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    Trolley at SDSU 2005
 Furthering Communication and
Education Throughout San Diego
The SDSU station of the Mission Valley East Extension (MVE)
of the San Diego Trolley will open in the middle of 2005.
Construction has been well underway since November 2000,
and when completed, will serve as an improved method of
transportation not only for SDSU students, but all residents of
America’s Finest City, bridging the gap between Old Town and
the East County.
The 5.8-mile MVE project will extend to Santee Town Center.
The MTS Board approved the new line segment, adding an
additional line to Trolley’s Orange and Blue Lines. The new
Green Line will go from Old Town Transit Center to Santee
Town Center. The MVE line will travel primarily adjacent to
Interstate 8, with a diversion from the freeway to serve San
Diego State University.
The trolley will run along the south side of Interstate 8 and then turn
southward on a bridge over Parking Lot X. It will continue through
a tunnel under Parking Lot W and between Cox Arena and the West
Commons. The subterranean transit station will be approximately
50 feet under Aztec Walk between Adams Humanities and Aztec
Center. The trolley will emerge again at street level on the east side
of College Avenue. It will be routed behind Parking Structure 1,
elevated on a bridge over Parking Lot C and Alvarado Road, then
re-paralleling I-8 to connect to the Grossmont Station in La Mesa.
The new pedestrian bridge spanning College Avenue is a
new icon for the San Diego State University campus as tens
of thousands of vehicles pass under it each day. The
suspension-like span is approximately 230 feet long, 45 feet
tall and serves thousands of students who live and park on
the east side of campus. The new bridge allows people direct
access to Aztec Center, eliminating conflicts between
pedestrians and vehicular traffic.
The underground station at San Diego State University will be the
first of its kind in our great city. At more than 300 feet long, 55 feet
underground and 80 feet wide, the station will be as large as a 30-
story building turned on its side and completely buried. It will
feature a mezzanine level that will span over the eastbound and
westbound tracks, twin elevator banks, escalators and a 24-hour
security station.
Aztec Green will be one of the signature features of the new
underground trolley station at San Diego State University.
Thousands of trolley riders each day will emerge from the
station onto Aztec Green, which will serve as a beautiful
gateway to campus. The one-acre amphitheater park will
include works of public art by local artist Ann Mudge,
seating areas, a mature oak tree and other landscaping.
*The underground trolley station will be 300-feet long, 80-
feet wide and 55-feet tall.
*4,800 trolley commuters will use the SDSU station every
*The Mission Valley East Trolley Extension project will
cost an estimated $496 million. The funds to build the
project come from a combination of federal, state and local
*The federal government's Transportation Appropriations
bill will provide $330 million to the project. NO SDSU
funds are being used for neither the construction or
* Relieves parking and traffic congestion near the campus
*Allows riders to save money on costs associated with
commuting, parking and auto insurance.
*Provides an important link to the community and a “bridge”
from the campus to the U.S./Mexico border.
*Allows SDSU students residing in the South Bay area with a
convenient mode of transportation.
*Fast, easier access to Qualcomm stadium, Old Town,
Downtown, the East County and other San Diego hotspots.
*Creates a synergy with plans for redevelopment adjacent to the
*The trolley station at SDSU will be one of the most secure
locations on campus. Campus security will overlap with the
trolley security.
*Surveillance cameras will also be utilized and monitored 24
hours a day. In addition, the station will be one of the best
lighted places on campus.

*There is also a very sophisticated Fire/Life Safety Plan to
insure tunnel safety. It includes ventilation fans as well as
evacuation plans
*The underground station has sprinklers and the tunnel has a
wet standpipe with fire hoses. Both have fire detection
systems and fire alarm systems.
*Construction will impact parking in lots C, D, E, F, G, W and X.
Visitor parking is re-distributed to Parking Structure 5 (Aztrac).
PS 6 has been completed adding an additional 2,458 spaces.

*The University and MTDB have agreed to several construction
procedures that will minimize noise impacts on campus. There
will be limited construction during finals or during
commencement. Also, a 16-foot high sound abatement wall has
been built, double-glazed windows installed and dust abatement
programs are in effect.

*With any large construction project, detours do occur. Please
look for red trolley construction notice/detour signs to detour you
around closed areas.
              Keep In Mind…
*Construction for the SDSU Transit Center is well underway, and will
open in mid-2005.
*Plans have been implemented to ensure traffic around campus flows
as fast as possible during construction, and that classes will not be
*The SDSU Transit Center will have the first underground trolley
station in San Diego as well as the beautiful Aztec Lawn.
*All safety and security concerns have been addressed, and have been
handled with extreme care and caution.
*For up-to-date information, visit the project website at
  Trolley at SDSU 2005
Furthering Communication and
Education Throughout San Diego

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