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The Top Model
    by Bob Pardue
The Top List Model Agent
The elusive Top modeling agencies have been fine-tuned over the years developing the
capability to produce some of the best models available.
Established talent management companies have no financial worries and are constantly on
the lookout for new models. They will not hesitate to spend money promoting a model with
potential. The aim is to spot and enroll future supermodels who then begin in money in the
form of commissions.

Those companies in advertising and other promotions normally prefer working with a
successful modeling agency and will pay lucrative sums of money to get brands promoted by
them. Regular assignments with updates from clients help agencies improve the quality of

Finding Work as a Model
Joining an established model agency is possible, if you are prepared to act professionally and
in a disciplined manner. Provide great service to clients, enhancing reputation of the agency.

Complete Modeling Packages Are In Order
Over a period of time, good agencies have developed their own team of designers, fashion
photographers, and advertising agencies. Models are offered a steady stream of assignments
in a professional manner, wherein the agency finds clients and pays models once payment is
received and commissioned deducted.

Free Up Your Time and Become a Model
The entire process is handled by the agency, and models devote their time focusing on the
assignment on hand in terms of understanding presentation, preparing a schedule, and
developing the unique look for a product or service. It is best that new models leave the
somewhat tedious job of organization to such reputed agencies. In other words, top modeling
agencies have structured their programs in a way that motivates models to perform at
optimum levels knowing fully well they will be paid consistantly and in time.

Reputation Of The Agency Is Paramount
Agencies are recognized by the reputation they have built over the years. It takes a long time
perfecting the art of acting like a bridge between potential clients and aspiring models. They
play the role of mediator, caretaker, and promoter to perfection and with a personal touch that
sets them apart from others.
The Top NYC Modeling Agencies
Although there are many very fine model agents in NYC, Chicago and other cities around the
world, these are considered the very top of the heap; the biggest modeling agencies you can
find in the international market boasting current and former models such as Christy Brinkley,
Tyra Banks, Cocoa and others.

    • Ford - Considered one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, Ford Model
      Management is located in New York City with local offices in various European and the
      US cities. Armed with cutting edge photographers that rock, consider becoming a Ford
    • Elite - This top list fashion model management company is certainly not below Ford
      and gets super large contracts for models fortunate enough to get accepted. Go for
      Elite if you can.
If you are really in a hurry to get started, the two mega agents above are among the very
best. But, remember there is going to be a geyser of competition at the top. So, you might
have to do multiple searches online to locate others - or, you might consider starting out in the
less competitive local market. Even the smaller agents could possibly lead to bigger and
better career opportunities.

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Description: Get some exciting information about two of the very top modeling agencies along with what it takes to get started as a model. For beginners who want to go to the top of the fashion world.