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					                      The Rays’ Favorite Things in Jaco, Costa Rica
                                And Helpful Information

Activities – Book any of these at the Monaco office

   •   Los Suenos Canopy Tours – Book through the Monaco office and they will come and pick you up and bring
       you back to Monaco. We recommend for you to go in the morning. Let the front office at Monaco set this up
       for you.
   •   Manuel Antonio National Park - $10 entry for each. Make sure you get a guided tour; prices will start high
       so negotiate them down on the price. There is no food or drink in the park so take your own. The tour is first
       and the beach is at the end so take your swim suit. Make sure to wear shoes you can walk in. The Taxi fare
       should be around $150 +/- with tip to and from. Do not leave your bags unattended, the monkeys and
       raccoons will rummage through searching for food. There are shops in tents on the way out of Manuel
       Antonio. The drive to the park from Jaco is 1 ½ hrs. Let the front office at Monaco set this up for you.
   •   Lapaz Waterfall Gardens: This place is a hidden jewel. It was damaged by an earthquake a few years back
       and recently reopened. It is 2.5 hrs north of Jaco and a must do!! It is pricy getting there but well worth the
       scary drive. They have an Aviary (which you can see all types of tropical birds), a butterfly sanctuary, all
       types of monkeys that you can get close to, there is a hummingbird garden which you can feed the
       hummingbirds, snakes, a rainarium (frogs are climbing freely in a natural setting), Castia de la Paz (a
       reproduction of a 100 year farm) and much much more!! When you go make sure to get the package with the
       buffet both cost $47. Visit them at There is a lot of walking and a lot of steps.
       Let front office at Monaco set this up for you.
   •   Villa Caletas: North of Jaco about 10 minutes. This is the best place to see the perfect sunset. Around $12-
       $15 cab fare.
   •   ATV Tours – We always use AXR tours ( cross the bridge, on the other side of town on
       the left. They will send a car to get you. You can for a 2 or 4 hour tour. There are different tours. You can
       see different things like waterfalls & monkeys. There number is 2643-3130 or let the front office at Monaco
       set it up for you.
   •   Allin Sport Fishing: Henry Reyes is the captain his number is 2637-6170 and cell numbers are 8919-2755
       and 8371-2103. He is a great fishing guide and has a wonderful Deck Hand.
   •   Electric GEM cars can be rented at the La Joya Electric Car Rental. This is the best way to see Jaco, and it’s
       easy and affordable. Contact Rick Fitzer, , phone #: 8725-1881.
   •   Jaco Canopy Tours: everyday at 8-11-2. This is more extreme than the Los Suenos tours, but really
       enjoyable. Let the girls at Monaco set this up.
   •   Tortuga Island- This is a whole day adventure, do your research before you go to make sure this is for you.
       Once you are there you have to wait to come back with the group. Let the front office at Monaco set this up.
   •   Gallery B Tortorici: On the highway in between Jaco and the turn off for Los Suenos. This is a pretty cool
       place, talk to Marla she is very delightful.
   •   White Water Rafting – They will come and pick you up and return you to Monaco. Let the front office at
       Monaco set this up.
   •   Crocodiles- as you are coming to Jaco from San Jose, when you turn off the highway in Oritina there is a long
       bridge. Under the bridge there are Crocodiles, it is worth stopping and taking a few pictures.
   •   Hermosa – You can take the GEM car to Hermosa Beach 15 minute ride to watch the surfers
   •   Surfing
Grocery Stores – Buy Coffee at the grocery stores, it is less expensive than the airport. You can bring as much back
as you would like.
    • Mega Super - grocery store right across the street for your immediate needs. Buy your coffee here.
    • Maxi Bodega – Take a cab or your electric car. This is a small Wal-Mart like place.
    • Mas Menos – Down town by the bank (walking distance).
    • AM Mercado – American Grocery Store. You can find anything from the states here.
    • Farmers Market is only on Fridays. It is on the other end of town by a soccer field and police station. They
        have fresh vegetables and fruit direct from the farmers. Look for the Mennonite Family; they have baked
        goods, and the best granola. I buy a lot and bring it home. They have fresh Yogurt and across from them is a
        guy that sells homemade ball string cheese and also fresh chicken.

      •   Nazareth Spa – is across the bridge and down a ways on the left up stairs, across from PachiPan bakery. This
          place is wonderful!!!!!!! $35 massages and they will come to you for $40. They will also do Facials,
          Manicures and Pedicures. Their number is 2643-3333.

   • You can go into any Pharmacia to get antibiotics, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, ECT. You can buy anything
      over the counter except for narcotics. There is one across the street in the same center that the Mega Super is
      located in. They have good prices.
   • Sofia’s Pharmacia: Go right at KFC and it is down on the left past the Beetle Bar. We love the pharmacist
      Anna Christiania, she is wonderful!! If you need anything including a shot, she can give them to you. If you
      need to see a doctor, there is one on call there.

Restaurant – Service fees on the bill is the tip, always check this.
   • Los Amigos - This is Chad’s favorite. Happy hour is 4-7 and 2 for one drinks. They have 32 oz. smoothies.
   • Poseidon – Good food, Americans like this place. Two dinners for $25 -$35 (price may vary by season)
       consisting of appetizer and entre.
   • Bubba’s or Bohia – Fish Taco’s are our favorite $7, tip is not included in the bill. Go here to see the sunset,
       arrive around 5pm. They have good smoothies and great food!
   • Taco Bar: Right behind Los Amigos, great food and great smoothies.
   • Los Suenos Marina – The Hook Up is around a $12 cab fare. This is a beautiful area. They will call you a
       cab when you are done.
   • Wishbone: A great restaurant, all different kinds of food. From Monaco go left at main road across bridge
       and it is on the right, just past Esperanza and next to the gift store Bamboo.
   • Soda Rustico – Breakfast – inexpensive but good and close to Hicaco.
   • PachiPan Bakery – cross the bridge and it is ½ mile down on right – excellent pastries. Our Favorite!!
   • El Barco – Has good food and we usually get the whole red snapper.
   • Sunrise Breakfast Place – Is right across from KFC close to Monaco. Really good breakfast.
   • I Love Sushi and garden– Not for sure how the food is but they have monkeys, exotic cats and exotic birds.
       This place is on the highway, the birds and cats are to the left of the building behind the garden center.
   • Lemon Zest- Good food down a ways on the left up stairs.
   • Jaco Taco
   • Pizza Delivery:
           o Pizza Pata           2643-6543
           o Big Ron’s            2643-2643
           o Los Pibes            2643-1146
          Premier Dental Care, Dr. Aura Núñez Gutiérrez, phone number email
          Book in advance before you go and make sure your appointment is the first full day you are there, in
          case you need anything made from San Jose. Our whole family has had dental work there. The
          prices are 25% of the cost you would pay in the States.

     Dr. Jose A. Tabush Clare email 011-506-2208-8319. If you need anything a
     dermatologist could provide. He does Botox. He is at Cema in San Jose.

If you need Liquor, buy it at the airport. After you go through immigration and as you get to baggage claim, there is a
small store to the right. The prices are inexpensive, and you can carry 8 bottles a person through customs. Prices are
much higher elsewhere.

Do not take travelers checks! You will have to cash them at the bank and it takes 1 ½ hrs to cash them. Take a
lot of $1, $5, $10 & $20 it is easier to give the exact amount. In Costa Rica they do accept American money, but
most of the time they will give you change in colonies. That is why it is best to get as close to the amount with
American money as possible. The best exchange rate we have found is at Mas Menos grocery store in down
town Jaco by the bank; they have a western union office inside to the left at the front. If you use a credit card
anywhere in Jaco, they could charge you 10% more for processing. Always try to bargain at the stores and tell
them you will pay cash. There is a small safe in each condo, it would be best if you utilize this for your valuables
and only carry the cash you would need. Nothing has ever happened to us, but it is better safe than sorry.

Arriving in Costa Rica
After you go through customs and are exiting the airport, there will be a large window with people holding
signs. A guy will take you to the van that will take you to Jaco. Your last name, Ray, or Monaco will be on
the sign. The guy holding the sign will help with your luggage. He works on tips.

Leaving Costa Rica
When leaving the country, make sure to be at the airport at least 2 hours in advance. You will have to pay a
departure tax of $26 per person to leave the country. There will be a guy to help with your luggage up on
arrival to the airport and will help you get to where you need to go. They work on tips.

Numbers of importance:                                         Airline Phone Numbers:
  • Local Police                        2643-3011                 • American Airline            2442-8800
  • US Embassy San Jose                 2519-2000                 • Delta Airline               2257-4141
  • Canadian Embassy San Jose           2242-4400                 • Continental                 2442-1904
  • Monaco Condominiums                 2643-3487                 • United                      2234-3434
                                                                  • Spirit                      0-800-011-1103
                                                                  • Copa                        2223-2672
                                                                  • Mexicana                    2257-6334

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