	I	just	give	a	brief	description	
     free.	It’s	whatever	you	wanna	do.	I’m	trying	to	       of	my	whole	city.	I	named	a	lot	of	influential	
     get	to	the	masses	now.	I	used	to	just	be	Brisco	       people	in	my	city.	There’s	one	called	“Promises”	
     in	the	hood,	but	now	I’m	trying	to	get	out	of	         that’s	just	about	the	stresses	of	being	an	artist	
     Opa	Locka	and	Florida.	I’m	trying	to	go	to	Asia,	      and	the	promises	they	make	to	you,	from	the	
     Brazil,	Cali,	all	that.	I’m	trying	to	spread	my	       label	to	your	family	and	friends.	There’s	one	
     hustle.                                                called	“Fuck	Nigga	Free”	or	FNF,	that’s	with	my	
                                                            artist	Cadillac.
     At one point you and Poe Boy had a falling
     out. I guess you ended up resolving that?              As an OG in Miami‘s music scene, how do you
     Of	course.	Poe	Boy	is	my	foundation.	I	was	just	       feel about Uncle Luke running for Mayor?
     distracted	as	an	artist.	I	just	lashed	out,	and	       That’s	big!	It’s	big	like	Obama	running	for	
     I	knew	I	could	because	I	built	some	of	these	          office.	Obama	definitely	made	me	feel	like	
     walls	around	here.	If	I	was	anybody	else…don’t	        anything	is	possible.	It’s	a	great	opportunity	for	
     do	it. (laughs)                                        Miami.	I’m	voting.

     So tell me about your new label.                       Is there anything else you’d like to say?
     It’s	called	Goon	Music.	I’m	in	the	process	of	         OZONE,	Julia	Beverly,	my	baby	mama,	I	wish	
     signing	a	Hip	Hop	cat	called	Cadillac	and	also	        you’d	let	me	see	my	kids. (laughs) Brisco	the	
     my	cousin	Lil	Ronnie,	who	sings	R&B.	I’m	just	         Opa	Locka	goon,	you	know	what	it	is.	Respect	
     trying	to	set	a	foundation.	Rick	Ross	was	the	         greatness.	Google	me,	the	good	and	the	bad,	
     first	cat	to	ever	let	me	go	in	the	booth	with	         it’s	all	good!	

Words by Julia
               B   everly

                            OZONE MAG // 19
Guyana            Words by Julia
                                 B   everly

MULTI-TALENTED SINGER/RAPPER GUYANA                  you don’t see a lot of female rappers having
IS REPRESENTING FOR HER HOME COUNTRY                 success lately. Do you think it’s harder for
IN A BIG WAY - BY ADOPTING THEIR NAME.               women to break into the rap game?
CITING INFLUENCES LIKE MISSY ELLIOTT AND             Definitely,	after	seeing	the	BET	Award	nomina-
HAS SET OUT ON HER OWN AND LINKED                    I heard there was a lot of controversy over
UP WITH NFL PLAYER BRYANT McKINNIE’S                 that. Well, have you had situations where
BMAJOR MUSIC LABEL AND TONY NEAL’s                   men didn’t take you seriously, or what are
CORE DJs.                                            some of the challenges you’ve had to deal
                                                     with as a female trying to break into the
To start off, what’s your background? Are you        music industry?
a Miami native?                                      I	haven’t	really	experienced	anything	too	bad	
Well,	I’m	Guyanese,	but	I	was	raised	in	Queens	      yet.	Everybody’s	pretty	much	been	embracing	
and	I	migrated	down	here	to	Miami.	I’ve	been	        me.
here	for	about	nine	years.
                                                     Are there any other artists signed to BMajor
How did you get started in music? You were           or are you the first release?
in Trina’s group originally, right?                  It’s	myself,	Freddy	P	from	Making	the	Band,	
Yeah,	I	was	in	Trina’s	group	Pretty	Money	but	       Jordan	Hollywood,	and	a	few	others.	I’ve	
I	decided	to	branch	off	and	do	my	thing	and	         collaborated	with	a	few	of	my	labelmates	
explore	my	own	talent	by	myself.	The	group	          already.	On	my	mixtape	Broke	Bitch	Slayer	I	
just	wasn’t	moving	at	the	pace	I	wanted	it	to	       have	[features	from]	Freddy	P,	Yung	Berg,	Sean	
go,	so	I	just	decided	to	do	my	own	thing.	Bry-       Kingston,	Alyssa	Nicole	-	she’s	an	up	and	com-
ant	[McKinnie]	gave	me	an	opportunity,	and	          ing	artist	from	Milwaukee	-	and	Chadillac,	he’s	
here	I	am.                                           from	Miami.

How did you hook up with Bryant McKinnie’s           Are you planning on dropping an album in
label BMajor Music?                                  the near future?
He	was	working	with	my	group	Pretty	Money	           I’m	gonna	push	the	mixtape	for	now	and	then	
first,	so	that’s	how	i	knew	him.                     shoot	some	videos,	yeah.		
                                                     In	the	meantime	I’ll	be	working	on	an	album	
You did some things recently with The CORE           as	well.
DJs, right?
Yes,	I	performed	at	one	of	the	events	during	        Do you have any shows coming up during
The	CORE	DJs	retreat	down	here	in	Miami	at	          Memorial Day weekend where people visit-
Club	BED.	The	CEO	of	The	CORE	DJs,	Tony	Neal,	       ing Miami can check you out?
is	also	the	president	of	BMajor	Music	Group.         I’ll	be	at	Hard	Rock	on	May	26th,	I	have	a	show	
                                                     there.	It’s	me	and	eleven	other	artists.	I’m	the	
Well, that’s a good collaboration for you guys       only	female	on	the	bill.
then, having a DJ crew in your corner. So
content-wise, is your music similar to Trina’s?      Where can people pick up the mixtape?
Would	you	say	you	fall	into	that	same	cat-           They	can	download	it	from	or	
egory,	or	how	do	you	differentiate	yourself,	or	they	can	check	it	out	
from	some	of	the	other	female	rappers	that	          on	The	CORE	DJs	radio.
have	come	out?
I	can	rap	patwa.	I	sing	and	I	rap.                   So you’re the Broke Bitch Slayer?
                                                     (laughs)	I	sure	am.	I’m	tired	of	these	broke	
So you’re on a Lauryn Hill type of vibe, you         bitches.	They	need	to	get	a	job	and	get	their	
can do it all?                                       shit	together.	They’re	hating	but	it	don’t	stop	
Yes,	I	can	pretty	much	do	it	all.	Missy	[Elliott]	   nothing.	It’s	just	motivation.
too,	she	can	do	it	all.	I’d	put	myself	in	that	
category.	My	inspirations	are	Missy	[Elliott],	      Is there anything else you want to say?
Lauryn	Hill,	Foxy	Brown,	and	Lil	Kim.                I	wanna	give	a	shout	out	to	the	CEO	of	my	
                                                     label	Bryant	McKinnie	and	the	whole	BMajor	
Well, those are good inspirations to have.           family,	and	all	my	fans	that	I	have	so	far.	Follow	
Obviously Nicki Minaj has had a big year, but        me	on	Twitter	at	@ImGuyana. //

                                                                                              OZONE MAG // 23
J Cash            Words by Julia
                                 B   everly

WEEKEND PLANS AND EXPLAINS WHY                           So you have a white on white car?
WHITE IS RIGHT.                                          I	only	drive	white	cars.	I	have	a	lot	of	cars.	
                                                         I	have	a	white	Lamborghini.	Right	now	
Who were some of your influences in the                  I’m	in	my	favorite	car,	one	of	those	brand	
Miami area when you decided to get into                  new	Chargers	that	I	just	use	to	run	around	
rap?                                                     with.	Actually,	my	favorite	car	is	one	that	
I	always	liked	Plies.	He’s	not	from	Miami	but	           I	don’t	own	yet.	One	day	I	want	to	buy	a	
he	was	still	a	movement	for	Miami.	I	listened	           white	Bugatti.	When	I	hit	platinum,	I’m	
to	a	lot	of	Rick	Ross	and	Jeezy,	people	that	            going	to	buy	a	white	Bugatti.	That’s	going	
were	talking	about	reality.	It	doesn’t	matter	           to	be	my	gift	to	myself;	I’ll	feel	like	I’ve	
what	you’re	saying	on	a	record	if	you	didn’t	            earned	it.	
really	live	that	life.	
                                                         Do you have any major features on the
Does your music fall into that same trap-                album?
star rap category as someone like Plies or               Since	I	linked	up	with	Slip	N	Slide	I	did	
Jeezy?                                                   a	record	with	Yo	Gotti..	I	listen	to	him	so	
Kind	of.	I’ve	been	through	a	lot.	I’ve	seen	             that’s	kinda	cool	that	I	was	able	to	do	
it	all	and	I	feel	like	at	the	end	of	the	day,	           something	with	him.	I’m	not	sure	when	
realness	sells.	Everybody	wants	to	be	real	              they’re	going	to	release	it.
but	a	lot	of	people	can’t	do	it.	You	can’t	just	
go	to	McDonald’s	and	pick	a	person	that	                 Do you have any major plans for Memo-
cooks	burgers	and	have	them	talk	about	the	              rial Day weekend?
trap	game.	He	might	be	a	good	rapper	but	                I’m	not	sure	what	Slip	N	Slide	has	planned,	
when	you	look	at	his	resume,	he	still	works	             but	I	know	I’ll	be	doing	some	things	in	
at	McDonald’s.	                                          the	streets.	I	might	be	at	the	Pac	Jam	with	
                                                         Mystikal.	I	doubt	I’m	going	to	be	on	South	
So you feel like your background qualifies               Beach	unless	I	have	to	be.	I’m	more	into	
you to speak on the street game?                         the	streets.	I’ve	got	two	new	songs	that	
Yeah,	I	mean	if	you	look	at	my	street	cred,	             just	came	out	that	I	did	with	Piccalo	and	a	
that’s	what	it	is.                                       pop	artist	named	Mexi.	The	radio	station	
                                                         97.7	picked	that	up,	so	they’ll	be	playing	
How did you get Slip N Slide’s attention?                that	all	month.	
I	put	out	a	mixtape.	I’m	the	type	of	dude	
where,	if	I	do	something,	I’ve	got	to	do	it	             Do you have a Twitter or anything where
right,	you	understand?	I	did	my	first	mixtape	           people can check you out?
with	DJ	Drama.	I	collaborated	with	all	Miami	            Yeah,	I’ve	got	a	Twitter,	it’s	@RealJCash305.	
artists	like	Brisco,	Billy	Blue,	Trick	Daddy,	           My	YouTube	channel	is	also	RealJCash305.	
and	Piccalo.	Now	I’m	working	on	my	debut	
album	through	Slip	N	Slide,	which	is	going	              Is there anything else you want to add?
to	be	called If It Ain’t White It Ain’t Right.	          That’s	pretty	much	it.	I’m	just	doing	this	
                                                         music	for	the	streets,	so	at	the	end	of	the	
Is that a cocaine reference?                             day	I	let	the	streets	talk.	I	could	say	any-
It	doesn’t	have	to	be.	Everybody	knows	that	             thing,	you	know,	I	can	sell	dreams	in	this	
white	means	clean,	white	means	prosper-                  interview	but	I’d	rather	let	the	streets	of	
ity.	White	is	always	a	good	color.	It’s	a	clean	         Miami	Dade	County	talk	–	from	Tri-County	
color,	like	an	aura.	I	don’t	want	to	label	it	as	        West	Palm	Beach	all	the	way	down	to	
[a	cocaine	reference].	I’ll	let	the	listener	label	      Florida	City.	I’ll	let	them	talk.	That’s	what	
it	whatever	they	want,	you	know?	It	has	                 it’s	all	about	anyway.	It’s	about	the	fans.	//
multiple	meanings.	It	could	be	a	white	girl	
–	some	people	like	white	girls.	Some	people	
like	white	cars.	If It Ain’t White It Ain’t Right,	it	
could	mean	anything.

                                                                                                OZONE MAG // 27
                  Words by Julia
                                 B   everly

SLIP N SLIDE RAPPER MIKE BLESS EXPLAINS              have	a	lot	going	on.	I	got	picked	up	for	a	movie	
WHY HE’S THE LEBRON JAMES OF THE RAP                 called	Magic City playing	a	character	named	
GAME AND REVEALS HIS UPCOMING MOVIE                  True.	I’m	still	focused	on	my	music	though,	
STAR DEBUT.                                          I	just	dropped	my	mixtape Money , Sex &
                                                     Paraphernalia which	is	doing	real	good.		It	had	
For people that may not be familiar with             20,000	downloads	in	two	days	and	is	picking	
Mike Bless, what’s your story?                       up	throughout	Florida.	My	single	“Gone”	is	on	
I	was	born	and	raised	in	Akron,	OH.	I	brought	       iTunes	now.	Strip	clubs	down	in	Miami	picked	
my	talents	to	South	Beach,	like	Lebron.	I	grew	      up	on	it	real	heavy	and	I’ve	been	getting	a	lot	
up	in	the	hood	doing	music	and	playing	ball.	        of	love	on	it.	I	just	shot	the	video	and	it	drops	
I	got	introduced	to	the	industry	in	Pensacola,	      Memorial	weekend.	I	don’t	really	focus	on	
FL.	My	buzz	got	real	heavy	in	the	Gulf	Coast	        what	song	goes	on	the	album,	I	just	make	mu-
area.	Slip	N	Slide	was	doing	a	completion	up	        sic,	stay	in	the	studio	and	let	the	people	decide	
there	and	they	told	Ted	Lucas	the	CEO	about	         what’s	what.	Nowadays	you	gotta	do	more	
me.	Ted	was	like,	“If	he’s	really	that	good	tell	    than	make	music,	you	gotta	brand	yourself.		
him	to	come	to	the	competition.”	At	the	time	I	      You’ve	got	people	like	Rick	Ross	and	Wayne	
was	doing	paid	shows	but	the	club	owner	told	        and	Baby	and	you	gotta	be	more	than	artist,	
me	if	I	was	hungry	to	come	and	do	the	com-           you	gotta	be	a	brand.		God’s	been	good	to	me.
petition.	Ted	saw	the	crowd’s	reaction;	people	
knew	the	words	and	were	singing	it	word	for	         What’s the movie Magic City about?
word.	He	flew	me	down	to	Miami	the	next	day.	        I	don’t	wanna	give	to	much	away	and	get	sued	
                                                     (laughs).	But	it’s	basically	about	the	pressures	
Coming from Akron and ending up in South             of	Miami	and	getting	money	certain	ways.	It	
Beach, what are your thoughts on the whole           shows	you	the	pressures	at	different	levels:	
Lebron James situation?                              the	teen	level,	the	child	level,	the	young	adult	
I	ain’t	gonna	lie,	I’m	a	Cleveland	Cavs	fan.	I’ve	   level.	It’s	kind	of	like	that	movie	Crash	where	it	
been	a	fan	since	I	was	a	little	boy	so	I	didn’t	     was	four	different	things	going	on	at	the	same	
want	him	to	leave,	but	I’d	be	a	hypocrite	to	be	     time	that	coincide	with	each	other.
mad	at	him	for	leaving.	I	understand	some-
times	you	gotta	go	to	a	different	place	to	have	     Are there any other projects you want people
different	opportunities	so	I	understand	he	          to look out for?
had	a	better	chance	of	winning	down	here.	It’s	      Definitely,	I	dropped Money, Sex & Parapherna-
pretty	much	the	same	thing	I’m	doing.	We’re	         lia.	I	want	people	to	go	get	that,	it’s	on	datpiff.
still	loyal	to	Akron,	we	still	rep	the	hometown,	    com.	It’s	the	first	project	I’ve	put	out	since	I’ve	
but	everyone	in	the	NBA	is	playing	for	teams	        been	signed	that	I	felt	was	me.	I’ve	got	a	lot	of	
and	they’re	not	from	that	city.	We	were	just	        the	underground	stars	on	there:	Iceberg,	Bris-
spoiled	to	have	Lebron.	Shoutout	to	Lebron,	I	       co,	and	Papa	Duck.	Trina	is	on	there.	Definitely	
hope	he	gets	the	ring	for	Ohio.                      get	that	on	and	definitely	get	the	
                                                     single	“Gone.”	It’s	doing	real	good	in	Miami.	
Did you feel like Cavs fans were too hard on         It’s	starting	to	pick	up	in	Tampa,	Orlando,	and	
him?                                                 Atlanta,	so	it’s	definitely	doing	its	thing.	My	
Well,	yeah.	That’s	Cleveland.	Akron	is	about	        whole	vibe	is	a	different	lane	from	what	you’re	
30,	45	minutes	from	Cleveland.	Cleveland	isn’t	      hearing.	I’m	in	the	middle	of	street	and	R&B.	
really	his	hometown.	Cleveland	knows	about	          I’m	Rhythm	and	Gangsta,	it’s	smooth,	it’s	feel	
Lebron	the	NBA	player.	Akron,	we	know	the	           good,	but	it’s	from	the	streets.			
Lebron	from	Springhill	Projects.	He	didn’t	
have	that	bad	reaction	in	Akron.He	can	still	go	     How can people get in touch with you?
home	to	Akron.	He’s	still	the	king	in	Akron	but	     Hit	me	on	Twitter,	it’s	@MikeBless	and	Face-
in	Cleveland	they	were	over	the	top	because	You	can	email	me	at	
they	were	just	thinking	about	the	team.	He’s	and	check	out	my	
family	to	everybody	in	Akron.	We	didn’t	want	        new	website
him	to	go	but	at	the	same	time	he’s	family	and	
he	can	still	come	to	Akron	and	get	love.             Any plans for Memorial Day?
                                                     I’m	going	to	be	hosting	the	“Who	Hotter	Than	
Since you’ve signed to Slip N Slide have you         Me”	contest	that	Slip	N	Slide	is	doing.	I’ll	also	
seen progress in your career, and what do            be	performing	at	the	afterparty.	You’ll	see	me	
you have coming up next?                             on	the	strip	with	my	street	team	passing	out	
The	best	thing	about	being	part	of	Slip	N	Slide	     mixtapes	and	t-shirts.	If	you’re	on	South	Beach	
is	that	it’s	allowed	me	to	meet	a	lot	of	people	     for	Memorial	Day	Weekend,	you’re	definitely	
and	build	a	lot	of	relationships.	I	definitely	      going	to	run	into	me.	//

                                                                                               OZONE MAG // 29

Hood        lia Beverly
Words by Jurrence Tyson
Photo by Te

 32 // OZONE MAG
DJ KHALED’S WE THE BEST ARTIST ACE                   with	drugs	or	anything	like	that.	I	never	dealt	
HOOD SCORED BIG WITH “HUSTLE HARD,” A                with	drugs	so	I	don’t	know	much	about	that.	
TIMELY ANTHEM FOR PEOPLE STILL STRUG-                It’s	really	just	doing	what	you’ve	gotta	do	to	
GLING THROUGH THE RECESSION.                         survive.	I	made	this	record	because	I	felt	like	I	
                                                     was	in	a	position	where	my	back	was	against	
You’ve gotten a real big look with the “Hustle       the	wall.	So	to	get	in	a	position	where	I	needed	
Hard” record. Do you feel like that’s finally        to	be,	it	was	just	a	hustle.	Gotta	get	out	there	
the record to put you on the map and give            and	hustle	hard	and	prevail	in	whatever	you	
you that national look as far as you as a solo       do,	feel	me?
Yeah,	definitely.	I	feel	like	“Hustle	Hard”	was	     Rick Ross had a similar breakthrough record
my	definite	breaking	of	the	mold,	as	far	as	me	      talking about “every day I’m hustling.” Do
being	a	new	artist	and	kinda	breaking	that	          you feel like the meaning of that word has
barrier.	I	feel	like	“Hustle	Hard”	has	gotten	me	    changed over the years?
the	recognition	I’ve	always	been	wanting.	           I	feel	that	the	meaning	definitely	has	changed.	
                                                     Since	we’re	in	a	recession,	“hustling”	is	getting	
For a lot of artists, it would be a dream come       it	by	any	means	necessary.	My	definition	is,	
true to be on records alongside artists like DJ      whatever	you	do,	be	good	at	it	and	go	hard.	It’s	
Khaled and Lil Wayne. So it’s a great thing,         really	for	those	people	who	are	struggling.	It	
but at the same time, it almost makes it             is	tough	times	for	a	lot	of	people,	just	trying	to	
harder for you to stand out. Do you feel like        provide	for	their	children	or	take	care	of	their	
it’s a blessing and a curse at the same time?        mother	or	brother.	I’m	the	breadwinner	of	my	
I	think	it	definitely	worked	out	for	the	best.	      family	so	I	ain’t	got	no	choice	but	to	hustle	
I	feel	like	my	grind	in	the	past	has	opened	         hard.
people’s	eyes	to	who	I	am	as	a	person	and	how	
much	I	truly	work	and	how	hard	I	truly	go.	So	       You said that you felt your back was against
I	feel	like	I	kinda	passed	that	stage	already.	By	   the wall when you made that record. What
me	dropping	“Hustle	Hard”	as	a	solo	record,	         were you dealing with at that time?
that	was	really	dope,	but	for	me	to	gather	          True	personal	life	issues,	just	dealing	with	situ-
Wayne	and	Ross	on	a	track	as	well,	it’s	kinda	       ations.	My	mom	was	in	a	situation	where	she	
interesting.	I	feel	like	it’s	more	of	a	blessing,	   really	couldn’t	work.	I	was	going	through	my	
not	necessarily	a	curse.	For	me	to	be	able	to	       persoanl	issues,	issues	with	past	relationships,	
hold	my	own	on	the	record,	it	was	definitely	a	      having	children	on	the	way,	stuff	like	that	all	
blessing.	                                           mixed	in.	Then	I	had	my	career	in	the	mix.	
                                                     Through	all	of	that,	I	dropped	two	albums,	so	
Even with Khaled co-signing you so hard the          this	third	album	had	to	be	incredible	for	peo-
past few years, you still had detractors won-        ple	to	really	believe	and	support	me	on	this	
dering why he was putting so much money              next	project.	I’ve	dropped	two	albums,	and	
behind you. Is the success of this record your       not	saying	that	I	did	anything	bad	or	anything	
response to the people who didn’t believe            like	that,	but	being	surrounded	by	people	like	
from the beginning?                                  Ross	and	Khaled	there	are	high	expectations.	
To	be	real	with	you,	I	never	had	too	much	to	        I	felt	like	I	had	to	do	what	I	had	to	do	in	order	
say	because	I	always	like	for	my	music	to	speak	     to	show	the	people	why	I’m	worthy	of	the	
for	itself.	Even	as	I	read	the	comments	and	see	     praise	that	Khaled	is	always	giving	me	and	the	
those	people,	I	see	people	who	are	definitely	       things	that	he’s	always	saying.	Not	only	that,	
supporting	me	saying	they	understand	why	            but	I	have	a	family	to	feed,	so	my	back	was	
Khaled	pushed	me	so	hard.	A	lot	of	people	           definitely	against	the	wall.	I	had	to	get	it.
are	really	behind	me	because	they	see	what’s	
been	going	on.	They	see	me	grinding,	and	it	         So you’re on the road now doing promo and
definitely	worked	out	for	the	best.	People	are	      preparing to drop your third album. What
really	understanding	now	that	Ace	Hood	is	the	       else should we be looking for from you?
truth,	feel	me?                                      I	have	the	Bodybag	mixtape	coming	up	May	
                                                     21.	That’s	one	of	the	projects	I’m	definitely	
The word “hustling” originally was affiliated        happy	and	proud	about,	with	DJ	Infamous.	
more with drug dealing. What other types of          Of	course	the	album	Blood Sweat & Tears,	all	
jobs do you see people having that qualifies         about	my	life,	is	dropping	on	August	9th.	Me	
as hustling? Are you speaking more about             and	Kevin	Cossom	have	a	crazy	mixtape	we’re	
hustling in general?                                 working	on	too.	I’m	trying	to	give	the	fans	dif-
I’m	speaking	about	hustling	in	general.	It’s	        ferent	looks	to	show	them	my	versatility	with	
wherever	you	work,	it’s	not	anything	to	do	          different	styles	of	music. //

                                                                                             OZONE MAG // 33
     MIAMI-BASED RAPPER H JONES HAS A BIT                  internet	but	a	lot	of	my	day	one	folks	are	from	
     OF INFLUENCE FROM EACH COAST, HAVING                  the	concrete.	New	York	to	Miami,	it’s	from	
     LIVED IN NEW YORK, BALTIMORE, CALIFOR-                me	being	out	in	the	streets,	the	cyphers,	and	
     NIA, AND FLORIDA. HERE, HE SPEAKS ON AT-              people	seeing	my	face.	It	is	what	it	is	but	the	
     TENDING ORLANDO COLLEGE FULL SAIL AND                 Internet	is	definitely	going	to	be	the	bread	and	
     USING THE INTERNET TO HIS ADVANTAGE.                  butter	for	me.		

     When did you start rapping?                           You mentioned cyphers. Do you think it’s
     I’m	23	now	and	I’ve	been	seriously	rapping	           hard to transition from that to making com-
     since	I	was	about	13,	so	ten	years.	Rap	has	          mercially viable music?
     always	been	a	career	goal	for	me.	It	was	either	      Yes	and	no.	I	feel	like	the	artists	did	that	to	the	
     that	or	the	other	path	taken.	All	my	other	           music.	They	got	lazy.	That’s	another	reason	
     homeboys	were	going	to	jail	or	dying	doing	           we’re	trying	to	keep	it	independent.	At	a	
     the	same	shit,	so	I	decided	I	was	gonna	try	this	     certain	point	when	they	reach	a	certain	level	of	
     music.	                                               success	they	don’t	care	about	whether	you	like	
                                                           the	music	or	if	it	sounds	good,	they	just	care	
     Were you mostly influenced by East Coast              about	if	people	are	buying	it.	They’ll	put	out	
     artists?                                              whatever	the	people	are	buying	whether	it’s	
     I’m	influenced	by	everybdoy	because	I	always	         good	or	bad.	As	far	as	it	being	difficult	for	me,	
     listen	to	everything.	I	was	one	of	the	only	guys	     no	because	I	feel	like	regardless	there	is	always	
     in	my	neighborhood	up	North	who	would	                going	to	be	intelligent	people.	No	matter	what	
     listen	to	the	Hot	Boys	when	they	first	came	          color	they	are,	there	are	intelligent	people	who	
     out.	I	like	to	feel	like	I’m	well-rounded	and	that	   want	to	hear	good	music	from	a	rapper	who	
     comes	across	in	my	music.	It’s	not	just	one	          puts	his	feelings	behind	it	and	not	a	rapper	
     region	that’s	being	represented,	because	I’ve	        who	wants	to	be	a	singer	and	uses	AutoTune.		
     lived	everywhere.	And	when	I	say	“lived,”	it’s	
     not	just	on	vacation,	I	mean	I	struggled	there.	I	    Do you have anything major planned for
     was	in	them	streets.	So	when	I	speak	I	use	dif-       Memorial Day Weekend in Miami?
     ferent	slang	and	people	from	everywhere	un-           I	know	I	have	4	to	5	performances	set	up.	We’re	
     derstand	it.	Artists	that	inspired	me,	I	know	it’s	   also	shooting	a	short	documentary	for	Memo-
     cliché	but	Jay-Z,	The	Fugees,	Biggie,	Run-DMC,	       rial	Day.	We’ll	be	out	there	promoting,	doing	
     and	Rakim.	But	I’m	still	a	West	Coast	baby,	so	       a	lot	of	hand-to-hand	stuff,	rapping	and	just	
     also	Mac	Dre	and	a	lot	of	N.W.A.                      making	some	noise,	building	a	buzz

     What are you working on currently?                    Any major collaborations or producers on
     Right	now	we’re	releasing The Uprising mixtape	       your album?
     to	give	people	a	taste	and	let	them	know	we’re	       We	have	a	club	banger	about	to	drop	real	
     here.	The Uprising 2,	hosted	by	DJ	Infamous,	         soon	with	C-Ride,	who	is	a	Miami-Dade	County	
     drops	next	month.	Then	we’ll	be	dropping	the	         legend.	Then	we’ve	got	Gorilla	Tek	doing	a	
     album	The Uprising EP.	                               lot	of	the	production.	We’ve	got	a	lot	of	col-
                                                           laborations	in	reference	to	other	artists	are	
     Is your goal at this point to get signed to a         a	lot	of	underground	cats	and	a	lot	of	guys	I	
     major label, or do you plan to grind it out           have	personal	respect	for	in	reference	to	what	
     independently?                                        they	do.	I’m	not	really	trying	to	pay	people	for	
     We’re	definitely	independent	all	the	way.	We’re	      features	but	if	I’m	going	to	give	the	money	to	
     not	really	trying	to	lose	our	creative	control.	If	   somebody	I’d	rather	it	be	money	well	spent	
     I	can’t	put	out	good	music	then	I	don’t	wanna	        than	spending	it	on	somebody’s	name	or	
     make	any	music.	There’s	no	point.	I’m	not	in	         somebody	who	is	gonna	do	garbage	on	the	
     it	just	to	make	some	money;	I	could’ve	done	          track.	There’s	a	lot	of	hometown	heroes.	As	the	
     that	in	the	streets.	I	do	it	for	the	love	of	the	     buzz	builds	it’s	from	the	city.	
     music.	We’re	independent	and	we’re	trying	to	
     build	something	from	the	ground	up.	I	think	          Since you’ve had experience on the West,
     the	Internet	changed	everything.	I	was	born	in	       East, and in the South, what would you say
     ‘87.	I	was	here	when	the	Internet	really	wasn’t	      are the pros and cons of each area’s music
     all	that	and	now	I’m	seeing	it	and	now	anyone	        scene?
     can	promote	and	market	themselves.	                   In	New	York,	the	difference	between	them	and	
                                                           the	other	movement	is	that	all	these	other	
     Would you say most of your fan base comes             places	know	how	to	come	together	and	work	
     from internet promotion?                              together	as	a	movement.	It’s	a	lot	of	cutthroat	
     A	lot	of	my	added	fan	base	is	now	from	the	           stuff.	[in	the	North]	As	far	as	musical	content,	it	

H Jones
Words by Julia
               B        everly

all	depends	on	your	everyday	life.	A	person’s	      I’ve heard good things about Full Sail. Do
everyday	life	in	New	York	is	different	from	        you feel that’s a good way to break into
a	person	in	Atlanta	or	someone	in	Oakland	          the music industry?
compared	to	someone	in	Texas.	It’s	different	       Nowadays	it’s	not	even	about	just	being	in	
and	that’s	going	to	come	through	in	the	            the	music	business,	now	it’s	multimedia,	and	
music.	They’ll	be	talking	about	different	          you	have	to	understand	the	tools	of	your	
things.	But	at	the	same	time	it	all	has	a	com-      trade.	It’s	not	just,	“I	have	a	dope	flow”.	Okay,	
mon	bond.	                                          you	can	have	a	dope	flow	and	get	signed	
                                                    to	a	slave	deal	and	be	broke	for	the	rest	of	
What made you feel like Miami was the               your	life.	You	have	to	know	all	aspects	of	it.	
best place to break out of musically?               Full	Sail	kind	of	saved	my	life.	I	went	there	
Honestly,	we	didn’t	look	at	it	like	that.	I	went	   and	changed	a	lot	of	things	about	myself.	I	
to	Full	Sail	in	Orlando	and	that’s	where	I	met	     learned	a	lot	and	realized	it	takes	more	than	
St.	John.	We	just	linked	up;	it	wasn’t	about	       putting	lyrics	to	paper	to	be	successful.
any	music	at	first.		We	were	just	homeboys	         	
and	we	kept	it	pushing.	I	respect	Miami	            Any other things you want to plug?
because	I’ve	driven	back	and	forth	from	Bal-        Follow	me	on	Twitter	@KrownLife	@
timore	to	New	York	to	Florida	and	I	stopped	        HJonesRSE	@RSEMusicGroup.	We’re	pushing	
in	South	Carolina	and	they	came	off	more	           he	Krown	Life	movement.	It’s	a	lifestyle.	The	
country	than	Miami.	I	call	Miami	Little	New	        slogan	is	“Krown	Life:	a	lifestyle	worth	living.”	
York	because	they’re	up	to	date	on	every-           The	main	thing	is	to	let	everyone	know,	all	
thing	yet	they’re	still	self-sufficient	in	their	   races,	colors,	creeds	that	we’re	all	royalty	in	
own	world.	They’re	like	a	power	center.	            our	own	right	should	we	choose	to	accept	
                                                    that	position.	You	are	treated	how	you	
What was your major at Full Sail?                   demand	to	be	treated	and	that’s	the	whole	
Audio	Engineering.                                  thing.	Krown	Life,	we’re	all	kings	and	queens.	
                                                    It’s	just	some	people	don’t	want	it. //

                                                                                              OZONE MAG // 37
         MIAMI’S BALLGREEZY KICKED OFF HIS               at I was there, whatever is going on Miami
         OWN MOVEMENT WITH THE “SHONE”                   I’m there. They recognized the grind. I ain’t
         RECORD AND THE ICONZ CREW, BUT LINK-            never slowed down.
         IMG CAMP IS TAKING HIM TO THE NEXT              At this point are you planning on drop-
         LEVEL.                                          ping an album?
                                                         Right now I’ve got enough music to put
         You’ve been doing your thing in Miami for       out an album but the main focus is the
         a while. How’d you get started?                 mixtape for Memorial Week coming out. It’s
         It’s in my blood, man. It started off with my   a double disc.
         daddy. He plays the guitar. He played with
         local bands and I used to go along with         You and Des Loc are labelmates now too,
         him and try to play the drums. This rapping     right? You kind of have a similar style to
         stuff is something my brother started. My       your music.
         brother was rapping and just being around       He hast he melodic style too, but it’s differ-
         him, it rubbed off on me.                       ent. Even Flo Rida has a melodic flow too,
                                                         but we don’t sound like each other. It’s only
         When did you first start taking it seri-        right that we do collaborations.
         I started out just hanging out in the studio.   Do you have any big records on the mix-
         Somebody was recording at the time and          tape that you want people to look out for?
         we were just playing around. I got on the       Man, the whole mixtape is a classic. I
         track and everyone was like, “Who’s that?”      promise them that. I ain’t let the city down
         I didn’t like how it sounded but everyone       when I put out a mixtape. This is the classic
         told me to get serious with it. When I got      right here.
         my first check, I kept on going with it.
                                                         You’ve been able to travel a lot with Flo
         You were involved with a few different          Rida overseas lately, right?
         label situations before you linked up with      Yeah, it’s work, but it’s vacation at the same
         Flo Rida’s StrongArm/IMG label, right?          time. It’s exploring. It’s more than just being
         Yeah, I was with the Iconz at the time. The     in the clubs here [in Miami] thinking you’re
         [Iconz] situation came about because my         doing your thing. It shows me that you
         sister and I used to always be around there     shouldn’t think small. I never thought I’d be
         writing. One day they gave me a chance          on the other side of the world, and I ended
         and I just took off from there. That’s how I    up there so it ain’t no tellin’ how far you
         got up with them. We came to our differ-        can go. It made me believe. Just waking up
         ences so we just sat down and decided           overseas, period, is just a different experi-
         that it was only right for me to go out and     ence. Being a tourist is a different experi-
         do me and he do him. So he gave me the          ence. Just like when [tourists] come over
         green light to go ahead and do my thing.        here and want to explore, I go over there
                                                         and explore. Like in Dubai where they’ve
         With the “Shone” record, a lot of people        got all the crazy designed buildings, that
         outside Miami didn’t even know what             was crazy. Now I’m the one looking around
         the term meant. What’s a “shone” mean           sightseeing. I want to go to Africa and see
         to you?                                         what’s up in Africa. I think next month we’re
         It was a saying that means, a good girl that    going to Brazil; I wanna go there too.
         parties hard. I didn’t make up the term
         though. It’s like “dawg,” nobody knows          Is there anything you have coming up for
         where that saying came from. It was out         Memorial Day besides the mixtape?
         there already and I just stamped it.            We’re putting it together right now. We’re
                                                         gonna be on the beach making movies.
         After you moved on to do your own thing,        IMG/Strong Arm Entertainment. Come out
         how did you link up with Flo Rida and           and see it for yourself.
         After I separated from Iconz I ain’t stop       Is there anything else you’d like to add?
         doing my thing. I kept on dropping songs        Follow me on Twitter at @RealBallGreezy.
         and they heard me. Everywhere they were         My facebook is the same thing. //

Words by Julia
               B   everly

                            OZONE MAG // 11
     POLK COUNTY REPRESENTATIVE KEEM KONG                  They pretty much raised us up. My oldest sister
     PLANS TO NOT ONLY PUT HIS CITY ON THE                 Tamika, she was there for us a lot because my
     RAP MAP, BUT ALSO DRAW ON HIS CHILD-                  mom wasn’t really around much. She basically
     HOOD STRUGGLES TO SPEAK ON THE REALI-                 raised me.
                                                           A lot of rappers talk about selling drugs and
     For people that may not be familiar with              glorify the street life, but based on those
     Keem Kong, where are you from?                        experiences, it sounds like you’ll be able
     I’m from Haines City, Polk County, Florida. I was     to speak on the flip side of things and how
     born and raised in Duval but I moved to Polk          drugs affect the community.
     when I was in the 8th grade. We just started          Exactly. I feel like in music, you’ve gotta be real
     getting it poppin’ from there.                        with what you’re talking about. That has to
                                                           come from inside. I never sold drugs. I never
     There aren’t a lot of artists that have come          even smoke weed. I do drink from time to
     out of that area. Do you feel like you’re             time but I don’t try no kind of drugs because
     gonna be the first one to bring Polk County           that tore my family apart. Sometimes you
     to the forefront?                                     have to go through something to learn from
     Oh yeah. I feel like that’s the difference            a mistake; you can visualize it and see it from
     between me and everybody else. They’re satis-         other people that happened around you. So
     fied with staying right there, just being hot         yeah, it’s plenty of sides to the drug game.
     in Polk County. I’m trying to expand and get          Everybody is glorifying the drug game but we
     everybody out. We’ve got Fella starting to take       need something positive. When it’s the main
     off a lil bit, and we had OHB - they were kinda       problem around you, you can always to find
     in it but faded off a lil bit. I feel like my love    outlets to speak on it. If you’re speaking on
     for music is gonna keep me in the game for a          real life, it’s not hard to talk about other things
     long time regardless of what happens. I make          besides drugs.
     music, that’s what I love to do. I’ve definitely
     got a following in Polk County. I get a lot of        Do you have some club and party records as
     love and support.                                     well?
                                                           Oh yeah, I’ve got a lot of club bangers. I’ve
     Is your style similar to the typical sounds           got one joint nobody’s heard yet, it’s called
     we’ve heard out of the Tampa area?                    “10 Bottles.” That’s gonna be real big in the
     I just make music depending on the way I’m            streets. Right now we’re pushing the single
     feeling or the things I’ve gone through. So you       “Gone Rock” featuring Shawty Lo. We’ve got a
     never know what you might hear from me.               big banger that’s going to be the official follow
     You might get something hard, you might get           up called “I Know.” We’re finna get it in. MMB’s
     a dance, you might get anything depending             finna get on the map.
     on how I’m feeling and the things I’ve been
     through. I don’t base it off of, “I think I need to   You performed at the CORE DJs retreat in
     make this kind of song.” I just deal with life.       Miami and you had a lot of promotional post-
                                                           ers everywhere. What are some of the other
     What are some of the things you’ve been               methods you’re using to get your music out
     through? What are some of the struggles               there?
     you’ve dealt with that you talk about in your         Really just the visuals. You’ve gotta get in the
     music?                                                clubs, get in their faces, handshakes, building
     You’re gonna hear all that on the mixtape.            relationships, getting with everybody. The
     I’ve got a mixtape dropping Memorial Day              posters, the models, everything. Guys love
     weekend. My family was on drugs, so we                models. They’re gonna pay attention to the
     had to make it on our own. My sisters and             models. As long as you’re pushing that to get
     my brothers, all we had was each other. We            everybody’s attention and the music’s hot, I
     depended on each other. It’s the typical story        feel like that’s gonna work.
     you hear from everybody else, but you know,
     I overcame it. We just sucked it up and we’re         How did you come up with the name Keem
     gonna have something to show for it. I just feel      Kong?
     like God is controlling my situation.                 My government name is Akeem, so I just
                                                           dropped the “A” at the front to get Keem. And I
     So your siblings helped raise you?                    feel like I’m a giant, so I went with Keem Kong.
     Yeah, I have two brothers and two sisters. I’m
     actually the baby of the family; I’m the young-       Do you have a release date for your debut
     est. I’m 24 years old. We all struggled together.     album or are you more in the process of

Kong            Beverly
Words by Julia k G
Photo by Der ic

building up your buzz?                                I pretty much did it myself but we do have
I have a mixtape that’s complete and we’re            a collaboration from Shawty Lo. Everybody
going to release that Memorial Day weekend.           knows Shawty Lo, big shout out to him. The
It’s called Small Things to a Giant. It’s more of a   song is called “Gone Rock” and it’s taking fire in
promotional mixtape, but it’s all original beats.     the streets.
I just did it to get out there and be heard,
you know, get them to know the name. I’m              What about on the production side, who did
gonna keep dropping mixtapes. I’m gonna               you work with on this record?
do another jackin’ for beats mixtape. I already       I mostly work with a dude from where I’m
got one that’s up on Datpiff, but the next one        from, Corey Slaughter. He did the “Paralyzed”
is gonna be called “Gimme Dat.” It’s on other         record for OHB, if you remember that hit. He
people’s beats. I’m gonna keep ripping their          made that beat. Most of the records i have
beats and droppin’ them.                              came from C Slaughter.

So you’re independent right now?                      Yeah, “Paralyzed” was a big record in Florida.
Yeah, I’m with the indie label MMB, Multi-Mil-        Do you have anything major planned for
lionaire Boys. You know, we’re trying to keep it      Memorial Day aside from the mixtape? Any
independent but if we can get somebody big            events?
to sign on, that can help us. Other than that,        Yeah, I think we’re gonna have a mixtape
we’re just trying to keep it in the family.           release party on Friday at the Pink Room. Ev-
                                                      erybody come out and support and chill with
A lot of artists today are going the indie            your boy. Let’s vibe and get this movement
route because it works out better numbers-            going.
If the numbers are right we’re looking for a ma-      Any last words, or is there a website where
jor deal, but other than that, we’re just gonna       folks can check out your music?
keep it in the family. Maybe a joint venture          Just search for Keem Kong on Youtube, or
situation or something like that.                     MMB Vision. Everything will come up. Follow
                                                      me on Twitter at @KeemKong_MMB. That’s it.
Do you have any collabos on this mixtape?             I’m just gonna keep on making good music. //

                                                                                              OZONE MAG // 15
         EdgeWords by Julia
                            B   everly

R&B GROUP JAGGED EDGE TALKS ABOUT                    It’s always a challenge when you’re dealing
THEIR NEW RECORD LABEL HOME AND WHY                  with different minds and different hearts, but
THE WORLD NEEDS MORE LOVE.                           at the end of the day, we came together with
                                                     the common goal to be successful as a group.
I hear you have a new label situation. How           So we’re not going to stop until that hap-
did you link up with Slip N Slide?                   pens. It’s the respect for each other, the love
A friend of a friend, basically. We were search-     for our fans, and our one common goal: to be
ing for another [label] situation, a joint venture   successful.
with a label, and we heard through the grape-
vine that they were big fans of ours. So the         What was your opinion on the AutoTune ex-
magic happened.                                      plosion? It’s paved the way for a lot of people
                                                     to come out with records that aren’t neces-
Lately it seems like most R&B artists that           sarily great singers. Do you feel like that’s
drop have to collaborate with Hip Hop art-           taking away from the credibility of the music
ists to really have success in the game. Do          game. or does it make artists like yourself
you feel like it’s harder for singers to break       stand out even more since you don’t need
through doing strictly R&B, since everything         the help of a computer to sing on-key?
is more up-tempo and club focused?                   It depends on how you want to look at it. It
Honestly, we don’t feel like that. The rap & R&B     definitely helps those artists that can come to
collabos have been going on for 20-25 years          your city and actually deliver musically. But at
now. I remember back in the day when I was           the same time, a lot of those artists that can’t
a kid it was Big Daddy Kane and Patti LaBelle        sing [without AutoTune] are great songwriters.
[collaborating]. And you definitely wouldn’t         Sometimes you want to be able to hear what
say that Patti LaBelle needed Big Daddy Kane         that songwriter has to offer. Just because they
to be successful, you know? I think that’s just      can’t deliver it vocally doesn’t mean that it’s
part of the game. I think when you have so           a song the world may not need to hear. So in
much young music coming out, as well as              that sense, it helps you use your music to reach
an abundance of R&B and rap, when you’re             more people.
around your peers someone may say, “Hey,
let’s go do a song.” A lot of collabos come          Musically, are you sticking with the same
about just from people vibing with each other,       formula as your previous albums or have you
not out of necessity.                                made changes to your style and developed
                                                     as the industry has developed?
Speaking of collaborations, you have some            Our style changes every album, at least in a
rap collabos on your upcoming album, right?          minor way. Trends have to do with each style
Yeah, we’ve got Rick Ross on the album and           of music, so as long as the trends are changing,
Trina on the “Tip of My Tongue” single. Honest-      your style is somewhat changing. With us,
ly, that’s about it. We’ve never “over-cameo’ed”     we’ve always kept the same formula in the
but we’ll always give you a couple per album.        sense that our goal has always been to make
                                                     timeless music. In order to do that, we’ve been
Are you still working with Jermaine Dupri on         put in certain boxes at times. I’d rather it be
this album even though you’re not signed to          that way then having a trendy song today but
him anymore?                                         no success tomorrow. With this album, being
Not on this one, but we definitely hope to           on Slip N Slide, we’ve got a whole new cast of
do more things with JD in the future. I think        producers that we didn’t have access to when
it’s something [special] when you have the           we were on So So Def. So there’s a lot of new
amount of success that we’ve had with him. At        mixtures of sounds that we’ve created with
the same time, we’ve been trying to draw our         other people.
own lines in the sand and make our own path
and stand on our own two feet for a while. If        Who are the notable production credits on
we can make it happen on the next album or           this album?
the next two albums in the future, that would        Jim Jonsin, Bryan Michael Cox, Cool & Dre,
be great.                                            Gorilla Tek, Jazze Pha, there’s a lot. A lot of the
                                                     stuff we’ve done may not make the album but
It’s a challenge to keep a group with four           we’re getting ready to do another album so we
members together and still on the same               might save it for that.
page after all these years. A lot of groups
don’t make it; they split up and everybody           What do you think separates a really good
wants to go off and do their solo thing. What        producer from someone who just makes
has kept you guys together as a unit?                beats?

                                                                                              OZONE MAG // 19
         JAGGED EDGE CONTINUED                             is a little tougher for R&B acts.
                                                           The rap road is the road we’ve always
                                                           been on anyways. We’ve always supported
         It varies. There are different things that        our records in the same way rappers
         make great producers great. Bryan Michael         do. Whether it’s a show in an arena, or a
         Cox knows music inside and out. He can            theater performance and then a nightclub
         play it, he can read it, he can even write it.    afterparty, then getting up to do morning
         Then you have people like JD, Timbaland,          radio, it’s the same process day after day
         or even Dr. Dre who may not have been             if you’re somebody who wants to get out
         professionally trained but when you play          there and promote your record.
         their beat it sounds incredible. I think what
         they all have in common is that devotion          Is there a release date set for the album
         and that hunger to make great music.              yet?
                                                           Yes, June 21st. It’s called The Remedy. For
         Are you looking for tracks from up-and-           the fans that don’t know, it’s our seventh
         coming producers? Do you actively seek            album. So if you don’t have the entire col-
         out new talent, and if so, what’s the best        lection, you might as well go get the other
         way for people to get in touch with you?          six right now and get ready for number
         We’re always trying to put someone new            seven, because you’re going to get a treat!
         on. That’s actually how Bryan Michael Cox
         got into the game. He was a new producer          What are you remedying with this album?
         from Houston and our record was one of            Love. The world needs love. Jagged Edge is
         the first he ever put out. We feel like we        back and I want the world to know that we
         were put in this game to lend a helping           never really went anywhere. We may have
         hand to somebody else. Once you make              not put out records in the last year or two,
         your mark in this business and have ac-           but we’ve been out doing shows. Our fans
         complished a few things, you stick your           know that we’re still here, but we just want
         hand out and help somebody else.                  the world to know. We have the remedy for
                                                           love. You pop in a Jagged Edge album - I
         What catches your attention about a new           don’t care which album it is - you’re going
         producer, and what’s the best way for             to feel good. Something good is going to
         them to get at you in the first place?            go down.
         For us, as soon as you play the beat it’s got
         to speak originality. If it’s going to sound      Is this a baby making album then?
         like a JD beat or a Dr. Dre beat we might as      It’s always partially that, and not because
         well go get JD or Dr. Dre. For us, as long as     we’re talking about anything too sugges-
         it’s something new and fresh and hits hard        tive, but our music is sensual. We try to
         as hell, then we’re good.                         make sure our topics are based on reality
                                                           because the music in itself is kinda sensual.
         Do you have any big singles coming up
         that you want people to look out for?             So the world needs more love and Jagged
         The next single is called “Flow Through My        Edge is The Remedy. Anything else you
         Veins.” It’s a ballad - y’all get ready! That’s   want to add?
         what y’all love Jagged for, and we’re just        Damn right! Yes ma’am, you said it. Hit us
         going to talk to you in a manner of love.         up on our Twitter at @Official_JE. The world
         We’re promoting love. Just get ready to           needs love and The Remedy is what is going
         love again!                                       to do it. You go get the album and I prom-
                                                           ise you’re going to love it real, real fast. //
         We talked a little bit about rap and R&B
         collaborations. What is your strategy
         when you’re on the road breaking a
         record? It seems like promoting a record

     RAPPER CHEVI BOI AND RAPPER/PRODUCER                @Supa305GMash or they can email me at
     SUPA HAVE TEAMED UP TO FORM G MASH         We have contacts on the
     (GET MONEY AND STOP HATIN’).HERE, THE               back of all our G MASH CDs too.
     DAY PLANS AND WHY TOURISTS DON’T GET                Do you have any big plans for Memorial Day
     TO SEE THE REAL MIAMI.                              weekend?
                                                         Supa: Yeah, we have a show on the 28th open-
     What kind of Chevy do you drive?                    ing up for Plies. We’ll be shooting our video
     Chevi Boi: My name is spelled C-H-E-V-I, so I       Memorial Day weekend. We’ll be shooting at
     don’t want that misconception. Everybody            different spots, but for sure we’ll be doing a
     thinks I’m talking about a car, but I’m not. Even   piece on Ocean.
     though I love Chevys and I’m from the city of
     Chevy Caprices and Impalas, my name is Chevi        Since you guys are Miami experts, are there
     Boi.                                                any particular spots you want to recommend
                                                         to visitors?
     What about you, Supa?                               Chevi Boi: I’m glad you asked that, because
     Supa: I’m the man of steal! Superman! I can         every time people come down here they think
     do itall, basically. That’s where I got my name     South Beach is the lick, but South Beach ain’t
     from. I’m able to do the production and rap         everything! You’ve got Brown Sub, that’s our
     at the same time. Trick [Daddy] was the first       hood. There’s a couple of places you can go
     person to jump it off with the name and it          to eat. You can go to Lil Haiti and go to Chef
     went on from there.                                 Creole, or you can go to Heads or Tails if you
                                                         want some Cuban food. We’re multicultural
     Have you still been doing production work           down here, man. There’s all different types of
     for Trick Daddy recently?                           nationalities down here so there ain’t no tell-
     Supa: I’ve been doing a little work with him but    ing what you’ll run across in Miami. They see
     it’s been hard to sit down in the studio with       South Beach and think it’s all fun and beaches.
     him. At the same time, since we’ve been doing       But when you cross over to the other side of
     the G MASH movement we’ve been moving a             the bridge, man, that’s where the hood is at.
     lot. We have some things set up right now and       You’ve got Overtown, Brown Sub, Liberty City,
     then we’ll have to sit down and finish up some      Opa Locka, ya feel me?
     music for his new album.
                                                         Are there any other projects you want to
     What project are you releasing right now?           plug?
     Chevi Boi: Right now we’ve got the Ground           Chevi Boi: We’re about to do a tour with a cou-
     Work mixtape flooding the streets. That’s the       ple of artists. We’ll be in a lot of cities real soon.
     latest. We had G MASH Nation before that            We’re also on the Miami Invasion Tour with
     one. We’re on the road, doing a tour, trying        Trick Daddy, Iceberg, and Brisco - the next stop
     to work. Ground Work is free for all our fans.      is Atlanta. Ground Work Reloaded is coming
     We’re giving them a taste right now. We’re in       soon on iTunes. You can hit me up on Twitter
     the studio working on Ground Work Reloaded          at @Cheviboi_GMash, and the G MASH page is
     and that one is going to be on iTunes. We’re        @GMash305. If you want to find out anything
     selling that one. We have a website coming          about G MASH, like our clothing line, videos, or
     soon, It’s under construction        blogs, you can hit up
     as we speak.                                        Supa: The biggest thing we’re worried about
                                                         is expressing how much the movement Get
     What sets you apart from all the other up and       Money And Stop Hating means right now.
     coming artists?                                     That’s basically what G MASH is about. You’ve
     Chevi Boi: We’re original. Everybody’s trying to    got a bunch of other people in G MASH, but
     be like somebody else. Not G MASH. G MASH           it’s just me and Chevi that are the rappers. It’s a
     is doing their own thing. We’re gonna keep it       real movement. //
     original. When you hear G MASH you won’t
     even know where we’re from. We have a differ-
     ent style. Our beats are different, and they’re
     all produced by Supa. We’re like gumbo, we’ve
     got different flavors.

     If people want to reach out to you for some
     beats, how can they get in touch with you?
     Supa: They can hit me on Twitter at

Words by Julia

                         OZONE MAG // 23
     MIAMI’s “GENRE-BENDING” ROCK/RAP                       style. Our drummer loves thrash metal, some
     GROUP MAYDAY! HAS ALREADY CAUGHT                       of us like the pop stuff. In our iTunes libraries
     THE ATTENTION OF MAJOR ARTISTS LIKE LIL                none of us stay in one style. It expands our
     WAYNE AND TECH N9NE WHILE BRANDING                     influences with all of us.
     INCLUDE NONYMS ON PERCUSSION, LT HOP-                  You appeared in Lil Wayne’s “Da Da Da” video.
     KINS ON THE DRUMS, GIANNI CASH ON KEYS                 Plex Luthor: We actually had nothing to do with
     AND BASS GUITAR, VOCALISTS BERNZ AND                   the song. The actual song was produced by
     WREKONIZE, AND PRODUCTION GURU PLEX                    Cool & Dre, so in the video, we were basically
     LUTHOR ON THE GUITAR AND KEYS.                         just models. When Wayne shoots a video he
                                                            likes to do a real performance - he has a mic
     I hear you recently signed with Tech N9ne’s            on. So technically we got to perform with him,
     Strange Music. How did that come about,                but we didn’t do the song in terms of produc-
     and why did you decide to go with an indie             ing it.
     instead of pursuing a major label deal?
     Plex Luthor: That came about through another           When you tour with Tech N9ne are you doing
     manager of ours who ran into someone who               your own records or playing for the artists as
     works at Strange Music. It was a friend-of-a-          they perform?
     friend situation. They wanted to see our live          Plex Luthor: This tour we’re just playing our
     show, and we did a leg of the Independent              own stuff.
     Grind tour. We pretty much destroyed that and          Wrekonize: We’d love to play with the rest of
     they wanted to do business.                            the roster in the future. It’d be great to play
     Wrekonize: We’ve been around the block a               the whole show. But for now we’re doing our
     couple times and we really got the vibe from           own set.
     them that it was a refreshing change of pace.
     They’re really geared towards the artist and           Why do you think more Hip Hop artists don’t
     the creative process, not chasing down radio           perform with a live band? Is it a lot harder
     spins or other things we’ve been forced into in        than performing to a CD track?
     the past. It was very appealing to us.                 Plex Luthor: Yeah, it’s a whole other beast that
     Plex Luthor: Plus, their road grind is ridiculous.     some people have never fought.
                                                            Wrekonize: It costs more money, there’s more
     Do you describe yourself as Hip Hop or rock?           setup, more time to breakdown, more people
     Wrekonize: I’ve seen people say “genre-                to feed, more people traveling.
     bending,” which is kind of a stab in the right
     direction. We combined some of the things we           Do you feel like a lot of Hip Hop artists have
     love most from rock and Hip Hop and mashed             gotten lazy with their performances?
     it together. No one has really classified it, and it   Plex Luthor: I don’t want to judge these people,
     sucks because if you try to put it in one genre        but that’s not what we do.
     you’re leaving something out.                          Wrekonize: We all had different misconcep-
     Plex Luthor: The funny thing to me is that rock        tions about live Hip Hop shows, and thats’ the
     and Hip Hop are real similar.                          reason we shy away from them. With Strange
                                                            Music, when we saw Tech’s live show, it was
     Other people, like Limp Bizkit and Lil Wayne,          incredible because they’ve taken it to a whole
     have tried to do the rock/Hip Hop combo and            different level. They have a whole different
     it wasn’t received so well. Why do you think           energy.
     you’re able to pull it off?                            Plex Luthor: A lot of the [rappers] are just green,
     Wrekonize: I guess what’s cool about us is that        because you don’t have to grind in that aspect
     our sound has been mixed from the begin-               anymore. You can blow up on the internet
     ning. When you hear it, it doesn’t sound like          without even doing one live show.
     two rappers on a rock track. It sounds organic
     from the beginning and it sounds like the dif-         Do you think the whole major label format is
     fernet styles are supposed to go together.             becoming obsolete with the success of labels
     Plex Luthor: We just created music on our influ-       like Strange Music coming up?
     ences. When I make the beat, there might be a          Plex Luthor: I definitely think Strange Music’s
     rock record where I like the riff but the drums        business model is the future business model
     don’t hit hard enough. It’s just about being an        for music.
     artist influenced by the music around us, so it        Wrekonize: We’ve had a countdown clock for
     wasn’t an attempt at creating one or the other.        the major labels in our warehouse for some
     Wrekonize: Everyone who is in the band now is          time now. They’ve abused buyers for some
     part of that generation who didn’t stick to one        time. They don’t have much time left.

Do you have any big plans for Memorial Day            la, just for the record.
weekend in Miami?
Wrekonize: We’ll be on the road, otherwise we         You’re involved with DJ EFN and Crazy Hood
would have.                                           Productions as well, right? What role do they
                                                      play in Mayday!’s movement?
Since you say you’re genre-bending, how               DJ EFN: Crazy Hood Productions, LatchKey, and
would you describe your average fan?                  La Rue Management make up the manage-
Plex Luthor: Hot chicks.                              ment team for ¡Mayday!, we call ourselves the
Wrekonize: Open-minded fun-loving individu-           Tri-Fecta.
Plex Luthor: There’s a lot of fights at our shows     Is there anything else you want to plug?
lately. It’s all walks of life. We’re just there to   Wrekonize: We’re recording for the album right
snap necks and blow some subwoofers.                  now. You can check us out at maydayonline.
                                                      com. We have an album out right now and a
Do you see yourself doing a lot of big festi-         mixtape that came out with all the Lil Wayne
vals or more the House of Blues-type venues?          remixes on there. Our strange Music debut will
Plex Luthor: We’ll do whatever if it’s paying.        probably drop early next year. On Facebook
Wrekonize: We definitely want to do the festival      you can check us out under MaydayMusic, and
circuit nationwide.                                   the same thing on Twitter, @MaydayMusic. //
Plex Luthor: Yeah, we’re dying to play Coachel-

 Mayday!            B          everly
     Words by Julia

                                                                                           OZONE MAG // 27
     Most people in Miami know you as the host               I think that goes on too much. When you turn
     of NBC’s Nitecap segment, and you’re also the           on CNN, you get tired of hearing the talking
     co-author of Trick Daddy’s recent autobiogra-           heads. I just want to see the story. You don’t
     phy, Magic City. That’s pretty unique, because          need to give me the whole “who, what, when,
     not a lot of people have the talent to both             why.” I have a mind of my own. A Nitecap is like
     host TV shows and write books. Do you have              a slice of your favorite star. You’re essentially
     more of a background on the television side             sharing a drink, sharing a night cap, with your
     or the on the editorial side?                           favorite star, and you walk away with your own
     I [wrote for] Newsweek, Time Magazine, and              opinion. You know, I’m not going to editorial-
     the Miami Herald. My writing is very visual; I          ize it. I don’t have an opinion. You kind of walk
     write very visually, cinematically. I’ve always         away with what you think, and it’s going to be
     been trying to get my written work turned               as real and raw as our city of Miami is. I want
     into some form of a documentary. So when                to make sure my segment is reflective of that.
     I pitched the [Nitecap] idea to NBC, they let           So I don’t think another market could have a
     me run with it. There is a lot of urban content         Nitecap. I’m not sure.
     where the viewers are not happy with the way
     it is presented. I felt like it was a niche I could     Do you have to present your ideas to the
     fill. I can present [urban] content in a very           higher-ups at NBC? “Hey, can we do a seg-
     mainstream fashion. I’m a writer first, so I like       ment on Rick Ross blowing a million dollars
     these little documentary vignettes. That’s what         at the strip club?” Or do you have free reign?
     I like to call it. I used to write a lot of profile     I was a writer before and I kind of built up the
     stories when I worked at The Herald and Time.           respect with the powers that be. They were a
     When you’re doing a one-on-one interview                fan of my work, because my written work is
     with a character it’s essentially a profile story, a    very provocative and real. They were looking
     documentary, you know?                                  for something; they wanted that. SO I have
                                                             autonomy for who I have coming on the show.
     Nitecap is a pretty unique show, because you            The narrations that you hear are not edited.
     don’t see a lot of mainstream networks like             I’ve been blessed in that regard.
     NBC in other cities doing segments on things
     like Diddy and Ross making it rain at a strip           Aside from the Ross and Diddy King of
     club, for example. How were you able to get             Diamonds segment, what are some other
     something like this greenlit? Do you think              controversial Nitecaps you’ve done that got a
     the Miami market is just more open to this              lot of responses?
     kind of thing, because it’s more of a modern            The segment on Fat Joe got a lot of responses.
     city? Or the way you presented it and pack-             The premise was, Miamis at the epicenter of
     aged it for NBC?                                        Hip Hop culture as a whole. Trick and Luke are
     I think it’s a combination. In my opinion, and          the godfathers of the whole Miami sound and
     this might be a provocative statement – Miami           Miami vibe of course, they’re the pioneers, but
     is essentially the face of America. There’s a lot       when you look at the new era of contemporary
     of diversity, a lot of immigrant communities            music, you know how Hip Hop culture is, and
     that aren’t necessarily assimilating into the           New York always has to bless it. If you’re going
     American culture. Miami is kinda setting off            to be hot, New York has to come and give it
     their own little world. I think Miami is a charac-      that stamp. A lot of people didn’t like that
     ter itself. So if you’re going to have any report-      [premise] because I moved from New York to
     ing coming out of Miami it’s going to have to           Miami. So when [Fat] Joe came down, he was
     reflect the city. The city is bold, it’s gritty, it’s   doing a lot of music videos in Miami and he
     raw, it’s new. Journalism is changing. I think          was with Cool & Dre and DJ Khaled and those
     with the internet, viewers get it now. We’re            guys. He really tried to bring music to the city.
     more connected. We don’t want to get our                He kind of was a conduit to the [New York]
     news from a guy in a suit and tie that’s speak-         mainstream. People were like, “How the hell
     ing from an ivory tower. We’re in touch now – i         are you going to say that Fat Joe started the
     think people want their host to be someone              Miami [music] movement?” But that’s what I
     that’s like them. I think Nitecap works because         love about the segment, you know? I try to en-
     I’ve been blessed to be on that level. I think          gage people, because everyone has opinions.
     people want their news and reporting to be              I think we live in a society where everybody is
     on their level. I think they want to know how           entitled to have one. And I love when people
     Rick Ross gets down [at King of Diamonds]               are debating different provocative ideas.
     and make their own assumptions based on                 That one kinda stirred a lot of people. It was
     that. I remember that segment got a lot of              really interesting. When I launched [Nitecap]
     flack, but I try to stay away from the punditry.        I was thinking the urban market hasn’t really

gravitated towards the mainstream, but to            That’s a very interesting question. For people
our defense, it’s because you don’t really see       who understand Hip Hop and its history, Trick
our coverage. It’s sad to say, but when you see      is a legend. He’s one of the pioneers. If you
black guys getting coverage on Channel 6, it’s       look at Hip Hop in the South, it’s safe to say
probably because he shot somebody. So it’s           that Trick, Scarface, Goodie Mob – they started
really interesting to have a segment present-        it. Putting a stamp on that gritty, dirty South
ing us in a raw, gritty, but intellectual fashion.   sound, that’s Trick. In writing the book and
The response has been really cool and I’m just       traveling with them throughout the South
humbled by that, basically.                          in these small towns, he is like Jesus reincar-
                                                     nated to a lot of people because he is their
You also co-authored Trick Daddy’s book,             voice. I think Trick is one of those artists that’s
Magic City. Was that your first book?                comfortable with who he is and the music he
Yes, that was my first book. I had been at the       presents to people, the ones that appreciate
[Miami] Herald for several years and that’s how      his music. So, “underrated”? Honestly, no. In
Trick got familiar with my work. A lot of other      brushing shoulders with people who really
writers were pursuing him [to talk about] his        count, like legendary artists and executives,
lupus and what not and his legacy. I remember        the respect level is there. Does he get the
when he reached out to me and was like, “I           mainstream fanfare presently that other artists
want you to write my book. You’re a real dude.”      may get? Not necessarily.
That was pretty cool because I had been a fan
of his work since I was in college. I’ve always      What are some of the other projects you’re
respected his take on society. I kind of respect     currently working on?
enigmas. I respect people who are contradic-         I’m starting a journalism scholarship for kids
tions, you know? I can respect the way Trick         from my high school in St. Thomas, Ivanna
can be real and authentic and have that bra-         Eudora Kean High School...
vado, but still love kids and his community.
                                                     To read the rest of this in-depth interview,
Do you feel like Trick Daddy is underrated?          please visit

Words by Julia
Photo by NLP
             G Images

                                                                                              OZONE MAG // 31
                                                                                              OZONE MAG // 31
     BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, THE VERDICT               politician on the campaign trail and being a
     WILL ALREADY BE IN ON LUTHER “UNCLE                  rapper on a promo tour?
     LUKE” CAMPBELL’S CAMPAIGN FOR THE                    It’s similar to a promotional tour because
     MAYOR OF MIAMI IN THE CITY’S SPECIAL                 you have to go door-to-door, shaking hands
     ELECTION ON MAY 24TH. REGARDLESS OF                  and kissing babies. It’s almost like doing an
     THE OUTCOME, THIS MIAMI NATIVE DEFI-                 in-store. You do a forum and then at the end of
     NITELY HAS SOME STRONG OPINIONS ON                   the forum you talk about the product. You talk
     THE POLITICS OF HIS HOMETOWN.                        about yourself and then you sign autographs.
                                                          Unfortunately, when I’m taking pictures and
     Of course you’ve always been informally              signing autographs, no one wants to see the
     known as the mayor of Miami, but at what             other candidates. That’s the fun part about it.
     point did it become something that you               At the same time, it’s grueling. You’ve got to go
     wanted to seriously pursue?                          to different forums and speak on different pan-
     I’ve always been involved in the community           els. The entertainment business helped me out
     with the programs I founded, to make sure            because I’ve always been a person who goes
     that kids were getting benefits from the             to a lot of panels to speak. Even when I went
     county. I’ve worked closely with politicians on      to the Supreme Court [to fight 2 Live Crew’s
     a consistent basis. When you’re dealing with         censorship], that was politically motivated, so
     them you expect them to do certain things,           I know the landscape of politics and how it
     but lately a lot of them haven’t been fulfilling     works. People don’t know that I’m a political
     their promises.                                      junkie. Two things I love: football and politics.
                                                          So it makes it easy for me, besides the fact that
     So you decided to run for mayor out of frus-         I’ve been debating the issue of free speech
     tration because elected officials weren’t han-       [since the 2 Live Crew days]. I’m the champion
     dling what they were supposed to handle?             of free speech and I can debate with anybody.
     Exactly. When you look at the community,
     you see innocent kids getting killed and shot.       Still, even though you’re a political junkie,
     Grown people too. And the bottom line is that        your career history includes records like “Doo
     the government is really not doing anything          Doo Brown” and “Me So Horny.” Has anybody
     about it. Then you see the situation with the        challenged you running on moral grounds?
     housing department. The housing department           Not necessarily, because people in this com-
     is being taken over by the federal government.       munity know me from the standpoint of what
     The treasury department is getting taken over        I’ve done in this community. They knew me as
     by the federal government. It’s frustrating to       a little DJ running around the park. I’ve met
     know that these things are happening.                people on the campaign trail who have known
                                                          me since I was in diapers, hanging out at the
     This is a special election, right?                   beauty salon where my mama used to work
     Yes, the mayor got recalled because of the           on 15th Avenue. So they know me and where
     things he was doing. He raised the taxes 14%         I come from and they know my family. I come
     and then after he raised the taxes, he gave all      from a family with a two-bedroom house. I
     his employees a raise. That’s just disrespectful     grew up in Liberty City with four brothers,
     to the people. At the same time, all of his de-      and we all work. My daddy is Jamaican and
     partments have been taken over by the federal        my mama is Bahamian. They know we’re a
     government because they misappropriated              working-class family. All my brothers did
     funds. I’m looking at these departments that         things with themselves in life: two physics
     were taken over and all of a sudden the trea-        majors, one psychologist, and me. As far as
     sury has $180 million dollars missing. How can       the moral issues, I don’t get that [question]
     you miss $180 million dollars? There’s no trans-     because people know who I am. It hasn’t come
     parency in the government. The rent dollars          up on the campaign trail. It only comes up
     from these affordable houses was supposed to         with the press asks the question, but it’s nor-
     go within these lower income communities. So         mally national press that asks. The local press
     between the killings and the [scandals] I got        will mention, “How can a guy who made these
     frustrated and just said, look, I’m familiar with    songs become mayor in the United States?” Ba-
     politics. I’m familiar with local politics and na-   sically, I was younger just like everybody else.
     tional politics and I’m always raising awareness     It was like being a freshman in college. I had
     for people to go out and vote and help people        my fun, I made my songs, I defended it...
     with their campaigns. Why not go out there
     and do it myself?                                    To view the complete 30 minute interview
                                                          with Uncle Luke, visit
     What are the similarities between being a            or

     e Luke
Uncl yor
for Ma
Words & Photo
              by Julia Bever

                                  OZONE MAG // 33
                                  OZONE MAG // 33
Famouck s
Kid Bri
 Words by Julia

SURE THAT HE GIVES BACK TO THE KIDS                 hit you with some B.o.B. style, pop, techno,
AND THE COMMUNITY IN THE PROCESS.                   so that sets me apart from a lot of these
WITH THE COSIGN OF LOCAL DJs LIKE DJ                artists. I just feel like I can take it to the
CHRISTION, HIS FUTURE IN THE INDUSTRY               next level.
                                                    Is the Tampa jookin’ movement over?
How did you start getting into music?               I’m not really into that type of music so I
Actually, I was into basketball. My homeboy         don’t really know if it’s over or not. Famous
Jonathan kept influencing me to get into            Kid Brick and jook music does not mix.
the studio. I was trying to tell him I wasn’t       It’s not my style at all. I’m not trying to be
really into music but he got me in there.           categorized as a jook artist, I’m trying to
After that, what made me keep thriving on           be nationwide.
this music was people’s reaction.
                                                    Have you collaborated with any major
What were they reacting to?                         artists?
The first hit that really got me on and pop-        No, but I have a nationwide feature com-
pin’ from Myspace was called “I Be Rolling.”        ing up that I can’t really speak on. As far
I got like 53,000 plays on Myspace. About a         as local artists, I’ve worked with a lot of
year later I started to get radio play locally      artists that are a part of my team, Hussch
on the record. I did a lot of independent           Boy.
grinding with a local label as part of the
group The Famous Kids. A year later I               So what’s the goal at this point? Do you
teamed up with Team Hussch Boy and that’s           plan to put out a project independently
really what got us the success on the radio.        or are you hoping to get a major label
DJ Christion and DJ King JB really helped           deal?
me get radio play.                                  I’m just trying to grind and see where it
                                                    takes me. I’m not really trying to do an
Why did you decide to name yourself                 album right now. Just trying to put out a
Famous Kid Brick?                                   lot of music, mixtape after mixtape, just
I wanted to be famous. When I named                 taking it one step at a time and we’ll see
myself, I was only like 16, so I wasn’t really      where it takes us.
a grown up. I just decided on Famous Kid
Brick, changed my lil Myspace name, and I           Outside of music, do you have any
ran with it.                                        aspirations?
                                                    Yeah, I want to help the community out. I
You just dropped the YouTube mixtape,               want to give back to the St. Petersburg, FL
right? Tell us about that.                          area where I’m from. I’m not trying to be
Yes ma’am, I just dropped it two days ago.          like one of those artists that gets on and
You can find that on my website, KidBrick.          doesn’t give back. So I’m really just look-
com. I did a whole bunch of YouTube music           ing forward to helping out other people
videos, and the songs from the video are on         besides myself.
the mixtape.
                                                    How do you plan to give back? A lot of
They say the Tampa area is cursed, be-              people say that, and it’s a great goal, but
cause most artists that come out of the             what specifically do you have in mind?
area only succeed as one-hit wonders.               I want to do toy drives, celebrity bas-
What do you think it’s going to take to             ketball games, help feed the homeless
break the Tampa curse?                              people, everything. I want to help tutor
I’ve heard of the Tampa curse, but I can            kids because I graduated with a 3.8 GPA,
only speak for myself. I’m way different. I’m       so I do like to help out with their school-
diverse, I don’t just put myself in one genre.      work and everything. //
Like “I’m On It,” I can do that style, I can come

                                                                                          OZONE MAG // 37

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