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					                                                    Oct – Nov ’03

                                                     SAN FRANCISCO
                                                    BICYCLE COALITION

PROMOTING THE BICYCLE FOR EVERYDAY TRANSPORTATION                                                                                        FREE

                                 What Would You Do as Mayor?
                                 Swervey \’swer-vã\ (n): A survey taken on the streets of San Francisco by SFBC volunteers who grab
                                 passing bicyclists – sometimes causing them to swerve and avoid hitting us – in order to ask ques-

                                 THIS TUBE TIMES SWERVEY took place on Valencia and                             Aubrey (Upper Haight)
                                 Duboce as well as Market and Gough and asked, "If you                                           “More bike
                                                                                                                                 racks and close
                                 were elected mayor in November, what
                                                                                                                                 Market St. to
                                 would you do to make San Francisco the
    SFBC Endorses                best city for bicycling in the United
    Matt Gonzalez                States?"
      for Mayor,                                                              INTERVIEWS AND PHOTOS BY
                                                                                         DAVID GARTNER
    Yes on Prop K                                                                                               Bob (Dolores Park)
 O    ur members have spo-
      ken and now it’s offi-     about bicycling in the city.             Margaret (looking for an apartment)
                                                                                                                                 “I would do a
                                                                                                                                 big education
 cial! The SFBC has officially   Christian (North Berkeley)                                 “More bike                           program to
 endorsed Board of Supervi-                        “Start with more                         racks – the stu-                     teach drivers
 sors President Matt Gonza-                        bike lanes,                              pid new park-                        and bicyclists
 lez in November’s mayoral                         wider bike                               ing meters are                       both that they
 race.                                                                                      kind of a pain                       need to share
                                                   lanes, and more
    “Matt Gonzalez has                                                                      in the ass, to
                                                   green areas.”                                                                 the road and
 shown leadership and
                                                                                            tell the truth.”    behave properly towards one
 effectiveness in promoting
                                                                                                                another, because right now it’s
 sustainable transportation
                                                                                                                just ugly.”
 in San Francisco,” says                                                  Jeff (Mission)
 Leah Shahum, SFBC Execu-                                                                   “Put in more
 tive Director. “We are at a     Jeremy (Tenderloin)                                        bike lanes and      Nathan (East Bay)
 crucial point in expanding                         “I would build                                                               “I’d do some-
                                                    an elevated                             add monorails
 the citywide Bicycle Net-                                                                  to the city to                       thing about
 work. Matt, as Board Presi-                        bikeway                                                                      Market Street.”
                                                    throughout the                          eliminate
 dent, has stepped up
                                                    city, similar to                        the cars com-
 unequivocally to prioritize
                                                    the ‘L’ (elevat-                        pletely.”
 the goal of making biking
 easier, safer, and more                            ed) Train in
 convenient. The Coalition is                       Chicago, that         Stacy (Castro)
                                 would just be for bikes that                               “I would proba-
                                                                                                                Adriana (Barcelona)
                                 would completely separate the                                                                   “Obviously
                                                                                            bly put the bike
                                 traffic from the bikes.”                                                                        more bike
                                                                                            lanes on the
                                                                                                                                 lanes, more
                                                                                            sidewalk like in
                                                                                                                                 bike racks, and
                                                                                                                                 that you don’t
                                                                                                                                 have to wear a

      NEW TRAFFIC CIRCLES &                        WOMEN BIKING IN THE                                 MOUNTAIN BIKING?
      BIKE RIGHTS SIGNS p 3                         MIDDLE EAST p 6                                 IN SAN FRANCISCO? p 8
   From Leah’s Desk

                                                                                                                                                               TUBE TIMES
                                                                                                                                                              Matthew Hoover

   Members Provide the
                                                                      achieve more than ever. Given our members’ expec-                                            EDITOR
                                                                      tations, strong local political support, the current
                                                                                                                                                            Victor Pérez-Varela
                                                                      unprecedented Bike Network planning effort, and the                                        PRODUCTION

   Resources to Carry Out Our
                                                                      potential to increase local bike funding ten-fold (see                                    Brandon Fine
                                                                      Prop. K news, p. 9), it’s not only possible but highly
                                                                      likely that we will achieve our goal of making San

                                                                                                                                          Published six times a year by the
                                                                      Francisco a model biking city.                                      SAN FRANCISCO
                                                                          Our success up to this point would not have been                BICYCLE COALI-
      never stop being amazed at the determination of

  I   Bike Coalition members. Ten years’ worth of advo-
      cacy won bike lanes on Fell Street this summer.
   The renewed energy to start dozens of member-led
                                                                      possible without members’ generous financial sup-
                                                                      port and it won’t be possible to increase our success
                                                                      without your increased support. So please consider
                                                                      ways you can give a little extra to the Coalition in
                                                                                                                                          1095 Market St., Suite 215,
                                                                                                                                          San Francisco, CA 94103
                                                                                                                                          phone: (415) 431-BIKE
                                                                                                                                          fax: (415) 431-2468

   committees is building support for the top 20 Bike                 these last few months of the year.                                  email:
   Network projects. And then the ways individual mem-                    All members will receive a letter in November ask-                The SFBC is a 4,200-member advocacy organization
   bers continually save the day by responding to our                 ing for an end-of-the-year gift. Our goal is to raise at                working to transform San Francisco’s streets and
   calls for last-minute help. (You know who you are, and             least $10  ,000 from this annual campaign for the
   there are literally hundreds of you each month. Thank              SFBC’s ongoing advocacy work. Please, give what you                                       SFBC STAFF
   you!)                                                              can. You’d probably be surprised at the difference                                         Mary Brown
                                                                                                                                                        BIKE NETWORK DIRECTOR
       In my first year as Executive Director, I have been            even a small amount makes to our success.
   amazed by people’s depth of support – and particularly                                                                                                       Michael Calfee
                                                                          Or, if a single year-end gift doesn’t fit your budg-                           MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR
   their financial generosity — for the work we’re doing              et, consider joining our monthly sustainer program,                             David Gartner, Amy Panella
   together. I expected fundraising among the member-                                                                                          C O M M U N I T Y O U T R EA C H C O O R D I N A T O R S
                                                                      where giving $25 a month makes a big difference.
   ship to be one of the most challenging and intimidat-              And we’ll make it easier by reminding members of                                             Josh Hart
                                                                                                                                                            PROGRAM DIRECTOR
   ing parts of my job but, in fact, it’s one of the easiest          ways to support the SFBC year-round. For instance,                                 Chris Hayashida Knight
   and most rewarding. SFBC members understand the                    does your employer offer company matches? This is                                   OPERATIONS MANAGER
   importance of our work and they generously support it              an easy way to double your donation. Or do you know                                       Leah Shahum
                                                                                                                                                           EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
   with time and money, both of which are essential.                  other bike enthusiasts who could support our work?
       We are unusual for a nonprofit group in that a                 Help us meet them, either through individual meet-
   healthy portion of our funding comes directly from                 ings, or presentations at a workplace, or at house                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS

   members, through annual dues and special contribu-                 parties. Do you have connections to grant-making                               Dale Danley (President)
                                                                                                                                             Peggy da Silva • Chris Fenster (Treasurer)
   tions. And it’s a good thing because this is a difficult           foundations? Or fundraising ideas? Let us know.                            Carolyn Hanrahan • Sami Iwata
   time, to say the least, for winning foundation grants                  Another great way to offer support in the next few                 Deb Janes • Ann Lyons • Gabriel Metcalf
   or government contracts.                                           weeks is by helping us solicit donations from local                       Pi Ra • Brian Smith • Darryll White
       So financial support from the membership means                 businesses for our big Winterfest Auction and Party —
   more now than ever, because we’re aiming to                        our biggest event fundraiser of the year. (See p. 5)

                                             Golden Gate Park that day!                     we were trying to make was                  his engine was instead making a fist in
Investment in Membership                                                                                                                support as he passed. When I smiled at
Shows Results                                 ’l ok
                                             Yalrc!                                         that being hit by a car in a
                                             Car Crashes Are Worst                          serious collision happens                   him he called out and waved as he
I had the opprotunity to ride the new                                                                                                   drove away. A man in a truck gave me a
                                             According to the lead factoid in the           less frequently than many
bike lane on Fell St. (along with several                                                                                               smile and a nod. Coasting down from
                                             Aug./Sept. ’03 Tube Times Index, just          novice riders think — and
other lanes) to the Power to the Peace-                                                                                                 Twin Peaks recently, a woman leaned
                                             12% of bike crashes involve a motor            crashes of many kinds are
ful event in Golden Gate Park. And this                                                                                                 over to give me a serious thumbs-up,
                                             vehicle. True, but most bike crashes are       avoidable with good traffic
served as a hearty reminder that my                                                                                                     and her two girls smiled and waved at
                                             merely falls, with little injury. In the       habits.
membership-renewal request                                                                                                              me as she pulled away.
                                                             U.S., collisions with motor
had been on my desk for

                                                                  vehicles have been                                                        Yes, it’s hypocritical to use oil paid
a few days. The ride on                                                                                                                 for with wars you say you don’t support.
                                                                    found to increase the   Freedom from Oil Brings
that short stretch                                                                                                                      But I see these expressions of support
                                                                   cyclist’s risk of hos-   Peace
between Divisadero and                                                                                                                  as indications that plenty of drivers are
                                                                 pitalization four-fold     While riding around the city, I often
the Panhandle was soooo                                                                                                                 ready to change. When we push to elim-
                                                          and to account for 90% of         hear a car to my side keeping pace with
worth any money I have given in the
                                             cycling fatalities, including 95% of fatal-    me. I feel the driver leaning over to say
past and will in the future. Then I got to                                                                                              Send letters to or
                                             ities among children.                          something. I roll my eyes, and think
the event and had the finest of bike                                                                                                    SFBC, 1095 Market St., #215, SF
                                                  By failing to include these stats, the    “What now?” I look over, almost invol-
parking volunteers hold onto my ride.                                                                                                   94103. Please keep them brief; letters
                                             Index inadvertently contributed to the         untarily, and brace for confrontation.
Just figured I should sent a word of                                                                                                    may be edited.
                                             perception that bikes are inherently dan-          Though I haven't stopped expecting
thanks with my renewal, rather than you
                                             gerous, when the danger actually arises        drivers to unleash invective, since the
thanking me.
                                             from the presence of motor vehicles.           war started in March, it hasn't hap-
                                                                                                                                         Unclassified Ad
                         MARK HELLER                                                                                                     PEDICAB FOR HIRE: Black and
                                                             CHARLES KOMANOFF,              pened to me. A few months ago I affixed      white pedicab with driver for hire
                                                                  RIGHT OF WAY              a sign to the back of each of my bikes       for weddings, parades, and spe-
Let us all thank the heroic
                                                                 NEW YORK CITY              that reads “BICYCLING: A QUIET STATE-        cial events. Contact Keith Saggers
volunteer valets who parked
                                                                                            MENT AGAINST OIL WARS.”                      by email
more than 5 0 0 bikes in
                                             Thanks, Charles. The point                         A taxi driver I thought was gunning      ( or

Traffic Circles Arrive
in the Haight
Page Street Bike Boulevard Next?
     n one of the boldest and most       fying the neighborhood (the perma-

I    visible projects to date by the
     city’s new traffic-calming pro-
gram, on August 5 the Department
                                         nent circles will feature landscap-
                                         ing). The most common concern
                                         we’ve heard is related to right-of-
                                                                                     SFBC volunteers find the circle at Page and Clayton a nice place for a picnic and
                                                                                                               some outreach to neighbors.
of Parking and Traffic (DPT)             way and safety, and indeed field
began installing trial traffic circles   observations have noted that some        appropriate, and install more                traffic circles, stop signs on side
along Page and Waller Streets in         drivers have interpreted the removal     detailed signage indicating how to           streets giving priority to the bike
the Haight. The goal of the project      of stop signs to be an excuse to roll    make a left turn. They are also              boulevard, diverters that force driv-
is to improve the neighborhood           through an intersection without          looking into the possibility of              ers to make turns at major intersec-
for bicyclists and pedestrians           exercising due caution. San Francis-     adding stop signs on cross streets,          tions, and cul-de-sacs that are per-
while decreasing vehicle emis-           co has more four-way stop intersec-      which the SFBC supports as an                meable to bicycles, pedestrians, and
sions resulting from sudden brak-        tions than perhaps any other city, so    interim measure that will clarify            emergency vehicles.
ing and acceleration. Funding for        it may take some time and prodding       right-of-way. Of course the SFBC’s              Bicycle Boulevards are popular
the traffic circle project came          to get residents accustomed to           top priority is safety — that’s why          parts of bike networks in cities like
from Bay Area Air Quality Manage-        negotiating new traffic circles.         this project was initiated. We agree         Berkeley and Palo Alto, and they
ment District, which approved a             To address safety concerns, the       that the design needs to be tweaked          could become a common sight in
grant submitted by the City’s bicy-      SFBC has been working with the           to ensure safety of walkers and              San Francisco one day, with streets
cle program.                             DPT to get the word out about how        cyclists. We urge neighborhood res-          such as Shotwell in the Mission
  Reaction to the circles has been       to navigate a traffic circle in a safe   idents to get behind the project and         having potential for boulevard con-
mixed. Even frequent walkers and         and respectful manner (see side-         continue to work with DPT to                 version.
bicyclists are split in their opinion    bar). To improve the functioning of      improve the design. It would be a               As for the future of the Page St.
of the trial circles. Those in favor     the circles, the DPT is planning to      shame if neighbors threw out the             boulevard, SFBC members need to
say the circles simplify intersection    install "yield to pedestrians" pop-up    baby (calmer, safer streets) with            help rally support among Page and
movements and allow bicyclists to        signs at each approach to the cir-       the bathwater (inappropriate driver          Waller St. neighbors, as anyone
maintain momentum, while beauti-         cles, paint ladder crosswalks where      behavior).                                   who lives within one block of a
                                                                                     The SFBC’s baby is a full-fledged         proposed circle will get to vote in
                                                                                  bicycle boulevard along Page St. As          early October whether to accept
 Traffic Circle Navigation Guide                                                  a residential street paralleling major       that circle or to remove it. If the
    n Yield and stop when necessary for pedestrians                               arterials (Oak and Fell), Page St. is        circles are rejected, it will be diffi-
    n Yield to vehicles already in the circle                                     an excellent candidate for a bike            cult to continue developing a traf-
    n Always drive (or ride) counter-clockwise (never cut to the                  boulevard — a street that priori-            fic-calming program in the Haight
      left of a circle when making a left turn)                                   tizes bicycle transportation by plac-        area. If you are interested in help-
    n As a bicyclist, take the lane before entering a circle — it is              ing restrictions on through motor            ing with the bike boulevard cam-
                                                                                  vehicle traffic. Bicycle boulevards          paign, contact Josh Hart at
                                                                                  typically feature prominent signage,

“Bikes Allowed Use                       cyclists in San Francisco — getting      DPT collected data including traffic        “Full Lane” signs have
                                         "doored" when passing a parked           volume, collision history, speed            been or will be installed
of Full Lane” Signs                      car. Ride outside the door zone          limits, street grades, number of            on the following streets:
All Over Town                            whenever possible; it’s your right       lanes, curb lane width, presence of          `   2nd St.           `   Lake Merced
You may have noticed new signs           to be safe.                              parking, presence of bus routes,             `   5th St.           `   Larkin
                                         The signs are being placed in            presence of MUNI bus lane and/or             `   7th Ave.          `   Marina
going up all around the city as part                                                                                           `   10th St.          `   Masonic
of the Coexist campaign reminding        critical areas along the                 tracks, and other factors.                   `   14th St.          `   McAllister
drivers and cyclists that, according     Bicycle Network that                         The SFBC wishes to thank the             `   17th St.          `   Northpoint
                                         don’t yet have bike                                DPT Bicycle Program for            `   Cesar Chavez      `   Page
to the California Vehicle Code,                                                                                                `   Battery           `   Point Lobos
bicyclists have the right to ride in     paths and bike                                      taking the initiative to          `   Bayshore          `   Post
the middle of a narrow lane (CVC         lanes. To deter-                                  install these signs, which          `   Broadway          `   Sanchez
                                         mine the best place-                          will help make everyone                 `   Circular          `   Sansome
21202). Getting this message out is                                                                                            `   Clay              `   Sloat
particularly important to reduce         ment and avoid unnec-                      aware that coexisting isn’t just a         `   Columbus          `   Stockton
the single largest cause of injury to    essary sign clutter, the                      way of life—it’s the law!               `   Evans             `   Sutter
                                                                                                                               `   Francisco         `   Webster
                                                                                                                               `   Great Highway
OCTOBER–NOVEMBER 2003                                                                                                                                         PAGE 3
    .sfbeid evetnios,
wwwpdat ac n
 for es, and s!
   rid item
                             CHAIN OF EVENTS         BICYCLE TREASURE HUNT                   SAN FRANCISCO MOUNTAIN                 MATT FOR MAYOR CAMPAIGN
      OCT – NOV ’03                                  Sat., Oct. 25 | Noon                    BIKING TOUR                            BIKE TOUR
                                                     Lincoln Park, Alameda                   Sun., Nov. 9 | 10 a.m. - noon          Sun., Oct. 26 | 10am
                                                     Join a couple hundred of your           McLaren Lodge (Stanyan at Fell)        Matt for Mayor Headquarters, Horse-
                                                     pedal pals for an uproarious, fun-      This 12-mile loop ride with some       shoe Cafe
                                                     filled day of cycle sleuthing through   hills will take us through Golden      568 Haight Street (between Fillmore
    The SFBC’s Cultural History Tours and            the mysterious (and flat!) island of    Gate Park, along Land's End to         and Steiner)
    Recreational Rides are free to SFBC mem-         Alameda. For details, www.bay-          the Golden Gate Bridge, through        Ride with Matt Gonzalez, SFBC-
    bers (a $5 donation is requested of non- or (510) 604-4821.             the Presidio on the Bay Area           endorsed candidate for San Fran-
    members). Unless otherwise noted, call
    431-BIKE or email (for bike                                             Ridge Trail, and back via Park Pre-    cisco Mayor on this freewheeling
    tours) or (for rec. rides)    SFBC SAN FRANCISCO                      sidio trail. Only some non-paved       tour of San Francisco. Matt will
    for more information. Or visit our online cal-   CEMETERY TOUR                           trails due to current restrictions,    discuss issues important to his
    endar at Rain cancels rides.                                             but the ride will highlight what
                                                     Sat., Oct. 25 | 11am - 4pm                                                     vision of the future of our city,
                                                     Main Library, Fulton St steps           could be legal in the future, why      including two-wheeled transporta-
    VELO GIRLS SAN FRANCISCO/                                                                more off-road trails would be ben-     tion. Join this rolling campaign
    NORTH BAY RIDE                                   Come and learn the spooky histo-
                                                                                             eficial, and how it could be           rally as it spreads the message
    Sat., Oct. 11 & Nov. 8 | 9:00 am                 ry of San Francisco's ban on the
                                                                                             achieved. Bring plenty of water        that Matt is the candidate who will
    Sports Basement, 1301 6th St                     dead as we bike to sites of former
                                                                                             and a snack. Contact aaron@            help us build the citywide Bike
    Join the Velo Girls for a different              cemeteries. We'll learn how thou-
                                                                                    for details.                 Network.
    SF/North Bay route each month at                 sands of acres of cemetery land
    a moderate pace. Helmets are                     were reclaimed for parks, schools,
    mandatory. Any non-Velo Girls                    and housing, and where the
    members under the age of 18                      unmarked graves are today. We'll
                                                     visit some of SF's hidden treas-           SFBC VOLUNTEER NIGHT                ELECTION DAY & TUBE
    wishing to ride must have par-
                                                     ures along the way including the           Every Wed. night | 5-9 pm           TIMES SUBMISSION DEAD-
    ent/guardian accompany them to                                                              SFBC HQ, 1095 Market St Ste
    the ride start. Parent/guardian will             Columbarium, the Wave Organ,                                                   LINE
                                                     and the Presidio Pet Cemetery.             215                                 Tues., Nov. 4
    be asked to sign a ride waiver.
    See for more                   Contact Renee for details at               Every Wednesday come to the         Get out and vote, in person or
    information.                                                weekly SFBC Volunteer night to      by mail! (Final push to get Matt
                                                                                                do the things that make our         in Room 200 — SFBC and the
    BIKE AGAINST THE ODDS                            CRITICAL MASS #134 & 135                   office run, munch on pizza and      Gonzalez campgaign ask
                                                     Fri., Oct. 31 & Nov. 28 | 5:30pm           snacks, and enjoy the fine com-     cyclists to take all or part of
    Sun., Oct. 19                                                                               pany of other cyclists. We can
                                                     Justin Herman Plaza                                                            the day off and hold up “Matt
    The Breast Cancer Fund is a                                                                 use your help!                      for Mayor” signs to get those
                                                     (foot of Market St.)
    national nonprofit working to identi-                                                                                           last uncommited votes. Contact
    fy and eliminate the environmental               A car-free grand tour of San Fran-
                                                     cisco. Still organized and spon-           WALK/BIKE CALIFORNIA                Gonzales HQ at 869-1485 to
    and preventable causes of breast                                                                                                volunteer.) And do you know an
    cancer. Join TBCF and 800 cyclists               sored by No One, including You.            2003 CONFERENCE
                                                     Take the ride somewhere! Just get          Wed. - Sat., Oct. 15 - 18           issue that should be a letter to
    for our inaugural one-day fundrais-                                                                                             the editor? A recreational ride
    ing bike ride, with five routes of               up front and go, we’ll follow. Also        Oakland Marriott Hotel
                                                     see Don’t                                               or cultural history bike tour that
    varying difficulty winding throughout                                                       The California Bicycle Coalition
                                                     forget your costume for the Hallo-                                             you'd like to lead? An etiquette
    the East Bay. Go to www.breast-                                                             and the City of Oakland in
                                                     ween ride!                                                                     question for the Advice Ped- for more info.                                                               association with California
                                                                                                                                    aler? All submissions are due
                                                                                                Walks are presenting a world-
                                                                                                                                    to the Tube Times editorial
                                                                                                class event that highlights the
                                                                                                                                    staff by midnight tonight. Our
                                                                                                ability of walking and bicycling
                                                                                                                                    deadline is always (near) the
                                                                                                to relieve congestion, stimulate
                                                                                                                                    first of the month prior to the
                                                                                                economic activity, increase
                                                                                                                                    issue date. Email
                                                                                                transit use, and create safer
                                                                                                and healthier communities
                                                                                                throughout California and the
                                                                                                western U.S. For details or to      VELOSWAP: SAN FRANCISCO
                                                                                                register, visit www.walkbikecali-   Sat., Nov. 15 | 9am - 5pm
                                                                                                               The Cow Palace
                                                                                                                                    VeloSwap, a fundraiser to bene-
                                                                                                SFBC BOARD MEETING                  fit the SFBC and the Northern
                                                                                                Tues., Oct. 21 & Nov. 17            California Mountain Biking Asso-
                                                                                                6:30 - 8pm. SFBC HQ,                ciation, brings bikes, parts,
                                                                                                1095 Market St Ste 215              demos, accessories, clinics,
                                                                                                                                    samples, and fun to the Cow
                                                                                                All members are invited to
                                                                                                                                    Palace for your pedaling pleas-
                                                                                                attend. Call 431-BIKE x22 for
                                                                                                                                    ure! Visit for
                                                                                                the agenda.
                                                                                                                                    details, and see p. 5.
         At the TMobile International pro bike race in September, spectators got valet
                  parking and information about the SFBC’s many projects.
    PAGE 4
zFederal Bike/Ped                        to thousands of beleaguered bicy-
                                         clists who use this three-block
                                                                                was scheduled to be adopted by the
                                                                                Authority on August 12. The
                                                                                                                       SFBC’s position on the garage proj-
                                                                                                                       ect, and also download the Golden
 Funding Restored                        stretch of Fell to connect to the      agency, composed of mayoral            Gate Park Bike Plan at www.sfbike.
On September 4, the U.S. House of        Panhandle. Much indebtedness to        appointees and charged with            org/campaigns/ggp_task_force.
Representatives cast a critical vote     the early Fell campaigners, and        implementing Prop. J, chose not to
for bicycling. By a vote of 327 to       thanks to the DPT Bicycle Program      adopt the plan, however, in part
90, the House passed a bipartisan        for developing a critic-proof study.   due to an appeal filed by the          z Giant Veloswap Show
amendment to restore $600 million        One hun-                                               Alliance for Golden      Coming to SF

in funding for the Transportation        dred sup-                                               Gate Park to halt     Veloswap, the world's largest bicy-
Enhancements program, the source         porters                                                 construction of the   cle show and swap, is coming to
of most federal bike and pedestrian      came out                                                parking garage        the Cow Palace on Saturday,
funding.                                 to celebrate,                                           planned for the       November 15. The event will fea-
  The amendment restoring funding

                                         toast the new                                           Music Concourse.      ture over 100,000 square feet of
enjoyed considerable bipartisan          bike lanes,                                             The SFBC will be      bikes, parts, demos, accessories,
support thanks to the diligent           eat, drink and                                          working to ensure     clinics, samples, and fun from all
efforts of bicyclists across the         be generally                                            that the Bike Plan    the big names in bikes and gear. It
nation, including dozens in San          merry at our                                            is approved as        will benefit the SFBC and the North-
Francisco who contacted Congress-        celebration pic-                                      soon as possible        ern California Mountain Biking
woman Pelosi, who voted to save          nic on August 24.                      and that key safety projects aren’t    Association. You can get in for free
the Transportation Enhancements            Unfortunately, the future of these   held up unnecessarily.                 if you are part of the SFBC’s select
program. Huge thanks to everyone         bike lanes is not ensured! The DPT                                            volunteer corps; otherwise it’s $6
who wrote letters, made calls, and       is conducting a six-month trial,                                              in advance and $8 at the door. Visit
let Congress know that the               after which, the bike lanes will       z Music Concourse             for more
Enhancements program is impor-           need to again go before the Board
tant. You were heard! Many repre-        of Supes for approval. The SFBC
                                                                                  Garage Debate                        details. To volunteer, contact
sentatives spoke fervently in favor      doesn’t feel quite finished with         Heats Up
of bicycling and walking, saying         them either: we’re organizing to re-   The 800-car garage project has
that, "in some cases bike paths                                                 been generating a good deal of
were as crowded as highways" in
                                         time the stoplights to 25 mph,
                                                                                controversy recently. Many city res-
                                                                                                                       z Winterfest Rides
                                         revoke the tow-away zone the
their district, and that bicycling and   length of Fell, and most important:    idents are shocked that the project      Again
walking are "real transportation."       MAKE THE LANES RED! These bike         would destroy century-old pedestri-    The biggest bike party of the year is
  This victory not only restores         lanes are the perfect high-volume,     an tunnels, provide no "pedestrian     coming soon, with music, live and
$600 million in dedicated funding        high-speed, high-conflict zone for     oasis" as called for by Prop. J, and   silent auctions, food and drinks,
for 2004, it puts the bicycle and        trying out a thick layer of colored    include a second garage entrance       and everybiker who’s anybiker in
pedestrian community on strong           asphalt. It would make the lanes       inside the Park. The need for a        attendence! Do you have items or
footing for the bigger battle over       more visible to drivers and more       garage in the park at all is still     services to donate for our auctions?
the reauthorization of TEA-21, the 6-    comfortable for bicyclists. For        being questioned, and improve-         Perhaps an “in” with a company
year transportation funding bill. For    more info about colored bike           ments to transit, shuttle, bike and    who’d be willing to support us with
more information on this historic        lanes, check out       pedestrian facilities could more       donations of products or services?
victory, go to www.                      bikeplan/streetdesign, or call Mary    efficiently get people to the new      Plus we always need lots of volun-                        Brown at 431-BIKE x24.                 institutions in the park. SFBC staff   teer help leading up to and the
                                                                                has been advocating for bicycle        night of the event. Contact Kay
                                                                                access into and out of the park at     Hoskins, Winterfest coordinator, at
z Bike Lanes on Fell –                   z GGP Park Bike Plan                   10th Ave. for months, and the Con-     845-4610 or to
                                                                                course Authority has responded by      coordinate donations or to arrange
  Good Can Get Better                      Delayed by Environ-                  revising their designs to include a    a volunteer task. Be sure to check
After more than a decade of com-
munity organizing, bike lanes were
                                           mental Appeal                        bike lane. You can read about the and the Biker Bul-
                                         The Golden Gate Park Bike Plan,                                               letin e-mail for the specific date
finally, gloriously striped on Fell
                                         produced by the SFBC over the last
Street! The brand-spankin’ new
                                         year for the Concourse Authority,
bike lanes are long overdue relief

                                     Fell Street, now with bike lane!

OCTOBER–NOVEMBER 2003                                                                                                                             PAGE 5
Helping Women Bike in the Middle East
The story of one SFBC member’s summer vacation
   magine the delight of helping a     making women. They are riding               the Arab world, and experience

I  38-year-old woman learn to
   ride a bike for the first time in
her life. Picture the fear and
                                       through the cradle of civilization to
                                       raise consciousness, drawing atten-
                                       tion to the unnecessary suffering of
                                                                                   first-hand the humanity I felt my
                                                                                   own country was doing its best to
                                                                                   mess up, with my our tax dollars
excitement in her face, the grow-      women and children in the Middle            and in my name. As world events
ing sense of liberation spreading      East. This was part of my summer            and my own circumstances evolved,
from head to toe like a dip into an    in Amman, Jordan.                           I found myself with plenty of
ocean of love. Her dawning aware-                                                  opportunities to connect with peo-
ness of aesthetic and sensual joys     A New Bike Ride for                         ple right in Jordan, and the unex-
comes naturally as you power,          Women                                       pected bonus was that it was all
side by side, your two-wheeled         Follow The Women For Peace is in            incredibly fun! Getting to volunteer
vehicles through tree-lined bike       its first year, organized by Euro-          on a bike seat, well, that was just
paths and quiet roads, away from       Med, a young adult cultural                 over the top.                           line with their ages. Most of the
noise, drivers, and the demands of     exchange program. The event was                                                     younger women were savvy and
children. A clear moon rises as        inspired by exchanges between               Riding and Learning                     fearless, having only given up rid-
you pedal along, drowning the hot      Israelis and Palestinians, and has          In Jordan we gathered three             ing upon puberty not so long ago.
sun, creating another evening of       been expanded to include several            evenings per week to train for an       But the middle-aged and older
orange and blue shadows and cool       countries. It is intended to give           hour or two, meeting at the majes-      women had not ridden for twenty
breezes.                               women in the Middle East an                 tic Sport City in Amman, an impres-     or thirty years, or, in some cases,
                                       opportunity to take charge of               sive athletic facility and park built   ever.
                                         something in their own lives, get         with the private funds of the late          I offered my best biking wisdom
                                              noticed, and educate as large        and beloved King Hussein. Women         to the team, happy to aid the
                                                  an audience as possible          aged 16 to 60 participated, often       head coach as he guided
                                                    about the situations fac-      toting sisters, aunts, nieces, moth-    participants through
                                                       ing all women who live      ers, and grandmothers. Approxi-         skills of group riding,
                                                         in areas of conflict.     mately half of the women team           general endurance,
                                                               The main ride       identified as Palestinian, most of      and hill climbing.
                                                            route, from Beirut     them having lived in Jordan their           My specialty
                                                             to Damascus to        whole lives.                            was helping
                                                              Amman, covers            There was a mixture of Mus-         new riders,
                                                               approximately       lims, including some who wore the       and many a
                                                               165 miles, and      hijab, the scarf that goes from the     time I held a
                                                               participating       face to the neckline covering all       woman's
                                                               women will take     hair, and Christians, who wore          bicycle seat
                                                               several days this   sleeveless shirts and did not worry     firmly, aid-
                                                               April to complete   about hiding their curves. Some         ing her bal-
                                                              the course. Pre-     women came in their street work         ance, run-
                                                             cise dates have       clothes, riding in nice shirts and      ning along-
                                                            not yet been set.      slacks, while others had clearly        side of her,
                                                           Another ride will       purchased sweat suits for this pur-     and reminding
                                                         take place simultane-     pose, and they wore them every          her to keep
                                                       ously in Cyprus, where      time we met.                            pedaling. In
                                                     Israelis will join Cypriots       We rode on rented bikes, hav-       many ways I had to
                                                  and women from other             ing paid about $15 at the beginning     relearn how to ride,
                                               countries on the island. Addi-      of the season to do so. Only one or     breaking down my tacit
                                         tional rides in Denmark, Sweden,          two team members actually owned         knowledge to become
                                       and elsewhere are being organized           bikes. Usually these were worldly,      explicit about how to mount
    Your                               as sister rides. Everything culmi-          young women who had been                and dismount, get the wheels
new riding companion is Palestin-      nates in a conference in Amman,             schooled outside of the country, or     going, and the all important job of
ian, and she is training her body      where women will discuss peace,             had traveled enough to have dis-        using the brakes. After watching
and soul for the first all women’s     human rights, and activism.                 covered biking for themselves. The      and perhaps causing some painful
three-country bicycle event in the          I left San Francisco for Jordan        rented bikes were not the most          mistakes, I finally realized that each
Middle East. Insh'allah (in God’s      in June, aiming to spend the sum-           reliable, but no one ever com-          of these skills is useless without the
will) next April she will ride from    mer volunteering with organiza-             plained.                                others.
Beirut, Lebanon, to Damascus,          tions in support of the people of               Women’s comfort levels and              It was hard to convince new rid-
Syria, to Amman, Jordan, along         Iraq. I wanted to better understand         familiarity with riding varied, in      ers that the saddle soreness and
with hundreds of other history-
 general muscle pain was a good
 sign of their progress, and it would
 eventually subside and result in
 better biking. They would look at
 me like I was from another planet.
 Perhaps I was.
     I also tried to convince people
 to drink a lot more water, and eat
 to support the new needs their
 bodies would be having. Fortunate-
 ly there was a nutritionist on the
 team, and she lent her knowledge
 as well. Together we campaigned
 for appropriate intake. One friend
 told me in email that she fainted
 one night evening at a practice
 shortly after I left Jordan. But she
 diagnosed her own situation and it
 turns out she hadn't eaten all day.
 As anyone who rides regularly
 knows, one good bonk teaches a          saw young men, boys, and little        planning that the team could ride       Women For Peace. We will decide
 long-lasting lesson. Insh'allah she     girls on bikes all summer long. No     weekly on Friday mornings. Some-        together what aspects to support.
 will not have this trouble again.       one commutes by bicycle, either,       one in a van would was going to         For instance, we can raise money to
                                         although the lead organizer on the     bring them back to Amman when           send a scholarship for a woman
 Few Bikes, Fewer                        Jordan team, Sahar Al-Fayez, is        they were through. The women            who would otherwise not get to
 Women on Bikes                          planning on doing so as soon as        were eager for this adventure, and      participate, or ship a load of bike
 Biking is a radically progressive       she can train the cars along her       there was a lot of excited anticipa-    accessories such as reflectors and
 activity for women in Jordan. If you    route to take care. Cars rule the      tion.                                   bells to ensure greater safety to the
    have seen the film, "The Day I       road in Amman, and even though             Back in San Francisco, my           participants, or send funds to bene-
         Became A Woman," written        there is a symbiotic relationship      favorite thing to think about is        ficiary organizations such as those
             by Mohsen Makhmalbaf        with pedestrians — as in, drivers      how some women on the team              that reach out to women in Pales-
               and directed by           honk, pedestrians run — it would       just did not want to get off those      tinian refugee camps. Or we might
                 Marzieh Meshkini,       be foolhardy to test your luck on a    bikes. They rode non-stop each          even send some of our own Bay
                  you start to get the   bike on the main roads.                evening, repeating the well-worn        Area riders to join one of the rides!
                   idea of how eye-          We did start to ride bikes out-    routes, smiling as they flew by those   For more information, to make sug-
                    brows and some-      side of Sport City near the end of     of us taking a break. It was as         gestions, or to help create a local
                     times hackles       my stay in August, and that was a      though the bikes had become a part      event, please send email to the
                      get raised when    thrill, after many weeks of the rid-   of them, and to be off was less than    author. Men are warmly welcome
                      women ride         ing on the same bike paths for         living. The smiles on their faces       to participate.
                       bikes in the      many weeks inside the park. The        were precious. Don't we all know                        BY LIZA BEHRENDT
                       Middle East.      surrounding area was quiet, and in     that feeling?
                      Even though        a large group we were able to look
                                                                                                                        Event website: http://www.
                     many areas          out for each other. I remember         Ride With Us Locally          
                     Amman are           riding past security guards at the     In solidarity with these brave
                                                                                                                        Jordan team photos: http://
                    entirely mod-        nearby Ministry of the Interior,       women riders, a group of Bay Area
                   ern, we got           sensing their dumbfounded amaze-       bikers is cooperatively creating a
                                                                                                                        Liza Behrendt:
                  stared at like         ment and hearing cheers of sup-        shorter local version of Follow The
                crazy. People out        port. Well, I don't speak Arabic, so
               exercising or taking      I can't be sure, but they seemed
            a breath of fresh air        happy for us. Younger boys within
          with their families            the park were less encouraging,
       would watch us and gawk,          but you had to forgive them for
   stunned by our grace and              their chiding. To them we looked
 power, I'd like to think. But the       out of place, ridiculous.
 truth is probably that they simply          Friday is the holy day and peo-
 never saw one woman on a bicycle,       ple don't venture out much until
 let alone a group of twenty or          the evening. Around the time I was
 more. Often these onlookers would       finishing my summer visit, the
 approach us with wonder, asking         coach was plotting a route from
 what was going on. We obtained          Amman to Madaba, a town that fig-
 more than one teammate this way.        ures as Matheba in the Bible, locat-
     Other than our trainings, I only    ed about 25 miles away. They were

OCTOBER–NOVEMBER 2003                                                                                                                               PAGE 7
Mountain Biking?
In San Francisco?
The benefits of an integrated multi-use nonpaved trail network
         ithin the city limits of San      Non-Paved Trail Network" exists now         city, with sustainable

W        Francisco, there are many
         greenspaces, parks, and
unpaved trails that are beloved by
                                           and is not some dreamer’s concept.
                                           However, the organized network
                                           itself does not exist; it has no official
                                                                                       trail building tech-
                                                                                       niques that are being
                                                                                       supported by the
locals for hiking, mountain biking,        status and is known only by those           mountain biking com-
and other recreational opportuni-          who have explored or conceptual-            munity.
ties. These are the places that we         ized it. This potential trail system
can go to exercise, relax, talk, and       would pass through the green hills            If you’re interested in             A Few Offroad Rides in SF
think, and to escape the city’s howl,      of the Presidio, the rocky paths of         helping to create an inter-
if only temporarily.                       Lincoln Park looking down on the            connected trail network in            q   Bay Area Ridge Trail section of the
                                                                                                                                 Presidio. This trail goes from the Gold-
   A new group called SF MTB is            ocean, the lightly sandy stretches of       SF, contact me at                         en Gate Bridge to Arguello Gate and
being formed, and it is our position       Golden Gate Park, the windy panora- To see                   is about 2.5 miles long, 1.5 miles of
that these open spaces can all be          mas of Twin Peaks, the forested Mt.         a visual concept of the                   which is non-paved.
logically linked into a series of inter-   Davidson, and by the lapping waters         citywide trail network,               q   Land's End and Sutro Park. If you
connected multi-use trail loops,           of Lake Merced, to name a few high-         plus maps of existing city                piece together the trails in these two
                                           lights.                                     rides, please visit                       parks, there is about 1.25 miles of
encompassing almost the entire city.                                                                                             non-paved trail sections.
There are at least nine separate trail        Currently, off-road biking is not
loops that can be combined by a            specifically disallowed on most exist-       BY AARON DELLOIACONO                 q   Sunset Blvd, through Stern Grove to
                                                                                                                                 the top of Mt. Davidson. The whole
small group of key "connecting             ing non-paved city trails. However,                          THIES
                                                                                                                                 trip, bottom to top and back, is about
greenways" — vital trailways,              it is not legal within Golden Gate                                                    8 miles. It's not all dirt but, there are
though probably unplanned and rel-         Park and is only legal on selected           Ride along with                          some lovely off-road sections and fan-
                                           trails within the Presidio. SFBC and        the San Francisco                         tastic views. If it's foggy, the cross
atively overlooked, that provide off-                                                                                            atop of Mt. Davidson is surreal.
pavement travel between the other          SF MTB are planning a volunteer             Mountain Bike
trail loops.                               Golden Gate Park trail user survey to       Tour on Nov. 9,                       See for maps.
   This San Francisco "Multi-Use           help understand who is using the            and learn more
                                           trails in the park, their mode of           about this poten-
                                           recreation, how they access the             tial trail network.
                                           park, and their opinions on other           See p. 4 for details.
                                           trail-use issues. This survey will
                                           assist SF Rec and Park staff to
                                           understand the recreational uses of
                                           the park including mountain biking.
                                           To get involved in this project,                                 TUBE TIMES INDEX
                                           please e-mail Aaron at
                                              The many benefits of creating this
                                           trail network include:
                                                                                                   1    San Franciscans who drove to work in 1990: 67.2 %
                                             • Reducing the number of local
                                                                                                             2   Percent who drive to work today: 51.3%
                                           car trips made by bikers or hikers
                                           who wish to access trail systems.              3   Percentage of San Franciscans who took public transportation
                                                                                                               to work in 1990: 12.2%
                                             • Adding more commute and
                                           transportation options for city bik-                    4    Percentage taking public transportation today: 31.1%
                                           ers, which encourages the use of              5    Households in San Francisco with “no motor vehicle available”:
                                           non-polluting transportation alterna-                                        29%
                                           tives for those short trips to work,                6       Owner-occupied households with no motor vehicle: 11%
                                           school, and the store.                                       7   Renter households with no motor vehicle: 38%
                                             • Improving local health and fit-
                                           ness options for city residents, while                                 COMPILED BY ANNA SOJOURNER
                                           connecting neighborhoods.
       (415) 495-6027, ext. 206
                                             • Giving tourists more city bike             All data from 1990 and 2000 United States Census, rounded to the nearest
                                                                                                  tenth of a percent, by way of Transportation for a Livable City.
                                           routes.                • Maintaining and upgrading the
                                           condition of existing trails in the

SFBC Endorses                                                                                                                           1. Fell/Masonic
ready to mobilize our active
                                      Bike Plan                                                                                         2. Masonic
                                                                                                                                        3. Broadway
membership base to help elect
Matt as the most bicycle-friend-
ly mayor of San Francisco."
                                      and Beyond                                                                                           Tunnel
                                                                                                                                        4. Polk contra-flow
                                            ngineers and consultants for                                                                   lane
   Our 4,200 members had the
opportunity to vote for the may-
oral endorsement through the
SFBC web site using an
                                      E     the Department of Parking
                                            and Traffic (DPT) have shifted
                                      into high gear to design detailed,
                                                                                                                                        5. Fifth St.
                                                                                                                                        6. Second St.
                                                                                                                                        7. Townsend
Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) sys-      bike-friendly street options for the                                                              8. Market corridor
tem. Eleven candidates com-           Bike Plan Update's top 20 projects.                                                               9. 16th/17th
pleted the SFBC’s extensive           Initial analysis and bike-friendly                                                                   corridor
questionnaire, and these              recommendations on dozens more                                                                    10. Illinois
responses are at                      mid-term projects will also be                                                                    11. Cesar Chavez           incorporated into the Update,
                                                                                                                                        12. Bayshore
dorsements.                           along with bike policy, education
   SFBC members rated Super-                                                                                                            13. Alemany
                                      and innovative design guidelines.
visor Tom Ammiano as a                The San Francisco Bicycle Coali-                                                                  14. Dwewy/Lagu-
strong second-place candidate.                                                                                                               na Honda/
                                      tion is conducting the community                                                                       Woodside
"Tom Ammiano has been a               outreach and planning for the Bike               Embarcadero and Octavia; the                          intersection
longtime supporter of the             Plan Update, which so far has engaged the
SFBC and the pro-bike agenda                                                           Market/Valencia intersection; Fell Street;       15. Portola
                                      participation of 900 individuals, plus over      Fisherman's Wharf connection; Golden             16. SFSU
in San Francisco," says               75 community-based organizations. In an          Gate Park; the Presidio; and Potrero                  connection
Shahum. "Clearly Tom has a
                                      effort to design as many streets as possible     Avenue. For more info about the Bike Plan
proven record on sustainable
                                      (and not duplicate work), the top 20 don't       Update, check out
transportation and would be an
                                      include other high-high-visibility projects      plan or contact Mary Brown at 431-
absolutely bike-friendly mayor
as well."
                                      covered in separate, concurrent planning         BIKEx24.
   If Matt’s campaign is to be        efforts, such as: Market Street between
successful, it is crucial that
SFBC members donate as
much volunteer time and
                                      A New Regional Force in                                    will coordinate action plans for all of the projects list-
                                                                                                 ed above. The future looks good for shifting into high
money as they can. There will
be rides and events throughout        Bike Advocacy                                              gear on regional bicycle projects.
                                                                                                                                      BY DEB HUBSMITH
                                            here’s a new name in town for bicycle advocacy:
October (see Matt for Mayor
bike tour, p. 4), and we are
asking cyclists to take all or
                                      T     the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition (BABC). Formerly
                                            called the Regional Bicycle Advocacy Coalition
                                      (REBAC), the BABC has a board of directors that
                                                                                                 Bay Area Bicycle Coalition
                                                                                                 Member Organizations
part of election day off of work      includes leaders of bicycle groups in all nine Bay Area
                                                                                                    We urge you to find out more about our allied
and hold up signs at busy             counties.
                                                                                                 groups around the Bay and to give them your support!
                                         The BABC’s mission is "to ensure that bicycles are
intersections to remind unde-                                                                    Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
                                      part of an integrated transportation plan throughout
cided voters to vote for Matt.        the San Francisco Bay Area." The group’s focus is on         East Bay Bicycle Coalition
Watch the SFBC web site and           inter-regional projects such as getting bicycle access       510-530-3444 –
Biker Bulletin e-mails for more       on Bay Area bridges, and securing funding for bicycle
opportunities to get involved.        projects through the Metropolitan Transportation Com-
                                      mission’s (MTC) Regional Transportation Plan
                                                                                                 Marin County
   For volunteer opportunities                                                                     Marin County Bicycle Coalition
and other election info, go to                                                            – 415-456-3469
                                         Besides changing its name, the BABC adopted an
the official Matt for Mayor web       initial platform for MTC’s Regional Transportation Plan    Napa County
site,           update. It includes a request for full funding for "Safe     Lou Penning
                                      Routes to Transit" and the Regional Bicycle Plan, and        Napa County Bicycle Advisory Committee
                                      bike access on bridges.                             – 707-224-6923
Prop. K. Means More                      Current BABC board members include chair Dave
$$$ for Bike Projects                                                                            San Mateo County
                                      Burch (who works at the Bay Area Air Quality Manage-         Peninsula Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition
   In other election news, the        ment District), vice-chair Josh Hart (SFBC), treasurer
SFBC Board of Directors has           Mark Birnbaum (an advisor to the MCBC), and new
                                      board members Deb Hubsmith (MCBC) and Carol                Santa Clara County
strongly endorsed Prop. K, a
                                      Levine (who works at Wilbur Smith, a transportation          Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
renewal of the county’s half-cent     consulting firm).                                  
transportation sales tax. The SFBC       Committee chairs were selected for bridge access        Solano County
and Transportation for a Livable      projects. If you’d like to help with the West Span of        Mick Weninger
City lobbied hard for more bike       the Bay Bridge, contact Josh Hart of SFBC at 431-            Solano County Bicycle Advisory Committee
                                      BIKE x23. If you’d like to help with direct access on
funding during the city’s advisory    the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, contact Deb Hub-   
process, raising funding set-asides   smith of MCBC at 456-3469 or Robert Raburn of
for bikes from $30 million to $70     EBBC at 510-433-RIDE.                                      Sonoma County
                                         The Bay Area Bicycle Coalition is also preparing          Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
million. Vote yes on Prop. K!
                                      grant applications to hire a part-time staff person who – 707-545-0153

OCTOBER–NOVEMBER 2003                                                                                                                            PAGE 9
Bikes & Clean Water                                                                                                     Volunteers: A Special
                                                                                                                        Caliber of Person
How Smarter Stormwater Management                                                                                       Many hearty thanks to everyone who’s

Can Benefit San Francisco Cyclists                                                                                      Philippe Arbeit
                                                                                                                        Michelle Ashe
                                                                                                                                            Janet Lohman
                                                                                                                                            Brett Lutz
                                                                                                                        Jesse Basbaum       Douglas Lym
    magine riding around                                                            – into the Bay or ocean. This

                                                                                                                        Peter Bejger        Ann Lyons
    town on a Bike Net-                                                             happens about 12 times per          April Berger        Naomi Mahoney
                                                                                    year at over 40 overflow points     Steven Bodzin       Cassidy Maione
    work that includes a
                                                                                                                        Nancy Botkin        Kimberly Malesky
series of traffic-calmed                                                            around the city.                    Danielle Bricker    Norm McAllister
"healthy corridors", with                                                                                               Eric Brown          Michael McAssey
                                                                                      When rains are heavy, over-
large mature trees, native                                                                                              Joe Carroll         Adam Milligan
                                                                                    flows can occur in neighbor-        Liam Casey          Angela Mraz
flowers, and wildlife. Now
                                                                                    hood streets or in basements.       Spencer Chan        Ralf Muehlen
imagine these roadways
                                                                                    Problems can be partic-             Max Chen            Patrick Myall
are vital elements in San                                                                                               Suany Chough        Jim Myint
                                                                                    ularly bad near the
Francisco’s effort to keep                                                                                              Mike Crehan         Brian Neilson
                                                                                    Southeast Plant – the
stormwater pollution out                                                                                                Sandy Crockett      Monica Nolan
                                                                                      workhorse of the wastewater       Bill Davidson       Jeff Osbourn
of the Bay and ocean.
                                                                                      system that takes 80% of the      Laura DeFelice      Jennifer Paillet
   At first glance, there              the ’70s, San Francisco built a         City’s sanitary sewage – aggravating     Amad Demetrious     Benjamin Patterson
might be little in common between      moat around the City to capture                                                  Emily Drennen       Alice Payton
                                                                               long-standing environmental justice
cyclists and water advocates, even     and treat this water, preventing                                                 Ann Dunn            Steven Pitsenbarger
                                                                               concerns in that part of town. The
if many of us started using our        these pollutants from flowing                                                    Lisa Ruth Elliott   Pi Ra
                                                                               outdated sewage and stormwater           Dahu Ellingson      Arena Reed
bikes as transportation for practi-    directly into the Bay and ocean.        system ends up degrading our bay,        David A. Elson      Maggie Robbins
cal and environmental reasons. But       Today nearly all of the water that    our neighborhoods, and our               Nathan Endsley      Noreen Santini
we both seek to redefine how our       falls on the sidewalks, rooftops,                                                Michael Ernst       John Scopelleti
streets are used to improve the        and streets goes into pipes that                                                 Brandon Fine        Tim Shea
environment and create a healthier,    carry it to one of the City’s three                                              Mike Fox            Kyle Sosebee
more livable city. The Alliance                                                                                         Jim Frank           Amy Swenson
for a Clean Waterfront, a
                                       treatment plants. The 50-year-          WHAT’S THE                               Tony Frusciante     Ariel Tellez
coalition of environmental,
                                       old Southeast Plant in the              SOLUTION? One way to                     Niles Guthrie       Stephanie
                                       Bayview treats most of the              eliminate overflows is to prevent        Arlene Graves       Theodore
neighborhood, and communi-                                                                                              Ken Grosserode      Andy Thornley
                                       stormwater from the north-              the system from becoming over-
ty groups that has been                                                                                                 Bert Hill           Ted Tilles
                                       ern and eastern parts of                loaded. Impermeable surfaces pre-
working on this issue for                                                                                               Phillip Holsten     Dhamiboo Turnbull
                                       town. When it reaches capacity,         vent water from getting into the         Matt Hoover         Lindasusan Ulrich
the past six years, invites
                                       the 65-year-old North Point Plant       ground, causing these "combined          Kay Hoskins         Kurt Van Quill
cyclists to join us in setting
                                       on Bay Street near the Embar-           sewer overflows". Environmental          Eileen Hsu          Dianna Waggoner
the city on a course to do                                                                                              Michael Jak         Brian D. West
                                       cadero is activated to take the extra   design and landscape architecture
just that.                                                                                                              David Jayne         James Whitten
                                       water. The Oceanside plant near         techniques, permeable paving, and        Rebecca Johnson     David Wilbur
                                       the zoo treats runoff from the west     alternative technologies can be          Shirley Johnson     Steven Wilcott
                                       side of town.                           used to capture, treat, and retain       Kevin Leach         Jim Wolff
SO WHY STORM-                            But there’s a problem. The            the stormwater and reduce how            Robin Levitt        Tom Zimlich
WATER? Well, the water                 stormwater is collected in the same     fast and how much gets into the
that falls during rainstorms picks     pipes as city sewage, but the system                                             beautification, ground water
up pollution from the ground as it     simply can’t handle all of the water                                             recharge, creation of wildlife habi-
                                                                                 Many of the same things cyclists
flows through the streets – toxic      during even moderate rainfalls. The                                              tat, and environmental education.
                                                                               need for safe and pleasant rides –
particles from tires and brakes,       mixture of sewage, garbage, and                                                    The City’s sewage and stormwater
                                                                               such as traffic-calmed streets, trees,
motor oil, animal droppings, litter,   road pollution has nowhere to go,                                                system needs about a billion dol-
                                                                               and green space – are also
and all sorts of other garbage. In     overflowing – essentially untreated                                              lars in fixes and the Public Utilities
                                                                               stormwater solutions. The Bike
                                                                               Network Can become more                  Commission has begun a public
                                                                               than a bunch of good routes              process to develop a new master
                                                                               from here to there; it’s also            plan for the system. Bike advo-
                                                                               a cost-effective tool way to             cates can join with the Alliance for
                                                                               help us manage our impact                a Clean Waterfront to make sure
                                                                               on the Bay and ocean.                    that the new master plan prioritizes
                                                                                 Healthy green corridors through-       smart wastewater solutions like
                                                                               out the city do more than just link      green street corridors. To get
                                                                               our neighborhoods and reduce our         involved, contact Alex Lantsberg
                                                                               impact on the Bay. Other benefits        with the Alliance for a Clean Water-
                                                                               that come as part of the cost of         front at 240-0795 or Chris Buck
                                                                               providing this indispensable urban       with Friends of the Urban Forest at
                                                                               service include neighborhood             561-6890 x108.

                                                                                              Etiquette for the
                                                                                              Conscientious Cyclist

                                                                                              Ask the Advice Pedaler
                                                                              Dear Advice Pedaler: As I walk around San Francisco I notice
                                                                              lots of people riding their bikes on the sidewalks. Besides the
                                                                              fact that this is illegal, it is unsafe and inconsiderate to pedestri-

Study Shows That City CarShare
                                                                              ans. I also think it works against our efforts to put in bike lanes.
                                                                              I even see people riding on the sidewalk in areas of Market
                                                                              Street that are striped with bike lanes. Is there an effective, gen-
                                                                              tle way you could suggest about how to ask people to stop riding

Is Making a Difference                                                        their bicycles on sidewalks? —Sidewalks are for Walking

                                                                              Dear Walking: You said it. The Advice Pedaler is saddened
                                       members’ average daily car-relat-      whenever she sees scared or safety-minded cyclists riding on

      hat San Franciscan hasn’t
                                       ed CO2 emissions fell by an esti-      the sidewalk. It means that despite a little hint of a bike lane
      caught a glimpse of one of
                                                                              here and there on Market Street, despite all the outreach the
      City CarShare’s signature        mated three-quarters of a pound,
                                                                              SFBC does to cyclists, despite all the angry grandmothers shak-
green VW Beetles by now? After         compared to an estimated one-
                                                                              ing their canes at renegade cyclists, despite the fact that riding
just two and a half years in busi-     quarter of a pound increase            on the sidewalk is not safer than riding in the street… Despite
ness, City CarShare’s fleet has        among non-members.                     all this, there are still some cyclists who choose the sidewalks
expanded to 75 cars (not all Bee-           The survey also queried City      over the street in some circumstances. The Advice Pedaler car-
tles—they have Honda Civic             CarShare members about                 ries a clean hanky with her to wipe away the grease and tears.
hybrids and roomy VW station           changes in the number of cars             The Advice Pedaler finds that, in general, the best way to deal
                                       they own. About one-third of mem-      with someone who endangers you (on the street or sidewalk, be
wagons too) shared at 45 Bay
                                                                              it cyclist, roller-blader, motorist, etc.) is to express your surprise
Area locations. While it’s hard to     bers actually got rid of their cars
                                                                              and terror (“AAAAHH!!!”) rather than express your anger and
miss these cars, some people           (that’s about 900 cars), and City
                                                                              indignation. People are more likely to be apologetic and self-
may still wonder whether or not it     CarShare enabled an additional         examining when they realize they have scared someone, but they
encourages sharing, or just more       68% of members to forego the           are likely to be defensive and unapologetic when someone yells
driving.                               purchase of a car. This means          at them
    City CarShare’s mission is to      that 73% of members reduced               But the advice pedaler is frustrated with the amount of mail
provide Bay Area residents and         car ownership or opted not to          she gets from pedestrians who have been terrorized by cyclists.
                                       purchase a vehicle during City         She’s getting tired of “gentle and effective.” So listen up, city-
businesses with vehicles on a per-
                                       CarShare’s first two years of          cyclists! This means you. Grow up, get over it and get off the
use basis — like time-sharing for                                             sidewalk!
cars — to save time, money, and        operation! The survey results
the environment. Their vision          also revealed some less-surpris-       Dear Advice Pedaler: I am running for Mayor. How can I best flit
since 2001 has been a more liv-        ing statistics about City Car-         from meeting to job to house party to fundraiser? It’s going to
able San Francisco with fewer          Share’s members’ preferred trans-      be busy between now and Election Day! —Ambitious
cars, less congestion and pollu-       portation options: 60% of them
tion, and safer streets for bikers     own bicycles and 65% carry Muni        Dear Ambitous: Don’t RUN for Mayor, BIKE for Mayor! You can
                                       Fast Passes! For the many SFBC         fit bike shorts under your suit and wear clips to keep your pant
and pedestrians. Are they reach-
                                       members who still own a car,           legs from getting dirty. You will arrive in impressive style, fit exer-
ing any of these goals?                                                       cise into your busy schedule, save money and time, and have a
    Recent results from a three-       what are you waiting for?!
                                                                              handy excuse for ducking out of boring social functions! “Sorry,
year survey by the UC Berkeley              The only thing these numbers      I’ve got to get back on the bike! I’m biking for Mayor!”
Institute of Urban and Regional        fail to capture is the bliss enjoyed
Development shows that the             by all those City CarShare mem-        You can reach the Advice Pedaler at
group is reaching these goals, in      bers who are now car-free. If
a big way. The survey reported         you’re a car owner who is not yet
that City CarShare’s almost            convinced that City CarShare is
3,000 members have dramati-            for you, visit
cally reduced their total motor        or call them at 995-8588. Signing
vehicle travel, by 47% to be           up for membership online takes
exact. (Compare this to a 73%          about five minutes, and in about a
increase in vehicle miles travled      week you can reserve a car for
among a non-member control             the first time. You pay based on
group!) And because City Car-          how much you drive: $4 per hour
Share operates with fuel-efficient     between 10am and 10pm, $2 per
Volkswagens and Hondas, this           hour between 10pm and 10am,
translates into a significant reduc-           .44
                                       and $0 per mile. These rates
tion in fuel consumption among         cover gas, comprehensive insur-
members. The study revealed that       ance, maintenance, and peace of

OCTOBER–NOVEMBER 2003                                                                                                                         PAGE 11
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