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How to Relieve Sciatica Pain by jamessmith94


Pain management centers offer specialized and personalized solutions to relieve sciatica pain

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How to Relieve Sciatica Pain
Sciatica is a distinct form of pain which is caused by the inflammation of the
sciatic nerve, sprained joints or structural damage to a disc in the lower back,
misalignment of the vertebrae, and neuritis. The sciatic nerve runs from the
                               back of the buttock and thigh, and down to the
                               ankle where it branches out into other nerves
                               in the feet. The sharp, shooting pain that
                               radiates from the lower back through the thigh
                               and lower leg is often unbearable and can
                               disrupt a person’s routine activities. Knowing
                               how to relieve sciatica pain is therefore

Sciatica Pain Management Techniques

You could be suffering from sciatica if you experience any of the following
   • pain shooting down one or both legs
   • pain in the buttocks
   •   lower back pain
   • numbness or tingling in your legs or feet

Treatment of sciatica pain necessitates a thorough examination to establish
the cause. So your best option would be to consult a specialist at an
established pain management center. After diagnosing your condition using
advanced techniques such as MRI, your specialist would recommend various
treatments depending on the severity of your condition, including rest, hot or

                                   Sciatica Pain
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cold applications, physical therapy, spinal decompression, chiropractic
treatment, and so on.

Specialized Sciatica Pain Treatment

   •   Physical therapy: One the primary approaches to specialized
       treatment for sciatica is manipulative therapy. Established pain
       management centers offer a wide range of physical therapy
       treatments and exercise programs specially designed to relieve sciatica
       pain. Techniques adopted are massage and myofascial release,
       Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), ice or heat to
       eliminate muscle spasm and inflammation, ultrasound to treat soft
       tissue injuries, and traction.

   •   Spinal decompression: This revolutionary FDA-approved therapy is
       used primarily to treat disc injuries in the neck and lower back. Spinal
       decompression is an effective treatment option for severe and
       debilitating pain due to sciatica. Using the latest spinal decompression
       equipment, the spine is gently stretched and the vertebrae separated,
       thereby creating a vacuum to restore disc height and alleviate
       herniated or bulging disc conditions. Spinal decompression reduces
       pain by relieving the pressure on the sciatic nerve roots, reversing
       nerve impairment, and replenishing the injured discs with oxygen to
       promote faster healing.

   •   Chiropractic: Chiropractors believe that proper alignment of the
       spine is necessary for the optimal performance of the nervous system.
       To treat sciatica pain, a chiropractor first finds the source of the nerve

                                        Sciatica Pain
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       blockage. Manual manipulation and adjustments are then used to
       correct the spinal misalignment. Chiropractic treatment provided at a
       competent pain management center can offer great relief for sciatica
       nerve pain.

Treat Sciatica at Professional Pain Management Centers

If the pain is acute, don’t wait to treat it. Contact a professional multi-
specialty pain management center staffed with specialists in various fields.
Pain management centers offer specialized and personalized solutions, and
often adopt a multi-pronged approach to relieve sciatica pain.

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                                  Sciatica Pain

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