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for The Prostate Cancer Charity
Imagine standing at the edge of an open doorway in an aircraft
flying at 10,000 feet. Now imagine leaning forward out of that
doorway and letting go – falling forward into the clouds, diving
down through the air as you start freefalling at over 120mph!
                                                        reach out to more men with prostate cancer
                                                        and their families, providing them with essential
                                                        information and support. We’re also making
                                                        headway in research and campaigning to raise
                                                        the profile of the disease which kills one man
                                                        every hour in the UK. Join us, totally free, in an
                                                        exhilarating, thrilling, adrenaline-filled experience
                                                        to help us achieve our vision of a world where
                                                        lives are no longer limited by prostate cancer.

                                                        So, what’s it all about?
                                                        •	 If you raise the minimum amount of
                                                           sponsorship or over from family and friends,
                                                           the skydive will be totally free!
The Prostate Cancer Charity and Skyline                 •	 Choose from 3 types of jump – these are
have teamed up to offer you a once in a lifetime           listed below.
opportunity – to experience this adrenaline and         •	 Jump from at least 10,000 feet, just like
excitement for FREE and for a great cause. All we          the professionals!
ask is that you raise a minimum sponsorship fee.        •	 Training and the skydive all completed in one
                                                           or two days.
Why skydive for The Prostate Cancer
Charity?                                                Which jump should I choose?
You will be skydiving for a great cause and your        We offer you the choice of three different types
support really will make a difference. You will         of jump – Tandem, Static line and Accelerated
not only be raising funds but also awareness            freefall (AFF) – please see the table below for
of prostate cancer, the most common cancer              more information.
in men in the UK. Every skydiver helps us to

                               Tandem                     Static line               AFF
 Min sponsorship               £395                       £360                      £535
 Jump altitude                 10,000 ft                  30,000 ft                 10,000 ft
 Duration                      1 day                      2 days                    2 days
 Jump type                     With instructor            Solo                      Solo
 Certification                                          BPA Approved Certificate
 Comments                      Ideal if you want to       For those who want        The first level of
                               experience 120mph          to jump solo and          a professional
                               freefall without an        also take the first       skydiver’s course.
                               extra day of training.     step towards
                                                          jumping regularly.
Are there any restrictions on who                        The cost of your skydive will vary depending on the
can skydive?                                             jump you choose. All jumps require you to send in
                                                         your booking form and deposit before we can start
            Tandem          Static line   AFF            organising your jump for you – please do this as
                                                         soon as possible so that we can give you the date
 Age        16 and over     15 to 50      16 to 50
                                                         of your choice and so that you can start preparing
 Weight                 Under 15 stone                   yourself for the experience of a lifetime!

Please note for all your jumps your weight should        When can I jump?
be roughly in proportion to your height and some         You can choose to jump on any day you like.
centres have other weight limits – please contact        If your chosen day is not available, Skyline will
us for details. The principal medical restrictions       contact you to arrange an alternative.
for all jumps are diabetes, epilepsy, fits, recurrent
blackouts, heart or lung disease, mental illness and     Where can I jump?
some cases of asthma. You will be required to sign
                                                         There are over 20 British Parachute Association
a medical form before your jump declaring your
fitness to take part – this will be sent to you upon     approved centres across the UK. Once we have
receipt of your reservation form but is also available   received your reservation form we will do our
on request. Those under the age of 18 will need          best to place you at the nearest centre but if this
the medical form signed by a parent or guardian;         is not possible we will contact you to discuss
those aged 40 and over, or those with a medical          the alternatives.
condition, will need it signed by their doctor.
                                                          Location         Tandem      Static line   AFF
Pre-existing physical conditions will not necessarily
prevent you from taking part but please do inform         Cornwall             x             x          x
us of any physical conditions as this may affect the      Honiton              x                        x
location of your jump; if you are in any doubt then       Salisbury            x             x          x
please contact us for further information.                Maidstone            x             x          x
                                                          Marlow                             x
How does the payment scheme work?
                                                          Swindon              x             x          x
The sponsorship system makes is easy for you to
                                                          Cirencester          x             x          x
take part and ensures you that you do not have to
pay all of your sponsorship money in advance.             Swansea              x
                                                          Bicester             x             x          x
Booking deposit: £70 in advance, but can be taken
out of the minimum sponsorship that you raise.            Brackley             x                        x
                                                          Cambridge            x             x          x
Cost of jump: This will vary depending on the
jump you choose. it must be paid on the day of            Norwich              x             x          x
your jump to Skyline.                                     Peterborough         x
Money to us: This will vary depending on the              Nottingham           x             x
jump you choose. This is not due until 4 weeks            Whitchurch           x             x
after your jump.                                          Brigg                x             x          x
                                                          Bridlington          x             x          x
                                                          Lancaster            x             x
                                                          Grange-over-         x             x
                                                          Durham               x             x
                                                          Coleraine            x             x
                                                          Auchterarder         x             x
                                                          St Andrews           x             x
                                                          Errol                x             x
       I want to jump – what should I do now?
       Simply fill in the enclosed booking form and
       ensure that you give details of when and where
       you would like to jump.

       Is there anything else I should know?
       On payment to the parachute centre of the fee
       for the training and the jump, all skydivers are
       covered by the British Parachuting Association
       Insurance Policy up to £2 million for liability to
       Third Parties.
       Please note: this does not cover you or your
       dependants for personal injury including death.
       You are therefore strongly recommended to take
       out your own insurance cover.
       There are a number of recommended insurers on
       the BPA website:
       Group Bookings
       Parachuting is an ideal group activity so why not
       get a group of friends and colleagues together and
       share your parachuting experience with others.                                                              Any more questions?
       Please send us all bookings at the same time and
       because of the lack of availability of group places                                                         The Prostate Cancer Charity
                                                                                                                   Tel: 020 8222 7137
       we strongly recommend that you call us before
       reserving your places to discuss available dates.
       Filming your skydive
                                                                                                                   Tel: 020 7424 5522
       A freefall cameraman may be available on the                                                                Email:
       day to video your jump and in most cases you
       can also get still photographs as well. Prices                                                              If you have any specific questions about
       for this range from approximately £75 - £150                                                                your skydive please contact Skyline directly
       and further details and a telephone number                                                                  as they are in the best position to help you.
       to arrange this will be contained in your
       confirmation details.

       The Prostate Cancer Charity is a registered charity in England and Wales (1005541) and in Scotland (SC039332).

       Registered company 2653887.

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