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									               Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community Association

                         Annual General Meeting
                                  Jan. 20, 2011
                       7:00 pm at Woodroffe High School

Minutes prepared by: Leigh Bain

Words of welcome from Julia Goodman (President)
Julia expressed her thanks to all the volunteers who have made the past year
so successful: members of the 2010 executive, Eddy Ford for the rink; those
who delivered flyers – especially Susan Ford, but also Marion Agnew, Shirley
Callard, Margaret Zielinski and Mike Carter; Shirley Callard, chair of the
nominating committee; Breda Kelly and her children and Alex and Sue
MacGregor for the garage sale; participants in the Parkway House issue – Peter
Caskey, Mike Carter and Dan Brunton; Dan Brunton for the Mud Lake
Community Walk; Suzanne Gauthier – spring clean-up and Mud Lake Walk;
Chuck Letourneau (web site and many odd jobs), and many others whose
contributions were very much appreciated.

Adoption of the proposed agenda
(also posted at: )

    1. Meet and greet.
    2. Welcoming words. Julia Goodman, President.
    3. Adoption of agenda.
    4. Minutes of November 18, 2009 general meeting.
    5. Summary of activities and accomplishments of 1st year. Gordon
        Doherty, Vice-President.
    6. Treasurer's report for 2010. Walter Baziuk, Treasurer.
    7. Election of officers. Shirley Callard, Chair of Nominating Committee.
    8. Proposal to suspend Neighbourhood Watch Program. Julia
        Goodman/Nancy Knight.
    9. Mark Taylor, Councillor, Bay Ward. Introduction and Q&A.
    10.Proposal to re-name Lincoln Heights Park in honour of Marlene
        Catterall. Dan Brunton.
         a. Photograph showing park boundaries. Photo provided by the City
             of Ottawa.
11. Update on proposed re-development of Parkway House property. Parham
Momtahan, Director.
12. Proposed program and budget for upcoming year. Walter Baziuk,
13. Confirmation of annual membership fee. Walter Baziuk, Treasurer.
14. Close of meeting.

Motion to accept - Carolyn Doherty
Seconded – Irene Nelson
All in favour. Carried

Minutes of the November 18, 2009 AGM
No changes or additions to the minutes.
Motion to accept – Dan Brunton
Seconded – Chuck Letourneau
All in favour. Carried

Summary of activities and accomplishments of 1st year
- Gordon Doherty, Vice-President.

    Lincoln Heights Park skating rink

The rink in our local park provided a lot of fun. The hard work and dedication
of Eddy Ford ensured a season’s worth of skating and a successful Winter
Follies. Having 2 ice surfaces side-by-side, so that both hockey and skating
could be enjoyed at the same time, was particularly appreciated. The City gives
us a grant of $1600 for providing the rink. A card to thank Eddy on behalf of
the community will be prepared.

The City hosted some skating lessons for local children on the rink once a
week, as part of a program called "I love to skate".
    Winter Follies

Our first “winter follies” event was very successful. The event was scheduled
to coincide with Hockey Day in Ottawa, January 30, so that as many people as
possible were playing hockey simultaneously in the City of Ottawa. At our
event, some people who had never played hockey in their lives got their first
taste of the sport!

Over the course of the afternoon a number of folks took part in skating,
playing and organizing hockey, including high school students earning their
community credits. Extra nets were borrowed from Alex and Tania Jones and
Jim Gunn. Hockey continued to be played on both ice surfaces until about 3:30
in the afternoon. It was noticed that a number of neighbourhood children who
came had no hockey sticks, and some residents returned home to bring over
extras. Any hockey stick donations are welcome, both tonight and ongoing;
they can be dropped off at Julia’s, 140 LHR.

At the school we had amazing hot chocolate; over 120 servings of it
disappeared, accompanied by cookies. Animation in the gym attracted
children of a wide variety of ages, who had fun with the hula hoops, the large
nylon parachute, the tug-of-war rope, the ball (shooting baskets) and general
running around.

The school not only provided shelter from the elements, but a social aspect to
the carnival which was very welcome – neighbour talking to neighbour.

    Spring Clean-up

On Saturday, April 24, we made our neighbourhood cleaner and greener by
picking up a total of 16 bags of litter. Exercise, sunshine and conversation were
enjoyed by all the participants.
    Neighbourhood Watch

The community at large had expressed the desire to improve the safety of our
neighbourhood by (re-)establishing the Neighbourhood Watch program. An
information meeting took place in November 2009 facilitated by Maria Keen,
our community policing officer, and a number of residents signed up as
members at that time and in the following weeks. Some residents were
proactive in getting their neighbours to sign up. A volunteer coordinator of the
program, Nancy Knight, was identified and training by Maria Keen was held in
May. The turn-out for the training was small, and there has been no
identifiable Neighbourhood Watch activity. The future of Neighbourhood
Watch is on our agenda to discuss later this evening.

    Garage Sale

The garage sale was held in early June on both days of a weekend which
turned out to be quite rainy, unfortunately. The sale built on an existing annual
event organized by 2 families. Donating the proceeds to CHEO was optional. A
substantial sum was raised in spite of a low level of participation. $700.01 was
directed to CHEO -- a mix of garage sale returns and donations for children’s
birthdays instead of gifts. (The extra penny is for good luck for next year (i.e.
better weather)). The garage sale has not been proposed for the 2011 year as
a Community Association event.

    Mud Lake Community Nature Walk

The Community Walk proved to be very popular, and was attended by about
30 people, in spite of it being held in mid-October on a cool and windy day.
Dan Brunton explained why the Mud Lake conservation area has great
ecological importance, and put his deep knowledge of its various natural
components to good use. Dan is, fortunately for us, willing to conduct the
Nature Walk again this year.
Issues – summary of progress:

    Parkway House – report to follow

    Access to Lincoln Fields Transitway Station
LHPCA members have raised the issue of better access to the Transitway
Station at Lincoln Fields from the west. Currently the only official access is
from the south via the pedestrian bridge from Carling Avenue.

The original plan for the Lincoln Fields Transitway Station also included a
pedestrian bridge from Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre, but this was shelved
due to cost, and unwillingness of the shopping centre owners to contribute.

There is, however, an unofficial pedestrian crossing across the Western
Parkway, just west of where the buses exit from the Parkway to enter the
transitway, close to where there is already a set of traffic lights.

We have proposed the following to the City:
  1. Install an official pedestrian crossing to allow safe crossing of the
  2. Modify the traffic lights to allow on-demand only pedestrian traffic to
     minimize disruption to vehicular traffic.
  3. The speed limit on the parkway should be reduced to 40 km/hr near the
     proposed crossing for greater safety.
  4. To facilitate access to east-bound buses, a second pedestrian crossing,
     also controlled by lights, could be installed at the eastern end of the bus

The benefits of this proposal if implemented are:
   a) Safer and easier access for pedestrians who now cross the parkway
   b) Increased ridership for OC Transpo. We want to encourage this.

Gordon met with Alex Cullen and City staff April 13 at City Hall when it seemed
like everyone was in favour of the idea of at least going ahead with the
parkway crossing, but not the transitway crossing at this time. Alex Cullen
directed various members of staff to liaise with NCC and to set up a budget for
the project, etc. but despite this nothing further has developed to my
knowledge. Several attempts to get information have met with silence, and
with Alex preoccupied with his political ambitions, this is not too surprising.
The issue has now been raised with our new councillor, Mark Taylor, and we
are hoping for a speedy resolution.

This transit hub is due for major rework to prepare for eventual light rail and
so any plans for improvement may be short term until the larger plan is put
into effect.

Treasurer’s Report for 2010 – Walter Baziuk

Membership: 48 people paid their membership dues for 2010. Walter showed
a demographic break down of membership and participants.
108 people participated in some way during the year’s events. We hope to
increase our membership numbers and participation this year.
One of our challenges is that we do not have access to a local community
space that is inexpensive to hold our meetings. The local schools are
inexpensive but there are no nights free for adhoc meetings such as ours.
Lakeside Gardens Ron Kolbus centre costs 200.00 for an evening’s use.

2010 Financial status

Income and expenses were reviewed. Final anticipated assets carrying over to
2011: $1,621.00 Last year, our rink did not cost us anything to maintain but
this year, we will have to pay for maintenance. Another new expense this year:
Liability insurance for the members of the executive. This cost is anticipated to
be $600.00. One participant commented that this is a very good idea.

Election of Officers
– Shirley Callard, chair of nominating committee

Executive continuing for next year was presented:
Vice-President: Gordon Doherty
Treasurer: Walter Baziuk
Director at large: Parham Momtahan
No nominations had been received after the call had gone out. Shirley
contacted people to ask if they would be interested in participating and the
following were identified:

President: Julia Goodman
Secretary: Nina Milner
Directors at large:
Leigh Bain
Sue Puderer
Ron Purver

Shirley asked if there were any nominations from the floor. None were
Shirley Callard move to acclaim the executive as presented.
Seconded by: Mike Carter
All in favour. Carried

Neighbourhood Watch
– Julia Goodman
Julia reviewed the activities to date. There have been a few who have stepped
up but there are not very many members nor are there block captains who
have volunteered. Julia asked for direction from those attending.

Julia recounted an overheard conversation about a group of young people
committing vandalism to cars on Richlin Cres. No report had been made to the
Neighbourhood Watch (henceforth referred to as NW). This may have been a
lack of training or knowledge on the process to follow. We need to report
issues so a pattern or profile for the neighbourhood can be established. A
member felt that this had been reported to the police. Julia explained that
reporting through NW reinforces activity to the police. This person related that
he had tried on previous occasions to get NW up and running but no success.
Nancy Knight is prepared to be coordinator but not the ‘cheerleader’ going
around to all the houses to solicit participation.
Julia asked for comments from the audience to be sent to her (Julia). At the
moment, we consider that the NW is not functioning.
Sue Puderer suggested that we have representation at our events to promote
NW. Canvassing does not work very well. The executive will consider this and
plan for future events.

Mark Taylor, Bay Ward councillor – presentation

Mark offered thanks to all for being here. Mark recounted that he had met
earlier with the Executive and reviewed our concerns, questions, etc.

He presented the members of his team:
Chantal – Media relations
Dan – constituency work
Steve – big files, budget, etc.

Mark likes to participate in many events. Count on seeing him on our
doorsteps as a regular event. He uses this is a status check to see how we feel
about our ward and our city.

Mark’s office has made headway on some of the issues:
1. Meeting with Mr. J. McLaren on Feb. 3 – Parkway House
There is currently no development proposal on the books. He will work with
the executive to help Parkway House to achieve financial stability without
resorting to selling their property.

2. Community meeting space and associated costs. Chantal (from Mark’s
office) will be working with Julia on resolving this. Enquiries have been made
to the city about a different cost structure for neighbourhood associations and
non-profit orgs. There is such a program in place but it is not well publicized.

3 Mark review the Draft City Budget which was recently announced (e.g. Kept
below 2.5% Property tax kept to 2.45%; Transit fare increases have been kept
to 2.5% along with police and library, etc. Committed to a stable and
predictable tax rate and economic situation for the coming years. Reserve
budgets (cash flow back into these accounts) are being increased slightly. We
can provide input through the LPHCA. A document detailing what the budget
delivers to BayWard specifically is being prepared (e.g. sewer, road repaving).
Presidents will receive a copy for distribution and it will be available at Mark’s
office. Public consultations will be set up for any to participate. 613 580-2477
(Office phone number)

City Committees will be reviewing comments on the budget supplied through
various input mechanisms and will be discussing this content at their
scheduled meetings. Email, Twitter, fax, Facebook, web site submissions,
phone – all are welcome as feedback mechanisms.

In response to the general question of how Mark will he communicate to the
community, Mark responded that Community association presidents or their
designates are invited to a breakfast next week (Jan 28) to discuss how
communities would like to communicate in future with him.

Question from the audience re: garbage pick up and green bin
implementation. If garbage pick up is reduced to every two weeks and green
bin weekly, will there be a reduction on the tax bill?
Answer: Contracts are in the process of being renewed and a review is
underway on garbage pick up. A booth will be at Carlingwood Mall this
Saturday (Jan. 22) where people can fill out surveys. Also, there is a survey
available on the Ottawa City Web site. Possibilities: all in one big bin, one a
week, every second week. Charges will not drop this year but this is reviewed
every year and will be evaluated. Let’s get the appropriate level of service that
all want and then determine how to pay for that service. We also must talk
about green bins for the restaurant trade. Province mandated that
municipalities reduce waste to land fill. It is up to the City to determine how
this will be done.

Comment from the audience re: Parkway House – the possible development of
this property is the biggest threat to our community. This is an area where we
hope the councillor supports us in our desire not to allow the two proposed
towers to be built. Mark spoke to enhancing Parkway House in terms of its
long term viability in its current state.

Proposal – renaming of neighbourhood park
– Dan Brunton
The most important, globally significant, feature of the neighbourhood is the
Ottawa River. We also have Mud Lake (Britannia Conservation area) and
improvements underway of Pinecrest Creek. These all form part of a
provincially significant wetland and natural area. The only reason it exists is
because of the community stepping up to protect it. Otherwise a bridge, road
or building would have been built. Now, the NCC recognizes the significance of
this land which they acquired 30 years ago.

Marlene Catterall was our Councillor for nine years and MPP for 18 years.
When she was our councillor, there were a number of challenges against this
natural area. She and Marion Dewar worked to establish the green spaces we
now have. Marlene prevented the creation of a regional road. Marlene helped
to get the Ottawa River Keeper program underway. She worked on
establishing the Ottawa River as a national heritage water way. She worked
against proposals on two occasions for inter-provincial bridges. She supported
the creation of pathways in Mud Lake to help protect the sensitive natural

We need to recognize the work she done by creating a monument to her. The
proposal is to rename the park located behind Regina School. It is now
officially called: Lincoln Heights Park. Some research has been done with the
City. No one knew it had a name. The name currently used for the park is
already well represented in the community. The land in this area was actually
originally the McGee farm. Let’s not wait but proceed to the next steps if all
support this. If this proceeds, we would try to have a plaque put up to explain
the historical significance of the area.

Julia reviewed the steps that would need to be followed.
Motion: Suzanne Gauthier – to rename the park
Seconded: Carolyn Doherty
All in favour. Motion carried.

Parkway House – Parham Momtahan
Meetings were held earlier in the spring of 2010 where issue of how Parkway
House could continue to meet their financial objectives for long term
sustainability. Development issues for building towers: covenant issue and the
fact that this is designated green space. There was an official response from
Alex Cullen indicating no activity on this file. This is confirmed by Mark Taylor.

Julia has been pursuing (in dialogue with J. MacLaren) the possibility of getting
support from the Province and Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). A
summary of a recent discussion with Bob Chiarelli was also presented where
he indicated that a capital fund might be available. The Parkway House is
looking to access the fund to reduce the density for the proposed
development and possibly extend the capacity to receive new residents.
Provincial funding freezes are causing concern and the pressure increases for
them to maintain this facility.

Thanks were offered for the work done thus far. Parham reiterated that we
support this facility and we need to find ways to give them sustainability.

Proposed program and budget for 2011
– Walter Baziuk

Fee for this year is $5.00. Next year’s fee is proposed to be $10.00 per person.
The rink fees will cost $1500.00. In addition, liability insurance will be
purchased for the executive. Anticipated total expenses: $2, 660. The LPHCA
organization will not be sustainable at the present rate. A big savings would be
to have a volunteer set up the rink.

Proposed 2011 Program:

   Community rink (as long as there is ice)
   Winter Follies (February)
   Donations for hockey sticks for the winter carnival will be gratefully

    Spring cleanup (TBD)
    Community Nature Walk in Mud Lake with D. Brunton (Mid Sept)
    Pre-registration will be required followed by Community picnic in
      Britannia Park
    Annual General Meeting (with coffee dessert beforehand) Early

All approved $5.00 fee for 2011.


Thanks were given to all for the turnout.

Parham offered thanks to Julia Goodman for all the energy, enthusiasm, work
and wisdom she continues to provide to this Association.

Pinecrest Creek study: Dan Brunton reported that this is going well. Storm
water containment ponds at the end of the creek (which is in our
neigbourhood) will not be created. Agreement has been reached that
containment nearer the source is a better option. One possible remedy is that
homes install permeable driveways (one example of a solution that helps deal
with run off at the source).

Meeting closed at 9:02

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