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Valentine Day Red Hot Buffet


									               Gloria E. McClellan Senior Activity Center
                Come to where the action is...a warm and friendly place to be!

                                                                                                                 February, 2012

Valentine’s Day                                                                          WHAT’S INSIDE…

Red Hot Buffet
                                                                                         2    Senior Center Happenings

                                                                                         3    Bill’s Byline

                                                                                         4    Lines from Leisa

 February 14th at noon                                                                   5    Kitchen Capers with Walter

                                                                                         6    Culture Caravan
Join us this Valentine’s Day for our Red                                                 7    Out and About Vista

 Hot Buffet. The menu includes Roast                                                     8    Vista Project Care

 Beef with Mushroom Sauce, Rotisserie                                                    9    Word Search Puzzle of the Month

                          Chicken, Red                                                   10 Senior Volunteer Spotlight

                           Potatoes,                                                     11 Mark Your Calendars

                           California                                                    12 February Activities Calendar

                                                                                         13 February Lunch and Salad Menu
                         Vegetables, and
                                                                                         14 Computer Classes
                        Cherries Jubilee!
                                                                                         15 For Your Information
                       Entertainment by
                                                                                         15 Food for Thought Menu
                                                                                         16 Nutrition Advisory Committee
                        Guitarist, Mark                                                  16 In Memoriam
                          Langford, at                                                   17 More Important Information
                           11:45 a.m.                                                    18 Health and Wellness

                                                                                         19 Activities, Social and Health
                 GLORIA E. McCLELLAN Senior Center                                            Services, and Programs
                       1400 Vale Terrace Drive
                  Vista, CA 92084  (760) 639-6160                                       23 More Senior Center Happenings

This program is supported by Older American Act funds awarded through the San Diego County Aging and Independence Services, the City of Vista
                                                          and your contributions.
Page 2                                Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center

Senior Center Happenings……
Sunset Strummers Ukulele Holiday Show, Dec. 16th

Hot Cider Day, Dec. 28th

New Year’s Toast, Dec. 30th
Vista Senior Voice                                                                                Page 3
 Gloria E. McClellan
 Senior Center –
 Hours: 8am-4pm
 Office: (760) 639-6160
                           Bill’s Byline.......
 Senior Center Staff
                           This month we say goodbye to our Home Meals Delivery Driver, Danny
 Program Manager           Schultz. Danny has been delivering home meals for five and a half
 Bill Crane                years and has become an important part of our nutrition program. In
 726-1340 ext. 1531        addition to delivering meals, with his caring nature and sense of humor,
                           Danny has endeared himself to the homebound seniors on his route;
 Program Coordinator
 Leisa Bustanoby           many of which he is the only person they have contact with each day.
 726-1340 ext. 1532        Although we will all miss him, we are happy for him as he embarks on
                           new adventures in the state of Tennessee. We thank Danny for his
 Food Services
                           service and wish him the best of luck in the future.
 Walter Hartman
 726-1340 ext. 1533        The Gloria A. McClellan Senior Center’s many regular Senior Nutrition
                           Program lunchtime participants are the program’s strongest advocates
 Office Specialist
                           and most loyal supporters. This February we are asking for their help to
 Maureen Cooper
 726-1340 ext. 1539
                           increase participation in our lunch program by introducing a new “Bring
                           a Friend” promotion. In February, regular lunch participants will be
 Food Services Staff       provided with a “Bring a Friend to Lunch” coupon to give to a friend or
 Maia Hodge                acquaintance that they can redeem for a free lunch! Friends must be 60
 Javier Hernandez
                           years or older and a first-time visitor to redeem the coupon.
 Michael Slaughter
 726-1340 ext. 1534
                           Not only will participants get to share this fantastic program with a
 Home Meal Driver          friend, but all participants that bring a friend will be eligible to enter a
 Daniel Schultz
                           raffle to win a congregate meal punch card good for 20 lunches (a
 Culture Caravan           $64.00 value!). In fact, every time a “friend” is brought to lunch, the
 Cynthia Byler,            regular who brought them may enter the raffle. So, the more friends you
    Tour Coordinator       bring, the greater your chances to win! When you bring a friend for
 Out & About Vista         lunch, please visit the administration office to enter the raffle.
 Amy Eustace,
 Transportation            In addition to the Bring a Friend promotion, much is happening at the
    Coordinator            Senior Center in February! Some of the fun events this month include:
 John Donovan, Driver      a Super Bowl luncheon on Friday, February 3rd. The Super Bowl
 Ma Ni Lar, Driver
                           Luncheon will feature barbequed ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob,
 Robert Vidaurri, Driver
 639-6161                  peach cobbler and live entertainment by Henry DeMichele. Come and
                           wear your favorite team’s jersey. Also in February we will have the
 Nutrition                 “Valentine’s Day Red Hot Buffet” where roast beef, rotisserie chicken,
                           red potations and cherries jubilees will be served. Yum!
 Mary Colonello
                           Other exciting happenings at the Senior Center this month include Bingo
 Project C.A.R.E.          for Prizes on the 8th and 21st, a Sell Your Wares Fundraiser on February
 Nadine Kaina              16th and the monthly movie “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt on February
                           24th. To learn more about these events and all the other happenings at
 Home Delivered Meals      the Senior Center, just turn the page and enjoy reading the rest of this
 639-6162                  month’s newsletter.
 Reservations              Bill Crane
 724-3362                  Senior Services Program Manager
Page 4                                                                 Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center

             Lines from Leisa
                Hello Friends!

        Did you know that February is “Open Your Heart to Love” month?
 Also celebrated during the month of February is Black History, Celebration
 of Chocolate, Spunky Old Broads, Library Lovers, Presidents Day and
 National Blah Buster, to name a few!

 Speaking of opening your heart to Love, sometimes it’s difficult to feel and experience love in our
 lives. Fear, doubt, and anger from present or past experiences or trauma can get in the way of
 feeling joyful. Our daily lives can get so hectic that we end up holding on to all of that negative stuff
 right in our chest area, often called the “heart center.” In traditional yoga, a pose that cleanses the
 heart of toxic emotion is referred to as a “heart opener.” Try this WHOGA (Chair YOGA) heart
 opener and effortlessly release negativity and open your heart to love.

 Sit in a chair or wheelchair with feet firmly planted on the ground or leg rest. Make sure you are in
 your best posture with chest upright and shoulders back and chin parallel to the floor. Bend your
 arms at the elbow and bring your elbows back as if you were trying to touch your shoulder blades
 together while rolling your shoulders back and opening your rib cage. You may rest your elbows on the
 far back of your arm rests of your chair. Look up and hold your elbows back for three to four
 seconds while inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Feel the love as your heart center cleanses,
 your torso stretches, and your spinal column aligns. Release the pose, relax, and repeat three times.
 For more information on chair yoga, visit

 I don’t know about you, but I am already feeling the love……  Also, don’t forget that giving at least
 4 hugs a day keeps the doctor away! Laughter is also good medicine and I found some Henny
 Youngman one-liners you might enjoy…

  The doctor says to the patient, “Take off your clothes and stick your tongue out the window.”
   “What will that do?” asks the patient. The doctor says, “I’m mad at my neighbor.”
  A man says to a psychiatrist, “Nobody listens to me!” the doctor says, “Next!”
  I take my wife everywhere, but she keeps finding her way back.
  My wife will buy anything marked down. Last year, she bought an escalator.
  I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up - they have no holidays.
  My grandson was so ugly when he was born, the doctor slapped his mother.
  My wife, Sadie, just had plastic surgery- I cut up her credit cards.

 Now that you are feeling great, come on over to the senior center and have some lunch, take a class,
 visit with friends and stop by my office and say hello!

                                            Keep Smiling! 
                                           Leisa Bustanoby, Program Coordinator
Vista Senior Voice                                                                               Page 5

                     Kitchen Capers with Walter

                         The All-American Classic Meatloaf

 Not just delicious comfort food, it’s also easy and inexpensive to make. The mixture can be
 stretched with vegetables, bread, and grains. The beauty of this dish is that it can feed a large
 amount of people with a small amount of meat.

 The biggest complaint people have about meatloaf is dryness. Whenever I teach cooks how to make
 the perfect meatloaf, I explain the importance of adding finely-chopped vegetables. Carrots, onions,
 celery, and mushrooms are the best but I have seen every kind of vegetable added. The second
 important thing to remember is the kind of ground beef you use. Ground chuck is the best because a
 small amount of fat is in the meat which helps with moisture and flavor. (Any ground beef with a
 ratio less than 80% beef/20% fat will result in a dry product.) The third, and probably the biggest
 mistake cooks make, is over-mixing. Mix the ingredients just until blended. The longer it gets mixed,
 the more the meat compresses which doesn’t allow the juices to flow through. Mix with your fingers;
 not your whole hand.

 FYI – to keep the meat from sticking to your fingers, wet them with COLD water.

 Meatloaf Miscellany
 For the all-important “meat” part of your meatloaf, you do not have to use
 just ground beef. Any combination of ground beef, ground pork, turkey,
 veal, lamb, chicken, or sausage is just as delicious. Many cooks have
 experimented with crumbled bleu cheese or feta, or parmesan and cheddar
 mixed in. For a little flair and eye appeal, try blanching (vegetables dipped
 in boiling water for a few seconds) thinly-sliced carrots or bell peppers,
 then taking half the meat mixture and putting it in a loaf pan. Next lay the blanched vegetables down,
 and cover it up with the remaining meat mixture. Press down and pinch the sides. When you cut it,
 there will be a colorful layer in the middle.

 If you feel the need to reduce the calories and fat, there are a couple things you can do. Use less
 beef and add ground turkey and more vegetables, and cook it on a rack in the pan. This will allow the
 fat to drain off the loaf.

 The things you can do with meatloaf are almost endless. Experiment and have fun with it.

 Have a Great Day!
 Walter Hartman, Food Services Supervisor

 * * * The kitchen staff is not allowed to provide take-out containers. We are required by the
 County to abide by this regulation. Thank You!
Page 6                                                                Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center

                                                              Multi-Day Trips
                                                     Joshua Tree & 29 Palms, March 5th – 6th
                                                                        Take a trip with us to where the Sonora
                                                                        and Mojave deserts meet; Joshua Tree
Roses are red                                                           National Park. We’ll have a guided tour of
But you’ll be blue                                                      the park, famous for the Joshua Tree
                                                                        with it’s spike-leafed fronds that are only
If the Caravan Bus                                                      found in the Mojave desert. Wildflowers,
Leaves without you                                                      wildlife, and unusual rock outcrops will be
                                                     some of the sights we’ll see. We’ll overnight in the town of
                                   So book a trip    29 Palms and enjoy a scrumptious dinner
                             Hurry – but don’t run   and breakfast the next morning. Day two
                                                     takes us on a very special tour of the 29 Palms
                                Join your friends    Marine Corps Base. Our tour guide for the day,
                                                     Michael King, is a guide you won’t soon forget!
                                 For a day of fun!   Depending on base training that day, we may visit
                                                     the Urban Warfare Training Center, the Simulation Center,
                        Happy Valentine’s Day!       Solar Facility, Range Residue Recycling, and various parts of
                                                     the base. And lastly, lunch will be at a Marine Corps Chow
                       ~Written by Pat Knight~       Hall; you’re guaranteed not to leave hungry! Seating is
                                                     limited to 35 passengers on this trip.
Nixon & Anaheim White                                COST: $242.00 Double pp                       $299.00 Single
House Restaurant
Feb. 2nd, 9:30 am - 5:45 pm
                                                                          Michigan via Chicago
Includes a five star lunch!!!
                                                                      May 5th – 12th, 2012 - Limited        seats!
                                                                    You won’t need a passport on this custom
                                                                    designed trip by AFC Vacations just for
            Newport Whale Watching                                  Culture Caravan to the land of lakes and
                       Feb. 8th, 7:30 am - 5:00 pm   tulips and where we’ll spend 8 days touring and tasting
                                                     Chicago and Michigan. We’ll start in Chicago with an
                      Ocean view lunch included!
                                                     Untouchable Gangster tour, take in the view from the Willis
                                                     Tower (aka the Sears Tower), cruise the Chicago River, and

Palm Springs Follies                                 marvel at the extraodinary architecture along the water
                                                     front. Next we head to Holland, Michigan, for the annual
Valentines Day, Feb. 14th                            Tulip Festival! Tulips, Veldheer Gardens, tulips, Delft
                                                     China, tulips, wooden shoes, and then the Windmill Village
9:00 am - 7:30 pm                                    for the most amazing tulip displays. You’ll enjoy beautiful
                                                     lakeshore scenery as we motor to Traverse City. We’ll stop
                                                     at the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, recently voted “Good
             Bowers “Warriors”                       Morning America’s” most beautiful place in America. We’ll

                       Exhibit                       tour the Music House Museum and the Charlevoix Medieval
                                                     Castle. Then it’s on to Mackinac Island, a carriage ride and
                  Feb 22th, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm       lunch at the famous Grand Hotel, plus time to explore
                               Lunch included!       Mackinac on your own. Then it’s Willkommen to the Bavarian
                                                     town of Frakenmuth, home to the world’s largest Christmas
Jet Propulsion Lab                                   store. Lastly, we head to Dearborn and tour the Ford
                                                     Museum of Americana. This 8-day trip includes 14 meals, 7
Feb 29th – Leap Day                                  breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 6 dinners, roundtrip airfare from
Lunch at McCormick and Schmicks                      San Diego to Chicago and Detroit to San Diego, home
                                                     shuttle service, and professional tour guide, Chris McCool.
                          Call or email us at
                                                     So don’t miss Michigan via Chicago! Call us for a more
                           (760) 643-2828            detailed brochure.
                     COST: $2199.00 double pp                  $2599.00 single
         Gift Certificates Available                 $79.00 taxes pp
Vista Senior Voice                                                                                                                         Page 7
Vista’s own transportation service for seniors! Do you need a ride to the grocery store, to do
errands or maybe to your doctor’s office? Then give us a call, and we’ll get you
out and about with either our shuttle service or a volunteer driver!
      New Taxi Scrip Program to Start Soon!
  Out & About will soon be offering riders the opportunity to buy 
        Taxi Scrip (paper money) at a 60% subsidized rate!!  
  The program is intended to provide an additional transportation 
  option for those who no longer drive. With Scrip, customers can 
  schedule rides directly with the taxi provider(s) WHEN they want, 
                       to WHEREVER they want.  
                       Please note the following: 
           You must have an application on file with Out and About 
                                                                                                                      Join Out & About
           before you can purchase Scrip.  
                                                                                                                      Sunday afternoons
          Limit 5 booklets per month, per household.                                                                 for comedy, music
           The taxi meter is not discounted. The discount comes in the                                                     and fun!
           sale of the booklet only.    
           Helping older adults stay independent longer                                                           

                            Our office will be closed Monday,                      Little Women – The Sounds of a Young America Ring 
       Drivers                                                                     Out in this Broadway Musical.  Sunday, February 19 
                                      February 20th!                                                              
    Our Transportation        Important RIDER Information                                                         
                                                                                     Beau Jest – A Comedy about falling in love with a 
    Program is looking       Beginning January 1, 2012, Out and About will                  little white lie.   Sunday, March 25 
                              be raising its fare to $10.00 for rides that are                                    
         for people                                                                              All shows start at 2:00 p.m. 
                             more than 50 miles round trip. Example trips                       Tickets available for $15.00 .                          
        interested in 
                                    are Vista to La Jolla or San Diego.                  Shuttle transportation provided for $3.00. 
    helping people get 
                                  Please call the office if you have 
      Out and About!                                                                                 CALL 760 639-6161

     Volunteers drive                any questions or concerns.                                     FOR MORE DETAILS!

      clients, in their 
      own vehicle, to          Monday               Tuesday           Wednesday                Thursday                           Friday
     various locations                                                                                                           Walmart,
    and are eligible for    Doctor Shuttle          Shopping            Shopping                 Shopping
                                                                                                                                 Target &
    reimbursement at                                 Shuttle             Shuttle                  Shuttle
    55 cents per mile. 
                                                                                                            February 2
                                         To request a ride, please call:                                  Morning Errands
          If you are                            760.639.6161
        interested in                                                                                       February 9
     finding out more                  Monday-Friday, 7:30am to 1:00pm                                    Morning Errands
          about our 
     program, please                         1-day notice for shopping                                       February 16
       contact Out &                                                                                           Costco
                                 1-week notice for a volunteer driver or
       About Vista at                    doctor’s appointment                                              February 23
       760‐639‐6161.                                                                                      Morning Errands
Page 8                                                                                Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center

                                           VISTA PROJECT C.A.R.E.
                                        By Nadine Kaina, Program Coordinator

                     One of our long-time partner and volunteer pharmacist, Gerry Graf, is back on radio again, this
                     time on, the worldwide leader in Internet talk. The program, “Health Update
                     Radio”, airs the first and third Mondays of the month at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.
                     Programs are archived for two years and can be heard on any computer, tablet, or smart phone.
                     The computer link to the program is or
                     you can go to and search under “Shows and Hosts”.

  DID YOU KNOW? Airport screening issues - The Transportation Security
  Administration has launched TSA Cares, a new helpline number designed to assist
  travelers with disabilities and medical conditions. Travelers may call TSA Cares toll
  free at 1-855-787-2227 prior to traveling with questions about screening policies,
  procedures and what to expect at the security checkpoint. TSA Cares will serve as an
  additional, dedicated resource specifically for passengers with disabilities, medical conditions or other
  circumstances or their loved ones who want to prepare for the screening process prior to flying.
  The hours of operation for the TSA Cares helpline are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Eastern Standard
  Time, excluding federal holidays. Travelers who are deaf or hard of hearing can use a relay service to contact TSA
  Cares or can e-mail
  If you would like to make advance arrangements for screenings at airports, travelers can contact TSA using Talk To
  TSA, a web-based tool that allows passengers to reach out to an airport Customer Service Manager directly, and the
  TSA Contact Center at 1-866-289-9673 and, where travelers can ask questions,
  provide suggestions and file complaints.
                Register to attend the SOCS BOX (Support Our Community Seniors) and learn about senior health
                issues. A FREE workshop for persons who volunteer visiting senior citizens, family members,
                caregivers, faith-based care teams, or anyone who interacts with seniors should attend. The training is
                designed to support volunteers, caregivers, family, and friends who visit seniors in their homes and
                care facilities. It helps to identify mental health concerns and facilitate access to additional resources if
                needed. The workshop will be held on Thursday, Feb. 9th from 11:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. at the San
  Marcos Community Center, 3 Civic Center Drive. Register by Monday, Feb. 1, by
  calling 1-858-675-5599 (leave your name and phone number or email
                              (Left) Safety Net Partners, Phil Edmundson, Administrator,
                              and Sheriff Volunteer Patrol members Karen Taylor and
                              Charles Fuller work together helping senior citizens remain
                              in their home as long as possible by making a home visit in
                              person and telephoning them between 8 - 9 a.m. The
                              program is called YANA (You Are Not Alone). To find out
                              more information call 760-940-4434.

                                      (Right) Dr. Randy Fulton, DC, a partner with Project
                                    C.A.R.E. & Interfaith Community Services, held a food
                                   drive for the pantries in Oceanside and Escondido, for
                                  over a month. He offered persons a free consultation &
                                          treatment if they brought in 10 items. The Fulton
                                  Chiropractic office has participated in health fairs for 10
                                   years , which Nadine Kaina coordinated at local senior
                                  venues. He may be contacted at 858-752-9173, 1720 Ord
                                                                Way, Oceanside, CA 92056.
Vista Senior Voice                                            Page 9

                      Groundhog Day!
 A S K E E W X I S Z X C V B N M M W S F R T Q C D
 N P O O I G H J C G Y A D G O H D N U O R G U W B
 T K K J D R G O P R T S A G C V A Q T C L K O I G
 P M N J H B B O P        P O M N N H G F E L E E O T N W
 R M R T Y U I O B P O I D I H G F O D A D V C T E
 E L E P O I U Y T B E D C R B G U E U C Y T R E T
 D K T L H G F F D F L I H P M D R N H W T Y E R R
 I T A U T B L G H J F E B S Y A M U P K J E R E O
 C R N J H G U Z S E R T R B C G C L K J Y V G T L
 T E R H H C E R E M O N Y S E K M B N E Z L C X I
 I D E Y T R E E R O O B B Q K E F D I L K A R X U
 O C B X S A R O I O H G F D S N N V B T R W E A P
 N V I M N C V R E I W M X F G U O I                P O I A Q E E
 M B H O L I D A Y M N C D E T M U B H K J H S W N
 N H L F R E E R M H T Y E R T B G C A S S D F G N
 B U F U I U A F R K S A J U K I A C D E N J H H S
 V O D H G U I U R T Y U Y C D N E W T Y U U M J Y
 B I S G R O U N D H O G R K D J D W O D A H S C L
 G Q Y B M C D R T Y J G R L A Z O L T Y U I V F V
 F D E B G T Y U I E T P E E K S K I T Y U I H G A
 D F I V F R U Y I O W M J N B F G Y U I O L D E N
 U L Y M N E R T Y U A M J H W E O I                P T Y V F J I
 A A W T R P U N X S U T A W N E Y U Y E R K I M A

       CEREMONY          HOLIDAY        SHADOW
        CLOUDY            MOVIE        SIX WEEKS
         EARLY            PEEKS          SPRING
     GOBBLERS KNOB         PHIL         WINTER
Page 10                                                                       Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center

February                             Senior Volunteer Spotlight                                            2012
                                         Lenore Averell
                            As a long time senior advocate and resident of Vista, Lenore Averell, has known
                            Vista’s senior center from the days when the nutrition program operated out of the old
                            Eucalyptus school over thirty years ago. She served with the North County Council
                            on Aging (NCCOA) from its inception until it closed its doors 10 years ago. During
                            her tenure with NCCOA, Lenore served as the committee representative for Project
                            C.A.R.E. After leaving NCCOA, she began volunteering for Nadine Kaina of Project
                            C.A.R.E. a day or two each week, performing data entry, answering telephones, and
                            participating in senior health fairs. She also volunteers for the “How R U?” program
                            and when needed, serves as secretary for Project C.A.R.E.’s advisory committee. As
                            if that wasn’t enough, she has served on the Community Development Block Grant
                            (CDBG) committee for the past 15 years. She enjoys volunteering at the senior
center; it’s a friendly place to be and she always feels welcome.

Lenore was born and raised in the farming town of Richfield, Ohio. Her father was employed by Standard Oil
and her mother was a school teacher. She has an older brother, who also became a school teacher and still lives
in Ohio. She attended a small country school, about 200 students ranging from grades 1 through 12. In high
school she played clarinet in the band. After high school, she attended the University of Akron and graduated
with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology. While still in college, she attended a square dance where she met her
future husband, Larry Averell.

Lenore worked as a teenage director for the YWCA and then as a social worker in Summit County, Ohio. In
1953, Lenore and Larry were married; they have been married 58 years! In 1962, they decided to leave Ohio
and move to Vista, California. Larry initially worked as an art teacher at Vista High School and then for 24
years he taught in the Carlsbad School District. After his retirement, they moved back to Vista from Carlsbad.
They have two children Sue, an artist who lives in Fairfax and has her art studio in Sausalito, and Tom who
works for a computer company and has two children, Natalie, who is 18 years old, and Max, who is 15 years

A few years after coming to California, Lenore worked for about six years as a case
worker for San Diego County. As a case worker, she provided aid for the disabled
and aged, and then worked in adoptions before transferring to Child Protective
Services. For eight years, she was the director of the senior center in Encinitas,
formerly known as the Family Service Senior Center. Following that, she worked
for San Diego County Supervisor John McDonald, as an administrative assistant
and an advocate for seniors and the disabled. She retired in 1995.

Lenore volunteered for the Campfire Girls. She volunteers at the United Methodist
Church, was in the bell choir for over twenty years, continues to sing in the chancel
choir, and enjoys reading and solving crossword puzzles. She’s gone back and                Nadine Kaina and Lenore
                                                                                           Averell on Halloween, 2010.
forth to Ohio and San Francisco to visit family and took two cruises; one along the
eastern coast of the United States and another, with a group of thirty friends, to the Panama Canal. Her husband
enjoys keeping busy with stain glass art projects.

Thank you, Lenore, for all the work you do on behalf of our community’s seniors and all those less fortunate.
You are greatly appreciated by your community!
Vista Senior Voice                                                                              Page 11

                               Mark Your Calendars
               February 3rd – Super Bowl Luncheon at 12 noon in the Park Terrace
               Café. Wear your favorite football jersey and enjoy barbecued ribs, potato
               salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, and peach cobbler. Henry DeMichele
               will be here to entertain!
               February 8th and 21st - Bingo for Prizes from 11:15 a.m. to 12 noon.
               Free! Come early to play a fun game of bingo and enjoy lunch – participants
               need to register for lunch if they want to play. Bring a friend!
               February 14th – Valentine’s Day Red Hot Buffet at 12 noon in the
               Park Terrace Café. The menu includes roast beef with mushroom sauce,
               rotisserie chicken red potatoes, and cherries jubilee. Special entertainment
               by Mark Langford, Flamenco Guitarist, from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
               February 16th - Sell Your Wares Fundraiser at 10:00 a.m. in the Park
               Terrace Café. Sell your crafts and treasures for a nominal table rental fee.
               Rental proceeds benefit your senior center and you keep your profits. $5.00
               for card table, $10.00 for 60 inch round table. And be sure to stop by and
               shop! To reserve your spot, call Leisa in the administration office at 760-
               February 20th – Presidents Day! Senior Center closed.
               February 21st – Long Term Care Educational Workshop at 10:00
               a.m. in the Jasmine Room. Presented by Gordon Corwin, CEA and
               Retirement Specialist, about the realities of needing long term care and
               solutions for protection against the risk of skyrocketing expenses. Free! To
               reserve your spot, contact Leisa in the administration office or call 760-639-
               February 24th – Monthly Movie at 1:00 p.m. in the Azalea Room.
               Featuring “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt. Based on a true story, Moneyball is
               a movie for anybody who has ever dreamed of taking on the system. Brad
               Pitt stars as Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A's and the guy
               who assembles the team, who has an epiphany: all of baseball's conventional
               wisdom is wrong. Forced to reinvent his team on a tight budget, Beane will
               have to outsmart the richer clubs. Closed captioned for the hearing
               impaired. Free movie, refreshments, and friends! See you at the movies!
               Thank you to Fernando Delgado Insurance for providing this month’s
               movie refreshments!
               February 24th - Birthdays & Anniversaries Celebration at 11:45 a.m.
               in the Park Terrace Café. Sign up clipboards are located in lobby. Please
               sign up before the day of the event!
                                   McClellan Senior Center Activities and Services* for February 2012
               MONDAY                                 TUESDAY                                    WEDNESDAY                                  THURSDAY                                    FRIDAY
LOCATION LEGEND:                                                                                                           1 GROUNDHOG DAY                          2                                      3
AZAL-Azalea Room                            *Activities subject to change.       9:00    Oil Painting Club               JAS 8:00 Sunset                          JAS 10:00    Computer Lab              LAB
JAS-Jasmine Room                                Please call 760.639.6160         9:15    HICAP                          CONF       Strummers                           10:00   Weekly Wii and Popcorn     PT
LAB-Computer Lab                               to verify dates and times.        10:00   Computer Lab                    LAB 9:00 Toe Tappers                      PT 10:00    Knitting Circle          ALOB
PT-Park Terrace Café                      See pages 19-22 of the Vista Senior    10:00   Knitting Circle                ALOB 9:30 Positively Fit                  AZAL 11:00   Frozen Meals               PT
CONF-Conference Room                       Voice for a complete description of   10:00   Stretch Exercise with Carl       PT 10:00 Computer Lab                   LAB 11:00    Vista Garden Club        AZAL
PALM-Palm Game Room                        services, activities, and programs.   11:30   Line Dance-Intermediate        AZAL 10:30 Positively Fit                 AZAL 12:00   Super Bowl Luncheon        PT
ORCH-Orchid Room                           OASIS catalogs and registration       12:30   Duplicate Bridge                JAS 12:30 Bridge                         JAS 1:00     OASIS-
LOB- Main Lobby Area                          forms are available in the         1:00    Line Dance-Intermediate Plus   AZAL 1:00 OASIS-Introduction to           LAB                        It!        LAB
INFO-Information Office                          administration office.                                                            Computers
                                   6                                      7                                                8                                         9                                    10
8:00    Sunset Strummers         JAS 9:30 Positively Fit               AZAL 10:00        Parkinsons Support Group       AZAL 8:00 Sunset Strummers                 JAS 10:00   Computer Lab              LAB
9:00    Toe Tappers               PT 9:30 Tax Assistance               ORCH 10:00        Computer Lab                    LAB 9:00 Toe Tappers                       PT 10:00   Weekly Wii and Popcorn     PT
9:30    Tax Assistance          ORCH 10:00 Spanish                     PALM 10:00        Knitting Circle                ALOB 9:30 Positively Fit                  AZAL 10:00   Knitting Circle          ALOB
10:00   Computer Lab             LAB 10:00 Women's Club of Vista       CONF 10:00        Stretch Exercise with Carl       PT 9:30 Tax Assistance                  ORCH 11:00   Frozen Meals               PT
11:30   Line Dance-Beginning    AZAL 10:00 Computer Lab                 LAB 11:00        Blood Pressure Checks           LOB 10:00 Computer Lab                    LAB 1:00    OASIS-             It!    LAB
1:00    Poker                   ALOB 10:30 Positively Fit              AZAL 11:15        Bingo for Prizes                 PT 10:00 Legal Assistance               CONF
1:30    Line Dance-             AZAL 12:00 Drop-In Cards               ALOB 12:30        Duplicate Bridge                JAS 10:30 Positively Fit                 AZAL
        Intermediate/Advanced        1:00 Yoga                         AZAL 1:00         OASIS-Digital Camera            LAB 12:30 Bridge                          JAS
                                     1:00 Tri City Computer Club        JAS              Workshop
                                     1:45 Friendship Group               PT 2:00         Hearing Screenings           CONF
                                  13 VALENTINE'S DAY                     14                                             15                                          16                                    17
8:00    Sunset Strummers         JAS 9:30 Positively Fit               AZAL 9:00         Oil Painting Club             JAS 8:00      Sunset Strummers              JAS 10:00   Computer Lab              LAB
9:30    Tax Assistance          ORCH 9:30 Tax Assistance               ORCH 10:00        Stretch Exercise with Carl     PT 9:00      Toe Tappers                    PT 10:00   Weekly Wii and Popcorn     PT
10:00   Toe Tappers              LAB 10:00 Spanish                     CONF 10:00        Computer Lab                  LAB 9:30      Positively Fit               AZAL 10:00   Knitting Circle          ALOB
10:00   Computer Lab             LAB 10:00 Computer Lab                 LAB 10:00        Knitting Circle              ALOB 9:30      Nutrition Education          CONF 11:00   Frozen Meals               PT
11:30   Line Dance-Beginning    AZAL 10:30 Positively Fit              AZAL 11:00        Blood Pressure Checks         LOB 9:30      Tax Assistance               ORCH
1:00    Poker                   ALOB 11:45 Mark Langford, Flamenco       PT 11:30        Line Dance-Intermediate      AZAL 10:00     Computer Lab                  LAB
1:30    Line Dance-             AZAL       Guitarist                        12:30        Duplicate Bridge              JAS 10:00     Sell Your Wares Fundraiser     PT
        Intermediate/Advanced        12:00 Valentine's Day Red Hot       PT 1:00         Line Dance-Intermediate Plus AZAL 10:30     Positively Fit               AZAL
                                           Buffet                           1:00         Nutrition Advisory Committee CONF 12:30     Bridge                        JAS
                                     12:00 Drop-In Cards               ALOB 1:00         OASIS-Digital Camera          LAB
                                     1:00 Yoga                         AZAL              Workshop
                                     1:00 Tri City Computer Club        JAS
                                     1:45 Friendship Group               PT
CENTER CLOSED                     20                                     21                                               22                                     23                                        24
                                     9:30 Positively Fit               AZAL 9:00         Oil Painting Club               JAS 8:00    Sunset Strummers           JAS 10:00      Computer Lab               LAB
                                     9:30 Tax Assistance               ORCH 10:00        Stretch Exercise with Carl       PT 9:00    Toe Tappers                 PT 10:00      Weekly Wii and Popcorn      PT
                                     10:00 Spanish                     CONF 10:00        Computer Lab                    LAB 9:30    Tax Assistance            ORCH 10:00      Knitting Circle           ALOB
                                     10:00 Computer Lab                 LAB 10:00        Knitting Circle                ALOB 9:30    Positively Fit            AZAL 11:00      Frozen Meals                PT
                                     10:00 Long Term Care Workshop      JAS 11:30        Line Dance-Intermediate        AZAL 10:00   Computer Lab               LAB 11:45      Birthdays and               PT
                                     10:30 Positively Fit              AZAL 12:30        Duplicate Bridge               ALOB 10:30   Positively Fit            AZAL            Anniversaries Celebration
                                     11:15 Bingo for Prizes              PT 1:00         Line Dance-Intermediate Plus   AZAL 12:30   Bridge                    AZAL 1:00       Monthly Movie             AZAL
                                     12:00 Drop-In Cards               ALOB 1:00         OASIS-Open Source Freebies      LAB 12:30   AARP Driver Refresher Cour JAS            Featuring "Moneyball"
                                     12:30 AARP Driver Refresher Course JAS                                                  1:00    OASIS-Introduction to      LAB
                                     1:00 Tri City Computer Club       PALM                                                          Word
                                     1:00 OASIS-Exploring the Internet LAB
                                     1:00 Yoga                         AZAL
                                     1:45 Friendship Group               PT
                                  27                                     28                                               29
8:00    Sunset Strummers         JAS 9:30 Positively Fit               AZAL 9:00         Oil Painting Club               JAS
9:30    Tax Assistance          ORCH 9:30 Tax Assistance               ORCH 10:00        Stretch Exercise with Carl       PT
10:00   Toe Tappers              LAB 10:00 Spanish                     CONF 10:00        Computer Lab                    LAB
10:00   Computer Lab             LAB 10:00 Computer Lab                 LAB 10:00        Knitting Circle                ALOB
11:30   Line Dance-Beginning    AZAL 10:30 Positively Fit              AZAL 11:30        Line Dance-Intermediate        AZAL
1:00    Poker                   ALOB 11:00 Blood Pressure Checks        LOB 12:30        Duplicate Bridge               ALOB
1:30    Line Dance-             AZAL 12:00 Drop-In Cards               ALOB 1:00         Line Dance-Intermediate Plus   AZAL
        Intermediate/Advanced        1:00 Yoga                         AZAL 1:00         OASIS-Open Source Freebies      LAB
                                     1:00 Tri City Computer Club        JAS
                                     1:00 OASIS-Wonderful World of      LAB
                                           Windows 7
                                     1:45 Friendship Group               PT
                          McClellan Senior Center Lunch and Salad Menu for February 2012
            MONDAY                                 TUESDAY                             WEDNESDAY                              THURSDAY                                FRIDAY
                                                                                                                1                                    2   Super Bowl Luncheon                 3
                                                                                    Roast Beef with Gravy                  Monterey Chicken              Barbecued Ribs
                                                                                        Baked Potatoes                          Rice Pilaf               Potato Salad
                                                                                       Peas and Carrots                    Green Bean Nicoise            Corn on the Cob
                                                                                          Fresh Roll                      Marinated Cauliflower          Baked Beans
                                                                                  Mandarin Oranges in Jello                 Pineapple Tidbits            Peach Cobbler * Vanilla Ice Cream
                                                                                 ~or~ Tuna on Mixed Greens             ~or~ Turkey on a Croissant           ~or~ Caribbean Chicken Salad
                                                                                   Leona Puckett on Piano            Glydell Knight and Don Waters           Henry DeMichele on Piano
                                   6                                     7                                      8                                    9                                       10
            Salmon Filet                          Fried Chicken                     Meat Loaf with Gravy                   "Catch of the Day"                 Citrus Marinated Chicken
         Hollandaise Sauce                          Cole Slaw                        Twice Baked Potato                     Au Gratin Noodles                        Spanish Rice
         Northwestern Rice                       Mashed Potatoes                       Brussels Sprouts                  Scandinavian Vegetables                    Buttered Corn
         Steamed Broccoli                             Gravy                               Fresh Roll                          Harvard Beets                         Garden Salad
     Carrot Salad * Fresh Apple                       Biscuit                         Berries with Yogurt                 Strawberry Shortcake                 Fresh Banana * Churros
         ~or~ Taco Salad                             Ambrosia                    ~or~ Chicken Caesar Salad          ~or~ Roast Beef on an Onion Roll        ~or~ Martha's Vineyard Salad
   Jacques Vermeyen on Piano                     ~or~ Tuna Sub                        Bingo for Prizes               Glydell Knight and Don Waters           Henry DeMichele on Piano
                                   13   Valentine's Day Red Hot Buffet   14                                   15                                    16                                       17
       Chicken Cordon Bleu              Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce           Roasted Turkey with Gravy          Stuffed Pepper in Tomato Sauce              Teriyaki Pork Shank
            Herbed Gravy                Rotisserie Chicken                            Sweet Potatoes                        Mashed Potatoes                          Fried Rice
           Rotini Noodles               Red Potatoes                                Capri Mix Vegetables                     Seasoned Peas                        Steamed Broccoli
            Green Beans                 California Vegetables                            Fresh Roll                            Fresh Roll                Vegetable Egg Roll * Pineapple Rings
    Pickled Beets * Fresh Orange        Fresh Rolls                                   Peach Compote                             Ambrosia                  Almond Cookie ~or~ Chicken and
          ~or~ Cobb Salad               Cherries Jubilee                      ~or~ Ham & Cheddar Chef's Salad             ~or~ Tuna on Wheat                Pasta Salad on Crispy Greens
   Jacques Vermeyen on Piano            Mark Langford, Flamenco Guitarist          Leona Puckett on Piano            Glydell Knight and Don Waters           Henry DeMichele on Piano
                                   20                                    21                                   22                                    23                                       24
       PRESIDENTS DAY                         Home Made Lasagna                     Barbecued Chicken                        Beef Burgundy                     Spaghetti with Meatballs
       CENTER CLOSED                               Caesar Salad                      Au Gratin Potatoes                        Egg Noodles                         Broccoli Florets
                                                 Peas and Carrots                   Capri Mix Vegetables              Tossed Salad * Buttered Corn                    Breadstick
                                                   Garlic Bread                          Fresh Roll                         Mandarin Oranges                 Strawberry Birthday Cake with
                                                 Cinnamon Apples                        Tropical Fruit              Chocolate Chip Cookie ~or~ Salami               Frosting ~or~
                                        ~or~ Seafood Salad on a Croissant      ~or~ Oriental Roast Beef Salad          and Provolone on Ciabatta                Chicken Caesar Salad
                                                 Bingo for Prizes                  Leona Puckett on Piano            Glydell Knight and Don Waters           Henry DeMichele on Piano
                                   27                                    28                                   29                                          MUST ORDER BY 11:30 am
            Baked Ham                         Beef Steak with Gravy                     Veal Cacciatore                                              Daily Substitutions:
          Pineapple Sauce                     Mashed Red Potatoes                         Caesar Salad                                          Hamburger with French Fries
           Mashed Yams                            Calico Corn                           Mixed Vegetables                                      Cheeseburger with French Fries
    California Vegetables * Roll                Cranberry Juice                   Garlic Bread * Fresh Orange                                 Veggie Burger with French Fries
           Apple Strudel                        Bread Pudding                        Leaping Lime Sherbet                                      Salad or Deli Platter (see menu)
  ~or~ Cottage Cheese with Fruit          ~or~ Grilled Chicken Wrap           ~or~ Turkey & Swiss Chef's Salad                                      and Soup of the Day
    Jacques Vermeyen on Piano           Dominique and Pierre Tcheng                Leona Puckett on Piano                                     No substitutions on buffet days.
Reservations may be made same day or one day in advance. Call 724-3362 between 9:00 am and 12 noon. Suggested contribution: Age 60+: $3.50; guests under 60: $6.00 charge.
Center hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Front office phone number is (760) 639-6160.
No eligible person shall be denied a meal because of failure or inability to contribute.

                This program is supported by the Older Americans Act funds, awarded through the San Diego County Aging and Independence Services and the City of Vista.
                                                                       Menus are subject to change without notice.
Page 14                                                                   Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center
                                 UPCOMING COMPUTER CLASSES
    For information on computer class dates, times, costs, etc., please call the administration office at
      (760) 726-1340 ext. 1539 or stop by the office for an OASIS catalog and registration form.

 OASIS FEBRUARY THRU                                               McCLELLAN SENIOR
                                                                   CENTER WISH LIST
 CLASSES!                                                                     Recreational
 Class information and/or registration forms,
                                                         Fitness Equipment – Treadmills        $1000/each
 are in the administration office. You may also
                                                         Fitness Equipment – Exercise Bicycles $300/each
 register by calling (760) 796-6020. Pre-
 registration is required. OASIS charges a                 NOTE: We are unable to accept used exercise
 $10.00 trimester fee in addition to class                                equipment.
                                                                      Sponsorship Opportunities
 Google It! Fri, Feb 3 – 10, 1-3:00pm, $24               Sponsor a Senior Meal – Lunch Bunch
 Digital Camera Workshop Wed, Feb 8 – 15, 1-                   $3.50/one meal or $17.50/week or $75/month
 3:00pm, $15                                             Sponsor a Senior Meal – Home-delivered meals
 Exploring the Internet Tue, Feb 21, 1-3:00pm,                 $4.00/one meal or $20/week or $85/month
 Open Source Freebies Wed, Feb 22 – Mar 28,              Out & About Senior Transportation – ‘Adopt a
                                                          Senior’      $10/week for shuttle rides
 1-3:00pm, $50
 Introduction to Word Thu, Feb 23 – Mar 15,              Annual Volunteer Recognition – gift certificates, gift
 1-3:00pm, $40                                            cards, theater tickets, gift baskets, flowers, etc.
 Wonderful World of Windows 7 Tue, Feb 28,               Monthly Senior Birthday/Anniversary Party - provide
 1-3:00pm, $15                                            gift tokens, decorations, and cake for monthly events.
 Windows 7 Backup Tue, Mar 6, 1-3:00pm, $15
                                                         Monthly Movie – Provide refreshments. A thank you
 Windows 7 Security Tue, Mar 13, 1-3:00pm,
                                                          and acknowledgement will be printed in our monthly
 $15                                                      newsletter.
 Care and Management of Passwords Mon,
 Mar 19, 1-3:00pm, $15                                   Knitting Class – Provide NEW knitting yarn and
                                                          needles or cash/gift cards to purchase knitting
 Windows 7 Home Networking Mon, Apr 16, 1-                materials. A thank you and acknowledgement will be
 3:00pm, $15                                              printed in our monthly newsletter.
 Introduction to Computers Mon/Wed, Apr 23
                                                         Bingo – Provide $5 gift cards as bingo prizes (14
 – May 2, 1-3:00pm, $40
                                                          prizes). A thank you and acknowledgement will be
                                                          printed in our monthly newsletter.

 The senior center’s computer lab is free and open
 from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday,
 except during computer class time, and is fully
                                                        We have openings for volunteer
 equipped with Internet, Windows 7, and Microsoft
 Office Business Edition 2007. Computer lab             computer lab assistants from 10 -12
 assistants are usually available to assist you from    noon on Mondays, Wednesdays,
 10-12 noon. A printer, scanner and                     Thursdays, and Fridays. If you are
 copier is also available, but due to                   interested, please call Leisa at
 high ink cartridge costs, each
 copy/print costs 25¢.
Vista Senior Voice                                                                             Page 15
     ~For Your Information~                      Food for Thought
                 Looking to help out at the      Lunch in a library? Why not?
                 senior center? We have          The San Diego County Library, Aging
                 volunteer opportunities and     & Independence Services, and the City
                 would love to put you to        of Vista invite you to enjoy a special
                                                 program twice a month, plus lunch at
                 work! If you are interested,    the Vista Library. The program each
 please call Leisa at 760-639-6162.              month is Gentle Yoga by Yoga Vista.
                                                 Here’s the planned lunch for each
                The San Diego Sheriff’s
                Department Senior                Feb 2          Turkey and Swiss Wrap
                Volunteer Patrol offers a        Feb 16         Chinese Chicken Salad with Pea
                YOU ARE NOT ALONE,                              Pods
                commonly called YANA             Mar 1          Tuna Salad on Croissant
 program for senior citizens living alone in     Mar 15         Marinated Tomato Salad with
 Vista. The members of the Senior                               Grilled Chicken
 Volunteer Patrol check on the welfare of        Apr 5          Roasted Pear & Chicken Salad
 YANA participants with a personal               Apr 19         Chef’s Salad
 telephone call and/or visits at their home      May 3          Southwest Salad with Citrus
 on a regular basis. This service is                            Chicken
 provided free of charge.                        May 17         Gourmet Turkey Club Sandwich
                                                 Jun 7          Greek Pasta & Chicken Salad
 Please call 1-760-940-4434 to leave a
                                                 Jun 21         Tuna Salad on Croissant
 message for Karen to find out more about
 this free program.                              Program starts at 11 a.m., with gourmet boxed
                                                 lunch at noon. Please make your lunch
                                                 reservations prior to 10:30 a.m. Library address:
           Your Long Term Care                   700 Eucalyptus Avenue, Vista. No cost for the
              and Tomorrow                       program. The lunch is a suggested donation of
                                                 $3.50 for seniors (60+); $6 charge for others.
             Hear an educational and lively
             presentation by Gordon Corwin,           No eligible person shall be denied a meal
             CEA and Retirement Specialist,          because of failure or inability to contribute.
 about the realities of needing Long Term                   Reservations required for lunch.
 Care and solutions for protection against the              Call (760) 726-1340 ext. 1531.
 risk of skyrocketing expenses.      Get the
 unvarnished truth about your options, your
 “odds”, current costs, and how to qualify.                     It’s Tax Time!!
 Find out what can work for you, leveraged                               Tax appointments will be
 benefits, money back guarantees, and asset                              held at the senior center
 protection to have a better tomorrow and                                beginning February 6th until
 beyond. Spend 60 minutes, you may save a                                April    17th.      AARP
 bundle!                                                                 volunteers will be here on
                                                                         Mondays, Tuesdays, and
 To reserve your free spot, contact Leisa in     Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. You may
 the administration office or call 760-639-      call 760-726-1340 ext. 1538 for an appointment.
Page 16                                                                     Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center

  Thank you to the following sponsors and donors                       NUTRITION ADVISORY
   for supporting events here at the senior center.                     COMMITTEE NEWS

            Monthly Movie, February 24th                      Board Member Positions for 2011-2012:
                                                              Chairman: Don Waters
            Fernando Delgado Insurance                        Vice-Chairman: Bob Hickman
    We appreciate their support and encourage                 Secretary: Charlotte Lunger
                                                              Treasurer: Shirley Alspach
   everyone to consider their services as they are            Countywide Representative: Committee
               needed in the future.                          Members
                                                              Sunshine Ladies: Antonieta Escamilla
                                                              Other Members: Dominique Oei Tcheng,
                                                              Pierre Tcheng, Marie-Therese Vermeyen
                                                              Staff Liaison: Leisa Bustanoby

                                                              No meeting was held in January.

                                                              Become involved! Attend a meeting and
                     Jan St. Clair                            consider becoming a regular board member.
                                                              The committee encourages volunteerism and
                      Sadly missed.                           participation in activities.
                  Lovingly remembered.

                                                               BRING A FRIEND TO LUNCH!

                                                              Bring a friend to lunch (first time
                                                              customers only) and your friend
                                                              enjoys a free lunch!
  It’s only a bowl of soup or beans to us… but it may be
                   their only warm meal.                      Look for your “Bring a Friend to
   Please, help us keep bowls full for local needy seniors.   Lunch” coupon this month. Not only
                                                              will you be able to share our nutrition
 February is SOUP & BEANS month at the Angel’s
 Depot. Angel’s Depot uses 5,000 cans of soup and             program with your friends, you will be
 beans in their emergency meal boxes each month.
                                                              eligible to enter a raffle to win a
 Let’s do our part and help this organization help our
 local needy seniors.                                         congregate meal punch card good for
 Please donate 10.75 oz. cans of soup (no Cup of              20 lunches (a $64.00 value!). The
 Soup) and/or Baked Beans or Pork ‘n Beans in 15              more friends you bring, the more
 oz. cans. Leave cans in the distribution box located in
 each of our buildings at the senior center.                  chances you have to win! Please bring
 This is also a contest with the winners receiving 10
                                                              your friend(s) to the administration
 Angel’s Day Turf Club Tickets and Trophy, but let’s          office to receive your raffle ticket(s).
 do this as a gesture of good will and collect as many
 cans as we can because we care.
                                                              Limited to your friends 60 years and
       Cans will be donated to the Angel’s Depot              older. Expires 3-30-12.
                     on Feb. 29th!
Vista Senior Voice                                                                                           Page 17

       Make a difference and join our                            The Sunset Strummers are looking for
          Paper Plate Campaign!                                  a few good singers………
    Help to sponsor lunch meals for seniors in the community.    If you would like to join the Sunset
    Their average age is 82 and many of them live alone and
    depend on a daily nutritious meal. Your donation will help   Strummers and you don’t know how to or
    to pay their contribution!                                   want to play an instrument, think about
    Senior Center Dining Room Meals:                             becoming a Sunset Strummer singer!
    $3.50 for one meal
    $17.50 for one week                                          The strummers need singers to join their
    $75.00 for one month
    Home-delivered Meals:                                        Practices
    $4.00 for one meal
    $20.00 for one week                                          are held on
    $85.00 for one month                                         Monday and
    You can make checks payable to the City of Vista
    (Memo: Paper Plate Campaign) and send directly to the
    Senior Center c/o The Paper Plate Campaign, McClellan        and the
    Senior Center, 1400 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista, CA,           group
    92084. Thank you!
                                                                 performs several times during the year.

                                                                 Come and join our fun! For more
                                                                 information, contact Eleanor Nedjar at
                                                                 (760) 458-9322.
    This month:
       Try out our “Positively Fit” class, our                        Are you interested in playing chess at the
                                                                                                 senior center?
       “Stretch Exercise” class, or our “Yoga”
       class, or ask a friend to go for a walk.                  I would like to get a group together that would
                                                                 meet once a week to play chess. The group can
       Connect with your community and                           consist of players from beginners to more
       volunteer. Volunteer at the senior                        advanced. I would like to set a time and day of
       center!                                                   the week that would fit the majority that want to
                                                                 play, and also fit in the senior center’s available
       Make plans to spend time with a friend                    times. I am just an average player, but enjoy the
       or try out a new activity with others,                    game. I play online with people from around
       such as a cooking or art class.                           the world, but would like to play more in front
                                                                 of a person, not just a computer screen. If you
       Ask a friend or neighbor who seems                        are interested in playing, please email me at this
       lonely to go to a movie or host a movie                   address with the
                                                                 following information:          your ideal and
       night. Or come to the monthly movie at                    acceptable day(s) of the week and times, what
       the senior center!                                        level you feel your game is at, if you have a
                                                                 chess set to bring, do you like to play using a
       Start or join a book club – available at                  chess clock, and any other questions you may
       many county libraries.                                    have.
       Bring a friend to the senior center for                   I look forward to hearing from you.
       lunch!                                                                                            CJ Simon
Page 18                                                                    Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center
                                  Health and Wellness
February is American                                       From the multiple-choice section:

Heart Month!                                                  If you arrived at a party and found that
                                                              someone else was wearing a piece of clothing
                                                              identical to yours, would you (a) not find it
Laughter is Good for your                                     particularly amusing (b) be amused but not
                                                              show it outwardly (c) smile (d) laugh or (e)
Heart                                                         laugh heartily.
Laughter, along with an active sense of humor, may
help protect you against a heart attack, according            If you were eating in a restaurant with some
to a new study by cardiologists at the University of          friends and the waiter accidentally spilled a
Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. The study,              drink on you, would you (a) not find it
which is the first to indicate that laughter may help         particularly amusing (b) be amused but not
prevent heart disease, was presented at the                   show it outwardly (c) smile (d) laugh or (e)
American Heart Association's 73rd Scientific                  laugh heartily.
Sessions on November 15 in New Orleans. The
researchers found that people with heart disease           From the true or false section:
were 40 percent less likely to laugh in a variety of          I often wonder what hidden reasons another
situations compared to people of the same age                 person may have for doing something nice for
without heart disease.                                        me. True or False
"The old saying that 'laughter is the best                    I am likely not to talk to people until they speak
medicine,' definitely appears to be true when it              to me. True or False
comes to protecting your heart," says Michael
Miller, M.D., F.A.C.C., director of the Center for         People with heart disease were less likely to
Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland        recognize humor or use it to get out of
Medical Center. "We don't know yet why laughing            uncomfortable situations. They generally laughed
protects the heart, but we know that mental stress         less, even in positive situations and they displayed
is associated with impairment of the endothelium,          more anger and hostility.
the protective barrier lining our blood vessels. This
can cause a series of inflammatory reactions that          "The ability to laugh -- either naturally or as learned
lead to fat and cholesterol build-up in the coronary       behavior may have important implications in
arteries and ultimately to a heart attack," says Dr.       societies such as the U.S. where heart disease
Miller who is also an associate professor of               remains the number one killer," says Dr. Miller. "We
medicine at the University of Maryland School of           know that exercising, not smoking and eating foods
Medicine.                                                  low in saturated fat will reduce the risk of heart
                                                           disease. Perhaps regular, hearty laughter should
In the study, researchers compared the humor               be added to the list."
responses of 300 people. Half of the participants
                                                           Dr. Miller says it may be possible to incorporate
had either suffered a heart attack or had undergone
                                                           laugher into our daily activities, just as we do with
coronary artery bypass surgery. The other 150
                                                           other heart-healthy activities, such as taking the
were healthy, age-matched participants who did not
                                                           stairs instead of the elevator.
have heart disease.
                                                           "We could perhaps read something humorous or
Participants in the study were asked to complete           watch a funny video and try to find ways to take
two questionnaires. One questionnaire had a series         ourselves less seriously," Dr. Miller says. "The
of multiple-choice answers to find out how much or         recommendation for a healthy heart may one
how little the participant laughs in certain situations.   day be -- exercise, eat right and laugh a few
The second questionnaire used 50 true or false             times a day."
answers to measure anger and hostility. For
example, the questions included the following:             Other researchers on this study included Adam
                                                           Clark, M.D. and Alexander Seidler, Ph.D.
Vista Senior Voice                                                                                                    Page 19

    Activities, Social and Health Services,                      Birthday & Anniversary Celebration
                                                                 Sign up on the clipboards in the lobby! Cake and gifts!
                 and Programs                                      Location:       Park Terrace Café
                                                                   Time:           11:45am
                                                                   Days:           Last Friday of the month
Information and registration forms on OASIS
Adult Enrichment Classes are available in the                    Blood Pressure
administration office.                                           Seniors 55+, blood pressure checks!!
                                                                   Location:       Lobby Area of Senior Center
AARP Driver Safety Class (8 hour class)                            Days:           2nd Wednesday, (11:00am-12noon)
Seniors 55+, mature refresher driving course qualifies seniors                     given by Rancho Vista Retirement
                                                                                   3rd Wednesday, (11:00am-12noon)
for discounts on their auto insurance.                                             given by Pacific Place
  Location:       Jasmine Room                                                      th
                                                                                   4 Tuesday, (11:00am-12noon)
  Time:           12:30 – 5:00pm
                                                                                   given by Vista Community Clinic
  Days:           Last Tuesday and Thursday in January,
                                                                   Cost:           No charge
                  May, and September. (Next class is
                         th        st
                  May 29 and 31 .)
  Provider:       AARP-sign up in the office! Reservations       Bocce Ball
                  taken starting May 1 !                         Seniors, learn how to play Bocce Ball!
  Cost:           $12 – AARP Members                               Location:       Brengle Terrace Park, Bocce Ball
                  $14 – Non-AARP Members                                           Courts
                  (checks only-payable to AARP)                    Time:           1:00 - 3:00pm
                                                                   Days:           Tuesdays
AARP Driver Safety Class (4 hour class)                            Coordinator:    Jeanne Wilson
                                                                   Cost:           No charge.
Seniors 55+, mature refresher driving course qualifies seniors
for discounts on their auto insurance. Must have taken 8
                                                                 Bridge (Contract)
hour course in the past 48 months.
  Location:       Jasmine Room                                   Seniors 55+, social bridge group-bring a friend!
  Time:           12:30 – 5:00pm                                   Location:       Jasmine Room (subject to change)
  Days:           Last Tuesday in March, July, and                 Time:           12:30-4:00pm
                  November. (Next class is March 27th)             Days:           Thursdays
  Provider:       AARP-sign up in the office! Reservations         Coordinator:    John Eastland
                  taken starting March 1st!                        Cost:           No charge
  Cost:           $12 – AARP Members
                  $14 – Non-AARP Members                         Bridge (Duplicate)
                  (checks only-payable to AARP)                  Seniors 55+, duplicate bridge group.
                                                                   Location:       Jasmine Room (subject to change)
Angel’s Food Depot Boxes                                           Time:           12:30-4:00pm
For seniors 60+ and those with disabilities 55+; low income        Days:           Wednesdays
Vista residents.                                                   Provider:       Vista Duplicate Bridge Club
  Location:       Park Terrace Lobby – by application only         Contact:        Paul Landrum at (760) 729-3313
  Days:           Monthly 20 pound box of nonperishable food       Cost:           $2.00 to play!
                  – second Wednesday
  Contact:        Angel’s Depot – Leticia Mejia 760-685-3067     Computer Lab
                                                                 Lab open to surf the net, check emails, & have computer fun!
Audiologist (Hearing Screenings)                                   Location:       Computer Lab
Seniors 55+, licensed audiologist provides hearing screenings.     Time:           10:00am to
  Location:       Conference Room                                                  3:30pm (except when class is in session)
  Time:           2:00 – 4:00pm                                    Days:           Monday thru Friday
  Days:           2nd Wednesday (subject to change)                Coordinator:    Maureen Cooper
  Provider:       Greg Hall-sign up in the office!                 Cost:           No charge (print charges are 25¢ per page)
  Cost:           No charge
                                                                 Drop-In Cards
Bingo for Prizes                                                 Seniors 55+, lobby area reserved for card players; bring your
Seniors, 60+, play a fun game of Bingo – Free!                   friends!
  Location:       Park Terrace Café                               Location:      Lobby Area
  Time:           11:15am - 12:00pm                               Time:          12:00-4:30pm
  Days:           Second Wednesday, Third Tuesday                 Days:          Tuesdays
  Provider:       Leisa Bustanoby                                 Cost:          No charge
  Cost:           No charge. However, in order to play bingo,    NOTE: If you would like to play Pinochle, contact Betty at
                  you must be registered for lunch that day!             760-712-8176.
Page 20                                                                          Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center

Food for Thought (see page 15)                                 Knitting Circle
Seniors 60+, gentle yoga followed by gourmet lunch.            Seniors 55+, beginning to advanced – all knitters and
  Location:       Vista Library, 700 Eucalyptus Ave.           crotchetiers welcome!
  Time:           11:00am - 1:00pm                               Location:       Lobby Area/Jasmine Room
                   st      rd
  Days:           1 and 3 Thursdays                              Time:           10:00am to 12 noon
  Cost:           $3.50 suggested contribution                   Days:           Wednesday and Friday
  Contact:        726-1340 ext. 1531 or 1539 for reservation     Cost:           No charge, free yarn and needles (if
                                                                                 available) or bring your own projects.
Frozen Meals
Purchase frozen meals (cooked by our kitchen staff) most       Legal Assistance
Fridays. Enjoy senior center lunches at home!                  Seniors 60+, in need of legal advice.
  Location:       Park Terrace Café                              Location:       Conference Room
  Time:           11:00am - 12:00pm                              Time:           10:00am to 3:00pm
  Days:           Every Friday                                   Days:           Second Thursday
  Cost:           $2.00                                          Contact:        (760) 439-2535 for appointment
  Contact:        760-639-6160 for information and to            Cost:           No charge
                  ask if meals are available.
                                                               Line Dance
Friendship Group                                               Seniors 55+...great exercise and lots of fun!
Seniors 55+, discussion group that socializes and discusses      Location:       Azalea Room
topics of the day – promotes friendship.                         Time:           11:30am-12:30pm (Beginning)
  Location:       Park Terrace Café                                              1:30pm-3:00pm (Intermediate & Advanced)
  Time:           1:45-3:15pm                                    Days:           Mondays
  Days:           Tuesdays                                       Instructor:     Helen Pietroforte
  Cost:           No charge                                      Cost:           Donation

(Vista) Garden Club                                            Line Dance
Open to the public – all adults.                               Seniors 55+…come dance with us!
  Location:       Azalea Room                                    Location:       Azalea Room
  Time:           11:00am-3:00pm                                 Time:           11:30am - 12:30pm (Intermediate)
  Days:           1st Friday (except May, July, August,                          1:00-2:30pm (Intermediate Plus)
                  and November – no meeting)                     Days:           Wednesdays (except 2 Wednesday)
  Provider:       Vista Garden Club                              Instructor:     Helen Pietroforte
  Contact:        Carol Zukowski (760) 639-5395                  Cost:           Donation

Health Insurance Counseling Advocacy                           Monthly Movie
Program (HICAP)                                                Seniors 50+, free movie, free snacks and drinks!!!!
                                                                  Location:         Azalea Room
Seniors 60+, trained counselors help with medical bills,
                                                                  Time:            1:00-3:30pm
insurance questions, and HMO assistance.                          Days:             Last Friday
  Location:       Conference Room                                 Cost:             Free
  Time:           9:15am to 12:15pm                            Featuring “Moneyball.” Bennett
  Days:           1st Wednesday                                Miller's adaptation of Michael Lewis'
                  (call 1-800-434-0222                         non-fiction best seller Moneyball
                  for next available appointment).             stars Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, a
  Cost:           No charge                                    one-time phenom who flamed out in
                                                               the big leagues and now works as
Home-Delivered Meals                                           the GM for the Oakland Athletics, a
Seniors, 60+, Vista residents, nutritious meals delivered to   franchise that's about to lose their
home-bound seniors.                                            three best players to free agency.
  Location:       Delivered to home                            Because the team isn't in a financial
  Days:           Monday-Friday                                position to spend as much as
  Contact:        (760) 639-6162                               perennial favorites like the Yankees and the Red Sox, Beane
  Cost:           Suggested contribution - $4.00/meal          realizes he needs to radically change how he evaluates what
                                                               players can bring to the squad. After he meets Peter Brand
Horseshores                                                    (Jonah Hill), an Ivy League economics major working as an
Seniors, learn how to play Horseshoes!                         executive assistant for scouting on another team, Beane
 Location:    Brengle Terrace Park, Horseshoe Pit              realizes he's found the man who understands how to subvert
 Time:        1:00 - 3:00pm                                    the system of assessing players that's been in place for nearly
 Days:        Fridays                                          a century. However, as the duo begin to acquire players that
 Coordinator: Jeanne Wilson                                    seem too old, injured, or inept to play major-league baseball,
 Cost:        No charge.                                       they face stiff resistance from both the A's longtime scouts and
NOTE: Horseshoes will resume Feb. 17 . Call 760-643-2828.      the team's manager Art Howe (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who
                                                               outright refuses to allow Beane's more-nontraditional
                                                               acquisitions to play. PG-13 for some strong language.
                                                               Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.
Vista Senior Voice                                                                                                       Page 21

Nutrition Education/Individual Dietary                            Parkinson’s Support Group
Planning                                                          Support Group for those whose lives are impacted by
Seniors 60+, individual nutrition planning, one hour              Parkinson’s disease including the Parkinsonian, family
appointments.                                                     members, and friends.
  Location:       Conference Room                                   Location:       Azalea Room
  Days:           3rd Thursday                                      Time:           10:00am-12:00pm
  Time:           9:30-11:30am                                      Days:           2 Wednesday
  Contact:        Linda Gastelum, Tri-City Dietician                Instructor:     North County Parkinson Group
                  Call 639-6162 for appointment.                    Cost:           For info call (760) 940-2763.
  Cost:           FREE
Nutrition Program Transportation                                  Seniors 55+...join us for a friendly game! Three tables and
Seniors 60+ Vista residents, transportation to and from lunch     refreshments!
program.                                                              Location:     Lobby Area
  Location:       Door-to-door service                                Time:         12:30pm - 4:30pm
  Days:           Monday-Friday                                       Days:         Mondays
  Contact:        639-6160; call one day prior                        Cost:         Free
  Cost:           Suggested contribution is $1.00 round-trip.
                                                                  Positively Fit Class
OASIS                                                             Seniors 60+, focus on balance and flexibility; helps
Seniors 50+. A non-profit organization offering computer          participants prevent falls.
classes. Join us for a wide range of classes (see detailed          Location:       Azalea Room
monthly listing of OASIS classes or refer to the Activities         Instructor:     Carol Hydrusko
                                                                    Days:           Tuesdays and Thursdays
  Location:       Computer Lab
                                                                  Advanced Class 9:30 – 10:20 a.m.
  Days:           Various; see monthly OASIS section for
                                                                  2/2/12 – 2/28/12        8 classes/$24
                  class dates.
                                                                  3/1/12 – 3/29/12        9 classes/$27
  Time:           See monthly OASIS section for
                                                                  4/3/12 – 4/26/12        8 classes/$24
                  class times.
  Contact:        OASIS (760) 796-6020
                                                                  Beginning Class 10:30 – 11:20 a.m.
  Cost:           Varies by class; $10.00 registration fee.
                                                                  2/2/12 – 2/28/12        8 classes/$24
                                                                  3/1/12 – 3/29/12        9 classes/$27
Oil Painting Club                                                 4/3/12 – 4/26/12        8 classes/$24
Seniors, 50+, ongoing…express your creativity!
  Location:       Jasmine Room
                                        nd                        Project C.A.R.E.
  Days:           Wednesdays (except 2 Wednesday)
                                                                  Project C.A.R.E. is the effort of an entire community to allow
  Time:           9:00am – 12 noon
  Cost:           Free                                            those who are vulnerable to live with dignity, security, and
  Contact:        Leisa Bustanoby 760-639-6162                    comfort knowing that there are many people out there who
  Note:           For this club, you must provide your            care. The program includes postal alerts, gatekeeper, “are you
                  own materials. A list will be given to you      okay?”, vial of life, minor home repair, care management,
                  upon registration.                              home safety checks, safe return, and you are not alone.
                                                                    Location:       Project C.A.R.E. Office
Out & About Transportation                                          Contact:        Nadine Kaina (760) 941-0140
Seniors 60+ Vista residents, provides daily bus shuttle service
for errands and medical appointments; also provides mileage       Sell Your Wares
reimbursement for volunteer drivers when seniors are              Sell your treasures and crafts. Or just stop by to shop!
transported in privately-owned vehicles.                            Location:       Park Terrace Café
  Location:       Door-to-door service                              Time:           10:00am – 12noon
  Days:           Monday-Friday; Saturday special events            Day:            Third Thursday each month
  Contact:        (760) 639-6161; call 24 hours prior               Cost:           $5/card table, $10/60” round table
  Cost:           $3/trip; $5 for out of town trips ($10.00 for     Coordinator:    Leisa Bustanoby (760) 639-6162
                  trips greater than 50 miles); mileage
                  reimbursed to volunteer drivers.                Senior Commission Meeting
                                                                  Open to the public, advises and discusses issues that affect
                                                                  seniors in the community.
                                                                    Location:       Conference Room
                                                                    Time:           1:30-3:00pm
                                                                    Days:           4th Wednesday (January, March, May,
                                                                                    July, September and November)
Page 22                                                                            Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center

Senior Center Amigos                                             Toe Tappers
Seniors who enjoy socializing with Spanish-speaking friends!     Senior tap dancing group practice.
  Location:       Park Terrace Café                                Location:       Park Terrace Café Stage
  Time:           11:00am - 12 noon                                Time:           9:00 – 10:00am
  Days:           Monday through Friday                            Days:           Monday and Thursday
                                                                   Contact:        Roe (760) 729-4035 (
Senior Nutrition Advisory Committee
Nutrition Advisory Committee meeting. All are welcome!           Tri City Computer Club
  Location:       Conference Room                                Seniors 55+, personal computer user group meeting and
  Time:           1:00-2:30pm                                    presentations.
  Days:           3 Wednesday                                      Location:       Jasmine Room
                                                                   Time:           1:00 – 3:00pm
                                                                   Days:           Tuesday (except 5th Tuesday)
Senior Nutrition Program                                           Contact:        President Randy Crumpler 760-940-4253
Seniors 60+, nutritious meals, entertainment and fellowship.       Dues:           $25/year
  Location:       Park Terrace Café
  Time:           12:00pm                                        Weekly Wii and Popcorn!
  Days:           Monday-Friday                                  Seniors 55+, join us for the latest craze! Freshly popped
  Contact:        724-3362 for reservations-taken up to 1 day    popcorn for players and spectators.
                  prior to lunch.                                  Location:       Park Terrace Café
  Cost:           Suggested contribution $3.50/meal                Time:           11:00am – 12noon
                  ($6.00 charge for less than 60 years old and     Days:           Fridays (unless we’re having a buffet)
                  accompanying a senior)                           Cost:           Free

Spanish Class                                                    Women’s Club
Seniors 55+, for those who want to learn a new language or         Location:       Conference Room
for those with some Spanish skills.                                Time:           10:00 – 12 noon
  Location:       Conference Room (except 1st Tuesday –            Days:           1st Tuesday
                  Palm Game Room)                                  Cost:           Private Club
  Time:           10:00am – 12:00pm (Times and class levels
                  vary - call 639-6162 for class schedule).      Yoga
  Days:           Tuesdays
                                                                 Seniors 60+ for your better health.
  Instructor:     Carol Fiero
                                                                   Location:       Azalea Room
  Cost:           $30.00 for 8 weeks
                                                                   Time:           1:00 – 2:30pm
                                                                   Days:           Tuesdays
Stretch Exercise with Carl                                         Provider:       Silver Age Community Outreach
Seniors 60+, easy and fun way to stretch and build strength.       Cost:           Donation
  Location:       Park Terrace Café
  Time:           10:00am
  Days:           Wednesdays
  Instructor:     Carl Grubbs
  Cost:           Suggested Donation $3.00 for drop-
                  ins/$10.00 per month for regulars.

Sunset Strummers
A group of seniors having fun, singing, and strumming along!
  Location:       Jasmine Room
  Time:           8:00-8:30 (Beginning Recorder Class)
                  8:30–10:00am (Beginning Ukulele Class)
                  10:00-12 noon (Intermediate/Performing)
  Days:           Mondays and Thursdays
  Contact:        Eleanor Nedjar: (760) 458-9322
  Cost:           Free

Tax Assistance
Sponsored by AARP (February 6th through April 17th only)
  Location:       Orchid Room
  Time:           9:30am – 2:00pm
  Days:           Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  Cost:           Free of charge
  Contact:        Robin Baker (760) 726-1340 ext. 1538
Vista Senior Voice                     Page 23

More Senior Center Happenings……
Kick Off 2012 Buffet, Jan. 5th

New Horizons Concert Band, Jan. 19th

The Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center, located in beautiful Brengle Terrace Park
in Vista, California, offers one-stop shopping for area seniors. The multipurpose
center is the ‘Main Entrance’ to a wonderful array of services, classes, and

The mission of the center is to promote the physical, emotional and social well-
being of seniors and to involve them in all aspects of community life. The gift of
longer life means more time to travel, learn, try out new careers and give
something back to the community. Living longer can sometimes lead to greater
need and vulnerability in later years. The center is a valuable resource to access
and address all of these issues.
                          “It is never too late to be what
                               you might have been.”

Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center
1400 Vale Terrace Drive
Vista, CA 92084

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