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					Date: October 11, 2009                             “All the local Kiwanian news with a grain of Iodine”
The Kiwanis Club of Denver meets every Wednesday at 12:05PM at Maggiano’s in the
Denver Pavilions on the 16th Street Mall in Denver
                                                        October Meetings
October 21, 2009                                        21st – Club Meeting
                                                        28th – Club Meeting

Meeting Leahy, African Travelogue
October Programs:
                                                                                   October Birthdays
                                                                                   5 – Tom Scharf
28th – Foundation Fund Drive Kickoff with David Marfitano and Greg                 17 – Dave Marfitano
Thompson of Denver Investment Advisors.                                            18 – Verne Plath
                                                                                   19 – Scott Glaser
Announcements                                                                      19 – Fred Litwin
The next meeting of the Board of the Denver Kiwanis Club is November 10
and of the Foundation is November 3rd.                                             October Business
Rev. Kelly asked each member to submit a list of 4 potential speakers with         Report
phone numbers to him before our meeting on November 4, 2009.                       Barry Gatz
Barry Gatz announced that the Foundation is looking for prizes for the
Foundation Fund Drive. Please donate by October 21.                                October Greeters
The official Governor’s visit will be October 31st at noon at a packaging          14th – John Kelly
event for Kids Against Hunger at 12386 Dumont, Unit 200, in Littleton.             21st – Larry Wills
The Denver Santa Claus Shop Sales Days are December 11, 12, 14, & 15 at            28th – Rod Brewer
the same location as the last 3 years.                                             October Invocators
Highlights of the October          14thMeeting                                     21st – Tom Scharf
Program:                                                                           28th – Scott Glaser
The KOD was Jim McKenna, past president and member of the Foundation               October KODs
Board. Jim is an avid archer and skier and is a broker. He introduced Dr.          21st – Tim Johnson
Richard Kelly, Chairman of the Board of Outrigger, Inc., a 3,000 +/-               28th – David Marfitano
employee hotel/hospitality company in Hawaii, member of the Hawaii Visitor
and Convention Bureau, Board Member of Craig Hospital, Hope Award                  October Meeting Notes
winner, former pathologist, and father of 7 children, who spoke on a               21st – Dick Hopper
"Prescription for Health Care".                                                    28th – John Kelly
Our speaker was opposed to the Obama administration's health plan, now
working its way through Congress, and suggested that we begin improving
health care in our country by first appreciating the benefits of the system that we have. Dr. Kelly described our
current system as the best in the world. He pointed out that of the 46 million people without health insurance in the
US, that 10 million are not citizens, that 7 million are here illegally, that 9 million earn more than $75,000.00 per
annum, and that 9-15 million qualify for other programs. Therefore, he concludes that only 4-6 million are
uninsured, and that expanding existing programs such as Medicaid would help address this problem.Dr, Kelly
suggested that the reasons for run away heath care costs in America were because ours is the best system in the
world, excessive government involvement, cost shifting, and our tort system. Dr. Kelly is concerned that the
government's response to this issue will be to ration health care, rather than to accomplish the following changes:

1. Individual choice (fair market competition with Health Savings Plans w/ catastrophic care coverage).
2. Geographic and tax equity (tax deduction for self employed, pre tax dollar payments for health care, national
   regulation of providers rather than state by state regulation, the ability to buy health insurance across state
3. Those at risk by choice (the obese, smokers, drug users, etc.) pay the cost of their care.
4. Tort reform.
Guests: Jim McKenna introduced DeWayne Willardsen, a friend of Dr. Richard Kelly, our speaker. Jack Kadlecek
introduced his partner, Sue Kadlecek.
50/50: The 50/50 raffle was again improbably won by Jon Kaiser. He graciously donated his winnings of $15.00 to
the club during Happy Dollars.
Happy Dollars: Jim McKenna happily announced that his daughter was nominated to the honor roll and is
still playing softball. Bruce Evans sadly reported that Bob Fisher, a long standing member of our club, passed away
earlier this month. Jon Kaiser was happy to again win the 50/50 (what are the odds?), but also shared his
appreciation of the 60's feeling at last week's Broncos' game. John's kids are also home on break. Harry Vogler was
happy to have passed the Vehicle Emission Test, and suggest that the state motor vehicle department adopt the
slogan "Die Fast, not Slow" in light of its attention to emission testing rather than to vehicle safety testing. Harry
also stopped by the Watson Memorial Company (tombstones, in anticipation of our upcoming Halloween
celebration) and was happy to learn that the company is still in the hands of the family of Clyde Watson, a former
member. Howard Shiffman happily celebrates being 62 years young. Theresa Rapstein was happy to mentor an East
High student who is active in the Key Club seatbelt campaign at East. Vern Plath was happy to attend a reunion in
Oregon (Go Ducks!) where he had great weather and visited the coast. Dave Marfitano was happy to have escaped
an accident on Colorado Blvd. without serious injury, and shared his oregano "vaccine" for the flu.
Denver Kiwanis Foundation News
The Denver Kiwanis Foundation remembers the following past members and their families who have added greatly
to our community with their significant endowment contributions of $5,000 or greater. Luther (Tudor) Gump, Lewis
Culver, Dr. Miles Markley, Charles Schoelzel, Alexander Forsyth, James Turner. Please remember the Denver
Kiwanis Foundation in your estate planning and charitable giving.

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a

                                                                    Kiwanis Club of Denver
                                                                    PO Box 18828
                                                                    Denver, CO 80218


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