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Save The Bay Launches The Bay Classroom


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									The NewsleTTer of Save The Bay                                                                                             Fall 2005

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 Save The Bay Launches The Bay Classroom                                                                                  re st or

 Save The Bay launched The Bay Classroom                The Bay Classroom also helps students
 (                   who participate in Save The Bay’s Watershed
 in August as an interactive, educational web-      Education programs get the most out of their
 site for students of all ages to learn about San   Bay experience. Every year, Save The Bay
 Francisco Bay. Features on the site include        takes more than 5,000 students on a Canoes                 Visit Our Website
 Bay history, Bay plants and animals, issues        In Sloughs (pronounced “slews”) program,
 affecting the Bay, a glossary, links, at-home      an award-winning, on-the-water field trip that
 activities and more.                               teaches Bay science to middle and high school
     The Bay Classroom also gives visitors a        students throughout the Bay Area.                         Join the Bay savers
 chance to test their Bay knowledge. How well           “Teachers can use The Bay Classroom to                e-mail action network
 do you know the Bay?                               get students excited about their outing, since a
     What percentage of the Bay wetlands remain?    Canoes In Sloughs trip is often a student’s first         learn about the Bay in
     How many San Francisco Bay species are on      on-the-water experience. Exploring the web-               The Bay Classroom
 the Federal Endangered Species list?               site in the classroom will enhance students’
     What percentage of California is included in   knowledge of what they experience from the                sign up for exciting
 San Francisco Bay’s watershed?                     canoe,” says Save The Bay’s Education Pro-                discover The Bay outings
     How many tidal cycles does the Bay experi-                                     CoNTiNued oN page 3
 ence every 24 hours?
     You can find the answers to these questions       The Bay Classroom offers a rich educational expe-
 or take the entire quiz in The Bay Classroom.      rience to anyone interested in learning about the Bay.
                                staff corner
                                                 Member Support Brings Great Bay victories
                                                  Forty years ago, Save The Bay members        of us to save it for future generations.
                                                  helped to secure a moratorium on the            Runoff carrying hazardous pollution like
                                                  devastating practice of massive Bay land-    mercury, bacteria, pesticides and other in-
                                                  fill that had already reduced the Bay’s      dustrial toxics is one of the greatest threats
                                                  size by one-third. By convincing the         to the Bay. Scientists estimate that we need
                                                  legislature and governor to create the       to restore 100,000 acres of wetlands to
                                                       San Francisco Bay Conservation and      make the Bay and Delta healthy again.
                                                       Development Commission (BCDC),             I’m proud of our successful campaign
                                                       we stopped the Bay from being nar-      that forced the U.S. Navy to clean up a
                                                       rowed to a river.                       toxic Superfund site on the Bay shoreline
                                                         BCDC has prevented hundreds of        at Moffett Field so that wetlands can be
                                                       square miles of unnecessary landfill    restored there. We’re tackling pollution
                                                       and permitted wetland restoration       so people can fish, windsurf, sail and swim
                                                       and mitigation projects that will       safely. We’re mobilizing thousands of
                                                       make the Bay thousands of acres         adults and students to restore the shore-
             David Lewis                       larger. It has authorized more than $14.4       line by hand. But we can’t protect the Bay
        Executive Director                     billion in shoreline development that has       without you.
                                               spurred the region’s economic engine.              Save The Bay depends on generous
                                               It has opened up more than 900 acres            support from our members to protect and
                                               of new public access for trails, parks and      restore the Bay. I hope you will remain
                                               water recreation along more than 90 miles       engaged in our fun and rewarding efforts,
                                               of Bay shoreline for all Bay Area residents     and make a generous, tax-deductible gift
                                               to enjoy.                                       to Save The Bay before the end of this
                                                  The Bay Area’s economy and quality           year.
                                               of life depend on a healthy and vibrant            Thank you for making our work possible!
                    Vol. 44, No. 2             Bay, and Bay Area residents want to see it
                         fall 2005
                                               protected. The Bay needed those Save The
         editor: desirée aquino
              associate editor:
                                               Bay members who helped to create BCDC
                   Kirk Mcewen                 forty years ago, and the Bay still needs all
                     Tom Keller,
                  Marilyn latta,
                felicia Madsen,
               roy McCandless
                                                Make a Stock Gift to Save The Bay
  printing: sequoyah graphics,
                   oakland, Ca
                                                gifts of stock are an outstanding way to help save The Bay continue its crucial work to
                                                protect and restore san francisco Bay. donating appreciated stocks can help you avoid
                                                capital gains taxes and receive a charitable tax deduction for the full market value of the
                                                shares. To make a gift, please provide your broker with the following information:

                                                our brokerage firm and their phone number:         Charles schwab 1-800-435-4000
save san francisco Bay association              Brokerage dTC number:                              0164-40
      350 frank h. ogawa plaza
                                                our account name:                                  save san francisco Bay association
             oakland, Ca 94612
            phone 510.452.9261                  our account number:                                2682-5218
                                                our tax-payer id number:                           94-6078420

                                                in addition, please contact save The Bay’s development director eliza dexter at
                                                (510) 452-9261 x106, so we may ensure that your gift is recorded accurately.
creature feature
                   The Sandhill Crane
          Sandhill cranes are one of only 15        cult for the population to recover.
          crane species in the world today, and         Sandhill cranes select one mate for life
          the majority are endangered or near       and return to the same nesting location
          extinction. They are also the oldest      year after year. When a pair migrates,
          living species of bird, with fossils      they are usually accompanied by their
          dating back over 6 million years!         one or two offspring from the pre-
    One subspecies of crane that spends the         vious mating season. However,
winter in California’s Central Valley is the        sandhill cranes are very territo-
greater sandhill crane. At approximately five       rial and don’t allow other sandhills
feet, the greater sandhill crane is one of the      near their nesting area, not even
tallest birds in the world. Each weighs eight       their young from the previous year.
to twelve pounds and has a seven foot wing-             Cranes look for nesting places in
span. They are grey with a bare red patch           remote wetland areas. Their large nests
on the skin of the forehead and have heavy          are constructed of vegetation to form
bodies, long necks and legs.                        a mound surrounded by a moat. Sandhill
    Cranes eat a variety of plants and ani-         cranes typically lay two oval-shaped eggs, which
mals, including snails, crayfish, worms,            can be twice the size of a chicken’s egg. Both

                                                                                                                            us fish and wildlife service
mice, frogs, snakes, and insects. These             parents incubate the nest and raise the young.
birds do a lot of digging with their bills          The sandhill crane offspring grow rapidly and
and can creep several inches below the              within two and a half months, are ready to fly.
surface in search of food.                              Cranes have long been identified with
    Listed as a Threatened Species by the           beauty and vitality. In European
State of California, the survival of the greater    folklore, cranes deliver babies. In
sandhill crane is imperiled by habitat loss and     Japan, cranes are symbols of long
degradation and collisions with power lines         life and a happy marriage. Still other cultures    Sandhill Crane
in the foggy Central Valley. Greater sandhill       consider cranes to be birds of peace.              Grus canadensis
cranes also reproduce at a very low rate—one            To learn more about Bay animals, visit:        size: 37”
or two offspring a year—which makes it diffi-                     range: Migratory. From

                                                                                                        the Great Lakes to the
The Bay Classroom                                   the Bay is a home to fish and wildlife seems to     west coast, north to British
CoNTiNued froM page 1
                                                    make the ecosystem more ‘real’ to them.” And        Columbia, Alaska and
                                                    Carol Gray, executive director of the Center        eastern Siberia
grams Manager Jessica Parsons.                      for Venture Philanthropy added, “This new          food: Snails, worms, frogs,

   Response to The Bay Classroom has been           Save The Bay classroom is just fabulous! I am       insects
extremely positive. Former San Francisco            so excited about it and particularly the way
Mayor Frank Jordan noted, “Excellent                that you are embracing the building blocks for
Bay Classroom information on your web               creating environmental stewards. Really beauti-
site. Makes good reading for everyone, not          ful presentation and extremely rich, engaging
just students. Congratulations!” Teacher            content. I am hooked!”
Charlie Stephen commented, “I like your                To keep visitors coming back, The Bay
website and will use it with my students.           Classroom will host monthly “Creature Fea-
Over my twenty years as an educator, I’ve           tures” about Bay wildlife, more quizzes and
found that students K through 8 respond             surveys as well as updated information about
best to living things in the Bay; the notion that   current issues facing the Bay.
english Channel Swimmers
Raise Funds for Save The Bay
Swimming the English Channel takes phe- closures when contamination of the water
nomenal skill, energy, time and dedication. exceeds safe levels. AB 1876 was signed
But it also takes money. Swimmers who              into law by the Governor late last year.
take on the ultimate swimming challenge               “We were deeply honored by the co-
of the English Channel must find money             mittment shown by Brian, Neal and Tom
to pay for their                                                           to our work and to
transpor tation,                                                           San Francisco Bay.
accommodations,                                                            As they prepared
registration, the                                                          over the past year
crew who guide                                                             for this important
them on their                                                              and difficult swim,
swim, and more.                                                            they somehow
    So Tom Keller,                                                         found the time
Neal Rayner, and                                                           and energy to let
Brian Herrick,                                                              their community of
who all swam the                                                            friends and family
Channel in August,        Brian Herrick (left), Tom Keller (middle)         know that the Bay
decided to do a        joined fellow Dolphin Club member Neal Rayner        waters in which
little fundraising. (right) in completing the Channel crossing this year. they trained should
In addition to raising money for their swim,       be celebrated, protected and restored.
they also raised money for Save The Bay.           Save The Bay deeply thanks all of them
    “The swim was directly relevant to Save for raising funds for, and awareness of our
The Bay’s work. We prepared for the Eng- work, through their amazing journey!”
lish Channel by swimming in the Bay,”              says Save The Bay’s Development Direc-
noted Keller.                                      tor Eliza Dexter.
    Thousands of people use more than 50              Hosting two fundraising parties, the trio
beaches surrounding the Bay for activities         pledged 25% of their net proceeds to Save
like swimming. To make Bay beaches safer           The Bay. Working with Dexter, they raised
for people, Save The Bay sponsored Assem- over $5200.
bly Bill 1876 to require regular, uniform             All three swimmers completed the
water quality monitoring at Bay beaches,           English Channel swim, a cold, current-
and posting health advisories or beach             swept 21-miles from England to France,
                                                   in under 14 hours. They credit the sup-
                                                   port, training and facilitation of the San
                                Keller, and
                                                   Francisco Dolphin Club (www.dolphin-
                                Rayner added
                                          with much of their success. Es-
                                their names to the
                                                   tablished in 1877, The Dolphin Club has
                                list of Channel
                                                   grown to approximately 950 members.
                                swimmers on
                                                   “They are a great resource that continues
                                the ceiling of
                                                   to support Bay swimmers,” adds Keller.
                                the White Horse
                                                      To learn more about their swims, visit:
                                Pub in Dover.
Bay Resident Walks around the Bay
                            On October 12,      runner will do it in two days flat,” he
                            Roy McCandless      declares.
                            completed a            Although McCandless says, “I walk
                            walking circuit     around the Bay to walk around the Bay,”
                            of San Francisco    his walks were in support of one friend’s
                            Bay, becoming       efforts to raise funds and awareness for
                            only the third      the Walk to Cure Diabetes, which supports
                            person known        the Juvenile Diabetes Research Founda-
                            to have walked      tion. To learn more about McCandless’s
entirely around the estuary. On a series of     feat, visit his website:
hikes with his children, McCandless realized
that walking around the                                                  From his experience,
Bay was possible and a good                                          McCandless has very
way to set an example for                                            clear ideas about how
his kids, so he decided to                                            to continue saving the
go for it. He believes he                                             Bay. “The survival of
has set a record by walk-                                             the Bay depends on
ing around the Bay in 12                                              restoration of marsh-
non-consecutive days.                                                 lands, prevention of
   “I seem to be the third                                            further pollution, and
person to walk around the                                             increases in freshwater
Bay, at least in document-                                            from the Sacramento
ed history. If and when the                                           River. There are no
Bay Trail becomes a full                                              alternatives. Without
loop around the Bay, this                                             those, the Bay is just a
is going to become a fad.         Roy McCandless completed a walk big bathtub,” he says.
People will be aiming around the Bay in October and is                   To find out where
for the shortest time, already planning to break his record.          you can walk on the
seeing if they can do it in                                           Bay shoreline, visit:
the largest group, or running it in extraor-
dinary costumes. Some ultra-marathon

  Governor Schwarzenegger Signs
  the San Francisco Bay Water Trail Bill
  save The Bay proudly supported this new law au-
  thored by Berkeley assemblywoman loni hancock.
  it requires that the California Coastal Conservancy
  and the san francisco Bay Conservation and
  development Commission develop a plan that en-
  hances existing water-oriented recreational areas
  throughout the Bay, and create new recreational opportunities. The water trail could
  link existing access for watercraft, and identify priority areas for enhanced access
  infrastructure, such as launches and docks. The water trail will be developed using
  extensive guidelines on how to create public access facilities that protect wildlife.
                     restoring the bay
                                            Restoring Native eelgrass in the Bay
                                             Save The Bay announces our newest res-       at restoration sites. This spring, volunteers
                                             toration partnership project—restoring       will monitor how well seeds are sprouting
                                             native eelgrass (Zostera marina) beds        and growing.
                                             in San Francisco Bay. Once abundant             This is a collaboration between Katharyn
                                             in our estuary, eelgrass is submerged        Boyer’s lab at San Francisco State’s Rom-
                                             aquatic vegetation that is habitat for       berg-Tiburon Center for Environmental
                                             algae, invertebrates, and fish.              Studies and Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria at the
                                                         The project involves collect-    University of Washington, with guidance
                                                      ing flowering shoots from exist-    from Natalie Cosentino-Manning at the
                                                      ing eelgrass beds and placing       NOAA Fisheries Restoration Center in San-
                                                      them in mesh bags. The bags         ta Rosa. The NOAA Restoration Center,
                                                      are then hung from buoys at         NOAA Cooperative Institute for Coastal
                                                      restoration sites, allowing seeds   and Estuarine Environmental Technology
                                                      to drop to the Bay floor where      Program, and California Coastal Conser-
                                                      they will sprout and grow.          vancy are supporting the project.
                                                         This past summer, San Fran-         To volunteer, contact Jocelyn Gretz
                                                      cisco State University graduate     at or 510.452.9261
    Save The Bay staff                   students, National Oceanic and Atmospher-        x109. No experience is necessary, but you
member Marilyn Latta                     ic Administration (NOAA), and Save The           should be comfortable on boats, wearing a
hangs mesh seed bags in                  Bay staff and volunteers monitored exist-        wetsuit, and being submerged up to chest
       San Pablo Bay.                    ing eelgrass beds and installed the buoys        height in the Bay.

                                            Prevent Pollution at First Flush
                                                          What you can do:
                                           Fall is here, and that means the first major rainfalls of the season. Rain runoff brings
                                           with it pollution from cars, streets and curbs, and chemicals from lawns, pesticides
                                           and insecticides, which flow into the Bay untreated. This first, large accumulation of
                                           pollutants carried through storm drains is called “First Flush.” There are simple
                                           things each of us can do to limit urban runoff to the Bay.
                                            Your Home
                                              Buy nontoxic cleaners and use sparingly.
                                              Properly store all toxic products.
                                              Take hazardous materials to a household hazardous waste facility.
                                              Clean up toxic spills.
                                            Your Car
                                              Properly dispose of used motor oil and antifreeze.
                                              Have your car maintained regularly to check for leaks.
                                              Use public transportation.
                                              Take your car to a car wash rather than washing it at home.
                                            Your Lawn
                                              Do not use harmful herbicides or pesticides on your lawn or in your garden.
                                              Sweep up lawn clippings rather than hosing them down the gutter.
                                              Divert hoses and spouts to grass.
                                              Pick up animal waste and dispose of properly.
supporting the bay
                     blue                     Benefit a Great Success
                Thank you for making blue, Save                         live and silent auctions, fine wine and
                The Bay’s annual fundraiser, a tre-                     food and beautiful views of the Bay at
                mendous success! Your generosity                        the Port of San Francisco’s Pier One.
                raised over $54,000 for Save The                           We would like to offer special thanks
                Bay and will enhance our efforts to                     to Frank Bizzarro and his auction
                celebrate, protect and restore San                      team, Quivira Vineyards, Kenwood
                Francisco Bay.                                          W i n e r i e s , Lagunitas Brewing
            Two hundred and fifty guests enjoyed the                    Company and all event sponsors.
                                                                                                                                  Guests enjoy a break in
 SPONSORS                                                                                                                         the bidding at blue.
 Bay Champion                                   Media Partner                                Venue Sponsor

 Bay Guardians                                  Remy Thomas, Moose and Manley, LLP           Kaufman and Logan, LLP
 Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation                                                           Michael Katz and Mary A. Ilyin
 Kiehl’s SInce 1851                             Bay Supporters                               Kathryn Morelli
 PG&E                                           Alioto’s Restaurant                          Mal Warwick & Associates
 Roche                                          Ralph Benson                                 Oracle
 Weed Farms                                     Blue & Gold Fleet                            Response Management Technologies
                                                Briscoe, Ivester & Bazel, LLP                The Rosebud Agency
 Bay Heroes                                     California Canoe & Kayak                     SB Tech
 Ferry Building & Equity Office                 John Carlstroem and Natasha Stillman         Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger
 Jones & Stokes                                 Jody London Consulting                       Storefront Political Media
 Ron and Sandy Linder                           John Wise                                    Pete and Karen Weber

 A16                                            Ella’s Restaurant                            Moylan’s Brewery and Restaurant
 Adventure Cat Sailing Charters                 Etude Wines                                  No Enemy
 Aerial Archives                                Felicia Madsen                               Noonan’s Bar and Grill
 Amanda Bliss                                   Fenton’s Creamery                            Oakland Athletics
 Ananda Fuara Staff and Management              Filippos Berkeley                            Oakland Museum of California
 Anderson Valley Brewing Company                Firefly Restaurant                           Oakland Zoo
 Anita Gonzalez and Bob Roberts                 Fish.                                        Olympic Circle Sailing Club
 Bay Area Theater Sports                        Foreign Cinema                               Opera San Jose
 Bay Nature                                     4th Street Yoga                              Owen Byrd and Patrick Brock
 Berkeley Racing Canoe Center                   Frances Geballe                              Pacific Coast Brewing Company
 Bissap Baobab                                  Frank Bizzarro of Bizzarro’s Auto Auctions   Peter Michael Winery
 Blowfish Sushi To Die For                      Frog’s Leap                                  Plane Spotter
 Book Passage                                   Frontier Ford of Santa Clara                 PunchLine Comedy Club
 Burger Meister                                 Funky Door Yoga                              Quivira Vineyards
 Cakebread Cellars                              Grand Café                                   Ridge Vineyards
 California Landscape Service                   HBO                                          Robin Wright-Penn
 California Symphony                            Hennessy House                               San Francisco Giants
 Canto Do Brazil                                International Orange                         San Francisco Marriott Hotel
 Chaya Brasserie                                Janet Cobb                                   San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
 Chez Panisse                                   Jaynes Street Associates                     San Jose Marriott Hotel
 Chez Spencer                                   Jody London                                  San Jose Sharks
 Christin Coy                                   John and Nancy Mengshol                      Sandy and Ron Linder
 Christopher Richard                            JoJo Restaurant                              Semifreddi’s
 Clair Brown and Richard Katz                   Joyce Harrington                             Sherrill Miller
 Cleo Vilett                                    Kenwood Wineries                             Simply Balanced
 Clorox                                         Lagunitas Brewing Company                    Skates on the Bay
 Core Pilates                                   Levin Law Group                              Stephen and Penelope Thompson
 Costanoa Coastal Lodge & Camp                  M. Eliza Dexter                              Sunset Sauna and Massage
 Crème de la Crème                              Mani Pedi Nail Spa                           Sylvia McLaughlin
 Diane Feissel                                  Marin Brewing Company                        Tabitha Soren
 Dirk Rosen                                     Martin Rosen                                 Tanya Joyce
 Doug and Jane Ferguson                         Matanzas Creek Winery                        The Could Life, LLC
 Duarte’s Tavern                                Maureen Sheehy and Steve Catton              The Watershed Nursery
 Earth Share of California                      Michael Lewis                                The Weber Family
 Eileen Boken of the Sunset-Parkside            Modern Express Courier                       Trader Joe’s of San Francisco
    Education and Action Committeee (SPEAK)     Molly Stone of Cohn-Stone Studios            Tropix Carribean Restaurant
 Elephant Pharmacy                              Moon Mountain Vineyard                       Wendy Tokuda
 Elisa Harms                                    Mountain Hardware                            Zee Zee Mott
                                                                          For more outings or to register on-line, visit our website:
                                                                 or call our office: (510)452-9261 x109.

                  2              Sat., Dec. 3 | Martin Luther King, Jr.
                                 Shoreline Restoration Project Lend
                                                                                      Sat., Jan. 21 | Marin Islands Restoration
                                                                                      Stewardship Paddle Spend the day
     Message from the
    Executive Director           a hand planting native marsh seedlings in our        kayaking and doing valuable habitat restora-

                          3      native plant nursery. During the winter rainy
                                 season, we will plant these seedlings along the
                                                                                      tion at a unique island site that is normally
                                                                                      off-limits to the public.
      Creature Feature:
        Sandhill Crane           Martin Luther King, Jr. Shoreline.
                                                                                      Sat., Jan. 28 | Martin Luther King, Jr.
             4/5                 Sat., Dec. 3 | Marin Islands Restoration
                                 Stewardship Paddle Paddle out to the
                                                                                      Shoreline Restoration Project It’s
                                                                                      planting season, and we need your help!
      Swim for the Bay,
            Bay Walker,          beautiful Marin Islands and help remove              Please join us to help plant more than 10,000
          Bay Water Trail
                                 invasive French broom to improve habitat for         native marsh seedlings along the Martin Lu-
                                 nesting birds Experience this unique island          ther King, Jr. Shoreline.

   Restoring Eelgrass,
                          6      site that is usually off-limits to the public.
                                                                                      Sat., Feb. 4 | Brooks Island Kayak You
           First Flush           Sat., Dec. 10 | San Francisquito Creek               know of Angel and Alcatraz, Treasure and
                                 Wetlands Restoration Project Help                    Alameda, but have you ever been on Brooks

                          7      us grow seedlings in our Palo Alto native plant
                                 nursery. This winter, we will transplant the
                                                                                      Island? Enjoy a gentle kayak paddle across a
                                                                                      protected inlet, then journey on foot around
                                 seedlings to the banks of San Francisquito Creek.    this two mile-long island just off of Richmond.

                                 Sat., Jan 14 | Birds of the Bay at                   Sat., Feb. 11 | Valentine’s Day Schooner
                                 Charleston Slough Spend the morning                  Sail Celebrate your love for the Bay on an
                                 strolling along the banks of Charleston Slough       afternoon cruise aboard the Gaslight, a beau-
                                 in Mountain View. Discover what the winter           tiful replica of an historic San Francisco scow
                                 migration brings to this part of the South Bay.      schooner.

  Save The Bay     celebrates,                                                                                     NON PrOFit Org.
         protects and restores                                                                                     U. S. POStAge PAid
        San Francisco Bay by        Save San Francisco Bay Association                                                OAklANd, CA
                                    350 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 900
  waging successful advocacy        Oakland, CA 94612                                                               Permit NO. 3965
    campaigns and building
 the community’s connection
to the Bay through hands-on
    watershed education and
       restoration programs.

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