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The Local Republican


									                                                         The Local Republican
                                                                        February 2012
                                                                          Jim Yee, Editor

FEBRUARY 14 GENERAL MEETING                                CBMWD has initiated efforts to harness
                                                      sunlight to produce electricity in the deserts of
    The next CRC General meeting will be on
                                                      California. However, Southern California Edison
Tuesday, February 14, at 7:00 pm in the Skyline
                                                      has not approved the connection of the
Room of the Cerritos Library, 18025 Bloomfield
                                                      photovoltaic power plants to the electrical grid,
                                                      thus losing the capability of producing vast
    The guest speaker will be Cerritos City           quantities of electricity. CBMWD is striving to
Councilman Bruce Barrows who will discuss             get that approval.
transportation issues in our region.
                                                           Carol Chen talked about the disappointing
                                                      California Supreme Court decision in December
JANUARY GENERAL MEETING BY JIM YEE                    to uphold State law that was passed last
     At the                                           summer to abolish redevelopment agencies.
January                                               Cerritos, like over 400 other cities, used
General                                               redevelopment to fund projects such as the
Meeting we                                            Cerritos Sheriff's Station/Community Safety
had two guest                                         Center; the Cerritos Senior Center; gyms at
speakers:                                             Cerritos High School, Gahr High School, and
Central Basin                                         Whitney High School; Heritage Park Play Island;
Municipal                                             Liberty Park; the Cerritos Park East Community
Water District                                        Center; and the Cerritos Center for the
(CBMWD) Director Phil Hawkins and Cerritos            Performing Arts. These projects created jobs
Mayor Carol Chen.                                     and vitalized the local economy. Abolishing
                                                      redevelopment agencies would produce a
     Phil Hawkins talked about various water          catastrophic financial impact on Cerritos.
facts and issues. The CBMWD serves over 2
million people in 24 cities. Colorado River                Ms. Chen pointed out that Cerritos had
water which comes to the Metropolitan Water           joined nine other cities to challenge the
District (MWD) of Southern California from            constitutionality of the decision. (Editor's note:
Parker Dam near Lake Havasu, Arizona, via the         the California Supreme Court ruled against this
Colorado Aqueduct is a major source of our            challenge on January 27.)
water. The California Aqueduct also brings
water from the Feather River north of the Bay         CALL FOR ARTICLES BY JIM YEE
area to the MWD but our allotment may be                  If you would like to contribute an article to
reduced in favor of the increasing water needs        the March newsletter, please submit it to Jim
of the Bay area. Currently, there is adequate         Yee at by February 29.
water stored in reservoirs and snow packs to
get us through a drought this summer. A
reduction from the State Water Project will
become a major problem if we don't have a
good rainy season later this year.

KNABE'S KORNER                                               These young girls have often suffered in
     Occasionally on this                                their own homes and then move to a life on the
job, I hear about things                                 streets where they are further victimized by
that literally keep me                                   local pimps and gangs. As a grandfather it is
awake at night. Last                                     horrifying to think of the lives these young girls
month, I received a deeply                               face. We must do everything we can to get
troubling briefing regarding                             these girls off the streets and on a path to a
minor girls who are being                                better life ahead.
bought and sold as
prostitutes across Los                                   THE SWITCH BY MATT KAUBLE
Angeles County. Some of these girls are as
                                                              Before December
young as 11 and 12.
                                                         2003 I was a registered
     While we often think of child sex trafficking       Democrat. Tim
as a problem in other countries, it’s happening          Escobar invited me to
right here in our backyard. Right now, these             the 2003 Republican
young girls are being arrested for prostitution          Club Christmas dinner
and often being released, as it is a                     to get me switched.
misdemeanor charge. As such, we have no idea             Afterwards I filled out
of the number of girls who have been forced              a voter registration card and became a
into prostitution, who have not yet been                 Republican. My sister, my mother and recently
arrested, or who are not being determined to             my father have all made the switch as well.
be sexual victims in screenings when placed in
                                                              What motivated me to switch parties, from
either foster care or the juvenile justice system.
                                                         being a Democrat to becoming a Republican?
     That’s part of the biggest problem on this          The answer to that question lies at the heart of
issue – we don’t know what we don’t know. A              how we as a party become the dominant party
few weeks ago, I asked the Probation                     for our local area and state.
Department to track and gather more statistics
                                                              I come from a long line of Democrats, as
so that we get a real sense of what is happening
                                                         both sides of the family came from Missouri
out there. Then we can aggressively address
                                                         and Arkansas. I was a Democrat because my
prevention tactics, figure out ways to combat
                                                         parents were Democrats, because their parents
the problem and develop aftercare programs.
                                                         were Democrats, etc. This is similar to the
     I recently attended the opening of a                attitudes I encountered walking Santa Fe
courtroom dedicated to the victims of this               Springs for Grace Hu in 2006 amongst Latino
horrendous crime. Through a federal grant, the           voters, where they thought that they had to be
Probation Department and Juvenile                        Democrats because they were Latino.
Delinquency Court were awarded over $1
                                                              So, again I ask: what makes someone switch
million over the next three years to implement
                                                         from one party to another? The answer is a
a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program for
                                                         change in worldview brought by a change in
sexually trafficked females in the juvenile
                                                         knowledge. Look at the platforms of the two
justice system.
                                                         major parties: one believes more government
     I also made a motion at last month's Metro          is the solution, the other believes too much
Board meeting to launch a public outreach                government is the problem; one believes that
campaign on Metro buses, rail cars, trains and           entitlements are a safety net, the other sees
stations – the places where girls are most               those programs as investments that have been
vulnerable.                                              mismanaged; one budgets seeing worldwide
                                                         revenue as a static pie, the other sees it as a

dynamic pool growing or shrinking based on             responses - for a 93% renewal rate!! WOW,
economic productivity; etc. These are two              can't get much better than that. Thank you.
antithetical worldviews with their own jargon,             Membership Drive by the numbers:
even though we speak the same language.
                                                              10 PATRONS @ $100 each = $1000.00
     In 1992, even though a number of my
                                                              Total membership drive income =
friends were for Bush, I was a supporter of
Clinton. Then during the spring and into that
summer I was introduced to Ross Perot and by                Six non-renewals as of 1/28/2012
that fall, I read his book and voted for him.              Please join me as we welcome our new
While I had not changed who I was, I was now           member: SYED SHUJA who joined on
open to seeing the world a bit differently. In         1/10/2012.
1998, when working as the controller for a small           Our next project is to deliver the 2012
sign company, I noticed how laws coming out of         Membership Directory to you by March 2012.
Sacramento did not make sense, and I
                                                           A club brochure will also be produced soon.
recognized that the Democrats controlled the
State Legislature and wrote those laws. By                 Rounding Up Republicans is the
2003, when I was asked by my friend Tim                membership theme for February and March. If
Escobar to switch parties, the decision was easy       you know former club members who have
for me, I just needed to be asked.                     lapsed their membership, please encourage
                                                       them to rejoin. 2012 is a very important
     People do not become politically active
                                                       election year! We need to renew our
unless an issue touches them personally. They
                                                       commitment to the Republican agenda and
do not switch parties unless they see injustice
                                                       recruit our friends and neighbors to the Party
and/or corruption in their current party and no
                                                       and our CLUB.
hope of remedying that internally. So as we go
about our daily lives we need to be
ambassadors for the values our party                   VOTER REGISTRATION BY JOAN PYLMAN
represents, not bashing someone over the head               An opportunity to Volunteer and make a
with talking points, no matter how tempting.           difference. Save the Date!
Instead, educate yourself on all issues. Then               In conjunction with the Republican Party of
plant one seed or water an already planted             LA County drive to "Paint the County Red," the
seed. Remember to have in your car a few               Cerritos Republican Club will conduct a Voter
voter registration forms (available at a post          Registration Day at the Cerritos Mall tentatively
office) and a pen. In time you or someone else         on Saturday, February 25, 2012, from 10:00
will be there to register that individual - an         a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Your participation is
individual who is like I was.                          requested. Please sign up for a shift at the
                                                       February General meeting or call Joan at 562-
MEMBERSHIP BY JOAN PYLMAN                              865-6592. We are targeting PAV registration
    We are                                             (that is, registering people as "Permanent
wrapping up                                            Absentee Voter") as well as new voters, change
the 2012                                               of address voters and change of party
Membership                                             affiliations.
Renewal                                                     This is a great way to meet the public and
Drive. We                                              let them know about our Club. And to get to
have had an                                            know other club members better. Please
excellent                                              consider donating 1 to 2 hours (or more) of
response! 74                                           your time for this project. Any Republican

registrations that we collect will earn $$$ for        2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
the Club.                                              President: ....................................... Matt Kauble
                                                       Vice President: ................................ Larry Andre
WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER?                               Secretary: ........................................ John Ekman
    If you are reading this and would like             Treasurer: ...................................... John Dawson
information about joining the Cerritos                 Membership Chair: ........................ Joan Pylman
Republican Club, please visit the CRC website at       Programs Chair: .............................. Allen Wood, point at           Hospitality Chair: ........................ Janice Dawson
Join at the top of the home page, and click on         Ways and Means Chair: ............... Roger Garrett
either dropdown link. To join, you must be a           Auditor: ......................................... Becky Lingad
Registered Republican.                                 Legislative Chair: .........................Bruce Barrows
                                                       Communications Chair: .......................... Jim Yee
                                                       At-Large Board Member: .........Lew Gentiluomo
FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES                   At-Large Board Member: .................. Rick Royse
    Happy Birthday to CRC members:. Denise
Andre, Tom Day, Lew Gentiluomo, Bernice                REPUBLICAN STAND ON ISSUES
McCants, Hugh Villegas, Joanne Witt, and Mary              NATIONAL DEFENSE - President Ronald
Ann Wood. If your birthday or anniversary is in        Reagan's approach to America's national
March, please inform Jim Yee at                        defense, which successfully confronted the                                     Soviet Union and ended the Cold War, is as
                                                       essential today as it was then. Peace through
PAST NEWSLETTERS                                       strength -- an enduring peace, based on
    At the CRC website, you can access color           freedom and the will to defend it. Today, it
copies of previous Newsletters by pointing at          requires defending America's homeland,
News and then clicking Newsletters.                    including remaining vigilant in confronting
                                                       global terrorism, maintaining a robust defense
                                                       against threats arising from nuclear
NEXT BOARD MEETING                                     proliferation, including a strong ballistic missile
    The next CRC Board meeting will be held on         defense for America and our allies, and
February 27 at 7:00 pm at the RE/MAX of                promoting an effective, capable intelligence
Cerritos office located at 13405 Artesia Blvd.         community. It requires a full commitment to
                                                       America's Armed Forces to ensure they are
                                                       modern, agile and adaptable to the
Occasional emails are sent by our                      unpredictable range of challenges in the years
Communications Chair Jim Yee. If you haven't           ahead. And it requires a sustained international
received one each month, please email him at           effort, which complements our military and add his address to your          activities, to develop and maintain alliances and
address book. To protect your privacy, all             relationships that will lead to greater peace and
emails are sent BCC.                                   stability. While the United States participates in
                                                       various international organizations which can
                                                       serve the cause of peace and prosperity, they
                                                       must never substitute for principled American
                                                       leadership nor prevent America from joining
                                                       with other democracies to protect our vital
                                                       national interests.
                                                                        Republican National Committee


                                      You can add your 2 inch by 3.5 inch business
                                      card to our monthly newsletter for $25 for 12
                                      issues. Mail your card with a check payable to
                                      Cerritos Republican Club to Cerritos Republican
                                      Club, P.O. Box 4193, Cerritos, CA 90703.


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