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                                                                                                                           2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Message from the Managing Partner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Children in Detention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Civil and Public Rights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Civil Rights for Native Americans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Consumer Bankruptcy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

General Civil Litigation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Children’s Rights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

International Human Rights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Legal Clinics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

Marital Termination and Other Family Law Matters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Minority Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

Nonprofits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

Political Asylum/Immigration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

Awards & Recognition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

2006 Scales of Justice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33

Attorneys Contributing Over 50 Hours of Pro Bono Work . . . . . . . . . . 36

Attorneys Contributing Over 100 Hours of Pro Bono Work . . . . . . . . . 37

Contributions of Pro Bono Work in 2006 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

2006 Pro Bono Coordinators and Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

Dorsey Offices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
                      Message from the Managing Par tner
                                                                                            2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

The profession of being a lawyer is more than an occupation or a career. Here
at Dorsey, we are not passing time or careening through life. We are making a
difference. As professionals, we took oaths in open court that require us to uphold
the rule of law and to obey the regulations of the bar.

We honor these obligations by our commitment both individually and together, as
members of the Dorsey & Whitney Law Firm. It is impossible to be a good lawyer
and a bad person. Truly, our professional identity as lawyers is at the center of our
personal morality. We are not just a means to someone else’s ends. As we learned
in law school, we have a far prouder heritage that is founded on ancient duties:
to protect the rule of law as an ideal, to serve the system of justice on which our
democracy is based, and to promote humanism.

In this 2006 Report on Pro Bono Activities, you can read about the efforts of many
Dorsey folks who preserve the rule of law through the delivery of inclusive, high
quality legal services to the poor and disadvantaged. For fourteen consecutive
years, our Firm has met the ABA Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge, which sets a target
of performing pro bono work equal to three percent of billable hours. We continue
to work on behalf of refugee and immigrant children in detention, death row
inmates, individuals seeking political asylum, and Bahraini men held at Guant·namo
                                                                                               Marianne Short
Bay, Cuba. Our lawyers counsel low-income individuals needing assistance with
                                                                                                 Managing Partner
a wide variety of legal concerns, from housing and credit to child support and
medical assistance. In addition, our work with non-profit organizations and small
businesses helps strengthen our communities.

Thank you to all of the Dorsey lawyers, paralegals, assistants and other staff who
participated in pro bono activities during 2006. I am proud that we again met
the Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge. Through your individual and collective efforts,
the Firm makes a difference in the lives of many. I am honored to be part of the
Dorsey Law Firm. As a reminder, there are plenty of challenging and rewarding
opportunities for all to be involved in 2007 pro bono activities. Please help.


Marianne D. Short
Managing Partner
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Over view
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Our Core Values                               For the 14th consecutive year, Dorsey has met the Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge.
                                              As one of the charter signatories to the Challenge in 1993, we take pride in
Excellence                                    achieving the annual Challenge goal of contributing at least 3% of our billable
We are committed to excellence and            hours each year to providing quality legal assistance to the disadvantaged in our
integrity in serving our clients and in
                                              communities. Dorsey attorneys, paralegals and other support staff use their skills
providing leadership to our profession.
                                              and expertise in a wide variety of projects which reflect individual interests and
                                              concerns. As a Firm, we promote community service; as individuals, we strive to
                                              make a difference. Dorsey pro bono efforts reflect our commitment.
We have offices in many locations, but
we always work as one firm.
                                              Dorsey Fargo and Great Falls bested all offices by achieving 100% lawyer
                                              participation in pro bono efforts. In addition, there were a number of significant
                                              cross-office projects in 2006, which include representing Children in Detention
We are determined to attract, develop
and retain exceptional people, and to         in asylum matters (Seattle, New York, Southern California and Minneapolis),
treat our clients and each other with         representing detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (New York and Minneapolis) and
courtesy and respect.                         research into the right to counsel in civil matters (Denver, Minneapolis and Seattle).
                                              Finally, the 2006 summer program achieved 84% summer associate participation
Community                                     in a variety of pro bono projects.
We are resolved to nurturing a diverse
and cooperative workplace that                Community service is a core value and a hallmark of Dorsey & Whitney. Across the
values balance between personal               Firm, lawyers and staff devote themselves to serving disadvantaged individuals and
and professional life and promotes
                                              to improving the communities where we live and work.
community service and leadership.

We are dedicated to obtaining
challenging and financially rewarding
legal work, thereby investing in and
ensuring our future.

                                                                                                                          Over view
                                Types of Matters (2006)                                                             2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

                                                                                                                    Pro Bono has always
                                                  Pos t -Convic tion Appeals
                                                                                                                    been a hallmark of
                            Hous ing
                                                              4%                                                    Dorsey & Whitney.
                              4%                                 Childrens Rights
                                                                       10%                                          Across the firm our
             Legal Clinic s
                 3%                                                            Family Law/Domes tic                 lawyers and staff
                                                                                      Abus e
    W ills & Pens ions
                                                                                       4%                           devoted themselves
                                                                                    Minority Bus ines s W ork       in creative ways to
                                                                                                                    serving disadvantaged
                                                                                    Politic al As y lum/            individuals and
                                                                                     Human Rights
                                                                                                                    to improving the
Government Servic es                                                General Civil                                   communities in which
       13%                             Civil & Public Rights
                                                10%                                                                 we live and work.

         Hours Attributable to Pro Bono Work (2006)

             Paralegals             3,005                                        Partners
               1,762                                                              11,956


Children in Detention
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                           The National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children and the American
                           Immigration Lawyers Association launched a project to represent children held in
                           detention by the Department of Homeland Security. Each year more than 5,000
                           children - many of whom have experienced human trafficking, abuse, persecution,
                           domestic violence or other horrors in the countries from which they fled - face
                           complex immigration court proceedings without the benefit of legal counsel.
                           Dorsey attorneys in our New York, Southern California, Seattle and Minneapolis
                           offices are involved in representing some of these children. Here are a few
                           examples of cases we worked on in 2006.

                           In Minneapolis, the immigration court granted asylum for our 17-year old
                           client from Kenya after a hearing on the merits. When he was five, gunmen
                           from a rival clan attacked our client’s family in their home, killing three of his
                           siblings and shooting him in the leg. Our client fled with his older sister to a
                           refugee camp in Kenya. He has not seen his parents since, and does not know
                           where they are or whether they are alive. Last year, his sister paid a smuggler to
                           bring him from Kenya to the U.S. Our client and the smuggler first flew to Brazil,
                           then made their way through Bolivia, Guatemala and Mexico to the U.S. border,
                           where he swam the Rio Grande to enter the U.S. A few hours later, the Immigration
                           and Naturalization Service arrested him in Eagle Pass, Texas. The Department
                           of Homeland Security then transported him to a juvenile detention facility in
                           Chicago. Our client and a relative both testified at the hearing. After listening to
                           the testimony, and viewing his gunshot wound in open court, the judge found the
                           evidence credible and convincing, and granted our client’s application for asylum. ■

                           A team of Dorsey lawyers from our New York office won a victory in federal
                           Immigration Court when the judge granted the asylum application of our
                           client. Our client is a 19-year-old Honduran boy who fled his country to escape
                           assassins from the infamous Mara 18 gang, which rules the streets of Honduras.
                           When he was 16, gang members began to harass him and demand that he join
                           the gang. When our client refused, the gang members repeatedly beat him and,
                           on one occasion, took him behind a building, put a gun to his head and told him to
                           prepare to die. Luckily, other citizens on the street saw what was happening, and
                           the gang withdrew the gun. However, our client later found a letter written in blood
                           on the floor of his home, which meant that he was to be executed by the gang. To
                           save his life and avoid further danger to his family, our client traveled alone through
                           Guatemala and Mexico for two months, clinging for his life under train cars and
                           drinking from puddles to survive. Our client entered the U.S. in Texas in Spring
                           2005 and was detained and transported to Chicago, where he was held at a center
                           for undocumented children. ■

                                                  Children in Detention                                    ( continued )

                                                                                            2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Attorneys in our Seattle office are representing an 18-year-old Mexican girl                 Each year more than
who came to the United States to escape her abusive family. Our lawyers
have obtained a dependency order and have had it affirmed. This allows our client
                                                                                            5,000 children, many
to file a petition for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (“SIJS”), even though she           of whom experienced
is 18 years old, which would allow her to remain here as a ward of the state rather         trafficking, abuse,
than be forced to return to abuse and neglect in Mexico. Once it is established that
it is in our client’s best interest to remain in the United States and that she meets       persecution, domestic
the qualifications for SIJS, she can petition the Immigration Court to change her            violence, or other
immigrant status. ■
                                                                                            horrors – go through
                                                                                            complex immigration
Children in Detention/Texas ProBAR Team
Steven Allison               Joo Ryung Kang               Tuan Nguyen                       court proceedings
Alexander Baehr              Bryan Keane                  H. Anne Nicholson                 alone, without
Steven Benolkin              Sarah Kerbeshian             Jennifer Reed                     legal counsel.
Jeff Bernhardt               Corwin Kruse                 Sri Sankaran
Jennifer Berry               Bricker Lavik                Surya Saxena
Christy Bertram              Young Lee                    Brett Schlameus
Steven Carlson               Thuy Nguyen Leeper           Britta Schnoor
Apurba Chakraborty           Heather Ray Liaw             David Singer
Marcia Chang                 Jessica Linehan              Thomas Swigert
Rebecca Chung                Kathlene Lowe                Charisa Tak
Marta De Leon                Margaret Lyons               Andrew Thorson
Kevin Dehoff                 Sarah Maier                  Heather Toft
Sarah Evans                  Diane Mason                  Patricia Walsh
Todd Fairchild               Laura McCann                 LynDee Wells
Steven Fang                  Ryan McCarthy                Gregory Weyandt
Nancy Gallup                 Shannon McMinimee            Gabrielle Wirth
Stephen Hall                 Marquest Meeks               Hualiang Yu
Lauren Hemingway             Lee Merreot                  Alysia Zens
Cecilie Howard               Karen Morao
Katherine Johnson            Safiya Morgan

Civil and Public Rights
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                           Planned Parenthood Foundation et al. v. Mike Rounds, Governor of the
                           State of South Dakota, et al. (D. S.D.) In the spring of 2005, the South Dakota
                           Legislature signed into law a bill that amends the informed consent statute
                           concerning physician disclosure relating to abortion. Our client, the Planned
                           Parenthood Foundation, believes the law to be unconstitutional because it violates
                           the pregnant woman’s First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

                           Our team has made numerous filings in district court, and also helped identify
                           and locate expert witnesses from around the country and gather testimony from
                           these experts. Last summer our attorneys traveled to Rapid City, South Dakota, to
                           appear in the United States District Court (D.S.D.) before U.S. District Judge Karen
                           Shreier for a hearing to argue a preliminary injunction motion. The judge granted
                           the motion and the State of South Dakota appealed to the Eighth Circuit Court
                           of Appeals. At the same time these motions were made, there were motions to
                           intervene by interested parties in both the Eighth Circuit and in the District Court. ■

                           Working for our client, the Public Justice Center located in Baltimore,
                           Maryland, Dorsey attorneys and summer associates prepared legal
                           memoranda analyzing the viability of the establishment of a civil right to
                           counsel for indigent persons in Colorado, Minnesota, North Dakota and
                           South Dakota. The issues researched to advance a “civil Gideon” argument
                           in each of the states included the Supreme Court’s inherent authority, the
                           incorporation of English common law, state constitutional and statutory bases,
                           and state-specific case law. Dorsey lawyers also attempted to collect data on the
                           possible cost of implementing a civil right to counsel for indigents in each of the
                           surveyed states. The team also performed legal research and analysis to support
                           currently existing litigation in Washington State. ■

                           Dorsey lawyers in our Des Moines office filed suit in Iowa District Court to
                           contest the constitutionality of the Iowa marriage law, which provides that
                           marriage can be only between one man and one woman. Dorsey is acting
                           as co-counsel with the LAMBDA Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the legal
                           group that represents the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender
                           persons throughout the nation. The case drew immediate and extensive media
                           attention and has been the source of controversial news articles and editorials
                           since it was filed. ■

                                      Civil and Public Rights                          ( continued )

                                                                        2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Civil & Public Rights Team
Courtney Anderson    Michelle Grant          Eric Ruzicka
Jessica Andrade      Alene Grossman          Meghan Ryan
Malia Arrington      Angela Hall             Glenn Salvo
Jonathan Bakewicz    Jennifer Hanson         Surya Saxena
Timothy Baldwin      Amy Hertel              Britta Schnoor
Karly Baraga         James Howard            John Schochet
Sonia Bednarowski    Jeremy Hufton           Kirsten Schubert
Stephen Bell         Mark Jarboe             Joseph Shumofsky
Theresa Bevilacqua   Corwin Kruse            Sellano Simmons
Timothy Branson      Shawn Larsen-Bright     Michael Skoglund
Kahla Bunde          Bricker Lavik           Bradley Smith
Kristina Carlson     Thuy Nguyen Leeper      Gloria Sonnen
Steven Carlson       John Leithen            Tiffany Stedman
Robert Cattanach     Heather Ray Liaw        Stephanie Strike
Ben Cavender         Daniel Lowin            Dustin Thompson
Michael Cohen        Creighton Magid         David Trevor
Kenneth Connelly     Roger Magnuson          Rebecca Weisenberger
Andrew Cosgrove      Lisa Marchese           LynDee Wells
Thomas Davidson      Megan McKenzie          William Wernz
Ramnik Dhaliwal      Marquest Meeks          Colin Wicker
Paul Dieseth         Ryan Mick               Jonathan Wilson
William Dossett      Paul Mussell            Perry Wilson
Angela Dralle        John Ostergren          Alysia Zens
Tim Droske           William Parker
Michael Drysdale     Kelcey Patrick-Ferree
David Eldred         Heather Redmond
Emily Fitzgerald     Jennifer Reed
Beth Forsythe        Hannah Resnick
Jennifer Good        Mariah Reynolds

Criminal Appeals and Post- Convic tion
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                           Death Penalty
                           Dorsey is representing an inmate who is currently facing a death sentence
                           in Texas. Our client was convicted of capital murder of his wife, their son and his
                           wife’s daughter. He committed the crimes in 2004, under various delusions that his
                           wife was “Jezebel,” his son was “the Antichrist,” and that he was acting on the word
                           of God as he understood the Book of Revelation. Our client turned himself in to the
                           police the same day of the crimes and pled not guilty by reason of mental defect.
                           He was convicted and sentenced after a month-long trial in March 2005.

                           Possible issues in the pending appeal and habeas petition include our client’s
                           competency to waive his right to counsel when he made voluntary statements to
                           police officers; our client’s competency to stand trial versus competency to receive
                           a death sentence; and ineffective assistance of counsel. ■

                           U.S. District Court Judge Beistline granted summary judgment to Dorsey’s
                           pro bono client, a State of Alaska inmate, in the inmates 42 USC 1983
                           action seeking an order allowing modern STR DNA testing of evidence
                           used to convict him of sexual assault and kidnapping. In a matter of first
                           impression in the Ninth Circuit, Judge Beistlline agreed with our client that there
                           exists a constitutional right under certain circumstances to post-conviction DNA
                           testing of evidence used against a person in state court proceedings. Our client’s
                           1983 action had been dismissed by Judge Beistline on procedural grounds, but
                           the dismissal was reversed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last year. Judge
                           Beistline has now ruled in favor of our client on the merits. ■

                           In Great Falls, we advised several members of the Assiniboine and Sioux

                           Criminal & Post-Conviction Team
                           Joel Andersen                Matthew Kipp                 Brian Palmer
                           John Brogan                  Shawn Larson-Bright          William Parker
                           Ronald Brown                 Bricker Lavik                Surya Saxena
                           Katie Burgum                 Thuy Nguyen Leeper           Kirsten Schubert
                           Jonathan Campbell            Chandra Linton               Sara Stenberg
                           Steven Carlson               Daniel Lowin                 Michael Wahoske
                           Richard Clinton              Edward Margarit              Steven Wells
                           Stephanie Friedland          Megan McKenzie               LynDee Wells
                           Benjamin Hasbrouck           Oliver McKinstry             Jonathan Wilson
                           Marisa Hesse                 Patrick McLaughlin           Alysia Zens
                           Katherine Johnson            James Nichols                Todd Zimmerman

                               Civil Rights for Native Americans
                                                                                          2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Tribes of Ft. Peck, Montana, regarding General Council petitions that affect              The National Tribal
the governance of the tribes. The General Council is a meeting of all tribal
members, and certain legislative-like action can be taken. We did this work for a
                                                                                          Environmental Council
dozen or so tribal members, including the tribal chairman. ■                              (“NTEC”) is the only
                                                                                          national organization
We have worked with the National Tribal Environmental Council (NTEC).
NTEC is the only national organization that helps tribal governments protect and          that helps tribal
regulate the land, water and air on Indian reservations in the United States. NTEC        governments protect
represents over 200 tribal governments in this effort, some of which have little or
no resources to deal with these complex issues. In 2006, a significant amount of
                                                                                          and regulate the land,
time was devoted to a precedent-setting appeal of a decision to deny continued            water and air on Indian
funding to NTEC for an important safe drinking water project. We researched,              reservations in the
briefed and advised our client on every step of the appeal, and we were successful
at the hearing officer level. The decision is on further appeal to the National            United States.
Appeal Division of the Department of Agriculture. We also worked with the NTEC
executive committee on issues related to employment disputes, contract review and
financing of a new facility. ■

Civil Rights for Native Americans
Theresa Bevilacqua
Jason Brenkert
Michael Brown
Robert Cattanach
Eric Eberhard
Elizabeth Ehrhart
Stephen Hall
Mark Jarboe
Christine Swanick
LynDee Wells

Consumer Bankruptcy
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            For five years, Dorsey attorneys have been representing a woman suffering
                            from extreme depression and suicidal tendencies in her Chapter 7
                            bankruptcy claim. The Bankruptcy Court discharged her student loan debt of
                            approximately $142,000, which she had acquired to attend law school. Due to
                            her mental illness, she was never able to practice law. The creditors appealed the
                            Bankruptcy Court’s decision regarding the student loans because she had some
                            excess income, which they argued should be used to pay back the loans. However,
                            the decision was upheld in Federal District Court in Minnesota. The creditors then
                            appealed to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Eighth Circuit affirmed the
                            Bankruptcy and District Court decisions. “We will not adopt an interpretation of
                            ‘undue hardship’ that causes the courts to shut their eyes to factors that may lead
                            to disaster, both personal and financial, for a suffering debtor,” the court stated.

                            With the case in its fifth year, one of the lenders appealed to the United States
                            Supreme Court. On October 2, 2006, the Supreme Court denied certiorari,
                            bringing the matter to a close. The end result is that our client’s student loan debt
                            is now discharged in its entirety and there is Eighth Circuit precedent in place that
                            will be useful to similarly-situated debtors. ■

                            A Minneapolis office attorney worked with a non-profit charter school to file
                            a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The school,
                            which focused on serving the African-American community and had an enrollment
                            of approximately 350 children, lost its charter sponsorship and ceased operations
                            after the 2004-2005 school year. During its tumultuous last year, the teachers
                            accepted a pay cut to help the school stay open, and many did not receive the
                            payments on their contracts during the last several months of the year. At the end
                            of the school year, the State of Minnesota was holding approximately $340,000
                            in education aid funds owed to the school. Two judgment creditors filed an action
                            to have the funds paid over to them. Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, payments
                            received by creditors in the 90 days preceding the bankruptcy filing can be
                            retrieved by the trustee assigned to the case. Once the trustee brings those funds
                            back into the bankruptcy estate, the assets may be paid out in the order mandated
                            by the Bankruptcy Code; employees, such as the school’s teachers, are one of
                            the first priorities for payment under the Bankruptcy Code. The school contacted
                            Dorsey the same week the Department of Education funds were ordered to be paid
                            to the judgment creditors. We worked with the school’s board of directors to gather
                            documents and prepare the petition for filing. The petition was filed with little time
                            to spare, and all parties are waiting to see how the Trustee will proceed. ■

                                               Consumer Bankruptcy                                        ( continued )

                                                                                           2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

In our Denver office, the Faculty of Federal Advocates asked if Dorsey would
represent a married couple in two adversary proceedings in Bankruptcy
Court. Our clients were officers of Mountain Dream Homes. In 2003, business
took a turn for the worse, and Mountain Dream Homes ceased its operations.
The couple filed personal bankruptcy in 2004. Subsequently, two creditors filed
adversary proceedings against the couple, alleging that their debts should not
be discharged due to fraud. We filed answers to the creditors’ complaints, and
proceeded into discovery. Shortly thereafter, the trustee filed a separate adversary
proceeding against the couple, alleging that they had failed to turn over certain
non-exempt assets. We negotiated a settlement with the trustee, and after several
monthly payments, the trustee dismissed his complaint. ■

Bankruptcy Team
Steven Carlson              Patrick McLaughlin           Andrew Toftey
Monica Clark                H. Anne Nicholson            Tucker Trautman
Steven Heim                 Doug Paul                    Michael Wahoske
P. Joshua Hill              Stanley Rein
Jason Johnson               Meghan Ryan
Mark Kalla                  Tiffany Stedman
Chris Lenhart               John Thomas

General Civil Litigation
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Dorsey attorneys have          In Anchorage, we represented a woman whose Social Security benefits
                               were terminated in August 2005. The Social Security Administration (SSA)
handled a variety of           subsequently sent her a bill for overpayments for 2005. Eventually, SSA amended
matters involving civil        its demand for overpayments and sought overpayments from 2000 through
litigation.                    August 2005, which totaled tens of thousands of dollars. SSA’s termination of
                               benefits also resulted in our client losing all of her state benefits. The basis for
                               the denial of benefits was SSA’s opinion that our client owned a one-half interest
                               in a Las Vegas condominium in which she did not live, and thus had resources that
                               made her ineligible for benefits. Our client and her ex-husband had owned the
                               condominium, but he had been awarded it in their divorce proceedings. We met our
                               client during the weekly Lawyer for a Day interviews and agreed to take her case.
                               We immediately requested reconsideration of SSA’s decision and filed numerous
                               affidavits and copies of court records. Our request was summarily denied, and we
                               appealed. There was a hearing on the appeal. The administrative law judge ruled
                               from the bench and found that our client was not the owner of the condominium
                               and that benefits had been improperly denied and should be re-instated. ■

                               In Denver, we represented a woman who made a down payment on a car.
                               The installment sales contract she entered into for the purchase was contingent
                               on her receiving financing. When she didn’t qualify for the financing, the car
                               dealer refused to return her down payment. The dealer also claimed that she had
                               damaged the car. We were able to secure the return of the down payment and
                               persuade the dealer to drop the claim for damage to the car. ■

                               In Denver, we represented a man in a case involving a December 2001 car
                               accident between two parties. The accident was minor, and our client thought
                               that there was no damage to the other driver or her car. Unknown to our client, the
                               other driver filed claims with her insurance company, seeking reimbursement for
                               medical expenses (approximately $50,000) and for the cost of repairing her car
                               ($800). The insurance company paid a $25,000 settlement to the other driver,
                               which relieved the company of any further obligation to pay her medical expenses.
                               The insurance company filed suit against our client, seeking the recovery of all
                               monies paid to the other driver. The case proceeded under Colorado’s Simplified
                               Rules of Civil Procedure. The insurance company was required to produce all
                               medical documents concerning the other driver, but it refused to produce those
                               documents. Before trial, we filed a motion to preclude the insurance company from
                               offering any evidence regarding the other driver’s purported injuries because the
                               insurance company failed to produce the other driver’s medical records. The Court
                               denied the motion, but granted a continuance to allow our client additional time to
                               discover information regarding the other driver. Trial is set for 2007. ■

                                  General Civil Litigation                              ( continued )

                                                                         2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

General Civil Litigation Team
Paul Ackerman        Bridget Hayden         John Ostergren
Gretchen Agee        Shannon Heim           Devan Padmanabhan
Kristy Albrecht      Sarah Herman           Brian Palmer
James Alt            Carolyn Heyman-Layne   Kelcey Patrick-Ferree
Joel Andersen        Chris Hilberg          Wendy Peterson
Clifford Anderson    P. Joshua Hill         Eric Peterson
Courtney Anderson    Frederic Hillier       Katie Pfeifer
Travis Bachman       Andrew Holly           Brooke Pietrzak
Jonathan Bakewicz    Nathan Honson          Karen Pogonowski
Timothy Baldwin      James Howard           Brady Priest
Karly Baraga         Tao Huang              Stephen Raab
Steven Benolkin      Van Aaron Hughes       James Reeves
Jennifer Berry       Jason Hunt             Paula Rindels
Theresa Bevilacqua   Johanna Huntley        John Rock
Lynn Block           John Hursh             Richard Rosston
Timothy Branson      Michael Iwan           Evan Rothstein
Gillian Brennan      Thomas Jancik          Eric Ruzicka
Roxane Broadhead     Jason Johnson          Meghan Ryan
John Brogan          Beverly Johnson        Christopher Ryan
David Bruhn          Mark Kalla             Toni Sandin
Robert Burns         John Kennedy           Britta Schnoor
Jonathan Campbell    John Ketchum           Ann Seha
Kristina Carlson     Jocelyn Knoll          Christopher Shaheen
Robert Cattanach     Michael Kroll          John Schochet
Apurba Chakraborty   Rachel Krueger         Deirdre Sheridan
Monica Clark         James Langdon          Marianne Short
Allen Clendaniel     David Lauth            Sellano Simmons
Jay Cook             Bricker Lavik          Scott Sinor
Heather Crain        Wendy Leukuma          Moira Smith
Zeb-Michael Curtin   Seth Leventhal         Bradley Smith
Lile Deinard         Meghan Lind            Spencer Sneed
Kari Delander        Jay Lindgren           Gloria Sonnen
Jennifer Dellmuth    Jessica Linehan        LaWanda Spearman
Angela Dralle        James Linnett          Tiffany Stedman
Christopher Duggan   Rachel Lorenz          Alison Stover
Gregory Durbin       Daniel Lowin           Nena Street
Skip Durocher        Creighton Magid        Mary Streitz
Robert Dwyer         Roger Magnuson         Charisa Tak
George Eck           Jack Manning           John Thomas
Sandra Edelman       Steven Marsh           Thomas Tinkham
Robert Edesess       Mandana Massoumi       John Treptow
Sarah Evans          Michael Matesky        David Trevor
William Evans        Brittany Mayer         James Tucker
Todd Fairchild       Oliver McKinstry       Michael Wahoske
George Fisher        Steven McLaird         Rebecca Weisenberger
Ryan Fortson         Shannon McMinimee      LynDee Wells
Helene Freeman       Nola McNeally          Steven Wells
Mark Ginder          Devin McRae            William Wernz
Roy Ginsburg         Saiko McIvor           Gregory Weyandt
Jennifer Good        William Michael        Colin Wicker
Michael Grisham      Michael Mills          Audra Williams
Alene Grossman       Paul Mussell           Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Haines      Erick Nelson           Gabrielle Wirth
Page Hall            Peder Nestingen        Nathan Witzany
Stephen Hall         H. Anne Nicholson      Amy Xu
Eric Halverson       Steven Nyquist         Alysia Zens
Mark Hamel           Robert Olson
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Housing law is another         In Anchorage, our lawyers worked on a complex landlord-tenant matter. The
                               landlord “forum shopped” and obtained a default judgment and a writ of assistance.
important area in which        We became involved and obtained an injunction prohibiting the landlord from
dorsey attorneys can           executing on the writ of assistance and throwing our client out of her house. There
make a real difference         was a battle over whether the District Court or the Superior Court had jurisdiction.
                               The landlord went back into court on three occasions to evict our client. We
in the lives of our            successfully defended each attempt and finally reached an accommodation and
clients.                       resolution with the landlord. ■

                               We also represented an elderly woman in Anchorage with health problems,
                               who sold her family home at a price that was below fair market value. The
                               sale was orchestrated by a relative who stood to gain by the sale. The relative
                               enlisted the aid of a title company that should have been looking out for our client’s
                               interest. We made a claim against both the relative and the title company. The title
                               company paid our client $7,500. The claim against the relative is still pending. ■

                               Our Anchorage office also assisted our client, an 85-year-old gentleman,
                               who was conned out of $6,500 by a handyman who promised to do some
                               work on his house and furnish and install a new hot water heater and
                               furnace. The handyman cashed our client’s check, but then did none of the work.
                               The handyman told our client he used the money to pay off some debt and that
                               he didn’t have anything left for the job. Our client contacted the Better Business
                               Bureau and countless attorneys before we agreed to take his case through Alaska
                               Legal Services. We filed a complaint, charging the handyman and his business
                               with conversion, breach of contract, violation of the Alaska Unfair Trade Practices
                               and Consumer Protection Act, and fraud. We got a default judgment and then
                               convinced the court that our client was entitled to treble damages as a matter of
                               law. All total the judgment came to about $23,000 with prejudgment interest,
                               attorneys’ fees and costs. A lien was recorded against the handyman’s real
                               property, and we are collecting the judgment. ■

                               In Minneapolis, we represented a client in an action brought against him by
                               his former landlord. The landlord sued our client for extensive fire damage to
                               his apartment, caused by a fire started by the client’s former roommate, who was
                               mentally unstable and using drugs. The landlord filed a one-page, two-sentence
                               complaint alleging - with no further elaboration - that our client owed them more
                               than $50,000 “pursuant to a contract,” and that the balance remained “due and
                               owing” on that contract. We responded with a motion to dismiss, arguing that
                               landlord’s complaint failed to provide our client with sufficient notice of the claims
                               against him and that it failed to state a claim for which relief can be granted. The
                               Hennepin County District Court agreed and granted the motion. ■

                                                                  Housing             ( continued )

                                                                       2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Housing Team
Joel Andersen          Roseanne Hope       John Rock
Courtney Anderson      Patricia Houser     Eric Ruzicka
William Berens         Jeremy Hufton       Christopher Ryan
Gillian Brennan        David Katz          Kent Schmidt
Jeff Cadwell           Bryan Keane         Britta Schnoor
Jonathan Campbell      Corwin Kruse        Christopher Shaheen
Apurba Chakraborty     Tracy Labernik      Eric Sherman
Steven Champlin        Bricker Lavik       Michael Skoglund
Monica Clark           Chris Lenhart       Matthew Smith
Andrew Cosgrove        Meghan Lind         Bradley Smith
Zeb-Michael Curtin     Benjamin Lindblad   Alison Stover
Ross D’Emanuele        Jahna Lindemuth     Michael Stryszak
Michael Drysdale       Rachel Lorenz       John Thomas
Brett Eilander         Daniel Lowin        Andrew Toftey
Mitchell Granberg      Ryan Mick           Bart Torvik
Michael Grisham        Michael Mills       John Treptow
Angela Hall            Safiya Morgan        James Tucker
Stephen Hall           James Nichols       Rebecca Weisenberger
Elizabeth Hanson       H. Anne Nicholson   Audra Williams
Carolyn Heyman-Layne   Robert Olson        Perry Wilson
P. Joshua Hill         James Reeves        Jonathan Wilson
Frederic Hillier       Stanley Rein        Alysia Zens

Children’s Rights
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            In Minneapolis, we represented three siblings who were removed from
                            their home and placed in child protection services after findings of abuse
                            and neglect. We represented the children in their foster care proceedings.
                            Currently, two of three children have been placed in permanent foster care. Our
                            lawyers communicated with their foster families, the court, social services and
                            their guardian ad litem to make sure they are being adequately provided for and
                            represented throughout the proceedings. We also filed a request with the court to
                            order one of the service providers (i.e. social services) to provide benefits that the
                            children have a legal right to but were not receiving. ■

                            Children’s Law Center Team
                            Gretchen Agee                Sonny Miller
                            Apurba Chakraborty           Peder Nestingen
                            Peter Hendrixson             Karen Pogonowski
                            Christopher Hilberg          Gloria Sonnen
                            Corwin Kruse                 Thomas Swigert
                            Stephen Lucke                Alysia Zens
                            Brittany Mayer

                                                 International Human Rights
                                                                                             2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

In July 2004, lawyers in our New York office filed a petition for habeas
corpus in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on behalf of
six individuals from Bahrain who were being held at Guantanamo Bay,
Cuba. In January 2005, the Court denied the motion to dismiss that the federal
government had filed in our case (and 10 other cases brought by detainees). The
Court rejected the government’s argument that the Guantanamo detainees have no
rights, finding that the detainees have rights under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S.
Constitution. The Court also found that administrative hearings held by the U.S.
military in Guantanamo Bay violated the detainees’ rights. The government filed an
interlocutory appeal, which has been fully briefed and argued, and is pending. ■

In 2005, three of our clients - who like most of our clients, had never even
been accused of being involved in any violence - were released and sent to
Bahrain. Upon their arrival in Bahrain, our clients were immediately released to
their waiting families. ■

One of our remaining clients was on a hunger strike from August through
January (he was tube fed) and another of our clients has attempted to
commit suicide ten times by the military’s count. We filed papers with the
District Court asking that our client be removed from the isolating conditions
under which he has been held; such isolation is the largest contributing factor to
his suicidal ideation. However, after our motion was fully briefed and argued, the
Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 was passed. This law purports to strip federal
courts of jurisdiction over habeas claims brought by Guantanamo detainees. While
the text of the law seems to make clear that the law does not apply retroactively,
the government is arguing to the contrary. This issue is before both the U.S.
Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. ■

In 2006, one of our clients arrived home in Bahrain after nearly five years
in U.S. custody at Guantanamo. He was never charged with a crime or even
accused of participating in any actions against the U.S., its allies or anyone else.
Like the three Dorsey clients who were released last year, the client was reunited
with his family immediately upon his return. ■

In Salt Lake City, one of our lawyers monitored the Belarusian presidential
election as a representative of the United States to the Organization for
Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). She attended several days of
in-country training and studied the country’s election laws. She was subsequently
deployed to a region and monitored the election climate, voting process, counting
procedures and tabulation of results. She was responsible for reporting violations
of the country’s election code and breaches of international treaties with respect to
human rights to OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. ■

International Human Rights                                   ( continued )

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            International Human Rights Team
                            Nathan Ackerman          Christopher Karagheuzoff   Fanny Renault
                            Nathan Alexander         Sarah Kerbeshian           Hannah Resnick
                            Selina Andrews           Corwin Kruse               Glenn Salvo
                            Karly Baraga             James Langdon              Britta Schnoor
                            Jana Bruder              Eric Larson                Christopher Shaheen
                            Steven Carlson           Bricker Lavik              Sellano Simmons
                            Benjamin Carpenter       Young Lee                  Scott Sinor
                            Joshua Colangelo-Bryan   Heather Ray Liaw           Tiffany Stedman
                            Rajiv Dalal              Mark Liberman              Nena Street
                            David Eldred             Meghan Lind                Mark Sullivan
                            Nathan Frederick         Rachel Lorenz              Charisa Tak
                            Shawna Fullerton         Roger Magnuson             Bart Torvik
                            Michelle Grant           Kevin Maler                Jonathan Van Horn
                            Jennifer Hannigan        Brittany Mayer             Regan Waller
                            Jennifer Hanson          Safiya Morgan               Patricia Walsh
                            Timothy Hearn            Peder Nestingen            William Wernz
                            Amy Hertel               Kelcey Patrick-Ferree      Gregory Weyandt
                            Morgan Hilpert           Alexander Phung            Emily Willits
                            Sarah Iannacone          Karen Pogonowski           Alysia Zens
                            Thomas Jancik            Stephen Raab               Faisal Zubairi
                            Mark Kalla               Rachel Rasmus

                                                                                            Legal Clinics
                                                                                             2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Lawyer for a Day
Dorsey and Alaska Legal Services Corporation’s Volunteer Attorney Support
Program’s volunteer attorneys staff the popular Lawyer for a Day program. Our
lawyers have spent their Thursdays meeting with potential ALSC clients and
delivering brief client services.

Legal Aid Society of Polk County, Iowa
Each Monday afternoon attorneys from our Des Moines office assist with initial
screening interviews of potential clients at Polk County Legal Aid. Our lawyers also
provide advice to potential clients.

The Greenwood Clinic
Our Seattle attorneys volunteer at the Greenwood Legal Clinic, which is one of
several King County Bar Association neighborhood legal clinics. The attorneys
at the clinic assist clients in understanding legal issues and can refer them to
additional legal resources and materials that will help the clients resolve their

Community Justice Centers
Several lawyers from our Seattle office volunteer at the Community Justice Centers,
which are run by the Seattle University Law School. Each Center is issue-based,
with each issue running for two weeks. The lawyers counsel disadvantaged people
regarding landlord-tenant, family law, wills and trusts and unemployment law.

Housing Justice Project
Our Seattle lawyers volunteer for the Housing Justice Project and provide free
legal help to low-income tenants who would otherwise appear at their eviction
hearings without legal representation. The Housing Justice Project also provides
other services, such as educational materials regarding the eviction process, legal
advice, and help with negotiations with landlords.

Brian Coyle Clinic
The Minneapolis Banking Group partners with U.S. Bank’s in-house legal staff
to provide pro bono legal services to disadvantaged persons. Our attorneys see
clients at the clinic with issues such as consumer, housing, domestic abuse and

Legal Access Point
Attorneys from the Minneapolis office help staff the Legal Access Point Clinic
located in the Self Help Service Center of the Hennepin County Government
Center. Our lawyers provide legal advice and referral services to low-income
people who are pro se litigants. Common issues seen at this clinic relate to
consumer law, credit problems, medical malpractice, housing, bankruptcy,
employment, insurance claims and conciliation court.

Legal Clinics           ( continued )

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            Mark Eastwood Legal Clinic for Teen Parents
                            The Mark Eastwood Legal Clinic for Teen Parents continues to thrive in the great
                            tradition started by late Dorsey attorney Mark Eastwood. We provide a weekly legal
                            clinic at a Minneapolis public high school that serves over 200 teen parents. A team
                            of our attorneys staff the weekly clinic providing assistance to teen parents with
                            housing, consumer, immigration, child support and custody issues. We also provide
                            opportunities for our staff to participate in the annual holiday party we host for the
                            school. In 2006, we were able to start a scholarship program at the school as well.

                            Sabathani Community Center Legal Clinic
                            Our Minneapolis Tax, Trust and Estate and Employee Benefits Groups saw clients
                            at the Sabathani Legal Clinic and assisted them with a variety of issues, including
                            consumer debt, bankruptcy, housing, employment and landlord-tenant.

                            Senior Legal Fair
                            Also in Minneapolis, we partnered with our client, UnitedHealth Group, to hold our
                            inaugural Senior Legal Fair. Dorsey and UHG attorneys and paralegals assisted
                            low-income senior citizens with creating healthcare directives, wills and powers of
                            attorney. We also assisted seniors with other legal questions, including housing
                            issues and Medicare Part D benefits. We plan to host a similar event a few times
                            each year.

                            Minnesota AIDS Project Estate Planning Clinic
                            The Minneapolis Tax, Trust, and Estate group spent the fall planning for the
                            opening of a new legal clinic. This clinic will be operated in cooperation with the
                            Minnesota AIDS Project. Dorsey attorneys will meet monthly with clients at the
                            Hennepin County Medical Center, where the clients are comfortable and already
                            receiving their specialized medical care. We will assist the clients with their basic
                            estate planning needs.

                                                             Legal Clinics           ( continued )

                                                                      2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Legal Clinic Team Members
James Alt              Andrew Holly       Michael Pignato
Joel Andersen          Roseanne Hope      Karen Pogonowski
Leslie Anderson        Jason Hunt         Heather Redmond
Steven Benolkin        Johanna Huntley    James Reeves
William Berens         Michael Iwan       Stanley Rein
Jana Bruder            Shari Jerde        Meghan Ryan
Robert Burns           Mark Kalla         Glenn Salvo
Jeff Cadwell           Jocelyn Knoll      Betsy Sanders
Heather Campbell       Cristina Kuhn      Surya Saxena
Kristina Carlson       James Langdon      Ann Seha
Steven Carlson         Bricker Lavik      Kim Severson
Benjamin Carpenter     Wendy Leukuma      Eric Sherman
Apurba Chakraborty     John Liethen       Marianne Short
Allen Clendaniel       Meghan Lind        Bruce Shnider
Zeb-Michael Curtin     James Linnett      Sellano Simmons
Christopher Doerksen   Bridget Logstrom   Alissa Smith
Jennifer Erickson      Edwin McIntosh     Moira Smith
Todd Fairchild         Saiko McIvor       Tiffany Stedman
Emily Fitzgerald       Lee Merreot        Alison Stover
Ryan Fortson           Sonny Miller       Dustin Thompson
L. Joseph Genereux     Michael Mills      Andrew Toftey
Ilyse Goldsmith        Marne Mitskog      John Treptow
Stephen Gottschalk     Charles Moore      Todd Trumpold
Mitchell Granberg      Safiya Morgan       Ulrika Vettleson
Michelle Grant         Jamie Nafziger     Michael Wahoske
Michael Grisham        Peder Nestingen    Gregory Weyandt
Angela Hall            Barry Newman       Marshall White
Mattias Hallendorff    Doug Paul          Emily Willits
Mark Hamel             Eric Peterson      Jonathan Wilson
Nicole Haaning         Neal Peterson      Jenny Winkler
Marisa Hesse           Sara Peterson      Nathan Witzany
Carolyn Heyman-Layne   Katie Pfeifer      Alysia Zens

Marital Termination and Other Family Law Matters
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            In Anchorage, we worked on a pro bono divorce case involving a Russian
                            immigrant who came to the U.S. in late 2003 as a “mail order bride” along
                            with her teenage daughter. Our client became pregnant, and in October 2004,
                            a few weeks before giving birth, fled with her daughter to a women’s shelter. We
                            initially defended the daughter on a temporary restraining order hearing the father
                            brought. The case quickly morphed into a divorce and custody case. We handled
                            several volumes of pleadings, ranging from disputes over amount of child support
                            to the importance of breastfeeding newborns. Our lawyers also handled court
                            hearings on interim custody and related divorce matters. The divorce resolved
                            when the father was arrested and charged with sexually molesting his two teenage
                            daughters from a previous marriage. We were able to fend off the father’s request
                            that visitation be allowed in jail. Our client’s divorce and custody proceedings were
                            put on hold pending the father’s trial, which was delayed for over a year. We then
                            filed for a final resolution of the divorce. ■

                            Also in Anchorage, we represented a woman in a contested custody
                            proceeding. The pro se father filed for custody of the couple’s three-year-old
                            daughter after he was ordered to pay child support by Child Support Services
                            Division. Following a custody investigation, the court-appointed custody
                            investigator recommended that the father be granted sole legal custody and
                            primary physical custody, and further recommended that the mother be granted
                            visitation one evening each week and every other weekend, even though the
                            daughter had lived with her mother all of her life. We were able to negotiate a
                            more favorable settlement for our client, resulting in a shared legal and physical
                            custody arrangement based in part on the deposition testimony of the court-
                            appointed custody investigator. Prior to settling the case, we obtained an interim
                            custody order awarding the mother primary physical custody, drafted and obtained
                            a stipulation and order to ensure confidentiality of documents requested and
                            produced through discovery, defended against a motion to modify interim custody
                            (in which the father falsely accused the mother of being an unfit parent and
                            exposing the child to physical and possibly sexual abuse), and obtained a favorable
                            ruling to vacate the trial date based on the father’s refusal to cooperate with
                            discovery and submit to a deposition. ■

Marital Termination and Other Family Law Matters
                                                                                          2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

In Denver, we represented a woman whose ex-husband stopped making                         Our Minneapolis
child support and maintenance payments. The husband then sought to
terminate his payment obligations. Our lawyers intervened after the court entered
                                                                                          lawyers partner
a default judgment against our client, vacated the default judgment (thereby              with Chrysalis, an
reinstating the payment obligation), and then negotiated a favorable settlement. ■        organization helping
Our Minneapolis lawyers partner with Chrysalis, an organization helping                   low-income women
low-income women and children who are experiencing domestic abuse, to                     and children who are
obtain Orders For Protection, a civil court order to stop domestic abuse. In
2006 we handled nine OFPs involving 368 hours of attorney and paralegal time. ■
                                                                                          experiencing domestic
                                                                                          abuse, to obtain Orders
                                                                                          For Protection, a civil
                                                                                          court order to stop
                                                                                          domestic abuse.

Family Law & Marital Dissolutions Team
Nathan Brower               James Langdon                Betsy Sanders
Robert Bundy                Wendy Leukuma                Eric Sherman
Allen Clendaniel            Lee Merreot                  Scott Sinor
Skip Durocher               Marne Mitskog                Gloria Sonnen
Ryan Fortson                Rebecca Molloy               Patricia Staible
Mark Ginder                 Doug Paul                    John Thomas
Jennifer Good               James Peters                 Dustin Thompson
Nicole Haaning              Karen Pogonowski             Todd Trumpold
Andrew Holly                Paul Robbennolt              Gregory Weyandt
Shari Jerde                 Meghan Ryan                  Emily Willits
Tracy Labernik              Glenn Salvo                  Alysia Zens

Minorit y Business
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            We work with a number of small businesses to assist them with forming
                            start-up entities and with ongoing legal issues that may arise. In Minneapolis,
                            we have relationships with the Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) and
                            the Business Law Clinic at the University of Minnesota Law School. The Business
                            Law Clinic at the University of Minnesota Law School is a program that provides
                            both an opportunity to help provide education to law students and the chance to
                            assist small businesses. Dorsey attorneys work with the clinic to supervise teams
                            of law students that represent primarily start-up businesses in choosing and
                            forming an entity. ■

                            The LEDC works with the Latino population to establish, stabilize, and
                            grow businesses through orientations, classes, business development
                            consulting, technical assistance, and access to capital for new and existing
                            entrepreneurs. We assist clients of the LEDC with various business law matters
                            throughout the year. In January 2006 we received an emergency request from
                            the LEDC. Two individuals were starting their first family-owned business, a
                            restaurant in St. Paul, and they needed to have the organization created within
                            two days! A new corporate associate, a corporate paralegal and a tax department
                            partner scrambled to assist them with the incorporation, charter documents,
                            Federal Employer Identification Number, and a Subchapter S election. With some
                            facilitation by a translator, we also advised on a number of considerations important
                            to a brand new business. ■

                            Minority Business Assistance Team:
                            Gretchen Agee                Roseanne Hope                 David Singer
                            James Alt                    Jaewon Lee                    Amy Stasik
                            Michael Ananian              Ryan McCarthy                 Sara Stenberg
                            Gillian Brennan              Andrew Meyerson               John Thomas
                            Benjamin Carpenter           Robert Miklautsch             Michele Thurnblom
                            Steven Fang                  Alec Nisbet                   Michael Trucano
                            M. Page Hall                 Melissa Paparone              James Tucker
                            Peter Harris                 Bo-Yong Park                  Audra Williams
                            Robert Heiberg               Fanny Renault                 Alysia Zens
                            Frederic Hillier             Robert Rywkin

                                                                                            2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

We recognize that one of the best ways we can assist the disadvantaged is                   We recognize that
to help create and serve organizations that can make even more services
available to those in need. Therefore, we are extremely dedicated to assisting
                                                                                            one of the best ways
nonprofit organizations. We have an attorney who specializes in nonprofits as part            we can assist the
of our pro bono leadership team. She trains and supervises dozens of summer                 disadvantaged is to
associates and attorneys who staff projects for nonprofit organizations. In 2006, we
prepared governance documents and IRS tax-exemption applications for numerous               help create and serve
nonprofits. In addition to assisting start-up nonprofits, we also work with nonprofits         organizations that
that have ongoing issues, including real estate transactions, trademark issues, and
                                                                                            can make even more
employee arrangements. Some of our attorneys serve as pro bono general legal
counsel for nonprofits. Many of our attorneys serve on boards for nonprofits and we           services available to
often provide some legal services to such organizations as well. ■                          those in need.
In New York, we represented Overcoming Obstacles, a non-profit that
provides a relevant life-skills curriculum in schools throughout the country,
which are targeted to potential drop outs and youth at risk. The curriculum
teaches constructive conflict resolution, goal setting and effective communication
and decision-making skills. We represented the organization (corporate name
Community for Education Foundation, Inc.) in litigation and in negotiating severance
agreements for terminated staff. We also prosecuted trademark applications for
them. This year, among other things, we conducted a survey of non-profit corporate
governance best practices and prepared a report containing recommendations for
changes to conform with best practices. ■

In Denver, we worked for several local 501(c)(3) organizations, including
one Colorado entity for which we worked on three major projects. Because
the founder was retiring and had been very involved in the organization and, in
fact, had specific duties written into the by-laws of the organization, the new
president asked us to assist in rewriting the by-laws and reviewing the other
corporate organization documents. The board asked that we review retirement and
compensation issues relating to the planned retirement or reduction in duties of the
founder. This ultimately became a complex issue, because the organization was
seeking to compensate the founder over the next ten years as a form of retirement.
One of our Minneapolis attorneys was instrumental in sorting out the details of
the complex and rather arcane issues relating to the organization’s desires. We
worked closely with the finance subcommittee of the board and coordinated the
efforts. Lastly, we advised the president of the organization regarding employment
law issues and the best way to structure the involuntary departure of a long-term
employee of the organization to avoid an anticipated lawsuit. ■

Nonprofits             ( continued )

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Nonprofit created by              In Salt Lake City, we have relationships with a number of nonprofit
                                 organizations. A few of our SLC attorneys and a Minneapolis summer associate
our attorneys gives              worked together to prepare the governing documents and IRS exemption
Iraq radio station a             application for Almahaba House, created to promote the rights of women in Iraq.
voice for women.                 Almahaba House supports Radio Al-Mahaba (which is the first radio station in Iraq
                                 to provide a voice for women), provides educational opportunities for the women of
                                 Iraq, and hopes to establish a micro-lending program to enable women to start their
                                 own businesses. ■

                                 Seattle and Minneapolis have long-standing traditions of being very
                                 philanthropic communities. Dozens of attorneys in these two offices provide
                                 regular assistance to start-up and well-established nonprofit organizations. In both
                                 communities, we have attorneys who sit on the boards of the main local nonprofits
                                 that provide assistance to other nonprofits, and through these relationships we
                                 receive a large number of referrals for new pro bono nonprofit projects. In 2006,
                                 these two offices were also able to work with over a dozen summer associates on
                                 pro bono nonprofit projects. The summer associates assisted in the formation of a
                                 number of new nonprofits, including organizations that provide housing and other
                                 assistance for previous prisoners as they are re-entering society, operate mission
                                 trips for college students, and assist low income persons to become empowered
                                 to purchase their own homes. An example of a new nonprofit that was created
                                 by a Minneapolis corporate associate working with a summer associate is Go for
                                 Oromo Leadership Development (GOLD). GOLD’s mission is to promote and
                                 support educational and leadership excellence among youth of Oromo descent (an
                                 indigenous African ethnic group living primarily in Ethiopia). ■

                                                                     Nonprofits            ( continued )

                                                                            2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Non-Profits Team
Jonathan Abram          Heather Crain          Nicole Haaning
Steven Allison          Ross D’Emanuele        Jonathan Haines
Craig Anderson          Rajiv Dalal            Angela Hall
Leslie Anderson         Terrence Danysh        Stephen Hall
Selina Andrews          Lile Deinard           Mattias Hallendorff
Travis Bachman          Kari Delander          Eric Halverson
Peter Bado              Jennifer Dellmuth      Joseph Hammell
Jonathan Bakewicz       Ramnik Dhaliwal        Elizabeth Hanson
Kandis Baldwin          Mario Diaz-Cruz        Peter Harris
Katina Banks            Christopher Doerksen   Anthony Harvin
Christopher Barry       Nelson Dong            Joe Hayashi
Michael Beers           William Dossett        Robert Heiberg
Alan Bell               Angela Dralle          Steven Heim
Stephen Bell            Michael Droke          Richard Helde
Steven Benolkin         Robert Dwyer           Craig Hemenway
Jennifer Berry          Eric Eberhard          Lauren Hemingway
Jason Brenkert          Sandra Edelman         Stuart Hemphill
Gillian Brennan         Robert Edesess         Frederic Hillier
Roxane Broadhead        Elizabeth Ehrhart      Robert Hobbins
Daniel Brown            Adam Ekberg            Bryce Holland
Michael Brown           Holly Eng              Nathan Honson
Jana Bruder             Jennifer Erickson      Roseanne Hope
Elizabeth Buckingham    Sarah Evans            Jeremy Hufton
Katie Burgum            William Evans          Van Aaron Hughes
Robert Burns            Bruce Ewing            Jason Hunt
Jeffrey Cadwell         Patrick Feeley         John Hursh
Theodore Cadwell        Pamela Foohey          Sarah Iannacone
Sekou Caldwell          Jessica Forbes         Walter Impert
Heather Campbell        Ryan Fortson           Michael Iwan
Don Carlson             Robert Franklin        Mark Jarboe
Steven Carlson          Helene Freeman         Charles Johnson
Zachary Carter          Joseph Gaffney         Dennis Johnson
Robert Cattanach        Samuel Gardiner        Jason Johnson
Gina Cesaretti          Darla Geise            William Jonason
Eileen Chung            John Giles             Robert Josten
Anthony Cipriano        Mark Ginder            Thomas Joyce
Marilyn Clark           William Goetz          Robert Kaplan
Monica Clark            Ilyse Goldsmith        Mark Kaster
David Close             Timothy Goodman        David Katz
Michael Cohen           Stephen Gottschalk     Bryan Keane
Jessie Collings         Heather Grahame        Terence Kelly
Kenneth Connelly        Mitchell Granberg      John Kennedy
Katherine Constantine   Melinda Greer          Pomy Ketema
Jennifer Cornell        Michael Grisham        Amber Kocsis

Nonprofits             ( continued )

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                                 Non-Profits Team (continued)
                                 Michael Kroll         H. Anne Nicholson      John Soshnik
                                 Rachel Krueger        Steven Nyquist         Patricia Staible
                                 Robert Kuhns          Robert Olson           William Stoeri
                                 Tracy Labernik        Lee Osman              Alison Stover
                                 Peter Lancaster       Lisa Osman             Jill Strawbridge
                                 Eric Larson           Brian Palmer           Mary Streitz
                                 Brian Laurenzo        Jayna Paquin           Jon Strinden
                                 David Lauth           Brian Park             Stephanie Strike
                                 Bricker Lavik         Doug Paul              David Swanson
                                 Thuy Nguyen Leeper    James Peters           Jay Swanson
                                 Chris Lenhart         Craig Peterson         Travis Terry
                                 Laura Lestrade        Eric Peterson          John Thomas
                                 Seth Leventhal        Katina Peterson        Dustin Thompson
                                 Heather Liaw          Neal Peterson          Andrew Thorson
                                 John Liethen          Alexander Phung        Daniel Thurber
                                 Jay Lindgren          Michael Pignato        Andrew Toftey
                                 Jessica Linehan       Randall Price          Claire Topp
                                 James Linnett         Brady Priest           Paul Torgerson
                                 Stefan Lopatkiewicz   Laurie Ragen           Irwin Treiger
                                 Rachel Lorenz         Melissa Raphan         David Trevor
                                 Todd Lorenz           Lauren Rasmus          Michael Trucano
                                 Stephen Lucke         Jennifer Reed          James Tucker
                                 Edward Magarit        Robert Reinhart        Jonathan Van Horn
                                 Creighton Magid       Kristine Revilla       Thomas Vander Molen
                                 Sarah Maier           Jason Rhodes           Ulrika Vettleson
                                 Kevin Maler           Stewart Richardson     Regan Waller
                                 Jack Manning          Sarah Robertson        LynDee Wells
                                 John Marsalek         Richard Rosston        Steven Wells
                                 David Marx            Eric Ruzicka           Karen Wentzel
                                 George Mastrodonato   Toni Sandin            William Wernz
                                 Michael Matesky       Kent Schmidt           Audra Williams
                                 Brittany Mayer        Britta Schnoor         Perry Wilson
                                 Michael McCormick     Robert Schwartzbauer   John Windhorst
                                 Patrick McLaughlin    Bruce Shnider          Gabrielle Wirth
                                 Shannon McMinimee     Steve Shogren          Nathan Witzany
                                 Nola McNeally         Marianne Short         Randall Wood
                                 Gabrielle Mead        Richard Silberberg     Amy Xu
                                 William Miller        Sellano Simmons        Stephen Zemanick
                                 Michael Mills         Michael Skoglund       Alysia Zens
                                 Rebecca Molloy        Alissa Smith           Linda Zimmermann
                                 Elizabeth Morton      Jaime Sneider          Dawn Zouber
                                 Paul Mussell          Sherman Snow
                                 Jamie Nafziger        Sean Solberg
                                 Erik Nelson           John Somers

                                            Political Asylum /Immigration
                                                                                               2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Dorsey attorneys participated in the Repatriation Project and conducted                        The immigration judge
extensive research on the repatriation of unaccompanied minors caught
attempting to cross the Mexico-U.S. border. Each year about 100,000 of these
                                                                                               initially denied our
children coming into the U.S. are summarily returned. This “catch and release”                 client’s asylum case,
policy is rife with problems. The team engaged in both fact and law research,                  finding that he had
including U.S. regulations, U.N. treaties, and the practices of other countries. ■
                                                                                               been firmly resettled
We represented a 27-year-old Somali man in removal (deportation)                               in South Africa, and
proceedings being held at the detention facility in Harlingen, Texas. He left
his home at the age of 12 after his father and sister were killed because of their
                                                                                               ordered him deported
tribal membership. Our client spent the next 15 years in refugee camps in various              to that country.
countries and then lived in South Africa for a period, until he fled because of
persecution due to his nationality.

The immigration judge initially denied our client’s asylum case, finding that he had
been firmly resettled in South Africa, and ordered him deported to that country.
We appealed his case before the Board of Immigration Appeals. The BIA reversed
the immigration judge’s finding on firm resettlement and remanded the case for
an evaluation of the current country conditions in Somalia. In the meantime, and
while still in detention, our client was told that his brother had been murdered on
the streets of Somalia. Evidence was presented to the immigration judge that
the country’s conditions had indeed not changed. The immigration judge issued
a decision from the bench granting asylum. After one year and two months, our
client was released from custody and granted asylum. In a letter expressing his
gratitude, the client wrote:

“This is to express my profound gratitude to you for your expertise and professional
calling in assisting me in my immigration matters . . . I am, indeed, very grateful and
Almighty God shall continue to prosper you in whatever you lay your hand on. The
protection of God shall continually be upon you and your family.” ■

In Palo Alto, a team is briefing an appeal from a removal order for a Haitian
immigrant. Our client has lived in the U.S. since his early teens, has served in the
U.S. Army, and has children and grandchildren here, but the Bureau of Immigration
Services has ordered that he be removed to Haiti based on a California drug
conviction involving $20 worth of cocaine. The case involves the intersection of
state and federal drug laws as well as the implications of our client’s unusual family
history, which includes close personal ties between his deceased parents and the
Duvalier regime. ■

Political Asylum /Immigration                                        ( continued )

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            Political Asylum Team
                            Gretchen Agee           Brett Eilander                   H. Anne Nicholson
                            Courtney Anderson       Kimton Eng                       Craig Peterson
                            Jonathan Bakewicz       Sarah Evans                      Karen Pogonowski
                            Steven Benolkin         Alene Grossman                   F. Matthew Ralph
                            C. Christopher Bercaw   Jennifer Hannigan                John Rock
                            Jennifer Berry          Benjamin Hasbrouck               Antony Rutherford
                            Roxane Broadhead        Sarah Iannacone                  Glenn Salvo
                            John Brogan             Mark Kalla                       Britta Schnoor
                            Jana Bruder             Sarah Kerbeshian                 Kirsten Schubert
                            Kahla Bunde             Tracy Labernik                   Tiffany Stedman
                            Rachel Byrne            James Langdon                    Heather Toft
                            Steven Carlson          John Liethen                     Andrew Toftey
                            Jessie Collings         Benjamin Lindblad                Jacquelyn Trotta
                            Kenneth Connelly        Brittany Mayer                   Ulrika Vettleson
                            Heather Crain           Oliver McKinstry                 Michael Wahoske
                            Megan Dempsey           Gabrielle Mead                   Regan Waller
                            Craig Diviney           Saiko McIvor                     LynDee Wells
                            Tim Droske              Peder Nestingen

                                                               Awards & Recognition
                                                                                           2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Dorsey & Whitney Receives Alaska 2006
Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year Award
The Anchorage office of Dorsey & Whitney LLP was recognized as the 2006 Pro
Bono Law Firm of the Year by the four pro bono service providers in Alaska. Dorsey
received the award at the Alaska Bar Convention in April 2006. The state’s pro bono
service providers are: Alaska Legal Services (ALSC), Alaska Pro Bono Program
(APBP), Alaska Immigration Justice Project and the Alaska Network on Domestic
Violence and Sexual Assault Pro Bono Program.

The award acknowledges a firm that has donated extraordinary time, resources
and talent to pro bono efforts in Alaska. “[Dorsey’s] innovation and approach to
pro bono is outstanding,” said Erick Cordero, the pro bono coordinator of APBP.
“The partnership with ALSC in reviving the Attorney of the Day project has been
of tremendous positive impact to many people who would otherwise not be able to
receive services.”

Bricker Lavik Receives Major Pro Bono Award
The National Association of Pro Bono Professionals (NAPBPro) presented Dorsey
& Whitney attorney Bricker Lavik with the William Reece Smith Jr. Special Services
to Pro Bono Award at the ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference in Philadelphia.
The annual award honors individuals who positively influence the systems or
networks of providing pro bono legal services.

Protecting Immigrant Children Earns National Pro Bono
Award for Dorsey Seattle Attorneys
Dorsey & Whitney attorneys in the firm’s Seattle office received the Corporate
Pro Bono Institute’s Pro Bono Partner Award for providing free legal assistance
to detained immigrant children trying to escape violence and abuse in Mexico and
other Latin American countries. The award, presented March 3 in Washington,
D.C., recognizes innovative partnership approaches to pro bono legal aid work
through collaborations among public interest groups, law firms and in-house legal

Awards & Recognition                            ( continued )

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            Hennepin County Bar Association Presents ‘Distinguished
                            Service’ Award to Attorney Bricker Lavik
                            The Hennepin County Bar Association (HCBA) presented Dorsey attorney Bricker
                            Lavik with its 2006 Distinguished Service award at the HCBA annual Bar Benefit
                            March 2. The Annual award honors an individual whose career reflects “an overall
                            commitment to pro bono work.”

                            NYLPI Honors Zachary Carter with Law & Society Award
                            Zachary Carter was honored by The New York Lawyers For the Public Interest
                            (NYLPI) with the 2006 Public Interest Law & Society award. The award honors
                            the attorney who best combines outstanding legal skills with a long-standing
                            commitment to public service and the New York community. Past winners include
                            Kenneth R. Feinberg, Special Master of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, U.S.
                            Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and former New York Governor Mario

                                                                 20 06 Scales of Justice
                                                                                                2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

The Scales of Justice Awards are given annually to Dorsey attorneys for special pro
bono efforts. The following are recipients of the 2007 Scales of Justice Awards
for pro bono contributions in 2006. We congratulate every one of them.

Monica Clark and Michael Wahoske received the Scales of Justice Award
for their five-year battle working on a bankruptcy discharging the student
loans of our client, who suffered severe depression, panic attacks and
suicidal ideation that prevented her from practicing law and repaying more
than $140,000 in outstanding student loans. As her loan balance increased
and creditor calls intensified, our client sought pro bono assistance from Dorsey.
In 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari, bringing the matter to a close.
The end result is that our client’s student loan debt is now discharged in its entirety,
and there is Eighth Circuit precedent in place that will be useful to similarly-situated

Other team members are:

Beth Forsythe
Chris Lenhart
Patrick McLaughlin
John Thomas
William Goetz
William Wernz

20 06 Scales of Justice                            ( continued )

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            Members of our Children in Detention Teams have been selected to receive
                            the Scales of Justice Award for their work in representing children in
                            complicated immigration court proceedings. Dorsey is a charter member of
                            the Children in Detention Project launched by the National Center for Refugee
                            and Immigrant Children, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. We
                            represent unaccompanied minors, sometimes held in detention, in proceedings to
                            allow them to remain in the United States. We have teams working on these cases
                            in New York, Minneapolis, Seattle and Southern California. Kathy Lowe is the over
                            all Project Leader and Southern California Team Leader. Other Team Leaders are:
                            Tom Swigert in Minneapolis, Alexander Baehr in Seattle and David Singer in New

                            Other Team Members are:

                            Lee Merreot                                Sarah Evans
                            Steven Fang                                Brett Schlameus
                            Jennifer Berry                             Rachel Byrne
                            Margaret Lyons                             Laura McCann
                            Surya Saxena                               Todd Fairchild
                            Kimberly Fuhrman                           Shawn Larsen-Bright
                            Steven Benolkin                            Joo Ryung Kang
                            Apurba Chakraborty                         Jessica Linehan
                            Bryan Keane                                Gabrielle Wirth
                            Patricia Walsh                             Jeff Bernhardt
                            Ryan McCarthy                              Marcia Chang
                            Charisa Tak                                Sri Sankaran
                            George Yu                                  Christy Bertram
                            Katherine Johnson                          Margaret Lyons
                            LynDee Wells                               Steven Allison

                                             20 06 Scales of Justice                                     ( continued )

                                                                                          2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

The team led by Tim Branson, Steve Bell and Mike Drysdale that worked on
the Planned Parenthood Foundation matter is the recipient of a 2007 Scales
of Justice Award. In the spring of 2005, the South Dakota legislature signed into
law a bill amending the informed consent statute concerning physician disclosure
relating to abortion. The Planned Parenthood Foundation believes this law violates
the pregnant woman’s First and Fourteenth Amendment rights. The Dorsey Team
made numerous filings in district court, also helped identify and locate expert
witnesses from around the country and gather testimony from these experts. Last
summer our attorneys appeared in the United States District Court for a hearing to
argue a preliminary injunction motion. The Judge granted the motion, and the State
of South Dakota appealed to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. At the same time
these motions were made there were motions to intervene by interested parties in
both the Eighth Circuit and in the district court.

Other team members were:

Emily Fitzgerald
Heather Redmond
Tiffany Stedman
Glenn Salvo
Michael Skoglund

The 2007 100% Participation Award will be split this year between the Fargo
office and the Great Falls office. All attorneys in these offices participated in pro
bono efforts to achieve the 100% goal.

           Attorneys Contributing Over 50 Hours of Pro Bono Work
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            Over 50 Hours of Pro Bono
                            Hassan Abedi          Timothy Goodman      Peder Nestingen
                            Paul Ackerman         Stephen Gottschalk   James Nichols
                            Gretchen Agee         Michael Grisham      Jayna Paquin
                            James Alt             Jonathan Haines      Katina Peterson
                            Joel Andersen         Eric Halverson       Alexander Phung
                            Malia Arrington       Jennifer Hannigan    Karen Pogonowski
                            Timothy Baldwin       Jennifer Hanson      F. Matthew Ralph
                            Katina Banks          Richard Helde        Lauren Rasmus
                            Sonia Bednarowski     Andrew Holly         Jennifer Reed
                            Michael Beers         Roseanne Hope        Fanny Renault
                            Steven Benolkin       Patricia Houser      Jason Rhodes
                            Christy Bertram       Jeremy Hufton        John Rock
                            Amy Bjork             John Hursh           Eric Ruzicka
                            Roxane Broadhead      Walter Impert        Meghan Ryan
                            John Brogan           Michael Iwan         Christopher Ryan
                            Daniel Brown          Thomas Jancik        Surya Saxena
                            Jana Bruder           Dennis Johnson       Brett Schlameus
                            Sekou Caldwell        Joo Ryung Kang       Kirsten Schubert
                            Kristina Carlson      Robert Kaplan        Robert Schwartzbauer
                            Benjamin Carpenter    Amber Kocsis         Bruce Shnider
                            Peter Carter          Tracy Labernik       Steve Shogren
                            Robert Cattanach      Peter Lancaster      Richard Silberberg
                            Apurba Chakraborty    Wendy Leukuma        Peter Sipkins
                            Steven Champlin       Seth Leventhal       Bradley Smith
                            Rebecca Chung         John Liethen         Alissa Smith
                            Allen Clendaniel      Meghan Lind          Spencer Sneed
                            Richard Clinton       Benjamin Lindblad    Sherman Snow
                            Michael Cohen         Jessica Linehan      Gloria Sonnen
                            Terrence Danysh       Daniel Lowin         Patricia Staible
                            Jennifer Dellmuth     Bruce MacKenzie      Tiffany Stedman
                            Paul Dieseth          Edward Margarit      Mary Streitz
                            Angela Dralle         Laura McCann         Jon Strinden
                            Michael Droke         Megan McKenzie       John Thomas
                            Sarah Evans           Oliver McKinstry     Dustin Thompson
                            Todd Fairchild        Patrick McLaughlin   Andrew Toftey
                            Steven Fang           Marquest Meeks       Michael Wahoske
                            Jessica Forbes        Michael Mills        Rebecca Weisenberger
                            Stephanie Friedland   Marne Mitskog        Peter Whitman
                            Nancy Gallup          Rebecca Molloy       Gabrielle Wirth
                            L. Joseph Genereux    Safiya Morgan         Linda Zimmermann
                            Jennifer Good         Paul Mussell
Attorneys Contributing Over 100 Hours of Pro Bono Work
                                                                            2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

Over 100 Hours of Pro Bono
Courtney Anderson        P. Joshua Hill             Brian Palmer
Selina Andrews           Jason Johnson              Craig Peterson
Stephen Bell             Beverly Johnson            Eric Peterson
Jennifer Berry           Katherine Johnson          Katie Pfeifer
Timothy Branson          Robert Josten              Randall Price
Rachel Byrne             Thomas Joyce               Richard Rosston
Theodore Cadwell         Mark Kalla                 Glenn Salvo
Steven Carlson           Christopher Karagheuzoff   Britta Schnoor
Zachary Carter           Bryan Keane                Eric Sherman
Monica Clark             Sarah Kerbeshian           Marianne Short
Joshua Colangelo-Bryan   Corwin Kruse               Moira Smith
Andrew Cosgrove          James Langdon              John Somers
Marta De Leon            Shawn Larsen-Bright        William Stoeri
Nelson Dong              David Lauth                Stephanie Strike
Michael Drysdale         Bricker Lavik              Mark Sullivan
Eric Eberhard            Thuy Nguyen Leeper         Andrew Thorson
William Evans            Heather Ray Liaw           Heather Toft
Kevin Finnerty           Margaret Lyons             Claire Topp
Emily Fitzgerald         Diane Mason                Irwin Treiger
Ryan Fortson             Ryan McCarthy              John Treptow
Joseph Gaffney           Michael McCormick          Ulrika Vettleson
Heather Grahame          Shannon McMinimee          Regan Waller
Michelle Grant           Nola McNeally              LynDee Wells
Alene Grossman           Devin McRae                Gregory Weyandt
Angela Hall              Lee Merreot                Perry Wilson
Lauren Hemingway         Ryan Mick                  Alysia Zens
Carolyn Heyman-Layne     H. Anne Nicholson          Todd Zimmerman

Contributions of Pro Bono Work in 20 06
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                                                       Individual Attorney Contributions for 50 plus
                                                                  hours of Pro Bono Work

                            Number of Attorneys
                                                  ��             ��������




                                                                         + 100 Hours


                            Number of Attorneys

                                                  ��                ��




                                                                         + 50 Hours

Contributions of Pro Bono Work in 20 06
                                                                       2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

                                Attorney Participation in
                                    Pro Bono Work

                                ���          543
    Total Number of Attorneys

            in the Firm






Overall Pro Bono Participation
Partners                                                    217
Associates and Contract Attorneys                           265
Summer Associates                                            61
Total                                                       543

Pro Bono Matters Handled and Opened
Matters Handled                                             720
New Matter Opened                                           330

20 06 Pro Bono Coordinators and Staf f
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                   Michael Grisham                    Stephen Bell
                   Michael Grisham is the Pro Bono    Stephen Bell is the Pro Bono
                   Coordinator for our Anchorage      Coordinator in Dorsey’s Denver
                   office. Michael is an attorney in   office. Stephen is a Partner in
                   the Trial Group.                   the Trial Group.

                   Dennis Johnson                     Kristy Albrecht
                   Dennis Johnson is the Pro          Kristy Albrecht is the Pro Bono
                   Bono Coordinator in Dorsey’s       Coordinator in our Fargo office.
                   Des Moines office. Dennis is a      Kristy is a Partner in the Labor &
                   Partner in the Trial Group.        Employment Group.

                   Keith Strong                       Barry Glazer
                   Keith Strong was the Pro Bono      Barry Glazer was the Pro Bono
                   Coordinator for our Montana        Coordinator for our London
                   offices. Keith was a Partner in     Office. Barry is a Partner in the
                   the Trial Group.                   Corporate Group.

                   Mark Sullivan                      Sam Gardiner
                   Mark Sullivan is the Pro Bono      Sam Gardiner is the Pro Bono
                   Coordinator for our New York       Coordinator in our Salt Lake City
                   office. Mark is a Partner in the    office. Sam is a Partner in the
                   Trial Group.                       Corporate Practice Group.

                   Terry Danysh                       Jessica Linehan
                   Terry Danysh is the Pro Bono       Jessica Linehan is the Pro
                   Coordinator for Dorsey’s Seattle   Bono Coordinator in Dorsey’s
                   office. Terry is a Partner in the   Southern California office.
                   Real Estate Group.                 Jessica is an Associate in the
                                                      Trial Group.

20 06 Pro Bono Coordinators and Staf f
                                           2006 Pro Bono Annual Report

  Chip Magid                              Steve Carlson
  Chip Magid is the Pro Bono              Steve Carlson is Co – Pro Bono
  Coordinator for our Washington,         Partner. Steve is a Partner in
  DC office. Chip is a Partner in          Dorsey’s Banking Group in our
  the Trial Group.                        Minneapolis office.

  Bricker Lavik                           LynDee Wells
  Bricker Lavik is Dorsey’s Pro           LynDee Wells is Co – Pro
  Bono Director. Bricker is Senior        Bono Partner. LynDee is a
  Counsel in the Trial Department         Partner in the Indian & Gaming
  of the Minneapolis office.               Department, in our Seattle

  Alysia Zens                             Pam Wiehoff-Kaufman
  Alysia is Pro Bono Counsel              Pam Wiehoff-Kaufman is
  for the Firm. She is an                 the Minneapolis Pro Bono
  attorney in the Tax, Trust              Coordinator and East Coast
  and Estates Department in               Pro Bono Coordinator.
  the Minneapolis office.

  Katrina Nunley                          Sue Kjelvik
  Katrina Nunley is the West              Sue Kjelvik is the Pro Bono
  Coast Pro Bono Coordinator in           Assistant in the Minneapolis
  the Seattle office.                      office. Sue is a Legal Secretary
                                          in the Trial Department in our
                                          Minneapolis office.

Dorsey Of fices
Dorsey & Whitney LLP

                            United States                                         Canada

                            Minneapolis, Headquarters   New York                  Toronto
                            (612) 340-2600              (212) 415-9200            (416) 367-7370

                            Anchorage                   Palo Alto                 Vancouver
                            (907) 276-4557              (650) 857-1717            (604) 687-5151

                            Denver                      Salt Lake City
                            (303) 629-3400              (801) 933-7360

                            Des Moines                  San Francisco             London
                            (515) 283-1000              (415) 781-1989            +44 (20) 7588 0800

                            Fargo                       Seattle
                            (701) 235-6000              (206) 903-8800

                            Great Falls                 Southern California       Hong Kong
                            (406) 727-3632              (949) 932-3600            (852) 2526-5000

                            Missoula                    Washington, DC            Shanghai
                            (406) 721-6025              (202) 442-3000            (86-21) 6288-2323

                                       usa canada europe asia


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