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Scholars (PDF)


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									                                                                                                                                                                                    * Savannah Morning News, Monday, June 27,1994 - 3C

                                              "Statistics will show if we can get
                                         kids back to 3.0 in their sophon
                                                                                      Commissioners To Discuss Widening Of U.S. 80 With State
                                         year, there will be only a small per-         Staff Report                             did, Commissioner Frank Murray               If that is done, the state could re-              gram. Commissioners said they
                                         centage of them that will fall off af-                                                 said.       _ -                           pay the county for its share when it                 would work for a way to give the
Continued From Page 1C                   ter their sophomore year," he said.              Chatham County commissioners              But the $20 million widening of       gets the money.                                      school system a voice in Plaritiing
   Starting Friday, the program is            HOPE officials also are dealing          want to use a Jury 6 meeting with a      the 5.1-mile section of the highway          "I support^ that 1,000 percent,"                  Commission matters.
being expanded to cover four years       with concerns from private colleges           state transportation official to dis-    from Bull River Bridge to Lazaretto       said Chairman Joe Mahany "We've                         • Adopted an ordinance prohibit-
of public college. The income limit      that fear free public college tuition         cuss delays in the widening of a         Creek Bridge has been postponed           got a cash-flow problem, not a fi-                   ing disturbances inside county build-
will rise to $100,000.                   will cost them top students.                  stretch of U.S. 80 to Tybee Island,      until after 2000, Metropolitan Plan-      nancing problem - and we do have                     ings and within 50 feet outside. The
   And private college students will          The numbers, however, suggest            commissioners indicated last week.       ning Commission transportation            the cash."                                           issue arose after workers in the
get an extra $1,000, rather than $500.   private colleges are benefiting plen-            State Department of Transporta-       planners said Thursday.                      Murray said the county gets the                   Montgomery Street courthouse com-
   But before fall quarter, several      ty.                                           tion Commissioner Wayne Shackel-             Murray, whose 4th District in-        blame regardless of whether the de-                  plained that a man frequently
questions raised during the first             During the first two quarters of         fbrd promised the widening of U.S.       cludes the highway, said the county       lays come from the local, state or                   shouted Bible passages inside and
year of HOPE may have to be an-          the 1993-94 school year, 14,946 pri-          80 would be sped up if county voters     should see if it can use some of its      national level.                                      disturbed court proceedings.
swered.                                  vate college students received                approved an extension of the spe-        available tax money to move up con-          "The county is being criticized,                     • Endorsed a plan by the Savan-
    One is the criteria for receiving    HOPE-enhanced tuition equalization            cial-purpose sales tax, which they       struction of tf§ project.                 not the state, not Tybee Island, not                 nah Tree Foundation to negotiate
 - and keeping - a scholarship.          payments. By contrast, 8,597 public                                                                                              Port Wentwprth," Murray said.                        with property owners to plant trees
    Vollmer said preliminary figures     college and university students ben-                                                                                                Meanwhile, Chatham County En-                     on the Waters Avenue widening pro-
show about 62 to 63 percent of the       efited from the program.                                                                                                         gineer George Lyons told commis-                     ject. The road is being widened be-
6,600 public college and university
freshmen didn't maintain a "B," or
3.0 grade-point average. That makes
                                              Georgia Military College and
                                         Truett McConnell College, two pri-
                                         vate schools, enrolled more HOPE
                                                                                       Team                                      tions and broken bones to gastroin-
                                                                                                                                 testinal illnesses common in south-
                                                                                                                                east Asia.
                                                                                                                                                                          sioners that the widening of U.S. 80
                                                                                                                                                                          between Bryan Woods Road and the
                                                                                                                                                                          Bull River Bridge will begin in fiscal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               tween Stephenson Avenue and Mont-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               gomery Crossroad, and many trees
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               have been cut to make room for the
them ineligible for HOPE in their        scholars than any public college or                                                         The list includes tapes, massage     19&7.                                                extra lanes.
                                         university.                                   Continued From Page 1C                    lotion, disinfectants for tables, su-,       In other matters, commissioners:                     "Certainly on Waters Avenue,
sophomore year.                               During the first two quarters,
    Harry Downs, acting chancellor                                                     ships, held the first weekend in May      tares, casting, antibiotics, anti-in-       •• Put off until August discussion                you only have to drive a little ways
of the University System of Georgia,     HOPE officials recorded only one              in Kansas City, Mo., Wheeler said.       flammatory drugs, gauze, Band-            of the county school board's request                 to see that it Is a war zone," said
said such figures should be expected     freshman and three sophomores at                 There, U.S. Weightliftlng Federa-      Aids and sunscreen.                      for representation on the Metropoli-                 Paige Hungerpillar, chairwoman of
and the grade requirements should        the public Medical College of Geor-           tion officials approached Wheeler             While Wheeler and Vacala are or-     tan Planning Commission in light of                  the Chatham County Tree Commis-
be lowered.                              gia who got scholarships, although            and asked him if he'd be willing to      ganizing medical supplies, McMuI-         the school system's building pro-                    sion.
    Downs said the grade-point aver      an MCG financial aid officer said             provide the medical coverage at the      len and Wilson will leave next week
age of a typical college freshman         that figure later increased to about         Indonesia competition.                   for the U.S. Weightlifting Federation
drops about half a grade - or .5          10,                                              "I think the fact that Team Sa-      training center in Colorado Springs,      Minnesota Native Wins Think-Off
grade average - from their high               The low figure, MCG officials            vannah made up 25 percent of the         Colo., for two weeks of intensive
                                          said, is due to the tiny number of                                                                                              The Associated Press                                 and in a fish, you can find a rhythm
school scores. So a 3.0, or "B" high                                                   team this year played a big role in      workouts.                                                                                      that is common to all of life," he
school average, would drop to 2.5,        first- and second-year students at           me being selected to cover the                Their trip will be backed by Can-
                                          the school.                                                                                                                        NEW YORK MILLS, Minn. -                           said.
making a student ineligible for                                                        worlds," Wheeler said.                   dler Hospital, which recently be-         Even a fish's life is meaningful, phi-                   Hilts defeated the first runner-up,
HOPE.                                         Meanwhile, Gov. Zell Miller's               At the Junior Worlds, Wheeler         came the official sponsor of Team
                                          alma mater, Young Harris College,                                                                                               losophizes the fisherman. That's                     Zen Buddhist monk Charles Carpen-
    "You're getting into a highly                                                      and Vacala will handle routine med-      Savannah, providing members with          meaningless, says the Zen Buddhist.                  ter of Coon Rapids, Iowa, by a vote
competitive environment," Downs           had 483 students receiving HOPE tu-          ical care, but they have to be pre-      a portion of their training and trav-
                                          ition equalization money.                                                                                                          Both were meaningful in the final                 of 70-54 from the audience.
said. "You can be the leading player                                                   pared to deal with anything that can     eling funds.                              standings of the second annual                           But Hilts said he believed that
on your high school football team,            One of the main reasons more             happen to the athletes or then4 four         But once in Indonesia, the famili-
                                          private students benefited is that                                                                                              Great Midwestern Think-Off.                          Carpenter out-thought him.
but once you get to college, you're                                                    coaches.                                 ar faces of Savannah will comfort            Peter Hilts won the think-off with                    Carpenter argued persuasively
near the middle or the bottom."           public college students must have a             In addition to the U.S. team, ath-    McMullen, who lives in Thunderbolt
                                          "B" average to get a HOPE scholar-                                                                                              a little inspiration from his second                 that life is neither meaningful nor
    Downs said anyone who main-                                                        letes from Third World countries         and trains at Howard's Gym on Vic-        career. The 25-year-old Lakeville                    meaningless, Hilts said.
tains a 2.5 grade-point average, the      ship. That policy doesn't apply for          also may ask for medical help,           tory Drive and with Team Savannah         resident is a high school social stud-                   The event was held at the New
equivalent of a C+, is a "pretty good     private school tuition equalization          Wheeler said.                            at Herty Elementary School on Skid-       ies teacher, but in the summer he                    York Mills Regional Cultural Center
scholar" and should be rewarded           grants.                                          Holding up a seven-page facsimi-     away Road.                                usually works as a commercial fish-                  in this town of 940 about 150 miles
with a HOPE scholarship.                       However, HOPE money doesn't             le from the U.S. Weightlifling Feder-        "We know these guys a lot,"                                                                northwest of Minneapolis. More than
                                          pay the entire tuition bill at private                                                                                          erman in Alaska.
    Lawmakers keeping an eye on                                                        ation, Vacala rattled off the supplies   McMullen said of Wheeler and                 When an audience member at                        650 people from 12 states entered.
the program don't think so.               colleges, while it does at public col-       that have to be transported to Jakar-    Vacala. "We know that they know           Saturday night's competition tried to                The center is a not-for-profit organi-
    "That's ridiculous," said Rep.        leges. That has raised concerns that         ta to treat everything from infec-       what they're doing."                      stump him by asking what life                        zation dedicated to expanding the
John White, D-Albany, vice chair-          "A" and "B" students who other-                                                                                                means for a fish, Hilts was ready.                   cultural and creative opportunities
man of the House Education Com-          wise might choose a private college                                                                                                 "My answer is meaning is not                      of rural Americans.
mittee. "If you're going to do that,
why call it scholarship? If you want
                                         will attend a public school instead.
                                              "Public colleges are looking at          Gas Prices Jump 2 Cents                                                            limited to consciousness. But the life
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Dail\           News-Press Comics
                                         the private colleges and saying,                                                                                                 cycle of a fish is meaningful, the                                         For A
to just go out and give the money                                                      The Associated Press                     gallon, up 2.08 cents, between June       survival drive of a fish is meaningful
away, you should do that."                'They don't have the same criteria                                                    10 and June 24, said Trilby Lund-                                                                     SfE WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU'
                                          we do,' " Vollmer said. "Then you               LOS ANGELES - The retail              berg, who directs the biweekly
   Vollmer said one option is to let      have the private colleges saying, 'A         price of gasoline nationwide jumped      Lundberg Survey .
freshmen who failed to maintain a         kid can go to a public college, tui-         more than 2 cents per gallon during         The retail price rose slower than
3.0 get their grades up their sopho-      tion-free. We are at an unfair disad-        the past two weeks, an industry ana-     wholesale prices, suggesting that the
more year to win reinstatement into
                                          vantage; that's going to drive us out
                                          of business.' "
                                                                                       lyst said Sunday.
                                                                                          The price rose to 118.4 cents per
                                                                                                                                cost of gasoline will continue to
                                                                                                                                climb as retailers catch up.
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