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					                                                               Graduation Project Ideas
                                                             Compiled by John Heath, WWHS
                                                   A                                                              B                                 C
 1   Project Question                                                                        Potential Products                         Partner Agency
 2   What are the needs of children living with cancer?                                      Coopers Wagon Fdtn fundraiser
 3   What are the needs of children living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS?                 World AIDS Day observance                  Alamance Cares
 4   What are the needs of the hungry in Alamance County?                                    district food drive;                       Allied Churches, Loaves and Fishes
 5   How does the United Way impact Alamance County?                                         Pennies fundraiser; Intern at Uway
 6   What are the needs of the homeless in Alamance County?                                  pajames, blankets, toiletries              Allied Churches
 7   What can be done to make at risk children "college ready"?                              reading buddy program
 8   How can literacy be improved among at risk elementary age children?                     reading buddy program
 9   How can service and leadership be promoted among elementary children?                   Start K-Kids                               Kiwanis
10   How can service and leadership be promoted among middle school students?                Start Builders Club                        Kiwanis
11   What steps can students take to "green" their school?                                   develop proposal; implement ideas
12   How can campus and/or community gardens be utlized to address hunger issues?            campus garden
13   How can our school's SGA's impact be maximized?                                         SGA proposals                              NASC; NCASC
14   What steps can be taken to celebrate the diversity represented in our school?           cultural celebrations, student groups
                                                                                             exhibit; presentations in classes; paint
                                                                                             a timeline on the walls of one of the      Garrett Elementary School,
                                                                                             halls with room for additions (see         Mebane, NC
15   What are major historical milestones in the history of our school?                      Garrett Elementary)
16   How can students be engaged in raising academic achievement at our school?              Peer Tutoring program
17   What steps can students take to prevent school violence?                                SAVE project
18   What steps can students take to prevent bullying in our school?                         SAVE project; No Name Calling Wk
19   How does -insert local charity here- serve the needs of our community?                  fundraiser and/or service project
20   How can students be engaged in decision-making on our campus?                           Research and present proposals
21   How can students honor those lost on September 11?                                      Flight 93 Memorial fundraiser
22   What steps can be taken crease a more inclusive school for ESL students?                buddy program                             UNC resources
23   The Class Gift - What contribution can our graduating class leave behind?               Class Gift
24   An Oral History - Lessons from [insert retired educator/principal here]                                                           retired faculty/alumni
25   What leadership development opportunities are available for high school students?         Directory or website of options         HOBY, Kiwanis, NASC
26   How does [Civitans/Kiwanis/Rotary] serve the needs of our community?                      Attend meetings; volunteer with projects
27   How does Alamance Citizens for Education serve the needs of our community?                intern at ACE                           ACE
28   What is the impact of Habitat for Humanity in our community?                              Shack Out                               Habitat for Humanity
29   What are the needs of runaway youth?                                                      fundraiser                              Covenant House
30   How can students support the work of the Ronald McDonald House?                           RMH project/fundraiser                  Ronald McDonald House
31   How can consumers be encouraged to buy local/organic produce?                             intern at CSM                           Company Shops Market
32   How can academic achievement among at risk African-American males be addressed?
33   How can conflict among female students be prevented?                                      Start Peer Mediation Program
34   What are some opportunities for cooperation between our students and Elon service projects?                                       Elon University
35   How can students address extreme poverty in the world?                                    Empty Bowls fundraiser; hunger lunch World Vision, UNICEF, etc.
36   How can students address global health issues?
                                                                 Graduation Project Ideas
                                                               Compiled by John Heath, WWHS
                                                   A                                                                B                                 C
37   How can students address global hunger issues?                                                                                     World Vision, UNICEF, etc.
38   How can students be engaged in the school's daily operations?                               research/implement options             survey other schools
39   How can high school leadership and service be celebrated and recognized?
40   How can high school academic achievement be celebrated and recognized?                      Start Renaissance program              Josten's Renaissance
41   What steps can be taken to enhance school spirit on our campus?                             SIP contribution, SGA proposal
42   What are the benefits of high school study abroad/student exchange?                         Study Abroad Fair; IEW;                CSIET
43   What can students do to build a more inclusive school community?                            SGA Proposal, Diversity Council        Teaching Tolerance
44   How can gang involvement be counteracted?                                                   SAVE project                           SAVE, BPD
45   How can fitness be promoted among elementary students?                                      campus garden; soccer clinic           Whole Foods, Edible Landsc.
46   How can childhood obesity be prevented?                                                     campus garden; soccer clinic           Whole Foods Foundation
47   How can the campus grounds be enhanced?                                                     edible landscaping; campus cleanup     Edible Lanscaping
48   How does public television contribute to education?                                         UNC-TV fundraiser                      UNC-TV
49   How does leukemia and lymphoma impact the lives of children?                                Pennies for Patients
50   How does hunger affect children in developing nations?                                                                             UNICEF, World Vision, etc.
51   How does hunger affect people in Alamance County?                                                                                  Allied Churches, L & F
52   What services are provided by KidsPath?                                                                                            KidsPath
53   What services are provided by Positive Directions for Youth?                                                                       PDfY
54   How can young people benefit from the YMCA's Government and Youth program?                                                         YMCA
55   What services are provided to youth by the YMCA?                                                                                   YMCA
56   How does Teen Court serve the needs of young people?                                        volunteer at Teen Court                Teen Court
57   How can elementary students benefit from a high school mentor?                                                                     K-Kids, Key Club
58   How can a community garden combat childhood obesity?                                        plant garden at elem school            Whole Kids Foundation
59   How can SGA's across our district collaborate?                                              district wide meetings/youth summit    NCASC, NASC
60   How can high schools in our district collaborate in a food drive?                           joint food drive                       Allied Churches, L & F
61   What are some traditions of our school?                                                     Inventory of past/present traditions   Interview past principals/alumni
62   What is the history of the __ club at our school?                                           presentation in club mtgs; exhibits    y'books, n'papers, alumni
63   What trees are represented on our campus?                                                   tree identification signs              NC Arboretum, UNC
64   Who are the retired faculty of our school?                                                  Retired faculty directory
65   Who are some significant personalities in the quest for human/civil rights?                 Presentations in classes               Teaching Tolerance
66   What is the history of band/chorus/orchestra at our school?                                 interview/exhibit/class presentation   yearbooks, alumni
67   What is the health of the Haw River?                                                        river clean-up                         Haw River Assembly
68   How does the UNC Dance Marathon serve the needs of UNC child hosp familes?                  fund-raisers, dance marathon           UNC Dance Marathon
     What are some of the senior privileges of the past, and how could they be restored or new
69   ones added?                                                                                 SGA proposals                          interviews, y'books, n'papers
70   How can our school recognize National History Day                                           NHD proposal/observance      
71   How can our school recognize North Carolina history?                                        observance                   
72   What is the European Union?                                                                 Euro Challenge               
73   What is the NC Freedom Monument?                                                            fundraiser                             M. Warren; 919/942-2480
74   What are contributions of the Scott family of Alamance County?                              internships                            Scott Family Coll. @ ACC

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