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					                   Dribbling with Hands in General Space VII-1

Reflective Essay
                                                                     Dribbling with Hands in General Space VII-2

       With the growing issue of obesity in America there have been recent critiques of how

physical education is being taught. There are people that are saying that being a physical

educator is easy and that all you have to do is play with your students. They do not realize the

potential for learning and growth of students that happens in physical education. After teaching

this semester I can tell others that there is much more to teaching then just playing with the kids.

There are many components that a physical educator must incorporate into the curriculum in a

year. For example, you must design together a number of lesson plans for each week that

supports a set of objectives that you as the teacher come up with. The objectives must cover three

domains, which are cognitive, psychomotor, and affective and have to be working towards a unit

goal. The objectives also need to support and address the national standard and state standards.

Looking back on this unit every thing has to work together in order to give the students a quality

learning experience, and each lesson plans has to be thorough and well developed to insure a

productive learning environment. Classroom management is also a key component that every

teacher has to take into account before every lesson. Taken as a whole, teaching this work

sample has been a great learning experience and has helped me to grow and develop as a future


       As a teacher candidate there are several competencies that we must accomplish before we

graduate. One of those competencies states that physical educators have an understanding of the

content knowledge to educate others in the physical education setting. Throughout this semester

of teaching we had to put together a developmental analysis chart that broke down the lessons

step by step and identified the starting point for my group of students. The plan shows the

learning process the student went through to get them to the end point that I wanted them to be

at. By the end of the semester I wanted my students to be able to dribble around the gym in
                                                                       Dribbling with Hands in General Space VII-3

general space while avoiding each other and other obstacles. When looking back at all of the

lessons that I did for this work sample the students were able to exceed my expectations and get

to the next level of dribbling. I probably could have started the students at a more difficult task

but by the end, I believe the students were still being challenged. The final task, which was the

summative assessment/postassessment/peer assessment to see what the students had learned,

proved to be a challenge for a lot of the students, which keep them on task and working hard.

The exit slips and peer evaluation made the students stop and think of everything that they had

learned throughout the semester and write it out on paper. I had to develop all the exit slips and

peer evaluation, which required me to know and understand the concepts that apply to dribbling

a basketball.

       Another competency that I accomplished through this teaching experience was

incorporating all students into our lessons. While teaching I had a very diverse group of students

both in skills and economic and racial diversity. I recognized that my class was going to have

students with differing needs. To make sure that my lessons fit all the student’s needs I made

sure that I had a lot of intertask variations that I could use if the students were not being

challenged. I also made sure that if a student was more advanced that the rest of the class than I

could challenge them to try a different way or more advanced way of performing the same task.

This is an area that I excelled at because I, my self, am more advanced at dribbling a basketball

and it was fun for me to show them the next step and where it can lead them. I also love seeing

students accomplishing a goal that is a more complicated skill and watching them obtain the

feeling of success.

                Communication was difficult for me at the beginning because I struggled to be

confidant when I was teaching. As I went along in the lesson I gained more and more
                                                                    Dribbling with Hands in General Space VII-4

confidences in my own teaching skills and realized that if I use a strong and confident voice that

the students would respond by listening to me. Competency #5 states that physical educators

should be able to use effective verbal and non-verbal communication with students. One thing

that I figured out later on in my teaching is that you can say more in a look than actually saying


       The primary competency that I had to develop and incorporate in this semester was

planning and instruction. I was teaching all five lessons and was responsible for the students’

learning. This put an extra strain on making sure that I did a good job with each and every

lesson. During this semester I had to come up with objectives that progressed and worked

towards a common goal that I wanted the students to accomplish in the lessons. All my

goals/objectives had to line up with the standards that are required by physical educators. Along

with that lesson plan, I had to write out exactly what we were teaching step by step all the way

down to what we were going to say. I also had to have a detailed development plan and day-by-

day activity.

       Management was an issue that I need to continue to develop because the students started

testing my knowledge of the classroom rules and I was not as straight forward as I should have

been. The next time that I have a new class of students I am going to spend more time

discussing rules and expectations. However, after the first class the students became more

comfortable with me and my teaching style, which took a lot of the management issues of the

first day and made them go away. For example, when I taught my first several lessons there were

times when the directions were not clear and direct enough and the students only understood bits

and pieces of the activities. As a result when actually doing the activity there was some

confusion. So one of the major points that I took away from this work sample is that you have to
                                                                      Dribbling with Hands in General Space VII-5

check for understanding after everything you do. The rules and expectations have to be enforced

otherwise the students believe that they can do whatever they want and there are not

consequences for their actions which will lead to making standard five difficult to complete.

       Competency 7 discusses assessments and that different forms of assessments should be

given to check for understanding. With this work sample many exit slips were given, a pre/post

test was done and a peer evaluation activity was done. The exit slips usually covered the

cognitive and affective domains. They asked questions about the cues and what they thought

about their performance. The peer evaluation helped the students work together and see the cues

first hand. The pre/post test helped me as the teacher to see where the students were starting and

finishing at, and at the end it measured how much progress they have made. The assessments

gave the students feedback.

       Another competency that I addressed this semester was that I showed professional

behavior when I was with the students and in the school. At this point I realize that I am a role

model for students, which made me improve my appearance and how I approach the students. I

still tried to relate to them but I maintained a professionalism that demonstrated that I was still

the authority and in charge of the class. I dressed to the standards that were set for the school. I

also evaluated and changed how I addressed other colleagues and topics of conversation because

there are some things that should not be discussed in a school setting.

       Although there is still much to learn, I made significant progress from my first teaching

lesson to my fifth teaching experience and learned a great deal while teaching this work sample

at Chappelow Arts and Literacy Magnet School.

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