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					        Setup & Configuration of Wireless Access Point (AP)
                                Infrastructure Mode
A. Creation of the Infrastructure Network

1. In the Wireless Router’s page, go to the Basic Settings tab and do the following:
        a. Give the Account Name and Domain Name.
        b. Set the Static IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway IP Address.
        c. Set the Primary and Secondary DNS Server Addresses.
        d. Set Router MAC Address.
        e. Test and Apply the changes.

2. Now go to the Wireless Settings tab and perform the following:
      a. Set the Name (SSID) of the Wireless Network.
      b. Set the Region, Channel and Mode for your Wireless Network.
      c. Select any one of the Security Options provided and provide the passphrase if
         applicable and the changes.

3. The Infrastructure Network has been successfully set up.
B. Connecting a device to the Infrastructure Network

1. Connect the X-Micro UPnP device to a computer and install the device using the CD
   provided with it.

2. After installation, launch the X-Micro WLAN 11g USB Adapter Utility and select the
   Mode as Station.

3. A list of available networks will be displayed. Select the infrastructure network that
   was just created.
4. Click on Connect this site.

    5. Once the computer gets connected to the infrastructure network, click on More

    6. Enter the passphrase required to access the internet through this infrastructure
       network and apply the changes.

    7. The computer is now connected to the Internet through the Infrastructure Network.
8. On the computer, to which the router is connected, the IP address of this computer
   can be successfully observed on pinging.

9. On the computer connected to the Infrastructure Network, the IP address of the
   computer to which the router was connected can successfully be observed on pinging.

10. Open a browser, and type the address of any site (say www.google.co.in). The
    webpage will be opened.

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