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					       Award Winning Publication of Golden Valley VFW Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary
           The Post Home: 510 West Allen Street, Clinton, Missouri 64735 Telephone: 660-885-5980
            Cathline Vest, Editor & Publisher—(660)885-9777 Email:
Commander:       Harold Houk   351-1294                     President:        Barbara Danforth        492-7495
Adjutant:        Roy Brandt                                 Secretary:        Pat Snyder              885-6817
Quartermaster:   Bob Easton    885-4920                     Treasurer:        Mary Hubbard            885-7404
Chaplain:        Jerry Day     885-5910                     Chaplain:         Cathline Vest           885-9777

Issue IV                                                                                     APRIL 2012

COMMANDERS CORNER                                          PRESIDENTS NOTES
                                                         Ladies our annual election of officers will be during our
Harold Houk                                          next business meeting. Please review bylaws page 61, Book-
                                                     let of Instructions pages 2-5, Section 802 page 60 of bylaws
                                                     and appointive officers, section 803, page 61 of bylaws. Also
                                                     we will elect delegates for district, department, and national
                                                     following the election of local officers. Please note: In order
                                                     to be elected, a member should either be present of provide
                                                     written notification of willingness to accept the office. Please
                                                     be in attendance, as we must step up and do our part to keep
                                                     our auxiliary operating in our post and community.
                                                         End of year reports need to be in to department chairper-
                                                     son by April 15, 2012. Please send a copy to district chairper-
                                                     son as well. If anyone needs forms, they can obtain a copy at
                                                     our April meeting, as I will bring the full program book to
                                                     that meeting. If you need help filling out your report, feel
                                                     free to ask for it. I will be available as well as some others,
                                                     such as our secretary and our treasurer, who can provide in-
                                                     formation from meeting minutes and treasurer's report which
                                                     would be helpful in filling out the end of year reports.
                                                         Thanks to those officers and sisters who were in atten-
                                                     dance and participated in the Memorial Service for Mabel
                                                         Remember the 4th Thursday dinner and fun time, as well
                                                     as 1st Friday fund raiser dinner every month. As always, we
                                                     need kitchen volunteers for Bingo on Tuesday's and Satur-
                                                     day's, and also for breakfast on Saturday mornings. If you
                                                     cannot sign up in advance, then at least just show up and of-
                                                     fer to help. I bet you won't be turned down.
                                                         Come early on the 4th Thursday before the dinner and
                                                     join the fun getting newsletters ready to mail, your help will
                                                     be greatly appreciated. Yes it is work, but mostly it is a lot of
                                                     fun to get together with others and see what can be accom-
                                                         As always, if you have any questions or problems, I am
                                                     just a call away.

                                                                   MO VFW Service Officer
                                                                Fundraiser Pins. Available
 FIRST FRIDAY’s                                                  through the Quartermaster,
                                                                  Ladies Auxiliary Treasurer
Fundraiser Dinner                                                  or they can be available
                                                                         through YOU.
                                                      For more info please contact the
    Open to the Public                               QM or LA Treasurer for more info.

                                                  FLAG SCHEDULE 2012
      Enjoy                                   ¡ New Years Day~ Sun-Jan. 1
Music and Dance’n                             ¡
                                                Martin Luther King Jr Day~ Mon-Jan. 16
                                                Presidents Day~ Mon-Feb. 20
                                              ¡ Armed Forces Day~ Sat-May 19
        VFW Post 1894                         ¡
                                                Memorial Day~ Mon-May 28
                                                Flag Day~ Thurs-June14
   510 W Allen, Clinton MO                    ¡
                                                Independence Day~ Wed-July 4
                                                Labor Day~ Mon-Sept. 3
                                              ¡ Patriot’s Day~ Tues-Sept. 11
                                              ¡ Columbus Day~ Mon-Oct. 8
                                              ¡ Veterans Day~ Sun-Nov. 11
                                              ¡ Pearl Harbor Day~ Fri-Dec. 7
                                              Flags up 6:50 am          Flags Down 4:45 pm
                                               Meet: front of Elks Lodge (Ctr. N Side of Sq.)
                                                  Contact: Bill Harrison (660) 492-0183

      POTLUCK ’n FUN
   Bring your favorite dish                           VFW NATIONAL HOME
 Enjoy fun evening of games                             FOR CHILDREN
                                                  NEW website is up, Check it out at
 510 W Allen - VFW Post 1894                       If you’re not already a Life Member
                                                  please consider it for this worthwhile
                                                  organization. Cost is $35.00 and in-
                                                        cludes a Life Member Pin.

   Solution - back page in Solution Corner.

              7 - 10 A.M.
          $5.00 All you want!!!
        Eggs to order, omelets, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, pancakes, hash browns, etc.

      510 W Allen - VFW Post 1894
              Clinton MO

                                     Cake in a Mug
                                       Makes 2 Mugs

Dry Ingredients                                 Wet Ingredients
   5 T Flour                                      1 Egg
   5 T Sugar                                      4 T Milk
   5 T Cocoa                                      4 T Oil
   Pinch of Salt                                  1/4 t vanilla

Sift dry ingredients and set aside.
Blend wet ingredients well and add to the dry ingredients stirring well. Pour
evenly into two microwave safe mugs.
Microwave individual mug (1 mug at a time) for 1 minute each.
Serve warm with a drizzle of caramel on top.
                                                                            Members of
                                                                          VFW Post 1894
                                                                   currently deployed overseas.
                                                                   Please provide information for those serving to the editor.

                                                               LCPL Stephen Schildgen
                                                               3/7 Lima Co, 2nd Plt
                                                               Unit 41590
                                                               FPO AP 96427-1590
                                                               Currently serving in Afghanistan
                                                               Feel free to drop them a line and let him know that we
                                                               are thinking of him and supporting him!!!
                                                               There’s nothing like a letter from home!!

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   DAYS TO REMEMBER THIS MONTH                                                 **Solution Corner**
To all those who have a birthday or anniversary this month….
             Many Happy Returns and Best Wishes!!
           April 1—Palm Sunday
              April 8—Easter
             April 17—TAX DAY
            April 27—Arbor Day

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