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Valhalla parents and faculty association
                                                       OPENING LETTER
               Table of Contents
                                                I would like to welcome you to Valhalla Elementary’s 9th Annual School Auction
                                                and Dinner Fundraiser, “The Valhalla Derby!”
Opening Letter                             6    This committee has been planning this event since last August. It has always been
                                                the goal of the Auction Committee to try and provide Valhalla with financial
                                                support. It is our biggest fundraiser of the year. The hope is to help ease the
Auction Committee                          7    effects of the many budget cuts our school has faced, in order to preserve all the
                                                wonderful programs and resources our children have here at Valhalla. With the
Class Project Coordinators                 9    dedication of many individuals, countless volunteer hours and the generous
                                                donations from not only businesses but also the families and friends of Valhalla,
                                                the committee has been able to set in motion all the pieces in order to meet their
Donors                                     10
                                                goal of raising $40,000 for our school!
Evening Events                             14   I would like to thank the Co-Chairs, Iris Tessler and Patti Glafkides and the
                                                entire Auction Committee. All of their names are listed on the next page. Please
Games                                      16   take time to tell them thank you for all their hard work. Without their dedication
                                                and endless effort this event would not be possible. I am very grateful for the
General Information and Disclosures        18   hard work they have put into making this evening a success, and I cannot thank
                                                them enough. I appreciate all of their seemingly endless time, energy and
Auction Rules                              20   dedication to this fundraiser! I also want to thank the Contra Costa Country
                                                Club and their banquet manager, Chris Balough and his staff, for making this
My Wish List                               22   event possible. I also want to thank Jeff Kasper for providing us his expertise as
                                                our Auctioneer and last but certainly not least, a big thank you to our very own
                                                Dad’s Band, FOG5, for donating their talents and providing us with awesome
100 — A little of this, a little of that   23   music! It has been a pleasure and honor to work with all of you.

200 — Just For Kids!                       26   I would also like to thank all the businesses and families who supported Valhalla
                                                with donations of goods and services. It has been an amazing experience to see
300 — Summer Sanity                        30   the generosity of the families of Valhalla and to feel the support of the business
                                                community around us. Without the generosity of all the donations this auction
400 — Lucky Lady                           34   would not be possible, I cannot thank you all enough. As you browse through
                                                this program take note of the businesses who took the time to support Valhalla. I
                                                ask that, in gratitude, you patronize these businesses and let them know you
500 — Man Cave                             36   appreciate their support of Valhalla.

600 — Romantic Rendezvous                  38   Finally I would like to thank you, our guests, for coming to the auction. The
                                                committee has planned an evening with delicious food, exciting auction items
700 — Wine And Dine                        41   and lots of fun. So relax and enjoy the evening.

1000 — Live Auction                        43   Sincerely,
                                                Marji Calbeck, Principal

                                                                                   Page 6
           AUCTION                                                         AUCTION
          COMMITTEE                                                       COMMITTEE
Auction Catalog                 Check In                   Principal                   Class Projects
Lisa Mascaro                    Elizabeth Alvarado         Mrs Marji Calbeck           Kristen Balough
Nancy Stuart                    Teri Norbye                                            Julianna Freed
                                                           Auction Co-Chairs
Melinda Vanderveen              Cathy Oshima                                           Annsley Hiles
                                                           Iris Tessler
                                                           Patty Glafkides
                                                                                       Games Committee
Catalog Design and Layout       Check Out
                                                           Donations Chair             Ashleen & Carl Jensen
Nancy Stuart                    Judy Jung
                                                           Lisa Mascaro                Laura Hattich
                                Eileen Smith
                                                                                       Nicole Garcia
Decorations                     Autumn Green               Donations Committee
Patty Glafkides                                            Val Loe                     iPad2 Raffle Fundraiser
Amber Wild                                                 Debbie Mitchell
                                Live Boards                                            Dorothy Weisenberger
                                                           Kristen Balough             Toni DeAlba
                                Julianna Freed
Ad Sales / Sponsorships                                    Julianna Freed
Lisa Mascaro                    Volunteer Swap             Dorothy Weisenberger        SignUp Parties

Dessert Auction                 Michelle Strand            Ashleen & Carl Jensen       Shareena Fowler

Kristen Balough                 Hidden Valley Elementary   Jen Vanya                   Elizabeth Alvarado
                                                           Laura Hattich
                                                                                       Special Project
Accounting / Finance /                                     Laura & Mike Primus
Budget / Expenses               Website / Publicity /                                  Christine Rosa

Shareena Fowler                 Facebook Group             Online Auction              Laura Hattich

Karen Hines                     Iris Tessler               Tim Stuart
                                                           Iris Tessler

                            Page 7                                                 Page 8
                                                                           A THANK YOU
                                                                   Aerospace Museum of              California Shakespeare Theatre
Kindergarten                                                       California                       California State
Mrs. Hodes                         Laura Primus/Annsley Hiles      Alameda County Fair              Railroad Museum
Mrs. McKinley                                  Tiffiny Barraco     Association                      Cartoon Art Museum
Mrs. Motta                                     Jessica Budgin      Alpha Omega Winery               Casey & Michelle Strand
                                                                   AMC Entertainment                Cave and Mine Adventures
First Grade                                                        American Swim Academy            Celia's
Mrs. Gayrard                  Erin Hitchcock/ Julianna Freed       Andrea's Musical Adventures      Charles Schulz Museum
Mrs. Rosner                    Kristen Balough/Amber Wild          Antioch Water Park               Children's Creativity Museum
                                                                   Aquarium of the Bay              Children's Fairyland
Second Grade                                                       Asian Art Museum                 Chipotle Mexican Grill
Mrs. Megley                     Lisa Mascaro/ Shareena Fowler      Aspen Med Spa                    Chow Restaurant
Mrs. Richards                                  Tiffiny Barraco     Au Pair International            Churchill Downs
Mrs. Salem                    Katherine Young/ Patty Glafkides     Beach Blanket Babylon            Circle Bar B Guest Ranch
                                                                   Bella Oaks Stables               City Sightseeing
Third Grade                                                        Berkeley City Club               Club Ed International
Mrs. Criner                    Toni de Alba/ Shareena Fowler       Berkeley Hat Company             Surf School
Mrs. Roberts                                      Sharon Carle     Berkeley Repertory Theater       Coach Matt Lisle
Mrs. Sniteslaar            Elizabeth Alvarado/ Kristen Phillips/   Berkeley West Edge Opera         Coco Swirl
                                                Nichole Salita     Big 5 Sporting Goods             Contemporary Jewish Museum
Fourth Grade                                                       Blackhawk Museum                 Contra Costa Country Club
Mrs. Burris                                         Jenny Li       Blue and Gold Fleet              Country Waffles
Mrs. Gibney                  Siobhan Osborne/Tiffany Preston       BMW & MINI of Concord            Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon
Mr. Turney                                      Maria Briggs       Boomers Livermore                Cynthia Hodes
Mrs. Evans                                   Lynn McKenna          Bo's BBQ                         Dallimonti's Restaurant
                                                                   Brian Leonard                    D'Ann's Academy of Dance
Fifth Grade                                                        Brushstrokes Studios, Inc.       Diablo Lanes
Mrs. Goldsmith                                Becky Heinlein       Buena Vista Swim Club            Diablo Rock Gym
Mrs. Hewgley                 Tiz Woo/ Tracey Russell McKenzie      Buttercup Grill and Bar          Diahnn Goldsmith
Mrs. Lucich                                  Kristen Thorsen       Byington Vineyard & Winery       Diane Fortner - Cookie Lee
                                                                   California Academy of Sciences   Jewelry Consultant
                                                                   California Adventure Camps       Disneyland Resort
 Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing          California Canoe & Kayak         Dr. Jennifer Martin
         is going to get better. It’s not. - Dr. Seuss.            California Museum                Edgewater Resort & RV Park

                            Page 9                                                           Page 10
  TO OUR DONORS                                                         A THANK YOU
                                    Jack's Restaurant & Bar                                     Pete's Brass Rail & Car Wash
Ed's Mudville Grill                                              Morgan Karadi
                                    Jackson Rancheria                                           PHBA
Emerald Hills Golf Course                                        Mr. & Mrs. Andy & Anna Lee
                                    Jasmine Perry                                               Pier 39 Limited Partnership
Eric & Sharon Carle                                              Mr. & Mrs. Michael &
                                    Jen Vanya                                                   Pleasant Hill Martinez Soccer
Evan & Lynn Skolnick                                             Pauline Motta
                                    Jennifer & Donald Hedrick                                   Association
Evelyn Smith                                                     Mr. Andy Guiliano
                                    Jim & Patty Glafkides                                       Powell's Sweet Shop
Exploratorium                                                    Mr. Bob Turney
                                    Jose Delatorre                                              Q-Zar
Fabian & Shareena Fowler                                         Mr. Ken Ruiz
                                    Julianna Freed & Mason                                      Rainforest Café
Fern & Chris Thomas                                              Mr. Kevin Beadles
                                    Freed                                                       Renaissance Club Sport
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco                                Mrs Carol Gibney
                                    Kepler's Golf Repair                                        Richard & Tiffiny Barraco
Five Guys Burgers & Fries                                        Mrs Lucich
                                    La Mediterranee - Berkeley                                  Ripley's Believe It or
For Your Eyes Only                                               Mrs. Barbara Rosner
                                    Lake Chabot Golf Club                                       Not Museum
Forest Hills Aquatic Pool                                        Mrs. Brittany Field
                                    Laura & Mike Primus                                         Roaring Camp Railroads
Forest Hills Swim Team                                           Mrs. Diane Criner
                                    Laura Cottril Photography                                   Ross Stores
Franklin Canyon Golf Course                                      Mrs. Ginger Megley
                                    Lawrence Hall of Science                                    Roughing It Day Camp
FunFlicks                                                        Mrs. Kati Snitselaar
                                    Ledson Winery & Vineyard                                    Rubio's
Gallery of Jewels                                                Mrs. McKinley
                                    Liberty Gymnastics                                          Rusty Nails Handyman Service
Gary Brown                                                       Mrs. Richards
                                    Lifetouch                                                   San Francisco Giants
Golden Gate Charters                                             Mrs. Snitselaar
                                    Lindsay Wildlife Museum                                     San Francisco Museum of
Golden Gate Fields                                               Ms Arditti
                                    Lisa & Matt Mascaro                                         Modern Art
Gordon Beirsch Brewery                                           Ms Elizabeth Burris
                                    Mancini Sleep World                                         San Jose Museum of
Great America                                                    Ms Sandy Evans
                                    Marji & Don Calbeck                                         Modern Art
GREAT CLIPS                                                      Ms. Gayrard
                                    Marlo Taylor                                                San Jose Saber Cats
Gymboree Corporation                                             Ms. Young
                                    Master Bill Jones Tae Kwon                                  Sarah's Science
Habitot Children's Museum                                        Niles Canyon Railway Pacific
                                    Do Academy                                                  Scandia Family Center
Happy Hollow                                                     Locomotive Association
                                    Mat & Laura Hattich                                         Sew Now!
Hearst Castle                                                    Noah's Bagles
                                    Matthew                                                     SFMOMA
Heibel Ranch Vineyards                                           Oakland A's Community Fund
                                    & Katherine Young                                           Silver Oak Cellars
Heller Jewelers                                                  Oakland Zoo
                                    Melinda Vanderveen                                          Sir Francis Drake Hotel
Hercules Dental Care                                             Office Depot
                                    & Robert Bawolski                                           Sky High Sports
Hiller Aviation Museum                                           Old Faithful Geyser
                                    Miss Salem                                                  St. George Spirits
iFly San Francisco Bay                                           Pacific Coast Brewing Co
                                    Mission San Juan                                            Steph's Room
Imagine That Photography                                         Pacific Pinball Museum
                                    Capistrano                                                  Stony Ridge Winery &
Infineon Raceway                                                 Palace Hotel
                                    Monterey Bay Sailing                                        Crooked Vine Winery
In-N-Out Burger                                                  Pet Food Express
Iris & Mike Tessler
                        Page 11                                                          Page 12
   TO OUR DONORS                                                    EVENING EVENTS

Studio A                    Thomas A. Gonda, Jr., MD
Studio Grow                 Tiffany & Co.
Sunrise Bistro and Bakery   Tiny Tees by Iris
Super Station Car Wash      Turtle Bay Exploration Park
Tammie Parnell              United Professional Fire                              Contra Costa Country Club
The Bar Method              Fighters of Contra
The Families of             Costa County
                                                             6:00pm – 7:30pm ARRIVAL
Miss Salem's Class          V. Sattui Winery
                                                             SILENT AUCTION ~ GAMES ~ COCKTAILS ~ APPETIZERS
The Families of             VPFA
Mrs. Criner's Class         Walnut Creek Sports              Silent Auction
The Families of             & Fitness                        6:00pm - Check In Opens and Bidding Begins
Mrs. Gibney's Class         Westin San Francisco             7:10pm - First section of Silent Auction closes
The Families of             Market Street                    7:20pm - Second section of Silent Auction closes
Mrs. Hewgley's Class        Wine Thieves                     7:30pm - Third section of Silent Auction closes
The Families of             Yerba Buena Ice Skating &
Mrs. Lucich's Class         Bowling Center
The Families of             YMCA Irvin Deuscher              Games
Mrs. McKinley's Class       Yogurtland                       Horse Race Betting - $10 per bet / 3 for $25
The Families of                                              Pony Prize Wheel - $10 per spin / 3 for $25
Mrs. Megley's class                                          Horseshoe Wine Toss - $5 for 3 rings
The Families of                  A very special thank you!   Tiffany & Co. Mystery Gift Raffle - $5 per ticket
Mrs. Richards Class
The Families of                                              No-Host Bar
Mrs. Snitselaar's Class
                                            Our principal,
                                                             Drink Tickets - $6.50 each / 4 for $24
The Families of                  Mrs. Calbeck, because we    Beer, Wine, Well Mixed Drinks = 1 ticket
Ms. Burris's Class                                           Premium Brand Mixed Drinks = 2 tickets
                             can’t thank you enough for
The Families of                                              Complimentary Sodas and Appetizers
Ms. Gayrard's Class          all you do to make Valhalla
The Golden Skate            Elementary such a fabulous
The Jungle
The Marine Mammal Center               community and an
The Storyteller                           amazing school!
The Tech Museum
of Innovation

                       Page 13                                                             Page 14
                                                       IT’S OFF TO THE

                                                               Horseshoe Wine Toss- $5 for 3 rings
                                                         Try your hand and toss a few you might walk away
                   Contra Costa Country Club                          with a bottle... or two!

7:30pm - 9:00pm DINNER
                                                          Horse Race Betting - $10 per bet/3 bets for $25
                                                  Step right up and place your bet! Pick your horse to win, place or
7:30pm - Salads pre-set on tables                 show. The race will begin during dinner so be sure to grab a seat
7:40pm - Horse Race                              and watch to see if your horse is first to cross the finish. There will
7:50pm - Entrees Served                                     12 winners total (4 win, 4 place & 4 show).
8:20pm - LIVE Dessert Auction
8:45pm - Tiffany & Co. Raffle
8:55pm - Best Hat Award
9:00pm - Dessert and Coffee Served                        Pony Prize Wheel $10 per spin/ 3 spins for $25
                                                           Try your luck at the wheel! We guarantee that
                                                                         every spin is a win.
9:00pm - 10:00pm                                                    Prizes valued up to $120.00.

                                                              Tiffany & Co. Mystery Raffle - $5 a Ticket
10:00pm – 12:00am                                 Can you imagine winning a little blue box with a $275 Tiffany &
LIVE MUSIC ~ DANCING ~ CHECK-OUT                  Co. gift inside? How exciting to open that coveted box in front of
10:00pm - Check-Out Opens                        the entire audience at The Valhalla Derby! You’ll be the envy of all
10:00pm - Live Music from FOG 5                     your friends. Buy a raffle ticket at only $5 to have a chance at
11:30pm - Check-Out Closes                            winning an exquisite prize from a world premiere jeweler
12:00am - Event Ends                                                       —Tiffany & Co.

                            Page 15                                           Page 16
 live-in                General Information and
childcare!                   Disclosures

                       1. On the back of your program, there will be a print-
                           ed number. This is your bidder number which will
                           be used throughout the evening for the live and
                           silent auctions, raffle tickets (limited time only) and
                           check out process. There will be one number per
                       2. All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds possi-
                       3. All items are sold “as is”.
                       4. Please make arrangements with donor or contact
                           person for all services or lodging. Please make
                           careful note of specific conditions such as: time
                           limits, availability and black out periods. All ser-
                           vices will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable
                       5. Please call restaurants for reservations. Tax, gratui-
                           ty or alcoholic beverages are not included unless
                           otherwise stated on the donor form or gift certifi-
                           cate. There is no cash value to the certificates.
                       6. All values listed are estimates only unless the value
                           was set by the donor. If no value is listed the
                           auction committee was unable to determine a rea-
                           sonable estimate.

             Page 17                            Page 18
  General Information and                                                  AUCTION RULES
       Disclosures                                                        SILENT AUCTION

 7. The auction committee reserves the right to remove items      The silent auction begins at 6:00 pm and categories will start
      from the published catalog or otherwise alter the content   to close on a staggered basis starting at 7:20 pm. Once
      or placement of the item.                                   closed, no further bids will be accepted.
                                                                  The highest bid at closing time is the winning bid.
 8. In no way does the auction committee make any guarantees
      on items as to the authenticity, quality or value.
 9. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility
      of your purchase and/or donations.
 All certificates expire within 1 year unless otherwise stated.   1. The bid sheets will have a space for you to fill in your
                                                                     bidder number with the bid increments already filled in.
                                                                    The starting bid will be filled in the first space and
                                                                    increasing down the sheet in proper bid increments
      The	forms	of	payment	that	will	                               amounts. The bidder must legibly write his or her number
                                                                    on the line with the bid amount you wish to make.
      be	accepted	during	the	auction	
                                                                  2. Winning bids will be posted by the tables.
                 Visa,	MasterCard,		
                                                                  3. Any disputes will be settled by the designated Auction
                  Cash	and	Checks		                                  Officials.
                                                                  4. Be ready and on your toes! A silent item can go
           (made	payable	to	VPFA).	                                  “Live” at any time at the discretion of the Auction

          Raffle tickets, drink tickets and game plays
                will all be charged to your bid
number throughout the evening which will then be totaled at the
          end of the night and due upon check out.

                           Page 19                                                           Page 20
                                                                        My Wish List
                                                               Item #     Description   Bid Close

To enter a bid, raise your bidder number toward the
Auctioneer. A bid is recognized only when formally
acknowledged and called by the Auctioneer.

   1. The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneer
       shall be the purchaser.

   2. With the word “SOLD” from the auctioneer, the title to
       the item passes to the highest bidder.

                        Page 21                                            Page 22
           A little of this, a little of that                                            A little of this, a little of that

                                                                         103. Mrs. Richard's
                                                                               Class Project Give your home a fresh new look. This bucket
  100. Crazy For     This is a great coffee table book companion to         - Spruce Up That includes all you need to paint and prep any room
       Cars             the Disney Pixar movie Cars. The book                 Room In No Time such as a 5 piece painting kit (2 rollers, frame, and
                     describes the multi-year process of making the                           tray), a mini roller brush kit and tray rollers, a roll
 Value: Priceless                                                            Value: $318      of brown paper, a roll 1 ½ painter blue tape, 1 roll
                      movie, including the consultants and writers
                          whose expertise ensured the movie’s                                 sure tape, a paper machine used to prep, a caulking
     donor:                                                              Donor: The Families gun with 2 tubes of caulk, 2 pair of rubber gloves,
  Morgan Karadi      authenticity and appeal to children and adults       of Mrs. Richards 1x2 and 2x4 roller poles, pad edgers, 5 Purdy
                                           alike.                        Class, Rusty Nails brushes in various sizes, a putty knife, 2 brushes,
                                                                         Handyman Service and a wire brush. Of course to assist with any other
                                                                                              repairs you may have we have included 1 hour of
                                                                                              help from Rusty Nails Handyman Service.
101. Who's Hungry?
                     Become the ultimate gourmet with this Bella
    Value: $40       Cucina Panini Grill. This is a quick, easy, and
                                                                           104. Your To Do
                     healthy solution to making great tasting meals
                                                                          List Never Looked
                               and tasty treats in minutes.                                          This beautiful, handmade one-of-a-kind magnet
Donor: Jen Vanya                                                               So Good
                                                                                                     board if the perfect piece for any home. Great in
                                                                               Value: $40            an office, bedroom, or even a kitchen, it is the
                                                                                                     perfect place for notes, to do lists, and photos.
                                                                            Jasmine Perry

 102. A Goldsmith
                     This beautifully framed 16" x 20" oil painting of
                     the San Antonio Riverwalk was created by                                          Have a great remaining school year with a child's
   Value: $250                                                            105. A Little VPFA
                     Valhalla's very own Mrs. Diahnn Goldsmith.                  Pride                 size short sleeve T-shirt, water bottle, and license
                     Words cannot describe this work of art – it is                                  plate frame. Also included are a $10 gift certificate
                     absolutely stunning and will be a lovely addition                                 for our 2012 used book fair, and a gift certificate
  Donor: Diahnn
    Goldsmith        to any home.                                              Value: $70                for two ice-cream sundaes during our Valhalla
                                                                                                     Open House Ice Cream Social on Wednesday, May
                                                                                                     23rd, 2012. Then kick off next year with access to
                                                                             Donor: VPFA              the front of line during the 2012-2013 All-In-One
                                                                                                        registration and for your child photos. No more
                                                      15 %                                           hurry up to wait, just show this certificate and you
                                                                                                                           will be next.
                                                         !                                             Restrictions: Used Book Fair - Certificate must be
                                                                                                                     presented at time of use.
                                                                                                     Ice Cream for Two - Gift certificate must be presented
                                                                                                         at time of use. Valid only on May 23rd, 2012.
                                                                                                         Move to the Front of Line - Certificate must be
                                                                                                      presented at time of use. Valid for 2012-2013 School

                         Page 23                                                                         Page 24
              A little of this, a little of that                                                               Just For Kids!

                                                                                                                 This is a fantastic opportunity. The Bella Oaks
  106. Fit for Two        Get fit together with this one month membership              200. Getty Up!           Stables 4 week Apprenticeship program, the Bella
                          for two people, plus two fitness assessments at the
                               Walnut Creek Sports & Fitness Center.
    Value: $400           Restrictions: Must be 18 years or older, must show             Value: $135
                                                                                                        Saddle Club, is a character shaping program that
                           photo ID with proof of local residency. Not valid
                                                                                                          stands for the best sportsmanship and the best
                                              for current
  Donor: Walnut                                                                     Donor: Bella Oaks     horsemanship. As a group, participants learn
  Creek Sports &                                                                           Stables    good temper, good manners, and especially the joy
                                   WCSFC members. No cash value.
     Fitness                                                                                          of the horse. They also learn to treat their horse as
                                                                                                        a partner. Bella Oaks Saddle Club fosters superb
                                                                                                         equestrians and lifelong friendships. The weekly
                                                                                                         lessons focus on a variety of horse related topics
 107. At Home for                                                                          Item          and issues. As an added bonus, specialists often
      Any Home               Included with this 2 gallon Beehive Glassware                            drop by to share their expertise. This program gives
                          beverage dispenser is a $40 gift certificate to be used        Value         our apprentices the true sense of horse ownership
     Value: $90            for any At Home America product of your choice.                             without the expense. The students in this program
                                                                                         Donor        really enjoy the time they spend with the horses, the
Donor: Lisa & Matt                                                                                      instructors, and each other. Top instructors train
    Mascaro                                                                                            apprentices in equestrian care, including bathing,
                                                                                                        clipping, care of the horses, feed, tack, grooming,
                                                                                                         taking up the horse, haltering properly, ground
                                                                                                           work, cleaning, polo and other wraps, proper
                                                                                                          helmet fitting. Perhaps most importantly, they
108. May The Force         Unleash the power of the force with this XBOX                                  learn how to care for the horses to ensure their
     Be With You           360 Star Wars The Force Unleashed game. But                                    needs are met. Classes are on Saturday. Saddle
                          wait there’s more, this game is actually signed by its                          Club: Ages 10-17. Mini Saddle Club: Ages 6-9.
 Value: Priceless                      creators from Lucas Arts.                                                 Restrictions: Expires May 15th, 2012. The 4 weeks
                                                                                                                 must be used consecutively. Leather boots must be
Donor: Evan & Lynn Restrictions: Rated “T” for Teen. Game is brand new,                                                                 worn.
    Skolnick       but protective wrapping ahs been removed in order to
                                             be autographed.
                                                                                     201. Hey Batter,  Do you know a child who LOVES baseball? Then
                                                                                          Batter      this is the perfect gift for him or her! This priceless
                                                                                                        package entitles one child between the ages of 6
                                                                                                      and 13 to be the Honorary Bat Boy/Girl at a 2012
                                                                                     Value: Priceless  CPHS Varsity Baseball Home Game. The winner
                                                                                                          will have an opportunity to meet the CPHS
                       “Nobody can do everything, but                               Donor: Coach Matt baseball players before the game, as well as help
                       everybody can do something.”                                       Lisle        the CPHS coach set up some equipment for the
                       Author Unknown                                                                  game. As Honorary Bat Boy/Girl, your child will
                                                                                                         also be recognized on the field during the pre-
                                                                                                       game ceremony and get a CPHS Baseball T-shirt
                                                                                                                    to wear during the game.

                               Page 25                                                                             Page 26
                     Just For Kids!                                                                Just For Kids!

 202. Bucket of                                                               206. Time to Dance
      Books            Everyone will find a favorite new book in this
                      bucket full of great new titles for kids of all ages.                         D'Ann's Academy of Dance is offering one dance
   Value: $100       The bucket includes everything from Froggy Goes              Value: $60                 class per week for four weeks.
                      to Hawaii, Glory Be, The Maze Runner to The
Donor: Lisa & Matt   Grimm Legacy. Also included is a variety of snacks        Donor: D'Ann's
    Mascaro            and treats to enjoy while turning those pages.         Academy of Dance

203. Chopsticks to
      Mozart             Andrea's Musical Adventures is offering 4
                       Rhythmic Piano and Me group lessons for one
   Value: $60                     child ages 5-8 year old.

 Donor: Andrea's

204. Coming Soon
     to a Theater       We have a Disney/Pixar Brave (scheduled to
     Near You        release in June 2012) autographed original double
                     sided 27"x 40" poster. Brave is about a girl named
Value: Priceless         Merida, a skilled archer and the impetuous
                     daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor, who is         207. A Great Way
 Donor: Morgan            determined to carve her own path in life.              to Spend Your
    Karadi                                                                         Sunday           Grab the kids and enjoy a fun ride on the Niles
                                                                                                   Canyon Railway on any regular Sunday. After the
                                                                                 Value: $115         train, enjoy tasty family meal at Rubio's Fresh
                                                                                                       Mexican Grill with this $50 gift certificate.
 205. Pop a Squat                                                                                         Restrictions: Niles Canyon Railway -
                                                                                Donor(s) Niles
                        This is one very cool basketball bean bag.             Canyon Railway                    Expires October 2012.
   Value: $70        Extremely durable and will look great in any kid’s       Pacific Locomotive          Valid Sunday's only and not valid on
                                                                                 Association,                       special event days
 Donor: Mancini                                                                     Rubio's
                                                                                                   such as Train of Lights in December, Wine Tasting
  Sleep World                                                                                            Train in August or Special Steamfests.

                         Page 27                                                                       Page 28
                           Just For Kids!                                                                             Summer Sanity

They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made
them feel.-- Anonymous                                                                      300. Keep Away the
                                                                                             Summertime Blues This package will help keep away those summertime
    208. Become a                                                                                               blues with something to do every week, plus a few
         Master               This will entitle your child to one month of                      Value: $306    tasty treats along the way. Included are 4 attraction
                               training at Master Bill Jones Tae Kwon Do                                        tickets to Boomers in Livermore. Each coupon is
      Value: $50              Academy. Your child can attend any available                                      good for 1 free attraction of your choice, one time
                                                                                            Donor(s): Boomers
                                         programs at the school.                                               (choose between Mini-Golf, Go-Karts, Lazer Tag, or
Donor: Master Bill                                                                               Livermore,
                                                                                             Lawrence Hall of    Bumper Boats). There is also admission for 5 to
                                          Restrictions: No cash value.                          Science, Old      The Golden Skate roller skating rink, a family
                                                                                              Faithful Geyser,    admission for two adults and 2 children to the
                                                                                               Pacific Pinball Pacific Pinball Museum, a Lawrence Hall of Science
   209. Flip for It                                                                          Museum, Powell's   family pass, a one hour pass to Sky High Sports, 4
                                This gift certificate is good for a Liberty
                                                                                                Sweet Shop,    miniature golf passes at Scandia, a family admission
      Value: $80           Gymnastics pre-school recreation gymnastics class.                  Scandia Family      pass (2 adults, 3 children) to the Old Faithful
                            Choose from a 4 week class (1 hour class, 1 day a                 Center, Sky High       Geyser located in Calistoga CA, a $5 Gift
   Donor: Liberty            week) a 6 week class (45 minutes class, 1 day a                Sports, The Golden Certificate to Powell's Sweet Shoppe and a $5 gift
    Gymnastics              week) or an 8 week class (30 minute class, 1 day                Skate, Yogurtland           card to Yogurtland in Pleasant Hill.
                                                 per week).
                                                                                                                      Restrictions: Boomers Livermore -Due to the new card
                                          Restrictions: No cash value
                                                                                                                        system at Boomers!, there may be a fee of $1.00 per
                                                                                                                      person for the card activation for the attraction of your
                                                                                                                          choice. Not valid for group or birthday packages.
                    Roughing It Day Camp is proud to donate a $325                                                     Golden Skate – Expires March 10th, 2013. Not valid
  210. Roughing It
                    gift certificate (applied against full tuition cost of                                               for private or special sessions, such as school skate
    Value: $325     $650) to be used towards a 1-week session of                                                      nights. May not be used with any other offer. Not valid
                    Outdoor Explorers, grades 1st to 6th. Campers                                                       for the Snack bar, merchandise or birthday parties.
                    spend every day at the Lafayette Reservoir learning                                                           Please bring letter with certificate.
 Donor: Roughing It outdoor skills and exploring the natural world.                                                       Pacific Pinball Museum - Gift certificate must be
     Day Camp       Activities include: fishing, boating, hiking,                                                      presented upon use. Not replaced if lost or stole. No
                    wilderness living skills, outdoor cooking, crafts, and                                               expiration date. No cash value. Not valid on New
                    sports. There are also daily group activities and 13                                                                      Years Eve.
                    activity choice periods per week. Free central                                                         Lawrence Hall of Science -Excludes additional
                                                                                                                          programming fees for the Planetarium or special
                    transportation included and free extended care
                                                                                                                            Sky High Sports - Monday – Thursday only.
                           Restrictions: Valid for summer 2012 sessions only. Must
                           register and submit certificate by June 1st, 2012.Program
                           enrollment is subject to availability; enroll early to reserve
                           your spot. Non-refundable, non-resalable, non-transferrable &
                                                                                                    "I continue to believe that if children are given the
                           non-redeemable for cash or credit. Can’t be used towards                 necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their
                           Hello Horse Camp sessions. Note that you will be responsible             wildest dreams!"
                           for the remaining camp tuition balance.
                                                                                                    -David Vitter, U.S. senator

                                Page 29                                                                                    Page 30
                      Summer Sanity                                                                 Summer Sanity

301. An Extreme       Cave and Mine Adventures is providing a walking          304. The Ultimate
 Underground          tour family pass for 2 adults, 3 children at the Cal       Game of Tag         Grab the kids and have a blast with these 4 Game
  Adventure            Cavern located 15 minutes off of Highway 49 out                                    Passes to Q-Zar Laser Tag in Concord
                           of San Andreas, CA. This tour will take you             Value: $32
   Value: $62          through the cavern trails bordering the Cave City                                                Restrictions:
                         valley which leads to the cavern entrance. Once         Donor: Q-Zar
                      inside you will travel on lighted trail through seven                                        Expires July 28th,2012
Donor: Cave and        rooms that connect by passageways of all sizes and
Mine Adventures         shapes, viewing beautiful formations as you learn
                         about the unique history of the cavern and the
                         surrounding area of historic Cave City that was
                                        around the cavern.
                                                                                305. Who knew       Spend the day checking out all that the California
                                                                                Science was so      Academy of Sciences has to offer with these 4 guest
                        This bowling package at Diablo Lanes includes 1            much fun!         passes. Be sure not to miss the Penguin feedings
  302. Strike!!
                      lane for up to six guests for 2 hours of free bowling,                          and the coral reef divers – a unique exhibition.
                                         shoes included.                        Value: $119.80        There are also two newly opened areas: Animal
   Value: $60                                                                                           Attraction and the new Aquarium Gallery.
                         Restrictions: Must contact events coordinator to      Donor: California                        Restrictions:
 Donor: Diablo            reserve lane and mention certificate included.         Academy of           Expires March 31st, 2013. No cash value. Non
    Lanes                   Certificate is for Sunday through Saturday
                                                                                   Sciences                     replaceable is lost or stolen.
                              between 6 - 9 only. Expires June 2012

                                                                                306. It Is Fun to
                       The family will enjoy a fabulous day out on the                                The whole family will enjoy this 3 month family
303. A Day at the                                                              Hang at the YMCA
                         wharf with this Pier 39 Family Fun Pack that                                 membership to the Pleasant Hill Irvin Deutscher
                        includes 4 passes to the Blue & Gold Fleet Bay                                     YMCA. Included in this membership are:
                        Cruise or Rocket Boat Ride Tickets, 4 Carousel            Value: $389          · Dozens of group exercise classes for all fitness
 Value: $263.98        Ride Tickets, 4 Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze                                                         levels.
                        Tickets, 4 Aquarium of the Bay Tickets and a 2                              · Exercise, educational and group interest programs
                       hour validation for Pier 39 Parking Garage. Also        Donor: YMCA Irvin                      for the whole family.
Donor(s): Pier 39       included are two complimentary tickets for full           Deuscher               · Free onsite Child watch while you exercise
     Limited              admission to Ripley's BION & Odditorium,                                        (available to all Family Membership types).
  Partnership,        Ripley's Candy & Toy Factory & Ripley's marvelous                             · New, state-of-the-art cardio and weight equipment.
Rainforest Café,        Mirror Maze, all located on Fisherman's Wharf                                 · Indoor and Outdoor heated swimming pools.
Ripley's Believe It                                                                                   · Member rates for additional programs such as
                      which is in walking distance from Pier 39. We
 or Not Museum                                                                                          swim lessons, youth programs and child care.
                       also tossed in a couple Rainforest Cafe $10
                                    discount coupons!
                                                                                                     Restrictions: Expires March 31st, 2013. If winner
                         Restrictions: Ripley's Believe It or Not -
                                                                                                    decides to continue the membership after the free 3
                                   Expires March 2013                                                 month period the then required join fee of $125
                       Rainforest Cafe - One certificate per table.                                  will be waived for the future membership. Valid at
                                                                                                       only Pleasant Hill location. New members only.

                          Page 31                                                                        Page 32
                      Summer Sanity                                                                       Lucky Lady

  307. Dive on In!                                                               400. Nice Hair
                      Stay cool this summer while having a blast hanging                                   Cute gift basket from Great Clips with tons of
                      out at the Buena Vista Swim Club in Pleasant Hill.                                  goodies for your hair from Matrix, including hair
   Value: $100         This gift certificate gives you an entire month of         Value: $100                  spray, shampoo, conditioner and more!
                         summer fun. You choose either June, July or
Donor: Buena Vista                                                            Donor: Great Clips
   Swim Club                Restrictions: Expires August 31st, 2012.
                                       New Members Only

                                                                              401. Truly Unique
                                                                               Message Board               Handcrafted dry/erase message board using a
             If someone is going down the wrong                                                         vintage window. This adorable one-of-a-kind piece
             road, he doesn’t need motivation to                                   Value: $60               would be a charming addition to any porch,
             speed him up. What he needs is                                                             kitchen or entry way. It can to used to write dinner
                                                                                Donor: Sharon           menu, welcome a change in season, or congratulate
             education to turn him around.                                         Carle                   a family member. Burlap background adds an
             -Jim Rohn 	                                                                                             earthy touch of elegance.

                                                                               402. You Deserve
308. Great Times at                                                                               Create the perfect ensemble with a beautiful piece
  Great America       This includes 2 - one day passes to Great America.                         of jewelry from the Gallery of Jewels with this $100
                                                                                                     gift certificate. With three locations in San
                      Restrictions: Valid during the 2012 or 2013 season.         Value: $125     Francisco to choose from, the Gallery of Jewels is
  Value: $111.98         Not valid July 1-4 or for special ticketed events.                        dedicated to creating and managing a specialized
                        Tickets must be redeemed prior to the last public                          retail jewelry marketplace that sells handcrafted
                        operating day of the 2013 season. Not replaced if     Donor(s): Gallery   limited edition jewelry by Bay Area, regional and
  Donor: Great        lost or stolen. Excludes pay events/concerts and pay    of Jewels, Melinda international designers. Once you have your one of
    America              -ride attractions. Good at Santa Clara, CA park        VanderVeen &     a kind jewelry, you’ll need a great outfit, so we have
                                   only. Not redeemable for cash.              Robert Bawolski,    added a $25 Macy's gift card. Also included is a
                                                                                  Matt & Lisa    $10 gift card for Starbucks for you to treat yourself
                                                                                   Mascaro         to a relaxing beverage. All of these fantastic gift
                                                                                                  cards come attached to a decorative metal framed
                                                                                                     bird cage which can be used to display notes,
                                                                                                                  photos, postcards etc.

                                                                                                          Restrictions: Gallery of Jewels – Expires March
                                                                                                          31st, 2013. Can't be replaced if lost or stolen.

                          Page 33                                                                            Page 34
                    Lucky Lady                                                                         Man Cave

403. Where’s The                                                          500. Hit the Links!
     Fire?!        You and seven friends will enjoy a fabulous dinner                               Get ready to hit the green with this golf club fitting
                      made just for you by some of Contra Costa                                       session at Kepler's Golf in Walnut Creek. Then
Value: Priceless      County's finest fire fighters. Dinner will be           Value: $190              grab your clubs and head to Lake Chabot Golf
                         provided at a Local 1230 Firehouse.                                         Club for a complimentary round of golf for four
Donors: United                                                                                                       players with carts.
 Professional         Restrictions: Adults only. Expires March 31,        Donor(s): Kepler's
Firefighters of    2013 Date, Time and Firehouse location TBD and         Golf Repair, Lake          Restrictions: Kepler's Golf Fitting Session -Expires
 Contra Costa                   agreed upon by the donor.                 Chabot Golf Club                          December 12th, 2013
                                                                                                    Lake Chabot Golf Course - Valid Monday through
                                                                                                      Friday. Not valid on weekends, holidays or for
  404. A Little                                                                                     tournament events. Advance reservations required.
     *Sparkle*        This basket includes jewelry for every occasion                                No cash value and Expires December 31st, 2012
                   from Cookie Lee. For starters a $25 gift certificate
  Value: $100          so you can pick out that perfect piece then a
                      Sea Star Necklace, green sparkle silver hoop
 Donor: Diane         earrings and a genuine crystal bib necklace.             501. Fore!
   Fortner                                                                                    Call up the guys and grab the clubs and enjoy this
                                                                                              round for 4 at the Franklin Canyon Golf Course.
                                                                             Value: $210           This Course, located just off Highway 4 in
                                                                                             Hercules, provides an outstanding test of golf for all
                                                                                                skill levels. Also included to help improve your
                                                                          Donor(s): Franklin game is a fitting session at Kepler's Golf in Walnut
                                                                            Canyon Golf                                Creek.
                                                                           Course, Kepler's
                                                                             Golf Repair     Restrictions: Franklin Canyon Golf for Four Players
                                                                                                - Valid Monday - Thursday. Expires June 30th,
                                                                                             2012. Not valid on Fridays, weekends and holidays
                                                                                              or course declared holidays and cannot be used w/
                                                                                             tournament or league play. Please call in advance to
                                                                                                 confirm those dates. Donation letter must be
                                                                                                              presented at time of use.
                                                                                                 Kepler's Golf - Expires December 12th, 2013

                                                                          502. The Race is On          Infineon Raceway has provided two general
                                                                                                      admission tickets to Saturday of the Sonoma,
                                                                                                    Historic Motorsports Festival on June 2nd, 2012.
                                                                              Value: $80           Restrictions: Winner needs to submit information
                                                                                                       on certificate provided by the May 1st, 2012
                                                                                                   deadline to receive tickets. Tickets mailed 2-4 weeks
                                                                           Donor: Infineon          prior to the event. No extensions, replacements or
                                                                                                     substitutions. Race date subject to change, check
                                                                                                 for updates.

                       Page 35                                                                          Page 36
                       Man Cave                                                                 Romantic Rendezvous

  504. Go Niners                                                           600. The Show Must
                     Here is your chance to see the division champs kick                          Enjoy two tickets to The Berkeley Repertory
                                                                                  Go On
                     off the 2012 season. This includes 4 tickets to the                         Theatre for one of the following performances:
   Value: $240       first pre-season SF 49er home game. The seats are                                                Tuesday at
                          located in Upper Box, Section 17 Row C.              Value: $131        8:00 PM, Wednesday at 7:00 PM, Thursday at
                                                                                                either 2:00 PM or 8:00 PM, Saturday at 2:00 PM,
Donor: Mr. & Mrs.      Restrictions: Date to be determined once team                            or Sunday at 7:00 PM. Before your show enjoy a
Andy & Anna Lee       schedule is posted. Tickets will need to be picked    Donor: Berkeley    fantastic brunch or lunch at the La Mediterranne
                           up from donor once they are received.           Repertory Theatre,       in Berkeley with this $25 gift certificate.
                                  Not redeemable for cash.                  La Mediterranee -
                                                                                Berkeley       Restrictions: La Mediterranee Berkeley - Lunch or
                                                                                                       brunch only. Berkeley location only.
  505. Play Ball!                                                                               Berkeley Repertory Theatre Tickets -Voucher not
                       Included are 2 Plaza outfield vouchers to any                          valid for opening nights, Friday or Saturday evening
                       Oakland A's 2012 regular season home game.                               performances, or Sunday matinee performances.
    Value: $50                                                                                Limits and restrictions do apply. Vouchers may not
                       Restrictions: To receive vouchers, winner must                             be available for all performances, or for special
                      complete included form and mail between March                           events. Voucher not valid for In Paris or Emotional
Donor: Oakland A's                   2012 and May 2012.                                         Creature. - Expires July 2012. - Children under 7
 Community Fund
                                                                                                         are not permitted in the theater.

506. Are you Ready
for Some Football?   …Arena football that is! Catch a San Jose SaberCats
                     game at the HP Pavilion with these four end zone
                     non-club tickets good for one regular season home
    Value: $58                 game during the 2012 season.

 Donor: San Jose     Restrictions: Tickets cannot be upgraded, refunded
   Saber Cats         or exchanged. Certificate must be completed and
                         mailed into the Sabercats to receive tickets.

 507. Play Where
     You Are         This includes one round of golf for four with golf
                     carts on the fantastic private course at the Contra
                                    Costa Country Club.
   Value: $500
                      Restrictions: Valid only Tuesday- Thursday after
  Donor: Contra                    11:00am. Expired 2/13                          	For	every	home	loan	that	I	close,	re inance	or	
  Costa Country
                                                                                  purchase,	for	a	Valhalla	Family;	Wells	Fargo	will	
                                                                                  give	$300	dollars	to	Valhalla	Elementary	School.		

                         Page 37                                                                         Page 38
                      Romantic Rendezvous                                                            Romantic Rendezvous

601. A Night at the              Enjoy a fabulous night in the City with this        604. A Weekend
Drake and a Show                                                                       Night Away         Enjoy a weekend night stay at the Renaissance
                            complimentary one-night stay at the one of a kind                              Club Sport Hotel in Walnut Creek. You will
                            Italian Renaissance styled Sir Francis Drake Hotel.                         delight in an evening of feeling pampered, peaceful
                                 Located in the heart of Union Square, and             Value: $194      and oh-so comfortable during your stay. Then enjoy
   Value: $352
                              surrounded by culture, amazing restaurants and                            dinner for two at the Bistro (Sunrise Bistro that is)
                                 fabulous shops, this will truly be a night to                                      in downtown Walnut Creek.
                               remember. Also included are two tickets (rear
  Donor: Beach                  cabaret or rear balcony) to see Beach Blanket            Donor:         Restrictions: Sunrise Bistro - $25 Value. Valid after
Blanket Babylon,               Babylon, which is the longest running musical        Renaissance Club    5:00 PM. Expires March 10th, 2013. Tax and tip
Sir Francis Drake            revue in theater history. A zany musical spoof of        Sport, Sunrise      not included, cannot be combined with other
      Hotel                      pop culture with extravagant costumes and          Bistro and Bakery
                                                                                                          offers. Not redeemable for alcoholic beverages.
                                  outrageously huge hats, it is uniquely SF.                                          Renaissance Club Sport -
                                                                                                                   Expires September 30th, 2012
                             Sir Francis Drake Hotel - Excludes blackout dates
                               and holidays. May not be combined w/other             605. All the         Enjoy two tickets to the California Shakespeare
                                                 promotions.                        World's A Stage         Theater. Cal Shakes' home, the magnificent
                                  Beach Blanket Babylon - To be used for                                 Bruns Amphitheater, is one of the most beautiful
                            performances at any of these times: Wednesday or                             and unique settings imaginable to experience live
                            Thursday at 8:00 PM; Friday at 8:00 PM; Sunday at          Value: $86        theater. Located in the Siesta Valley, the plays are
                            2:00 PM or 5:00 PM. Unless attending the Sunday                             set against a beautiful backdrop of rolling East Bay
                             performances, everyone in your party must be 21                               hills. The 2012 Season includes The Tempest,
                              years of age or older. Valid, government-issued,                          Spunk, Blithe Spirit and Hamlet. These tickets are
                              photo ID is required. Seating is first-come, first-   Donor: California   good for a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evening
                                         serve within each section.                   Shakespeare                 or Saturday Matinee performance.
                                       Valid April 2012 to Sept 2012.                   Theatre
                                                                                                             Restrictions: Form must be completed and
                                                                                                        submitted to redeem tickets. Valid for 2 tickets to a
                                                                                                            Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evening or
603. Sail Away on
the Monterey Bay             This certificate is good for a 2 hour Bay cruise for                        Saturday Matinee performance, valid only towards
                             one with Monterey Bay Sailing. Enjoy your escape                                              the 2012 season.
                            to fun and adventure in the majestic Monterey Bay
    Value: $69               National Marine Sanctuary. Optional upgrade to                              Enjoy a romantic getaway without having to go too
                                                                                     606. A Historic
                                      sunset or dinner cruise for a fee.                                 far. Enjoy a one night stay at the Historic Berkeley
                                                                                                             City Club. Created by Julie Morgan in 1929
                                               Restrictions:                                            (creator of Hearst Castle) as the Berkeley's Woman's
Donor: Monterey                       Expires November 27th, 2012                     Value: $250           Club this hotel has been renovated and is an
  Bay Sailing                         No cash value, non transferable.                                    exciting destination hotel for architecture-lovers.
                                                                                    Donor: Berkeley         Dinner for two in the stunning dining room.
                                                                                       City Club          Continental breakfast and parking are included.
                                                                                                         Restrictions: Not redeemable for cash. Please book
    The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.                           reservations in advance. Subject to availability.
                                                                                                         Expires March 2013. Dinner excludes alcohol and
    B.B. King                                                                                                 redemption value is not to exceed $50.00.
                                 Page 39                                                                     Page 40
                      Wine And Dine                                                                       Wine And Dine

700. Dinner at Your     Enjoy two seasonal, homemade, gourmet dinners
     Doorstep                                                                   703. Wild Tree Gift
                          delivered to your door for six months*. Each                Basket
                           family meal will easily feed four people and
   Value: $600          includes soup or salad, an entrée with one or two                                     This gift basket is full of Wild Tree Treats.
                       sides (usually a starch and a vegetable), and dessert.        Value: $80             Includes everything from seasoning and oils, to
 Donor: Julianna         Every effort will be made to use seasonal organic                                     slow cooker sauces and gingerbread cake.
     Freed              produce from local sources so the dinners are not
                          only delicious, but moderately healthy, as well!
                         Multiple menu options will be available for the            Donor: Mrs.
                                               winner!                             Brittany Field

                       Restrictions: Meals will be divided into one in the
                      first half of each month and one in the second half.
                         Specific delivery dates can be agreed upon on a
                       month-by-month basis. Meals will be freshly made         704. Lafayette for
                       the day of delivery but may require oven warming.        Breakfast, Lunch &
                                                                                      Dinner       Enjoy fabulous food all from great local restaurants
                         Proposed delivery months are April, May, June,
                                                                                                     in Lafayette. Start your day with a dozen bagels
                          September, October, and November, but this
                                                                                                    from Noah's. Then for lunch, stop on by Chow
                          flexible. Food dislikes will be accommodated;
                         however, for everyone’s safety, severe allergies to       Value: $125      Restaurant and take advantage of their fantastic
                                                                                                    menu with this $50 gift card. In case you are still
                           dairy, soy, gluten or nut may require further
                                                                                                    hungry for dinner, we have included dinner for
                        discussion before commitment. A fully vegetarian          Donor: Celia's
                                       option is not available.                                            two at Celia's Mexican Restaurant.
                                                                                Restaurant, Chow
 701. The Ultimate                                                              Restaurant, Noah's
   Box of Wine         A gorgeous wood wine box from Silver Oak Cellars               Bagels
                       containing one bottle of 2007 Alexander Cabernet,
    Value: $250         one bottle of 2006 Napa Cabernet and one bottle
                                       of Twomey Merlot.
 Donor: Silver Oak
                                                                                  705. Libations
                                                                                 From Around the
   702. Cheers!       Enjoy a private wine tasting for 10 people at the                                  Your bar will be fully stocked with this basket
                      Crooked Vine Winery. Located in the Livermore                                      filled with over a dozen varieties of libations from
                      Valley, they provide an inviting atmosphere in the            Value: $275          all over the world. From Russian Vodka to a
                      newly remodeled tasting room were you and your                                     specialty liquor from Greece, you are guaranteed to
   Value: $150        guests will have the opportunity to taste their award                              have fabulous get togethers. Not to mention wine
                      winning wines. Educated and friendly staff                  Donor: Au Pair         from Germany and New Zealand just to name a
                      members are available to provide you with                   International          few!
                      opportunities to sample amazing wine, as well to
                      learn about distinctive varietals. Restrictions:
                      All guests must be at least 21 years of age.

                           Page 41                                                                            Page 42
                           LIVE AUCTION                                                                       Live Auction

                                                                                    1001. Movie Under
                                                                                        the Stars     Includes everything to host the perfect outdoor
                                                                                                      movie night outside under the stars!! Your movie
                                                                                                      party rental includes:
                                                                                     Value: Priceless
                                                                                                      · 21' Jumbo Inflatable Movie Screen
                                                                                                             · Incredible Sound System
                                                                                    Donor: FunFlicks
                                                                                                             · Quality Digital Projection
                                                                                    Bistro and Bakery
 1000. Cruise the                                                                                            · DVD/VHS Player
  Wine Country          The wine country never look so good, when                                            · Tables, Cables & Event Crew
                    watching it fly by while you are driving your rented
                       BMW or MINI Cooper. Available models are:                                             · Fresh, delicious popcorn, flavoring, and serving
    Value: $730        BMW I series coup, 3 series sedan or a 3 series                                       bags for 50 people. Great tasting popcorn - just like
                      convertible, Mini Cooper or Cooper S – model                                           at the movies!
                    type will depend on availability (rental is good for 4
                                                                                                             A Fun, Friendly FunFlicks® Host will provide
Donor: BMW & MINI days and 3 nights). While cruising the countryside,                                        complete delivery, set-up and removal. You simply
   of Concord,      be sure to stop in for your exclusive private tasting
                                                                                                             provide the movie and guests! Guaranteed to be a
 Ledson Winery &         for four at Ledson Winery & Vineyard in
                       Kenwood, in the heart of the Sonoma Valley.                                           smashing hit for you, your friends & your children!
Vineyard, V. Sattui
  Winery , Fern &    Then cruise over to Napa for your tasting for four                                      Watch the jaws drop in amazement with the
   Chris Thomas     at the V. Sattui Winery & Italian Market in Napa                                         antique style popcorn machine. It's lighted, festive
                     Valley. Before journeying home, dine at the Villa                                       and comes with its own big wheel cart! A friendly
                       Roma Restaurante in Napa with this $50 gift                                           Fun Flicks® host will stay for the duration of your
                                         certificate.                                                        event to oversee all technical elements and to cook
                                                                                                             & serve the popcorn.
                            Restrictions: Ledson Winery - Please call Ledson
                             Hospitality 48 hours in advance to make your
                                              reservation.                          1002. The Happiest
                                                                                     Place on Earth    Create magical memories at the Happiest Place on
                            Concord BMW / MINI Cooper - Winner must                                    Earth. This package includes four one-day hopper
                           notify BMW/MINI of Concord at least 2 weeks in                             passes good for entrance into both Disneyland Park
                             advance. Winner must be at least 25 years old,            Value: $600     and California Adventure Park. Also included is a
                           provide valid CA Driver's License, proof of current                          $100 Disney gift card that can be used at either
                               insurance and must complete a Loaner Car             Donor: Disneyland   park. Then, in case you get hungry on the drive
                               Agreement with BMW/MINI of Concord.                   Resort, In-N-Out   down we tossed in 4 meals at In & Out Burger.
                           Certificate entitles winner to 4 days/3 night’s use of    Burger, Mike &                  Mickey here we come!
                             vehicle. Limited to 500 total miles. Pick up and         Laura Primus
                              return of the car must be at BMW Concord.                                      Restrictions: In-N-Out Burger Free Meal - Expires
                                                                                                                                 July 31st, 2013
                                                                                                             Disneyland - Expires February 5th, 2014. Not for
                                                                                                             resale, void if altered. Revocable, non-refundable
                                Page 43                                                                           Page 44
                           Live Auction                                                                      Live Auction

 1003. This One Has                                                                1006. Retreat to
       It All!                                                                       King's Beach     Enjoy a fabulous family vacation at this Lake Tahoe
                           Dinner, Drinks, Dessert and Entertainment, what
                                                                                                      Kings Beach Cabin. It is a 5 night stay in this
                                           more could you need?
                                                                                                      beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath, loft with a futon.
    Value: $1,350                  Well, for starters fresh Dungeness                Value: $2,126    Amenities include: 4 televisions and wireless
                          Crab for 12 people will be delivered straight to your
                                                                                                      internet access, 2 balconies, vaulted ceilings, 2 car
                             door. Of course, you can't have a dinner party
                                                                                                      garage with additional outside parking. It is located
                          without beverages, so we have included four bottles
                                                                                                      next to the golf course in Kings Beach with easy
                             of Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2009 Callaway
  Donor: Mr. Kevin        Reserve wine and Gordon Biersch beer. Then for          Donor: The Families access to the lake, grocery shopping, dining and
  Beadles, Golden          desert, enjoy Sinful Bliss cupcakes with this $30       of Ms. Gayrard's more. There are lots of walking trails right outside
   Gate Charters,                                                                   Class, In-N- Out  the cabin, so we have included a basket filled with
                           gift card. But wait, we are not done yet...what’s a
  Tammie Parnell,                                                                      Burgers        snacks and sunscreen for you and the kids. Also
                           dinner party without entertainment? Local award
      Melinda                                                                                         included to enjoy on the drive up, are gift
                          winning musician Kevin Beadles will come to your
   VanderVeen &                                                                                       certificates for four meals at In-N-Out Burger.
                          home to perform a private concert. Kevin leads an
  Robert Bawolski
                           Americana rock band that plays a mix of original                                 Restrictions: Dates available are April, May, and up
                          music and cover songs influenced by Elvis Costello,                               to June 15th. Then again beginning September
                            Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams, John Hyatt, Ryan                                   14th through November, excluding Thanksgiving
                            Adams, and Neil Young. Check out his website:                                   week. This is a non-smoking home and no pets are
                                                                     allowed. Expires March 31st, 2013.
                            Restrictions: Fresh Crab for 12 people - Expires
                                                June 2012                                                   In-N-Out Burger - Expires July 31st, 2013
                           Kevin Beadles House Concert - Date of concert to
                            be at mutually convenient between winner and
                                                                                     1007. All that
                                                                                           Remains          Ever wonder what happens to all the wine was has
                     Grab your girlfriends and enjoy an evening that                                           not been won, or what about prizes left on the
 1005. My Big Fat
Greek Dinner Party you will not forget! Be prepared to be transported                                        wheel and even those last few donated items that
                      to the sun splashed, bright white buildings and                                           just did not make it in time to be part of the
                                                                                      Value: $????
 Value: Priceless    azure seas of Greece. This is one event you won’t                                      event? Well wonder no more.! Here is your chance
                   want to miss! As you walk thru the door you will be                                      to win it all. Our last Live Auction item of the night
                   greeted with a shot of Ouzo. Your host will start the                                       will be All That Remains. This package can be
Donor: Jim & Patty       evening with an assortment of six Mezethes                                            valued anywhere from $50 to several thousand
    Glafkides       (appetizers) that will have your taste buds begging                                       dollars, but no one will know until all is said and
                        for more. The evening will continue with the                                         done. So do you feel lucky? Are you willing to take
                     culinary taste of authentic Greek gourmet meals.                                        a chance? Who knows you might just walk away a
                    Then your host will prepare exotic entries like beef                                                         huge winner.
                     kabobs (souvlakis), fastichio (Greek lasagna) and
                      more! End this fabulous evening with the best                                         Restrictions: Items included in this package will not
                   Baklava you’ll ever taste, and don’t forget to have a                                              be disclosed until bidding begins.
                                    drink of Ouzo. OPA!
                     Date TBD between hostess and winner. Max. 10
                       guests. Scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance.
                                 Expires August 31st, 2012

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