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									Engineering The iPhone For Engineer Applications
One of the best things about the iPhone is the insanely large range of
apps available for you that offer convenience, education and even fun.

There are plenty of lists of the top ten games and time-wasters, but
here’s a list of iPhone apps specifically for engineers.

Engineer’s Calculator
Here’s a calculator specifically designed for engineers with all the
functions that you could expect to use in your normal working day. It
displays your results in the correct format and has most of the common
formulas ready for your perusal. At just $1.99, it enhances your
productivity on the go without costing as much as a latte.

RC Beam and RC Design
If you work in construction then you need these apps. RC Design helps you
with your calculations for reinforced concrete members, while RC beam is
a great tool when designing reinforced concrete beams. They retail at
$4.99 each, so you’ll need to be prepared to shell out almost $10 for the
whole set. Not much when you consider how much use you’ll get out of

element14 Everywhere
This is the mobile app for users of, a community of
electronic engineers. Now you can keep up-to-date with the website and
its users on the go. It is not just a social community … it’s a
depository of information, news and developments on all the latest in
electronic engineering. You can even ask for advice from your peers if
you’re stuck on a problem and away from your computer.

Electronic Toolbox
If you prefer references on electronics along with your conversion and
calculation tools, check out Electronic toolbox. It’s great for engineers
and electrical hobbyists alike.

Engineering Professional
If you’re interested in engineering outside of your own field, use
Engineering Professional to provide you with formulas and computations
for the whole discipline, from chemical engineering to environmental
engineering to electrical engineering. This level of depth does come with
a price tag – the app is available for $11.99 – but with over 650
formulas available and plans for more, it’s well-worth it for those who
need to work across the various fields of engineering.

This free app helps you order the electronic components that you need as
soon as you know they are necessary. Great for convenience and getting
ahead of the curve, the Digi-Key app even allows you to view datasheets
and specifications for products so that if you need, for example, a load
cell, you can read the specifications of each loadcell until you find the
perfect one.

As an engineer you spend a surprisingly large portion of your day
converting between different units of measurement – especially if you
have to deal with both the imperial and metric systems. Equivalence is
here to help you speed through these tiresome calculations. At $2.99 it’s
not the cheapest app, but it’s well worth it to cut down on the time
spent on the drudgery of converting measurements.

Whether looking for apps for work, play or simple convenience, engineers
should make a beeline for the iTunes store so that they can have these
apps on their iPhone as soon as possible.

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