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									         Developer 2000
   Forms and Reports (Oracle 9i)
             Vandana Janeja
                April 2004
         For : Database Systems
           Prof. Vijay Atluri

   Adapted from material by Dr.Richard
Holowczak and Mahmoud Youssef Mohamed
ssh to pegasus, then ssh to penelope, password same as pegasus password
                       To create tables: initiate sqlplus from penelope

Sqlplus username: pegasususername@oradata2
Password if logging on first time is Spring2004
Change password after logging on first time using passw command
To be able to start forms initiate tunneling
You should have installed PC Xware before this
To start forms type: f90desm on penelope prompt
Change browser preferences using menu options:
Edit-> preferences-> runtime tab
Web Browser location /usr/local/bin/mozilla
After changing this you will have to close and start forms again for this to take effect
Connecting to database
Creating the data block using wizard
Browsing tables of existing user, if you have not
connected before you will be prompted to connect here
Selecting fields
Giving name to Data Block wizard
Layout Wizard is initiated to create a form layout
Selecting fields to be shown on the form
                         Changing width height of form components
                         This can be done in the layout editor also

Selecting type of form
Layout Editor
Saving form as .fmb file
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