Don’t Submit to Stress

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					                          Don’t Submit to Stress
In a very stressful situation our body is taken over by stress hormones, but we
need to reduce our daily stressors for our own survival

We may not be able to control stress but we can at least understand it. Do we
need stressor is stress all bad? Maybe f we were never stressed, we wouldn’t
grade XI. In a very stressful situation, like a major accident of trauma, your
body is taken over by stress hormones. The adrenaline creates a feeling of above
normal alertness, tunnel vision and time passage feels different where eight
seconds feel like a life time. We also shut down pain perception. Pain is a
subjective state, and if it’s the right setting we blunt it. It’s not just men in battle
who don’t realise they have lost a limb. But most people experience it when for
instance you sprain your ankle while playing with friends and hardly notice it at
that time. In the face of a major physical

   When we are stressed everything that is not essential like
      digestion, growth and reproduction shuts down
Stressor, we experience increasable clarity, blocking off pain and there is also
the “in the moment-ness”,

  So where does this physiology come from? It seems all mammals have these
attributes for evolutionary success. A deer for instance trying to escape its
predator runs for its life. First it needs energy. Not stored in fat cells which will
take a long time to be fired up, but instant energy where adrenaline and other
hormones help get the energy out of the fat cells and delivered straight to the
relevant muscles. In addition, the energy needs to be delivered as fast as
possible so the heart rate increases, increasing the blood pressure. Finally
everything else that is not essential shuts down, for instance growth digestion,
and reproduction get turned off. We have all experienced the digestive system
shutting down. When we are nervous, the first thing that happens is our mouth
goes dry, since the fluids that help you digest aren’t there are happening it’s a
good thing. They help the deer escape the tiger.

 What about the stresses of modern life? These rarely involve escaping a
predator in this way. When we get stressed on a daily basis, we are not being
physically menaced but we are turning on the stress response in anticipation of a
stressor. Just by thinking of a stressful fact like maybe death, we can induce the
same response in our bedrooms as we would if we tiger. We were being chased
by a tiger. But that’s not what the system evolved for.

 So if you are a nervous human being, all of these stress responses can, for
complex reasons, cause diseases such as adult onset of diabetes, chronic
increase in blood pressure leading to stress-induced hypertension which Causes
damage to your blood vessels. Stress in the past was connected to being a good
thing however, for human beings the same physiological responses that can save
a deer from a tiger can actually make us sick. So as a species we need to reduce
our daily mundane stressors if not for anything else for our own survival.

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Description: In a very stressful situation our body is taken over by stress hormones, but we need to reduce our daily stressors for our own survival