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									 Competitors’ service contracts – November 2005                                                                                              Dr. Ira Leuthäusser,
                                                                                                                                                   Christa Schulz

Note: This summary of competitors’ carrier contracts comprises contracts for infrastructure and solutions that are relevant for the Com FN business (hence no mobile
infrastructure and solutions), and service contracts that are relevant for the Com CS business (hence services for mobile and fixed network carriers). The covered
companies are: Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Huawei, IBM (only telecom relevant contracts), Lucent, Marconi, Microsoft (only telecom relevant contracts),
Motorola, NEC, Nokia and Nortel. With very few exceptions only published contracts are listed and therefore this summary of contracts does not claim to be
complete. If you know of other, not published contracts that are won by our competitors, please communicate them with christa.schulz@siemens.com or
FNC: Fixed Network Carrier                                      COP: Cable Operator
MNC: Mobile Network Carrier                                     SNP: Special Network Provider (Utilities, Railways, etc.)

Date     Competitor Customer Customer Region          Country Value Duration Contract Details
30.11.05 Ericsson   SunCom MNC        NA              USA                         SunCom Wireless has selected Ericsson's Mobile Softswitch solution for its next
                                                                                  generation core. The two companies will conduct IP Multimedia Subsystem and
                                                                                  Unlicensed Mobile Access trials to prepare the operator's network for next
                                                                                  generation capabilities. SunCom has begun to deploy Ericsson's Mobile Softswitch
                                                                                  solution to carry voice and data traffic in 3GPP Release 4- compliant network
                                                                                  architecture. After just two months of installation and smooth implementation, the
                                                                                  softswitch started full commercial operation in September; full deployment is
                                                                                  scheduled for completion in 2006. Ericsson is also providing network design
                                                                                  services, training and on-site support.
29.11.05 Ericsson   Absolute                WEU       SWE                         Absolute Music/EVA Records has selected Ericsson's hosted personalized music
                    Music/EVA                                                     service to make its music available for mobile phones. The service will be available
                    Records                                                       to 2G and 3G users via Absolute Music's website, mobile portal and SMS. Ericsson
                                                                                  will take overall responsibility for the music service, incl. Digital Rights
                                                                                  Management, content aggregation and platform development. The service will be
                                                                                  integrated, hosted and managed by Ericsson.
29.11.05 Nokia      Indosat     MNC         APAC      IDN                         Indosat has chosen Nokia to expand its GSM network in Bali and Java with radio
                                                                                  network and circuit and packet switched core networks. Nokia will also supply
                                                                                  cellular transmission for East Java. A part of the expansion has been concluded as
                                                                                  part of a three-year framework agreement signed by Nokia and Indosat in June.
                                                                                  Nokia also provides the Nokia NetAct(TM) network and service management
                                                                                  system, as well as network planning, implementation and optimization

28.11.05 Nokia      IDEA       MNC        APAC   IND                    IDEA Cellular and Nokia have launched Nokia's Intelligent Content Delivery
                    Cellular                                            System solution on all IDEA's mobile networks across India. The Nokia ICD
                                                                        solution enhances IDEA's mobile packet core network capabilities and enables it to
                                                                        connect both prepaid and post-paid subscribers to data services and charge them
                                                                        according to the value of traffic and content. Systems integration of the Nokia
                                                                        solution to IDEA's existing network environment (Multivendor Integration) and
                                                                        specific customization are key part of the agreement. Nokia provides IDEA with a
                                                                        comprehensive set of services, including delivery services, Help Desk, software
                                                                        maintenance and emergency support.
28.11.05 IBM        Horizon    SNP        NA     USA             Y7     Horizon Healthcare Services awarded IBM a contract for on demand outsourcing.
                    Healthcare                                          IBM will develop and maintain additional claims processing and other
                    Services,                                           administrative software applications. IBM will also manage Horizon's mainframe
                    Inc.                                                infrastructure and communications network..
24.11.05 Nokia      Bharat     MNC        APAC   IND   $ 141            Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has awarded Nokia a GSM/EDGE and GPRS
                    Sanchar                            million          network expansion project in North India. The expansion will include core and radio
                    Nigam                                               network equipment, and an extensive range of services. Services play an important
                    Limited                                             role in the contract, incl. complete network planning and optimization,
                    (BSNL)                                              infrastructure design, supply and implementation, and commissioning as well
                                                                        as systems integration and Nokia's over-the-air device management solution.
23.11.05 Ericsson   Digicel    MNC        LA     TTO                    Ericsson has been awarded two new GSM/EDGE contracts by Digicel Group.
                    Group                        HTI                    Ericsson will deliver and install GSM/EDGE networks in Trinidad & Tobago and
                                                                        Haiti. The contracts include radio equipment for Digicel Haiti as well as radio and
                                                                        core equipment for Digicel Trinidad & Tobago, GPRS/EDGE networks,
                                                                        transmission equipment, pre-paid systems, network management systems, mobile
                                                                        portal solutions, implementation services and training.
23.11.05 Nokia      AIS        MNC        APAC   THA   $ 55             Nokia and Advanced Info Service Plc have signed a deal to expand AIS' GSM
                                                       million          network in the Northern, Central and Southern regions of Thailand. Nokia is
                                                                        supplying radio network expansion and Nokia Unified Core Network solutions, incl.
                                                                        IP Multimedia Subsystem, 3GPP Release 4 MSC Server and Nokia Presence
                                                                        solution. The expansion is supported by Nokia's systems integration,
                                                                        implementation, optimization, project management and consulting services.
22.11.05 Lucent     Petersburg Business   EEU    RUS                    Petersburg Transit Telecom Selects Classica CIS and Lucent to Build Next-
                    Transit    Partner                                  Generation MPLS/VPLS Network. Lucent is supplying the equipment and software.
                    Telecom                                             LWS will provide technical warranty support to Classica CIS for the solution.
18.11.05 Ericsson   Sun        MNC        APAC   PHL                    Ericsson extends the managed service partnership with Sun Cellular to include
                    Cellular                                            Ericsson's hosted enterprise solution for push e-mail and Personal Information
                                                                        Management called Ericsson Mobile Organizer.
17.11.05 Motorola   MCT Corp MNC          APAC   UZB             Y3     Motorola announced a frame agreement with MCT Corp. to expand the mobile
                                                                        network of MCT’s joint venture COSCOM across Uzbekistan, incl. its capital
                                                                        Tashkent. The network deployment is currently underway. Motorola will provide

                                                                    network optimization services across the network in Tashkent.
16.11.05 Ericsson   VimpelCo MNC        EEU    UKR   $ 300 Y 3      Ericsson and VimpelCom have announced a deal under which Ericsson will supply
                    m                                million        a GSM/GPRS/EDGE network in Ukraine. Immediately following VimpelCom's
                                                                    acquisition of local Ukrainian operator URS, Ericsson signed an agreement to
                                                                    swap out URS's existing equipment. URS will purchase equipment from Ericsson
                                                                    to build out its network over the next three years. Ericsson will pay approximately
                                                                    USD 52.6 million in cash for URS's existing equipment. Ericsson will supply radio
                                                                    and switching components as well as installation and rollout services.
16.11.05 Lucent     BTC         MNC     LA     BHS                  The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited today announced it has
                                                                    selected Lucent to deploy a third-generation mobile network. The network will be
                                                                    deployed on the islands of New Providence, Grand Bahamas, Bimini, Eleuthera
                                                                    and Exuma covering the main towns, hotels, resorts and airports with voice and
                                                                    mobile high-speed data services. LWS will provide network integration,
                                                                    deployment and management services.
15.11.05 Ericsson   Telstra     MNC     APAV   AUS                  Telstra has chosen Ericsson to provide a national 3G/WCDMA network. The
                                                                    network will connect all of Telstra's mobile customers to one national network.
                                                                    Under a memorandum of understanding signed, Ericsson has been appointed to
                                                                    deliver and deploy radio access equipment, core infrastructure and services in
                                                                    support of Telstra incl. design, installation, integration and project
15.11.05 Alcatel    Telstra     FNC/MNC APAC   AUS   € 2.18 Y 5     Alcatel has been selected by Telstra as one of its key strategic partners for the
                                                     billion        operator's IP network transformation project. Alcatel will provide Telstra with
                                                                    comprehensive network solutions and end-to-end integration capabilities. Alcatel's
                                                                    responsibilities include network design and integration, product supply,
                                                                    deployment, maintenance and on-going support.
15.11.05 Nortel     Edge        MNC     NA     USA                  Nortel has been selected by Edge Wireless to expand its wireless voice and data
                    Wireless,                                       network in four states across western United States. Nortel will continue to supply
                    LLC                                             Edge Wireless with new radio base stations and high-capacity base station
                                                                    controllers, switching, GSM/GRPS/EDGE software, and professional services
                                                                    including installation, maintenance, and support.
14.11.05 Nortel     Patriot     COP     NA     USA                  Patriot Media has deployed cable VoIP technology from Nortel to offer Patriot's
                    Media                                           Digital Phone service to more than 115,000 homes in central New Jersey. Patriot
                                                                    Media will continue to use Nortel Global Services to lead planning, program
                                                                    management, multi-vendor integration, interoperability testing and on-going
                                                                    deployment of its VoIP solution to promote smooth end-to-end network
10.11.05 Nortel     Thales UK SNP       WEU    GBR                  Thales UK has selected Nortel to provide a digital wireless communications
                    / Channel                                       network and support services for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link between London
                    Tunnel                                          and Folkestone. Nortel is providing engineering, installation, integration, project
                    Rail Link                                       and consultancy services for the Channel Tunnel Tail Link GSM-R network.

08.11.05 Lucent     BellSouth FNC   NA    USA   Y multi     Lucent announced that BellSouth has selected elements from Lucent’s IMS-based
                                                            solution, incl. network integration and technical support, to be the platform for
                                                            BellSouth’s Voice Over IP service for residential customers in its nine-state
                                                            territory. Lucent will initially help build out the system. As the network integrator,
                                                            LWS is providing end-to-end multivendor network integration services, incl.
                                                            network and security design, installation and engineering, and program
                                                            management. Lucent also will provide multivendor maintenance services,
                                                            including multivendor technical support.
02.11.05 Ericsson   MobileCo MNC    MEA   JOR   Y3          Ericsson's push e-mail solution, Ericsson Mobile Organizer has been chosen by
                    m                                       MobileCom. The service will be integrated, hosted and managed from Ericsson's
                                                            operations center in Rome.


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