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                                      GOLD WING ROAD RIDERS ASSOCIATION
                                        REGION - A     CHAPTER SC-“P”
                           LEXINGTON, SC                                MARCH       2012

              Chapter Directors
      Eric & Michelle Prevost 803-358-6545

          Assistant Chapter Director
        Margaret Caughman 803-808-2388

               Rider Educators
       Mike and Mary Coral 803-957-8575

     Mary & Elvin Ventresco 803-386-3301
                                                                                  Chapter Directors                                                  Eric & Michelle Prevost
   Membership Enhancement Coordinators
    Rudy & Joyce Bouknight 803-739-9789
                                            The month of our Presidents and Love
    Chapter Couple of the Year 2011-2012                       has come to a close & we LEAPED into March
      Phil and Judy Stone 803-425-7833                         with a bang by capturing the Traveling Plaque                             from Chapter I on the first weekend of March.
                                                               WAY TO GO, CHAPTER P!! As we begin
                                                               inching our way closer and closer to the spring
                         Webmasters                            riding season, Chapter
                    Eric & Michelle Prevost                    P was busy with many             Contents
                                                               activities during the From the Staff         1
                     Chapter Historian                         month of February Events & Rides             6
                     Margaret Caughman
                                 from             chapter Monthly Gathering 7
                                                               visitations,           the Dinner Social     7
               Chapter Ride Coordinator
                      Hawk Betts                               Bikeless Weekend at Birthdays & Anniv.7
                                  Myrtle Beach, and the National News          8
                      Newsletter Editors
                                                               start of our weekly skit Regional News       8
                    Eric & Michelle Prevost                    rehearsals for the District News             9
                                                               convention. Keep an Members Corner 9
            Chapter of the Year Coordinators                   eye out for emails and Cook’s Corner        11
            Phil and Judy Stone 803-425-7833
                                                               other announcements History Corner          12
                                                               for the activities, rides, For Sale         14
                                                               etc. that will be Word Find                 16
Region A Directors                                             offered in March and
Bob & Nancy Shrader
                                                               into the spring riding months. We’ve had lots of
                                                               fun this winter & have LOTS more to come in
District Director
Charles Coleman
                                                               the spring & summer.

                               LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                       “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

        The GWRRA SC District Convention is                  County EMS on Ball Park Road. The cost is
fast approaching. If you haven’t already pre-                only $15. Seats are limited, so please give your
registered, please do so soon. It will be held               reservation and payment to Eric or Michelle by
again in Charleston this year at the Charleston              our meeting day on March 10th.
Southern University and Wingate by Wyndam                    Thanks to all of our membership for all that you
on Thursday, April 22nd through Saturday, April              do to make Chapter P GREAT!!!
24th. Pre-registration is the only way to qualify            Eric & Michelle Prevost
as the largest chapter in the district in attendance,
so let’s bring home that prize again this year by
getting our pre-registrations sent in a.s.a.p.
                                                                   Daylight Savings Time
        Our chapter will be performing a skit                           March 11th
again this year (the specifics not to be shared in
the newsletter due to prying eyes so to speak);
however, it is going to be GREAT! We need
your help. Please consider joining us to be a part
of the skit. We need as many volunteers as
possible for various parts of the skit. Our
rehearsals are held every Sunday at 3 pm at Papa
Jack’s barn in Gaston. Just ask a staff member
or Wayne Jackson (aka Papa Jack) for directions.
We hope to see you at our next rehearsal. Also
needed for the convention are photographs of
members, your children, or other family who
have served in the armed forces, civil emergency                                   Assistant
organizations, and police forces. There is a                                    Chapter Director
collage competition to show how Chapter P can                                  Margaret Caughman
“Catch the Spirit”. We want to develop a collage
display that shows our membership and families
serving our country so that we may live                              As I announced at the February meeting,
FREELY and SAFELY in our homes. Please                       I have compiled a book listing all of the Region
bring any photographs you may have of family                 A Conventions plus several others. I will be
service in armed forces, police, fire, EMS, etc. If          bringing this book to all dinner events and to our
you don’t have copies or a way to send them to               monthly gathering. If you are going to any of
us, we will make copies for you & get you back               these, please put your name on the appropriate
the original safe & sound. We are running out of             page, if more than two bikes indicate they are
time to put our collage together, so it is                   going to the same event, I will inform you, so
important that you bring the photos to our                   you can plan to ride together or meet there.
chapter gathering on the 10th. Also, we will have            Please mark the day of the week you plan on
a sign-in sheet for those that will be able to help          leaving and returning. A large group from
by working at the registration desk and bingo for            Chapter P were at Wings Over the Smokies last
the convention.                                              year and most were unaware anyone else was
        As you know, the chapter has been                    going and asked if there was a way to co-
working hard all year to provide not just fun and            ordinate this, so this is my solution. But
entertaining activities and rides, but also                  remember if you don’t put your name in the
providing opportunities for learning and                     book. We currently have people registered for
improving our rider education. In March, the                 the following:
chapter is offering a First Aid/CPR course being                    SC Convention
held on Saturday, March 17th at Lexington

                               LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                       “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

      Missouri Convention (the group going to
California is coming back via Branson)
      Georgia Convention                                                           Rider Educators
                                                                                     Mike & Mary Coral
         This month was filled with a lot of
Chapter visits, most were on the spur of the
moment. We visited four in one week, Greenville
to deliver the Hot Bear, Greenwood, Aiken and
Newberry. If you are interested in doing chapter
visits, please let me know and I will try to
contact you. I started doing this with Phil and              Here is an article that I read and wanted to share
Judy because 3 people make it an official                    with all of our chapter members. The safety fair
Chapter P visit, but remember you can visit any              is on May 19 and fast approaching. When riding
chapter you choose, it doesn’t have to be a                  wear colors that stand out and position your
group. Get out there and have fun. Chapter Q in              motorcycle so not to be in the blind spot of the
Aiken has a fabulous buffet and would be a nice              motorist ahead of you.
morning ride for those very early risers. I post
most of the chapter visits on Facebook, as this is           Recent Ohio Motorcycle Accidents Stress Need
the fastest way to get it on the internet. It is nice        for Better Awareness
to do a chapter visit where you get to meet them
as a small group and there is not so much going              (Article provided by Accident and Personal
on. Most chapters will have their gathering                  Injury Lawyers) - Rittgers & Rittgers
immediately after their plaque attack. Hang
around and get to know them better.                          May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month,
         Personally, I am getting sooooo excited             and groups like the National Safety Council
about the California trip. I need to get my bike to          sponsor programs every year to educate
the Honda dealer for the recall and I have                   motorists about sharing the road with
determined I need a new front tire and an oil                motorcyclists. A common cause of fatal
change before starting out. There is so much to              motorcycle accidents is a driver’s failure to see a
think about besides the price of gas going up and            biker until it is too late to avert a collision. All
up and up. Then there is the “to buy or borrow a             too often, the driver claims to have never seen
trailer conflict”. I was working on an endurance             the motorcycle.
exercise program for me, but being sick for 3
weeks in a row really set me back on that. But               Car and truck drivers need to remember to pay
this week I am starting back again. Phil has done            attention to intersections, look over their
a great job on planning this ride and it should be           shoulders before merging, and never tailgate a
so much fun. I wish you all could join us, but               motorcycle. Bikes can stop much more quickly
you can follow us on Facebook, where I plan on               than cars, and a rear impact at high speed is one
doing a daily post with photos (if I can get                 of the deadliest motorcycle accident scenarios.
computer access that day) of where we are and
what we did. So come along and follow us,                    The Motorcycle Safety Foundation provides five
especially if you plan on making this trip one               basic ideas that motorists should keep in mind
day yourself.                                                while driving on Ohio streets and highways:

Ride often, Ride safe                                        Focus on driving, not electronics, food, pets,
Margaret                                                     passengers and other distractions

                             LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                    “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

Look for motorcyclists at all times — they are            Cincinnati police sought witnesses to a fatal
smaller and much harder to see, especially in             accident on northbound 471 involving a lone
traffic                                                   rider who struck a concrete wall

Provide a safe buffer for bikers, maintain a safe         Motorcycle accidents are particularly common in
following distance and merge carefully                    the weeks after Memorial Day, and summer
                                                          weather provides ample opportunities for riders
Always signal your intentions and make sure               to tour the countryside or save gas money as a
your brake lights, turn signals and horn are in           motorcycle commuter. By riding defensively and
good working order                                        practicing other safe strategies, bikers can
                                                          improve their chances of avoiding a serious
Never throw trash like cigarette butts out the            motorcycle accident. But sometimes the hazards
window — road debris kills riders, so make sure           are beyond their control.
transported items are well secured

The Ohio State Highway Patrol provides some               Ride Safe !!!
sobering statistics about motorcycle accidents in         Mike & Mary Coral
Ohio. Over the past three years, crashes                  Chapter Educator
involving motorcycles led to 542 fatalities and
over 11,400 injuries statewide. In all too many of        GWRRA Region    A
those cases, a moment’s mistake by another                (SC) Chapter-"P"
driver caused irreparable harm.

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Mark the Start of
Summer in Ohio

Motorcycle safety awareness helps to make the
world safer for riders, but defective motorcycle                                        MEC
parts, road construction hazards and other                                    Joyce & Rudy Bouknight
circumstances can also turn a summer ride into
tragedy. In recent weeks, several motorcycle
accidents took the lives of Ohio riders:                  When I decided to put Ocean View Restaurant
                                                          on our dinner schedule for March I went to the
A retired Ohio police officer enroute to the Peace        restaurant to talk to the manager to see where he
Officer’s Memorial Day Service in Washington,             would allow us to sit as a group. When I told him
D.C., died at Ohio State Medical Center after a           the name of our organization he told me that he
collision with an SUV driven by an unlicensed             owns a 2005 Gold Wing that sits proudly in his
driver                                                    garage! When I asked how he expected to put
                                                          any miles on it that way he said “It’s no fun
A motorcycle passenger was killed when a car              riding alone and I don’t know any Gold Wing
reportedly pulled into the path of a bike near            people to ride with.” Well goodness that just
Warren, Ohio                                              opened up the way for me!!!!! I gave him a
                                                          brochure I had and wrote down the website
A 21-year-old rider from Wellington suffered              address and told him to be sure to look there for
fatal chest injuries when a truck he was passing          our newsletter and calendar of events. Then I
turned into his path                                      wrote down the date and time of our next
                                                          meeting for him. When I told him about the ride

                              LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                     “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

some of our members were going on this May
his eyes lit up…….not sure if that was because                                   Ride Coordinator
of the ride itself or maybe the fact that I just                                        Hawk Betts
happened to mention that our chapter has one
very pretty single lady who rides her own trike
and will be making that trip!! (Oh well, it never
hurts to put the info out there!) Anyway I am                                By: Eric Prevost
just trying to make a point about how easy it is to                As most of you have heard Hawk had a
find new members or potential ones if we just              mishap moving a small refrigerator. He injured
mention our group when we are out.                         his arm and shoulder. Hawk had surgery on Feb.
Rudy and I wear our lightweight jackets a lot of           6th and is doing well. This means he will be out
times when we are going out to eat or maybe to             of commission for a little while. Let’s all pitch
the mall or Walmart. We have had people ask us             in and keep the rides going while he is
what kind of organization that is on the patch on          recovering. If you have a place you want to go,
the back. That gives us the chance to let them             please get with me so we can plan it and get it on
know and ask if they ride a motorcycle. Guess              the Ride/Event Calendar. Be sure to check the
we could be considered walking billboards??!!              calendar out often on our web site, especially
Whatever it takes, just use any chance you have            during the winter months as some rides may be
to welcome someone to our group. I am sure                 set up on short notice or changed due to weather
they will be thanking you for it.                          conditions.
And please let me take this opportunity to ask
y’all to honor Hawk’s request and plan a ride for
the chapter. He really had this going good ‘til it
ended up REFRIGERATOR (1) – HAWK (0).
If some of you who ride enough to know some
good routes and places to eat could maybe just
plan one each, that would keep things rolling ‘til
Hawk heals. I know we have a lot of experienced
riders who take back road rides so please just
consider this for the chapter. After all that’s why
you all have bikes.                                                              Couple of the Year
‘Til Next Month Be Safe and Have Fun                                                  Phil & Judy Stone
Joyce & Rudy

                                                           Hey, Chapter P!

                                                                   February has flown by so quickly! Of
                                                           course, the unusually warm temperatures helped
                                                           a bunch.
                                                                   Well, in approximately 2 months we will
                                                           have finished the selection process at the South
                                                           Carolina District Convention, and will have
                                                           completed our stint as your Couple of the Year.
                                                           We were honored when we were selected for that
                                                           privilege and have enjoyed every day of the
                                                           honor. We have completed our resume and
                                                           turned it over to Ron and Becky Lees to begin

                              LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                      “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

the official selection process for District Couple          favorite spots around South Carolina, or nearby
of the Year. While South Carolina had 5 couples             in Georgia, or even North Carolina? If these
participate for the title last year (the most in our        temperatures continue so nice and warm, how
region), we have heard there are only 3 couples             can you not go for a ride? The forecasts say
this year. All we need to do from now until                 highs in the 60’s, which is very nice compared to
Friday, April 27 is prepare ourselves.                      the 30’s and 40’s of last year.
         The thought of preparation is sort of              See y’all soon.
scary on one hand, and yet seems very simple on
the other. On that Friday morning, we will be               Ride often, but ALWAYS RIDE SAFELY!
interviewed by each of the three couples judging
the selection. That thought makes us nervous,               Phil and Judy Stone
and yet they are only going to ask questions to             COY SC-P 2011-2012
determine what we know about GWRRA – so
that shouldn’t be too difficult. Then, after lunch,
we go out on stage in front of a large audience to
answer two additional questions. Being on stage
and coming up with quick answers to questions
can make us nervous as well, but since the
questions will be asked by Charles Coleman and
Buddy Summer, that should help us. However,
the biggest calming effect for us will occur if we
see a bunch of smiling faces from our friends at
Chapter P. Come help us! This process is in the
                                                                  Events & Rides
chapel at 1:00 PM, Friday, April 27.                              Go to the website
         We are leaving on Sunday, February 26                       or click on Chapter P Ride Calendar
for our annual trip to Florida. We will be
visiting Judy’s youngest son and his family in
Jacksonville that afternoon and evening. On                                    MARCH
Monday, we will arrive at the RV Park in                     3    Plaque Run – Chapter J – Myrtle Beach
Arcadia where we will spend the next month.                 10    GWRRA “40 to Phoenix” Ride
Our plans will allow us to visit with my sister             10    Chapter P Gathering – Flight Deck, Lex.
and brother-in-law in the RV Park, most of the              17    Chapter P First Aid/CPR Class – Lex.
time.                                                       17    Multi Chapter Gathering – Shealy’s BBQ
         This year, we will also have an                          – Leesville, SC
opportunity to visit with my father’s youngest              22-24 FL District Convention – Kissimmee
sister, and her husband, whom I have not seen in            25    CMA Food Run for L.I.C.S.
at least 18 years. We plan to visit up to 6 chapter
gatherings, as well as the Florida District                                       APRIL
Convention. GWRRA continues to be a lot of                  14       Chapter P Gathering – Flight Deck, Lex.
fun! We hope to be back and attending the                   14       Chapter P Spring Maintenance Day
dinner ride on April 6.                                     19-21    AL District Convention – Mobile
         We hope you have good weather and a                26-28    SC District Convention – N. Charleston
nice trip to Myrtle Beach next Saturday for the
Plaque Attack, and for the gathering the                                          MAY
following weekend. As Hawk asked at the                     12       Chapter P Gathering – Flight Deck, Lex.
February Gathering, someone needs to step up                19       Motorcycle Safety Awareness Day –
and plan a ride or two for March, while he is in                     Carolina Honda, Columbia, SC
recovery. Can you lead a ride to one of your

                             LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                    “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

 9    Chapter P Gathering – Flight Deck, Lex.                     Tuesday Night Dinner
14-16 GA District Convention – Dillard, GA
                                                                     Ride Schedule
                    JULY                                                Coordinator: Joyce Bouknight
4-7    Wing Ding – Fort Wayne, IN
14     Chapter P Gathering – Flight Deck, Lex.                                   MARCH

                  AUGUST                                    6th    Ocean view Restaurant – Knox Abbott
11     Chapter P Gathering – Flight Deck, Lex.                     Dr. - Cayce
                                                          13th     Rush’s – Hwy 378 - Lex. - By Target
               SEPTEMBER                                  20th     Cracker Barrel – Kinley Rd. – Irmo
 8    Chapter P Gathering – Flight Deck, Lex.             27th     Hudson’s BBQ – Hwy 378 – Lex.
13-15 Region A Convention – Eufala, AL
20-22 Wings Over NC – Concord, NC                         Dinners are scheduled every Tuesday of the
      (Formerly-Wings Over the Smokies)                   month. We meet at the Exxon Station on Hwy.
                                                          378 & I-20. Depart 6:15pm. Reservations for
                                                          our group are made for 6:30pm. Please join us,
                OCTOBER                                   even if by car.
11-13 MS District Convention – Biloxi, MS
13    Chapter P Gathering – Flight Deck, Lex.
25-27 Chapter P Fall Campout – TBD

10     Chapter P Gathering – Flight Deck, Lex.
 8     Chapter P Gathering – Flight Deck, Lex.                               3rd - Princetta Dennis
                                                                                6th - Hawk Betts
                                                                               13th - Bill Zeigler
Chapter P Monthly Gathering                                                  21st - Jeannie Abston
Please join us. We meet the 2nd Saturday of                                    23rd - Clara Sease
every month at our NEW location:                                            30th - Rolland Christen
                                                                            30th - William Jackson

      The Flight Deck Restaurant                                                 MARCH
Located at 109-A Old Chapin Rd, in Lexington.
From I-20, take Exit 58 towards Lexington. The                          10th - Phil & Judy Stone
restaurant is just past the intersection of Hwy 1                   25th - Elvin & Mary Ventresco
(Main St.) and Columbia Ave. on the left. We                      29th - Richard & Debbie Holderness
eat breakfast at 8:00 a.m. and chapter business
starts at 9:00 a.m. There will be a breakfast
buffet that includes drinks & tip for $10.00.

                              LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                     “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

                                                           Region A News
       Joyce Bouknight        2010
       Mack Branham           2003                         From: Bob & Nancy Shrader’s March Newsletter article…
       Richard Holderness     2010
       Debbie Holderness      2010                         GWRRA is in the process of starting a Trial
                                                           Membership program. This program is accessed
                                                           by interested parties via the National GWRRA
                                                           web site. All Trial Members will be furnished
                                                           with a number of items within one week of
                                                           applying for the Trial Membership such as a
                                                           copy of Wing World, a GWRRA brochure,
                                                           literature on Rescue Plus, a welcome letter with
National News                                              contact info for their nearest chapter and a self-
                                                           addressed envelope to mail back their regular
                                                           application. Trial Memberships last for three (3)
Back by popular demand! You asked for it,
                                                           months. The National Director of Recruitment
we found it--at the same great price!
                                                           and Retention, Tony and Jean Ondof will be
                                                           contacting the District ME Coordinators with the
100% polyester, long-sleeve Dry-Tech moisture
                                                           info on the Trial Members (with a copy to the
wicking shirt with great new design, perfect for
                                                           Region “A” MEC) so that we can hopefully
warm or cool weather riding. True-to-fit sizing,
                                                           expedite reaching out to these folks. In the
gray only, available in sizes S-3XL. $24.99
                                                           second month of their Trial Membership, they
                                                           will receive a current issue of Wing World and a
                                                           letter highlighting the benefits of regular
                   Just In! Black Dry-Tech polo
                                                           GWRRA membership and before the end of the
                   shirt with GWRRA
                                                           third month of their Trial Membership, another
                   embroidered on left chest in
                                                           letter encouraging them to join as a regular or
                   metallic gold. 100%
                                                           associate member of GWRRA. As of this
                   polyester, moisture wicking
                                                           writing, the program is just kicking off, so
                   fabric keeps you cool in the
                                                           District MECs should be expecting a contact
hottest environments.
                                                           from Tony Ondof. We want you to be on the
Black only, available in sizes S-2XL $24.99
                                                           alert for this new initiative to hopefully increase
                                                           our membership. Contacting a Trial Member
                 LIMITED QUANTITIES!
                                                           will be just as easy as contacting a New Member,
                 Specially designed
                                                           something we are already doing. Thanks for
                 commemorative GWRRA 35th
                                                           your help in this important initiative.
                 Anniversary pin. Hard enamel,
                 three color pin, only $3.00

Got to:
to place your order.

                   “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

SC District News                                     Chapter 'A' of Anderson
                                                       Captured the Plaque
                                                     Saturday, March 3, 2012
                                                 From Chapter 'J' of Myrtle Beach

                                                   The next Plaque Attack will be
                                                     Saturday, March 31, 2012

       Region 'A'                                        Ryan's Steakhouse
                                                         204 Hwy 28 Bypass
  2012 South Carolina                                   Anderson SC 29624
                                                  Eat at 12:00pm, meet at 1:00pm.
   District Convention
  April 26 - 28, 2012

     Join Us For                                                 Members Corner
                                            Got a joke, story, or tid-bit that you want to
                                             share? Send it in and we’ll post it here
    CATCH THE                                              My First Bike at 52.
      SPIRIT                                               By: Stephanie Holt

                                                Yes, I got my first bike at the age of 52.

  LET FREEDOM                            It has been a year since that first attempt and
                                         now you can’t get me off of it. If the weather

                                         permits I am on it.
                                                How did this happen. If you had told me
                                         5 years ago I would be in love with a two
                                         wheeler, I would have told you, you were crazy.
                                         Not that I was scared of them. I had only been

                              LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                      “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

on one once—the ex thought it would be fun to                        My motorcycle licenses transferred from
see if he could dump me off, so yes, I wasn’t               Texas so I was all set to have one. I had a friend
really interested after that. Not to mention the            here who rode motorcycles and went with me to
most I knew about them was what I saw in the                get it. He rode it to be sure we were getting a
movies and on TV. So after getting divorced and             good deal. We got it back to South Carolina and
moving to another town, I dated several men                 it sat in my back yard for almost 2 weeks before
who owned bikes and were responsible riders.                I got the nerve to take it out. My friend was
They encouraged me to get one of my own.                    going to ride with me for a while so I could get
         Now I am not what you would call                   my confidence up but rain or our schedules never
openly adventurous. I am a math teacher. I am               seemed to meet. I didn’t hear from him again.
very low key most of the time and hate extremes             So one day I just got out on it and drove around
in my life. Don’t like too many surprises. So               the neighborhood. After about 2 weeks of short
getting my license was a big step. I had never              rides, I decided it was time to just get out on it
driven a bike before. I plucked up the courage              and drove to work and back. I was hooked and
and for two months looked into the different                all set.
safety courses (see I told you I don’t do things                     My first bike is a 1981 Honda Silverwing
too much on a whim). After checking my                      GL500. Small yes, but just what I needed to get
finances and schedule I signed up for a weekend             my nerve up. After about a month of riding
course.                                                     through town, I decided to try the inner state.
         It was a two day course and at the end if          My sister said I was crazy, the highway is way
you passed you just went down to the DMV and                too scary, but I loved it. I find the city is more
showed the certificate and took the written test. I         dangerous than the highway and love the open
was scared but passed the both the course and               road.
test with no problem. This happened in Texas. I
still did not have a bike of my own but I was
ready for one.
         Right after I moved out of the house, I
moved into a duplex with a very neat lady. After
several months she encouraged me to get on
some online dating sites. I was very skeptical.
You hear lots of horror stories about those and so
I again check some out. I joined two and to my
amazement I met a gentleman, a true gentleman.
We met several times. He was patient with me
as I had been married for over 30 yrs and was
very scared of meeting other men.
         He turned out to be someone who just
needed a friend. We talk weekly and see each                       Well I got my 500 in October and the
other once every three months or so. When I                 following summer, my benefactor planned a trip
decided to move to the east coast, he was very              up the Blue Ridge parkway. We traveled the
encouraging.                                                whole way stopping to take pictures and just
         So I moved to South Carolina for a new             enjoying the ride and company. After we
job and life. After being here for several months           reached the top, we took off west. He lives in
he calls and says he may have found me a bike. I            Oklahoma, and my children are in Texas. We
was surprised. I did not have the money to pay              parted ways in Little Rock. Then from Texas it
for it. It turned out to be a gift (with no strings,        was on to Illinois to visit my brothers and sisters.
honest). I had to go to Virginia to pick it up but          By the time I got home I had put 4,712 miles on
it would fit in my truck.

                              LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                     “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

the bike and traveled through 12 states. Not bad           proved to be a formidable foe that was victorious
for someone who had a bike for 6 months.                   in the end.
         It is now November of the next year and I         All kidding aside, I am very grateful to be a
have put more than 15,000 miles on the bike and            member of such a wonderful extended family
still counting. I thank my friend everyday for the         and this accident has proven to be a very
trill and the chance to change my life and see the         humbling experience for me.
world. I have met so many wonderful people
since I have gotten the bike and even rode a bike          Again, thanks to each and every one of you!
on Darlington Motor Speedway (NASCAR is my
second obsession).                                         Hawk
         I joined a Goldwing association,
GWRRA, and have met wonderful people there.
We have been on several plaque attacks and
rides and can’t wait for the riding season to get
back in swing.                                                                    Cook’s Corner
         Oh yes, the mountains are awesome. I
cried the first time I saw the Smokey Mountains
and can’t wait to see the Rockies by bike. I hope          Beer Cheese Spread
this lifestyle continues for years to come.
Since then I have been to Canada and back. I
have ridden through 26 states. I hope to go to
Alaska soon. Keep a look out on the road we just
might meet somewhere.

                                                           •      2 cups finely shredded cheddar cheese
                                                           •      1/4 cup beer
                                                           •      3 tablespoons tomato paste
                                                           •      2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
                                                           •      1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
                                                           •      Toasted pita chips, assorted crackers,
                                                                  and/or tortilla chips
From: Hawk Betts                                           1. Let the cheddar cheese stand at room
                                                           temperature for 30 minutes.
Note of Thanks and Gratitude                               2. In a medium bowl combine cheese, beer,
Just a short note of thanks and gratitude to all my        tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic
wonderful friends of my extended Goldwing                  powder. Beat with an electric mixer on medium
family. I thank each and every one of you who              speed until combined. Cover and chill for 2 to 24
took the time to call, visit and send cards of             hours. Serve with pita chips. Makes about 1-1/2
encouragement during my recent bout with a                 cups (twelve 2-tablespoon servings).
much under-weight refridge.              Although
outweighed by a number of pounds, that fridge

                              LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                      “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

History Corner                                                Look what Chapter H brought us at our Plaque
                                                                    Capture? Isn’t she just “HOT”
                 By our Historian: Margaret Caughman

       Needed: Photos, Photos, Photos.

       If you have pictures, (I know you do I’ve
seen you) please bring them to the next meeting
or e-mail them to me. The scrapbook is coming
along but if you want to help, or have scrapbook
supplies to donate, please let me know.
       If you have patches to sew on or want
your names embroidered on your vest, just let
me know.

Ride safe,
Margaret                                                               Chapter J Captures the Plaque

                                                             A short 6 ½ hours later, look what WE delivered
                                                                              to Chapter E!

                         LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

                                                                         Boys and their toys

Bikeless Weekend Hanging out at the condo

                                                                        It’s just a MAN thing

         Chapter P Coffee Clatch

Nothin’ like a good meal and great friends

                                                                        CHARGE IT!!!!!!!!

                            LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                   “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

                                                                     Happy Birthday to you!

Eat what we put on yer plate….or it’s the plank
                   fer you!

       Yummy, Good work gentlemen.

                                                         1984 Honda Goldwing Aspencade GL1200
         What a delish spread this is!                   47400 original miles. Loaded with chrome and
                                                         lights. Rebuilt rear brake dual master cyl. Rebuilt
                                                         carbs Has CB but never hooked up. New battery
                                                         2011 stays on tender. Comes with original
                                                         owners manual, partial tool kit Clymers manual
                                                         and cover. Asking $3500 OBO

                            LEXINGTON AREA WINGS NEWSLETTER
                                   “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

Posting for my son in VA.
Call Phil Stone at 803-425-7833, or send email           ***************************************

Stock windshield with vent for a 1500. $50.00
Stock windshield with vent for an 1800. $50.00
Six CD changer that mounted on my 1800.
Contact William Jackson:

                                                         Grant Hunter 803-360-1641


           ***REDUCED ***
Motorcycle cargo trailer tows easily. Light
weight, all aluminum frame, chrome wheels with
12” tires, safety chains, folding tongue stand,
over 15 cubic feet capacity, about 2 years old,
and garage kept.
On Craig’s List at $795.00 ($625.00) or
reasonable offer.
Call Phil Stone at 803-425-7833, or send email

            “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

How are your word find skills? Let’s put them to the test.
 Bring your completed puzzle to the chapter gathering.
All correct entries will be placed into a special drawing.
     Must be present to win. One entry per person.


    “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”


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