Tips for Microworkers Workers

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					Tips for Microworkers
Hi everybody! How are you all? Today I like to inform you some tips about
Microworkers. You know that Microworkers is a small online job site. A lot of small
job is available here. And we get payment for success. But all works are not safe for
you as some times i saw some work is harmful for us. Actually that type of works like
sign up and post link. My first yahoo ID blocked for Buzzing a criminal link. Actually it
was my problem that i did the job without thinking and so i pay my yahoo account. Here
in Microworkers a lot of Employers gives job and they got benefit. But some type of
Employers trying to do some harmful work. When we sign up any site, they took a lot of
information and some of them are our personal information. But is the website secure!!
where we sign up? Ya Microworkers is a secure website but the employers of this site
may not secure. So please think , when you going to sign up to any site about it’s
security. If you are a developer, you may know that all sign up users data can be seen by
the site admin. If he/she(Admin) is harmful!! So use fake data to sign up in an
unsecured site. I will back with more information. You may see the following link to
know more about Microworkers . Take care everybody. Bye for today……

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