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					KSR Corporate Fleet VIP Program

      Our VIP Program is designed to add value and save time for corporate and
      business clients. Let us focus on repairing your fleet so you can focus on
      running your business.
      On the KSR corporate program, we keep your preferred rental car type on file and can
      arrange delivery of a replacement executive vehicle to any accident scene in the Sydney
      metro area within 2 hours.
      We give priority to pushing fleet car repairs through our workshop as quickly as possible.
      When the repairs to your car are complete, we can drop off the car to you and pick up the
      replacement vehicle at no charge. Charges for the replacement vehicle will be added to
      your 30 day invoice.
      From a Toyota Camry to a HIACE van, we can supply a late model, unmarked vehicle to
      meet your needs and with prices starting at just $36 a day, it’s very economical.
      As part of our VIP program, you will receive a vehicle accident procedure booklet and
      a VIP key tag to place in all your vehicles. These handy little lifesavers have our 1300
      number on them for a 24 hour emergency pickup, so that your employees can contact us
      directly to save time if you desire.
      You will also be appointed a personal dedicated account manager to keep you in the loop
      and up to date on any of your cars currently in our workshop.

      In summary:
      • We guarantee to deliver a replacement vehicle to the scene of any accident within the
        Sydney metro area within 2 hours (during business hours), or your first day of car rental
        is FREE of charge
      • FREE pick up and delivery by KSR for all fleet/VIP customers cars
      • VIP customer cars are given priority in the KSR workshop to ensure the quickest
        turnaround time
      • The vehicle rental and repair bill is put onto your account with 30-day payment terms
      • FREE repair quoting available online via our website
      • Each accident repair over $1000 rewards you with 1 loyalty point
        1 Point can be redeemed for 1 day of free car hire
      • We provide VIP key tags and 24 hour assistance for all drivers

      To become a KSR VIP customer,
      contact Rod Matthew on 0417 453 011
Checklist for Choosing a Smash Repairer


      1. Are your repairs guaranteed by my insurance company?
         KSR is a recommended repairer for NRMA, Suncorp, GIO, Real Insurance,
         Budget Direct and a preferred repairer for all other major insurance companies.

      2. Do you offer a written lifetime warranty on your work?
         Yes, we do. Restoring your pride and joy to pristine condition is our pride
         and joy.

      3. Does your paint company offer a warranty on their paint?
         KSR uses PPG Worldwide which back their products with a written
         lifetime warranty.

      4. Can you show me some customer testimonials?
         Absolutely, please view our website or contact reception for current
         client testimonials.

      5. Do you have reliable accident replacement cars and can I get one for free?
         We have a fleet of 6 late model replacement vehicles and can source specific
         rental vehicles if you need. If you are not at fault, we can help you source a
         similar model car to yours at no charge.

      6. How long have you been in business for?
         KSR has been operating as a Pate family run company since 1969.
         The current owner, Kristie Pate has owned and operated KSR for the last
         10 years.

      7. Can you do online quoting of repairs?
         Free repair quoting is available online via our website.

      8. What is your current turnaround time on repairs? Can you guarantee this?
         Turnaround time averages one week but this can depend on the repair type
         and our current work load. We offer a free replacement vehicle if your repairs
         take longer than our estimated repair time.

      “For your family’s safety and for the best quality repairs, select the
      best repairer – not the cheapest quote.”
7 Things You Need to Know About Car Insurance and Repairs

      1. It is your duty to inform your insurer if there are any changes to your car or driving
         record. Failure to do so may give your insurer the right to refuse or reduce a payment
         in the event of an accident.

      2. If you leave your choice of repairer up to your insurance company, your repairs will
         be put out to tender and the repairer selected will be the cheapest quote – this may
         not be the best quality repair on your car! The cheapest repair does not equal the
         best repair.

      3. To save costs, most insurance companies insist that repairers use non-genuine or
         used parts on your car if it is more than 4 years old. This can contribute to quality
         issues and time delays as many non-genuine panels do not fit as nicely as the genuine
         items. You have the right to request genuine parts to be fitted to your car.

      4. Your bumper bar colour is usually slightly different to your car body paint colour – even
         when it is brand new from the factory. This is due to the paint being applied on a
         plastic surface compared to a metal surface.

      5. Insurers have standard policies and rates but they can be negotiable if you are
         prepared to take the time to do this.

      6. Insurance companies do not pay for the repairer to wash or clean your car, this is a
         service provided by your repairer.

      7. Please read the fine print of your car insurance policy as most policies ask you to agree
         that used/aftermarket and non-genuine parts may be fitted to your car if it was to be
         involved in an accident.

      For your pride and joy – insist on the repairer of your choice from
      the start. Ensure you get quality repairs and a written lifetime
      workmanship warranty.
      For enquiries phone KSR on 1300 633 763
While Your Car is in Our Care

      Thank you for trusting us with your vehicle repair. We look forward to delivering your car
      back to you in pristine condition.

      Your Vehicle:

      Drop off Date:

      Expected Completion Date:

      While your car is in our care, you may want to consider some of our value added services
      to save you time. These include:
         Car detailing from basic to premium
         Additional dent or paint repairs
         Paint, leather or fabric protection
         Car servicing
         Wheel alignment
         Air-conditioning re-gas
         Touch up paint $20 per bottle
         Car Pickup or Drop Off
         Replacement Vehicle from $36 per day

      Please tick any additional services that you would like us to perform while we are looking
      after your car, and either bring this sheet back with you when you drop your car off or fax
      to us on 02 4731 2224 prior to bringing your car in.
      We will call you on the day that your vehicle repair is completed to confirm a pickup time.

      For administration, general enquiries or an update on your car’s progress,
      please contact us on 1300 663 763
Auto Detailing Price List

       •   Body, engine, guards, and wheels pressure cleaned and chamois dried
       •   Windows cleaned inside and out
       •   Interior cleaned and dressed
       •   Wheels cleaned and tyres dressed
       •   Interior vacuumed and dashboard / vents cleaned
       •   Door chutes pressure cleaned
       •   Motor air dried and dressed
       •   Interior and boot carpets shampooed
       •   Leather seats cleaned and dressed
       •   Spare tyre cleaned
       •   Paint work polish and wax treatment applied
           Only $195 Sedan/Hatch or $245 4WD

       •   Body, engine, guards, and wheels pressure cleaned and chamois dried
       •   Windows cleaned inside and out
       •   Interior cleaned and dressed
       •   Wheels cleaned and tyres dressed
       •   Interior vacuumed and dashboard / vents cleaned
       •   Hand Polished
           Only $135 Sedan/Hatch or $165 4WD

       • Body washed and chamois dried
       • Wheels cleaned and tyres dressed
       • Interior vacuumed and dashboard / vents cleaned
           Only $45 Sedan/Hatch or $55 4WD

       The following options may be added to any of the standard detailing packages.
       • Leather Seats – Clean and Condition      • Paintless Parking Dent Repair
           $45 Sedan/Hatch or $55 4WD                FROM $140

       • Interior Carpets Shampoo                 • Buff and Polish Vehicle
           $25 Sedan/Hatch or $40 4WD                FROM $299

       All Prices Include GST.
Replacement Vehicles

      Here are some of the vehicles we can source for you while your car is being repaired.
      Replacement vehicles can be delivered to the scene of an accident or picked up from
      KSR. If you are the not at fault driver, your car rental may be FREE.

                             1-6        7-13      14-29       30+
       Group                                                      Description
                            Days       Days        Days      Days

       Toyota Yaris*       $36.00     $35.50    $35.00     $32.00 1.5, 1.3 3 door manual hatchback

       Toyota Yaris*       $36.00     $35.50    $35.00     $32.00 1.5, 1.3 5 door manual hatchback

       Nissan Tiida*       $37.50    $36.00     $35.00     $33.00 1.8 5 door manual sedan or hatchback

       Nissan Tiida*       $40.00    $38.50      $37.50    $33.50 1.8 5 door auto hatchback

       Nissan Tiida*       $40.00    $38.50      $37.50    $33.50 1.8 4 door sedan

       Toyota Camry*       $53.50     $50.50    $48.50     $46.50 2.4 litre auto sedan

       Ford Falcon*        $57.50     $51.50    $50.00      $47.50 6 cylinder sedan

       Ford Territory*     $71.00    $63.50     $53.50      $51.00 7 seater van or SUV

       Nissan X-trail*     $53.50     $50.50    $48.50     $46.50 4x4 soft roader

       Toyota Tarago*     $106.00    $98.50      $91.00     $67.50 Tarago 8 seater van

       Nissan Patrol*     $131.00    $112.00 $106.00       $98.50 4x4 off roader

       Nissan Navara*      $77.50     $73.50    $68.50     $62.50 4x4 dual cab utility

       Toyota Hiace        $65.00     $61.00     $52.50    $48.50 One tonne van

       Toyota Hilux        $56.00     $48.50     $42.50     $37.00 One tonne utility tray back

       Toyota 12 Seater   $118.00     $81.00     $71.00    $64.00 Toyota 12 seater commuter bus

      * Or Similar Model
      All Prices Include GST.
      Prices effective 01/03/09. KSR reserves the right to adjust prices if required without prior notice.
      Standard Damage Excess of $1000 per Damage Claim Lodged.
KSR Fleet Care Registration Form

      Please complete and fax back to 02 4731 2224
      so we can serve you better

      Business Name:
      Contact Name:                                                                 DOB:
      Car Insurance Company:
      Phone:                                            Fax:
      Mobile:                                           Email:

      Number of fleet vehicles:
      Preferred replacement vehicle type (E.g. Van, 4 x 4, small, medium, large):

      Pickup and delivery required: YES / NO
      Do you require a car to the scene of the accident: YES / NO

      Specific Instructions or Notes:
Application for Credit Account with KSR

      Nature of Organisation:          Sole Trader         Partnership         Proprietary         Trust       Other
      Company Name:
      Trade Name:
      Delivery Address:
      Postal Address:
      Phone:                                                  Fax:
      Mobile:                                                 Email:
      Previous Address Details (If less than 2 years):

      Details of Partners (If partnership)                    Details of Directors (If Propriety Ltd Company)
      1. Full Name:                                           1. Full Name:
      Home Address:                                           Home Address:

      Phone (H):                                              Phone (H):
      2. Full Name:                                           2. Full Name:
      Home Address:                                           Home Address:

      Phone (H):                                              Phone (H):

      Contact Person for Accounts:
      Name and Branch of Bank:
      Bank Account and BSB Numbers:
      Type of Account:          7 days        14 Days         30 days
      Method of Payment:            Direct Deposit          Credit Card         Cheque

      Trade References:
      1.                                                      Phone:
      2.                                                      Phone:

      I certify that the above information is true and correct and that I am authorised to make this application for
      credit. In accordance with the Privacy Act (1988) I authorise any person or company to give information as
      may be required in response to credit inquiries.

      Signed:                                                 Date:
      Full Name:                                              Position:

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