All aboard for Rail Europe’s castles by CharlesDaumas


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									All aboard for Rail Europe’s castles

Train travellers to Europe cannot miss the incredible heritage the continent
has to offer and nothing shows this off more than its historic castles.

Rail Europe can offer the best way to explore Europe and all its treasures
with the Eurail Select Pass or Eurail Global pass.

Rail Europe’s rail passes give travellers the freedom to travel in and around
five bordering countries (Eurail Select Pass) or to all the 23 countries on the
Rail Europe European network (the Eurail Global pass).

But for now, let’s just concentrate on the castles…
Imagine you start in Germany and visit the incredible castles of King Ludwig
II. Take the train to Fussen and join Schwangau by bus thanks to Public
transportation from train station Füssen to Hohenschwangau in about 15
Minutes to visit the Neuschwanstein castle, the most famous castle imagined
by Louis II. You will then see the Hohenschwangau mansion that probably
then inspired the King.

Perhaps the most famous castles in Europe are those of France’s Loire
Valley. Train travellers can jump on the high speed TGV for a memorable
tour of the Loire Valley. From Paris by train, stop at Blois or Orleans and
then take a bus or a daily shuttle that link Chambord or Sully. All are close
together. It would be easy to spend many days in the Loire Valley but Rail
Europe has many more treats in store.

From the Chateaux of France take the TGV up to Paris and hop on the
Eurostar to London. From London you can catch the First Great Western
train to Windsor Castle, the largest castle in Europe or take the train up to
Scotland – to Edinburgh and its Royal Mile with the castle overlooking the

Once you are in Scotland almost everywhere you look there is a castle and
you can take a train tour of the beautiful majestic country taking in Stirling
Castle and Urquhart Castle overlooking Loch Ness on the way.

For information on European destinations, itinerary ideas and fantastic deals
on train fares, travellers can find everything they need to plan and book the
perfect train tour around Europe with Rail Europe.

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