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									                   Top 5 outing spots in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most crowded city in India but if you want to spend a long weekends
you can drop a day out with friends and family. There is a lot to explore in Mumbai to gang
out your picnic but here is a quick list of top five wonderful tourist attractions in
Mumbai. Let’s have a look on the details of these 5 top picnic spots in the city.

1. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park
In the earlier with the name of Borivali National Park,Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) a
conserved area situated in the northern part of suburban Mumbai city in Maharashtra State
in India. It covers an area of 104 km2 (40 sq mi).The most intrusting thing about (SNGP), it
is surrounded on three sides by India's most renowned Mumbai city. It is counted as the
most visited parks in the world. Some attractions in SNGP are tiger sanctuary, tiger safaris,
for the children a recreational zone is also available here. Riding by a toy train is awesome
facility you will get in SNGP.

Entry fee to the park is Rs 20. Distance from South Mumbai: about 40 km
2. Hanging Garden
The Hanging Gardens Mumbai was once everyone's favorite spot, also known as
Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens located at the top of Malabar Hill just opposite the Kamala
Nehru Park. A destination which was ever landmark of Mumbai City with a view of a giant
shoe-shaped slide. Even today if anyone wants to get a picnic destination in the city,
Hanging Gardens gives the exciting view of Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach.

Go to Malabar Hill for access to the Hanging Garden. Admission is free.
3. Chota Kashmir (Aarey Colony)
Aarey Milk Colony (established in 1949) is situated in Goregaon East, a suburb of Mumbai.
It has gardens, a nursery, lakes, an observation pavilion, picnic facilities, and milk plants.
This small site look like a filmy background and has provided the background scene for
many Bollywood movie song series. Most attractive parts of Chota Kashmir are gardens
and colorful flowers, lotus pond, and plenty of places to relax and enjoy the quiet.

The park is in Goregaon East, 32 km north West of South Mumbai. Admission free.

4. Elephanta Island
Elephanta Island (also called Gharapuri Island or place of caves) is one of a number of
islands in Mumbai Harbour, east of Mumbai, India. A popular tourist destination for a day
trip which has showcase of island's cave temples, the Elephanta Caves that have been
carved out of rock. These caves remind you of the Ajanta-Ellora caves. In spite of kids picnic
spot a trip to Elephanta can be a fun experience for the family.

The island is about 10 km from the Gateway by ferry. Remember the caves are closed on
Mondays. The entry fee is Rs 10; for foreigners it is Rs 250.
5. Alibaug Beach
One more tourist attraction for Sunday outgoing an hour's ferry ride from Mumbai name
"Alibaug Beach”. This is famous for number of beaches in Mumbai like Akshi, Nagaon, and
Kihim beaches in which black sand beach is very famous.Alibaug holds the combination of
old forts and beautiful temples for who contains interest to see beach and monuments
experience. In spite of these you can enjoy the party in the hotels located here.

      After having this article, you would accept that it helped you a lot to get ready for your
      Mumbai tour. Doesn’t waste time while visiting Mumbai because there is a lot pause
      for you . Make most of the city of lights.

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