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               Lisa’s Accounting Service . . . . . . . . . . .10                       my. Sma     ll business        all
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               Lloyd Lauw Collision Repair Center . . . .7                             rt o  f the com
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               McKinzey Metal Works . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4            times, bu                            ep this
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               Nissan of Lake Charles . . . . . . . . . . . . .16            tough eco ess Supplement a
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               PDI Of The South Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13            American                   “Locally O
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               Pumpelly Auto Centers . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6             please su         our area w
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               Sabine Pools & Spas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11            local peo                            Owned”
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               Star Concrete Pumpers . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6              American                   esults I g
                                                                                          f the good r
               Tactical Private Investigation . . . . . . . . . .5             because o
               Time To Exhale Therapeutic Massage . .7                         this supple
               Tom Aday’s Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11         Denise Fo         e Concept
                                                                               Owner  of Creativ
               Ultimate Medical Services . . . . . . . . . . .12
               United Office Supply . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
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                                                                                                           ADVERTISING SECTION, THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2010      AMERICAN PRESS         3

Billy Navarre Chevrolet gets stronger as GM reorganizes and
reduces from eight brands to four brands and is positioning
Chevrolet to sell 70% of all GM trucks, cars and SUVs nationwide
    Billy Navarre says “Thank you            Shop that we challenge any car dealer to    ing of 33 mpg. The Odyssey and the all         both sides of the river is unbelievable”
SWLA for allowing us to serve you for        match.                                      new Crosstour were named Top 10                Navarre said. “I cherish these awards so
28 years. Also, thank you, SWLA for             Today, JD Power rates Chevy’s initial    Family Cars by Kelly Blue Book in 2010         much. Especially since I was chosen
helping our dealership remain number         quality beating BMW, Acura, Infiniti,       and the Odyssey also received the Best         among so many outstanding peers in the
#1 in the Lake Charles area, year after      Volvo and Nissan and has 32% fewer          Residual Value Award by ALG.                   community who own businesses.”
year. One reason would be the outstand-      problems than Dodge and Chrysler. And          Hyundai, in 2009, was the fastest           Navarre has also received the Marine
ing products that we have to offer our       Chevy has more Consumers Digest Best        growing automaker in America with the          Corps’ Citizen of the Year, Southwest
customers. Billy Navarre is expecting an     Buys than any other brand. It’s no won-     best Warranty in America, 10-year,             Daily’s Man of the Year, Ernst and
increase in market share over the next 2     der Chevrolet’s are the #1 selling cars     100,000 miles, and was voted best in           Young’s Entrepreneur of the year, Young
to 3 years due to the tremendous prod-                                                                                                  Businessman’s Club Citizen of the Year,
ucts coming.                                                                                                                            Blue Cross/Blue Shield Angel Award;
    We are excited about the new 2011                                                                                                   Louisiana Association of Education
Silverado HD that will be coming in
                                                                                                                                        President’s Award; Literacy Hero
May. This new HD is stronger, sturdier
and more secure with the most towing                                                                                                    Award; Rotary Distinguished Service
power in the industry, making it able to                                                                                                Award; Four time Friend of Education
tow up to 20,000 lbs. with over 6000 lbs                                                                                                Award for Calcasieu Parish; Friend of
payload, and we have the hottest new                                                                                                    Education Award for the entire State of
Compact car coming in August, the                                                                                                       Louisiana; Heart of Gold Award in
Chevrolet Cruze, getting 40 miles per                                                                                                   SWLA; Lake Charles Jaycee Outstanding
gallon which will destroy the competi-                                                                                                  Young Man, Jaycee Outstanding Young
tion. The Chevy Volt, which gets an                                                                                                     Man; Delta Sigma Theta Outstanding
amazing 230 mpg fuel rating, and Chevy                                                                                                  Public Service Award; United Way Silver
Spark will be coming in 2011, which gets                                                                                                Award; Honda President’s Award; GM
over 40 mpg fuel rating. These three                                                                                                    Mark of Excellence Award; BBB Torch
vehicles plus the Chevrolet Aveo makes                                                                                                  Award for Highest Standard of Ethics,
4 vehicles in the Chevrolet line up that                                                                                                and       the    Family     Foundation’s
gets over 40 mpg. Chevrolet has a new                                                                                                   Outstanding Community Philanthropist
Chevy Orlando coming- a new 7 passen-                                                                                                   Award. Navarre’s recognized commit-
ger SUV; and Chevrolet will be bringing                                                                                                 ment to his community is demonstrated
back the rear wheel drive Caprice police                                                                                                through his generosity and involvement.
package this coming year. Add these
new vehicles on top of the all new
                                                          Billy Navarre, center and sons (L-R)                                              Navarre said “I am very proud of my
                                                                                                                                        five sons and my beautiful daughter.
Chevy Equinox, Camaro, Malibu,
Traverse and entire Chevy lineup, and
                                                   Grant, Ryan (General Manager at the Sulphur                                          Four of my boys now work with me in
                                                                                                                                        our business: Jareth is the General Sales
Chevrolet will have a tremendous gain           Store), Jareth & Barrett Navarre work hard each                                         Manager of Chevrolet in Lake Charles,
in business now, especially with Chevy                                                                                                  and Barrett Navarre is Sales Manager in
being the only GM line that sells a vol-          day to ensure that their customers get the best                                       our Honda store while Ryan Navarre,
ume priced vehicle from as low as $9500
to $25,000.                                                                                                                             my oldest, is currently the General
                                                             value for their automotive dollar.                                         Manager in the Sulphur location.”
    We are getting all these new vehicles
because there are no longer Saturns,                                                                                                    Navarre added “It’s fantastic to have
Pontiacs, Hummers or Saabs being             and trucks in SWLA.                         quality by JD Power beating Toyota,            Ryan in the Sulphur store, because he
made, so they are concentrating on              Consumers Digest has awarded more        Nissan and all other brands. Fortune           cares so much about our customers.” His
Chevrolet. GM wants Chevrolet to have        Best Buy Awards to Chevrolet than any       Magazine calls Hyundai the toughest car        fourth son, Grant Navarre, is a freshman
70% of all General Motors Sales. Plus        other brand, starting with the new 2010     company of all. The Hyundai Genesis,           at McNeese and is working in sales. He
there’s a lot of orphan owners in the area   Silverado, America’s Best Truck with the    another Consumers Digest Best Buy,             began working part time in the service
due to Saturn and Pontiac drivers, and       Best Fuel Economy of any full-size pick-    continues to rival any luxury vehicle          lane learning how to service customers
Chevrolet has a huge price advantage         up in America at 22 mpg. The 2010           that is certain to please all buyers. Before   before entering sales. Navarre said his
over Buick, GMC and Cadillac. For            Chevy Equinox has received the Best         you buy a Cadillac, Mercedes or Lexus,         youngest two, Bryce and Kaitlyn, “are
example: The Chevy Equinox has the           Buy Award as well as a 5-star crash test    you need to come by and drive the              still a little young for us to know what
same engine and drive shaft as the GMC       rating and is also the Best in Class Fuel   Genesis to compare. You will buy it! You       they will do. We’ll have to wait and see!”
Terraine and gets the same fuel economy      Economy. The Equinox is selling like        must come see the new 2011 Sonata,                  “I want to thank all the people of
at 32 mpg, but the Equinox has a starting    hotcakes before they even arrive at the     rated at 35 mpg with a starting price of       Southwest Louisiana who have given us
price of $22,615, making it a $1600 lower    dealership. The Consumer’s Digest Best      $19,915 and the all new re-designed 2010       such tremendous support and allowed
starting price than the GMC Terraine         Buys also include the 2010 Chevy Tahoe,     Tucson that is a real head-turner. We          us to become their number one choice
plus the extra finance charge, insurance     the 2010 Traverse with the Best in Class    have a new 2011 Elantra coming in the          when it comes to buying and servicing
and tax on the additional $1600. The         Fuel Economy at 24 mpg, the 2010            summer and a new Supercharged Sonata           their automobile needs,” says Navarre.
Chevrolet Traverse starting price runs       Malibu which has received the               coming in the fall.                            “God has truly blessed me with an out-
about $2500 lower than the GMC               Consumers Digest Best Buy two years in         With three used car operations, we          standing company, six wonderful chil-
Acadia. Include this amount, plus the        a row with 33 mpg highway rating and        have more display area to show off all         dren, 300 outstanding employees, and I
extra finance charge, insurance and tax      was the 2010 Top Safety Pick by the         our trade-ins, and we are doing an out-        am so grateful for the wonderful com-
on the additional $2500, and Chevy           Insurance Institute for Hwy Safety. Also    standing job of taking care of customers
                                                                                                                                        munity in which we live. I am truly
Traverse could save you about $60 a          included are the 2010 Corvette and the      and selling hundreds of used cars. No
month. All of these vehicles, including      New 2010 Camaro, and the Camaro has         one in the market comes close to our           thankful for all of you and every chance
the new lineup of Chevy products will        a price of only $23,530.                    huge selection that we offer and sell, so      I get I will try to prove my appreciation
be very price competitive.                      Consumers Digest has also awarded        that means no one in this market comes         to my employees, my customers and
     Billy Navarre attended a meeting in     the Honda Accord, Honda Fit and             close to the number of one-owner,              especially my community by helping in
Detroit to see the new line of vehicles      Honda Odyssey a Best Buy Award for          worry-free trade-ins that we have to           every way possible.”
and he said it’s the most beautiful line-    2010. The Accord received the 2010 Best     offer our customers.                               Navarre said, “It’s our goal to be here
up of vehicles he’s ever seen. We wel-       Residual Award by ALG, Best 10 Cars by         Billy Navarre has been honored with         another 28 years. We know the only way
come all Pontiac, Saturn or Hummer           Car and Driver for the 24th time, and       the Chamber SWLA Citizen of the Year           that’s going to happen is if you, our cus-
owners to compare the Chevrolet line         has received the Best Resale Value award    in 2008 and in 1990, Navarre also won          tomers, allow us to be here. The only
and let us show you how much more            from Kelly Blue Book. The Honda Fit         the Citizen of the Year Award from the         way that will happen is to continually
value we can offer you for your money        was named one of the 10 Best Cars by        West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce.            improve and get better at serving you
with a Service Department and Body           Car and Driver and has a highway rat-       “To be named Citizen of the Year on            and that’s our 100 percent commitment.”

                                                                                        00598827                                                                                    00597800

 MCKINZEY METAL WORKS                                                                              I KEITH’S PAINT & BODY LLC

Customized metal since 1989                                                                        Reputation for hard work
   McKinzey Metal Works                                                                              KEITH’S PAINT &
started in business in 1989                                                                        BODY, LLC, owned by
doing metal work for local                                                                         Keith, Patty, Jonathan &
roofing companies. The                                                                             Kasey have been in busi-
business has since                                                                                 ness for 29 years. Their
expanded into specialized                                                                          solid reputation for excel-
work for high-end resi-                                                                            lent work is due to the
dential contractors fabri-                                                                         experience of Keith and
cating and installing cop-
per gutters and down                                                                               his staff and working
spouts, kitchen hoods,                                                                             with the best equipment
canopies, dormers and                                                                              available.
specialty decorative cop-                                                                            Keith’s Paint & Body
per work and trim.                                                                                 has two of the most up-        Keith and Jonathan have a reputation for hard work.
   The business offers resi-                                                                                                       “Where quality is not expensive — it’s priceless”.
                                                                                                   to-date paint booth facili-                 Your Auto Collision Center
dential and commercial                                                                             ties in town equipped
awnings, cupolas, dorm-             A custom design metal window canopy and                        with infrared heating
ers and flashings, chim-                                                                                                         has a Good                    so feel free to contact us
                                       dimple kitchen backsplash offered by                        systems and a designed        Housekeeping Seal of          with any questions.
ney caps, specialty design                   McKinzey Metal Works.
work, metal standing                                                                               air turban to keep oil and    Approval.                       The owners of Keith’s
seam roofs, commercial                                                                             moisture out of your            Maintaining a reputa-       Paint & Body would like
duct work and hoods.             important. Leaking flash-                                         paint finish. All this        tion for quality work         to thank you for the trust
   “We always strive to do       ing sometimes isn’t dis-                                          allows them to produce a      takes dedication and the      and confidence you have
it right the first time,” said   covered for years, and                                            top-grade paint job           desire to be good at what     shown in the past by
owner, Pete McKinzey.            that could be costly. If it is                                    regardless of weather         you do. That’s why            choosing Keith’s and for
“We stand behind our             done correctly, with the                                          conditions. They also         Keith and Jonathan not        continuing to choose
product and workman-             right materials, you won’t
ship.” McKinzey said his         have a problem.” he said.                                         offer a lifetime guarantee    only supervise, they are      them in the future; they
customers appreciate his           “We are always looking                                          on body and paint             also working diligently       would also like to thank
business’ service, reliabili-    for ways to improve and                                           repairs.                      in the shop to make sure      the Lake Area for voting
ty and durability of prod-       expand our product line                                             “We can’t do every job,     every customer is happy.      them “The Best Paint &
ucts offered. And, the           and be innovative using                                           but every job we do is        The staff can also assist     Body Repair Facility in
company is state licensed.       new equipment and tech-          McKinzey Metal Works             right.”                       you with obtaining a          Southwest
   “We do quality work by        niques.”                            2332 3rd Street                 Keith’s Paint & Body is     rental car if needed.         Louisiana.”Keith’s Paint
qualified craftsman.                                              Lake Charles, LA 70601           l-Car certified, members      Keith and Jonathan have       & Body is located at 5603
When your home is being                                                337-437-7999                of the Certified First        years of experience with      Common St. Call 474-
built, flashings are very                                     Network, BBB, ASA and         all insurance companies,      4379.



When you look good—They look good!
                                                                                                                    ed on Nelson Road between          stay on time and make each
                                                                                                                    Walmart and Prien Lake             patient feel special.
                                                                                                                    Elementary.                          To provide the latest in
                                                                                                                       At Dermatology &                skin resurfacing, they offer a
                                                                                                                    Advanced Aesthetics, they          Fractional/Co2 and an IPL
                                                                                                                    pride themselves on skin           Flex Laser.
                                                                                                                    care only! “We don’t deliver         Looking for longer lashes?
                                                                                                                    babies, treat colds, or do eye     Now offering Latisse Eyelash
                                                                                                                    exams—Skin is our                  Enhancer.
                                                                                                                    Specialty.”                          Their philosophical think-
                                                                                                                       Dermatology is the med-         ing is that when you look
                                                                                                                    ical specialty of skin, hair       good, they look good!
                                                                                                                    and nails. Who is more qual-
                                                                                                                    ified to provide your aesthet-
                                                                                                                    ic services than a medical
                                                                                                                    practice with a board certi-
                                                                                                                    fied dermatologist that only
                                                                                                                    treats within her speciality?
                                                                                                                       They believe that their
                                                                                                                    patients come first and
  Shondra L. Smith M.D.,               injectable fillers, VelaSmooth         owned by Shondra Smith                should be treated as individ-
Dermatology and Advanced               for cellulite and focal fat and        who is a Board Certified              uals. This is why each treat-
Aesthetics offers general der-         a full line of skin care prod-         Dermatologist. Herself,               ment is designed and intend-
matology services, diagnosis           ucts.                                  along with Jill Conner, N.P.,         ed especially for the particu-
and treatment of any skin                Skin is their specialty and          General Dermatology Nurse             lar individual they are treat-            Shondra L. Smith, M.D.
condition, and aesthetic serv-         their goal is to help you              Practitioner and Cindi Reed,          ing. They also know how                  Dermatology & Advanced
ices that include laser hair           achieve fresher, healthier             PharmD, Research &                    important time is and feel                      Aesthetics
removal, microdermabra-                skin.                                  Aesthetic Coordinator make            that their patient’s time is as             3635 Nelson Road
sion, chemical peels,                    The company has been in              up the patient care staff.            important as their own. For               Lake Charles, LA 70605
Radiesse and Restylane                 business since 2004 and is             They are conveniently locat-          that reason they strive to                    (337) 477-0011
                                                                                                          ADVERTISING SECTION, THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2010     AMERICAN PRESS           5
                                                                              00597811                                                                                        00597815

  CREATIVE CONCEPTS                                                                      I TACTICAL PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS, LLC

One-stop creative shop                                                                   Local investigative firm celebrates 20 years
  For the past 14 years,
Creative Concepts has                                                                       Tactical Private
offered design and dig-
ital print services. From
                                                                                         Investigations was found-
                                                                                         ed in 1990 by Martin A
                                                                                                                        Since 1990                       1990     20
copies to business cards                                                                 Battles. We just celebrated    INVESTIGATIONS,                           Years     2010
to vinyl signs and ban-                                                                  our 20th year of the inves-    SURVEILLANCE,
ners, we can meet your                                                                   tigation and surveillance      PROCESS SERVICE, LOCATES
printing and graphics                                                                    business.                      & LEGAL RESEARCH!
                                                                                                                                                            Celebrating our
needs.                                                                                      We catch cheating                                                  20th year in
  We offer 24-hour                                                                       spouses, handle child cus-
turnaround on business                                                                   tody cases, and locate rel-                                          investigative
                                                                                         atives and lost loves. We
cards. Small quantities                                                                  also provide process serv-                                             excellence
are no problem.                                                                          ice nationwide, do court-
  Whether your needs                                                                     house research, handle
are small or large we                                                                    insurance defense investi-
can create mugs,               Visit us today for all your printing, graphic             gations, locate witnesses,
mousepads, T-shirts                     signs, and engraving needs.                      take recorded statements,
and jewelry with pho-        Degreed artists are on      now located inside              make repossessions, run
tos on them, all pro-        staff to help you with      Creative Concepts               covert undercover investi-
duced at our 3,000           all your design needs.      where we sell the finest        gations, conduct back-
square foot facility on      Bring us your files for     products made right             ground checks, offer GPS
McNeese Street. Call us                                                                  tracking rentals, and han-
                             color laser output or let   here in Louisiana. From         dle criminal defense and
for a custom quote.          us digitize them and        food to music to art - if
  Our t-shirts are print-                                                                civil investigating.
                             save them to CD.            you are looking for a              Our wide range of serv-     Louisiana’s Premiere Investigative Firm
ed directly on the fabric      Vinyl signs and ban-      one of a kind Louisiana

with no screen charges.                                                                  ices is available on our      have the experience and
                             ners are custom             item, stop by our store.        Web site, www.louisiana                                         Tactical Private
  We engrave custom          designed in house. Feel     We also make baskets   We have
                                                                                                                       knowledge to take care of       Investigations, LLC
designs on metals and        free to stop by and visit   with your favorite              investigators ready to go
                                                                                                                       any of our clients' needs
                                                                                                                                                         P.O. Box 121157
plastics. Trophies,                                                                                                    or expectations. We have
                             with us about your          Louisiana Made items            throughout Louisiana.         been Louisiana's premiere      Lake Charles, LA 70612
plaques, awards and          project. We are locally     in them for gifts.                 We are committed to
gifts which may be pur-                                                                                                investigative firm since
                             owned and operated by                                       working confidentially
chased and engraved at                                                                   with our clients and to
                                                                                                                       1990.                               337-855-6470
                             Denise Foster, and have        Creative Concepts                                            Our philosophy is,             1-800-SPY-GUY-3
our location.                over 30 years experi-                                       always being credible,
  Tired of paying ad                                        144 W. McNeese St.                                         "Treat your clients as you     Martin A. Battles, LPI,
                             ence in design and                                          professional and discrete.    want to be treated, and
agency prices for            graphics.                           474-3406                   We are a very diverse      you can't lose!"                  President & CEO
design services?               Louisiana Made is                investigative firm, and we                         



Our family business brings a new look along with “Buick” to Sulphur!
                                                                    completely redesigned for com-         body shop manager. And of            Mgr.; Jacque Moore, Accounts
                                                                    fort and to better serve All Star's    course my granddaughter              Payable; Melissa Carpenter, Title
                                                                    customers, “ says owner Jack           Gabby is in charge of commer-        Clerk; Tammy Newman, Dealer
                                                                    Hebert.                                cials. She started when she was      Trade Specialist; & Jean Hebert,
                                                                       Allstar is proud of our new         only seven and we call her the       Service Advisor just to name a
                                                                    Buick franchise and JD Power           ‘All Star Celebrity.’ She is often   few. All Star’s staff is profes-
                                                                    reports that Buick LaCrosse and        asked for her autograph when         sionally trained and ready to
                                                                    Buick LuCerne are amond the            dining around town.” Once            assist you with any need you
                                                                    Top 5 Models in the entire             upon a time Jack would frown         may have from sales, service,
                                                                    industry in long-term depend-          when called "paw paw" but now        body shop, parts or accessories.
                                                                    ability. We are the only Buick         he is all smiles.                      All Star Buick, GMC invites
                                                                    Dealer in Calcasieu Parish and           All Star has long term             you to stop by and visit their
                                                                    our Sales & Service Department         employees that have become           new facility. Their exciting new
                                                                    is ready to serve the growing          family also. They have Kim           products from General Motors
                                                                    Buick population.                      Guidry, Comptroller; Bobby           awaits you. “We invite you to
                                                                       “I always feel that I have the      Hommel, Service Director;            come by today and become a
                                                                    best deals around,” Jack contin-       Sherry Guidry, Quality Control;      part of our family here at All
                                                                    ues “and will gladly meet with         Peggy Fruge, Warranty Clerk;         Star Buick, GMC Truck Inc. in
    The Heberts and staff Left to right: Gabby Fisher,              any customer that walks in my
  Kelli Hebert, Brittany Hebert, Dana Hebert, Courtney                                                     Ryan Davis, Assistant Sales          Sulphur,” says Jack.
   Hebert, Kallie Guidry, Kim Guidry and Ryan Davis.                door. In fact, I am one of few
     Seated: Grant Engel, Jack Hebert, Carley Heller                dealers where customers can get
                  and Khristine Hebert                              prices directly from the owner.
                                                                    All Star is a family owned deal-
  The Hebert family is pleased     tomers as they visit All Star.   ership and we like to treat peo-
to welcome you to Sulphur with     “We are proud of our brand       ple like family. My daughter                                                          Buick       GMC
their newly acquired Buick         new two story 10,000 sq foot     Khristine is the General Sales
Franchise and their new modern     showroom and accounting facil-   Manager. My other daughter
facility. "It's just simply gor-   ities. And that's not all. Our   Kelli is the Finance Manager.                         1180 E. Napoleon Street (Hwy. 90)
geous!" say many of the cus-       Service Department has been      My daughter-in-law, Dana is the                           Sulphur, LA 337-527-6391

                                                                                       00597920                                                                                                 00598409

I PUMPELLY TIRE CO.                                                                                  BENCHWORKS FINE JEWELERS

Tire dealer of the year                                                                           Unique jewelry & gifts
                                                                                                                                                                       40 designs to choose from.
                                                                                                                                                                       Benchworks is an exclusive
                                                                                                                                                                       dealer for Lumi-nox self-illu-
                                                                                                                                                                       minating watches which
                                                                                                                                                                       have been used by the Navy,
                                                                                                                                                                       police, firemen, hunters, and
                                                                                                                                                                       anyone who needs a water
                                                                                                                                                                       resistant, shock resistant, visi-
                                                                                                                                                                       ble at all times watch.
                                                                                                                                                                       Benchworks is also the exclu-
                                                                                                                                                                       sive dealer for Staxx rings,
                                                                                                                                                                       pendants, bracelets, and ear-
                                                                                                    The Hughes Family: Jacob, Jordan, Lori, & Chris
                                                                                                                                                                       rings. Stop by and see how
                                                                                                                                                                       you can build your own jew-
                                                                                                     Since 1990 people have         done in store ,” explains          elry on a budget. They even
                                                                                                  trusted their jewelry & watch     Chris. “Usually repairs are        offer complimentary gift-
                                                                                                  repair to Benchworks Fine         done within a day or two           wrapping.
                                                                                                  Jewelers. Our trusted experi-     and sometimes while you               Looking to purchase a new
              L-R: Mark Chase, Mark Fuselier, Oliver McDonald,                                                                                                         diamond? Let our experi-
              Danny Brown, Ron Fogal, Chris Sanders, Chris Best                                   ence & knowledge of dia-          wait.” Benchworks is able to
                                                                                                  monds, jewelry repair & cus-      provide services such as           enced staff help you choose
                                                                                                  tom design, sets us apart         watch batteries, eyeglass          from our loose diamond
   Pumpelly Tire has           lead in our market to           ate your business.                 from all the rest.                repair, pearl restringing, and     selection. Chris can mount
been serving the lake          train our people to                 Pumpelly Tire Co.                 Chris Hughes, jeweler and      all types of jewelry repair        your diamond in an existing
area for over 40 years.        deliver the very best           ... “People you can                goldsmith with 31 years           from design to resizing your       ring or new semi-mount,
                                                                                                                                                                       pendant or earrings from our
Glenn Pumpelly,                products and service            trust. Products you can            experience, believes that         favorite ring on site. Watch       store. We can duplicate any
President, Ron Fogal,          at the right price for          depend on.”                        “quality of work and integri-     repair is also available,          piece of gold, sterling silver
                                                                                                  ty of reputation go hand in       including Rolex.                   or costume jewelry or create
General Manager, and           our customer’s vehi-                                               hand with a job well done.”          Tired of shopping all over
our supportive man-            cles.” That type of                                                                                                                     and design something origi-
                                                                                                  He is experienced in all facets   town for that special gift?        nal just for you.
agers have over 79             commitment is what                                                 of jewelry repair, stone set-     Whether that occasion is a            Platinum and gold fine
combined years of              has earned                                                         ting, and design. Many cus-       wedding, baby shower, grad-        jewelry, diamonds, gem-
experience in the tire         Pumpelly’s, “Tire                   3406 Ryan Street               tomers have expressed frus-       uation, or just because, we        stones, pearls, fleur de lis and
                                                                     337-477-9850                 tration in their past experi-     offer a unique selection of        collegiate jewelry and watch-
business. Ron Fogal            dealer of the year.”                                               ence with other jewelers due      gifts for all occasions. Stop in   es are just a few of the unique
states, “We have seen             We would like to                   2600 Hwy. 14                 to low quality work or the        to see and smell our large         pieces you’ll find in our store.
radical changes in the         Thank the Lake Area                   337-478-6565                 amount of time it takes for       selection of Orleans Home
automotive and tire            for giving us your                  Lake Charles, LA               even simple repairs. At other     Fragrance; reed diffusers,         Benchworks Fine Jewelers
industries in the past         support and trust                                                  stores, repairs may take          oils, sprays, candles & effu-       238 W Prien Lake Rd
                                                                   1500 Ruth Street               weeks because they are sent       sion lamps. We now carry
few years and as a             throughout these                      337-527-6355                                                                                         Lake Charles, LA
                                                                                                  out to be repaired. “All          Miche Bags, with inter-                  478-0477
result, have taken the         years. We do appreci-                  Sulphur, LA                 repairs at Benchworks are         changeable covers and over

                                                                                      00597929                                                                                                  00598025

I STAR CONCRETE PUMPERS, LLC                                                                      I BROWN’S

The professional choice                                                                           Celebrating 32nd Anniversary!
                                                                                                     Brown’s Neighbor-
   Established in 1995, Star                                                                      hood Market offers
Concrete Pumpers, LLC,                                                                            specialty cut meat,
was recently purchased to                                                                         store-made sausage
remain a locally owned                                                                            and chicken patties,
   We offer concrete pump                                                                         deli bread pudding,
services, serving all of                                                                          rotisserie chicken and
Southwest Louisiana,                                                                              ribs and so much
including Lafayette and                                                                           more. Their produce
Alexandria. We also offer                                                                         section is supplied
matting solutions for most                                                                        with great quality pro- Brown’s Neighborhood Market in Grand Lake
difficult ground condi-                                                                           duce. They offer com-
   Our entire team is moti-                                                                       petitive prices, pro-
vated to ensure the con-                                                                          vide excellent cus-
sumer will have the best                                                                          tomer service and take
experience through cus-                                                                           great pleasure in pro-
tomer safety and satisfac-        Office manager,                                                 viding a friendly
tion.                             Roxanne Burge;                                                  atmosphere.
   Quality service to our         Shop Supervisor,                                                   We offer a great
customers is key. We use       Jimmy Vanicor; Safety Compliance Supervisor,                       selection of products
the best maintained              Joey Fruge Owners: Ana and Jason Mallett,
equipment in the area.                                                                            from many names you
                               Lee Bruney, Kevin Richard (General Manager)                        know and trust. No
Our operators are focused
on providing our cus-                                                                             matter if you are cook-                Meat Department at
                               ate a solid future for all of   cient job for our cus-                                           Brown’s Food Center in Hackberry
tomers the highest service,    our team members.               tomers will always be our          ing from scratch or if
quality & efficiency along       Our entire staff is moti-     number one priority.               you are looking for a
with safe work ethics.         vated to ensure the high-         We thank the Lake Area           quick and easy meal,     Brown’s Food Centers
   We always have our                                                                                                                                Brown’s Neighborhood
                               est customer service.           for your support and               we offer convenience     main location is in              Market
eyes on future growth,
whether through direct
                               Everyone works together         hope to continue earning           items like mixes for     Hackberry.                   10051 Gulf Hwy.
                               to create a close team          your business.                     cakes and stuffings,        The next time you go
expansion or business          environment. Our com-                                                                                                    Grand Lake, LA
diversification.                                                                                  instant mixes and much shopping, let the
                               munity involvement and           106 N. Post Oak Road              more that can be found                              Brown’s Food Center
Understanding that             support are second to                                                                       friendly faces at
employees are the back         none in our industry.              Sulphur, LA 70663               on our well stocked      Brown’s help you in          620 Main Street
bone of any successful           Our effort to provide a            (337) 625-7827                shelves.                 meeting all of your gro-      Hackberry, LA
company, we look to cre-       safe, productive and effi-        Established in 1978,                                 337-762-4632
                                                                                                                           cery needs.
                                                                                                                  ADVERTISING SECTION, THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2010     AMERICAN PRESS        7

I A TIME TO EXHALE THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE                                                          I LLOYD LAUW COLLISION REPAIR CENTER

Exceptional service at exceptional prices!                                                      Worry-free auto repair
  Moxie Wilson, LMT, is        receives a customized                                              Lloyd Lauw Collision
the owner of A Time to         massage session to meet                                          Repair Center specializes
Exhale Therapeutic             his or her individual                                            in automobile collision
Massage. Moxie is a            needs. From the moment                                           repair. With more than 40
nationally certified and       you walk through the                                             years of experience in the
state-licensed massage         door, you start to relax                                         collision repair industry,
                                                                                                Lloyd's company invests
therapist. She has been an     and unwind. You never                                            in the training and tech-
LMT for 15 years, and has      feel rushed."                                                    nology to guarantee a
practiced in Lake Charles         "Often it is difficult for                                    safe, quality repair.           Duke Lauw, Richard Dyson, Greg Askew and Lloyd Lauw
for the past six years.        my clients to find an hour                                         The technicians at
  A Time to Exhale offers      in their busy schedules to                                       LLCRC are ASE- and I-          more than 80 percent of       restore your vehicle to its
several massage services:      de-stress. I want them to                                        CAR-certified. Cutting         today's automobile manu-      pre-accident condition.
                                                                                                edge equipment is used,        facturers use water-based     LLCRC is also a member
Swedish, deep tissue,          leave feeling refreshed                                                                         paint exclusively.            of the Better Business
Ashiatsu, pregnancy, cou-      and rejuvenated. I like to                                       including computer-gen-
                                                                                                erated estimates to ensure        LLCRC also offers a        Bureau. By using Direct
ples, and hot stones.          exceed clients' expecta-                                                                        variety of other services     Repair contracts with
  "I truly have been           tions."                         Moxie Wilson, LMT —              accuracy, a modern frame
                                                                                                machine, computerized          that make it a true one-      mayor insurance compa-
blessed to have such won-         It is essential to make             owner                                                    stop shop. These services     nies, LLCRC can quickly
                                                                                                frame measuring system
derful clients," Moxie said.   massage therapy part of                                          which uses lasers to meas-     include Reflex brand          handle your claims and
"My goal has been to pro-      your personal wellness                                                                          spray-in bed liners, com-     set up your rental car for
vide a relaxed and friend-     program. To make that             A Time                         ure frame and unibody
                                                                                                repairs to within a one-       puterized four-wheel
                                                                                                                               alignments, and tire
                                                                                                                                                               Customers can expect
ly atmosphere while offer-     more possible, A Time to                                         millimeter tolerance and
ing a massage session tai-     Exhale offers a brand-new        to Exhale                       three heated down-draft
                                                                                                spray booths for a con-
                                                                                                                               mounting and balancing.
                                                                                                                               All auto body and paint
                                                                                                                                                             fair pricing with personal
                                                                                                                                                             attention to detail. Make
lored to each client."         program that allows
  If your massage needs
are for therapeutic reasons
                               clients to receive weekly
                               one-hour massages for as
                                                               Therapeutic                      trolled refinishing atmos-
                                                                                                                               repairs come with a writ-
                                                                                                                               ten lifetime guarantee.
                                                                                                                                                             Lloyd Lauw Collision
                                                                                                                                                             Repair Center your first

                                                                Massage                           LLCRC Is also the only          LLCRC is a member of       stop when your vehicle
or just for relaxation, A      little as $45. And as                                                                           the Certified First           needs repair.
                                                                                                vehicle repair facility
Time to Exhale is the right    always, all introductory                                         using a water-based refin-     Network of shops, which
place for you. Every one-      one-hour massages are            3109 Common Street,             ish system, PPG's              verifies properly trained
hour session consists of 60    $40. This means a great                                          Envirobase Refinish sys-       technicians; modern well-
minutes of hands-on mas-       massage is always within
                                                                      Suite 102                                                maintained equipment
                                                                                                tem, which is more envi-
sage time.                     reach.                               (just north of              ronmentally friendly and       and premium quality               4105 E. Napoleon St.
                                                                  Prien Lake Road)              ensures a better color         paint refinish products
  "I have always put the          For more information,
                                                                                                                               with U.L. and Good                 Sulphur, LA 70663
needs of my clients first,"    please call 337-540-6492.       Lake Charles, LA 70601           match to the customer's                                          Phone: 337-625-7799
                                                                                                factory finish. In fact,       Housekeeping seals of
said Moxie. "Every client                                           337-540-6492                                               approval, which help               Fax: 337-626-1019

                                                                                     00597807                                                                                       00597805

  GRAND RENTAL STATION LAKE CHARLES                                                             I GRAND RENTAL STATION

Your special event headquarters                                                                 Where to rent the best

   Grand Rental Station is     Grand Rental Station help       and has been established in
your party destination! If     turn your dreams into real-     the area since 1977. They
you are looking for sup-       ity. By offering the latest     are located at 3400 Ryan            Grand Rental Station          Personal service is the
plies to throw your next       trends in wedding rental,       Street. Call them at 478-        has everything a home-         priority at Grand Rental
big graduation party, wed-     they are proud to be the        3115 or email at www.gran-
                                                                                                owner or small contractor      Station. Brand name
ding or corporate event        Lake Area’s premier one- with any
then you owe it to yourself    stop wedding décor shop.        of your questions and they       needs for do-it-yourself       equipment such as Ditch-
to pay them a visit. They      Just a few of the many          will be happy to assist.         projects. They have a com-     Witch, Kubota, Bosch,
have many items in stock       items they offer for rent       They are your Special            plete line of items for rent   Honda, Bil-jax ,
for rent to make your event    include hundreds of stan-       Events Headquarters!             or purchase.                   Husqvarna, Stihl, Bobcat
special.                       dard linens as well as spe-                                         Open since 1977, Grand                                    Grand Rental Station
   They also have a florist,   cialty linens in dozens of                                                                      and more can be found.
                                                                                                Rental Station has three                                         Lake Charles
professional decorators and    colors and textures to                                                                            Dean Henagan, owner,
party planners on staff that   choose from. Also available                                      locations to better serve                                       115 W. College
                                                                                                                               invites you to stop by one
can provide you with party     are columns, candelabras,                                        customers. Visit the loca-                                         (478-3115)
layouts using party cad, an    beverage fountains, choco-                                       tion at 115 West College       of Grand Rental Station’s
                                                                                                                               three locations for well-
                                                                                                                                                                3400 Ryan St.
event design software.         late fountains, tables,                                          Street in Lake Charles or
Delivery and pick up serv-     chairs, chair covers, china,      “Your Special Events                                          maintained equipment
                                                                                                Moss Bluff at 487 Hwy.
ices are also offered for      flatware, stemware, floral           Headquarters”                                              that is designed for the           Moss Bluff
                                                                    3400 Ryan St.               171 North. Stop by 3400
your convenience.              designs, tents and much
                                                                                                Ryan Street location for       do-it-yourself home             478 Hwy. 171 N.,
   Your wedding should be      more.                               Lake Charles, LA
                                                                       478-3115                 your wedding and party         owner and small contrac-            (855-7791).
a special day to remember.        Grand Rental Station is
Let the talented staff at      owned by Dean Henagan        needs.                         tor.                
8   AMERICAN PRESS   ADVERTISING SECTION, THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2010                                                                                        ADVERTISING SECTION, THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2010   AMERICAN PRESS        9

                                                                    While 2009 marked the
                                                                    60th Anniversary of First
                                                                    Federal Bank of Louisiana,                                                                                       New Pineville
                                                                                                                                                                                     First Federal office
                                                                    2010 marks the beginning                                                                                         opened in 2009.
                                                                    of yet another 60 plus years
                                                                    of anticipated and planned
                                                                    continued growth.                           $CPMKPI CPF $KNN 2C[ RTQXKFGU VJG          $KI $TQVJGTU$KI 5KUVGTU #OGTKECP
                                                                                                                HTKGPFN[ DCPMKPI VQQNU HQT GCUKN[          *GCTV #UUQEKCVKQP #OGTKECP %CPEGT
                                                                     [GCTU KU VTWN[ C TCTG                    managing nances any time of the            5QEKGV[ 2CTVPGTU KP 'FWECVKQP VJG
                                                                    CEEQORNKUJOGPV KP VJG DCPMKPI               FC[ QT PKIJV                                                   %JKNFTGP¶U /WUGWO
                                                                    KPFWUVT[ 9G JCXG YCVEJGF CU QVJGT
                                                                    DCPMU EJCPIG KFGPVKV[ EJCPIG               1WT ITQYVJ KPVQ
                                                                                                                                               ...long tradition                (COKN[ (WP (GUVKXCN
                                                                                                                                                                                2TGXGPV %JKNF
                                                                    RWTRQUG CPF GXGP ENQUG VJGKT FQQTU         QVJGT CTGCU QH VJG             of building and                  #DWUG .QWKUKCPC
                                                                    $WV (KTUV (GFGTCN $CPM QH .QWKUKCPC        UVCVG JCU DGGP C                                                VJG .KVGTCE[ %QWPEKN
                                                                    is rmly founded in its long tradition       UWEEGUU 6Q FGNKXGT             maintaining a                   QH 59.# $Q[
                                                                    QH DWKNFKPI CPF OCKPVCKPKPI C UVTQPI       QWT GZEGNNGPV UGTXKEGU
                                                                                                                                                 strong, loyal                  5EQWVU QH #OGTKEC
                                                                    NQ[CN EWUVQOGT DCUG +V KU VJKU VTCFKVKQP   more ef ciently and                                             0QTVJYGUVGTP 5VCVG
                                                                    QH NKUVGPKPI VQ CPF WPFGTUVCPFKPI QWT       EQPXGPKGPVN[ KP %GPVTCN        customer base.                   7PKXGTUKV[ /E0GGUG
                                                                    EWUVQOGTU¶ PGGFU CPF RTQXKFKPI VJG          .QWKUKCPC YG QRGPGF                                            5VCVG 7PKXGTUKV[
                                                                    JKIJGUV SWCNKV[ RTQFWEVU CPF UGTXKEGU       a new, state-of-the-art banking of ce      (QWPFCVKQP VJG (QQF $CPM QH %GPVTCN
                                                                    VJCV JGNRU RTGRCTG WU HQT YJCV YG           KP 2KPGXKNNG FWTKPI VJG VJ SWCTVGT QH     .QWKUKCPC CPF OCP[ OCP[ OQTG
                                                                    DGNKGXG YKNN DG WPRTGEGFGPVGF ITQYVJ         &GUKIPGF YKVJ QWT EWUVQOGT

                           First Federal Bank                       KPVQ VJG PGZV  [GCTU                      rst attitude in mind, this new
                                                                                                                NQECVKQP YKNN GPJCPEG QWT EQPVKPWGF           433-3611 • FFBLA.COM
                                                                    #V (KTUV (GFGTCN $CPM QH .QWKUKCPC YG       ITQYVJ KP VJKU TGIKQP QH VJG UVCVG
                         celebrates six decades                     CTG EQPVKPWCNN[ DTKPIKPI KP VJG NCVGUV
                                                                    DCPMKPI VGEJPQNQI[ VQ QWT EWUVQOGTU        1WT [GCT YQWNF PQV DG EQORNGVG
                          of strength, stability                    +P  /1$+.' $#0-+0) YCU                 YKVJQWV CNN VJG HWPF TCKUKPI
                                                                    CFFGF VQ QWT TGRGTVQKTG QH UGTXKEGU        GXGPVU CPF HTKGPF DWKNFKPI
                              and security.                         +V QHHGTU QWT EWUVQOGTU JKIJVGEJ
                                                                    DCPMQPVJGIQ  UGEWTG CEEGUU VQ
                                                                                                                QRRQTVWPKVKGU QWT GORNQ[GGU
                                                                                                                VCMG RCTV KP VQ UGTXG VJG
                                                                    VJGKT CEEQWPV KPHQTOCVKQP ± CNN TKIJV       EQOOWPKVKGU QH 5QWVJYGUV
                                                                    KP VJG RCNO QH VJGKT JCPF /1$+.'           CPF %GPVTCN .QWKUKCPC
                                                                    $#0-+0) CNQPI YKVJ 1P.KPG                 9G EQPVKPWG VQ UWRRQTV


                                                                                 00597808                                                                                   00597989

I LISA’S ACCOUNTING SERVICE                                                                 I BLAZIN’ TRUCK PARTS & ACCESSORIES

Accommodates any taxing need For real heavy-duty truck parts
                                                                                               Blazin Truck Parts &
  Lisa’s Accounting            have to go the client.                                       Accessories is currently
Service has moved into         With our E-file services                                     celebrating its 1st
their new location, we are     you can get your refund                                      Anniversary. We would
now located in the new         back in as little as 24                                      like to extend our great-
buildings located behind       hours. We are open year                                      est appreciation to our
the former office.             round for your conven-                                       family, friends, and cus-
  Lisa’s Accounting            ience.                                                       tomers who have made
Service can accommodate           Lisa has an accounting
                                                                                            our 1st year in business a
any taxing need, the           degree from Sowela. As
1040EZ, 1040A and 1040.        an enrolled agent, Lisa                                      success.
For the corporate level,       will continue furthering                                        Blazin Truck Parts is
Form 1065, Form 1120C &        her education. She attends                                   owned by Sabrina
1120S. Our services are        seminars approved by                                         McCoy and managed by
available for monthly,         federal and state laws.                                      Scott McCoy. With over
quarterly and yearly. All      Dawn Rubatt joined Lisa’s                                    27 years of experience
services are computerized      Accounting Service in                                        and expertise, Scott can
and E-file services are        December ‘07 and has                                         provide drivers with
available for Federal and      become a great asset to                                                                            Owners Scott and Sabrina McCoy
                                                                                            everything they need for
State. We can prepare any      the business knowing sev-         Owner Lisa Ross,
                                                                                            a customized and well
out of state return. We        eral people in the local               seated                                             what’s new…we are
                                                                 and Dawn Rubatt            maintained truck. Our
have recently added pay-       area. Dawn assists with                                      main focus is heavy duty     adding new parts and
roll services for any busi-    bookkeeping, payroll and                                                                  the hottest accessories to
                                                                                            truck and trailer parts
ness type and need.            short form tax prepara-                                                                   our inventory everyday.
                                                                                            and chrome and stainless
Early morning, late            tion.                                                                                     We are conveniently
evening and weekend
appointments are avail-
                                  Please visit our website
                               at www.lisasaccount-
                                                               Accounting                   accessories including
                                                                                            Grand Rock exhaust,          located at Exit 36 off of I-
                                                                                                                         10 with lots of big rig
able upon request.
  Our services are on a
                                  We are accepting new
                                                                Service                     Baldwin filters, Firestone
                                                                                            airbags, and United          parking available.
                                                                                                                                                        Blazin’ Truck Parts and
                                                                                                                                                           Accessories, LLC
                                                                                            Pacific chrome acces-          We look forward to             5925 Wright Road
professional level with 25     clients, come by, say hello
years of combined experi-      and have a cup of coffee          2720 Rue de Jardin         sories, just to name a       serving your heavy duty        Lake Charles, LA 70615
ence. Our prices are very      or cold drink. -All of our              Ste 400              few. We also carry parts     truck parts needs for          Exit 36, behind Cash Magic
competitive and we try         services comply with               Lake Charles, LA          for boat, utility, and       many years to come.               Casino & Truck Stop
our best to keep a low         Federal and State Banking                70605               cargo trailers.              Customer satisfaction is        (337) 310-PART (7278)
overhead so costs do not       and Privacy Laws.                    337-480-9400               Come by and see           our #1 priority!      


Largest locally owned office supply store in SW La approaching 22 years
  United Office Supply                 Fast, personal service is
and Equipment Co., Inc.,             what you’ll find at UOS.
located at 4013                      Each order has free
Maplewood Drive in                   delivery, with no mini-
Sulphur was purchased                mum order amount, so
by Carolyn Cockrill in               call UOS and save your
January 1989. The busi-              gas! They even do desk-
ness was in desperate                top deliveries. Credit,
need of attention. In the            debit & pro cards are
past 21 years Carolyn                accepted.
has worked very hard                   Visit Carolyn and her
and many long hours to               staff today and experi-
build up the business to             ence the locally owned
where it is today...the              personal service for
largest locally owned                yourself.
office supply store in
Calcasieu Parish.
  United Office Supply
sells office supplies,
office furniture, office
machines, copier and
computer supplies, jani-
torial supplies, promo-               United Office Supply and
tional products, printing,               Equipment Co., Inc.
business cards, wedding                4013 Maplewood Drive
invitations, rubber                         Sulphur, LA
stamps, TimeMist prod-                337-625-2442 or 474-5589
ucts and so much more.                                                     Carolyn Cockrill, Owner
                                                                                                                          !D,#$-%S%NG S#C-%/N0 -1U$SD!30 !)$%L 50 6787   !M#$%C!N )$#SS    11

                                                                                                 00598828   I SABINE POOLS, SPAS & FURNITURE

We cover all your needs                                                                                     Celebrating our 35th Anniversary
   Founded in 1962 by James
C. Robinson, Insurance
Unlimited established its main
office in Lake Charles. The
Sulphur branch opened at 1000
S. Huntington St. in 1978 and
the south Lake Charles branch
at 1013 E. McNeese St. was
added in 1998. Lafayette and
DeRidder were added in 2009.
The agency is now owned by
associates Larry Christ and
Eddy Robinson.
   Insurance Unlimited offers      L-R (Back Row) Dennis Guillory, Tim Courville, Darlene Marsh,
                                    Gary Pearce, Dooley Prince, Craig Martel, Keith Smith, Cody
all lines of insurance for your
                                    Delcambre, Paul Lanier, (Bottom) Tony Perot, Eddy Robinson
personal or commercial needs,               owner, Larry Christ owner, and Casey Christ.
including auto, home, mobile
home, RV, umbrella, life and       tation with inferior products or
health, commercial property,       companies.” Branch managers
general liability, workers com-    Tony Perot and Casey Christ               Main Office
pensation, business auto,          agree along with agents Dana              3111 Ryan St.
                                                                             Lake Charles, LA 70601
garage and umbrella. While         Jackson, Gary Pearce, Dennis
Hurricane Rita presented mar-      Guillory, Craig Martel, Keith           3111 Ryan Street
ket problems, the markets are      Smith & Cody Delcambre,                 Lake Charles, LA
stabilizing and they are active-   Dooley Prince, Melody                       477-6922
ly writing all lines of insur-     Jackson, Darlene Marsh, Tim           1013-A E. McNeese St.
ance.                              Courville, Brice Tanner, Blake       South Lake Charles, LA
   With knowledgeable pro-         Petry, Chad Neugebaher, Mike                562-1808
ducers and staff to coordinate     Spielmann, and Paul Lanier.
a package to suit individual or                                         1000 S. Huntington St.
                                       They represent A+ rated
business owner’s needs at a
                                   companies, and provide A+
                                                                             Sulphur, LA                         Sabine Pools’ Founder & Owners (L to R) Dean Tassin,
competitive price, their 260                                                   527-8691
years of combined experience       rated services after the sale.
                                                                      301 E. Kaliste Saloom Rd.,
                                                                                                                  Operations Manager; David Tassin, Sales Manager;
                                   They seek profitability through
should assure you you’re in
excellent hands.                   productivity and growth but                 Ste. 200                         Joey Tassin (seated), President; Houston Tassin, Founder
                                   never compromise on their             Lafayette, LA 70508
   Principals Eddy Robinson
and Larry Christ state, “We        primary commitment to serve           160 Joe Larson Rd.                    Since 1975, Sabine       with a specialty in      nance you would
will not compromise our repu-      their customers.                      DeRidder, LA 70634                 Pools has set the stan-     modern design & tech-    expect, Sabine Pools
                                                                                                            dard for excellence in      nology.                  also offers Hot Spring
  ADAY TIRE & AUTO SERVICE                                                                                  swimming pool design,         Sabine Pools keeps     Spas and a huge variety
                                                                                                            craftsmanship, and cus-     standards high and       and selection of distinc-
Keeping Lake Area Rolling                                                                                   tomer satisfaction.
                                                                                                            Sabine Pools is the only
                                                                                                                                        prices fair by partici-
                                                                                                                                        pating in buying
                                                                                                                                                                 tive outdoor furniture.
                                                                                                                                                                   Visit Sabine Pools on
   Tom Aday, Sr. opened            offer the full-line up of                                                local pool builder to       groups that provide      the web at
his own tire store in              Kelly Springfield. They                                                  receive the national        members with top-,
1952 with the idea that            have the best tires for                                                  award of “Aqua 100”, a      notch products and       at their Pool Park &
people wanted quality              your car, truck or recre-                                                list of the nation’s top    competitive pricing. As Showroom at 3213
tires at a competitive             ational vehicle.                                                         100 pool companies. A       a member of the presti- Common St. in Lake
price.                                A Sulphur location                                                    7-time recipient, Sabine    gious Aquatech profes-   Charles or call 433-1193
    His business was               was added in 1990, and                                                   Pools is now a perma-       sional building group    or 1-800-960-7665. Also,
built on the philosophy            is managed by Bobby                                                      nent member of the          and as the largest       call for directions to
that customer service              Koonce. He is assisted                                                   Aqua Hall of Fame.          BioGuard water care
was always the highest             by John Aday, the                                                                                                             Sabine’s Gonzales or
                                                                        Mrs. Tom Aday, Sr.,
                                                                                                            The people of Lake          dealer in the tri-state  our new store in Baton
priority. This tradition           Aday’s 3rd generation.                                                   Charles can be proud of     region, Sabine Pools
                                                                        Original Founder                                                                         Rouge or our Lafayette
is still carried on today             Both stores offer                                                     this local business         offers customers vol-
by his son Brian.                  complete tire service,                                                                                                        showrooms. Get to
                                                                      service, including A/C                achieving these nation-     ume prices on premium
    Aday Tire & Auto               alignment, brake and                                                                                                          know the people at
                                                                      repairs and tune-ups                  al honors.                  products.
Service has been a full-           minor auto repairs. The            with Billy Hebert.                                                                         Sabine Pools, and you
                                                                                                               Additionally, Sabine       With 5 stores in South
line Goodyear dealer               Lake Charles store has                “We have a commit-                                                                      too will experience
                                                                                                            Pools has raised the bar    Louisiana, and over 90
since 1969 and also                added complete auto                ment not only to our                                                                       their 35-Year Tradition
                                                                                                            by achieving exclusive      employees, Sabine
                                                                      customers, but to the                                                                      of Excellence!
                                                                                                            Certified Professional      Pools is committed to
                                                                      ideals on which we
                                                                                                            Builder (CPB) status, a     our customers and to
                                                                      were founded that
                                                                      makes us the best,”                   rigorous Association of     our community. Only
                                                                      says Brian.                           Pool & Spa                  Sabine Pools has
                                                                                                            Professionals (APSP)        Outdoor Pool Parks,
                                                                                                            training program. The       which feature
                                                                                                            CPB designation, held       InGround and Above       3213 Common St.,
                                                                                                            by co-owner and com-        Ground Pools, so you         Lake Charles
                                                                                                            pany president Joey         can see our quality for
                                                                        910 E. Prien Lake Rd.
                                                                                                            Tassin, signifies a con-    yourself. In addition to
                Clara Loomis, John Aday,                               Lake Charles • 477-6992
               Bobby Koonce, Patrick Matt,                            106 Roddam St., Sulphur,              tractor’s elite status as   the pools, supplies,       1-800-960-7665
               Andrew Smith, Brian Aday.                                      527-3961                      the top in his field,       repairs, and mainte-

                                                                                00599295                                                                                                        00598455

I ULTIMATE MEDICAL SERVICES                                                                I LAKE AREA OFFICE PRODUCTS

The ultimate solution for medical imaging Office product values you can believe in
   Ultimate Medical            solution," and has plans to                                    Lake Area Office Products
Services Inc. has provided     expand its operations in                                    opened in 2000 as a small,
diagnostic equipment and       the future. Its motto is,                                   home-based business remanu-
service since 1997. Its        "Ultimate Solutions for                                     facturing toner cartridges and
                                                                                           providing repairs for office
expertise in medical imag-     Medical Imaging."                                           machines such as printers,
ing and information tech-        Ultimate is proud of its                                  copiers and fax machines.
nologies helps its cus-        pricing, service and guar-                                     Our approach was simple:
tomers across the country      antee. Its bottom line is                                   Offer top-quality products at
achieve tangible results       customer satisfaction.                                      low prices, and back it up with
for their patients and pos-      Ultimate Medical                                          a level of service that none of
itive financial outcomes.      Services employs highly                                     our competitors could match.
                                                                                              Over the next four years,
   Kevin Fix, CEO, and         trained people, including                                   that approach proved so suc-        Seated John Ney, Owner, back row left to right:
Melissa Macer, CFO, said       the staff that allows it to                                 cessful that owner John Ney            Dave Bryant, Tanya Roy, Paul Chandler,
Ultimate Medical Services      support a wide range of         From left: Kevin Fix,       found it necessary to add staff      Pam Long, Amber Humphrey & Matt Sykes.
provides digital service       needs, including technical          Connie Fix,             and relocate to a larger location
and support - Computer         support, service and con-        Melissa Macer, and         on Kirkman Street.                  more, all from our new, 12,000-     Rams Tee Ball team, also spon-
Radiology, Direct              sulting. Its mission is to                                     LAOP continued to grow,          square-foot building on             sored by LAOP for the past
                                                                Henrietta Williams                                             Enterprise Boulevard.               two years.
Radiology, dry lasers,         offer the quality products                                  and in 2005 we became a busi-
                                                                display their 2009         ness partner with Toshiba and          What started out as a home-         Our team is made up of
Radiology Information          that its customers'               Best of Business                                              based business in 2000 has          hard-working professionals
                                                                                           Samsung. The following year,
Systems and direct image       patients deserve at afford-       Award from the            after continued growth, we          become a strong, multi-faceted      with the experience to help
capture, analog service        able prices.                      Small Business            moved to still larger quarters,     organization with the resources     you make the most of your
and support, surgical C-         Ultimate Medical                   Commerce               this time on East Prien Lake        and expertise to provide cost-      money and keep your business
arms, computerized axial       Services is dedicated to                                    Road. This move allowed us to       effective office solutions on       running smoothly. These pro-
                                                                   Association                                                 multiple levels.                    fessionals include Amber
tomography (CT), X-ray         providing its clients                                       add Sharp copiers to our line.
(new and used quality          knowledge, skills, man-                                     We also brought in a selection         Lake Area Office Products is     Humphrey, Tanya Roy, Pam
equipment), quality con-       agement, communication            ULTIMATE                  of used office furniture and        a proud member of the
                                                                                                                               Chamber of Commerce of
                                                                                                                                                                   Long, Paul Chandler and Matt
trol systems, legacy
DICOM conversion, 24/7
                               of customers' needs, pro-
                               ductivity, sales and mar-
                                                                 MEDICAL                   introduced temporary leasing
                                                                                           on used office furniture and        Southwest Louisiana. We're
service, consulting,           keting, negotiation skills,     SERVICES INC.               equipment.
                                                                                              Business has remained
                                                                                                                               locally owned and operated,
                                                                                                                               and we welcome the opportu-
MedAppz EMR, financ-           people skills and organi-                                   strong. Today we are able to        nity to support our community
ing, and emergency med-        zation. It is committed to       6004 Hwy. 90 East          provide furniture solutions for     by doing business with other
ical records (EMR).            meeting its customers          Lake Charles, LA 70615       businesses of all types and         locally owned companies.             2010 Enterprise Blvd.
   Ultimate Medical            with clear and precise              337-433-1234            sizes — from the one- or two-          Your support enables us to
                                                                                           person organization to major        sponsor little league baseball in   Lake Charles, LA 70601
Services prides itself on      communication and a                 888-348-9730                                                the Lake Area and the budding            337-439-1313
providing the "ultimate        timely response.                                            corporations with 50 offices or
                                                                                                        superstars on the Westlake

                                                                       Upgrade Your Listing to a Full Web Site
                                                                                                          for a small monthly fee

                                                                                                            ADVERTISING SECTION, THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2010       AMERICAN PRESS        13
                                                                                00597914                                                                                            00599218

I CREATIVE CONCRETE BY RON                                                                 I ECONO TRAVEL AGENCY

Imagination only limit                                                                     Serving SWLA since 1995
                                                                                              Econo Travel Agency is a
  Creative Concrete By                                                                     full service accredited trav-
Ron offers decorative                                                                      el agency. They offer all
concrete design and                                                                        aspects of travel: air, cruise,
installation.                                                                              tours, honeymoons, desti-
  Owner Ron Guidroz                                                                        nation weddings, all-inclu-
studied concrete designs                                                                   sive packages, and group
in Las Vegas, Nev. He                                                                      travel.
and his wife, Pat, began                                                                      Econo Travel has been
                                                                                           serving the Southwest
Creative Concrete By                                                                       Louisiana area since May
Ron in January 2005.                                                                       1995. Ray and Amber
  Since then, Creative                                                                     Hammond are the original
Concrete have been pro-                                                                                                          Amber Hammond                    Ray Hammond
                                                                                           local owners. Ray
viding acid staining,                                                                      Hammond retired from              Vegas and Disney. They         Amber specializes in travel
stamping, scoring, color                                                                   Conoco-Phillips in May,           also book clients on tours     to Mexico, the Caribbean
flaking, crack repair,                                                                     after thirty-two years of         and cruises to destinations    and US City stays.
resurfacing and digital                                                                    employment; and is now            worldwide.                        The goal of Econo Travel
imaging services to the                                                                    available full time in the           Ray Hammond, co-            is to provide their clients
area.                                                                                      travel agency.                    owner of Econo Travel has      with warm personal serv-
  You will discover that      your home into the stun-                                        The staff’s knowledge          a Masters Degree in            ice, the best value in travel
creativity and profes-        ning showplace you                                           and experience makes              Geography and ia a Master      and memories that last a
sionalism are their trade-    envision.                                                    planning your travel easy.        Cruise Counselor. He spe-      lifetime. Please call the
                                When it comes to lim-                                      Econo Travel has a                cializes in Mexico and the     friendly, knowledgeable
marks. They work care-                                                                                                       Caribbean, tours and cruis-    staff of Econo Travel to
fully with their clients to   its, there are none. With                                    Gourmet Inclusive Travel
                                                                                           Consultant on staff to help       es. He is an Oahu, Hawaii      book your next vacation or
produce the most attrac-      Creative Concrete By                                                                           destination specialist, and    group travel.
                                                                                           you select the perfect
tive and effective results    Ron’s, the only limit to                                     resort for your ultimate          a Funjet Vacation
possible.                     the designs and styles                                       travel experience. They           Specialist.
  Creative Concrete           available is your imagi-                                     also have a Destination              Amber Hammond, co-
believes that their expe-     nation. All you must do                                      Wedding Specialist with           owner and office manager
rience will definitely        is create a dream that                                       knowledge to guide you in         is an Accredited Cruise
compliment your imagi-        they can make come true        selecting the complete all-       Counselor, Gourmet
nation. That combina-         for you.                  to view their portfolio            inclusive wedding/honey-          Inclusive Travel                  1306-D Sampson St.
tion — their experience         They offer complete                                        moon vacation package.            Consultant, and a                 Westlake, LA 70669
                              idea-to-finished product      (337) 855-8333.                Econo Travel specializes in       Destination Wedding                  (337) 433-4880
and your imagination —
                              service.                  You can e-mail Ron at              travel to Mexico, Canada,         Specialist. She is also a
will help you transform                                                                                                      Funjet Vacations Specialist.
                                                   the Caribbean, Hawaii, Las                             


Giving you quality care in your very own home

                                                                      as leisure activities such as           our administrative staff       into their home and have
                                                                      shopping and Bingo.                     cannot be found in any         placed an enormous level
                                                                         We have provided serv-               other agency.”                 of trust on our agency,”
                                                                      ices for many years to resi-               Other key employees         McCloskey said. “It is our
                                                                      dents of Lake Charles and               are Tracie Poullard, vice      responsibility to live up to
                                                                      have a long standing repu-              president of operations,       that trust and ensure they
                                                                      tation of compassion and                Gwen Levings, director of receive the best possible
                                                                      going the extra mile for                Medicaid services and
                                                                      our consumers.                          Peggy Kelley, program          care and service from our
                                                                         PDI was founded in                   development director.          agency at all times. Our
                                                                      1987 to serve the needs of                 At PDI, our consumers       staff will do whatever it
                                                                      individuals with specific               are often remarking that       takes to see that our con-
                                                                      home care needs that                    having us have eased the       sumers are satisfied with
                                                                      could not be met through                minds of themselves and        their services.”
              L to R: Tracie Poullard, VP of Operations;              traditional home health                 their families knowing
           Peggy Kelley, Program Development Director and             services. We began provid-              their loved ones are being
                 Margaret McCloskey, Administrator                    ing services to the Lake                so well taken care of. Our
                                                                      Area in 1992 through the                presence allows both the
   PDI of the South pro-              Our services include all        Louisiana Medicaid                      consumers and their fami-
vides in-home non-med-             areas of daily living such         Waiver program.                         lies to focus on other areas
ical care to persons with          as bathing, grooming and              “Our staff is always                 of their lives knowing the
various illnesses and dis-         dressing, meal prepara-            professional and responds               care they need is there
abilities. Our services            tion, light housekeeping,          quickly to the needs of our             whenever they need it.
allow these individuals to         etc. Other specialized             consumers,” Owner/                         McCloskey says that
remain independent in              services include trans-            Administrator Margaret                  consumer satisfaction is          PDI of the South, Inc.
their own homes through            portation to and from              McCloskey said. “Our                    her number one priority.
                                                                                                                                           710 W. Prien Lake Rd., Ste. 100
the utilization of various         medical appointments,                                                                                       Lake Charles, LA 70601
                                                                      consumers and staff are                    “In all that we do, we             337-479-0048
state programs and insur-          post-surgical care, medica-        always treated like family.             keep in mind that our con-
ance companies.                    tion management as well                                                                           
                                                                      The level of dedication by              sumers have allowed us



Giving you the best for more than 100 years
    We're proud to pub-    February 1895. Beatty
lish the American          sold out after a year,
Press in Southwest         but later returned to
Louisiana, an area with    the scene. Meanwhile,
a sharpened sense of       land developer J.B.
direction, a refreshing    Watkins moved his New
community spirit and       York newspaper, the
an ever-growing record     American, to Lake
of progress. We're also    Charles in 1897. It
proud to have tracked      became the Daily
this area's growth as      American. Beatty
Southwest Louisiana's      returned to town to run
leading information        the Tribune, a weekly.
resource for more than     He consolidated it with
a century.                 the Daily American.
    We care about this        Beatty and partner
community. The             W.E. Krebs then bought
American Press'            out another paper, The
employees live, work       Commercial. The Daily
and rear our children      American and the Daily
and grandchildren          Press went head-to-
here.                      head, then merged in
    We care by printing    1910 to become the
news that will provoke,    Lake Charles Daily
inform and serve the       American Press. The
wider public interest.     word "Daily" was
The community has lots     dropped in 1912.
of good news, and we          In 1943, Thomas B.
are proud to spotlight     Shearman Sr. pur-
it. But our commitment     chased the newspaper
also remains strong to     from the heirs of Beatty
meet our unique            and longtime director
responsibility as an       Frank A. Smith. The
aggressive government      Shearman family has
watchdog. As author        owned and operated
Herbert Sebastian Agar     the newspaper ever
wrote in 1943, the year    since. The phrase
Thomas B. Shearman         "Lake Charles" was
Sr. bought this newspa-    deleted from its name
per, "The truth that       in 1998 to better reflect
makes men free is, for     the newspaper's long-
the most part, the truth   standing regional cov-
which men prefer not       erage.
to hear."                     The American Press
    Our priority has       has enjoyed its greatest
been the same since        successes during the
our founding: To give      Shearmans' half-centu-
you the best paper we      ry of ownership —
can, every day.            achievements that
    The American Press     began with the newspa-
was Southwest              per's crusade in the
Louisiana's first daily    1950s against illegal
paper, founded in 1895.    gambling and have
Its ancestry encom-        since included national
passes a number of ear-    and regional awards in
lier publications. The     all facets of news gath-
paper's roots go back to   ering, Pulitzer Prize
Joseph F. Reed, who        nominations for writing
started the Weekly         and photography and
Press in 1893, and Guy     top honors for excel-
Beatty, whom Reed          lence in news, advertis-
recruited to form the      ing, and Web site
Press Publishing Co. in    design.
Lake Charles.
    Together, Reed and
Beatty turned the          4900 Highway 90 East
Weekly Press into a          Lake Charles, LA
daily newspaper, form-           433-3000
ing the Daily Press in
                                                                                                                ADVERTISING SECTION, THURSDAY, APRI4 8, 2080     AMERICAN PRESS     15
                                                                                        00600188                                                                                   00599828

  BRIAN R. JONES CPA, LLC                                                                            EASY WAY MOBILE HOMES CORP.

Helping your business meet its goals                                                               Own your home the Easy Way
   Brian Jones, owner of        is a CPA in both Louisiana                                           Established in 1969
Brian R. Jones CPA, LLC,        and Texas, as well as a                                            by Art and Tom Baehr,
has more than 25 years of       member of the American                                             this locally owned and
experience in helping busi-     Institute of CPAs, the                                             operated business has
nesses of all sizes build the   Association of Certified
foundation of financial and     Fraud Examiners
                                                                                                   been a staple in the
operational management to       (Associate) and the Society                                        area for 30 years.
become profitable and grow      of Louisiana Certified                                             Because of the loyalty
their business.                 Public Accountants. These                                          the lake area has
   Brian R. Jones CPA, LLC,     memberships, required                                              shown, they are proud
provides financial manage-      annual continuing profes-                                          to be able to offer low
ment services, operational      sional education and pro-
improvement, accounting         viding various real world
                                                                                                   priced housing to help
and bookkeeping services,       solutions allow its staff to                                       their customers save
Quickbooks ProAdvisor           stay current on the issues                                         money.
services, business planning     and needs of today's busi-            Brian, Maggie                  Over the years Easy
and modeling, compilations      ness leaders.                           and Haley                  Way has added and             Stop by Easy Way Homes for great deals & top of
and reviews. In other              Brian R. Jones CPA, LLC,                                        expanded their selec-                    the line customer service!
words, they have the skills     will grow to meet its clients'   help our clients find the
                                                                 right solution."                  tion of homes to
to help your business —         needs. With the economy
whether large or small — to     currently in a slow recovery        Brian and his wife, Mary       include a wide range       bathroom doublewide              in Lake Charles. They
improve its performance,        mode, it expects to add staff    Shaddock Jones, and their         of sizes at low prices.    homes. They can also             welcome you to come
regardless of its current       over the next two to three       two children moved to               They currently have,
                                                                 Lake Charles in 2005 short-                                  custom order to meet             in and “Own your
business environment.           years.                                                             in stock, new single       your needs.                      home the Easy Way.”
   Experience is the differ-       "We must be honest and        ly before Hurricane Rita.
                                                                 They are pleased to be part       wide homes in 2-3            The friendly staff is
ence between offering ideas     ethical with our clients and                                       bedroom models start-      eager to serve you.
and reports and the ability     always put their best inter-     of this wonderful commu-
to provide and implement        est first," said Brian Jones.    nity. Brian looks forward to      ing as low as $26,900.     Someone will always
                                                                 helping your business             Also in stock they
practical solutions to guide    "Prior to providing any                                                                       be on hand to help you
your business through cur-      services, we must under-         meet its goals.                   have new doublewide        find what you are
rent challenges and propel      stand our client's needs and                                       homes in 3 bedrom, 2       looking for. Staff                 M  H
                                                                                                                                                                   OBILE   OME    ORP
it toward your goals.           goals. We then determine             844 Ryan Street               bathroom models            members include Tom
   Brian R. Jones CPA, LLC,     the appropriate services for     Lake Charles, LA 70601            starting as low as         Baehr, President, and            Easy Way Homes Corp.
has the hands-on experi-        our client. If we can pro-                                                                                                       2323 Broad Street
ence to resolve most busi-      vide the service at a quality              $44,900. If you need       Rondha Hoop,
ness issues. It is a CPA firm   level, we proceed.                       just a little bit more     Secretary. Easy Way                 Lake Charles, LA
registered with the State of    However, if we are not the        Phone: 337-905-7117              space, they carry 4, 5     Homes Corp. is locat-                 337-494-5600
Louisiana, and Brian Jones      right service provider, we          Fax: 337-905-7118              or even 6 bedroom, 3       ed at 2323 Broad Street               877-463-2552


A "Truly Local" Community Website
                                                                              of visitor information on the       the results.                         of information about our
                                                                              site.                         provides          local neighborhoods, schools,
                                                                                 We are the area’s fastest        a robust Calendar of Events          churches, government, social
                                                                              growing “community and              for Southwest Louisiana,             and non-profit organizations.
                                                                              lifestyle” site in Southwest        with information about               On all the topics covered,
                                                                              Louisiana. By utilizing the         activities, events, festivals also pro-
                                                                              local community publica-            and happenings. If it’s hap-         vides online forums to serve
                                                                              tions, writers, photographers       pening in the Lake Charles
                                                                                                                                                       as a place where users can
                                                                              and content collaborators,          area, you can find out about
                                                                                                                                                       read and respond to the
                                                                              we provide unique, original,        it here!
                                                                                                                                                       comments and opinions of
                                                                              relevant information every             The list of features goes on
                                                                              day that has quickly become         and on, including the City           other users. provides a wide range of local
     and community information for both residents                             a part of Lake Charles resi-        Guide/Business Directory,     is
               and out-of-town visitors                                       dents’ daily routines.              Dining Guide, Apartment              designed and managed by
                                                                                 One of our latest additions      Guide, Classifieds, Weather,         Data.sys, Inc. /
  In April 2008, Lake Charles         both residents and out-of-
                                                                              is our Online Classifieds           Job Listings, Pet Finder and which is
natives Chad and Kim                  town visitors.
                                                                              area, stop by to post your          much more.                           also owned by Chad & Kim
Moreno, created              is the most
                                                                              Free 3, 5, or 7 day classified         We also have many areas           Moreno. Their goal           intuitive and recognizable
                                                                              listings. We have developed
is to make            web address for the
                                                                              a detailed, easy to use Real
the premier SWLA commu-               Southwest Louisiana area.
                                                                              Estate area that is updated
nity website for both locals provides
                                                                              daily. If you are looking for a
and visitors.                         valuable online content
                                                                              house, you can go to the Real                     provides            while continually improving
                                                                              Estate section and plug in                                 1214 Common St.
a wide range of local and             our services and raising the                                                                        (337) 497-1450
                                                                              the price range, size of the
community information for             bar on the quality and depth                                                            
                                                                              house you desire, and view

                                                                                              00598272                                                                                                      00598401

I THE WINE STORE                                                                                          I KENNY FUSELIER

The Lake Areas only wine boutique Under Foot Since 1988
   After working in many dif-
ferent career areas, we made                                                                                 Kenny Fuselier and
the decision to follow our
passion for wine and, after
                                                                                                          Company was started in
consulting and studying, we                                                                               1988 by Kenny Fuselier.
opened The Wine Store in                                                                                  Today they are still locally
December of 2008. We vowed                                                                                owned and family operat-
to offer 1) customer service in                                                                           ed and managed by Mike
the form of hand-selected
artisanal wines from around
the world at all price points                                                                                Kenny Fuselier offers a
2) a knowledgeable staff and                                                                              wide variety of flooring
3) prices competitive with                                                                                and window treatments.
"the big guys." The store has                                                                             With over 21 years of
been successful beyond our
wildest dreams!
                                                                                                          experience and expertise,
   Our hope is that our loyal                                                                             they can help you take
customers come to us time
                                           Owners Mike and Martha Holleman                                any room or space and
and again because:                 much information as you            looking for and order them          create the atmosphere that
   1) We hand-select each          desire.                            for you!                            you desire. They offer                 Bobby Herman, James Gafford, Lucy Fuselier,
and every wine. We taste all         5) Our prices are fair. We           Above all, our greatest joy     flooring: wood, ceramic,                Carol Wolven, & Emily Myers. Not pictured:
the wines that we put on the       can't promise to be the cheap-     has been sharing our love of                                               Mike Blevins, Kenny Fuselier & Bud Granger.
shelf in the store.                est out there, but we make                                             vinyl, plank; carpet, mar-
                                                                      wine with wonderful cus-
   2) We focus on boutique,        sure we get the best price on                                          ble, granite, area rugs,                 Choosing your flooring           are met as quickly as pos-
                                                                      tomers who have become our
artisanal wines. We find that      everything we buy so that we                                           Hunter Douglas: blinds,
artisanal, hand-made wines                                            friends. The people we have                                                begins with choosing a             sible.
                                   can pass the savings on to the     met have made a huge                shades, and shutters;
taste better (less synthetic),     customer.                                                                                                     reputable company that               For more information,
cost less (because they're not                                        impact on us and we look            Sunbrella canvas awnings,              will work with you in
                                      6) We give my local cus-                                                                                                                      call Lucy or Kenny at 478-
spending money on market-          tomers countless tasting           forward to seeing each and          wallpaper, and much
                                                                      every one! We hope you’ll                                                  attaining your desired             6700.
ing) and are interesting to        opportunities. Every                                                   more.
discuss (as the wines are                                             stop by! We are open                                                       look, price and level of
                                   Thursday evening from 5-7,                                                Customers continue to
made with love).                   we open 4-5 bottles for peo-       Monday thru Saturday,               go to Kenny Fuselier                   service. If you are in the
   3) We never buy by rat-         ple to try.                        11:00AM-7:00PM. Feel free to                                               market for any of our pro-
ings. Nothing against the            7) Custom Gift Baskets           call us at 337-477-7017 or          because they offer quality
                                                                                                          products and name                      fessional home decorating
wine press, but we like to         and Gift Certificates. We          shoot us an email at thewine-
offer a wide range of styles.      are happy to offer custom gift                  brands at competitive                  services, please do not
   4) We know (and love)           baskets for all occasions! Gift                                        prices. Anytime you deal               hesitate to call us today             Kenny Fuselier &
wine! While we won't force         Certificates are also available.      4070 Nelson Road                 with Kenny Fuselier, you               for a free estimate!                     Company
facts about soil types down          8) Wine Research and                  Lake Charles                   are dealing with experi-                 We pledge every effort              3019 Kirkman St.
your throat, we do know the        Bulk Ordering. We are                   337-477-7017
wines/varietals, regions/etc       happy to take time to                                                  enced and professional                 on our part to see to it           Lake Charles, LA 70601
well enough to give you as         research wines that you are            sales people.                          that your flooring needs                337-478-6700

   NISSAN              MAZDA

                                                                                                                      business for six            after year, including 2009       citizens in our community.
                                                                                                                      months.         Today       for excellence in customer       He just recently won philan-
                                                                                                                      Nissan is the best sell-    satisfaction by the North        thropist of the year for his
                                                                                                                      ing import brand in         America                Nissan    financial commitment to the
                                                                                                                      Southwest Louisiana.        Corporation.            Black    community
                                                                                                                          Despite a bad           Enterprise Magazine has              During these times, John
                                                                                                                      economy and surviv-         nationally saluted John          Stelly has gone to bat for his
                                                                                                                      ing three hurricanes,       Stelly for five consecutive      customers. Like a true
                                                                                 In John Stelly’s life, he     John Stelly has not only kept      years as one of their Top 100    friend, he understands their
                                                                             keeps the dream alive by          his own dream alive, he has        Auto Dealers in America. In      past; accepts them as they
                                                                             putting God first. On his         helped thousands of new and        2009, Stelly ranked number       are; and believes in their
                                                                             desk is a plaque that says “A     pre-owned          customers       thirty-seven. His new            future. By making deals
                                                                             man who walks with God            dreams come true too. By           Silsbee, Texas Nissan deal-      everyday, Stelly has really
                                                                             reaches his destination.”         understanding that every           ership with partner Dean         changed the local automo-
                                                                             This plaque has been on           customer’s situation is dif-       Bernal is now under con-         tive industry by saying, “Yes
                                                                             John Stelly’s desk since          ferent, Stelly will find the       struction and is scheduled to    We Can” to more satisfied
                                                                             December 2002 when he             right solution to solve his        open in July 2010. Stelly        customers and by Keeping
                                                                             acquired Nissan of Lake           customer’s transportation          also recently opened Mazda       their Dreams Alive!!
                                                                             Charles. As the first African-    needs. After seven years,          of Lake Charles.
                                                                             American new car dealer in        Stelly’s Nissan of Lake                When you care…
                                                                             Southwest Louisiana, Stelly       Charles has had so many sat-       share. John Stelly has donat-
                                                                             silenced                    all   isfied repeat customers who        ed hundreds of thousands of
                                                                             critics who over-estimated        have purchased two or three        dollars to churches, youth
                                                                             his limitations and miscalcu-                                                                         Nissan of Lake Charles
                                                                                                               new Nissans.                       groups and civic organiza-       Mazda of Lake Charles
                                                                             lated his determination to            John Stelly’s award win-       tions during the past seven
                                                                              succeed. Many said that he       ning Nissan of Lake Charles        years. He has become one of
                                                                                                                                                                                       I-210 at Legion
                                                                                       would not stay in       has been recognized year           the most respected corporate          337-439-9955

                                                               Local Auto Dealer, John Stelly, holding one of his many Nissan Awards                                                                         00598312

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